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Divine information and Human Misinformation


21 Chapters in Order



Volume 227

In Praise of Christ Jesus



Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson





Published February 2014



The topic of information is becoming one of the pillars of this Age. However as in the days of the Tower of Babel, man becoming self-informed and ignorantly deformed, faces a broken pillar. He has built on the sandy beaches of illusion.

Rejecting divine information with inept passion, continually, just like those linked to evil and promiscuity of various kinds before the flood (Genesis 6), he approaches the end of that information; for as it describes the beginning of man, so it displays the end for his kind. God has been remarkably kind, in not frying man in wrath, deleting his bundle to the dust, but having made so much so well, and having made man personal, God has viewed the cumulative and culminating sin as not irremediable, but ready for redemption. This moreover was planned, foretold and then accomplished by His own paying of a ransom to cover justice, in the Person of His only begotten Son. In this way, He has provided that debts may be cleared, guilt removed, pardon granted with peace, while man might be restored to working condition, rest of heart, and the delights of working with the Lord. Indeed, He commands men everywhere to repent, pointing out that there is no other name given under heaven to man, by which he MUST be saved (Acts 4:11-12, 17:30-31). Slighting your Maker and Sovereign may seem cosy to the corrupt; but it is fatal because in the end, the gift of grace, ignored, is no more available. The strenuous labours of salvation and its beautiful intent, are then lost.

God, so very capable, has provided for none to be lost through mere mischance, and so has foreknown His people, and predestinated them to Himself (Romans 8:30ff.); not as if a tyrant, but in terms of His desire to save all, through grace (Colossians 1:19ff.), but to dictate to none in this field.

Being in His image, your preference is known to Him, as before our type of time, before human sin and guilt made a difference (Ephesians 1:4, John 3:19, Colossians 1:19ff.), and this positive fact  provides incentive to  seek Him.  None is ever lost except by this preference; and violation of that could indeed for some trusting in themselves, make heaven seem like hell.

The love of God is not like that. That, it is part of the information. The Gospel is literally a God-send, and departure is despite His love, not through any defect in it; and what more is there than to cover the cost, give eternal life freely and with pardon bring peace, position and a glorious opportunity to work with the Lord Himself, in fellowship sublime.

In the Bible, divine information is provided on all sides,  analytical, historical, personal, moral spiritual, in terms of judgment and of destiny. Quibbling as with so much, man tries to escape this information,  like those who affect never to have heard of a speed limit. But it  applies, and dimly departing from the divine information, the Gospel of grace and the way to gain understanding, is as ineffective manoeuvre as any other squirming, writhing or manipulation. God cannot be manipulated, and information cannot be quenched, as fire may be. It is good to know what information is, divine information in particular, and of what you are informed. 



The presentation of Biblical Christian Apologetics in this set of 227 volumes (though it is not by any means the only method used), distinctively is this. One does not proceed presuppositionally. That has its place, and an important one. The concept of an apologetic orchestra has been employed from near the first, back in 1988, and what is usual here, is one instrument. Nevertheless, it is a demonstration, not a suggestion or nuance. (1964 and 1977 were the dates of the Melbourne University MA and DipEd theses, later incorporated).

It proceeds from the nature of logic, reason, as such, and of the consequences for disputation and information and understanding of its being stripped, if this step is taken. It is not assumed; its functions are seen and applied.

It then moves with it as of necessary demonstration, as in geometry, but with the rational as spur, to Almighty God as necessarily so, and some of His unavoidable characteristics, in terms of  logic. The need for and certainty of speech from Him as source, and the location of such, including adequate obvious and total superiority in any competition relative to the content and information of that speech- which as with Olympic contestants, needs preliminary performance criteria, leads to its ready recognition. It stands alone as vigorously testable and being answerable in its own terms, rigorous in resultant adequacy. In passing, its unique features relative to expectations concerning the stated source, are given due attention, as additional verification.

That done, its calls, commands and characterisations more generally are explored for several reasons. First, their internal harmony is compared with any  competitive presentation, to the point, and it is found utterly and comprehensively coherent and adequate for explication, as is nothing in philosophy or religion. This is partly because of the status of the divine presentation, the source and its abilities making due test rewarding,  and so  also its exhibition  in terms of its testing, in this very domain, in concurrence.

Further, since this information has this character, its contents are surveyed and so exposition is important, for understanding: at all times efforts being assiduously made to keep to precisely what the text is declaring, as distinct from what anyone might (advertently or inadvertently) desire it to state. For this reason, a minimal emphasis on tradition is made and a maximal stress given to  what is written in what is termed TEXTUAL FIDELITY. This can have startling results at times in terms of clarity, but the result is by no means novel, though some points need special care as generalisations are often made in the form of parties for this or that, which may lack precision or moderation or even authorisation from the Bible.

For this reason also, attention is given to translation, and some 60 cases requiring special care are examined with the same  emphasis on textual fidelity, with context (part of the text, in that it is so placed) and generic contexts throughout the Bible given due place, but not so much as to generalise away the special features of any one text. An analogy helps. Thus if one thousand times you are told to take-off at 7.30 a.m. for a flight from one outpost to another, but on the one thousand and first, there is an additive about a call on the way, expressed so briefly that it could readily be missed, WATCH for any such item and look for and at it and its ilk!  Never go to sleep in interpretation, for in inter-personal communication, there are nuances, there is wit and irony, there are methods of awakening the sleeper and testing the sluggard ...

On the topic of information, which touches apologetic method here, there are nonetheless special features of vast interest and significance and in the 21 Chapters, cited above in groups, to make Chs. 1-16, these are given with some sense of development.




Divine Information and Human Misinformation


1) Logos Uncreated, Incorruptible, Inestimable Ch.   3 ,

2) Jesus Christ Defiled, Unfazed ... Ch.   4

3) Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol.  2,  Ch.  5

4) Thy Word is Wonderful Ch. 5, Excursus in the milieu of the whole Chapter.

5) Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol.  3,  Chs.   6 and   16

6) Man in Retrospect, in Prospect and in Bold Relief Ch.     2

7) The Desire of the Nations,   Ch. 2Epilogue

8) Not Only is God Great but Glorious Ch.    5
(ref. to Gitt's work, Without Excuse),

9) The Way of Truth and the Way of Error Ch.    4

10) Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol.  2,  Ch.  8

11) Waiting for Wonder,   Appendix,

12) Now the Highway, Then the Heights Chs.   1,   3,

13) The Desire of the Nations and the Crystalline Fire of the Faith
Ch. 2, Epilogue.

14) From Dancers ... to Answers Ch.    3, History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 4.

15) Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol.  4,
Chs.   4 ,   12 and in combination with this, Ch. 11.

16) Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol.  4, Ch. 13

17) To this, we add, May, 2014, one further Chapter. It is from

Department of Bible and Spiritual  Affairs, Vol. 6, Ch. 8.




Numbers in red refer to the listed Chapters
at the start of this Chapter.

1) The richest source of information is the Maker of the most sophisticatedly stylised information in coded form, known to man, namely that of the DNA. What we are, physically, has a stated, stipulated and indeed command basis of interweaving orders and ordinances and in one  respect ordnances, directions like canon fire, sure and steadfast and with evocative results. It is information divine, dedicated and deposited. Its like is never found making itself, with its meaning, message and interlocking order-bloc.

