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DNA has its SAY!

DNA has all the 'Lights and Perfections' in Man's Material Matrix of that same DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that wrote
through Man, the Word of God
to the Mind and Spirit of Man.



In our last Chapter, it was noted that science does tend to be a postiori, looking at the area of what is, and considering what it does.

Let us now proceed further. It tends, moreover, in and by itself, to be either irrelevant or presumptuous in going beyond this, and seeking to determine what is not seen, does not occur and what shows no originating flush at work, in any phase or site. Then it tends to degenerate its a depiction of non-events (those prior to our settled regime) in the light of events (things in type happening now), and to take it that what occurs, is the way what occurs occurred. This is purposely heavy, as this is a perfect mirror to the thought. Trying to use action in situ, for what is there, to determine placement in situ is not unlike trying to determine where a bank account came from, by its amount and use. It is an entirely different affair. It is rather like the current Australian election, in which both major parties are trying to show the best way to spend multiplied billions of 'excess' budget credit.

Suppose we found the one marginally more apt; there yet remains a great dividing line between this and his contestant. In the event it is the Government which is marginally better at spending it. In that case, it would have yet one colossal advantage. It was by it that the amount of funds were GENERATED. That is not only an important, but a crucial difference. If children killed their parents, then again, in their thoughts of spending, they would differ from their now deceased parents, when they were last alive, in this, that the parents would be more inclined to be spending what they earned. Their would be a correlation, I earn it, I spend it; not they earned it, we spend it.

When you may be starving, you would remember more vividly than some, the difference between this or that hand that feeds you, the origin of the food you may suddenly receive, from the question how it came to be in that hand, or how that hand came into being. Trying to work out by the food alone, how it was made, or where or how the giver got the money to provide it, and whether he made it himself or bought it from a factory or shop: this would not be so obvious and readily performable a project as noting that there is firstly, a gift of the stuff, and second a use for it . Origins and actualities, what produced and what happens to what is produced, are of course decidedly different. Though in this field it seems it is almost systematically forgotten, they are two very different things.

However you might eventually, given help from the giver, find out the source of his power and the mode of the manufacture of the food, you certainly would not attribute it to the nature of decay in the food you receive over time (this being spoliation, not creation of it, when all is said and done), or the way it nourishes you. What is, its function, what comes, its mode, are entirely diverse fields of enquiry, and to try to 'deduce' from the former the nature of the latter, though of significance, cannot rest on merely scientific effort. There may be indications or there may not, of this or that particular; but it is sure that the mode of institution is not the same as the method of operation. If so, then has confusion, as Shakespeare put it, its masterpiece.

To be sure the POWER and something of the NATURE of the giver may be indicated; but this is far from being an account of his methodology, either volitionally or empirically, in gaining what he gave, and how he gave it.

What is logically required, therefore, this is more readily traceable, since logic is the basis of language and of thought, and without it man cannot even contest truth. Disorder is not discernible in comprehensibility. THAT requires thought and order, perspective and modes of thought and the discipline of cognitive and verbal expression.

You need massive fountains of energy to commence, as ONE of the needful attributes. It is here. It had a source, it must have been there to be dealt out. Emplacement of energy in its turn, equally needs creation of energy to enable its placement; and forming energy into matter requires the skill and power to compress or configure it into characterisable forms, formats or functions, sui generis each one, and so disport it. Thus, putting matter into a brain, requires the skill to make the billions of units which are so configured that they are, like a tape-recorder for a voice, useful for serving thought, but quite unconnected with the thought being transferred for oral transmission. It is the depiction of the event, not its occurrence which is in view, and though the recording is itself an event, it merely transmits what we want, in no sense creating it. In vain would you put the empty record on stage and await its creation of song.

As to the former point, the production of what may or may not be recorded and transmitted by transmissive devices, relative to the thing available to transmit: we must face the difference. Thought is what has its own internal laws of verity and validity, and while capable of being abused like the deformation of design when a car crashes, or homosexual parties embrace in a non-conceiving unity, which is defective in propagation, yet it has standards without which it comes to resemble a drunken orgy in logic or truth or a progression of concepts through labour and imagination to advance nowhere but into internal muddle.

A cosmos of action and form and formation or formulation, depending on the case, may be subject to assault, misuse or misunderstanding (as when a babe tries to drive a car), and this may be the result of total failure to conceive its appointed acuities and remarkable results pending a fit purpose; but whether or not it suffers such confrontation, by idle thought, diseased imagination or subtle power to disrupt (as when a surgeon may cut into parts of a healthy brain for things almost inconceivable except when political madness, as so common on this earth, rages), it has its modus operandi. Commission of the logically creative and spiritually dimensioned event is far removed from its transmission. The one sets up the power of the paradigm with the impress of individuality; the other shows by the lack of it, what the former was.

As to the former it includes the collation of designated components, symbolic codes, vital performance, spirit to spirit communication intention and  integral operational capacity and understood attainments both to offer and by some means or other, to be received.

EACH cosmos has its own mode, and modus; and ALL cosmoi have as in a man, their summit of overall control, sometimes automatic, at times semi-automatic and often volitional, voluntary, the result of chosen priorities or models of comprehension of the whole which the one initiating its unity and community set over it to in order to use it: something for which it must answer.

It is somehow almost infinitely pathetic to see as in Time Magazine not so long ago, a picture of an open brain functioning, with its little scars, scarifications or pathologies, and to hear such talk about it from this or that commentator, as this. Here is my soul, my life! This turmoiled bit of clay! as well worship  a photo album, or bow down before a camera.

With a sort of captivated horror, and blind amazement, an hypnotic meaninglessness, like a case of Alas poor Yorick! without the skull to evoke it in memory, the memory the person, the brain is surveyed as if it were in some sense personal: while its physical equipment and procedures are as personal as a typewriter, if somewhat more complicated, and as soulful as a sow.

How absurd! Would a means be the same as what it relays ? Is a motor car the driver ? Is non-thought, thought ? Is obedience to pattern, creation of it ? Is logic physical placement ? Is purpose, poised over the the array of means for thought, only to relate to life in a myriad of means ?

