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Chapter Contents v-ix
Introduction x-xvi
Chapters 4-8 333-732B
Glossary 733-750E


Note that wherever end-notes are used at the conclusion of a Section, Part or Extension, rather than at the end of the entire Chapter, that will be indicated at the START and END of that portion, in the TEXT. At the commencement, with the heading, there will be the sign EN#, and at the end, a note to distinguish these endnotes from others. They are as usual, numbered in the text, in addition to occasional unnumbered footnotes, appearing on the page itself.


These may be taken from the Authorised Version, or the New King James version; but they may rely directly on Greek or Hebrew, or be taken from some version noted on the site concerned. The use of 'thou' and 'thee', for that which is not God, is frequently avoided.


These, as the name implies, constitute a more detailed, specialised or sustained excursion into a specific topic suggested by the text, and contributing to its understanding. Especially where a reasonable number of these occur at the end of any Section, Part or Chapter, some endeavour may be made to give a measure of sequence, should any wish to read them as a series. For this reason, Extensions do not always appear in the order in which end-notes may mention them, significance sometimes taking priority over number in this respect. Their own numbers are, however, noted in the end-notes, for ease of reference.


To facilitate progress, some readers may find it good to grasp the basics of each Chapter first, leaving ALL Endnotes and Extensions until the relevant Chapter is completed.

Note on Pagination:

Multiple pages occur at various points - for example, at pp. 252, 349, 1088 - to ensure ready comparability of the Second Edition with the First, which was somewhat shorter.


CHAPTER FOUR: Subjects Of Scholarly Seduction 333-422T

Section 1: Psychiatry 333-353

Section 2: Sociology 353-396

Part A: Authority from the Void 353-374
Part B: Voiding Authority 374-386
Part C: The Unavoidable Authority 386-396

Section 3: Physics... Waving to Particles: 396-421
The Combining Bonds Between Waves and Logic

EXTENSIONS: follow on: Form and Information...
the Comprehension of the Immeasurable...
the Arbitrary, the Irrational, the Irresponsible,
the Mentality of Man who would Mind the Mind of God,
and Great Burials (422E-T)

CHAPTER FIVE: Light And The Lord 423-454

Verification by Victory in Crucial Issues ...
Where the Foolish Fantasies of Philosophy Fail,
The Word of God Uniquely Cuts Knots: The Resolving Power
over Practical Problems of the Word of God

Using the foregoing chapters, we are able to make short and
incisive visits to chronic intellectual sloughs, finding the Biblical
perspective constantly able to resolve, explain and account in a
way unique in its consistency and comprehensiveness; and moreover
able to account for the unnecessary existence of these sloughs.

Section 1: Freedom and Determinism 424-427

Section 2: Good and Evil 428-431

Part A: The Base 428
Part B: The Application to the Human 429-431

Section 3: Beauty 431-435

Section 4: The Problem of History 435, 445-451

Section 5: Guilt and Shame 436-437

Section 6: The 'Unaccountability' of Wantonness 437

Section 7: Accounting for Those who Cannot Account for 437-439

Section 8: Accounting for the Epidemic of Irrationality in 439-440

EXTENSION 1: On Freedom to Err 440-445

EXTENSION 2: On the Verification by History 445-451

CHAPTER SIX: The Life Of The Lord 455-476

Considering History, we gain ...
the Irrepressible Evidence that JESUS CHRIST IS

INCARNATE TO THE EXCLUSION of all Pseudo-christs;

being both

the necessary and only Saviour and the
only Authorised Lord, and Master for man

This is Verification by Virtue of His Virtue:
The Regal Verification.

EXTENSION: On The Force of Fact 468-476

CHAPTER SEVEN : Biblical Conspectus 477-631

Revealed Perspectives on Life: And Resultant Systematics
A Matter of Knowing and Perceiving What is There,
in God's Word

Section 1: An Introductory Conspectus, Drawn from 479-501
The Christian Bible:
Basic teaching on central topics

Section 2: Composition of Eschatological Elements ('The End'). 502-516
Having seen how things are constituted: what
went wrong? and what has been done? and what
is declared to be coming?

EXTENSION: On Contemporary Events 516-519

Section 3: Christian Clarity 520-531

Part A: What is a Christian ? What it Means.
An objective examination of explicit
exclusion and inclusion statements in
the Bible, from the lips of Jesus Christ
on this topic.
Part B: Justification of the Concept of a Believer,
and Justification of the Believer...
himself / herself

Section 4: Facing the Trinity: Divinity, not Divinity Fudge 532-560

Section 5: Salvation and Creation - Starting Where We Are; 560-569
Moving back to Where We Came From.

Section 6: Biblical Perspective on Rest - in the Presence 570-581
of the Ruinous Restlessness of the
'Post-Christian' Era ...
from Creation to the Operation of the 'New Creation' .
Topical Thought: Rest for the Restless and
the Wrestlers- Drugs, Deity and Desire.

Section 7: Biblical Perspective on Missions 582-594
Not a matter of proselytising to a point of view
but of exposing people to the Word of that God
who made views possible...

Section 8: Biblical Perspective on Growth: The Upward Call 594-601

Section 9: Biblical Perspective on the Path of Pilgrims 601-610
Christ as Counsellor: To Have and to Hallow

Section 10: Biblical Perspective on Clarity and Confession, 611-619
Repentance and Realism ...
Christ as Confessor - to Receive and to Believe:
Hallowing the Lord in the Heart

Section 11: Lessons in the Lord from the Child - fromthe 620-623
Childlike and the Childishness: A Matter of Marvels

Section 12: Biblical Witness to the Sovereign Singularity of the 623-631
Word of God and the Irrepressible Simplicity of
the Gospel

CHAPTER EIGHT : Prophecy Phase I 632-732C

PROPHECY... A Valedictory V-Wing of Verification 632-636

Section 1: Predestination before Prophecy: Like Grace 636-643
before Meat

Section 2: Moving into the Field 643-645

Section 3: Introductory Elements, with special emphasis 645-732
on the Prophecies of Christ Himself

Part A: The Jews 646-647
Part B: Jerusalem 647-648
Part C: The Gentiles 648-687
Part D: The Church 687-691

EXTENSION A: On Primary, Secondary and 691-697
Tertiary Pollution
Some Biopsies on the Tertiary Plague 727-730

EXTENSION B: On the Prediction of Jesus Christ: 697-699
Unless Those Days were Shortened,
No Flesh could be Spared
(Matthew 24:2)

EXTENSION C: On the Predicted Falling Away 699-707

EXTENSION D: On the Delusive Dignity of the 707-709
War Syndrome

EXTENSION E: On the 'Eighth Day'- The Second 709-712

EXTENSION F: On the Work of God's Word on 712-714
the Gentiles in the Past

EXTENSION G: On Predicted Fears and Distress 714-717

GLOSSARY (Text underlining signifies special items.) 733-750E


The Worship of the Unknowable Noumena 397

No Anodyne for Damnation 422C facing

V-Formation Voices 632A-B
The Highway of Holiness and the Tree of Death

Spirit of the Architect 635

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