It is not the result of the natural qualities of matter, or for that matter, of the chemical and physical qualities of DNA as such. Neither so compose themselves by themselves, in such array, and none can or does show it. The signifying arrangement with ingenious intricacy and miniaturisation at which to marvel steadfastly,  is an invention, an intervention, a superimposition, a carving into a field with address, making what the components do not and never are found to achieve in themselves,  any more than letters of themselves write a sonnet. The message and significance are a dual matter, attuned to an environment of logic and interpretation, signal and signification, the work of mind, meaningless without it, or its programmatic constructions with purpose. Matter does not create meaning, nor do signals from it engage with meaningful message receptors.

When it comes to commands, moreover, the signature includes the power to implement, correlate and synthesise  with many fields, to secure life. We are physically dependent on written commands.

Just as that is a creation definitionally (cf. Ch. 5  below) so is the imprint not this time simply for the making of an address, that is, the body of a person, but for an address TO that person. This is found in the verified and validated Bible (*2 below), and as information, it is on this earth unique. Even though the human body is reported to have one hundred trillion cells, with many with large numbers of connections to boot, yet it is one, with one mind and spirit, and constitutes on address, to be addressed when so made.

This status of the communication TO mankind, so formed,  may be traced a little.

It is not only the verification that is important here, or even the validation of the Bible, though this is basic, but the elevation of the concept within it. To be sure, then, this is important only because it is verified divine information, but even more so, because of the character of such information. It is not limited by the psychic diversions, dispersions or even perversions to which man is prey, twisting and tormenting for personal advantage, thematic preference, pride's advance or corporate, individual or ideational triumph, or marred by the hypocrisy or even  self-deceit of many, often of the least suspected guilt.

Product of the Creator of the code, it is testimony from the source of truth, His own works for His own purposes being wholly known; and as time is itself a creation as defined, wholly foreknown (Acts 15, Isaiah 46), prophecy is at once available both for test and for testimony (cf. Isaiah 41, 48). Indeed, in the Bible, it is greatly explored and exported as a means of informing and reassuring man. Here is elevation and orientation. Missing this by desire, as if to asphyxiate design (cf. Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny), the world wobbles more in heart and the works of man, than in bulk.

Moreover since if God were at war with Himself, He would be defunct, having all power, what He has done and what He says do not diverge; and indeed, being constrained and limited by none, while limit for all, He has all His need and is dependent on nothing to complement His will, works and desires, of whatever kind: His word is truth. He fulfils His will and His word co-ordinately, none constraining in either,  all in harmony with Himself.

Here is  what is at once divine communication and the truth, and that is infinitely precious. To be sure, this is an application of the demonstration of the Bible as the word of God (cf. SMR, TMR) and of its verification (cf. LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST), but this is an expository phase for the model, all things in order.

It is on the significance of the information in kind, that emphasis here dwells, and its unique and necessary features for man, not as an illusion box, contemptibly voided of truth, a reaction chant, such as political, psychological, social or academic twists, but AS what lifts him in terms of information, to a truth surveyor, just as the creator of the Bible is a truth purveyor. The human side of things, how man is to approach such information, to understand it, to apply it, what problems may clash with gaining this, like diseases for an athlete, but these of the spirit or mind or both, this is considered in essence, in principle. Foundations are important, not only to establish, but to enjoy, utilise and proceed apace. This apologetic set is therefore many sided, occupying much space on many themes, subjects and designations.

 The supreme informer, Jesus Christ, as the LIVING word of God makes the way clear and sure to the truth, which He bears and as exposition from God, and sacrifice for sin, and eruption from death,  an inherent privilege for God when assuming human form, is considered on record, in terms of verification and comprehensive attestation. In particular,  in He is studied in His prophetic kit, and in terms of the information program from the source of design, direct information to mankind, itself built on it and by it, is gazed upon in some detail.


2) The nature of language is considered, its elements, its requirements, what is sufficient for it, its diversities in style, the provision of programmatic parallels, and the implications of such phenomena. We have not a scrap of intelligible, message giving material for excited analysis, as sought by some from outer  space with sobering failure, but the equivalent of some 1000 encyclopedic volumes of it, not only meaningful, but empirically translated into action as well, with all its peripheries and requirements for effectuality. It is not merely shows communication, sign-to-referent, symbol to chosen substance action, but applies it by technocratic and programmatic means; so that not only is it constructible in thought (in principle), but instructive FOR construction, which duly occurs.

The message from this is that we had better seek what this product, the human body, is for; and ponder  the mind, purpose and point of the sender, not only of this, but of the instruments used in what is a work of creation, not eventuation.

As noted of the latter idea:

"No hypothesis could be more total in disregard of the facts than this. Seeing baby watches operating on a beach, each timepiece spawned from older ones by invisible processes: this would be nothing compared with what every one of us has in the body. To specify chance as the cause not only of law, but of logic, language, brilliance of concept, efficiency of architecture, subduing of materials to specifications not only statable but stated: this is merely to 'take' from definable, disordered, disorganisation, its opposite, the height of law and logic, to invest them clandestinely with design and reduce it all to language. That, in turn is a contradiction in terms. Neither language nor matter is so mastered. The only way such things happen in this universe, is by having them pre-slotted, so that things fall into place simply because there is somewhere to fall. Things falling upward... this is self-contradiction. But what of a pre-programmed universe so slotted?

"Such a programmed universe required to subdue chance to its order would need a programmer. However no evidence of such processive, progressive programs for leaping the 'gaps' or, indeed, making the declivities, is at hand. Evolution stoops to the ground and is confronted only with more ordered, discrete, microscopic evidence that creation not only occurred but is not occurring; that there is not even any discernible method for it to occur in the arrival of the prodigies, so desperately assigned to its ... hand ? but then, it has no hands, nor anything to help, being merely a conceptually self-contradictory mirage in the machinating mind of man."


3) Here the thought is taken: If life, say by murder, is taken and this is so immensely important, it is such an  affront, why is it not therefore immensely important where this very life comes from; for that source gives it its position, is the status conferring on it outcomes: it is like an hereditary. It is far more impressive; for cruel as a departure may be, by violence, the SIGNIFICANCE depends on what departs... other than justice and guilt, which never depart as CONCEPTS from man, however much he may deny them in theory; for such things never cease to be part of his operational basis, harrowing his heartlessness, condemning OTHER PEOPLE, or seeking to justify himself  in view of this and that!

In fact, without directed energy at the outset, there is nowhere to go. Without the capacity to do work itself and by itself, none is done; and since there is vast work in man, and time and space, law and principle operating by the myriad in our environmental entourage, what then ? Then without this energy, the universe, the made part lapses. Worse: without energy, it fails to start. In that case, it certainly would never finish; nothing its base, nothing is its heritage.

Energy then. But energy is not enough. You need directed energy, along with energy, or you have no universe. If this capacity to do work were not deployed, where would its application arise ? A capacity may exist, but it needs to be utilised. It is one thing to have applicability; but you need for results, the application. A sore is one thing; its expenditure is another. Whatever is found, this is needed for founding.

The energy must also be eternal, since if at any time nothing were all, or no energy, then the results could never come. In that case, it is so by definition, for there is then NOWHERE from which it could come. Eternal energy indeed needs activation. What kind of result is needed from this application ? it is one including mind, matter and spirit. Why is this so ? It is because these are things to be accounted for; this is the empirical fact, with types and kinds and laws and contrivances, sublte and simple, profound and particular, meshed in bodies and in the body of the universe itself, to make in each case, one whole.