Is a pianola a pianist ? Is a functionary the government ? Is equipment brilliantly contrived to enable storage of information by chemical, physical and neurological means, and to allow the translation of desire into bodily resultants, showing precisely this, all supplied with thought to analyse this, observation techniques to realise it, cognitive capacity to ratiocinate it, while working with its own energy provision means along with the digestive tract and intake module, and locomotive devices to enable action to match to some extent at least, intent, formulated with understanding and executed with desire: is this to be by some oddity of excrescential thought to be made equal to the formation of the purposes and the priorities themselves, chosen back of them!
Is the outcome the income ? Is the product  its ground ? is the collaborative construction self-construed before construction, and motivated by itself before it is there!

Are means, ends ? are provisions for thought thoughtless ?  is enduement the reason for it ?

Is a means of dispersing action in a structure, to be coincident with what it must or will say, and is the machinery to equal the machinations!

That is nothing better than making the bank which holds the billionaire's fund to be the means of making them. It is to confuse methodology of operation with the grounds, bounds and schema which govern them. As we saw in examining consciousness (Deity and Design ... Ch. 4), it is here that man becomes inane in anything offered  to account for an offshoot of spirit, in terms of matter. Nothing is ever found that is satisfactory to explain without reductionism,  for several reasons: this arena is barren and futile because it is miscalled. 

Firstly, the entirety of conscious thought, desire, motivation and perspective is one cosmos, one functionality with its own advantages and limitations and symbols and significations; and the entirety of material constructions of observable function and power, is another. TO make one the other is not merely pathological philosophy, it is irrelevant science. You do not get the ground for the result, assigning causal status to consequence, in a wild surmise that not only lacks all sequential operational processing, on display or in discernible base, but with a product-producer conflict that befuddles confusion itself.

As to the cosmoi, so impertinently and indeed impenitently confused:  imagine them all forming themselves, each for each, any for itself, meaningless alone, by the billion, and subtly manoevring their compasses to integrate and at last having a summit meaning, an ectype pattern, which has a designable name and character as ONE only when complete and at that, then magnificently so: this is simply the savagery of inveterate desire replacing the sagacity of differentiating thought. It is to misname particulars as thought, and premisses as operators, and operators as workers in a factory of mutually coded achievement to the known end. It is to confuse the criteria with their results.


This is the pathetic fallacy, in reverse, attributing originative facility to what is equipment for operation by program or by provision, as in the case of a beep-signal held in the hand, as if to confound the work and nature of desire-input at will in the device's creation,  with the processes thereby actuated; as if the results and attestations of thought should become invested with self-creation,  matters of hand to type, or mouth to speak sui generis: so that the grant to make is gratuitously made to appear identical with the activity resulting. It is the operational parody of personality, the procedural substitute for originality and the mode miasma to supplant the model.

Neither the form, nor the coding of the DNA, nor the coding of the information about how to handle information which is part of the DNA, nor the construction to the paradigm of a unitary meaning and designable capacity: not one of these is the originative work of commanded particulars, of means to these ends, of procurements for their performance; nor is the integration of the work of cosmoi an unwrought tic; nor for that matter has matter the intelligence to perceive the result of putting particles in places. It IS particles put in places, but for what and by whom and when!

To be sure, as in the tape-recorder, it is INVOLVED in the performance of such things, as a convoluted agency; but to equate the two is to miss the entire genius of what it is. They are put there with imagination which is cohesive in function, knowledge which is both particular and comprehensive in character (relative to the whole and its place in broader system), to afford  purposive action the interpretive system which can decode thought into the symbolic production, as intelligence works, putting these into words and those into strokes on keys or the like, to secure its purpose. We are  not at this point looking at the coding of material (as in digital computing), for which brilliant provision is made in the human body, but at the crafting of thought and the illumination of intelligence based on perspectives, critical thoughts and the cosmos of logic and imagination which belongs to man's spirit. This itself is merely an aetiological example; the logical principles do not alter because exemplified, but are illustrated by the example.

Consider the ludicrous character of the confusion. 

Placing mouths in millimetric nearness as a preliminary to a kiss involves the precise placement of particles of skin and moisture and the geometric alignment of skeletal structures to facilitate this, yes and the apt movement of the same to lend stability to the approximation, and as engineers we could study these things, and write a Ph.D. on them. This would be of interest, as is an egg to a child; but the POINT of it would be entirely missing. The cosmos of affection, of attraction, of delight in the personality of the other, in his or her standards of conduct and understanding of the light of life, all of these things would relate.

They would moreover, to be very different in aspect, relate as does the physical mode of a thief to the car he is stealing. The NATURE of his action, the PURPOSE of it and the PROGRAM which he is following and the POINT for which such a purpose obtains, all these things make opportunity for more minute studies of the material character of the thing rather quaint. They miss the point. If those making them, engaged in the kiss,  were to INSIST that this is really all that there is to it, and that all the other things are but dreams, they would be right up to a very minor point.

In this case, however, they would misunderstand the nature of the dreams in question. It would not be a question - as in bringing a shuttle into docking posture relative to a space station - explicable as merely a matter of engineering reality, a question of how to approximate the surfaces of the two objects. First of all, there is certainly a purpose in the matter, for man's purposes are not identical with his means. They command the latter; they are formed by thought, with its criteria, in the realm of ethics, with its criteria, and standards of life, of vitality, of origination and motivation for origination and so on. This is the empirical and aetiological fact. But even this is merely a beginning of the division.

There is next a question of why this purpose was prevailing into actuality. It was because they wanted to see how it worked. In what manner ? How it oriented when placed, what difficulties the approximation would confer, what stability the result would exhibit and so forth ? this would be the next question.

But why is the question being pursued. You could for example, have preferred as some do, to examine the love life of snails, if you can call that love, in some strange definition.

Why THIS ? it is in fact in the case of the nations of this earth at this time, often a matter of seeing how much power advantage you could gain over others if you succeeded in stability and kinetic capacity, and sourcing these things for war.

