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Chapter 2


There's a war on...

There was a time when there was a war on, in the British world, and in some others. It was called World War II. This did seem at the time, comparatively obvious. For example, there were ration tickets to enable limited supplies of petrol or meat; and there were resultant limitations on some forms of enterprise, such as touring holidays and construction of factories for which supplies would have to be authorised. If you did not know there was a war on, your degree of intelligence/knowledge would need to be that of something like an infant, or of rather restricted proportions.

Hence, when someone was being amazingly obtuse about some area of this situation, the cry could go, 'Listen mate! Don't you know there is a war on!'

There were times when a little direct talk seemed to some at least, to be necessary. It is so here also, in the situation of this world approaching the return of Christ, like a boat approaching its wharf for docking.
It is as if some of the hands do not realise this, and as the vessel nears the wharf, the officer in charge of that operation might cry in amazed concern to some completely oblivious rating, 'Listen mate, there is docking on!'

In a similar way, the time is coming and is now, when one must cry to the blind and to the oblivious, "Listen mate, there's a creation on, and we're docking with its Author!'  Stand by!" The crash of timbers is appalling even to consider.

In CREATION magazine, October-November, there is an interesting observation from researches recently conducted. It is to the effect that in a comparison of human DNA with that of gorillas, it was "calculated conservatively" that "harmful mutations occur at a rate of 1.6 mutations per person per generation."

This was found within the noted magazine NATURE, Jan. 28, 1999, pp. 293-294, 344-347.

The article there, went on to note: "This staggeringly high value has shocked and baffled evolutionists, because it means that theoretically humans should have become extinct by now!"

As we saw in SMR, the difficulty of CONSERVING order and hence integral meaning in an exposed word system is that it REDUCES, and in so doing, PRODUCES confusion, disruption of that delicate tissue of means-results, methods-production, symbol-meaning which is essential for operation in a command-means system such as our DNA  (SMR the Wistar Conference, pp. 154-159, with pp. 232ff., where Sir Fred Hoyle's point is extended!  pp. 15ff. where mathematical analysis of a kindred character is considered, and 129ff., 159, 210ff., 251ff., 315Aff.,  where intelligence, principles and production are analysed, with Ch.3 where order and causation are related to reason).

For the moment, however, let us simply address this case per se. In terms of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy increases in any material system in this world. Order and available energy tend to dissipate. As Professor Barnes puts it, "There is an irreversible tendency for processes in a self-contained system to go toward lower order. This means an increase in randomness, disorder, and decay if the whole system is taken into account. That is to say, systems run down hill, not up hill; they don't wind themselves up, they tend to run down." He continues, "Biologist Harold Blum says, 'One way of stating this law is to say that all real processes tend to go toward a condition of greater probability.'" Blum argues for evolution. Barnes does not.

Start with nothing, like Paul Davies. By DEFINITION of the term, you MUST end with it; for no potential is POSSIBLE in such a concept; for if it were, it would NOT be nothing, but potential. From nothing there is only one POSSIBLE product: nothing. Strictly it is not a product for there is no PROCESS; for if there were, it would NOT be nothing, but process.

Start with something. You need a cause for it, as explained in SMR 1-3.

Start with it ANYWAY, for argument's sake, so that if you DID get it - say by magic, you could see what happened next in a system such as SCIENCE SHOWS by observation, is the one we now have.
What then ?

Then its order will tend to decrease, its randomness grow, its decay will proliferate: this is the direction of flow.

To go up by going down is not an option. It is the OPPOSITE, as one may observe. You do not postulate that the people with fattest stomachs will win the Olympic spring BECAUSE of their fat. If the TOTAL system is the fat, if it has the trend to go DOWN, then this is not a possible position for going up. The SYSTEM SIMPLY WILL NOT DO IT.

If we want the logical necessities we can study these as we have frequently done in SMR and other works. But for the present, we are not studying the rational structure of thought, but the observable structure of the world. It tends to decrease.

What now would creationists say ? That it tends to decrease. What happens ? It tends to decrease. What would be their reason ? As scientists, it would be that the means to increase are not exposed, and their operation is likewise not seen.

WHY ? For two reasons: on the one hand, this is what is FOUND; and on the other, this is likewise what they READ in what, as  logic shows and faith accepts,  is the word of the only One who was there when it happened, GOD. It is a matter of fact and faith, observation:

1) in the word and

2) in the works of the God who is needed to endue things with existence,

an existence they show neither means nor method (SMR pp. 80ff.), neither power nor capacity to make for themselves, nor for that matter, even the evidence of having done so (SMR pp. 106ff., 162ff., 1031C, Ch.2, That Magnificent Rock Ch.1, A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9), even if they could, and indeed, even if they had been there to do it, which of course, they were not, since we are discussing how they came to BE there in the first place.

We have dealt extensively with the underlying point, the logical necessities in SMR and elsewhere.

Let us, however,  knowing that it is there, yet look for the moment at the mere realm of the observable, with purely the limits of ONE method, that which science must deal with in all its endeavours to explain. That is its task: TO SEE what is HAPPENING - with the eyes of the mind as well as with those of the head, for some things are measurable only by their effects, which nevertheless must be THERE  - and to EXPLAIN it in testable HYPOTHESES which will be singly verified or otherwise, and cumulatively cross-verified by their cohesion with other working hypotheses. How ?

In this sense, that they work, that this is an observable reality, that they are verified, so that a tissue of conception and operation, predication and prediction, may successfully evidence its functional force, and being applied, advance the power of man to achieve results. This is the purely operational realm, testable in operations visible or by methods which translate this effectively into what is so.

We shall call this realm the empirical. In empirical science, then, we find that the concept of CREATOR matches that of ENTROPY increase.  LESS specialised order, form, available energy is the way of it.
This real world matches the creation of it, as its ground; for it is continually falling apart, deteriorating, growing in that disorder which is the enemy of any and every material system of the kind we have, and of the interaction of systems which is so integral a part of what we find when we investigate and look into the structure of things, be they heart or DNA.

