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Looking Within Without Hypnosis,
and Coming Out Appalled at a Children's Story
NOT Suitable for Adults,
but Finding What Is




When regarding all that is before us, in ourselves, our world and its universe, we have considered in Ch. 4 some of the implications founded on empirical reality and logical method, with scientific modes in view. Now let us go into the internals of living things a little more, for a little forgetful of outside implications, merely surveying the depths, like one who having been an astronaut, decides for an excursion, to investigate the depths, relatively small though they be. We shall start with a visit to conceptual realism.

By this is meant the fact that concepts are not like pebbles, material things of speciable physical properties and reaction types. They are thought moulds, envisageable with a liberty not available when the material world is considered. They exist not in a physical universe of materiality, but in a mental universe of mouldable proportions, where validity and rationality, injectible or evadable, are like fertiliser or poison, freely available. They require a creator to conceive them, and their nature is closely and at times intimately related to the person who conceives: whether they be illusory, realistic, vagrant, useful or fictitious, wayward or even wish-fulfilling.

They relate to thought and this to thinkers as puddings to ingredients carefully chosen, heat and cooking, and this with nous for it. They may be well cooked or badly, and the ingredients may be of types so varied, that it illustrates the amazing power given to man in this mental realm where the programmatic is so far from being enforced, that the fictitious may be purposefully engaged in, flirting with or even confronting fact, and this consciously or unconsciously. Such is the person of man that he is not even always aware of his own motivation, but far more is this so when the light of life, the Founder of fact and its only recourse for objective reality, is not known, when man becomes like a pilgrim walking in darkness without a map, and wearing sun-glasses.

However he may be oriented or disoriented, the type of product of the mind-act of conception-concept  procedure (as in  the mother-production of child-its birth sequence) in part resembles an assembly line kind of thing; but of course far less strictly organised, and indeed, organisation in various modes and degress is part of the liberty of this realm, or cosmos as we often call it. Some may however elect for stringent organisation, and others, while doing this, be imperceptive of their errors. Such is the realm and such is the breeding process; but it does have tests, and it is only when it is pursued to the uttermost to its end, that relief may be found. Let us however return to our inward looking.

Where concepts are made, the things made are conceivable. This is their milieu. This may be in initiation or in interpretation. What one human mind can conceive, in general terms, another can investigate, or even manipulate, appropriating it and using in the logico-imaginative environment common to both. There is thus in man,  a standardisation of sphere and an individuality of the treatment accorded to it, in the realm of concept, mind and creative thought. He is an exponent in the milieu, a worker in the sphere, a producer in the processive function required, giving basis for the movement, and the grant of apt power for its performances.

Conceptual realism requires that we prune our thought to what in terms of method has some resemblance to the scientific. We look for aetiological basis, and neither blink at its necessities nor imagine that one example is the only illustration.

Thus we avoid the underlying type of assumption that

bullet what never found to be working, is happily doing so,
bullet what has no grounds in reason, may gleefully be imagined to be operating on them,  and
bullet what can be conceived and is testable in principle and product,

cannot stand before the dictates of roving imagination, whilst
bullet what contends that it is right, has good evidential and logical grounding, and unique validity,
is not proper to affirm, and still less as the truth, whilst
bullet what lacks both grounds and events to confirm, but has imagination only,
bullet without logical necessity based on what is provided, is proper to affirm.

Instead, we contend that  if the MODEL in view for the pursuit of truth does not possess truth as a potential ingredient, then it is banned from asserting it, for this becomes merely a selective exclusion, amounting to begging the question, while exempting itself from its own mordancy.

There is of course the additional feature that if there were nothing objective because all is deemed merely personal, so that truth as distinct from response and reaction had no ground, then EVEN THAT statement is logically impossible, a mere SELF-contradiction, so that so far from being a reliable interpretation, it denies even itself at the outset.

If then we find a series, a set, a cosmos of conceptualisable principles, operations and performances, the mode and the basis all accountable in harmonious and just terms, we do not imagine that they 'arise' or 'come' like fairies from the woods, to be formulable and to render things explicable logically, because this field is insane, or disorderly or immune or alien to concept. On the contrary, we rejoice and pursue our successes further in the fertile field thus discovered.

