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Chapter 6



(cf. Defining Drama   10, SMR pp. 179ff., Ch. 4 above)



History, Review and Overview Ch. 5,

Dizzy Dashes, Head Clashes and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth Ch. 6,

The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy,

the earlier chapters of this volume,

Predestination and Freewill and the surrounding hexad
On Predestination and Foreknowledge,
Liberty and Necessity, Responsibility, Duty and Creativity

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ

providing an evidential, verificatory summary and exp

these things have been considered and the anti-supernatural kind of blind for the origin of matter, mind, life and kind has been exposed, dismissed and replaced with a bent of mind which does not bend its own validity or ignore its own verification.


We have found in particular,  that God has made kind, it has not invented itself,
imposed its constraints for no reason, or invented its forms and formulations
in a fit of abstraction of its own model, but has been modelled by competence
and created by grounds adequate
from the One who both ultimately and mediatively possesses these.


Also found has been the fact that the correlativity between human mind on the one hand, what it is,
and human understanding of the universe on the other, what that is, 
both in terms of reason as a generic, and revelation in specific deposit,
is not a miracle from nothing, a grand marshalling anomaly.
Rather is it nothing short of a miraculous schema,
which with every kind of consideration, on this basis alone is either valid or confirmed.
It is uniformly, after exhaustive investigation, found to be this latter.


We have found that the miraculous, the action of the supernatural, in fact God,
so far from being an extraneous issue,
is the only rational basis for 'nature', including our own,
with creation, the natural correlative of the supernatural,
its inscriptions the word of His action,
as the Bible the communication of His mind and heart.


We have discovered that on this structural and dynamic basis alone
is nothing left either anomalous or irrational,
or providing any kind of contretemps of perspective or denial of fact.
We have ascended to the Creator and His word, the Bible, with the smoothness
of result of a gloriously advanced jet-liner, BECAUSE HE has done all things well,
making reason for human derivatives, and revelation both so overwhelmingly,
triumphantly secure and strong, each where it belongs, that the result is itself a prodigy.
It is ALL by His grace, but equally, it is all by His power.


Applying these to our life, world, universe and minds, we have then found all over again,
that here only and here altogether
are the answers which can and do stand every investigation,
verified in every aspect (Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ),
covering every systematic query (cf. TMR and works listed at length above), 
while providing an antidote to human folly (cf. SMR Ch. 7).

It is precisely this folly however, which in the negation of these things,
lunges towards nothing both in thought and action - but a judged nothing, or emptiness,
instead of heeding the directives for life, and that in the first place, for its re-orientation and
renewal (Titus 2-3, Romans 1:17ff.).

It is not, in particular, because man is insane that he continually checks in at the houses
of irrationality and scientistic demolition of empirical fact.Rather, it is because, made for God by
God, he is inclined towards both base and basis; yet while still revolting against God
(Ephesians 4:17ff., Romans 5), he finds the disparate and desperate company of the sod,
the irrelevant, the merely naturalistic or himself, his own race or some leader,
infected with fatuity as a due reward for his presumption (cf. Ezekiel 28:9-10).


The results are eloquent, but not elegant.

Let us now then look at this phenomenon of kind for itself, and see it for what it provides in understanding.



There are kinds.

Physically, there are protons, neutrons, electrons (parts like quarks can be sub-kinds, or broken kinds, for by no means are all kinds unbreakable).

There are elements of definable characteristics , compounds of them with definable pathways,
lists of them with definable-listing criteria.

There is life kind
in one kind of language, as its construction mode,
and there are micro-molecular kinds of assemblage for kinds of proteins
(motors, directive language, energy supply from energy plants are involved).


There is animal kind within this,
with kinds of motion (swim, walk, fly), just as there are kinds


of form,


of function,


of potential to develop on construed and construable pathways, and in many cases


of practical communication for which there are laid directive foundations, and


of skill of navigation,  as of


mutuality for depth for emotional relationships.

There is human kind,

with rational and expressive thought,
stylisable linguistic facility and its correlative construction
with power for abstractive thought:
this as a kind of communication within to the spirit of man or without to his peers or others;
while moral option as a conscious rational kind,
and spiritual plan projection as a kind,
or aspiration to the Creator as a kind -
all are to be observed in a vast array of dynamics.

There is Christian kind,

with defined characteristics
in principle optional, but relevant to conduct and confrontation,
co-operation and understanding;

in practice dependent on the Creator direct,
for these are family matters,
executed within beings begotten in kind
into His family.