How did it get here ? It quite obviously will not be put together BY falling apart.

The total system ? It is rather like a lift. It will not rise BY falling.

Even if it did, it will not FIND upper floors just by rising. The systems have to be there to be reached, if the process is DOWN and not UP. They will not invent themselves by growing less. You also need the energy for the lift to go up. It will not create itself by growing less, for it would then be negative, an overdraft with nowhere from which to get it: no bank! With decreasing available energy, specialisation and facility of operation, you will not find increasing available energy (so that you can keep on using it up), increasing organisation (so that you will have something to decrease). You are, in this scenario, living on your capital. You will NEVER BY ANY MEANS generate it by losing it. If your every endeavour to put something in the bank is met by this irreversible trend for it to decrease, in your bank balance, there is clearly only one way in which you could overcome this deadly, deathly and moribund process.

You would have to INCREASE it by MORE than the trend to DECREASE has provided for. To use this latter mode of OPERATION as a form of GENERATION is simply a contradiction in terms. To OVERCOME it, you need not mere words of mortal man, white-coated or other, but power and intelligence enough to apply it to the point. It will thus be quite useless to push stones around on a desert, as an example of using energy. THIS will not increase that downgrading bank account.

You must use energy in SUCH A WAY that it is APPLICABLE to the situation in hand, and so alter THAT relevant situation in the way desired and designed. YOU must design something effective to overcome its downward DESIGN component or actuality procedure. We are talking of the real world, not of an imaginary one. THAT is the way IT GOES; this intelligent counter must be the way YOU GO. You must overcome by relevant energy, the process of decreasing purchasing power.

In general terms, in generics: if the order is to be lost, there is only way in which this EMPIRICAL SCIENCE for any TOTAL SYSTEM (such as the totality of the universe) may increase it, and that is from some OTHER SOURCE. That is what empirics tell us here. You can go to reason, and we have done this, in terms of the nature and structure of logic and causation. That is quite decisive as we have seen.

But if you want simply to OBSERVE the EMPIRICAL and watch WHAT IS HAPPENING, then this is the most masterful VERIFICATION you could wish. WHAT IS observable RUNS DOWN. Thus empirical science confirms, verifies and does so with stunning severity, the whole of logic which has forced us to God in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock. Let us be quick to add, this is merely to force us to GOD or else, logically, to ABANDON reason, which of course includes ALL argument.


We do not HAVE to come to Him. If many of us have delightedly done so, this does not mean that others may not quite deliberately abandon reason, become irrational, cease all communication to the point, and retire from the creation in mind, in effect, becoming suicides of that rational part of their composition, while all the time using this for other purposes. It is certainly, in terms of analogy, a sort of spiritual schizophrenia; it is to operate in two irreconcilable ways simultaneously, when one harmonious one is available: it is the opposite of all science, and it is fatal to logic, hence outlawing it from any consistent use. However, there is no necessity for the WILL to capitulate to God (Luke 13:1-3, 14:31-33). It can continue in roistering disregard! It often does! Whole nations will sometimes do this in the pure volition for war, the intemperate thrust to WIN and so forth, to GET, whatever reason may say of the cost and the purity of purpose involved! So too do individuals concerning God.

Having made this clarification, however, we proceed with our Second Law of Thermodynamics, a scientific, empirical law, and consider in a scientific, empirical way, what we are getting.

First, then, there is this massive verification of the whole conception of Creator. What we have does the opposite as a TOTAL SYSTEM, and this is not an EXPLANATION or EXPLANATORY of, a CONFIRMATION or CONFIRMATORY of a system inventing itself; but it is all this, of a system NEEDING to be THERE, so that it can run down, and so that we can be about while it does so, hoping it will take some time to do so, so that we can have somewhere to be, and indeed, something to be!

When we look BEYOND the material system, since it shows this behaviour: when we plan to seek its source, then, we are no longer looking WITHIN this system, in terms of its behavioural characteristics. We are therefore looking somewhere else. Matter acts in this way; it is then not to this we must look, if we are to follow empirics.

There is a name for what is not matter, and which yet can act: it is spirit. It is so much easier in this, that we all have one. We can invade matter, do so with mind, and decide it is all worth while by spirit. By spirit we can reject the desires of the mind, the rationality of its conceptions or the reasonableness of its analysis, because WE WANT TO (cf. SMR pp. 348ff.). People and nations often do this. It is a matter of WILL, and it leads to all sorts of erratic things, contrary to law and order and system and organisation, and makes it amazing that anything of these is left at all, when you consider just one element, as we did in our present Chapter 1, WAR. But there is war of mind and of spirit as well, domestic and spiritual also; and the results are that there is still something left. It is not showing of itself, any increase. Anything but this is the case.

When we look for the cause whereby the system NOT OBSERVABLY of the magical type is, and has come to be, an observable  system which is very prosaic and commonplace in this respect, that it demands grounds for action, substance for expenditure: when in other words, we act in terms of empirical science, of course, we find the necessities as has been shown. We look for what this system is not, and find independent evidence accordingly. Our present point however is simply this: the verification of Creation by the operation of what is here, is as total as it would be possible to be. It is eloquent, substantive, incisive, continual, and formulable in law.




Let us however go further. The TOTAL ORDER of our TOTAL SYSTEM, in terms of empirical science, MUST have been greater at earlier times than now: and as our indication on DNA with which we began, indicates, much greater. The deterioration of our delicate systems is intense. Hence something MUCH MORE than what we now have MUST ONCE HAVE BEEN. ITS TOTAL ORDER MUST HAVE BEEN A DEPOSIT, for empirically - and this, we repeat is our present chosen field, for special thought on its own, at this time, since the others have been so thoroughly worked already - THIS ONLY GOES DOWN.
Thus on this basis, that respectable basis of empirical science which finds what happens and seeks for coherent, interlocking hypotheses to account for it, to verify or disregard: a vast and far more than current universe was deposited in a way contrary to what now happens.