But that too is only in passing. Why be interested in war ? For different parties, it might be for different  reasons. One, as in Communism, as with al-Qaeda, might hanker after earth control; another might desire to deter those possessed by this egotistical passion of fallen man (cf. Lord of Life ... Ch. 8, More Marvels ... Ch. 4, SMR pp. 925ff., News 98).



But why follow such theories as those of Romanism (cf. SMR pp. 912ff., 1032-1088H), or Islam or Communism ? As we have abundantly seen, it is not reason or truth which requires it. Why capitulate to such people ? It would be because one's vision had failed; and in particular, the danger of the nations is that they will be so involved in a sort of incestuous hypnosis with their own desires that they have nothing worth fighting for. If, on the other hand,  capitulation to any such things does not occur, it might be because the ludicrous character of the claimants seeking rule made it the equivalent of suicide and spiritual subjugation to yield to them. Because men have spirits, they think of such things, the fact being reflected in the operational criteria (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. 5).

On the other hand, people possessed of understanding and knowing God might seek to resist in order to prevent slavery of the soul to those who abusing their own souls, are making them like mal-functioning rockets and seek other contributors to the confusion. It is best to be rid of what, misunderstanding life, seeks to run it! It is asinine to defile what alone makes you what you are; and if you are dissatisfied with it, to elect to continue so because of the affliction of eyes closed to EVIDENCE! and minds fused into dysfunctionality in logic.

In all these things, we move from purpose, to its basis, and from that, to its basis and on, not in infinite regress, but either to degenerated misconceptions ('dreams' if you will), or to verifiable and valid grounds in truth.

Far removed from the physical aspects which bespeak the spiritual objectives, is the governing reality in all of this.

To try to have a configuration of thought and understanding, of insight and purpose excluded from physical this-and-that operations is merely erecting, without ground and contrary to any ground, a cut-off of interest (Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ, The gods of naturalism have no go!). A cut-off of interest however is not a cut-off of reality.

The loss of interest itself ? This is quite possible, just as suicide is; but it does NOTHING to remove the importance of what is occurring, however blind to the anterior questions some may wish to be. While proclaiming noisily the mistakes of those who do not yield to world dominion by Romanism, or Communism, or to a particular variety of Islam, yet such varieties of 'dream' and their agencies cannot pretend to escape responsibility by determinism.

If your opponent is objectively WRONG, then objective knowledge is possible and truth is available, so that relativity as the basis of all knowledge is at once denied, while absolute truth must exist, which is impossible without the One knowing all and being willing to dispense it from ultimate perspective as from the Creator. Or if the basis of action and motivation is some god without grounds, not only not demonstrable but contrary to what is so, then again, you cannot try to escape. What has its own validity and verification will not cease to be so because of contrary passion. There is no provision for error in what is truth*A.

Mistakes MEAN that you do not merely have to follow what is necessary, for if you did the very term 'mistake' or 'error' would be meaningless. It would mean that there was liberty to contravene what is compelling; which is merely an oxymoron, and alas in perception more moronic than oxy (= sharp). On the follies of such escapes, see Repent or Perish Ch. 7. This is no reflection on the particular endowments of any, for in biblical perspective which we continually follow (it being as constantly self-confirming as initially inevitable - SMR), it is a disease which can conquer any (Ephesians 4:17-19).

bullet Trying to create a world in which creativity is not the source of creation
bullet (equals a composition of controlled components, in whole or in part,
either to make them or manipulate them, such that these cover and convey the thought, imagination or purpose of the agent)
bullet is like trying to fly without air or run without legs.
bullet What the thing provides is what is the basis of its definition.
The actualisation is the testimony of the event: creation.

When you can find firstly, the examples of this happening without creation; secondly, the means by which it happens, and thirdly, this in conjunction with its happening of its own accord, then the power of creation would be attributable to the 'system' which bore it - except where there are codes or controls that ARE visible or discernible in the field, which merely continue the act of creation of an ensemble invented long before (as when women have babies).

We do not have such a world. It is never found to be such.

We do have a resultant however which meets the criteria of creation. Hence we look for whatever source has the power so to produce. There is no other option. Ultimately it has to be eternal since if ever nothing were there, nothing could be the only future, and this would not include you or me, or others for that matter. If what was there always was not adequate to do the job, did not possess the potential, and the power to actualise it, the same result would accrue. We would not come. But come we did.

If the always present adequacy (normally called 'God') were developing over time, and using its powers to find out more so that it could grow and become better and better or more able to do what it wants, then it would be the recipient of a potential-actualisation program or power, which would imply in the beginning what is present in the end, in the institution. This would be an illogical contemplation, not the necessity of reason. (Cf. SMR pp.  92ff..) This would be a mere invention of a logical inadequacy, displaying the fruits of being created, with set limits and modes, in itself, and entirely irrelevant, like a rocket stop for morning tea on the way to the moon.

This would be merely  an interruptive and cut-down version of regarding these necessities, and it is noted in order to simplify the position for what is in view next. As to that:  it is this!



Much interest lies in new explorations, not this time of space, but of man's DNA, that language (Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed ... Ch. 4) which directs the building of each specimen, each babe,  by its billions of cell coverage of what it then has to implement with its command-consequence-strategic material combination, wrought in chronological exactitude as the child grows, so that man continues to come onto the tarmac of time.

We find that just as man is equipped with the MENTAL cosmos to employ the physical realities and geometrical powers and configuration potentials of the tongue, for the sake of the expression of the desires and deliberated thoughts of the mind, and this for the fulfilment of the purposes of the spirit*1, so the language which controls his institution in space-time to make a new person's equipment, this DNA, has multiple layers of ingenuity to secure remarkable contrivances by extreme wit in its writing and meaning, together with the relationship of those meanings to happenings, and the configuration of those happenings in time, to achieve the results which in turn rely on a unity of configuration and susceptibility to purpose that matches the arrival of the same when man arrives fully fledged at last, to direct his purpose-related equipment within the cosmos of conception, comprehension and logic.

As in the grammar  and etymology, the semantics and meaning content of human speech and writing, there are multiple and ingenious devices often condensed and systematised almost beyond belief, for man's language can be wonderful: so in the language which MAKES the body, in the equipment of man is there just that facility and complexity and understanding of modes and results, and success in achieving the same, that man has himself, when he talks, man to man.