There are kinds of concepts -

 moral, aesthetic, ethical, social,
 political in the fields of defined academic disciplines, and beyond;

kinds of principles and
kinds of reductionism
as man with will,
a kind of spiritual capacity,
tries to subsume all kinds of 'kind'
into some one kind:

the derivatively spiritual, the ideational,
the idealistic, material, impersonal or other, to be made
illegitimate portmanteau, as for goods intended to escape Customs.
That the stuff bounds out of its container is to be expected:
you cannot cart the broad spectrum of reality in a one channel container.
Creation is one thing; what is created is another.

So does man increasingly act and react
with his mind of imagination,
with its all but limitless
functions to disassemble,
re-assemble, review with
various elevations (like a cognitive architect),
create what will never be done
and do what will never be created,
being undone before it is done, by misconception.

Again, there are kinds of human will-direction,

philanthropic, misanthropic,
ant-Christ, Christian,
irrational, rational,
empirical, occlusive,
run by odium or harmony,
with courage or cowardice,
with defensive principles or paranoid irrationality.

There are kinds of government by man.

There are for example:

bullet the totalitarian in a necessarily anti-Creator,
self-elevation of man or any appointee at his will*A;
bullet the democratic, when people play god as in communism,
act as god as in fully-fledged socialism,

or seek the Lord as to a significant extent -
formerly in
Britain and the USA
but now decreasingly so -
as noticeably even now,  in
Denmark and Finland
bullet the royal as in persons-replacing-principles denotation,
soaring elevations with or without limits,
(absolute monarchy as distinct from absolute ideas, principles or codes, bases),
and the constitutional monarchies, which subordinate themselves to rules
or to the Ruler of all, as the case may be, and this truly or hypocritically;
bullet the traditional (when combinations of kind become the ultimate directive);
bullet the godly, when the ways of the Lord are made that to which the society is inclined,
in law, in liberty, in moral tone, in school education, in discerning tertiary codes,
as in that enlightenment of spirit which engenders strength through realism; and
bullet the godless, where substitutes for God act as gods,
and make little the man they affect to serve,
or else appointees of man are given the celestial status of God,
but of course not the power or the wisdom.

This conspicuously adds to the production the coarse and corrupt side of the course of human history.


There are kinds of morals*1




pro-ideational principles, unverifiable,
pro-religious effusion (unverified),

pro-Creator-per-verified revelation (prelude to biblical Christian, in providing the
schema but not yet the response), in that unique fulfilled two-testamental reality,

pro-Creator per unverified revelation (as Islam, some sects)

pro-Creator per aborted revelation (conservative Judaism, minus defined Messiah cf. Highway of Holiness Ch. 4, SMR Chs. 1, 10),

pro-Creator-Redeemer, Jesus Christ:
Christian fulfilled two-testamental reality,
(Old Testament fulfilled in New Testament entirely),
directed by verified revelation, definitive in word in the Bible, in life, in the Messiah,
these being saved from separation from God,
and restored to Him, through faith by grace (Ephesians 2).

Within these kinds, there is elaborate created provision for

classification extension
and in the micro-biological level*2,
these are objective, distinct and measurable in basis.

At the personal level, definable as that combination of moral, aesthetic, ethical, volitional, imaginative, synthesis and internality found in man -
because of its distinctive operational totality in function -

there are kinds

of morals as noted,

as of aesthetics, ethics, ideation, aspiration, inspiration;

and because personal life is here in this full-orbed fashion,

there is room for increasingly subtle, complex and individual assemblages at the perspective-directive kind of level.




Thus human kind, expressed individual format, can be kind or unkind (obviously related to the kind of kind that man is taken to be) - and subject to, or free from cultural thrust and dynamic, while seeking to vary this to its will or whim; or when taken in hand by its Good Shepherd, God as man (Ezekiel 34 with John 10 and Hosea 13:14, Psalm 45, Zechariah 12:10), it may be found seeking to be pleasing to the Creator-Redeemer, to God in all things (Colossians 1:10), while purged from time to time (as it were 'wormed', Hebrews 12), purified, disciplined (Psalm 32, 51), delivered, enabled, blessed and refreshed, and in short, living!

What then of this human KIND ?

It can be callow or callous,
arty or crafty,
obstructive or empirical in stress,
mellow or martial
sensitive or brutal,
angelic or devilish,
submerged in tradition
or unbalanced in thought,
directed by disruptive initiatives
or reclusive in fixed fashions,
fashionable or unfashionable,
as time passes.

It can combine cruelty with cut-up and false versions of the biblical revelation, 
as in Romanism,
or revised additive options as in the Koran,
or adventitious, but related, perverse and irrational substitutes, like Communism*3;

or it can use the the Bible in distorted versions or conversions,
agreeable to
innovation, alteration, inhibition or laxity at will,
subverting by abuse, and mocking by codicils as unauthorised as absurd,
as clangorous, as clashing with the Bible it seeks to harness to its own ends,
as seductive without grounds in truth, subversive of biblical truth, as in the sects.