In  addition to being, and being  applied then, the eternal applied energy must have the capacity to produce these delimited and constrained things, possessing with itself, what is adequate for their existence,  articulation and relationship. For this minimal  conditions are required. In short, back of all that is found materially, mentally and in spirit, and their episodic union (from birth to death, on earth), there has to be an eternal adequacy, for if at any time it were inadequate, there is nowhere from which adequacy could come. The case continues to apply at all times, indeed with or without time, as a status necessity.

Eternal adequate energy for all that is, is the necessary basis; and since the physical things of this universe are not by nature eternal, but subject to derangement, dissolution and entropy, you also need the formation of all of this, of what is not eternal, highly distinct from the Eternal and Adequate Energy. That energy needs to be self-directive, for if there is no direction, there is chaos; but this is not what is found. Indeed, chaos is not even definable, since if anything were characterisable, it would have to have a non-chaotic core, resistant to dissolution; and that is NOT chaos. Indeed, without a directive power as basic, law becomes ludicrous, the temporary a breach, and characteristics a fantasy.

Moreover, the transference of energy back and forth into matter is highly directed, mathematically constrained; and exhibiting direction requires this potency in the eternally energic and adequate source (EEAS). It needs to have the potency to implement such mathematical and material marvels. The special form of work which eternal energy did in making temporary energy reservoirs, which run  down in availability, is required in our case, to make the time,  space, mathematics and laws, which are constitutive of the product. As seen in Chapter 5, below, this is called creation. That is the name for such institution, generically.

There is the provision of what is NOT in itself the eternal adequate energy, but a diverse derivative wrought not by the intrinsic properties of the EEAS, which itself is seen as the source required to be eternal by nature, but in terms of both its sufficiency and its resolution to this effect. This meets the observable fact that the input has come in vast conglomerates of DNA, for example. That however is no law; for this efflux has both started and stopped. Natural laws are not notable for stopping (or even starting! in our current domain).

That these multi-compartmental and synthetic systems of law are present,  is indisputable; that this total has come here is equally certain, since it is itself not eternal; that it was put there is thus required, as is that what did the putting so opted to deploy the energy. If there were some jolt that started it, some necessity, then the EEAS would be dependent on something else, and hence not what is logically required; but when it does act at times, either prolifically or not at all, then it is a resolve. Mind making mind is the non-reductionist adequacy, and when this is such an action, there is the natural question, When and Why ? It is the desire of the mind, or more specifically of the spirit which is the opting agency for mind to act. Functionality requires functional base. Man has the advantage of using mind creatively, and stopping, implementing criteria and conditions, and stopping, so that nothing is in principle new, except the scale and the magnificence of the Being who acts at such levels.

Using an ordered and law-girt phase of the universe as a basis for discerning the minimal works and revealed powers of the Maker is merely a matter of finding what characteristics that phase can display on inspection, experimentation and due use of scientific method, and what implications follow. The basis however is one thing; the performance criteria are another.

What the universe, the thing made,  has no character to do, no case known of doing and no logical adequacy to perform, is not at all to be chosen: for this merely meets the definition of nature, a myth. Nothing material has ever shown such capacities on investigation of its status and observable expression of it. Thus paper is one thing; writing on it is another; and information is not a happening but an intelligibility conveying message, requiring the availability of its correlative, matching intelligence or its equivalent.

The installation of the remedy for the contorted and partly aborted creation, as now, is then considered, its base and its implications.

A complementary approach is taken in  SMR - see What is the Chaff to the Wheat!  Chs.   3 and   4.

4) The nature of information as such is analysed, the assumptions exposed, the great informer being the God of all truth, whose word always stands, and has stood over a fallen nation in the past, but not without vast expressions of concern,  care and exhortations. These, unheeded, have left only ruin (in explicit contests, such as shown in The Pitter-Patter ... Ch. 4). The particular case of information that produces practical and assured outcomes is given special concern, as a major example in life, without which man in our current setting, would not even be able to think about this.

The divine specifications and charactisation are given expression, so that not only the logical but the personal aspect is seen in context; for man being personal, it is shameless and a shambles to ignore his place personally, in any reasoned account of the world and its contents which is before us. The finale of manifest creative construction, at the material and mental level,  a virtual pith of creation, man is seen in his relationship to his place and producer. He is even able to be creative by symbols with assigned meanings; just as he was created with these same significations, commands, orders, expressions, assignment.

Here these things are seen together rather than in a disorganised quiddity, based on irrationalism*1.



a) Department of Bible ... Vol. 3, Ch. 6.

In this case, our interest is not in information so explicitly, but rather creation which embodies it. What is the meaning of the term, what are the criteria for assigning it to a phenomenon, and how can we refine its connotation so that in terms of understanding, we may know without meeting equivocation or slide, about what we are conferring ? If someone is the creator of something, what is the nature of our conception ? It is not one of compulsion, for then what impels becomes a command which contains the seed of its desire, and what compels becomes a moulding embrace. There may be stimulus for creation, or even command, but in the latter case the relevant function is compromised, and the phenomenon curtailed.

"Creation is such a work involving spirit and means, mind and material for its expression, envisionment and aptitude to express in the relevant terms for the purpose; and the generic behind it is creativity." It may involve "the creation of a fallacious idea," as in the Big Bang case, a big academic bankruptcy in inadequate conception, inadequate base in causality and contradiction of its predictions. As theories go*1,  "it is big bounder, shamelessly pursued in lieu of logic." Yet it is still a creation.

Similarly the creation of material things is considered, and conditions for the application of the term here. That of immaterial things becomes a parallel for contrast. The relationship of design to creation is then pondered. Then there is creation without limit "as to the deployment of desired categories, dynamic, energic inputs, intellectual brilliance, formulae and forms, scope for innovation and categories of containment ...", and so we move to the various grades of creation, and  common meaning, phases, degrees. The identification of creation follows as application, with various examples worthy of citation.

When are we persuaded that a book is a creation, an entity of this or that kind  ? on what criteria ? Next the issue moves to this point: how is the creator identified, as with a sandal on the beach, or a universe!

The issue of scientific method is considered, and below is an excerpt:

Thus in scientific method, you go for the allied phenomena, the adjunct operations, and only if this is not found to be as adequate as thought, do you seek otherwise. You do not lightly make atmospherics of some idea without evidence*1A, let alone contrary to known and received scientific law, such as having things work in another universe with a Third Law of Thermodynamics*2, where things go in the exact opposite way to the increase of entropy,  decrease of available energy trend such as is in this one. In this new and imaginary universe, original creations may ooze out of sand or come with the wind, there being a indisputable, frequent and marvellous trend in that direction. That would indeed be different.

In THIS universe, however, this is not so  ...

The relationship of creation to creativity extends the theme, and our therefore inherent awareness of this phenomenon, not alien but intimate.


b) Department of Bible ... Vol. 3, Ch. 16.

In this case, the phenomenon is view is initially music, its creation, its performance, the systems involved in this as in its perception, orchestration, the various orders of structure and characterisability; and this is applied to parallel analysis, as of the scope of an Einsteinian type approach to a form of complexity and declaration. While this is different from music, it supplies consistent parallels. Observation, arrangements and declaration are all involved,  with the use of multiple symbols both in the construction and application of of the systems, also fraught with originality rather than predictable conformity; yet this is wrought in a domain of ordered and interpretable organisation.

How do you recognise the book for the music, or for Einstein, or for the world ? How do you test it, and how apply ? What does it mean to violate it or follow it! What cacophonies can  result, and what intrusions! but what elements for liberty may be left in it!