In this respect, we read in the latest Journal of Creation, Vol. 21(3), 2007,  pp. 111ff.,  that DNA information is "overlapping-multi-layered and  multi-dimensional". As with human speech, it has multiple rules and conditions, symbols and inventions to cover its inventory. Much DNA formerly little recognised for function (‘junk’), is now found to contain information about how to use information.

Thus Williams summarises: "the junk is far more functional than the protein code." It controls the controls, directs the dirigible more minute processes, provides plan for proceedings. The 97% of DNA that does not carry protein coding commands, so far from being common to this and that creature, as if carried on, is specific, specialised and not at all dead weight. It is living zest by comparison. It is operational control, to a large extent, for the lesser processes, which have to be directed with a precision which relates to the highly intimate situation for any one creature. A SINGLE error in direction at this level could be an assault on the integrity of the whole. Ideas of shared ultimate designs in view of this are not merely jejune; they are ludicrous, as if one never heard of the rigour (as distinct from the rigor) of engineering!

Again, Williams notes from the researches in view, that 95% of the protein carrying coding is "rapidly degenerating". This fits well with Gould's apostrophe about design LOSS since the Cambrian, abundance (in major types) during it, and his famous question in heaven's name (a pity he did not apply for inspiration more aptly) concerning what on earth is going on: a theory to explain gain in the face of factual loss! (cf. Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming Ch. 6).

What then of this meta-information, the captain with the troops, this vast extent in upper level control and requirements of conformity on the grander scale ?

This only makes sense in the context of the information to which it relates. It is like having a car, and then a computer to control it. The latter involves knowledge of the former to an intense and immense degree, co-ordinate to an inordinate degree to be relevant, and beyond this to be workable. Otherwise, it is rather like choosing a wife, or having one chosen, when you do not know that you are a man; or indeed, anything at all.

Wholly different from simplistic internal systematics of some kind is the  facility  in the various  types of DNA to solve complex or even daunting problems in logistics and information conservation and storage, such as in differentiating between conserving function and making new DNA simultaneously and neatly, and the vast amount of meta-information needed to show the way in diversifying the various things that need to be done to and with the genes, which in turn are shown so numerous and remarkable in 'handling' all kinds of possible lapses through the sheer traffic of diverse purposes.

These are different worlds. It is the difference between construction and reductionism. What to thought is simple (because of its logical structure) in life is not so easy. It may involve a turmoil of processes and interlocking phenomena and provisions without which nothing could be done. Indeed Williams points out that replication does not begin at any one point, but at thousands of points, "but of these thousands of potential start points, only a sub-set are used in any one cell cycle." The nightmare of trying to proceed with normal transcription in cell operation,  on the one hand, and on the other, that for cell replication, so that each is separate, though intimately related, and multitudes act in a concert in sequence for the latter, is solved brilliantly,

Surely only in myth are such things done without mind, though the concepts of mind and its ingenuities are on constant display. Thus the cult of the forbidden drafts its worshippers, who disdain the means for the cosmoi involved, and insist on bucolic substitutes to operate in ways unknown, contrary to the type of dynamic involved, never seen, with results never found. Spiritual fog, like nerves in a cricket match, can make the wise foolish precisely as told in Romans 1:17ff., where the disease is diagnosed. It is one of insisting on substituting the created for the Creator. Just as other languages do not write themselves, but are meaningless without the informed reader with mentality to match the coded productions, so here. That is the realm. The correlation of what is written and what is done requires a duality of coded response and command; for it is the realm of symbol, signification, a jumble outside the cognisance or recognition of the code.

What  Alex Williams does in this article of review of research is to show the stunning extent of the coding provisions, editings, permissions and rejections, allowances for error and its exclusion, multiple points simultaneously starting off vast congregations of actions which relate cognitively to one simple plan of action, and this in the midst of myriads of other mini-plans all co-ordinated and protected from disruption and ruin. It is here that it is objective to refer to purpose in the rondeau of activities, and not merely to its impossible relationship to oddities of happenings, enabling it to be fiddling devastatingly with such cohesive masteries, which to disrupt even slightly could be so far form creating the functional reality, that it would in fact destroy it.

Purpose in this case ? that is, dispersed and co-ordinated actions which are coded and conditioned with various other ones from diverse information and meta-information sources such that they represent an answer to a problem, and being numerous, show a multitude of answers to a mass of problems through directive information about information and information for basic protein work. It is necessary to think in terms of results to problems, simultaneously applied, integrally active, protected both individually and by vast stores of information about the MEANS to do this.

Wherever such a structure of problem and solution, in highly active simultaneity and vast aptitude exists in such a style that it is ruin or else constitutional multi-episodic complexity and unity, and the latter obtains,  then  we have the definitional ingredients of purpose. In discerning purpose, we move in the realm of the sequence of collaterals which perform to enable a sheer multitude of diversified mini-objectives and solutions to occur jointly, to create or bring into being what is meaningless or redundant without the integrality so conferred, but intensely meaningful with it. We are talking not merely of chance sentences, but chance books.

While an author may be sensitive to mistakes about the nature of writing, the concept of a written book which has a magnificent, integral and arresting result, writing itself, is worse than inane, more than fantastic; it is beyond the indulgence of childish fancy, moving rather into myth and muddle, fables and artful magics, severed irreparably and numerously from fact, act and reality, so that it is a world of its own, contra-causal, contra-empirical, awaiting the crowning of chance, which itself is the mere unintruded upon working of system. What system is this that controls and creates ? Where is it to be found ? Not on this earth; that is the objective testimony. (Cf. SMR pp. 284-289, Ancient Words ... Chs.   9 and 13).

It is not merely irreducible complexity, but ontological integrality what is at work; multiple, jointly inter-active yet individually discrete commands and conditions for the relevance of commands, the provision of a site for error and of an editing to contain it, a cohesion of language into paragraphs of specifications and contingency plans, that bespeaks speech, or its correlative symbolic realities, and this,  purpose. Much more is involved  *2, but not less. Of interest in the meta-region is this reported point that there are over 100 pieces of meta-information, directing information facilities to joint and elaborately mutual purposes, for every one piece of simple copying information.

