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News 196

News Radio Feb. 22, 02 et al.

In fact, it is scarcely surprising. Having pizza playgrounds turned to nightmare immersions in blood is never congenial. Showering fragments of protoplasm indiscriminately onto the flesh of others, as you self-destruct violently, lacks appeal. Sending shards of metal, some bigger, some smaller, into the vital organs of teen-agers, say a heart here - of what account is that to the destroyer!

So Sharon has decided on buffer zones before the victim intended - rather like a bride being kept for her new husband, but here a victim instead, the times - they change: yes, between the victim intended, the denizens of Israel and her assassins.

These are not just near: but far. They loom next door and they boom from other nearby nations.

Often do they plot and state their exterminatory intentions, as these bigger Islamic powers adorn the globe with their intentions to complete, in effect, the pogroms which disadorned Europe and Russia for centuries, those heartless acts of affliction and greed. So does the Islamic power bloc expressly state its annihilation program. This, it is all for Israel. It is not that it does not lend thought to it!

Arafat is co-operating. However, as recently as Dec. 12, 2001, the European Union "the principal political and financial backer of the Palestinian Authority in the West"  called on Arafat to DISMANTLE both Hamas, so gluttonous for glory via blood of others, and the Islamic Jihad organisations, and "to declare an end to violent uprisings against Israel" (The Australian - International).

The desired result is not observable. In fact, the throb of extermination - via, not this time Gestapo with horrible torture in lengthy camps, but via lives torn to tear more and so have net gain in suicide bombings - continues like a drum beat. The jungle of religious war is beating a rising crescendo of awful intention, and deadly deeds, as if all compassion were in reserve, all realism on holiday and all moderation itself confined to concentration camp.

On Saturday, Jan. 5, 2002, The Advertiser reported the seizure of the deadly arms cargo, advanced weapons - all the better to eat you with my dear - as the fairy story has it,  in this grisly and  grave exemplar. Not our ship, says the PLO, Lloyds of London attesting another ownership, such as Iraq ? But then, it has been discerned, as vigorously asserted, that the USER of the ship was to be found in higher echelons of the Arab movement  to overthrow Israel. That is to the point.

Israel ? To be or not to be ? Preferably not, the Arabs, the Islamic thrust, has been declaring for decades; and Nasser was among the most eloquent, and the most defeated following the eloquence. What is the good of eloquence, of bombs when GOD is against you ?

It is only because Israel itself is also at fault, at the same ultimate spiritual level, that there is any contest. Around 1400 B.C., it invaded Palestine, under divine commission because of the now archeologically heavily attested sheer gross immorality of the land concerned, that of Canaan. It had been given hundreds of years in the patience of God, but did not improve, as was clear in the foreknowledge of God (as recorded in Genesis 15:13-21. (See on this more original topic, far back in history, Kinaesthesia, Anaesthesia and Christ, Ch. 4 of Galloping Events, and with this SMR pp. 1186A *3 and Appendix D.)

What then,and what became of Israel itself at that time  ? The people were themselves so disciplined, both on the way in - because of acute lack of faith the very midst of miracles, garlanded like Hawaiian flowers (Numbers 14), that only the children were permitted to proceed. After all, God was not disciplining a rotten people by one not even willing to trust Him! His promises and premises are as outlined in Galloping Events (loc. cit.). They have not changed, and much remains (Romans 11 cf. The Biblical Workman Ch. 1 *3 and Ch. 3 *1).

Amongst the residue for history - for most of it predicted is already past (cf. SMR Ch. 9), is this, that there is to be a multinational force of fury to seek the extermination of Israel, with all the lust or bust ferocity (SMR Appendix A) so often found in the Islamic statements, in which the term 'holy' is found in the most unreasonable foundations. What is holy about the degradation of women ? about the unverified propaganda against Jesus Christ, which the Bush administration seems willingly to tolerate as quite suitable for a religion of "good teaching". To be sure, some might decidedly in private reject such things, but the point for the present is this: what is said IN PUBLIC and DONE! and grievous though it is, and a source of concern again for the USA, on behalf of that nation *1.

Amidst, then, these things, all the "Arab" distemper arises towards crescendo (it seems at times a pity that these must lend their name to such atrocities, since many are Christian, and it is not the race but the place, and the religion of SOME - of course probably MOST - Arabs which is one basic  foundation of the flurry). It is, then, the Islamic passion which mounts, with the oil rich able and willing to inflame with their fuelled means, the intentions so dear to the jihadic heart.