This is not very helpful for gradualism, and there is simply no escape for it, just as there is no escape from this reality, if this is our field.  As far as total order, organisation and availability of energy is concerned, this law, then, the second of thermodynamics is simply making its quite stunning contribution to the many phases of the creation evidence. What is this contribution then ?

1) As to the universe: ONCE IT WAS, and that is that. It was PLACED. Since then, its behaviour is to be displaced. This is the implication of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

2) The Bible says: In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and that ? It is that.

They match, the former in its phase, relative to the latter. Not only is this so, but equally true is it,  that each has excellent credentials: the latter as we have demonstrated formally, ineradicable, and if despised, able to eradicate reason itself as a weapon in the hands of those so disposed.

But let us go further again. The fact is that there have to be floors for the lift to go to (the TOTAL system),  even if it did go up - contrary to scientific, empirical observation, go only down for the total system (we can always IMAGINE something, but here we are dealing with observation and verification, which is never found in the mind, but with the measuring, investigating and FINDING ruler of science). In other words, systems do not invent their order by observation: ONLY adequate implants can do that. Left alone they degenerate, do not appreciate.

What is to stop this must be ADEQUATE to counteract it. One name for that is NOT nothing. It is force applied as required to cover the specific features of the case in such a way as to overcome the specialised and highly particular degrading tendency which is - and wait for it - NATURAL. Which force ? Which particularity of counteraction, able to service the designs and overcome their natural downgrading through interaction ? What is it called ? Where do we EVER see it ? What is its name ? What natural 'force' or adequacy or sufficiency or agency does this ? Where is this counteraction to the law to be
found ? Is its invisibility the heart of science ? Does science speak of things we see and hear, of imagine what is NEVER seen OR heard and then explain on that basis ?

Lacking such things, in our empirical reality of this world, we simply revert to the law. Now we have this a fortiori point, this additional quandary. NOT ONLY is it IMPOSSIBLE without TOTAL breach of the second law of thermodynamics to GET this world without its totality or order and available energy, the organisational being far greater than it now is, at the FIRST. IN ADDITION, even if things were to become more organised, there has to be the constructive capacity to enable them to be better, more sophisticated, to have that implant of code and symbol, or product and intelligence definitional reality, to which the particular form of upward organisation would relate (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri, Ch.4, pp. 41- end of chapter, esp. 51-53). No array of universes can allay or suspend the need to have a net plus, in order to have decline, and the net plus has to BE, for a reason, causally produced, sustained and so present.

You can make your tin soldiers line up more and more strictly in a straight line; but this does not invent a cannon. Nor does it make the interface between hand and cannon. Nor yet does it create the capacity of hand to meet the requirements of firing cannon; nor yet again, the consequences to the point of the correlation, nor yet again, the integration of the other soldiers, nor the field in which the operation occurs, nor the target, nor the value of so assaulting the target, nor even more, the consequences of so meeting a value, nor the integration of this with other values, and so on almost ad infinitum, as far as this world allows (but this IS the one we are dealing with, so its limits are THE limits, without God).

Phase by phase, step by step, plan by plan, minor plan and master plan, scene and scenario, agents and sub-agents, we find ONE WHOLE MECHANISM OF MINIATURISED MARVEL WHICH OPERATES IN SUCH EXTREME PRECISION OF INFORMATION MEANS AND CARRIERS AND CONSEQUENCES, AND SUCH UNITARY CORRELATION WITH PURPOSES, THAT IT IS ALL OR NOTHING. Indeed, with it is the machination of man, which is roving, discursive and so free that it may purposely at will, elect to be irrational, even for rational objectives (as when David pretended to be mad, with rational intent).

With this, a consistent, persistent outthrust of organised marvel is grooved into the governing matrix, where it has interface.

Put a spare Volkswagen tyre on a Cadillac, if you will; but it will not work. And that ? It assumes that TYRES are a device to be selected in the first place, and you are there to do the selection (cf. SMR pp. 252Aff., where the point made by Professor Fred Hoyle of Cambridge, is considerably extended!; and with it, SMR 315Aff., 226ff., Repent or Perish 7, Excursion 1).  Let us get down to a little more detail, then.

You need a field for their operation, a code for their information, a structure of command for their disposition, a universe of discourse for the communication, with code-meaning correlation, a contrivance for the execution of command, a unitary message format for the assimilation of response to the direction of purpose, so that adjustment may be made as in editing of DNA copy errors, an erection of plan in the preference to NOTHING, and thus of all the material correlates of the plan for the fulfilment of the same. Purpose ? it is measured by the correlation and integration of unitary consequences in terms of a related synthesis with the progress or progression of some entity. It may be direct, as in conscious planning, or indirect, as in programmed modes of fulfilling the same, as in setting the alarm clock: but the distance of the device from the mind of the purposing agent is not really of any consequence at this level. It is trivia only (cf. Repent or Perish 7, Excursion 2).

Not MERELY MORE order, but that sort of order which has all the components in a working order, able to act and interact, to operate and co-operate, in a field of total operational felicity, involving many and sometimes myriads of necessary, highly specialised parts, format specific, functional specific, and in action, order and sequence specific, and output specific, and in total, at once and in total association, specific in time. NOT ONLY the opposite, then of the Second Law, but an increment of what is the prerogative of the word defined as intelligence must appear (cf. SMR pp. 210-211, 252Eff.).

This is what the requirements for organic evolution prescribe, and what the the Second Law proscribes. There are the two emperors, the one in NATURE and the other in IMAGINATION. Science has no difficulty in determining which is the one to heed, when it is its own  method is followed, and not the purposes of those whose own imaginations have preferences which, quite within their own authority, relate to a world of their desire and not of the actual design. THERE, there is the difference! It is a political, a psychic substitution for the natural, the scientific case.