'Junk' is estimated to be the most active of areas! It has much to do. Its bad nomenclature is about as near the empirical mark as it would be to designate as  'junk from old cars', a functional Being 707: a fitting testimony to the irrelevance to 'science' of opportunistic theorising, based on prejudice, fed by hope which has become the order of the day for much in the field of education, a banal pseudo-professional blight on the mind of man in this genre.

This species of DNA is in fact not characterisable as junk but as control. It is so vast because the possibilities to implement and those to be guarded against in a work involving the equivalent of 1000 volumes of information, in coherent, cohesive, uniform containment of result that works as one, is already provoking the thought of infinite. While it is not that, it is by its sheer wonder of creative munificence, discipline and command sensitivity, problem solving brilliance and multi-partite combinations to secure unitary objectives, evocative of the thought; and this is precisely what the purpose of highly gifted people on earth can begin to secure ONLY when they are using both vision and intelligence. It is not possible to make something last which is at any moment to be blasted by incompetence, blinded by unorganised re-arrangement and ruined in the power to implement a single perspective in a single language in a single mode course to the task or conclusion of singularity of result.

That is where meta-information, directions for its deployment, is so irrelevant to gradualism and so decisive to degeneration, when it varies (as it does to some extent in the deteriorative dynamic that faces design in this earth, a third year course not to be taken without all that precedes being ingested). But by what did it concretise upwards, since downwards is mere the dynamic of a disintegrative gravity, the natural and observable process ? Not by non-mind in non conceptual non-alignment with the coded magnificence which never reveals itself 'on the way', yes not even in cells as Denton pointed out, which are for their part never primitive (Denton, Evolution. A Theory in Crisis). No, it was not by that.

Having vast amounts of meta-information sui generis secure delicate, intricate results in a vast project merely increases the ludicrous. It is not only gaining the commands from nowhere, to make in a composite and competent manner what can go, act, and do things of any specifiable competence elegantly (as is the case to face). It is also gaining the command-directive consignments of information which can effect matters on a vast organisation scale (like Majors ordering Captains imperiously about what they MUST do with the troops), in symbol, command and inter-connection adroitly related to all that went before, with vast powers to intervene and correct impending ruin or if confused, effect it: and then expecting these to conserve and secure the infantry when they are permanently delirious (an improvement on the actual case, where there is no systematic connection in code, concept and character).

What then of this order of command issued form nowhere vaguely, on the materialist model ? It is counter-intelligence at work, not as competent spies, but as dead robots, with disordered controls and no understanding whatever. Building by emptiness of thought, designating by moronic absence of intellection, devising by ignorance of the meaning or need for device, is as far from an indicated hypothesis as collation with known processes can go.

It is to look where the requirements in view are not present, never have been seen to operate, and to refuse to look where they are continually present before our own creative eyes; and to do so with an obstructive obfuscation which is one of the best testimonies for the REASON WHY the human race is faced, from the glorious power and majesty of God, with ever increasing indications of its fatuity. Nor is this all. There is as in all things always, a reason. Even the giddiness of the emotionally disturbed both has a reason, and provides results with a reason. If the pathological aversion is to order, the disorder has that ground; if the aversion is to compulsion, then the rebellion has ground. It is not at all a question of just or righteous or intelligent ground; it is explicable ground, based on knowledge and fulfilling it.

The reason for abstracting from what is indicated both by scientific law (Popper rightly points out that there is no law of evolution - pp. 145ff. SMR ), and ingredients made evident in the cell, not to say the human being with its mind, matter and spirit as defined in SMR: this too is comprehensible. When God is the author, and His combinations and enterprise are so far beyond our own in this creation we have been discussing, that ignoring it is merely futility married to fatuity, then many of  the pages of the book (metaphorically here, that is persons) may revolt indeed against the perspectives in the book.

They feel humiliated, unfulfilled (they must BE God or multiply in unison constitute God or anything rather than be responsive or responsible to Him, and this as a passion fatale). Unless grabbing power, as a race or within it, there is a gulf from grandeur, a lapse from self-governing lordship; and so many proceed to argue by reason which denies its own rationality as it comes (cf. Deity and Design Ch. 8), for what denies scientific method as it goes, and requires the opposite of reason for the medium of its construction AS reasonable!

The amusing aside of course is brought out well by Williams, who has published widely biological areas and co-authored 'Dismantling the Big Bang' with Hartnett. It is this. The ignoramus area, that is the part which know-all, counter-factuality, nature-myth advocates could interpret and assign without ground by mere philosophic impetus - that is the 'junk DNA' of yesteryear, is now found to be occupied to a high degree in the area of meta-information, information about how to direct, differentiate and contain the processes of simply implementing information. In this high area of command, marshalling yard of  management, here is the hyper-active, not the redundant, the powerful and not the puny, the engine of creation's conservation and supra-specification, and not the enervated residue of error!

It is found, then,  that its complex, inter-connected, sensitive work to be found in this domain makes this area far more ACTIVE than the simple copying code DNA. The major work-horse, called 'junk' because of pre-occupations with making what does NOT show the power to create information - matter per se (cf. SMR p. 80), is now found a specialist among specialists in much of its designable work!

Further, it is shown that deleterious mutations are occurring in our now ageing kind, to the extent of perhaps 100 to 300 per person per generation, so that while new information, as distinct from meta-work within limits on the DNA already there, is NOT being created (cf. The Desire of the Nations Ch. 2 Epilogue), OLD information is being corrupted at a good clip. How this degeneration at such a rate is ever to be composed by maverick counter-evidential and illogical compulsions, into progress and development of complexity is one of the marvels and mysteries of junk philosophy.

Natural selection on a deteriorating base is rude progress, and constitutes the rupture of thought.

It is, as always, necessary for the dragooned young, put in neo-Hitlerite survival of the fittest nonsense camps, as for their more specialised purpose were those of his own land in the 1940s, to seek their deliverance from obfuscatory, and obtuse, abuse. It is so for those who are in our midst now, who urgently need to be rescued from our fallen, failed and both philosophically and morally promiscuous culture.