6) In this, the concept of a countervailing, inherent thrust upward into basic new designs, despite the Second Law of Thermodynamics, concerning increasing entropy as observable universally (cf. TMR Ch. 1) is considered. The concept of such a thrust is imaginary, ideological, unempirical, unexemplifiable, and a cultural occlusion instead of thought, the latter widely and generically used to speak of and in intelligence-based developments. The realities of logic and observation matching, are set in contrast to the insertion of an ideology, without any scientific basis, contrary to all rationality.



a) Desire of the Nations ..., Ch. 2.

Here two angels are intelligently discussing earth things. At one point, the discussion is as follows:

Frank, I can hardly understand humans. They create some idea of a system which CANNOT have meaning, since it CANNOT have truth since on that basis, there is none, at the ultimate level, only reactions to what goes on; and then they TELL you what the meaning is, although their relativistic ploy would make it a meaningless term.

It is simply part of their confusion. They want God to go, and they CANNOT, simply can't avoid using His presence in all their disputations, since they are made that way; hence they engage in such anomalies of confusion and comic tragedies of expression as you find in this article.

But this story bit ? How on earth could they be so inaccurate, as to try to win a point in an argument by making a gross and apparently propagandising reference to the whole of the beginning of all things in which man has a part, other than God Himself, as a little story or a story, for that matter!

Oh, you see, they do not believe in the necessities that epistemology and metaphysics impose (you know as shown in SMR Chs. 1, 3, and 10, and in TMR with REASON, REVELATION and the REDEEMER), because reason is not their modus operandi, whether or not they desire it to be. Antilogies are the rule for that; as soon as they come near the origin of things by means of adequate causation, things with their laws and procedures and integration of collateral considerations enabling myriad*3, massive and at the same time intimate correlation, they stall.

The stringency of biblical  test is considered, the challenge of perfect coverage, and the relationship of test to man, who may become most testy before he ever meets a test concerning God. It is when it IS faced that the comparative results become so exceedingly obvious. Hijacking scientific method and authoritatively announcomg the results, which in this area are no results but a continual imagining of why the data gathered do not really indicate what they say, becomes like highwaymen of old. It becomes for many, like, a regular calling.  But it changes nothing but the reputation of science, though to be fair, there are MANY top level scientists who reject this manipulation for what it is, pointing out facts instead of fancies, in adherence to objectivity.

There is little, it is said, like the wrath  of a woman scorned; and there is no easy way of equalling the wrath and persecutory, monopoly-controlling means of those who wish to marginalise God, and manhandle His servants, so inheriting nothing as their base, or acting as if they had  something eternally adequate for it, as noted, who is not called God, and in fact, has no being , is not even acknowledged, but is smuggled in surreptitiously: so completing the circuit, while they grow more than a little distrait! Self-deceit is blind, and blinding. These sinuous subversions agitate a world in writhing contortions already, only the more. It declares its folly continually, as if berserk, without wisdom, consumed with myths and wild hopes, doing evil most vigorously, nation to nation, army to army, blighting and using children without conscience in many a place.

The mystic irrationalism of the anti-God naturalists is reviewed, its source and its results given due consideration. The athletic antic of trying  to hold up the head in the face of ceaseless anti-verification is pondered, and the simple realities at base given for perspective, like seeking the foundation of a house that is built on air, when because this is in fact so, falls miserably, while unwise, the householder who does not even notice. Hope as the norm, does not make a good substitute for reality, and provides no shelter. Substituting this for actuality, bringing up factitious fantasies, in different evolutionary schools, does not prevent actuality from being discarded,  because it does not fit; though it does pass the time. Indeed, it is substitute, which being merely imagination, in the medium of myth, leaves the springs of action and understanding perpetually misled (cf. Department of Bible... Ch.3). The result is what we have, academically and militarily, a world in tumultuous confusion, illusion and unbalanced wars.

b) Desire of the Nations ... Ch. 2, Epilogue.


8) Here is a review of some of the underlying agenda which appears in the recently published work of Dr Werner Gitt, leads to  a suggestion to increase further its applicability, and a rejoicing in the scientific zeal shown, identifying the topic with the purpose of removing ambiguity and forcing the issue of what is involved. A mind to mind matter, in its final essence, information may also include a testimonial to God or man, or of God, which shouts its message whether to the deaf or the hearing, whether to those who withhold their hearing, or to those who do not abuse will by declining like the companions of Noah, to heed. Whether they hear or forbear, the information, divinely directed, is given; and the testimonial remains, a silent indictment, that conveys its message whether the listeners be warped or wined, wanderers out of contact, or delighted refugees from perceived ruin in the midst of a riot of ruin, receptive or recalcitrant. Truth does not wither because of scepticism, but works oblivious of praise; and mercy does not die because of contempt, to be used by some in due time. .


9) The character of command is considered, its framework, its effectuality, its pre-conditions in view, and the special case of man where the attestations of liberty in contrast to the DNA are regarded, with the resultant need of instruction by violable command, concerning the use of that freedom, whether self-destructive or not. The ability to command is not a product of being in a system, but having the conceptual nous to know the formulation, signification, symbol-meaning correlation, resource availability in divine information, to execute it, man being in the domain for intended action and see what is in view. The liberty not only enables man to love, as distinct from surge with meaningless thrust, and to find his home with his Maker, but similarly, to ignore those commands that are not internalised to his systems, or externalised into the gradients of command organised in and for 'nature'. In the end, as at the beginning, this leads readily to ruin, or to an exquisite option. Life is VERY meaningful, and information is packed with meaning, message and conveyance of issues for action or for testimony.


10) In this Chapter, three paragraphs that give a good index to the emphasis. They are these.


There is a strange lurking presence in much of the philosophies taught clandestinely as if science or virtual fact to our children in this achingly old, counter-Christian culture that warps Australia with many others, today. It is blatant at the political-educational level, but not normally without gloves to mask the fingerprints of its source.

Back of Darwinism, outstanding 20th century Professor Stephen Jay Gould (died 2002) seemed to see something of the sanctions of clash and clamour in misled capitalism (cf. Wonderful Life p. 258). Leaving the nomenclature (for capitalism and free enterprise are often confused, made the easier when there are no rules in captive countries), let us pursue such a point. IF you have sufficient funds (somehow or other), and IF you have sufficient enterprise, and IF you have the nerve and the dash, gallantry or go, and IF you are creative enough in thought, and IF you have thought enough to manage the penetration of one of the various markets, commodity areas and so forth, including mining areas, and IF events do not crush your plans, expose your superficiality or through competitors overwhelm or even subvert your efforts: THEN you might find a niche.

In Darwin's bewitched parody, the thing develops, unwinds though never wound up, as if propelled by some overpowering advertiser, only too willing to give you the world if you will buy his wares. This theory of non-intelligence development of intelligence for example, exalts itself as a theoretical reality with or without any God standing around, doing nothing as the thing explodes into action, into greatness, with all the qualities to the uttermost delicacy*1 and the most astounding profundity in its mathematical, geometrical, aesthetic, legal and formatted beings. Such a theory without any entrepreneurial base, any verifiable action, never seen in action, with no attending exhibitions of its action to be observed as it acts, is a monstrosity of anti-intellectual faith, and abuse of scientific method. It is not to things near and cognate that the theory turns, but to what is absent in the relevant powers to the extreme, and imagined to do anything at all from nothing at all, but the matter which is lying around for no reason, but never puts on a show.

