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The houses did not built themselves on the aesthetic shore



For Children

Once upon a time, children, there was nothing for Nothing to do, and it became bored.

But daddy, how could nothing WANT anything to do, since it was nothing.

Dears, you must realise that this is a fairy story, and much of its charm lies in letting your mind relax while absurd and preposterous things happen.

Now ...

But daddy, if there was nothing, it could not feel, or desire things. When we are afraid in the dark, you say, Don't be silly, there is nothing there, when we think that maybe a monster is there!

It IS silly: that this is its charm, in this sort of thing.

Now ...

But daddy, how could there be any doing, or thought of it, since there was no one to think, for nothing is not someone ?

Children, do you WANT a fairy story or not ?

Yes daddy, but this is beginning to sound like our Primary School teacher talking about evolution, and vomit is pleasant compared with that.

All right children, well let us hear the story to show how feyish it is, shall we ?

Yes, daddy, do!

Well, as I was trying to say, it decided, though it wasn't there, to do something, while doing wasn't there, for there was nothing to do it, and something wasn't there to be done, since there were no things

Good! daddy, please go on.

Gladly. Now when it thought about it, with the mind that was not there, it resolved, with the will that was not there, to invent with the invention that was not there, material things, with the formative power that it lacked, and to make them work in precise and energetic ways, with the energy that was not there, and to have various sorts and kinds of material things, with the variation that was not available for the things that were not there. It found this so good that it made various kinds of concepts and ran things according to these, so that it was all coherent ...

Daddy, what is coherent ?

It means being together and making sense, and working together in some sort of orderly because ordered way.

Daddy, how could it be coherent if there was nobody to make it so ?

It couldn't dear, but this is a fairy story.

Fairy stories are silly, daddy!

Yes dear, but you wanted one.

Yes, let's see what this stupid nothing thinks of with the mind that is not there to make things coherent with the ideas that do not come, for there is nowhere for them to come from.

All right then. Seeing all this something settling in so nicely to its orderly because ordered ways, it decided to make minds. The idea here was that since it seemed to have come by one itself, for no particular reason, as you know happens when people build houses, the bricks and cement and wood and labourers and specifications ...

But daddy, what are speshificashions ?

Dear, it is not spelt like that.

How do you know how I was spelling it ?

Because of the way you pronounced it.

Daddy, YOU must have a mind.

This is correct, that is how I order and organise things.

Fantastic, daddy, please go on.

Well, specifications are things you set out clearly so that they can be done, they are orders or things that have to be done.

Daddy, HOW could things HAVE to be done, if there was nothing to make it have to be done ?

Well, you see dear, by now Nothing had become something, and had a mind and a will.

How did it get a will daddy ?

Well you know how grandpa died and left a will.

Why was it done, daddy, since he was not there to make it happen. Did nothing make it happen as in the fairy story ?

No, dear, I was alive, you see, and people called executors.

I know what they do, they execute people:  we had 'execute' the other day in English history. They were good at it, weren't they daddy ?

They were clever at it,  dear, perhaps, rather than always good.

What does 'good' mean daddy ?

It means the way it ought to be, and suggests that this is pleasing.

To whom, daddy ? and who makes it 'ought' ?

To the one making it happen, dear, and God makes it 'ought'.

Of course, no one else could, could they daddy, since we are only made things, that nothing did not make, since it did not have time ...

Sally, said her little brother, it did not have will or ability either.

Yes, Robert I know that!

Well,  why don't you say i ?

Because you cannot say everything at once.

I know, but YOU were the one who didn't say it.

Children, if you want a fairy story ...

Daddy, this is an unfair story, so can it be fairy ?



For Adults

Well, we shall leave our domestic scene here. Clever children can be so delightful in getting to the point.

But let us who are grown ups, consider a house and land in a real estate collection of such things, and think this time of adults.

One day, once upon a time, there was no earth, so it was made. It just made itself so that it had something to do, and did not suffer from Altzheimer's disease, because as they now say, if you use the brain adequately, it tends to make new brain cells, even though not long ago, it did not, or so they said, and they of course always know, except when they are wrong, as here.

If you wonder why something that was not there, and was not even something, so that it is not a topic that can be mentioned, could be in ANY state, do not worry about, for sci-philosophy is the rage.

Then, having made some earth, it decided to make something on it. It cut down some trees - it made them first of course - and sawed them up - it made cutting instruments first of course - and then it put them together with precise specifications - it made them too, and invented the realm of analytical geometry before breakfast on that day.

Hold on! you say. WE are not children.

Precisely. So Nothing did nothing, which it is good at.

However, the something which in our fairy story 'arose' decided to make rooms,  and invented the whole concept of spatial arrangement, and then resolved on architectural niceness, since this seemed good to its aesthetic powers, which by morning tea, it had invented too.