It is a special field requiring an  apt, relevant and adequately potent ground for its existence.  Thus we consider that where concept is a currency for operative and rational thought and explanation, and holds court in the cosmos, that concept is likewise the dower of a relevant injection into that cosmos. We do not arrest proceedings. Derivations from what has nothing to offer to the point can be imagined; but imagination must harness reality before it rises above the mists of splendid isolation and romancing fervour.

Here is its mode, and it is susceptible to conceptualisation because it has been made in that format, so that just as we can share thoughts with facility with one another, since our equipment similarly enables us to move in rational realms of this type, verifiable, validatable, into a cosmos that is beyond us both but into which each has come, so we can share the thoughts of other investigable arenas which share this womb, this cosmos, this field of operations, this ground of facility.

It is a domain. Its existence has a cause, just as its effective operation has principles and methods, whatever the desired outcome, and summarily so if truth is the desideratum, and a contrary model has therefore not been assumed, as in materialism and other reductionist models (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7).

It requires of course a ground; but it is merely meretricious to found it in itself, as if cars made cars (and not caring constructiveness plus tools and materials arranged), or proceeded from themselves as something without rationally construable potency for the purpose, by some kind of mental fixation;  as if concrete were the basis of mushrooms, things disparate were in some metaphysical mulch, somehow homogeneous and self-causative in an anti-rational, anti-empirical sort of fashion (cf. Causes). 

It is not that it is as bad as that; it is worse. Concrete and mushroom, in neither case, initiate action in the conceptual arena, or move by invention within it. Conceptions and their mode and environment of operation are far further from both of these, than either is from the other, though admittedly these are highly diverse. If mushrooms live and concrete does not, yet both exist in a field where entertainment of the realities and products of mind do not operate internally.

Imagined derivation from the simply different, what is unequipped for the elevation, that  is mere farce; but to move to the realm of the characterisably mental from a basis of the delimited material, this is a tour de farce. The former is a mass of self-contradictory imaginations, irrelevant vacuity; but the latter is not only different in being serially programmatic in symbolic orders, or not so, but in being a modus operandi of another domain entirely.

To be sure botanical  life is a different work to non-life; but each is covered by arrangements to which neither makes a mental contribution. One has a written and readable mode for procreation or derivation and continuance,  the other a more static formulation for its continuity. When, however,  you come to the conceptual area, you are dealing not merely with this distinction, but another. Here the INVOLVEMENT is at the essentially creative level, whereas the other is at the created level ONLY.

Either way, the flinging of stones over the ocean in order to hit Greenland is the sort of gulf which such dichotomies, both of them, involve. The means of derivation do not touch the needs of logic or the evidence of empirics.

But what of the conceptual arena. It would be as ludicrous to have it 'arise' from nowhere or nothing, or make itself in some way out of nothing, or import an entirely diverse and other field from nothing in particular, just as it is ludicrous to do the same for matter. We have to become causally competent, aetiologically valid, and find what is the least but adequate source for it. While its genesis in dynamic, and causal basis, as to type,  does not by any means have to depend on the conceptual operational basis that we have, it has at least to include nothing less in competence and in capacity. It is far more, to be sure, to be originative of what possesses originality,  as well as original in its function; but it cannot be less.

We need an operative sufficiency to create an operative efficiency, an underlying cause to produce the overlying operational felicity and function. There is a KIND, and we having habitation in this kind, know the least which is required for its existence in functionality, and this not merely in illustration in the 7 or so billion persons for whom it applies (excluding however infants, to a large extent), but in the dynamic input by which it consists. We know its operational and media minimum; but what produces this realm has to both masterful in these facilities, and creative enough to invest them with a stream of reality, an operational actuality in terms of which they both be and operate. .

Our minds use and create in such a domain, and matter is one of the ingredients for investigation BY this realm, in this case the conceiver being agent, without itself showing the modalities which are used in the production of what is integral either to it or to the conceptions concerning it. Operation of a facility is not its creation, even when the operation includes a creative facility within constituted limits, for its ground needs production; and it merely shows the minimal necessities for it to be both as to domain, and individual action or conceiver within it. This must be adequate to cover our own epi-creative mode, creatively enabling the facilities for the creative work which we embrace as we function, and causing them to become an elective for us.