Such is human kind, but there is more.

It can be merciless in the name of mercy,
or unkind in the name of kindness,
using direct or indirect focus on figments or ideas of desire,
in the supposed interests of worship.

It can worship God or the devil,

made-up gods or the One who made up man.

These are a few of the multiplied mergers or divergencies
that exist, or may be aroused between
man-as-a-person with truth, reality and God.

These can by Him who has all knowledge,
be graded, in kind, intensity, rationality, sincerity and
results - He speaks of many stripes, or few;

and they may be followed by man through the criteria of corruption,
drawn to such errors,
despite reason and according to desire, in various combinations.
Instead, such daring and inordinate presumptions
may be jettisoned or bypassed by man, this time in purity of disciplined aspiration,
provided by revelation and through acceptance of Biblical  revelation,
its text not deliberative, but determinative,
received as also it is found to be,
as validated, verified truth; and this where the salvation of God
so described and prescribed, is through faith, implemented by the power of the Spirit of God.

In this last, in the kindness of God,
there is Jesus Christ as Personal Operator in Profundity for man, and Creator incarnate,
just as there is the Father, He who sent Him and likewise, the Spirit of God whose work includes application
of these things, and
provision of the communion of Christ, to man.

It is these three who are one testimony of one God who is wonderful,
neither self-serving nor endorsing those who are.

God is infinitely distinctive from man, but capable of bringing man exceedingly close to Himself.

Thus the Biblical concept of kind abounds on all sides in the creation,
as does the spiritual scope for what is in the image of God, to entertain stringent divergence,
as if this were better than God, and as to this, the human heart in rebellion,
it is rampant against any kind, if not manacled by some kind of passion,
and seeks like space ships into space unfolding, to go where it may!

In such ways, pathological outside kind, as in others within kind, the provision for variety abounds;

and the conditions for both obtrude.

Even in man's thoughts, purposes, aspirations, dispositions and impositions,
there are logical principles, criteria of truth, consistencies of concept,
available, and sometimes applied,
there are also things present, but perverted or even inverted,
as in irrationalism, with distinctive results.

Thus even in the fluidities of thought of human kind, and diversities of human persons,
there are limits that enable coherence of thought for mere comprehensibility and cognition,
and its expression in language of whatever type, form or mode.

The intimate kinds of rationality, in terms of reason in general, validity and verification, in particular are for man. He can visit God and opt for and pursue non-God orientation, and with this, imagine revelation or non-revelation perspectives. Instead, he may reach reality; nut rejecting this after all,  cavort instead, abort its impact, distort its gift and live or die accordingly. Many brought up in strong Christian backgrounds, appear, not having been saved, to do this, providing a corrupt flavour of animus and a corruptive provision of sedition. Like the flavour of fruit juice, it may be recognised.

Outside the living God, who acts, who spoken, and who explains all - without residue, meets all empirical and rational reality with effectiveness and even over-arches it  (cf. Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ), there are flexibilities of thought in various degrees of irrationality and empirical failure, and moralities of various combinations of kind (cf. News 19), some paralleling the search for the worst-dressed person, in some ludicrous sartorial assembly as may occur in a party game. All those astray from the truth God has given, however, fail in one thing. It is this.

They exhibit the kind and scope of the freedom of human kind, the thoroughness in kind available in man's commitment to drive and thrust, to bustle and bust, to muster, to build delusive dreams, demonstrable reality apart,  from the day of the tower of Babel on (Genesis 11).

In parallel, this vast variety outside kind, and intimate shaping within it,  shows the depths of man's responsibility for the disposition of his thought, perspective and action and will, as he fingers options and fashions roads often in blind exaltation, sometimes in hostile frustration; and it invites him to consider that just as he elects to judge his fellows, so he will be judged. He judges this, he judges that, he fudges this, he fudges that, he stridently attacks, he loosely accepts, he wallows, he swallows as if not noticing the ingredients proceeding within; he kills; he wills, he objects, he shouts, he denies, and forgetting to repent, eluding the love of God, evacuating all hearing of His mercy, he seeks his place in that hell which is eternal exclusion from God. It is rather like a guilty transgressor, determined not to keep the ways that are right, inveterate in craft, proceeding always amiss, never at rest, till the end comes ...




Thank God for the Bible, its decisive text and immutable truth, for the Lord Himself, crucified but uncorrupted, assaulted but uncompromising, truth that will not lie, the Saviour who will not wander, the way that does not diverge into diversions or diversity, but coming from God, leads to there and nowhere else.

Thank God that He sent His Son (I John 4:14, 1:1-4) so that we can know the kind of treatment He has in mind, for us, and see the kind of treatment that man-in-religious dress or pagan, has for things divine, and for God Himself, were it but possible!