Amid the causative elements in the bringing into existence of a law-girt universe such as ours include, and that monumentally, ENTERPRISE, here stressed as a component, without which the lower level, say matter with its richly investigated properties and evidenced non-properties, does not observably fit. In itself, it fails to transmit, or transmute, say into mind, nor does mind transmogrify into spirit. Things do not arise despite their base; but through it.

Such an imagination, then,  lacks two things: a causative basis and an evidential confirmation. In short, it has nothing to do with science. Some of the errors of David Hume are here relevantly noted in Chapter 12, below, in Now the Highway, Then the Heights, Ch. 3, at *7. The nature parody in  the giddy and gross extrapolation, adopted by Darwin, is like sighting the transformation of a lady's face, on application of her beauty conditioners, as a part of an evolving woman. It changes; but not really the woman. She had it in her to put it on, in the first place. She was like that.

Modes in the brilliant, conceptual intricacies of symbols at work in DNA, abound; for mathematical provision for just such adaptations are found; but microbiologically as in attestations by that old fashioned thing, evidence, there is only the basic form with its variations (as seen in human skulls in many dimensions now), which do not constitute change relevant to advance, but relevant to adaptation.

Teleological power is not observable as present either in 'nature' or outside it, in terms of the current display (cf. News 57). It does not move itself in any form of thrust within or tutelage without, upward at all; but as seen in Ch. 11) below, the opposite is occurring, in conformity to natural law. Thus you can invoke imagined principles, but laws attests realities. The two are not interchangeable, except by the authority who makes laws, when principles are made into laws, with the relative, total managerial capacity. God acts in terms of His purposes, and makes laws to effect them. We find these, and  have often read back the laws, based on principles,  preferences and designs of the Almighty. Our universe of thought matches magnificently the thought structure of the universe, and our logic, what works in it, so that when  God speaks personally, the substructures are  all in parallel place. .

What is apparent now, is its disappearance; for creation is not a law, but a deed, however much it may incorporate. The deed is done, as in Macbeth; the results continue. The deed is not visibly being re-done,  as far from Macbeth as our 'nature' from such observable features. The creation is not being repeated empirically.  Its constitution and institution are past. Results accrue, one item being man, gifted with entrepreneurial capacity, to make many systems such as his own; but with almost infinitely less constitutive ability. He cannot even make new universal laws, except those which involve his conduct,  torture, edicts for head-removal, as he attempts to harness, repress or express natural thrusts, with fewer or more impediments.


11) In this, the work of Professor Sanford is featured, as in his work, Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome.  As Gould lamented the LOSS of major design types over time, so Sanford measures the rate of net loss in the human genome NOW, and the resultant peril facing man. It is not a good way to breach the Second  Law of Thermodynamics, to be measuring how fast it is applying to the genome of the genius-type race, which seeks to account for the opposite of what is happening, as if delusion were an introductory course for science, when it is seeking to account for things macrocosmic and institutional. Also Alex Williams is cited concerning the interwoven regions of complexity, mutually dependent. Information about information is one resource, the information needing review and watching, is the other. They are a team, intricately organised. The entirety is a work of conceptual correlation using symbols and their controls defining their nature. What does this is not matter, or nothing, but mind.

There is no other domain that has ever been found to do this; and there is no experiment to show otherwise, nor logic that could support it, for nothing invents no law, and law makers are not found in law keepers, but amid their own peculiar expertise of signification by defining constraints, inducing operation on that basis. If it were otherwise, it would be shown, and the reason for breach of reason would be an insoluble problem. There is however no problem. ISuch anomaly and oddity is not found to occur.

It is like building a house. Bricks can fall and break all over the place; but placed bricks do not cement themselves in, owing to the properties of cement and bricks. It requires managerial skill; and the human body is a domain requiring far  more orders than does a house. They are even written out, and can be read as code.

The mind that made mind, using reason, minds its own business,  whether to create (as man may do), or not; and when. It is not now.

Making a problem by ignoring specified areas and arenas of data and operation is neither wise, nor scientifically valid nor logically sustainable; the resulting mist should be missed and the optional light that resolves taken and used to perform the investigative task required with successful application of what it takes to build, sdeen at work even in numerous modes, and in detail; though not for our bodies, NEW work. Their genome even declines, the norm for created things, as Sanford shows.


12) Chapter 1 of Now the Highway, Then the Heights deals with various absolutist tyrannies, amid the nations, and their vacuous elevations of empty signs and signals, to make them direct by human  will what they fail to direct by intrinsic power. The empty mentality that fulfils its lust moves to idolatry in so doing, putting a god or totem poll or philosophy of grabbing all from nowhere, into the vacancy made by emptying the God who created all and made it consist, as if one could sack one's own Maker. It never works. Rise and fall  takes more or less time, by more or less direct means, or even subtle ones, and tragic. So it comes; so it goes; it is working by suppositions based on fancy;  and life works by reality. Fancy can lead to reality, but not by dreams or loud voiced declamation; it depends whether it gashes the side of fact, or conforms to functional reality.

Since ignoring fact is the usual means of molesting the image of God in man, with more or less putrefying passion, giving itself airs without ground, it is a question like this one: how to land a helicopter without wings.

Such is the irony, as God answers this use of nothing or a nothing, a negligible or non-existent entity, to replace Him, that along with - as in the reported Chinese Communist case, 80 to100 million slaughtered, starved or variously disposed of, or whatever other figure attaches to the misrule of other tyrants - the multiplied deaths, tortures and torments, there is more. Lies  proliferate like Summer grass, propaganda like pep pills, and defiled humans  deface others.

The tyranny which quite recently threatened even truth in Australia, after years of oppressive indoctrination, pretentiously added to the education agenda (cf. TMR Ch. 8), is noted in this, that whilst bodies were not broken, brains were tormented and souls destroyed in many cases as quite simply, efforts of the most noxious and twisted kind were made to suppress even the teaching of truth. It could not be mentioned, its point considered, like the case of a husband not wanting mention in his house of a divorced wife. Since in this case, it is he who divorced, the injury is the greater, a compounding of follies. Removed is the testimony of free access to truth, when its mention in cases of origins comes into serious thought. Even in such areas,  there are measurable results, and rational or other scenarios. Comparison is forbidden, or so suppressed that the  actual realities are withheld from due comparison,  even from systematic knowledge, this involing the very definitive nature of tyranny, indoctrination and suppression.

As the facts  become more transparent than ever, as knowledge increases, so the frantic approach to suppression; and even blame, becomes more vociferous in the devotees of nature myths, and those of quasi-morals, so that further deprivations are threatened, not only in miseducating youth both tendentiously and often truculently, but in the abuse of liberty of which this foul child abuse is currently a leading edge. This New World is NOT Brave, far from it; but in cowardly fashion, funks the presentation of what excels in factual accord with the evidence (cf. SMR pp. 140ff., The gods of naturalism have no go!).

Not only so, newspaper freedom was threatened. It was to come under a form of governmental control, where culture ruled conditions, and individuals would come under a neo-moral mandate which made truth, if desired, an option at best. Truth ? It  was not even to have the last word! If the children were to be abandoned to this riotous abandon, would not the adults who did not act, find their own perches swaying! Repeatedly those in parliament have been warned; those in charge have been challenged to debate; but empty words continue this unholy and ungodly suppression.