Again, when we maturely consider the origin of the whole DOMAIN, as distinct BOTH from what is its nature and what it requires for operation, then we have pursued this in Ch. 4 above. Our present interest in the domain itself, and its involvement in life. Let us imaginatively but realistically in intent, consider it.



There is this marvellous facility. It is an interchange, as for traffic. The traffic, at any one point, comes from many quarters, but as in ascending routes, piled one on top of another in some sweeping, swirling spiral structure as may be seen in Chicago, it goes to very many also. It is all structured for support, elevated for distinction and has input, output lanes for assigned destinations.

It is a complex, a conclave of conceptual origin and transportive (as well as transportational) delight. This, it is because known inputs and known outputs, with known reasons and correlative means in intricate summary and expanding results, are so concocted, so bespoked, so occasioned and so conducted, that a vast need is met with singularity of purpose and complexity of concept.

Similarly, there is a certain deliciousness in the way in which the cerebral structure of man and his nervous system is variously and variably wrought to allow organs to have output, centres to give response, ancillary equipment to process data, memory to be consulted, directions overall and in intimate suit as occasion has demanded and thought has provided to be gained, and to allow specifications for response at various levels to be initiated and included. In some cases, the whole thing is so automated, programmed and precisely wrought that there is neither access nor provision for it on the part of central equipment storage facilities which simply act as it has been written for them to do. At various stages, provisions for response, outgoings at various levels seem to resemble instructions for an envoy on mission, with protocols for action in response to various stimuli.

Then there is the envoy himself, or in our case, the mind of man itself, the conception creator, within its own limits, the initiator of rejection of normalcy in response for overriding reasons, in certain areas and procedures. For example, the pain from a foot being penetrated by a scalpel may initiate withdrawal shrinking, but decision to have an operation may overrule this. Similarly, any organ may report what would provide a normal reaction for its welfare, dependent at the agent level, to some extent on what is DEEMED to be its welfare.

Such report. contemplated, may be quashed, crushed, exaggerated by fear or hope, or put in place by strategic considerations based on the quality of the life of the agent, his or her principles, dreams, vision or lack of it. The aetiological basis of the powers and oversight of the agent in turn has to have its basis provided, and this is where law and program become in measure, subjectible to CONCEIVED laws and programs, which may be wise or foolish, self-serving or sacrificial, based on truth or delusion.

The ground of conspectus for conception is as much required as all the rest, and these are elements of what has the vocabulary name spirit: what makes man to surpass both a programmatic mental paradigm in operation, and a physical organic whole. The ground for the origination of conceptual creativity involves what has no less, but must have far more, in order to initiate a system which is given a capacity or potential to surpass systems in thought, and in much to implement such envisagement, with or without success, with or without understanding. These spiritual grounds are not less than the operational facilities in our spirits, but of course far more in order that the foundations for such functions may accrue. Ground indeed for matter, mind and spirit has been pursued in SMR to its logical conclusion to God, the father of spirits, law giver of matter and facilitator of the rampant imaginations of mind and their spiritual oversight. The creation of the entire domain of spirits, as of that of mind and matter, and of the correlation of the three, is not the work of any, each requiring its source and basis, but is beyond the laws of all, not by dissidence but by institutive precedence, and is not subject to the conditions created, being thus eternal.

However, our immediate interest is internal to the system, to ponder what it has and is, as an excursion. We turn now to something well below this level, but still within the domain of LIFE. Our special interest is the complexity of mutually impactive programmatic.



One such case in a less complex life form than man, is recently given some attention, with some research most productive. It was that of the copepod Tigriopus californicus, a tiny crustacean living in rock pools of the high intertidal zone on the coast of California. It has two centres for DNA, larger and smaller, in the nucleus and in the mitochrondria.

This information has been located and may still be, in Answers in Genesis


Fascinatingly, it is found that "Not all genes necessary for the proper function of mitochondria are in mtDNA; most of them are in the nuclear DNA. One important gene is a mitochondrial RNA polymerase (mtRPOL) that copies the information from the DNA into RNA so it can be used. This mtRPOL, although encoded in the nuclear DNA, works specifically on mtDNA. "

In other words, it seems we have one more illustration of limited variability (such as you empirically see and to some extent can induce, in dogs, where a vast array is to be found with such common imprints as to leave no doubt that they are dogs - and people also differ in measure, without in general differing in any systematic sense in psychology, rationality or vocabulary methods of construction, or indeed reproductive compatibility).