It is exceedingly kind in view of the kind of mess man has made of this world and of himself, that such provision is not only made, but continues both relevant for operation, and operational in power.

It involves God's incarnation of nothing short of His Eternal Word, the Creator, Him whose was the very work of creation, into human kind, so that He might be kind to our kind (Titus 2-3, Hebrews 2).

What kind therefore, of judgment must human kind expect if electing to reject, defer, deride so great a salvation (Hebrews1-2), from the grand majesty and tender pity of God! (Lamentations 3:33, Ezekiel 33:11, Colossians 1:19ff.).

In Him, a vast compassion, coming even to kinship with human kind, provides a criterion for pity, the exemplar for love, the pinnacle for performance; and its fruit is peace, with one another and with God.


Mankind as the resultant dynamic overall for the kind, having used a rebellion that makes itself more and more manifest, having used dissonance, sought divisive détente, having exhibited specious desire to mutate the biblical revelation and to delete, or mutate the biblical Christ, and failed: now is moving sharply backward. It is to the apotheosis of man, via the quasi-apotheosis of nothing, biblically predicted (II Thessalonians 2, Romans 1:17ff., Deuteronomy 32:21ff., Isaiah 41:21-23, Jeremiah 23:18-30).  Arising like a Boeing 737 from the depths of the sea, from the wreckage of the ages, is the self-vaunting specimen whom inveterate man is getting ready to acclaim, glory from the ditch, an act in keeping, though it be the final one for the Age, with those which went before in rebellions,  from Adam on (cf. II Thessalonians 2*4).

Idols of the heart and of the head, of the nations and of the cultures, these come as dust-storms where desiccation prevails, and rain does not fall.

Thus in Hebrew, one basic term (translit. - hebel) for the very concept of 'idol' incorporates concept of vanity, mere breath, vapour, worthlessness, with connotations of deceit and vanity. When not-God comes as in Deuteronomy 32:17-21, into prominence, the concept is on that which IS NOT, is a lie, a breath, an intrusion from mere dream, a vain emptiness. When IDOLS (Revelation 17, II Thess. 2:4) become the summit as forecast, then nothingness, emptiness will be their nature, as it now is and will be most obviously. Such eminent self-contradictories become the very stuff of thought for the thoughtlessly inclined, the God expulsion company (cf. Barbs ... 29,  Ch. 4 above).

This star-billed nothing, vanity, emptiness (Buddhism has its version too cf. SMR pp. 996ff., while organic evolutionism is indebted at length to the same empty source, cf. SMR pp. 999ff.).

These apotheoses, naturally tending towards human personality distorted, disturbed, falsely dynamised, whether representatively construed or taken direct, because of the very vacuity of their principles, have been seen in partial format before. Now, more and more, they are becoming fashionable in the cultural enclaves of distorted, distorting man, in his alienation as a creation, from his principles, principal and performance criteria.

Indeed, nations have already, in the not too distant past, set up structures akin to this ultimate thrust coming to ravage the end of the Age,  before itself being reduced to ruin (II Thessalonians 1).


With  the USSR, it was in Stalin and the chance-necessities of its pathetically self-contradictory, Communist theories,


with China in Mao and his Little Red Book,


with Hitler (the 'father' if you please!, like the Pope,
the latter a more specific derivative from the Bible,
though contrary to it, in a clash of the centuries,
SMR pp. 911ff., 1032ff.):
the master race enthroned its ever more bleeding crown for a little.

Even Western democracies more generally, swept by the vacuities of increasingly militant naturalism allied to its counterpart, vacuous mysticism, unformed and unformulated since any formulation of that emptiness yield only self-contradiction (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!), are moving.

Whither ? It is towards the apotheosis of something (with Hegel, of the State, with Hitler some racial mysticism as in the hinterland of Rosenberg, while with the European Community a 'future together' site unspecified). Some would like man to be beckoned by a pseudo-spiritual something, and assuredly he is acting as if he were. Alas, however,  so far from being pseudo-spiritual, it is as the devil himself, a force subterranean, not angelic, subversive of man's potential destiny, being ignorant and confused except in one thing: POWER is sought away from God.

As in many such treaties and treatments, alliances and agreements, what is SAID and where the power is in fact intended, are two very different things. This is the essence of all deceit, of which the devil is admittedly the master ("father of lies" is Christ's term for that proud spirit - John 8:44 cf. II Corinthians 11:4,13-15). This adversary of truth and defiler of what he may, is one who even loves, as we both read and see,  to create new 'christs' for whom no cross is necessary, implements of his aspirations, tools of his deceit.