To say that this is irrelevant is not going nearly far enough; it IS relevant, for it is a replacement of the world of creative imagination by the one we all know, our own in common, that on which we walk with our feet, and move in parts with our hands, the natural one which is the ostensible object of research. You can do that; you can make that substitution, and in the extreme degree, that is the lurk and lair of the schizophrenic mind. But again, our topic is not psychiatry, but this common world. Such imaginations, whether pathological or merely preferential, they are interesting, but have nothing to do with science, except perhaps, if it WERE to be called a science, that of psychology.

That then is a confusion of territories; for in this instance, we were not studying the terrain of the human mind, yes better of SOME human minds, associated with wills, but of the earth common to all! It is one thing to make a mistake in some mathematical enterprise at some point, and as we saw in SMR, even Einstein once did that, and did so monumentally, so that a Dutch astronomer pointed out the error. That is understandable, though psychically interesting (in view of WHAT that mistake did!). It is however quite another sort of error when one is STUDYING the  WRONG SCIENCE, the discipline itself is confused, as if one were talking on astronomy, but in fact make a study of dancing - BY MISTAKE! There, one has more than mere error!

We do not need such an error, but the discipline of thought to the issue in hand. The imagination must relate in a disciplined way to the field in hand (cf. SMR pp. 251ff.), and not, inventing another, proceed to account for that!

THIS world! not yours or mine in some fantasy or preference: the one which is our common lot. Now of it, there is much to be said, but it should be looked at as it is, not as it might be. Yet if someone wants to consider the movements which are a precise contradiction of the trend which the Second Law prescribes, let us then indulge the desire, for the sake of the other party. Let us then move upward in it, and consider the elevation requirement, if one were to have it like that, stage by stage, going up.

The delicacy and elevated felicity of multiple things which relate only in plan, not in part, and are plan specific in time and place, in result and product, this is needed. Worms do not become Boeings by means of more order. Something in addition is necessary. Codes and symbols, expression and command is necessary, which while matter may transmit it, as in a tape recorder, is not a performance quality of matter to invent. Evidentially, WE humans have it (within profound limits); but matter lacks it.

Scientifically (and that is our present limited area of thought), this is a BASE for INTERPRETATION, not an ISSUE FOR IGNORING. When in all science do you EXPLAIN what does NOT happen with theories built on the assumption that it does! In this, then, we are NOT, emphatically not back at Primary School. In this sort of enterprise, there is no thought of school at all. It is fairy books. As to principles, those marvellous statements of what happens, which are to do all this work, when it does not show itself or its equipment or its facilities or its powers at all, to the point, this is merely a verbal magic, creation by phrase (cf. Scoop of the Universe 57, 59, That Magnificent Rock  1,8, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock Ch.3, and pp. 159, 315A-316A, 137, 1-50, Repent or Perish 7, End-note 2). For the vast concourse of communism, with its creation of the dictatorship of the proletariat by PHRASE, while the bureaucrats held their Black Sea rapport with the real dictatorship, as for the vast concourse of evolutionary phraseology, there is only one result. It does not work.

Its words are not equipped with power because they do not relate to reality. When you want to create with words, there is one thing you simply MUST NOT omit. It is this: the EXISTENCE of the RELEVANT power to EXECUTE your words, and the ACCESS and AUTHORITY to use that power, with the TIME access sufficient for the purpose, and the ABSENCE of any contrary power which could annul the working of the power which you have in mind. Just speaking, formulating, alas, this is not adequate. That is one of the first lessons of growing from baby to boy, or girl.

As to Communism, as for Organic Evolutionism, its theories are not mandates for the universe to obey. The universe obeys another law-maker, and it is He and He alone who logically COULD even CONCEIVABLY, have implanted this form of order, organisation and enterprise into what otherwise shows no power to do the same; and which, even it did, would require all the other ingredients for which the case calls, if it were to be effective. With this, the capacity to create the time-space containments which are a form of order and organisation, and to live without them, which need logically their ground; and so on as we have shown before: it is God.

As to what is to be seen in the limited format of mere matter, however, it is not so. As to what is its origin, it is then,  as has so often been indicated, to be explored and its results considered, and its ways found, and its programs noted in another field. There is no other logical option, whether for science in its empirical studies, or logic with its causative interface. THE ACTUAL SOLUTION is so obvious, monopolising the whole premises, that it is one of the most artful exercises in organised blindness that it is not more often found. And that, as we have shown earlier, it is the result of a spiritual disease, in which the will is not innocent. But let us return to the relative simplicity of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Up is one thing; contrivance is another. A system cannot contrive to be what it is not, or to do what it lacks ingredients to perform. THAT is merely to misname the system. If of thought, then call it so; if of purpose, then this is its name, if of intelligence, so let its works declare it; but let us not pretend that merely more order in matter is not any of these, remaining at merely its own level and not suffering such imaginative additions to be stealing in.

       However, in our flight of investigation, this is merely a fortiori. In fact, our material universe goes only down, and hence is an emplacement from the first. For the rest, it is then merely amusing to perceive that EVEN IF it were otherwise,

       there is yet far more to cover than merely a REVERSAL OF REALITY, a FRACTURE OF SCIENTIFIC LAW.

       You would also have to have a creator for the TYPE of upgrade, as well as for the INITIAL FACT OF AN IMPLANT OF ORDER AND ORGANISATION.

       That we (theoretically) expire as a race from the long-time incursions of DNA loss, is an example. and it is the one with which we commenced this essay, the rate of harmful mutation! It merely emphasises the point: we do not END by the onset of the second law of thermodynamics (as a method for destruction) while being built by it.

       It is not sufficient to invent us, when it nevertheless destroys us by its organised operation. It shows not the evidence of mind, to change it; but of mind to make it, so that it should continue as it is made. As it is made, so it goes. As it goes, it goes down.

       Deterioration can indeed remove; but it does not create. Downward currents draw to the sea, but not to the hills. Cannon make changes, but they do not build skyscrapers (unless, in a small measure, you dismantle them, melt them and then, recasting with intelligence, principle and design, re-adapt the metal for that purpose!). Ignoring of these considerations is not science, but wish fulfilment, that does not fulfil - logically, whatever may be the emotional haven it invents: THAT it is a due function of the imagination, as when a thirsty man nevertheless dreams of iced lemon squash. It does not suffice to produce this drink however. For that, it must operate in the real world; or have a miracle from God.