In this, there are some things which may happen down the generation by generation line,  which are negative, and some which are neutral, rearrangements without clash. Since there is a CO-ORDINATION so profound in the observed case of the crustacean examined in AIG, that mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA co-operate in their varied and specific systems. Imagine it: MOST genes required for mitochondrial function are NOT in the mDNA, that specialised, located type, but outside of it, in the nuclear variety.  One encoded in the nuclear format works on the mitochondrial mtDNA, on what is a planning-performing agency within the specialised part itself.

This is rather like - in bold analogy - a computer working to provide a transmission element, by means of its own computer capacity, and doing so with data for the action-centre of the transmission, so that together they get the job done.



That in turn is a special case of the concept, at least in complexity, of meta-information, information about information, directions concerning method and the like, found in what was once in typical ignorance called 'junk' DNA, but now seen to incorporate vastly specialised coded information-direction. In addition to information there is the realm of where, how and with what restrictions or enlargements it is to be used. In our own aetiological universe, where 'chance' is mere absence of extrinsic interference in a given system, to be such in order even to be nameable, there is need for EVERY STEP. It is the failure to think through this aspect which has led to so many simplistic substitutes for accurate thought that libraries are littered with pretentious, reductionist nonsense in whole shelves.

To give data about considerations, this is one thing; to give data about the mode of handling these data is another. There are specifications for what is given, and for how it is to be made into what is in view, and for that matter, how what is in view is to be protected from mistransmission of such information, such as in empirical fact is found in DNA procedure of editing copying, as life continues, to keep the matters from self-destructive impermanence.

There is one system to supervise in a conceptual bliss of integration and intimacy, information USE in another. If either were created from diverse causes, the specialised sensitivity of two utterly complex coding elements, superior and anterior, would crash to a grinding halt. You do not invent correlative systems of code, which by themselves mean NOTHING, but only in a diverse system of settings with prevenient code-action concepts incorporated, in bits.

Here is diversity in dynamic intercourse, system in multiplied integration, where anything less than systematic conceptual concentration in one system (it is all in one language as well) would be laughable, because the entire dual systems are useless without such integration. It is not just complexity in order to work; it is duality in order to have co-operative systems which require classical uniformity of concept in order to have that of operation.

This is the integration consideration, which for its operation requires integrability, the capacity to be integrated, which in turn requires co-ordination, conceptual overall harmony and the directives for the same. It is rather like the need in a car industry for component manufacturers who do not throw their air-conditioners or radios as SUCH at a car, but have to mind the specifications along with the intrinsic specifications of their own, in order to create a functional object at all, and weighing the one with the other, CREATE what fits all, with conceptual stringency. It is like this, but cars are not provided with their own written instructions about it all, as in DNA, for life, it is truly wonderful.

Symbols are void without assigned meaning; they are bits. Materials for process are void without the symbols to direct, as far as any construction of system is concerned. The symbols and what is signified are both needed, as are the correlative structures to make this correlation in kind, operational in fact (computer buffs will know the difference and the hours it can consume, for some, almost to distraction). It is the INTEGRALITY of diversified system, co-ordinate, co-operative and this even in terms of symbol-system structure, which is here the point.

Systems in operation in and through man are conceptualisable, their information susceptible to envisagement, and at the outset, this requires a correlation between the equipment and spirit of man and the equipment and spirit of what made the things surveyed. Conceptions apply where conceptions are integral to what  gives birth. Birth is not in terms of conceptions because it is this or that, but because it illustrates and contains the elements of conception. Integrating systems in diverse objects, or sub-objects, such that they harmoniously and ingeniously interact and proceed with the programmatic correlate of mutual understanding merely constitute the more extreme case.