Meanwhile, the blinded vision of man has his fingers fumbling into life, seeking a blending of all religious kinds (The Australian, July 26, specifying the force of PM Rudd's desire for 'dialogue' which in context, tends to mean the domain of  'die' is for specifics,  and 'live' for compromise. Where God's word is compromised, this MEANS the lie! as in Romans 1:25, II Thess. 2:11). Rudd's voice is but one more voice as many have spoken earlier and movements thrust their ways into history (cf. News 121, 122, Ch. 3 above). Yes, there is the biological side and slide also, as man fumbles likewise with embryos, despite opportunities for stem cells in bodily tissues and umbilical cords, to make according to his good pleasure, just as his desire leads. While in some things,  therapy beckons, lust for life-power blinds and binds swiftly behind it.  Ignorantly ignoring the Creator, instead of being reconciled to Him, man seeks more and more to take over life for himself, like a little girl snatching her neighbour's doll: but this is no doll!

Again, this our race,  is becoming increasingly apt at generating genocides. At times,  instead of wanting the heavens as well as the earth (space race and religious rule alike), he wants to deny both if possible or necessary, by wiping out races or ideologies undesired, seeking to delete the hearts of those who have or hold them, via the slaughter of their bodies. Indeed, the Serbian case recently in overwhelming horror revealed in the Press, one where babes and all alike, were there for one purpose only before their mentors, and deceptive captors: to be removed with swift thrust, with no deterrent on method or result.

Whether in invading embryos, or nations, or generating genocides, amending races and making irrational bitzas of erratic ideologies, man is divorcing with intensive action, as much from rational kind as from human mind, assuredly from human kindness, and from God.

This phase, as it mounts and intensifies,  includes the predicted death-prelude of Revelation 6, a militant march of mortality before the final curtain comes down on our Age, one where death becomes an express directive and direction of dynamic. Aversion from the Giver of life has this as an assignable pathology at length. One item is expressed in this chapter of Revelation like this:

"Another horse, fiery red, went out.
And it was granted to the one who sat on it
to take peace from the earth, and
that people should kill one another;
and there was given to him a great sword."

The abstraction of peace, the retraction of life, the contraction of these killer-pressures, the wildness of the follies, the statutory removal of peace from such an earth as this: these are not just words of colour, they are in their abundant referents, found to be deeds of a dynamic as atrocious in concept as horrid in performance. This earth writhes; and those who read and do not writhe, must consider the increasing domains where others do, and their own position before the God of creation and of redemption, whose ways do not change.

The USA has most sadly fallen for this deceitful fallacy in creating with power-broking, anti-Christian bluster, and immoral clusters, a new America which alas, is like sour dough compared with the old.

It increasingly appears that  its direction is no longer upward as one national whole, but down from deity, design, to its own kind of free love, so-called, even to aversion to the opposition to perversion, to movement form the Christian home to the industrial two-fold producers with officially trained State providers for children. In this, Britain has been a defined and at times refined accompaniment, in fall.

To be sure, MANY nations are following, some with far more meanness, the same direction; but these two need to be mentioned, since it was their significant commitment, in various forms and degrees, to Christianity which made them both distinctive and different, ready with power to act either at times for Christian things (both were prodigious in missionary programs and works), or for freedom which, in view of the reality of truth, tends where violence is not vile, to bring man back towards God.

The last act has 2 supervening kinds, the Biblical Christian  following God as He shows Himself to be and those disaligned and misaligned, at whose instance, the people of God are increasingly maligned.

In all of this, the Christian as Christ directed , must be careful to keep himself/herself in the love of God (Matthew 24:11).

"Keep yourselves in the love of God,
looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life "
(Jude 21).

It is the Lord who keeps His own (Ephesians 1:11), and His own who love to remain not in hatred or fear, but in the love of God, imbibing and transmitting it, that love which rejoices in the truth (I Corinthians 13). They rejoice scarcely less,  in providing the Gospel of the grace of God because of this love and its concern, and that without pollution or alteration. This they do,  as faithful to Him who created, redeemed and called His people, with sincere passion inviting all, with truth and reality receiving those who come to Him where He may be found, not where man reckons, but precisely ... where He says (cf. Isaiah 55, 66:2, Galatians 1, 3, John 5:24, Matthew 22:1-14, esp. v. 9).


As to this kind which is humankind, it is in danger of self-imposed ruin. Indeed,  since humanity is a creation of the God of all pity, purity and compassion, of judgment and of truth, whose works are a veritable prodigy of mercy, to the point of dying in the format of man on the Cross for man, as many as would come freely to Him (Isaiah 55, Romans 3, Galatians 3), man is now both asking for and with increasing cyclotronic acceleration, receiving judgment.