As to life, we do not manage (even with intelligence! of many and with much time in which to use it) TO IMPROVE ON THE INGREDIENTS, we who were not there to make it in the first place, in any case.
We move the ingredients about. Life is not even for us, to make, when the model is staring us in the face. Intelligence is baulked when faced with its design. It IS needed. It is not enough.

Wisdom and understanding and the qualities of life which relate to creation at this level are also needed. Simply, you get out what you can put in. Put in thought and you MAY get it out, depending on the expertise of your emplacement. 'Bugs' may bedizen your empire; and may take all your time, and inadequate formulations may utterly deny you ANY result. Yet with adequate time and concept and comprehension and diligence, and application, and knowledge of relevant principles, and constructions within the milieu of your matrix, you may in the end achieve some modest results (compared with our own, AS human agents,  MOST modest results!).

Leave thought out and it is not in. That is the causative reality. There are whole worlds of thought, conception, formulation, symbolisation, interactive collation as shown in detail in Repent or Perish 7, Excursion 1. None of them brings its modes of operation into being without cause, sufficient, efficient, to unload that level (cf. Stepping Out for Christ, 2, 3). There is no magic. The second law of thermodynamics in ITS domain is calling for something other than what is NOW HERE as the source of it. Nature is not nature's inventor: this it declares with its BEHAVIOUR, its EQUIPMENT, its LAWS and its correlation with CAUSALITY. In fact, nothing is its own inventor; you need something outside whatever it is to put it into being.

Indeed, it is always difficult to invent what is not there with what is not adequate. You need a sufficiency for everything.

Let us then summarise to our immediate point.

The law is DOWN; the imaginary requirement of organic evolution is UP.

That is all. All the rest, and there is an assemblage of aspects to this, detailed in some measure in the references above,  merely adds to the burden in ADDITIONAL directions, projections and inspections - consummately editorial in the case of DNA, which appoints it own inspector, according to plan and program. A good place to pursue all this in detail in Repent or Perish Ch.7; and in SMR 251ff.. There what is more than force and matter - each of which of course requires its own legislative enduement in order to be in a system in which it can be and remain (SMR pp. 1ff., Ch.3) - and in this scenario, all of it must be found.

Amongst these things in the material world,  are not to be found formulators of symbolic logic, the conceptual equivalent which induces it, the systematic machinery which produces and retains it in operational format and directive impact so that things are caused to happen just so; for unsupervised, the order goes, unmanufactured, the symbolism dissipates, even if it could arise, without the interstices of logic for its meaning to be able to exist, and of program to interpret that meaning. The vital world smiles on the merely material world. It is a mere infant, that has never gone to school; though for all that, when you cease to compare it with the vital world, and compare it instead with nothing, it is of its own kind a veritable prodigy of order and form, format and law.

Matter is ordered; it has no machinery to give orders.

It has impress of law; it shows no capacity to make any.

It can be symbolically represented, and its laws put into intellectually high-rise formulae; it shows no capacity to do the same, merely to repose, the repository of however, adequate in mind and directorship, wishes to implant these things.

The only one to do it, is not matter: it is not man. It is, as noted, necessarily Spirit (cf. SMR pp. 348ff.), and its powers manifestly transcend man, far more than do man's transcend the ant; for the ant, like man, has its own codes which program phases of its action; whereas as shown in SMR 1, God of necessity is without any impress of program, for the One who did that would BE God, the ultimate, necessary, eternal sufficiency for what is, as a result of whom, it IS!


Once again, then, following our adverse mutation decease notice from Nature magazine, quoted above, we revisit our Second Law, just ONE of the almost infinite number of laws which operate in our highly governed system. Let us look at it structurally, this time. It is an empirical matter at our present level. Despite some excursions, in principle we  are at this time, MERELY examining it, investigating it and applying it, to see what it shows to the point of organic evolution. SINCE we are being merely empirical, we simply note that this law has no known exceptions, and we have in an earlier essay, shown why this is to be wholly expected, and in fact merely represents logically, a particular application of a rigorous necessity, in type (Stepping Out for Christ, Ch.2 - Benevolent Brightness or Brothy Bane 82?).

Yet let us here trace the results, in view of the fact that science has no more prestigious law, none better tied to others, to observations and manifold conceptual considerations. Thus NOT ONLY would the total order and organisation present at the first have had to be FAR GREATER THAN IS NOW THE CASE, but it would have to have been this ALL AT ONCE, since it can ONLY in terms of this law, decrease ON THE WHOLE.

ON THE WHOLE, THEREFORE, IT MUST have been at once far greater than now. It must have enjoyed this deposition from the outset. This is the finding of empirical science, of what looks at what is, and seeks to account for it. Time can only decrease it, in terms of this LAW.

Evolutionary gradualism is the name of the game. It is a game. We are concerned here with work. The game is a mere game, of words; and it is out.

That is, empirically and in terms of empirical science. It has been shown to be OUT and IRRATIONAL in terms of logic and causation as well. This, our current concern,  is merely an APPLICATION, and it is FABULOUSLY successful, EMINENTLY verificatory and amusingly HOSTILE to ANY gradualistic process.

The fact that in addition you need floors to which the lift is to ascend, something other than mere 'rising' to 'rise' to, something formulating the operations more than mere ENERGY, which simply ENABLES action, not direction, and puts things in motion, when there are things, and enables a system to operate when it is a system: this is mere icing to the cake, AT THIS LEVEL.