Symbolic integration of assignments in dual and multiple systems is not a result of anything IN a system empirically, or in terms of any causative agency discoverable. This is the aetiological requirement; and once this is given, then the programmatic synthesis of any element or series of elements is merely an application. Things operate at their own level and conceptually investigable and rationally analysable material requires a conceptual origin, since the conceptions are not aliens or indifferent, but in an intimate mould which mirrors in format the formulation of the thing considered, investigated, empirically observed.

When therefore systems cause themselves, assignment of symbol-thing, or symbol-action duos are seen making themselves, when entire systems operate in mutuality and assist each other in the same language and in the same meta-conceptual universe, that will be a world first. The REASON is this: that what you have operative, has to have what it takes AT ITS OWN LEVEL, or beyond it, in order to BE!



and do business in great spiritual waters

Then there is the systematic correlation of our own investigatory rationality and empirically constructed observation-implication abilities, with not only one system, but the other, the directive about directions and the executive, the language in itself resistant to the adversities of oddities without control or direction in this respect, so that observer and the mode of observation, the system for observation, and the system of the language investigated and the language of the investigator,  the sub-systems and their integration and the capacities of the observer to understand the meaning of integration and the constraints it requires, in one integral, layer upon layer, circuit upon circuit, independently constructed matrix surveyed by another: all these have the force of unity, indeed of community, but by no means equality.

Thus one, man as observer and thinker, is capable of imaginatively considering prospects and possibilities as he seeks to uncover and discover, and can imagine other options for actions taken, and see if they work or not, and move logically in the domain of the investigable systems, like a car on a prepared road. Thus he can investigate some of the paraphernalia of life in this world.

You might argue of course, that it so happened that roads formed, that highways connected, that surfaces were fit for the travelling vehicles (transmissive units such as RNA for information), that the vehicles were excellent for highway travel and that their concourse here and dispersal there happened to be systematically propelled by internal orders, and that the readability of the orders happened to be correlative to the language facilities programmatically of the systematic receptors on the one hand, as likewise of those of the investigating officers who research them, being well received on the one hand, and well understood on the other.

You might further urge that the sub-units of order-control happened to be readable and agreeable in their operations and integrations with the rest of them, and that the information furnished about information, if in one system and effecting action in another, while lacking all symbolic basis or rational ground for information-production or information about information cohesion in diverse systems, both with each other and with that fields to be covered, were a necessity for thought in ways never intimated. Moreover, thrilled by such mouthy militancy, you might go a little further and act to traduce the good name of those who do not find rationality in this isolation of effects from relevant or adequate causes, and do so with vehemence.

Indeed,  you might urge that the cohesion of all the parts, internal and external, in one overall system happened to come in a situation where systems do not create themselves and concepts do create systems is entirely irrelevant.

bullet You might even aver that we ought to make discursive thought king,
bullet and so feel happy to imagine empirical happenings susceptible to behaviour and action
wholly other than any they have been seen to take;
bullet and imagine these to be equipped with means for such production, 
not only wholly invisible for the purpose,
but if conceived imaginatively in a manner without warrant, 
never found to show any sign of operation,
and this not only  in natural situations but in what is competently imitative of them.
bullet You might further,  if in this category of ... thought,  admit to a faith that,
since the requirements of system are refined and cohesive and conceptual in kind,
then this approach from what shows no sign of such finesse in production, 
is making unity and correlation natural and  information production a give-away.
bullet You could in supreme bluffing mode even act as if this vagrancy were rationality itself,
words about actions denied empirically and rationally, being the essence of thought,
though the reverse is true,
and turn vast assertions from the imagination, ones that 'nature' loves to refute,
into a veritable basis for a political approach
where science blushes at such invasive forces,  but far from all of its practitioners do so.
bullet This done, you might elect to mock those who call for evidence
either from reason or happenings.
You might then aver that while nowhere are these things of which you speak, 
actually met in a founding fashion,
yet it is still stodgy if not immature to expect things thought to actually ...
well work, or have grounds, or bases in causality or observability.

If you did such things, you would be following a phase of decline, a cultural hiatus, tramping with a multitude, so that the very pounding of the boots becomes a substitute for thought. You would, with more frankness than usual, to be sure, but not with more immoderate aplomb, join the wedding march. What is this ? It is the most popular binding together of the scientific and the scientistic, the latter the bride blushing alas,  not with the due shame, but with joy at such glorious acceptance.