As to this culture, this pre-occupation with the irrelevant, this nose-dive into nothingness with contrived creativeness, it often seems in considerable sections, to be pre-occupied if not with beer or other drugs  (as with many afflicted with alcoholism or disorder of the body), then with the all but routine psychic compulsion of sneer. Yet sneering at necessary logical and empirical fact is counter-productive, and those who engage in it and try to steer society by it are far less connected to reality than is the formerly, so-called 'junk' DNA.

Such a situation, a pre-occupation, a culture is of course predicted for that part of history which has PRECISELY the ingredients of this one, including certain unique features which CANNOT be confused (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5). Such forecasts from God, now fulfilled, are to be found in II Timothy 3:1-5, 4:1-4, II Peter 2 and Matthew 24, Luke 21.God shows His pre-eminent counsel (cf. Isaiah 44:24ff-45:4) by declaring the prognosis of the spiritual disease of rebellion and irrationality, godlessness and idols of the mind by telling us millenia before, just what would be the course of this pathological condition.

One can only tremble, in love for one's fellows in this land, for those not delivered as yet from this assault from within: for the mill-stone scenarios are  in progress. Recall what Christ said in Matthew 18:6. To be the cause of 'offence' (literally STUMBLING) for those little ones who believe in Him means, says the Lord, that it would be better to have a mill-stone about your neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Education in revolt from reason and Redeemer alike is always appalling - and the point is not only nice words being spoken.

It is the actual thrust and active point of what is being presented in substance that matters (hypocrisy is not divinely approved, as Matthew 23 attests quite bluntly). So with nice theological words or without them, this junk philosophy of organic evolution in selective majesty impelling itself in school and college,  is a trip of two disasters. One is for the victims of this cultural vice, should they not be rescued; the other is that for any unrepentant amongst those who knowing of the salvation of God, drop on it in this way bombs of irrationality: and immerse in the mess, the children of social miscreancy.





Just as error ends determinism, so does it open voluntarism.

Just as it is one of the many grounds for obliteration of this fixation, so does it open the many dimensions of will and knowledge.

It is precisely the capacity to be deceived, misled, imprudent, unthoughtful, illogical, determinedly unreasonable (because of a mood or mode of politics or philosophy, duly argued for by reason in inveterate confusion) which is undeterministic. Thus in this case, the human one actually, WHAT IS, what PROCEEDS is no more the final word to would-be morals and would-be events, so that interpretation and obligation come onto the tarmac, landing from above this mere process. The nature of man is no more deterministic than is the murder for jealousy (partly), ego-mania (partly), adventurist high spirits (partly) and subversive feeling (partly), with hints of revenge (mistily) or self-assertion (drunkenly) a matter of material process. Such process RESULTS (the murder weapon's sharpness, its results procedurally ...); but it is no more the entirety than is a book being read, the whole.

The thought and wish and will and imagination of the reader is also there, as were similar projects in the writer as he wrote.

Reductionism is a form of juvenile obsession which CANNOT allow reality, because of motivation or shame or hope, intellectual derring-do or whatever other non-deterministic, individualistic lust or lunge of spirit may be in operation. It would obliterate in this case whatever is not process, ignoring the propulsion of purpose to process, and of vision to purpose and of perspective in all, as in imaginative priority ratings which may vary in the psychic whole for reasons wrought by the spirit in its thought and perception which may, in turn, be reasonable or treasonable to reason, for reasons of its own. It similarly ignores the errors in the perception by spirit and the spiritual reasons for these which may act, based in false vision or perspective or priority and so on. Ignoring a world does not uncreate it. Being oblivious to its operation does not prevent it moving the reductionist as it moves those whom he would make (for invisible and motivational reasons, which may be correct in their factual base, or incorrect, and this for spiritual flaws based on information which may be correct or incorrect) his butt.

There are worlds of reason and treason, guess and surmise, deceit and integrity, hope and guess, rationality and irrationality, and they do indeed proceed from what they are to what they cause, but on grounds known, or knowable, right in factuality or wrong; and just as the mind, in its service to spirit may purposely or inadvertently (and later admittedly) use true or false reasoning process, so the spirit may itself move in its own milieu in simple or mangled error, based on a wounded personality or direct blight of itself, in rebellion against its Maker, who is not the same as the made, since results, after all, are not causes, and what is caused is not the result of itself before it is there to do it.

What however IS eternally there in order, not nothing, to continue to be (nothing cannot start any action, for then it is something that does or will act;  far less can it continue to have consequences such as this world) and act to have results duly constituted and contrived, constrained and in some cases, equipped with the formulative power of thought and purpose, is the light beyond the spirit of man, the source beyond the thought of man, to which however man is related as a result of the creativity involved.

That man may purposively pretend to obliterate God from his thoughts (like a factory granted consciousness, conscientiously obliterating all recall of its throes in being made and upkeep) is one of the elements of his liberty, that enhances his guilt or gives reality to his premises of thought and action. The various stages of anaesthesia towards God vastly increase the complexities of man's predicaments and contortions of thought and of action, making the work of an unspiritual psychiatrist or politician like that of a surgeon who did not know there was a body.

Once one accepts the data and the logic which moves to its end (as in SMR Chs.    1,    3), then of course confusion becomes clarity, reality becomes construable, verifications become incessant, validity is re-established and pathology is seen for what it is, an engrossment of the human race in a form of blindness to realities which is both its basis of most philosophy (THEREFORE always unresolved in this majority emplacement) and its ground for ruin, which now it does not like to see, though it continually and actively acts to CAUSE this.

There are processes and procedures and priorities and things static and mobile; and if all were mobile, then in what would it move, and if all were change how could it be said that this is so, since this is not changing, or if all were fixed, how could changes of heart about this be said to be fixed. The unruly efforts to compress reality into little paradigms is like compressing Stalin's slaughter-house activities into little tombs. It omits ... things like WHY he did it, confusing cause and effect, result with its mode of display and so forth.

Display  mode is not cause of what is displayed.