Mercifully, by a narrow margin,  the attempt on the freedom of the Press in this land, failed; but the challenge remains, so that even in dear Australia, with its independence of spirit and desire for entrepreneurial freedom and in much, but not  all,  remarkable freedom of speech, there was a very near miss to a nanny-State, a crippled set of conditioned victims, ready for stripes,  whether quasi-moral or in fines or other torments. In normative terms,  the raucous rule of unfounded faith in 'nature', and all that follows in one or other blind alley from this,  would move to replace the absolute power of what was needed to create the power that now activates man and matter alike. It would a sad parallel to that entropy which degrades potential.

Entropy is as poor a creator as is nullity, and chance is irrelevant when there is nothing by any chance to work on, far less the absence of all systems and logic, as a base! Nor does it help to imagine an inventor in what is merely invented, with stringent laws concerning its capacities, observable, limiting and effectually constitutive.

For by physical law, energy so degrades in the material world: here it would become a chosen moral entropy by political law, where not the guillotine but the odour of guilt, re-education and fines or worst, were all being prepared to be aired.

Kill the soul, degrade the mind,  educate the understanding, invent the grievance, dicatate as if God, and t hen se e the slaughte rof the people, not as in Syria, but in the Australian way. Already releasing appalling indoctrination in unacademically set schools, an enormity of intrusion, this could then  spread to adults, completing the mission of disengagement from what in the Commonwealth of Australia,  was the founding disposition, noted in the Pre-Amble, and in the founding nation. Such neo-religious views now being increasingly propounded,  founded on hope and empirical denial, would of course breach the Constitution; but this is already done, as well as the UN Declaration against religious discrimination, and that in terms of belief. In school and higher education  alike, it glides into orbit, above those on earth.

How could such things even be tolerated in thought in such a land as this ? The idea of a "reasonable person" as an imaginary sort of rule, or criterion for judgment, what such a person would do, was actually in view, when it is clearly a denotation of a cultural norm or preponderance, making man the source of morals, which is impossible except for desire.

To cite what is to be, especially when cultural impositions and inhibitions are already in view,  has no more moral force than air; it is just a social slide, or at most, a convenient draft for some. To be moral, you need something not indistinguishable from command, pleasure or preference, for these have their own realms and terms (cf. News 19). It signifies something for man and from beyond him and his platitudes. Otherwise there is no 'ought', only 'must'  which has its own ways and vocabulary.

In such a setting, what 'reasonable'  persons would judge, set as a criterion, simply makes man at a given time and  situation,  a receptor for cultural morals and principles, which now have somersaulted from being traditionally related not a little to the Bible, to reach the point of  becoming marked by antithesis from that book, life and way, Thus man would move to become whatever he thinks he can make himself, whether it works or not,  with his structure as given, in an environment of "nature". This, so far from being a site for action, a means, becomes an imperious fixture for human pathology, seen in this slant, or that. NEVER being shown even in any basic life-form (which runs physically by command) to beget mini-natures in type, this becomes a mute law, or lord, interpreted at will, as with the ancients very often.

Man thus comes in for mastery on no basis, but one socially chosen by the cult leader,  PM, cabinet or majority in Parliament.  Imperative it becomes that man must be free to take over life like a new sports car for the son of a rich man, and use it how he will. Thus does desire seek to become morality, and despotism, liberty.

The fact that the political developments only just thwarted, above, came so near to substantial implementation, shows how stupefied a people can become, when fed by misdirected education for 12 or 16 or 18 years as they grow up. When a new religion is thus instituted by cultural copulation with confusion, it is hardly noticed. But it IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The new morals for the new Australia, newly and utterly detached from the indications in the Constitution, in a new religion, subversively hidden and unnamed, is considered; but there is no new information from God ot mankind, other than the verified and validated Bible.

The character of information from whatever source is considered, the significance of symbols and the media of definitions and ordering in their terms,  as in physical life on earth, with the alone adequacy exposed, amid the sheer walls of confinement  by myth. As it was to be as the time nearing the return of the Christ, so it is (II Timothy 4), and the mythical nature of misdirected humanity in its religious bouts is as described ahead of time, in II Timothy 3.

But what is a myth, since it was to these that the generation nearing the end of the Age was to look ?  - it is the use of events without a cause, to explain things. That is precisely what is now taught: there was nothing (or something like it), which could do nothing (or something like it), but though strictly it was not there, yet it grew stronger, for no reason, since reason was not there there either, and managed, from its null basis, to produce mind, truth and spirit, with imagination and the power to order nature into new configurations and machined formats, to secure intended purposes - just as are exhibited in the DNA of our own composition. The contradictions continue remorselessly.

The imaginary mythical approach causes nothing but confusion, derelict in performance, contrary to causation requirements and experimental results alike (cf. SMR pp. 140ff.). But as to this for a basis, there is nothing to it. It is undefined, untested, unshown, impossible to illustrate, incapable at being demonstrated, impossible to separate from illusion, and logically an unbased concept, moving without ground for motion, through a universe without ground for existence, to achieve results without basis for their expression, and which can even reason themselves, and discover a reasoned universe there for no reason; and then seek to grab it!

 If the recent  domain in politics were unconstitutional in trend, what is that which would remove not a type of political basis, still threatened, but that which comes from the source of the orders that make our bodies, and direct our spirits: the Creator of law, time,  space and dispenser of reason, to show its results to the reasoning minds that seek it. When God is the object of dethronement, then what is enthroned in His place is not merely null in power to make and judge (except by fine,  prison, torture or death), but to resist the response of God in His time to such reckless irrationality. II Thessalonians 1-2 shows the eventual outcome; for there is an end, as a beginning.

Chapter 2 of Now the Highway, Then the Heights is part of this information Chapter, so let us turn to it.

Here analysis is made of information which informs as distinct from variation which has no meaning: the symbol for assignment is a mental work, with potential for command as is found in DNA, or any other abstractly conceivable form, format and function-base. Meaningless insertions  into the functional forms are a drag on constructive action, occupying space without relevant consequence, in accounting terms. Meaning is necessary for results, a message of mind and a component of information. If you try to convey something meaningless to someone, his actions are not aided, construction is not provoked, consequence for advance in any direction is not promoted; and irrelevance in the enquiry into source of complexity in intermeshed, operational meanings assignable by symbol, is left as far off as a broken telescope from actual arrival at Mars.

In fact, to which it is always pleasant to return, what is made to display features not found inherently in the materials used for constructions, is not a prodigy of causeless wonder, but an insertion of categories requiring adequate source. Ultimately, this must be an eternal source, since nothing ever at any time or phase at all has no future, and when it is all, that IS all! On the contrary,  we are a future already to any beginning; but as to the past, its display of attainments in it, is not by any means what is now found operative, nor are means for it now discovered, nor is cause for it found assessible and operative. Now there is no available card to swipe, but the funds are visibly long paid!

For turning into creator, 'Nature' has no such possession, nor does it nor can it exhibit it.

The sudden irruption as Professor Stephen Jay Gould saw it, of complete, multi-partite creatures in a profusion of designs, at what he deemed very ancient times, with varieties coming together and not in stages, made him ask, How in heaven's name this could be! The answer IS precisely that: it was in heaven's name. Heaven has completed it. Creations start and stop at the will of whatever it is that creates. That is the way of it, as we all should know clearly. We are derivative creators, but creators for all that, intimately associated with these very processes, and only by pretence could we act as if we did not know this type of action and experience, of power and of provision.