It is a free world. This however, this licence to liberty of thought from reality, is as has often been put, magical and of the essence of the ways of the as yet non-labouring child, in what was formerly called, the nursery. It has less than nothing to do with science. It is irrelevant to its stringency, alien to its method*1, contrary to its findings*2and an illegal immigrant to its domain. It neither earns respect nor has verification; its validity is nil since the truth to be enunciated does not even exist on this secular model, merely the interactive relationships in a system literally not even conceivable as to truth.

You can do all of these things, and let imagination take wings, like the Psalmist when he thought how good it would be to take wings like a dove and fly into the wilderness; and there IS a certain appeal in just DUMPING reality and reasonableness and the rigours of actuality, if one allows oneself to become a vagrant rather than a pilgrim in this world. But that such categorical confusion should be TAUGHT is a monstrosity; and that it should be presented as if it were science, is a flirtation with doom. It is to make of man a lackey, a servitor, a medieval underling, quivering at the blast of the nostrils of the proud.

It is for another world, another situation; and as one of the principal means of evasion of responsibility and duty, or the path of a conscious and logical creation, it is the cerebral al-Qaeda of the century. This is not however to praise it! Its strength is in its ludicrousness, as in Wodehouse; the thought of being serious about it seems tomfoolery with a straight face which ought rightly to crack at any moment. Alas, what cracks is not even a smile while naturalistic fallacies abound and are taught as if science were dead, or at least were harbouring a corpse of such a stench that the whole world would know, if it had not carefully put on a gas-mask called philosophy, to remove the impact of reality, with a dynamic called rebellion.

All this is of course exactly as it was predicted in the Bible to be and to become, and represents in no small measure, simply the consummation of the origination: the latter day products of the spirit of rebellion in mind and spirit, from rationality, reality and the source of the multi-partite but integrally construable universe (II Peter 2, 3, I Timothy 4, Romans 1:17ff., Revelation 16). Just as falsity has endless pitfalls, so does truth have endless confirmations. What then ?

It is possible to be insensitive to the domain of matter, of mind, and to fuse and confuse the ingredients so different that 'mistakes' occur in the latter because will and variability enter into the operator of mind in the case of man. It is however when we come to the domain of SPIRIT that the essence of the matter is brought into focus. Here to be found in the domain which is most directive is that which is most inspective, least capable in reductionism but most inclined to it, and inclined to be unviably retrospective in nebulous flights of riotous imagination. Indeed, here is the immediate source for imagination which mind can manipulate, and this is largely the case for the mode of treatment to be accorded to all data, whether material or mental or spiritual.

Man can make excursions into the universe which become incursions of imagination and so confused is he in the welter of his rebellion against reality, that he often fails to distinguish between the flashing fire of what he would like to be the case, or aspires to make the case to be, and what is the case. Thus for such, reason falls, truth palls, desire has thralls and dream instals. Man is 'modern' in thought and conception when this is done.

When this domain is in view, then there is an obvious need to transcend it because of its immense, intense variability in terms of will, which is capable in spirit, of investigating a realm, understanding it conceptually, taunting it, vaunting with it, disjoining it, for ulterior motives not founded in the love of truth. With such liabilities to the spirit of man, the overall perspective with which to view all the domains is to be found not only in logical methods that are testable, in order to remove what has objectively specifiable error, but in seeking the causative source of all the domains and their correlation, as corrective, information bureau ABOUT information and perspective provider. That this alone meets the demands of reason is not a dictation to it, but a result of it*2A.

When this is found, it is necessary to find also that it - and as we have shown earlier, this at last no less than personal being is willing to divulge the truth, so that illicit spiritual dynamism of man may not invade and distort or distemper what is being thought, sought or done.

The liability of man is the correlative of his having spirit; and the place of his spirit is with what has the power not only to operate IN this realm, cosmos, but for its establishment, the nous to be availed of information about HOW and WHY it is caused to be. This is no longer merely one more realm or category, since we are here looking at the cause of the categories and of their integration, as well as of the created capacity of man,  for his part to surge into them, though only to some extent, and knowingly abort to a degree within power, or to conserve their operation.