Consulting the book of the Lord, that kind book for humankind, we find this at this present hour in 2008, is almost a token of what is to come. Now we look at the monuments to pitiless abominations on the part of man, who despising the order and organisational miracles of God, and rejecting Him who is their source, is thrusting these, often with delight, in our faces. Yet he who does such things, unless he repent, will find, alas in the very grief of it, for it is so unnecessary - find what ? He will find the successive removal of some of the guardians for this earth, with vast asteroid or parallel impacts, water pollution, heat escalation, disease and distempers.

Revelation 6-8 shows some of these. History, as is its invariable custom with the word of God, will in a little while (Luke 24:21) show them moulded into events. Embroiled in traditional hostilities, enhanced by power and subterfuge, high power to low nations, many are far from the relative quiet of some Western style democracies: toiling in blood, they writhe in anguish, and others suffer their devilish deeds.

One would wish to be kind to humankind with the kindness and love of the God who has sent us who are Christians to awaken others; and any moderations are good and to be valued. But the unholiness of hostility towards the Creator-Redeemer, and the slighting of Christ in that pre-eminent and ruthless compromise called dialogue, alas, is asking for reminders of one thing. It is this. The word of God is the WORD of GOD, of the Creator, His handbook. Can you have dialogue with the makers of a space-ship on the conditions of its travel ? If it were to be made differently, well: but man has ALREADY been made. We are not discussing possibilities therefore, but commands for what he is NOW.

To have dialogue on YOUR own preferences and propositions is one thing; but to have it on those of the Almighty is almost a verbalised sneer, a fleer, a flutter as in a gamble, or a skip as in a gambol; but alas it is neither for, nor from little lambs. There is no innocency in it whatever. Codes and kind are not for the blind, but for those who can read. Commands are not to spoil or foil, but to liberate into life, into finding what its limitations direct, its vitalities can give, its point of production comprises. Without it, as in any design, as in the misuse of any kind of production, the results may indeed appear unkind, in breaking and bruising; but they are the companions of disregard and the substitution for mankind, before God, of reconciliation and remedy by riot and renegacy. For this, there is, has been and never will be, any remedy. Sickness insisted on is death.

bullet What matters is substitution, instead, of CHRIST
bullet for the sinner;
bullet for the repentant one who believes God (Isaiah 66:2, Luke 13:1ff.);
bullet for the one who awakens to his disastrous ineptitudes of spirit,
his not even knowing God,
his disregard of His word,
his elevation of his views to compete with the divine news,
his implicit failure to recognise that God is no speechless surveyor
of the ruin of His creation by unruliness,
but the Speaker of the Word of God, that tested and invaluable book, the Bible,
and the Sender of Jesus Christ,
that tested provider of salvation by substitution for the sinner on the Cross,
that source of power in the resurrection,
that last word to death,
that first and final word to eternal life.

Not all the best things are free; but the most necessary ones are free; and in this freedom, there is escape from being driven, like marauding cattle, rustled beasts, to what is inept for man, ruin and destruction, when life calls. The beautiful thing is this, that just as Hebrews 2:1-3 reminds us of the need to act, so Hebrews  6:19 tells us of its most blessed result, when the action is this: to believe the Gospel, receive its Christ and rely on Him only past any other name, with neither addition nor subtraction from His word, nor any other dilettante or mountebank presumption. The freedom is complete as is His saving work (Hebrews 9-10, Romans 3:23ff.), and in NOT seeking to save yourself, you receive the gift by grace through faith, of eternal life. With Him, that is assuredly not too long! (cf. Revelation 22, and 7:14ff.).

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. .




On Statism, see SMR Bk 3, Glossary, at 844.


See News 19. Also there are  multitudes of fields, each articulable, extensible, investigable, with its own canons, criteria and dominion, where disciple of mind leads to awareness of the relevant functions as elsewhere, none dispensable where man is concerned, each operative for him and to some extent in him. This is presented in its appropriate setting in

Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth Ch. 6, in association with Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ and Deity and Design ...

In the former of these, there is a summary that may prove beneficial here, and so it is included; but its original Chapter must be remembered as its source and referent for pursuit.

Here then we see the two sides of reality, a derivative from its ground of existence in ONE MOULD, in terms of the liberty occasioned for its participants, in their original construction, where will acts in constriction and contradiction. Indeed, more, it may act within the stringencies, either consciously or not, of separation, sedition and conspiracy, acting designing to segregate the design called 'man', from his source, to grasp the power and run with it! Where however can he run, since the course for his feet, this too is constructed. Thus the mob of violence runs each into the other, and much of the blood-soaked mud of history is so created.