Things which  'nature' - being itself an established entity with various laws and limits, cannot do, the composer of laws can do; and in making 'nature' = the  time-space-gravity-electro-magnetic  composure of many mentally conceivable laws, and matrices, and of created minds, spirits and life - the God of creation has used His own name, which Gould did not care to name. For Gould came therefore a result without a cause, an entrance without an entrant, and an expostulation without reason, refusing reason, while controlling answers by systematic exclusions. Of course that did not work.

Control by code does not shimmer into existence; what is found, in the creation of 'nature'actually operative today, are only the mirages which by  shimmering in the minds of creative thinkers, never achieve the simple reality of actual existence. Dreams are created; DNA is not. Hopes are created; happenings to the point are not. Those, they have already happened. Then STOP:  as in Genesis 1-3. What is written is what is found. It is ever so.

The currently demonstrable and observable is not here part of the code of such workers in the romance of surrealism, when they come to this field. We see only products, and their kind as an entourage; for when what is productive of such profundities of ingenuity as we incorporate in our physical beings, has operated, in that institution, distribution and control of the universe, we have one kind of event and agent.  When it is not operative, there is only maintenance, as when a new bulb is put in, at any time,  and afterwards, its glow is maintained. That maintenance is one thing on which to enquire; that creation however, it is not now on display in this field, for no observable. Incremental, designing code, with new symbols for show and go, or new constructive collations of what signifies and commands, these are not what is observed. They are as absent as peace in the nations of this world.

What IS observable is that such commands and significations are what operates in the construction of each generation of living objects, as babes arrive, groomed in millions of ways in order to do so, as when blood dependence for oxygen is in seconds replaced conveniently at birth, but lung dependence in the presence of air. Commands long issued, are displayed in mutually multiplied interactive provisions, for months. And then the end comes; but in this case, it is a beginning in terms of a kind, built by proxy information, encoded in symbols representing information, command and information about information, as an additional message for operation.

The programs are set the types are signalled into being. It is past, except for new generations based on the old, The provisions of more advanced categories, in kind, do not appear. Of this, what is observable, is not transmutation but continuation, within the realm of kind, as prescribed, described and inscribed. NIL is the one, and NOTHING is the other, in this scenario. In fact, that is what non-labour may expect! Therefore construction and labour are allies; their disjunction depends on living on what was done in the past. Such past has no detectable future. The nature of labour is therefore examined.

The other option is an eternal entity which is adequate for all that followed in time; and that is normally called God, whose evidential credentials are as decidedly and exhaustively present as those of the irrational seekings on a nothing basis, ultimately are absent. But let us look further at what IS present.

The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics are given some cross-examination and their precise fit with both logic and the biblical perspective are considered. The place of energy and work is analysed and the reason for the popular diversion, as of a stream by a tree-trunk, in an early stage, from rationality to surreality is addressed. The biblical system on  the one hand,  and observable reality in terms of things stated on the other, are commenced, performed and finished, in the past. These are found in precise accord once more.  It is necessary however to look.

The prediction of a mythical theme arising to become common,  to mar the time before Christ returns to rule, is considered, and the nature of myth. The Bible said it would happen, and it has done so to an eminent degree, to the point of persecution and pomp. Once again the Bible and the popularly observable trends precisely match, as do all the other biblical data on the  approach to the end of the Age. Simultaneously operative are many themes and events, in the biblical depiction for this time (cf. SMR Ch. 8, Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

The Bible, declares in considerable detail, both what has happened and what is to happen; and in all points, it is verified. It is the handbook for the only testable religion, and when this or that group, political, scientific or other, amid their peers, wants to attack it, so  that life can be  their very own, with no  watchman or overseer, it is customary to assault it, just as Christ in Person was  assaulted. As He rose, so the Bible rises to the test. Not so the attackers! (cf. SMR Chs. 1-3). Myths are but one of their elements, predicted crucial in this, near the last phase of the era.

But as to imagination instead of factuality: We can even find in one species of myth, a remarkable construction. It involves a spectre calling creation- or the universe - from ahead, into being and on, on; but what is NOT found is anything calling the extant creation anywhere, but instead a law thrusting it on into increasing entropy, at the physical level. Is less more ? is nothing something ? Are the unobservable notions unverified, to be conceived as even competitive with what specifies what is found, and again what is going to be found, to which all facts rigorously conform!

There is no accounting for taste, it is said; but there will be an accounting for waste, as on the pursuit of unproductive hypotheses about the matrix and meaning of life. The dreary notion that nothing matters is increasingly obviously being met by the fact that the cost of intellectual lethargy, irrational enquiries and dismissive approaches to facts is becoming a world-wide embarrassment. Wars arise like measles, drearily despotic tyrants and their sacrificial victims become common; millions mill into untimely deaths; follies mount, natural provisions are perverted, families are mocked, religions are invented as if they were no more than another powder set for milady's nose; and costs become construable and mounting, as a wanton thing.

In fact, "Naturalism is as dead as spontaneous generation, autonomous information generation and decreasing designs over time: it has no go. It is mere contra-factual invention, contrary to the discovery of the methods used, the results obtainable and the nature of the case in what is investigated. 'Nature' or if you want to become scientific instead of flirting with fantasy, non-living objects do not show ANY power to INVENT forms of law. They show merely the power to FOLLOW them."


13) This is presented as an angelic dialogue, in which the character of operative information, the systems implicit, the necessities provided, are faced rather than becoming a convenient lair for irrational escapism. The strident opportunism of those who, without evidence, insist and persist on insisting on doctrinaire use of force at the academic level, because of a logical lack, is parallel to what is done in military matters. Here myths are belched, and at children,  rather than material explosives; but when the child within is destroyed (as many are by such falsely liberating illusions), the body becomes - though still important - a slave, a residue, with the meaning hollowed out. No wonder it is now so modish to talk of the meaningless; it is like talking of damaged limbs, when you blow up houses. And then finding that meaningless.


14)  |

From Dancers ... to Answers Ch.    3

There is one God but there are many altars (Hosea 8:11-12), some though not visible, abound as if covering a circuit around the earth, so that people might believe in them; but these are not only unsighted, but unsightly as well as unsited, and by logic unseated. One altar was set up for sin, sacrifices the expression of its cover, the giving of life the atonement; but this place of spiritual therapy for sin, was misused, so that it became a virtual shrine to it! As then, so now.

God detests as in Hosea, the many altars so that fictitious entities may be muddled in the mix, as if the square root of minus one and of four were in the same category, one workable, the other not even thinkable, except with logic apart. It is a fantasy for frolic, given judicial robes. The foundations for faith are presented in systematic coverage, and the entire message of Hosea, linked to many other revelations in the Bible, is regarded, for the purposes of learning, both in head and heart.

The alternate way: imagining information = coded, stylised, meaning-carrying, arranged and expressed understanding or direction to an object for reception or proclamation, to 'arise' from sources showing neither in principle nor practice, the power to do this or to formulate concepts into code and implement the same in semantics with grammatical or equivalent constraints: this is not a one but a hydra, even a Medusa. You can imagine 'nature' or any part of it, without designated powers for such productions, doing it, though it is never seen to do so, nor is equipment for the purpose ever found, and that is sci-fi, quite simply. Organic evolution is sci-fi, accordingly, and its place is in English, or Social Studies, not science.

The main thrust here is the adequacy of the positive logical option, its source and data concerning it: all information.


2) History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 4.

Here we have a vast cover delving into many fields and showing on all sides

the coherence,

lack of ground for dalliance with delusive options, or use of it,

decisive inputs on all sides,

information one of these, here seen in its broadest setting.