It is however observable that in any system, you need interface, you need the LINKAGE for INTERACTION in a given direction to a specialised material formation, and conceptual formulation, such as it exhibits in SYMBOLIC INFORMATION, which as has often been noted, tends, this also, ONLY TO DECREASE, which again is difficult for gradualism. DATA, INFORMATION DECREASES. This puts the general principle of decline, of having to have input to make and input to maintain, in a broader perspective. Again we must ask: How do you increase by decreasing ? How do you get ANYTHING from nothing; and when you do somehow GET SOMETHING, how do you increase its performance characteristics, and information, and organisation, and order by decreasing not one, but ALL of them.

Obviously you do not. It is so amusing, that it is a very acme of hilarity. If you WANT to explain something, do you then look at the exact (scientifically exact) opposite of the observed means, method, thrust, basis, law, operational reality, to find it!

Let us now look further afield, once more.


In terms of scientific method, there is, to be sure, a very close relation. It is the EXACT CONTRARY of organic evolution in its requirements of the observable realities. Hence it IS undoubtedly true to say that the second law of thermodynamics has a relationship to organic evolution; and that those who flatly state that it has nothing to do with it, are therefore at least, being imprecise. It does have THIS to do with it: it is the precise anti-verification of it in like a mirror image in a particularly perverse mirror. It does not merely DISTORT, it invents the opposite process, the exact counter to it in observation.

This it does (in its image, not in the reality it is supposed to reflect), for a reality which likewise lacks the entire structure of operation to enable it to be what the mirror is showing. The mirror ? It is of course the theory of organic evolution. The reality ? It is what science has been depicting, and putting into violated laws, as far as the mirror is concerned. What is it like ? what does this mirror do ? If you look at your face you see the back of your head, at your feet, you see the top of your head. Whatever is, the theory in this regard, precisely counters. It reflects ? well, yes in a way: it reflects negation of observable fact.

Then we have those other little codicils, as it were, to the will IN THE THEORY OF ORGANIC EVOLUTION, as it 'deals' with what is found.

1) We do not find this upgrade, this type of interfaced order increase, HAPPENING.

2) We do not find the things to make it happen - MEANS.

3) We cannot formulate a statement about it happening - LAW, because, you see, it does not, so words cannot be formulated to cover this in terms of its doing so, which is the opposite, and that would be not so very careful a formulation, now, would it ?

4) We cannot see the synthesis: co-operation of the MEANS and the HAPPENING, as we like to do, as when we find the electrical impulses exhibiting their passage from A to B in terms of their local effects on the way, when for example we have postulated that it is an electrical cause which is operating, and which explains something which we are studying. There is a reason for this fourth absence. If it is NOT HAPPENING, then of course the MEANS by which it WOULD happen will not be able to be found in ASSOCIATION with the happening, since these are absent also. This may seem just a trifle unnecessary to state, but it is very far from being so. It is something of eminent practicality, eminently absent.

NORMALLY, you would WANT ALL THIS, in the ideal and impressive situation. Here you can get NONE of it. You get the opposite in each case, including the synthetic case where it all comes together. Here there is nothing to come to together, so the playtime is lonely, and the yard empty.

It is an exercise in negativity, futility and contrariety. It is not only wrong. It is an opera on wrongness.
It is not merely unscientific, it is a magnum opus on the fact. It is a parody, a comedy, a satire; and it is artistically very well done indeed. The ONLY problem, in terms of the art of the devices of organic evolutionism here is this, that the artists do not normally seem to realise that they are producing such a magnum opus, such an entertaining, a deliriously rollicking comedy at all. For all the world, you would not know they are clowning, scientifically clowning. They act almost as if they meant it - straight!

It is so like the situation in World War II, when someone might ask, Listen mate! don't you know there is a war on. Here it varies: Listen, mate, don't you know there is a spoof on! ONLY creation is indicated in terms of empirical science. Your smash hit of organic evolutionism should be played as if you knew it to be the burlesque of the millenium! Get with it! Get organised. Violate the second law of thermodynamics, or rather, much better! COUNTERACT IT, by using you intelligence, and PRODUCING this play of yours with more art, and above all, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! This is more than caricature: this is spoofing!


All things require it, whether analytically logical, empirical or synthetic: there has been a CREATION ON, and it is time to act accordingly. It is running down, and it is not good to run with it. LOOK TO THE CREATOR, for He has something to say NOT ONLY IN  YOUR DNA, and that is many millions of concepts and formulations and orders and symbolic devices as well as a matter of correlative implementing engineering; it is also FOR YOUR MIND. Don't start imaging that YOU ARE THE ONLY sort of entity which has something to say. Look around you, examine the Bible and consider that if you reject that ONLY evidenced reality for the word of God (as in SMR 1,10), then you are rejecting God as your own equal, for YOU with all power could do better than this, if it is merely un unsupervised mess, couldn't you!

    • Of course, even if you had come from nothing, you would by now have gone back there, and that is the exceedingly comic reality of the DNA degradation statistics in terms of current theory, as we have been seeing earlier! Meanwhile, ANYONE could do better than this, with all power, and given a moderate desire for reasonable peace and order...

o       unless of course, there were WILFUL DISORDER in the implements called man, and

o       unless there were FREEDOM to allow him to BE man, and

o       unless likewise there were necessary interactive results AMONG MEN, from their abused freedoms, and PROPER judgments to awake them... and  what else ? AND


This remedy is logically necessary and actually observable. Unlike the case of the organic evolutionism, the Christian Gospel from the Bible (cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch.3, Barbs, Arrows and Balms 17, SMR Ch.5) is confirmed on ALL sides, simply in each category, synthetically in the interaction of categories, in the living availability of the spiritual power involved, and in the formulation in laws of what is required and how to proceed relative to Him.

There is no contest in this matter. Not even as a wild card could logical entry be obtained.

Where the one speaks in absence, the other speaks in presence. Where the one can't put it in writing, for there is nothing to record and no way to be found, the other puts it in writing, in the world's most sold book, stating the beginning, the means, the purpose and the procedure altogether in coherent, testable form. This is scientifically required, for there is no other option available to sight or logic; and it is verified constantly. The other is scientifically required also, but to be absent: for there is no confirmation available to sight, or method to observation; and it negates all logic that it might work.