What on any naturalistic or monistic ground


in metaphysics is mere discord (cf. SMR Chs.   3,   10),


in aesthetics mere mumble (cf. SMR Ch. 5


in ethics platitude without meaning (News 19),


in epistemology mere vacuity (cf. TMR Ch. 5),


in politics defeatism (cf. Questions and Answers Ch. 7), or else towers built on invisible clouds,


all reductionist, irrational or both (cf. What is the Chaff to the Wheat Chs.   3 and ),


now on the supernatural origin of the regimented and volitional natural,  becomes




in essence predictable,


and assuredly verifiable on the ground of the creator, whose verified word is without inhibition


exhibiting the fitting conclusion, like a thunder-clap to a murder.

In all things on such a basis, it leaves nothing in the least difficult, whereas on the other model, there is nothing but failure, for there is never explanation for knowledge, existence, division, beauty or morals, but only tired reductionisms, without power, without ground and without the necessary result. It is simple fact that creationism in general, but more specifically biblical creationism with the creator who has acted and declared Himself verifiably in the Bible (cf. SMR Chs. 1-3, 10, 8-9, 5), accounts for everything as nothing else either does or can (cf. Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer).

Thus created man, in one mould but with spirit in an actual universe of knowable kind with a Creator who made him, rather than some glorified incapacity, can believe in culturally sanctified myths (cf. Secular Myths and Sacred Truth, Delusive Drift or DIvine Dynamic    7,   3, SMR p. 252I)) without too much trouble. This phenomenon can come from the consequences of will in his mind and in his spirit, so that he can readily believe the deluded and childish concept of organic evolution, by which he affirms whatever it is that he thinks he is in order to become more of it, whatever that is, though he never finds it making the substance of what-is, that great experimental absentee in any naturalistic viewing, nor does he discover the grounds of it, nor the way of it, but rather explores delusion in battling camps*1B. He may even talk of principles*1 as if they were powers to do, not mental conceptions to cover with words what actually happens - which, sadly for naturalistic man, this does not manage to do*1.

The Bible however speaks of diversification within kinds only, from the Creator in His initial impact, formation and formulation; and as to creation, it is over, as the evidence continually attests while man tries to prod, curse, bless or induce it to do some more, to which it responds rather like a dog having its toe-nails cut by someone with aspirations to be a surgeon. (Cf. The Defining Drama Ch. 10, TMR Appendix I, Ch. 1.)

Thus it is mere routine exemplification of the supernatural schema when we find that naturalistic man wills to be what his position voids in operation, both in its very statement and in its performance criteria, as well as performance exhibits; and this, by sheer exuberance of imagination, in one of the choicest pieces of ludicrous cant this world has ever produced; this while he is born and dies and is given his genes and is faced by his God, whom he ignores as if his very life depended on it. That is what will is about in a creation which has it, and is placed in a natural climate with supernatural access.

It is moreover, precisely what Romans 1:17ff., tells us about, a further verification in the specific milieu of the Bible. Further, it is precisely there that the remedy for this consequence of such a creation is presented, with its own verificatory testimonials

(cf. The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy, It Bubbles ...
Ch. 9, Repent or Perish Chs.   2,   7).




See Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, as noted in Ch. 4 above, as marked.



See, The Meaning of Remedy and the Message of Liberty. This work shows the necessity that the required remedy for man be found in the Bible, and in Ch. 9, there is a coverage of the relationship of Communism to Christianity in a way that somewhat reminds one of the relationship of Marx to Hegel! From this Chapter, an excerpt is presented, below.

We referred earlier to Communism in terms of false religion, one contrasting with this vignette of victories in Revelation 14. The work of Lester de Koster, Communism and Christian Faith, handles this well. In this sort of vein, we see that the proletariat or commoners, are the place-fillers for the Messiah; the CLASS situation is the SIN; the overthrow of this is the overthrow of the DEVIL, and the dictatorship of the proletariat, is the HEAVEN. The LAW of Communism, we must add, though it does not work, has been imagined: that by which history has no choice but to follow on to produce a world communism; and while this failure is seen in this only covertly religious system, the movement towards mimicry of the actual situation under Almighty God with His law, is notable!

While this of course provides precisely the opposite of the case for the Marxist decidedly NON-paradise of decidedly RIFE repression in a decidedly NON-liberated situation, just as do the ways in which it comes fail to meet the case (as in SMR pp. 925-926), yet the direction of thought is clear. GOD is to be displaced, preferably with a sort of mimicry of style, at last, which however futilely, is designed to hold some semblance of conceivability.  Such is the path of delusion, a little spice in a sordid mass. Indeed, it is decidedly humiliating to be told thousands of years in advance the very character and unviability of your so intelligent schemings!

But let us proceed with the spiritual parallel which Communism provides, to Christianity.