The surgeon extracting a nail from a juvenile Jewish heart, pierced in the interests of this religion, might well reflect. Sharon might well reflect. However there is a certain bifurcation in the possible reflections. On the one hand, there is the DESIRED reflection, relative to the assassins, that Israel should say:

Well look, good and enough, we bore with Hitler and lost many millions of lives in conditions of the most fanatically devastating kinds available, with Europe and lost millions and lives and dignity and respect for centuries, and now we bear with this jihadic twitch! Come now, let us seek, intimidated by the Moslem fury,  to take our little (and only) capital, and let us now add this to the Muslim array of capital cities, even cities of what is deemed profound religious significance. Come let us say this:
Please take half of our only little city, capital, of vast religious significance to us. Why should we have ANY city ? You have only SEVERAL. Why have one more! It is clear justice that we should have half a city and you an array, like a fleet of Cadillacs.
However, this does not sound noble or fine at all!

What then ? There is then the other possible reaction, readily discernible in the abstract. It is very different. The people of Israel could say: NO! You may not take our city. Whatever else you take, not that.

Now this does seem to be the desire even of the recently publicised JEWISH Council for Peace and Security (The Advertiser, Feb. 20, 2002 p. 36), with which body are said to be associated 1200 former officers of the Israeli army.

What is surprising is the additional fact that they have released their view that Israel has no moral right to be in the Occupied Territories. This then is perhaps getting nearer to reaction 1, sketched above, though in a different way. Let us get out. Let them have the land if they want it. Let us make it still more indefensible, and still more tiny a fraction of the Palestine internationally promised after World War I to the Jews. Such at least appears the thrust in part.

However, Jerusalem ? NO! Even these draw the line at that!

What moral right however does the Islamic insurgency, blocked when Nasser tried it, now wrecking private citizens' lives in a desperate endeavour to get something for nothing (or nothing much, just blown apart bodies in a holy rage against Israel, fundamentally, for being there). Is  not just that regarded as the catastrophe!

But, you see, GOD put her there. You see it all laid out in Galloping Events, in SMR Ch. 9 and many other works on this site (see Home Page Indexes). God brought her in, gave her discipline, brought in the children, raised her to a mini-empire status, then chided her with His prophets, urged her with His messengers, appealed to her with His love, and after some centuries, behind a battery of prophets depicting what must surely come, short of repentance (cf. The Biblical Workman Ch. 1 for Jeremiah), having by this time in like fashion dismantled the North of Israel, He exiled the South for 70 years, leaving JERUSALEM in ruin, Judah in tribulation. Ezra and Nehemiah give a detailed account of its rebuilding as predicted in Jeremiah, following the 70 year discipline accorded, and written for it (Jeremiah 25), before it was stricken.

God is always the Tower of Truth, impregnable by aliens; though fecklessly, reckless in hotheaded pursuit of desire, they slaughter the people of Christ's Kingdom, they never can topple the tower. Truth is inveterate, inviolable, because it is God Almighty, and His Truth, as Jesus Christ, His word incarnate has appeared, spoken, presented Himself for slaughter, for in all truth man needed justly covered pardon: so He came,  the sacrifice ordained (I Timothy 3:16, Titus 2-3, Romans 3:23ff.).
Thus also predicted ? The Messiah, the Christ Himself  (cf. Jeremiah 23, Micah 5, Isaiah 40, 42, 49, 52-53 and see on Isaiah, With Heart and Soul, Mind and StrengthChs. 4, 5, 6, 7).  He came, willingly (Psalm 40), gave His life as a sacrifice for sin, for those who repentant, both took it as such, and Him as Lord, and rising from the dead as predicted, He proceeded inexorable in love and in mercy, to constitute the Gospel by His joint grace and power. That Gospel too was as predicted (cf. SMR pp. 763ff.). This, it was infinitely better than any Olympics. It was not to gain but to give honour!