When therefore you awaken to the issues, the real issue is intensely personal. It is not about the carpentry of the stage, that the issue is drawn; it is about the actions of the players upon it, who transcend it so totally in their synthetic systems, and spiritual powers, mental capacities and purposeful possibilities, as to make any comparison ludicrous, quite apart from the fact that matter itself is merely a theory of mind, which has to be valid for the idea to have any place. What has God then done! The necessities of logic are married in this (cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms 6, 7, 19, 29), to the realities of observation. He has spoken.

To ignore this necessity and reality, is merely to show towards Him, in principle, a contempt due to our own sin, and so to aggravate, as a race,  our own follies (cf. SMR pp. 100-101). It sets you up as the wronged party, the one left in a situation which is filled with repulsion, in its famines, lies and pride, without remedy. To deny the remedy is to blaspheme that Spirit who is God, and to contradict both logic and empirical reality. When a nurse gives her life to deliver you, and you speak of her as if she was nowhere to be found, while your wounds hurt (speaking globally), is worse than littleness of mind and stubbornness of heart. It is mere insult. It is moreover heartless insult, ungrateful irrationality.

  • The case is even worse. To insult God gratuitously is one thing; to make yourself his superior is irrational nonsense, since this is your source, IN ORDER to be, and to continue, both;to ignore what is evidentially attested, independently, as allowing NO OTHER SOURCE, the Bible, this is wayward folly; and the result ?

Is it not in order to apply the old adage ? 'Wake up, mate, there's a war on!' - there still is. It is a spiritual one. You are fighting in it, one way or the other. The COMEDY is merely for the theatre of philosophy, to be enjoyed by some. The WAR ITSELF is for the reality of life, to be deplored by many. To escape it, leave the second law of thermodynamics to go happily along as it does, and do not join its ending movements. To avoid it, you need as in anything which is running down, the contrary power. You MUST have the power to go up, to get out, to overcome. This is obviously to be found only in the one who DID THE MAKING of what is running down. THAT is its way. THIS is another. THAT is self-destructive (given time); THIS is creative (in any time, at His choice).

That is - God, your Creator. The fact is that in the Bible HE STATES that there is no other name than that of Jesus Christ for this deliverance, escape (Acts 4:11-12), as we saw last time; and incidentally, the necessary FORGIVENESS of error, which is there to be found, does nothing to increase your repose in ESCAPING FROM IT. Why escape from the escape ? It is like a captain standing on the bridge of his sinking ship. It may look noble, but it is in this case saving nobody, only wilfully dooming yourself.


  • "Why did the nations rage,
  • And the people plot vain things ?
  • The kings of the earth took their stand,
  • And the rulers are gathered together
  • Against the Lord and against His Christ" -

that was the Psalm 2 prediction (see Joyful Jottings 21, 25) of the attitude of the powers that were in charge in the days of Christ, in their endeavour to 'rub Him out' as the mafia of today might put it.

"It is expedient that one man should die for the people!" was the ECCLESIASTICAL WAY of putting it: not of the real church of God, God forbid, but of that which was acting as if it were, while engaged in rejecting the very incarnation of the God they professed to serve.

They are not alone. He is - as far as action and inaction are concerned - being treated in the same way by what seem to some to be adequate methods in the nations today. To this hour, the word of God in Psalm 2 is advising those who would cast the 'bonds' of God and His Christ aside, to be instructed, to be reconciled to God, instead of justly inheriting the divine scorn for such folly, pride and impiety, useless vanity in the face of truth, justly covered with shame (Psalm 2:4).

This casting away of divine word, work and will, it is a process which led to murder, and which leads to ignoring or distortion, such as we have just been considering. It will lead of course to His judgment according to truth, upon it (Psalm 2:10-12, Romans 1:18-2:1, Acts 17:31). Indeed, it leads to anything which leads away from His grace and lovingkindness.

It is not always conscious, but the trend of behaviour on the part of intelligent people tends at least to suggest the overall intention, even if it is not consciously formulated*1. It might be the OPPOSITE of what their reason shows them, as we have considered a few moments ago. It is STILL the case that this is the DESIRE, or the thrust in their lives. WILL does not always want truth. It wants its way. Just as reason can divorce itself from fact, so will can divorce itself from results, and reality. To want to have life as your own, when it is derivative, is fraud, and its result is judgment (John 3:16-36).


Thus, in both cases there is a price tag.

One must count the cost, Christ declared.

There is ALWAYS a cost (Luke 14:28ff.). Things do not come from nowhere, and thus there is a limit, except one knows God who has Himself no limit, and can remove limits at will. Otherwise, cost is compulsory. Without Christ, escape from folly, disorder and disorganisation, from sin, that masterpiece of disorder production technique,  is a zero situation. It is OUT.

There IS a war on and it is necessary to take sides. You can BE your own side, but that is impossible to differentiate from the megalomaniac, since NO ONE LIVING on this mortal earth, has a track record as Christ's, one of such power, purity, consistency, rationality and understanding, reinforced by independent variables in the form of such things as prior prophecy announcing what He would do and when He would do it, and how, and why, which He duly fulfilled.

Nor is this all. Even that is doubly reinforced by His own prophetic track record of indications of what would come, in detail, and in tartan pattern, in history, as we have often shown and even a little considered in this present volume. The total historical reality of Christ (SMR Appendix C cf. SMR Ch.6, Appendix C, A Spiritual Potpourri 18; Barbs, Arrows and Balms,  Appendix I, pp. 279ff.,
IV ; Repent or Perish 2, pp. 41ff. ), like the logical necessities often shown, is inescapable.

So is the result of not escaping to Him, and preferring this deadly, dismal, dull and dysfunction-making LAW, of thermodynamics. What is made and declines maintenance is not always foolish; for it is not always equipped with will. Man is not in this position; nor is his destiny devoid of open shame, if he masquerades as self-important and departs from the Lord, whether mourning like the rich young ruler, because the price was too high, or in mockery, like many of the priests, who were envious, as Matthew (27:18) relates.