These are some of the REASONS WHY man has to find God or become a social, political and academic galoot. You cannot hope to escape if you do not proceed to the ultimate, and duly testing the results, as shown so often as in SMR, discover the situation in  its actuality, and this without having a delusive model by mere whim and will, which excludes truth, so making all statements of its actuality a self-contradiction.

That is ONE reason why the fact as verified in SMR, TMR and the various sets listed on Search*2B, that the uniquely validated and utterly confirmed exposure of just these things in the Bible is not only wonderful and delightful, the ultimate and the end, but necessary. Thus it is a matter of peril overcome to find this and act on it.  Living in a self-imposed cocoon does not eliminate the jaws of death that wait to crush it; nor in such a case, do metaphors eliminate but rather represent the realities to which they refer.

It is necessary to see each cosmos of activity in its own domain, and not seek to scuttle it, let alone to scuttle one domain by the misuse of another, making all logic an intercourse of foolishness. It is necessary to use what we have and going to the Bible and God, forced by reason as shown, to AVOID confusion of cosmoi, illusions of cosmoi, reductionism applied to cosmoi, and aberrant and erratic self-contradictions which decide that (really) you cannot know about reality!

The biblical impact is total throughout all evidence, and while its denial makes for interesting years of vain philosophy, filled with self-contradiction and contradiction of one variety by another, yet if truth is valued, this such abrogation is not the way, whether those philosophies have their local habitat and name in scientistic quarters, often sadly confused with scientific ones, or in philosophy strictly so-called.

The meta-design realities do not need explanation by infra-design imaginations. The ground and origin of something is not of a lesser requirement than operation in it, but far greater, when it is a disciplined reality of vast application. Meta-design is part*2C of the realities of causative necessity by which not system but systematiser speaks, having willed not only our will, but worked for it what He will. Will village or domain, if you will, is not owned by man. His own will is also in need of construction, if magic is to be avoided and causative sobriety to be followed. It is the irrational which is being used to make of contemporary man such an unamiable fellow, distancing himself from truth with a desperation of a divorce case, where not reality but folly is master and boss.

But what wages it pays!

We leave then this substantially interior walk in the domains, and their misuse rationally, to look not at unrealism, as if we could be real about reality only by denying it at the outset, but at realism, rationality and revelation. Without that testable and unique item, the Bible alone measuring up to rational testability and overwhelmingly meeting it*3, man would indeed be in a muddle. It is a matter for praise to God that he is not there; and for sadness for man, that he invents a muddle which does not exist, only by his wilful rejection of truth to invent a muddle which does.

This, however, though it is only subjective, is ruinous, like a whirl-wind destroying houses. What makes it horrid is this. that man has for centuries been seeking how to make the whirl-wind greater, whilst aching with its result. Sow the wind, says Hosea, and reap the whirlwind. It is not only Japan at Hiroshima after Pearl Harbour who has illustrated this. The entire modern world is making of itself more and more a mega-illustration.

It is well that Jesus Christ has borne the wind, selectively protecting from its smashing those who receive Him. With design, it is like that, there is a right and a wrong way to treat it. Our design from God is subject to designing members of the human race, who without having designed us, have designs for us as also in many cases, upon us. Dictators are in this regard, merely mega-illustrations of this operation, more subtly performed by massifs of mistaken educators, who seek to eliminate truth as Israel once did Christ. It is not for nothing that one of His many names i LOGOS!

As history does not cease to show, these their designs for us or upon us do not match the ones we bear in ourselves. It is this which is really the gluttony of hell. There are those who not only move to it, the dump of contra-design inoperability, and its operatives, but seem to yearn for company.

Wise is the one who chooses better companions than this.

In fact, there is none better than Jesus Christ, the Designer and Meta-Designer, the Creator, the very Word of the living God, visible as incarnate, who used the designs which many had on Him, to provide the propitiation for man (Romans 3:25); for as many as receive Him, the Rock (I Corinthians 10, II Samuel 22:32), using neither a petros, a stone (rather than the petra, the Lord)*4, nor a philosopher, nor their own wills, but the word of God, these find in Him the cause of a result ... This ? It is the authority to become children of God, an election superb and sublime.

It is only then that turning from the recklessly invasive but utterly unpersuasive secular, we move into the sacred and passing even this, find the sublime.




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