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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson



Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

July 2008


ISBN 978-0-9805471-4-6




and Chapter 1

Back to the Bible! has come the cry for many years. The Bible! comes the carnal response, why ?

It has been one of the chief purposes of this site to show WHY!

In sum, it is because it is not dated like other works, by the misconceptions of ruling cultures, or fated by the feeble-minded estimates of truth or past or future of seductive seers, nor is it invalidated by models of thought which do not permit truth to exist, or if to exist, to be known, or if to be known, or if to be known by man, not to be communicated, or if communicated, not accurately so ... and so on. The litany of self-destruction for those who seek to tell us WHAT IT IS, is endless, and their models are futile. Here is found the mourning at the coffin of secular man, with the pall-bearers for the funeral, the mystique religions of evanescence and suffusion with the thoughts of man, with or without any tail-ends of truth from another source. But the Bible is not so. All this it avoids, because it is the doctrine of God.

It is because like truth, it describes events, those pulsating with normalcy, to give them perspective, just as it considers those erratic, with judgment on order or confusion found as its masterpiece, in their settings. For each, it gives grounds. It applies them. It gives precise enclosures of what is to be history and not merely grants numerous details, but the dynamic behind it and the reasons for its application. It makes personal the seemingly impersonal, wise what is witless and gives interpretation to the mass, or for some who misunderstand, the morass of events, like an expert reader of space photographs of things on the earth, pointing out now this and now that, so that it may be discerned, and being discerned, acted on for good.

It is because like man, it displays knowledge of hearts, their diseases, spirits and their seductions and force, but unlike man, does not underestimate the power of man or his puniness or fail to provide the grounds and reason why, and grounds for, what happens to him. It is most unlike man in this, that the knowledge of hearts is given not only by One who presents Himself as Creator, and so ABLE to have this wit and wisdom, and omniscient and so reliable. He also speaks as One who gives no congratulation to a perfection which is not here, or to a heart which is in rebellion, nor on the other hand, no rebuttal to a heart which seeks cleansing, and for that matter, no rejection to the plea for purification and the means for it.

It is because it is the charter, not of human rights, but of godly gifts, of the dimensions of our souls, the depths of our spirits, and their superficial claims are rejected just as categorically as their vast aspirations towards their Creator are blessed. It is because it itemises the spiritual sicknesses which lead to false gods, who did not make heaven and earth, and rejecting them, appeals to man to find wisdom where it is, in his Maker and in His Manual, the Bible, which alone has the verifications to endorse it, and of course, the Saviour to apply it, Jesus Christ. It alone has the date for His death (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4) and the prognosis, both for Israel and Gentile nations, all of which have been fulfilled to the letter, and in their own diverse ways.

It alone has provided specifications for salvation, not only in word, but in the person of the predicted Messiah, not awaited, though it was long awaited before He came, but come; not equipped with thought alone, but with power in deeds, in raising the dead, in being raised from the dead, in putting the two together in a short space of never-overthrown challenge, and always fulfilled words. In it alone is the testimony of the types of miracle He would perform (cf. Isaiah 29, 35), the type of death He would suffer,  and the salutary and indeed salvation-based reasons for it (cf. SMR Chs.  8  ,     9, Repent or Perish Ch. 2, Christ, the Wisdom of God ... Ch. 8), and the grounds for His resurrection with its potent meaning (cf. Going with God Ch. 5, With Heart and Soul ... Ch. 3), which His men proceeded at once to apply world-wide (Matthew 28:19-20).

Nor was this salvation merely nominal, or for that matter phenomenal in some excitatory sense; but it was so deep that hypocrisy was excoriated, lives were entirely re-oriented and faith moved mountains (cf. Matthew 23, Mark 11, Luke 8:26, 9:37ff., 10:17ff., 19:2ff.).

Nor was this all: In this, the Lord supplied the forecast of the power to perform this task which would shortly come, as it did at Pentecost in one of the most important birthdays in history, that of the fully-equipped Christian Church, commissioned to convey this Gospel throughout the earth, till this done, His return as deity and to judge, would in due course come. All this has the Bible delivered (Luke 24, Acts 2, 16-19).

It alone has told of the return of a Christ-rejecting Israel to its land and of its triumphs and victories, and continuing tensions, of the continued unbelief of the nation, ably supplemented by an increasingly and viciously unbelieving Gentile world till its come-uppance comes up (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Chs.  8  ,     9, It Bubbles ... Ch. 10, Outrageous Outages, Awesome Inputs and the Courage of Christ Ch. 11)


But this having been said, it is the text-book of Christ the Saviour, the directives for every man's salvation, women and children at NO discount, all invited. A woman's witness is not worth half that of a man, nor is a woman a possession, but one to be loved as oneself, nor are children State objects for corruption by culture, but commissions for care, to be brought up in the knowledge of the Saviour, and His wonderful ways.

It is the source book of love, the manual of mercy, the manuscript of marvels and the testimony of divine desire for man, that out of his midst, there might be some wheat found, planted by the Lord through His servants, by His present power as He will, so that the Gospel be completed in its application. False churches may move, but it stays. Braggarts may imagine things, but its call is millenial over time, immovable by ideas, because emanating from the God of eternity, for whom time is a masterpiece of the temporal, for the demonstrations of eternity. Man may dump morals, but the Bible tells truth unchanging, and contrary to its mandate, man is but rebel, sporting in the vulnerability of his flesh, the fallen intoxication of his mind.

The Bible ? Its staying power is not for 10 generations, but for the creation itself, for man who can listen. Why is it not dislodged ? It is because it is not the declamations of man, in his oratorical madness before murdering a few more millions with a heart like an axe and a mind like a butcher, whether in Inquisition or in Communist Camp or Nazi ghetto as in Warsaw, or death camp as in Auschwitz, to show his disgrace. Nor is it the distillations of his 'wisdom' who wanders like a star set on explosion, or implosion, or on separating into two pieces, so that it could try both: say one for totalitarianism without truth, and one for the fatal philosophies of self-indulgence, self-fulfilment and self-belief, as though a leaf without a tree, tried to be planted.

In fact, it is GOD who must do the planting (Matthew 15:13, Isaiah 61:3), and every plant which the Creator does not plant, has no part in the Redeemer. We are the branches, and when branches try to find their quiet locations in the sun, but omit the trunk, then what is to be expected ? It is an exercise in futility, an aspiration in arrogance and a dullard's delight.

Alas, it is no lack of intelligence, but its relevant application; of access, but its employment, which is man's disaster. He is like, on the other hand, a space ship on nuclear fuel with concentrated food for a season, continually trying out its resources in various non-fatal impacts, and as the ship deteriorates ( as man does genetically - Going with God Ch. 6, *1), so its occupants cry out, but then dull down. This they do,  until they continue in the bowels of their ship, digesting their fate and seeking oblivion either in philosophy or dope.

The Bible ? It is the testimony of truth, the textbook of salvation, the identikit for the Saviour. It is He who saves, not mankind in any manifestation, person or proposition, and to have but not follow the Bible to HIM is the acme of abuse, the very prodigy of failure, the ultimate in missed opportunity (John 5:39-40). Of this, it itself speaks, for it is the word of the living God. To add its words is false witness (Proverbs 30:6, Deuteronomy 4, 12, Revelation 22:18-19, Mark 7:7ff.); to subtract is invasion of the divine, which is like inviting a rock to fall on one (Matthew 21:44).

The Bible is not an option. It is a necessity. Without it, the end of man is not a mere termination; it is a conclusion and a just one. May those who read, avoid it!  There is a better way. It is that of the Bible, of its central focus, Jesus the Christ.




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