Yet the issues are indeed inescapable: like the FIRST LAW, otherwise called the law of conservation of mass and energy, which indicates that "energy may have different forms (including mass); that it is possible to change from one form to another, but the total energy remains constant." In other words, it is all here; it has arrived; it is created, like you. Where to go is to the Creator of it all. It is not coming
(Law 1): it is going (Law 2). Are you going to go likewise ? down the drain to a destiny prepared for pollution ? or to apply to your Creator ?

No ? Listen: "Rejoice, O young man, in your youth,
And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth:
Walk in the ways of your heart,
And in the sight of your eyes,
But know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment.

"Therefore remove sorrow from your heart,
And put away evil from your flesh,
For childhood and youth are vanity.
Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth,
Before the difficult days come..." (from Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:1).

But what ? There is an alternative way (cf. Repent or Perish 7, Excursion 3).

Isaiah 40:27-31 speaks of it, the dynamising available from the SOURCE of creation, from the OTHER POWER which produced us, in order to re-create and empower the resources earlier created, with current MAINTENANCE, with dynamic and spiritual zest:

v           "Why do you say, O Jacob,
And speak, O Israel:
'My way is hidden from the LORD,
And my just claim is passed over by my God' ?

v           "Have you now known ?
Have you not heard ?
The everlasting God, the LORD,
The Creator of the ends of the earth,
Neither faints nor is weary.
His understanding is unsearchable.

v           "He gives power to the weak,
And to those who have no might He increases strength.
Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
And the young men shall utterly fall,
But those who wait on the LORD
Shall renew their strength,
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint."

And how does Isaiah start this apostrophe ?
Like this:

"Lift up your eyes on high,
And see who has created these things.
Who brings out their host by number;
He calls them all by name,
By the greatness of His might
And the strength of His power:
Not one is missing."

Again, as the universe so composed runs down (Isaiah 51:6):

"Lift up your eyes to the heavens,
And look on the earth beneath.
For the heavens will vanish away like smoke,
The earth will grow old like a garment,
And those who dwell in it will die in like manner;
But my salvation will be forever,
And My righteousness will not be abolished."


Christian friends, rejoice with Me in the total, invasive, pervasive, inelastic reality of the truth, and draw on the undying resources of God for the work He gives you in a dying world; for the removal of the stage is nothing. The actors are the point, and the plot, it must not be lost; and the review of the actors is coming.


Oh world! from this come, people who seek truth, love enlightenment, and wish what answers everything (cf. SMR Ch. 5). He is there and He is God, and Lord and Saviour and His saving health will NEVER BE ABOLISHED, for there is a FIRST LAW OF LOVELINESS IN THE LORD. HIS salvation will never be abolished. It ? It is CONSERVED! AND WITH IT, likewise are those who have come to Him, the source, the spiritual power, recourse, resource which created the format and order and organisation of matter and mind and spirit, and is able to redeem, to renew, to inspire in this life, and to keep into an eternity which does not deteriorate; for the stage is going, but the Maker of it, He is still there. To be sitting on a stage being dismantled is neither wise nor necessary. COME TO HIM, your Creator, and rejoice further in this, that His salvation likewise is forever: MY SHEEP, said Christ, WILL NOT PERISH. The things, says Hebrews 12:25-28, which CAN be shaken, will be! What cannot, will stay.

Are you one of the latter, because  through His mercy and by His love and grace, you are willingly in the hand of the One who made you and then became in form like one of you - yet Himself and without sin, in order to redeem you - at cost (Philippians 2). Did He count the cost ? HE IS - after all - THE ONE WHO HAS PAID! He counted it a delight to do it (Hebrews 1:8-9, 10:5ff., Psalm 40), even when it was scorching with misery (Hebrews 5:7) as He approached the cross, and then actually bore for all who should come to Him, the sin as justice demanded, and truth insisted, for the sake of love and mercy.

Your cost ? It is the loss of an autonomy you do not, in any case, possess.


Whose intention, however, this is another question. Intention IN the life: but what of the intention OF the life ? Are they entirely identical ? What is stirring, and what moves in the life of the unredeemed ?

In fact, the Bible makes it clear that three (to say no more at this point) dimensions of obstruction can occur in the working of man's mind, and thought, when his spirit is controlled, contaminated, manipulated or manoeuvred, when he is  in the pathologically directive condition of unredeemed sinner. The redeemed are not in this world sinless, but they are NOT under the sovereignty of that evil, that error (John 8:34-36, I John 3).


1) there is the obfuscation, the opacity, the BLINDNESS, from THE GOD OF THIS WORLD (II Corinthians 4:3-4). This is purposely directed, and not merely malignant. It is IN ORDER TO PREVENT the light of the glorious gospel of Christ to appear.

2) there is the ALIENATION from the life of God (Ephesians 4:17-18). This RESULTS from ignorance which results in turn from blindness, as we there see written.

3) there is the SERVITUDE to sin (John 8:34-36), the slavery, the directive element, compulsive, or attractive, or insidiously conforming character which this instrument of death possesses. This is a practical matter, but it also involves the interactive, interlocking involvement with the mind, and this with the spirit and its desires.

Such conditions as these, which are normal to the sovereignty-of-sin syndrome, can of course lie BEHIND the sinners actions, propelling, instilling, almost discharging thought and action into the land of the forbidden, the milieu of the proscribed, in divorce, anything but divine, from the desires of deity; and it can be so grave a matter that the victim, distinguishable in definition from his/her condition, is nevertheless virtually (but not entirely) consolidated with the disease.

It is in this situation that the OUTCOME does not necessarily exhibit the INTENTION of the person concerned; but it DOES exhibit the RULING purpose, whether or not this be that of the individual: it assuredly is that of the evil entrant which seizes and secures the heart.

Hence in the text to which this is the note, one did not say 'desire OF their lives', but rather 'desire IN their lives'.