In this, the resurrection of the slain Saviour, His slaughter, to suffer it, His sacred task, it took more than nobility, more than purity; it took power, as did all His miracles. But here! what a chance, if it were possible,  for the devil to prove God wrong - cf. SMR pp. 931ff.. How totally in this, that arrant and aspiring spirit failed as always; but God, HE never fails! it is a simple fact, study His word and see for yourself, as shown throughout this site in an endless seeming parade. On THAT prediction concerning Christ, see Joyful JottingsChs. 21-25, SMR Ch. 6.

Israel, alas, was predicted to become guilty of His regicide (Isaiah 49:7 cf. SMR Ch. 9), and performed that very same act, just as proclaimed many centuries beforehand;  and on being guilty, received also the price of divorce from her King: the ruin and exile of 19 centuries or so, until, as so frequently predicted, it returned. Yes, as foretold, since 1948, Israel is back, ruling in the land: first over so much, then so much more, and first with half of Jerusalem (as predicted in Zech. 14:1ff.), and then in 1967, the rest.

It has all happened, in the power of a protective and faithful God, who brought her back on program, despite predicted and continuing unbelief in their Messiah. Her discipline has been exemplary (foretold actually from Moses on, as in Deuteronomy 32:21ff., and Leviticus 26). Read it and savour the stench of her sufferings.

Enough is enough! then ?

Not so, says Islam. SO be it. So much the worse for Islam or any other provocateurs against the God of Israel. God lives. This will shortly be seen in a new way, for all who choose to be in this category of oppressive belligerence and invasive lust towards Israel, precisely as outlined in Micah 7:15 (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 1). Zephaniah 1 shows what the Lord thinks of those disciplinarians who would add to His word and do their OWN pleasure on Israel! Ezekiel 39ff. shows even more!

However, let us be clear. "The God of Israel" is the Christ, the incarnate Word of God, whom Israel FORMALLY DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE. It is this which makes the conflict complex. Although coming back as predicted, and unbelieving as predicated of it, Israel is still promised by God's own guarantees, a certain continuum and a certain series of events. It is only in ONE of these, as in Zechariah 12:10, where quite expressly they repent of the murder of "Me", God speaking, whom they have pierced (as also in Psalm 22, and with correlatives of betrayal as in Zechariah 13:7 and 11:11ff., in conjunction with Zech. 9:9 and 6:12ff.*2).

UNTIL THEN, Israel has two enemies, Islam and God: one insufferable to it, in its religious errors, the other insuperable in His clearly written word. As to God however, there is a complex relationship with Israel, involving their direct defiance, the immense discipline accorded them, their humiliation (wrought from Him whom they humiliated as He foresaw and predicted), their restoration (cf. SMR Appendix A), and their current predicament in which those who afflict them are afflicted. As predicted,  they are now a burdensome stone to their busybodies and busy bodies, alike confronting them this way and that (as in Zech. 12:3). In the meantime, its amazing victories (1948, 1967, 1973), augmented by an indirect one in 1991 (in the Gulf War when its declared enemy, Hussein was humbled, many teeth extracted), are as also predicted FOR THIS period.

Which then is that ? It is one necessarily after both the crucifixion of Christ and their own return, so that they CAN be assailed AS having Jerusalem, in the hands of the Jews, and CAN repent of what has happened, been made to happen, the Messiah's rejection!

That, for Jerusalem,  of course is precisely what Christ predicted by implication in Luke 21:44 (in conjunction with 19:42!). He likewise did not fail repeatedly to confirm the predictions concerning His betrayal and murder at the hands of Jewish religious authorities (cf. Matthew 16:21ff., 17:22ff., John 13:18ff.). Indeed, He reflected on an Old Testament prediction in this line, while making His own of the same soon to come event, at that time.

Jerusalem! The focus is now extraordinary, as the Jews are back, and the Lord's signals for return are in place, like so many ships' flags. What now ?

Veterans can call for dismantling, and Islamic insurgents can demand capitulation; but though God is not yet reached by the state of Israel, or the major part of its citizens, in the only name He has given, that of the Messiah, death date around 30 A.D. (as demonstrated in Highway of Holiness Ch. 4): yet HE IS THERE, available. His word does not tarry, nor rush precipitately. It comes to pass...

In His time, with the outpouring predicted, that of His Spirit on Israel, this major move which will define the end times as well as currently the Jewish restoration to their capital city of Jerusalem defines them, and the mushroom cloud defines them (cf. SMR pp. 790ff.). For the rest, these ultimate times, or last times as they are sometimes called, for their near to final thrust have the multiple, coded and complete tapestry of attestation as exhibited in Answers to Questions Ch. 5.