Many excerpts enable ready comparison, and give therefore something of a summary evidential account of some of the teeth of the whale-shark which in this case has swallowed not Jonah, but the superficial dreams that lack both reality and substance, ground and coherence of thought, or beginning.  Hoping to leave as they will, like other dreams, with no competent, far less comprehensive coverage of the challenge of the case, these find no understanding, confronting the dream  source. They are simply swallowed, and dead when vomited. Unlike Jonah, they wallow in the seas of misty thought.


15) The nature of information is examined critically and misconceptions aligned with the logical conditions, experimental realities and causative necessities. Such is the main thrust of Ch. 4, in Volume 4. It answers challenge. Ch. 12 pursues the fact that information, to be such, informs, and the consequences of this fact, their empirical setting and their religious sphere, when the cult of the forbidden as so often, applies. This ? it is the insistent demand that only certain types of logical areas are permissible, however effective their information may be. This however is itself an exclusion which,  in terms of scientific method, is itself impermissible.

Knowledge is to be gained in terms of test, in that method; and pre-judging issues is quite simply, unscientific (cf. The Way of Truth and the Way of Error Ch. 8). Putting that to one side, and proceeding without monopolising prejudice, with a free and unrestrained access to all data, one finds answers that reek with reality because at no point is there found confusion,  contradiction or failure to cover the elements of the case, as evidenced with some care, for example,  in LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST.

As seen in Ch. 4 above, this is as far removed from the case outside the biblical deposition, perspective and presentation as a crashed motor, from one that runs. There is nowhere that this one does not run, and these chapters jointly stress that fact, with emphasis on information.

Ch. 11 brings to the fore broader matters of perspective, more lights from the spiritual spectrum of light which the Lord displays in the Bible, concerning man, liberty, authenticity, significance, His love, man's, both its exceedingly great significance and its vast vulnerabilities when he chooses to play the fool. It may here be apt to amplify some of the overall considerations to be found in these volumes,  For far more on such topics, see



16) This provides a case for comparison in the field of radical healing on the one hand, and the fuller work in creation. In the latter, there was instituted the 100 trillion cell human body, as estimated by Dr Paul Brand in his work, In His Image, where all the lines and systems and information types, stratified vastly,  are as appropriate, matched. The case mentioned illustrates the matter of attitude, whether secular or religious, that can subsume evidence to desire, whether the tradition be of the one type or the other, and make ridiculous claims for what is never found, in the very face of what in fact is found.

It makes a useful contrast, showing the similar stultifying attitude to verifiable fact, and manufactured tradition, of whatever kind. The word of God, like 'nature' is eminently testable. The biblical findings never change, fitting for the Maker of man's mind, and of the logic which it finds in the universe, as He moved to match this with that of his mind. Man's ideas about himself, however, often change; but they do not alter the outline of what he is, how he is founded and how confounded. It is a profound mercy that God did not stop at making man, by His word, so systematic in levels of information in his DNA, for example. With divine foresight, He provided for man, as a person, His written word for reading.

It is even better that in that Book of the Lord, there is found the antidote for contempt for the truth, for the laws of God and for our assigned place as created. It is even better yet that the antidote does not depend on what we do, but on what God has done (John 3, Ephesians 2), leading to that acceptance (as in the first making of man, so in his second restoration) where in rest of heart, he may proceed in the vitality of life, settled, secured, saved and sent.


17) In this Chapter, information is seen at is acme, in that God creates, indeed has created ALL that is not God. He has done that with information, one aspect of causation, so that without  divine word, there is nothing; without action in creation, there is nothing but the sublime infinity and eternity of God, whose word comes at His own  discretion, as with other creators. With  God, however, there is NOTHING WHATSOEVER other, so that neither space nor time nor temporal causation nor derivative logic nor things ontological or biological or material have even a ghost of an appearance.

Being other than God, without His formulation and formation, they are nil, null and groundless. In their creation  they are given bounds logical, empirical, rational and comprehensive. If man without God is apprehensive, he does well to be so,  for the inscripturated information matches the encoded information, the one addressed TO man as in God's image, the other to enrol man in the arena of existence: the one the DNA, the other the Divine Declaration, alone found testable, verified and logically confirmed in the Bible (cf. Department ... Vol. 5, Ch. 9).




It is important in surveying these regions of divine data, information concerning man and his place, God and His power, and the character shown of God in the Bible, and of man, and the understanding of both, according to His own word, as the data are assessed, to be careful. Readily does culture afflict the oppressed mind, often mis-educated in this very sphere for 16 or more years; and it does so unremittingly, just as Hitler youth was  for less time. Indoctrination under the guise of cultural glamour and quasi-obvious choices and exclusion of what is not to the taste of the provocateurs who often seem to be mixing this role with their teaching, is now increasingly common.

Found, and not only found in enormous numbers of educational circles, but touted and given place by intrigue, it is increasingly open. Moreover, it is parallel already with totalitarianism in this, that careers can hinge on conformity, research can be dictated by opinion, and threats of legal action or public disgrace against open-faced approach to truth looms, sultry, on the horizon, even by recent report, in the USA (cf. SMR pp. 252Aff., 105 -114, Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3).

Let us therefore avoid the ceaseless and often tempestuous turmoils of taking things for granted, as we find what the Bible is doing for us, in surveying from above, these works below (SMR, TMR).

Avoiding the Scylla and Charybdis of the inveterate extremes of autonomy and determinism, for man*1 (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Predestination and Freewill Section 1, especially, but  also Section 3 and the entirety), one finds that the perspective  of biblical Christianity supplies the grounds and power for the institution and maintenance of crucial liberties in man, despite the seduction of sin and its resulting disabilities. This gives meaning  to duty, human responsibility and love in its integrity, and in the Bible is to be found the only logically comprehensive cover for the entirety of the empirical data concerning man to be found in any circles.

Like the stem of a flower, it provides base for every petal; and better yet, it supports the entire phenomenon of the flower as a unitary item, neither confusing means with ends nor exchanging the unitary reality for mere building units. Rather, as with human buildings, with bricks (components in their construction), not the building but a useful contribution to its singularity in the end, the end and unity of the entity is considered, avoiding that routine confusion of reductionism (History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 4). With this biblical base, duly verified and validated*2, there is account for the part as also of the whole, of components but also of the personal products; and as for man, his meaning and significance.

Further,  this is what is to be expected of the dissemination of divine information, this time not for the building of the human body in the womb and from birth,  in terms of the DNA construction manual, but in direct significant and spiritual speech from Maker to man. With the parts, He made the unity of the body; unifying to create the further trilogy of mind, matter and spirit. To this final outcome, In the Bible, many words are addressed to that image-of-God production, itself unmoved by any but moving much over the millenia. Its word never falsified, its works always performed (cf. Joel 2:11, Matthew 5:17-20). The body is well made, far beyond genius; the word of God to man, the Bible, is likewise, formed with undrifting care. So great is that care that what is proclaimed, becomes history, and what mocks it, in another sense, soon becomes history also - that of what is brought to the dust.

What then ? Evacuate the presence of God through unbelief and His word through rebellion and neither practically nor logically does either man or his concept of himself, work. Deny your source, maintenance and meaning and you create havoc; and so does the human  race as it makes its new Babel in such institutions as the UN and the WCC*3, and  awaits not this time the division and dispersal of languages (Genesis 11), but judgment (Isaiah 24, 51:6, II Peter 3, Revelation 19-20, Matthew 24:35, Hebrews 11:25-29.






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