The SACRIFICE is of the kulaks is then to be considered, that is, of the land holders who were given Siberia for payment, and prison or labour camp as receipt; though this is not strictly in the bookish version, only in that of history. The power to propel matter into man, man into politics, politics into a classless society (except for the rulers of course), and this into heaven, this law in what has to be a ludicrously lawless chaos (cf. SMR pp. 284-315C), is merely one of the side-shows to the Communist fair, this covertly religious atheism, which draws many to its execution squads, not all willingly. Without any possible access to truth, since no absolute (ostensibly) is permitted, Communist tells it anyway, and it does not happen that way, anyway.

Yet it TELLS Falun Gong as if a LORD, what to do, and where to die in many cases, by report. So you have the sense of LORD in their system too! This 'lord', he kills; the Lord of truth, brings life. They are antithetical, like heaven and hell, like verification and falsification, like God and the devil; and their source is antithetical, truth and lie, and their results are antithetical, liberty and bondage. As to the latter, it can be extended, if you want to press the image, into the lingering prisons of 're-education' and the resourceful endeavours so well exhibited by Arthur Koestler in his Darkness at Noon, and by Solzhenitsyn in his Gulag Archipelago, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch, and First Circle. This becomes their version of hell.

In one sense, then, Communism too is a perversion of Christianity, using its categories and abandoning its logic in irrational insistences made to history, which does not, simply does not hear! It is a reductionism applied to Christianity, a removal of the substance in the interests of a poor, depleted and denuded caricature of it. Its smuggled in god, a mimicry who is quite inept, cannot do what the real One does; and so it fails to function. What does not exist cannot do anything; and miracles would be needed to make communism work, its laws operate and its thoughts cohere.

Miracles however are not performed for unreason, by truth; but by truth for a reason.

Thus there has been a flurry in the skies of Mystery Babylon, as Revelation 17 calls it. Communism has taken its due place in the spiritually subversive pretences of man, the political-social-spiritual-moral-economic-military complexes of power that oppress man, acting as if to imitate if not take over from God Himself! However, it was long preceded by another, and it is this other which continues in its pride of place to the end. What then is the final form for the dying folly of Mystery Babylon, that derivative and type found in ancient Babylon, that collector of religions, that idolatrous power, that earlier assailant on sinning Jerusalem! (cf. Jeremiah 25, 50-51).

What is its death mask of this 'Babylon' of seven hills ? What is the final look of the thing, before it goes, to be superseded by the beast himself (as in Revelation 17:9-10,16) ? Prior to its destruction and the final outrage of the beast direct (17:16), what is it ? and what is its name ?

This death mask of Mystery Babylon, the final form of this long standing world empire and religion dictating model, it is Rome as SMR pp. 946ff.   shows. It is indeed the city of the 7 hills (Revelation 17:9). It is none other and nothing else. It has collected, after the manner of harlotry, many subsidiaries and associates to be sure, and hence the name and the 'mystery' (cf. SMR p. 729, Biblical Blessings Chs. 2 and 6), but it is for all that, its very own self. At the time of John's writing, the whole final contraption was future (Revelation 17:12); but as to our own present time, our contemporary situation, the 'ten' have now long been present. Things progress, and the word of God prospers exceedingly!

The 4th and final Empire of Daniel 7:7-8,23-25, this continues till the NEAR end, when it is displaced by the final form of beastliness itself, as in Revelation 17:14ff.. We trace it in some detail in SMR pp. 886ff., 902ff. Then this city of the seven hills is to find what it has given. Revelation 14:8 announces this salient event, and Revelation 17-18 deals with the fiery details.

It goes, being removed, the 'harlot' disestablished; but the beast itself has a little further to go. It has to take its last change of tactics, its more direct approach, and not to try to make it universal, not at all: the decision is to ENSURE that it is so. It may involve deceit, fraud, pretence, and diversion of thought by ingenious means, but the world has to be INDUCED to follow folly, so that the result can be PRODUCED. Alas as for all folly, all irrationality and all irreverence towards God, the time is merely an occasion of demonstration of the pride and price of folly, the significance of sin, the meaning*1 of lie, and it goes with a fury which matches the folly of its intentions.

That is kept till Revelation 19, but the intensity of the efforts to CONTROL ALL THINGS IN ALL WAYS, is seen not only in the economic stringencies, so that all transactions can be monitored, in intention anyway (as in Rev. 13:16-17), but in the spiritual, the end and aim of the whole matter, in WORSHIP (as in Rev. 13:15), on pain of death. Some worship! It is of course aided by the credulous confusion, which, as so often in the FIRST stages of some inane revolution, or perhaps even some partly justified one, declares its wonder at the new thing. Thus in Revelation 13:3ff., we read that "all the world marvelled and followed the beast." Its deadly wound was healed!

That is but prelude to its deadly wound becoming prelude to its drastic repulse and just judgment (Revelation 19).



See Biblical Blessings Ch. 2, for example.