Again, if all were process, the static and finished thought that this is so would exclude it from that category. In addition, the holistic concept of process is itself a mere descriptive aspect of certain things. If something is to happen, it happens ? So ? What is this to show. It may happen by a process or en bloc in one spiritual act. Some things are processive; some are not. Some things are bases, some applications. That all things are MATERIAL processes is thus doubly wrong, not merely reductionist, but this with further confusion confounding its futile obsessiveness. Matter in its own domain as such,  has no evidence of consciousness, creation by reasoned processes as distinct from utilising the same already in place, or imagination; whereas mind has these, together with spirit, as its milieu. Confusion of these is not even interesting, any more than is the confusion of car and driver, instinct and active on-site thought, instrumentality and purpose.

One might as well say that all the world is a piece of string, and in support of this, argue that like string, thought is capable of being stretched, and like string, its train may be broken; that moreover, like string it in some ways holds together, and even add that some men are actually described as men of fibre ... Humour and thought often indeed have something in common, but to give sanctity to rollicking irrationality is to confuse the purposely irrational with the soberly true. Laughing at folly does not really validate it!


See on these areas, Repent or Perish Ch. 7It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. 5,
Christ Jesus: the Wisdom, and the Power of God Ch. 7, Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed ... Ch. 4.

See also, Glory, Vainglory ... Ch. 1, Deity, Design ... Ch. 5, The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of  God Ch. 2, Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 5, Endnote 3.



On spirit in man, see:

SMR pp. 348ff., 1-70, 611ff., 620ff., Ch. 4, Sections 1-2,

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See on this very extensive reality,

Deity and Design ... Ch. 2,

from which the following short excerpt is taken.


Passing by the Eunuchs of Irrationalism
to the Seed of Faith and the Wonder of Truth


There fallows an excerpt from an Extended Version of Ch. 1 of Glory, Vainglory and Goodness, with an adjunct for our present concern. The words and works of irrationalism, that ignoramus approach to design which inherits a defunct destiny, indeed a judged one, we turn not only to design,  but from this to the ultra-systematic and the supra-design realm, following this to the meta-design dynamism of actual life for man. It starts with an allusion to earlier work.


An excerpt from Dip Deeper, Higher Soar … Ch. 2 gives a broad perspective in the logical and the realm of alogism, where irrationality rules and dissociation of ideas is the criterion.

The various ‘books’ mentioned below are design co-ordinates, reaching outward, upward, inward and downward, and their integrality is part of the design. In this, rationality replaces the magic of finding total pointedness with conscious symbolic logic associated with implicit symbolic logic, and written species of the same in the DNA, where order and command, symbol and significance, signification and execution vie for mastery, and find none, there being only the quietus of design, and the facility of inter-connected function overlaid with understanding, and just as amazing, the capacity purposefully to misunderstand if that is the demand of the conscious driver of all this!

Consciousness is simply a co-ordinate of personality functional in spirit, co-ordinate with a material contrivance for application to the physical, a mental composition for the interpretation and understanding and a direct spiritual functionality for purposing, imaging and willing. The ability to act in this realm requires for personality an awareness which allows it to illustrate what it is, perform what it is constructed to do and be responsible for its actualisation of what it perceives.

Morality is no less and no more remarkable and demanding than consciousness, being an aspect of the instructive construction of the spirit of man, in the image of God. The defilements of evil willing, self-aggrandising or self-glorifying lusts, mental compulsions born of fallacious fictions which pander to the pride of man, and the like, impinge on this construction, partly subduing it, but never deleting it entirely. Thus even a prominent al Qaeda leader admitted that he did not LIKE killing kids and that sort of thing, but look, it is war, he declared, with the spiritual shrug of the immoral and immobilised conscience. It is not the deaths alone, but the mode of it which brings to light the darkness for examination! And when it is examined in the light, it flees.

Hence the wounded consciences, the ludicrous rationalisations to salve it, the irrational use of the concept of right and wrong, good and bad by materialists, in their exhortations to others (and this includes the exhortation not to look at morals, for it is WRONG to do so!), the popularity of psychiatrists, so often used as Lady Macbeth comfort stations, to remove the spot which signifies, and the rash denunciations of many, who with their own morals mixed, muddled and broken, are quick to assert the same of others, hence entering into those squalid judgment sessions, which almost seem to be intended to usurp the last judgment; but they are no more this, than is a burp, a speech.



 Thus introduced, the Dig Deeper ... excerpt follows,
slightly revised for our present purpose..


At the outset in our site, we have first noted and then examined two "books" - and it is very close to LITERALLY two books. They are both exceptionally well-known, the Bible for the mind and the heart of man, and the DNA for his structure. Each is inscribed with efficiency, profound symbolic coherence and cohesion, intimate capacity for correlation with command, system to the finest point, and just that combination of meaning and symbolic method which constitutes design, direction and communication. If this is not communication, nothing could be.

This however is not all. There are two additional books, somewhat more figurative, but not in the least imaginary. The FUNCTIONS to which EACH OF THESE EXTRA 'BOOKS' REFERS is as real as any between two covers in our ambit and purvey of scholars.

The third then, or the first of the two extra books is this: the co-ordination of mental world and physical world, auditory reception and command execution, between the man whose bodily equipment is programmed, and the world which has its physical and botanical, biological equipment programmed. The programs intermesh well; their symbolic sub-structures are unitary in kind, so that the efforts of the one, avail in the other, the impacts of the one are understood in the other, and (cf. Predestination and Freewill, Part 4), there are no alogisms to be found: the logic is unitary.

More, the mind of man, using programmed sub-structures for its ultra-programmatic progressions and pursuits, can understand the products that surround him.

There is therefore, and this is the fourth book, this second unit in our second series: and this is the comprehension-combination that transcends. It goes far beyond the mere structural logical cohesion and synthesis. To emit and receive in terms of a common system is one thing, extremely magnificent though this created product undoubtedly is; but to be so prepared in spirit and mind, so that the raw materials, themselves coherent and cohesive between the two systems, within and without, are able to be grasped, intuited, subjected to imaginative incursions, brought into the scope of thought and will and analysis, yes of understanding for action by the non-material, purpose-proposing, imaginative dimension of the being called man, his spirit, this is the next generation of marvel. (Cf. SMR pp. 348ff..)