Perspiring a little with the unaccustomed exercise, since nothing is not really used to doing much, or indeed anything, it then made a stair-case, for it is obvious if you think about it that people need to go upwards in nice, easy stages for comfortable living - so it made people who would like this, so that they could appreciate it. Then, it made botanical things, which you have only to plant and water and so on, and their patterns come out in living beauty and floral splendour.

It invented splendour and spiritual appreciation after lunch, so that the people could appreciate this, and gave them  all some of it, and they liked it, because he - or she - there's nothing in it either way - decided to make them able to think for themselves, so that they could  assess other people's specifications, like Nothing's, and thus have fellowship which some found comforting, and others did not, since they were dictatorial, or wanted truth, or whatever way it went. It is marvellous how spirits have all these facilities, but it is just a matter of creating them, and there they are; and so nothing did all of this.

Now the astute reader may begin to twig that there is nothing in such a story since nothing has no power to do anything, and there is no power for it to utilise, when nothing is all there is, so that obviously all this nothing business has to become something, or really, you won't have anything, and that would be something which did not help.

Hence Something did it all. It also created in man the power to legislate and think in terms of law, physical, moral and spiritual, and at the same time, created laws, which means that things HAD to do what they do, because by no chance does absence of law create law; and so there was created with all of this, the concept of right and wrong, since errors about moral or physical law, this being THERE, are wrong, and you might as well face it.

Then the thought of punishment arose, and people had to be sure that it was fair to punish, since some people are dumb, and do not develop until later,  and their developmental processes, maturation rate  and so forth, all this had to be created or it simply would not be there, since nothing, either in total, or in part, really cannot do what it does not have.

Actually, when John and Jill came upon this self-made real estate,  still thinking many things about nothing, since their error checking apparatus had grown rusty and did not work now, they thought that of course it had made itself. When a friend, Bruce, asked them how on earth they thought that this would happen here when it NEVER happened at any other time, they told him not to be silly, that Something is silly, and one can  do  ANYTHING, so they did.

They were careful to write up their real estate Deeds, because other people seemed to think these were needed, and so they settled into their new house, thinking about nothing in particular, since they were so happy that nothing did all this, so that they could be so very much more comfortable.

After a time, a legal dispute having been settled, so that the builders could come back, they were evicted.




This is the sort of thing which happens, although people being aware that houses do not build themselves, do not usually carry out this procedure on random houses which 'arise' with gardens to match, and architectural splendour. The owners are not so often involved in crippling legal disputes that they do not notice the ... squatters.

Some prefer a story like this.

One day, when the world was not yet born, and Nothing had time on its hands, since it had rejoiced in the irrational procedure of making something when it was not even there, and thought this would be good enough for scientific text-books, which are only things people make when they are too old for fairy stories, although of course, quite often scientific text books DO talk about their proper subject: on this day, I say, nothing made a living thing.

Now OF COURSE, it had to do all the sorts of things which we saw in the house, but it in addition made life, which involves all the laws of physics and chemistry, and those of bio-chemistry as well, and an abundant supply of orders, organisational specifications to the order of billions in the cells and organs; and even in the cells, it is MOST specialised and of course they NEVER find any cell that is other than this.

Having done all of these various things, which it did not finish till supper time, because life had to be built on and with all the rest, and integrated, it suggested to life that it should make its own laws. Now life had not  yet learned to do this, and held a stop work meeting to protest, but it did not get far, since it had not yet been given a brain.

However, when it got one, which arose while it played about with the imagination which was not yet there, it did stop; and it has done so ever since, as you can see by checking what sort of new orders of creation 'arise' from time to time; and what sort of orders are in the Cambrian rocks, according to Stephen Jay Gould, who certainly told fairy stories with the best, but tended to drift back to facts quite often, which made him one of the best of the sci-philosophers, and even allowed contribution to science, which was nice. For more on him, see Index and Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch.   6, with which you may wish to read Chs.   4 and   5 as well.

It decided that because life does things, it might as well make itself, so it told it to do so, but life, which had refused so far actually to come, since it felt a night-horror nightmare situation was developing, so that just because it had been enabled to do things, one of these should be to make itself. Matter had not been told to do this, so why should I! grumbled life.

So it actually did not come like that, but was created,  and was able to adjust and adapt in the most extraordinary ways which happen, as the versed reader would know, in either of two ways. Either it happens by magic, as in fairy stories, which are nice in their place, and special for children, though men need to realise the difference from this actual world, and often do not - perhaps a lapse to childhood's simplicities ? or else ... Or else what ? It happens that way, or else someone with what it takes makes it, or something granted by someone with the imagination and power, does it for that person; but in any case, directly or indirectly, someone sufficient does it.

Now if an aged widow, now incapable of conceptual innovation were asked to do it, obviously she could not, and it would seem quite unfair to ask her to create life. If seventeen astute university professors were asked to do it, they would not either, since they have had hundreds of years to do so and get nowhere; besides, it is already done, so they have merely to copy; but even this does not seem to have the appeal of a nice game of golf in the early morning, presumably because that is easily done, whereas this is just a tad difficult.