As at Pentecost, the cry of Peter was this: THIS IS THAT, as prophesied by Joel (Acts 2:13), so now the mere correlation of the unique elements, and the rest, for the end, as depicted by Christ, means just the same. THIS IS THAT!

However the THIS in this case, is that exceedingly near time of His return to rule this earth (as precisely spelled out in Psalm 2! cf. Joyful Jottings 21). It is so near that it is statedly (Luke 21:28), time for the Christians to lift up their hearts. It is like an examination, with the bell for 10 minutes to go, now ringing. Soon, very soon it will end.

Now as to that, again clarity is important. HE COMES BACK FOR HIS OWN (as in I Thess. 4, as in Matthew 24:30ff.), and selecting them, His elect, through His angels, He goes with them to their celestial reunion (Rev. 19:8ff.). The world goes its way to Armageddon (Rev. 16:16), and the rest of its exploits, a not nice proposition, but one highly expressive of its woeful ways, being let off the leash for its final fling (cf. II Thess. 2:6ff., Sparkling Life Ch. 10).

We move to the more distant future, however, in this, from the nearer future, His Return. Calvary showed His love; the Return shows His majesty in motion, and vindicating His power, faithfulness and reliability, shown in the resurrection, He then moves in majesty, with that felicitous righteousness which admittedly at last limits human freedom significantly: but after all, by that time it has SHOWN ITS FRUITS, when without God.

This time is it WITH HIM! (cf. Sparkling Life loc. cit.).  Psalms 2 and 72, Isaiah 11 show something of this.

Meanwhile ? There is of course no 'solution' in the Middle East while the major players are both in obstructive isolation from the only God who has shown by His power and word, that He lives (cf. SMR Chs. 1, 3, 10). The solution is spiritual; it is Messianic; it is return to the One who having already come, is not without revelation on this earth. In what has the world been more immersed ?

What has in vile emulousness more imitated it with deadly programs of distorted propaganda, the spiritual ersatz, the crumpled pretenders of today, soon to be the shamed shadows of brilliant condemnation when the Lord Himself comes, as much despised by these modern philosophic and religious pretensions to His throne and word, as by the Pharisees and Sadducees (as groups subdued and led by hostile leavens) of old!*3

Indeed, His word has circulated for several millenia; He has come, won and wrought just as He said; and the world has whirled in ways more than merely physical, a veritable torment of folly, often suppressed or repressed as to its actual dimensions; but as for it, it will not repent either.

It is no stale-mate for the wind is freshening up ... The storm of Micah 7:15 is quite near. The clouds of invasive typhoons gather, the whole Islamic array bidding fair to belong to the appalling catastrophe to come, though the actual players will be seen when the time comes (cf. SMR pp. 502ff., 510ff.). The conditions of martial meteorology, if you want to put it that way, of gathering explosive swirls, are more than manifest. The spiralling towers of devastation cross the skies constantly, and gather both in force and in number. Israel, Israel is their song, as the wind howls.

This, it is a harbinger of the final mad fling to come against Israel noted above, with Enough is enough! But the world, it does not think so. It is never enough!

In all this, it is merely a confirmation by preparation, of the predictions of Ezekiel 38-39, Micah 7, Isaiah 66, each examined in its place before. Much is fulfilled, to the letter, and thus more is seen being prepared for its stormy entry to the world scene. If it cannot bear much more, then this too is a prediction from the very lips of Christ, concerning the time at the end of the Age (Matthew 24:22).  Fear and frenzy, arbitrariness and despising of death, anxiety and turmoil, erupting in war and wallowing in blood, these are mere syndrome elements in the final diseases of the soul, manifest socially, turbulent politically, vicious martially (Luke 21:25-27, Matthew 24:6-7, Revelation 6:4,5,8, 19:19).

Of the world, one must ask this question, Why have you been given eyes ?

When the time comes, Israel will repent in large numbers (Zech. 12:10), and the Lord, having waiting long (as in II Peter 3:9's forecast) for the final ripening of the corn of evil, will then reap (Matthew 24:30-31, Revelation 17:18ff., 19:17ff.).

That is what He has said. He always does what He says. Look and see. He will do so this time also.



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