Yet it would seem indeed scapegrace in gratitude to God who performed this production with the necessary linguistic, mathematical, comprehensive, analytical skill to manufacture symbols and significances (symbol targets), intimations and executions, thought sub-structures in logic and meaning, and interaction with a subject also formed, if we did not notice a fifth book. This is the power to ruminate concerning the Maker Himself. This naturally is the copestone, to which the imaginary relationship of Pinocchio to his craftsman corresponds in reality. Right through to the inward realisation of the thrust of the logic, the communality of the communication, the direction of the design, the strategy of the construction, man can peer toward the God who made him.

He can do more. It is not necessary in this field to speak of a 5th book, although it would be perfectly meaningful. One prefers not to do so, as at the level we have now reached, the affair is inter-personal to such an extent that the term 'book', so fitting earlier, is somewhat distanced. Rather this is the intimacy-provision for creator and creature when that creature is man. This is what book No. 1 provides for (the Bible), book No.2 is sub-structured to enable (the cells DNA and allied phenomena, atomic parameters and provisions), book No. 3 ascends to substantiate, book No. 4 arises to confirm. We shall however give it a name: there is in this fifth dimension, a correlation that is spiritual in kind, so that it may be termed scope for spiritual communication, and for concord. We are moving from the concept of 'book' to that of 'look', or inter-personal interchange.

This allows testing of promises, assimilation of pronouncements, reaction to orders, comprehension of commands, in a SETTING of illumination of conspectus, like a search-light revealing from the nose of an aeroplane, the configuration of the land far below, and something of the ways of those who live there. This is an ultra-programmatic conspectus, and an inter-personal opening. It is a vista on the divine.

It is complicated by just one vital feature, which is equally a vital failure, such as one may get in a damaged automobile, or TV. There is a perverse streak which surfaces in man, so that the more the promises of God in the Bible are fulfilled, and objectively they all are always found to be of this kind, the less they are wanted; the more the prophecies are brought into history, like obedient little lambs in a fenced paddock, the more is the distaste; the more the disciplines for folly, the more the folly, or the less the concern. While this is not like rectilinear motion, a mere reciprocity, and is complicated by the resilience and capacity granted to the immaterial spirit of man, happily able to divorce itself in imagination and purposes proposed for itself, from almost anything real, at will, it nevertheless is a thrust, an historical trend.

These preliminaries allow our minds to realise the UNDERLYING design, before we consider the externally more obvious examples of it. We can now proceed, this base work done, with what is gained from The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God, the Bible True to Test Ch. 2 .

On design definition, the case is clear. You need what has integrity, or better integrality, oneness in multiplicity, so that many things minister to one result. You need the power to imagine it, since commands do not imagine themselves; the capacity to codify it if you want to use, as in DNA, programmatic devices, the comprehension to make code articulate with command, and command with the raw material for its implementation; you need a series and sequence so that the correct data come with the correct  matériel and the correct provision of it at the correct time, and the correct concept with which to edit any errors and rectify any oddments. So is it with the embryo, and indeed in much of the following growth, outside the womb.

This of course is precisely what is found in design, to make it so; and nowhere on earth is that of man surpassed in any visible realm. How is this so ? It is a question of


complexity for the unity,


differential divisions
of mind, spirit and matter for the components,


inextricably interwoven for normal function,


operational sufficiency and efficiency for the command centre
or operational agent to secure the results which are to be gained
from comprehensive USE of all the equipment and connections
and phases of life involved.

Nothing comes near such versatility, power and combination, synthesis of dynamic diversity in KIND, as this. Fulfilling the specifications for the definition of design, it yet surpasses all other visible examples.  To remove this example, this exemplar indeed, man,  from  design, would have to remove the concept; but the concept is based on billions of examples, systematically found and implemented by the designed unit himself, man. It is just that his observable case surpasses all in the various elements that constitute what is defined to be design.

There follow three citations from earlier works, to illustrate the ludicrous results which come when man tries to ignore the data, and invent by magical moments in thought (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9), what no moments in nature contrive to produce; for you may watch forever, for what lacks what it takes, to take what it has not got. Cars do not produce cars; you need the extra features to imagine and purpose, to contrive and to make them arrive. Man-maker has to have all of this, and for such a thing as man, inventor, creator and imaginer, comprehender and amender, you need as it were the machine tools correlative to that; but it is not machinery: it is imagination and all else that the formation and formulation of command exacts.

Correlative with this again is the obvious fact that INFORMATION does not  arrive, but in information science as seen below, we find that information tends to dissipate, like other design. What is based on its autonomous arrival, when the law directs that the natural course of information is  its dissipation: this is not only UN-scientific; it is ANTI-scientific, and justly put into the realm of magic, where causes inadequate posited, with no evidence, are imagined to go with the results desired.

This may be pursued at The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God, the Bible True to Test Ch. 2 .


Pursuing yet further the integuments, the integralities and the implications of empirical reality, we turn to History, Review and Overview Ch. 5. For our present purpose, this is re-arranged somewhat and extended.




It is all or nothing. It is not only

 irreducible complexity, but

indivisible integrity,

indissoluble co-operation,

inter-and intra-systematic proliferation,

coherence of logic and symbolic notation with
executive receptors, skilled to catch meaning and execute orders, 

continuity of sequence from

connotation, to denotation, to implementation,

in a series of systematics incomprehensible except in totality

(indeed see SMR pp. 332Gff., Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, in End-notes,    and   for further considerations!).


The path of true reductionism*20, false to science, of course, is always to ignore what you have got, and to explain what is not there. It is however the essence of the challenge to meet the case as it is, in all of its sequential, symbolic, integral and mutually intimate and pervasively singular procedures, whether in code type, implementation, co-ordination or exuberance of methodology; and to do so in a world which likes energy for construction and time for destruction. The other point about the construction ? it is direction. The third ? something to do as directed. In this world, and by any form of valid logic, the specifications of life parallel the requisites of intelligence with available power.