So it was all created by what has what it takes to make it. Now let us return to our delightful couple who, though they were well equipped with arms and legs and brains and all of that, and even had minds and spirits and will, thought it good simply to TAKE the nice house  and garden, with its splendid architecture and marvellous geometry and products exhibiting the extremely careful thought of the builders and their back up at the cognitive level, architects and city planners and such things.

LAW evicted them, since they should know that Nothing is not too good at ANYTHING, and nothing at any STAGE in any sphere, is not too good in that sphere, so that since there are many spheres, many non-nothings were operative and while they MIGHT, just might have been far better than they were, they could not well be less, since all of the house's provisions were scintillating in their evidenced capacity.

Indeed, when they met the builder and architect,  and all of those involved over time in making plans and the idea of plans and so on, they congratulated them, from prison.

Man takes the house of his body, which far exceeds, all but infinitely, the information and design and unitary purpose specifications, since the things to be unitary are so many, billions of cells in the brain alone, and these with myriads of parts and locations for diverse unified functions. He lives it and says, It is mine, since these things happen. Now no one has ever actually seen a body build itself, except when then NEW BODY procedures, embedded in the body, are utilised in full or in part, or applied in some way. Nevertheless, they thought  nothing of invoking nothing, with the result that the something which had made the house objected, in law, in principle and in reason; indeed, WITH reason.

A universe where nice house genes arise, and build houses is conceivable; but we lack the specifications for one.

Meanwhile, the one we have clearly does what comes naturally from the supernatural impositions which made natural things, so that they could have a nature at all, or live or exist in anything which could embrace and relate to, co-operate with and be co-ordinate with them. When we just TAKE our houses, it is theft, and law operates.

The owner, who as in our illustration, has left some written testimonials - though our couple did not care to look for them, since the house was so nice and easy to have - does not like it when people just TAKE the house called one's life and live it. It is not subtle, just guilty horror, and that is why the world acts with such 'subconscious guilt manifestations' and all that sort of thing which psychiatrists since Freud love to toy with, play with or even work at. It is not at all strange. It would be most strange if it were other, though it is marvellous what nice steaks in nice, carefully shaded patios can do for you, when you are living off the Lord, just as some live off the land. In their case, of course, they BUY the land, though this is only usage money; though in the life case, it is JUST USED.

Naturally the Owner finds this offensive, and so many guilty people, with so many aspirations and desperations and United Nations and united other things, including world church bodies which don't really see why you should worry too much about the Bible, and are good with gods, and receive many even from spiritualists, from time time, have trouble. Nobody is inclined to agree too much, since when you are not right, then you are wrong; and as you would remember from mathematics, if you are wrong, there is no end to the other students to disagree with; and when you are muddled, if so be you fell into this domain for any reason, such as an inability to read or a disinclination to do so, then arguments can erupt  and not too much may be actually done!

People often do not like the owner, since this seems the chance of a lifetime, as with our couple and the house case, to grab it and do what you please; and then others think more deeply, and devise means for the whole world to grab itself and do what it pleases with itself, though of course there are admittedly a few problems, such as some of the world having ideas of one kind, as to what to do with all of it,  and others having other ideas. Then other things like force enter in, and people say, I can  MAKE you like my plan;  and the reply is, JUST TRY! Even if I die, I will not like it, and in any case,  I will make you DIE soon, and bomb you to physical obliteration because my god or gods say to do so, so I can escape guilt.

Sometimes, in fact, often, they leave out the very last part.

And others say this: But your god or gods have no ground for existence and all their works stand on air, being without verification, validation or confirmation. And they say, You will still die, and  especially for daring to remove my cover. You take the cover of my guilt  and I'll take the cover of your life!

They work away at it, and it gets worse as they get more powerful, which happens when their knowledge apparatus is made to grow, as it does when they cease dreaming ALL the time, and keep this facility down to only some of the time. They drift like clouds, with not quite as much meaning, and the clouds are black, just as the earth beneath tends to become red. Drifting seems such fun, like that of the couple on the patio that was not really their own.

Then Christians out of loving concern and because it is abundantly clear that all is not well or even right, say, But you should really consult the Maker! He has prepared a lot of homes and paid for them (Galatians 3, John 14), but you should enter where HE opens the door (John 10:9-10).

Then they tend to kill them, or imprison them, or take away their liberty, or give them permission to exist if they do not upset the atheistic State, which gets into quite a state if they do, since it wants to be itself, and to grab its land and not to have people removing its guilt-protection agencies.

It goes on, of course, until the Owner, who made them with the liberty to be lawless or not, comes and takes away their houses for assessment, one by one, to see what has been done, and to do, as with our initial couple, what ought to be done, on a case by case basis.

This is called judgment; and like the beginning, it is not nothing.