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Will the applicability of causality be stricken (Causes), and will the meaning of language and the relevance of logic, the structuring of science and the testability of hypothesis, likewise ? Will nothing itself be 'god' and inadequacy his platform ? Will antilogy, antinomy, antithesis reign amid meaningless argumentation, invalidated by the negative model chosen for reasoning itself, be thrown to the winds, as if this were even relevant to debate, and not its death-knell! (cf. Deity and Design... Ch. 8).

Will this moreover be done in a mental miasma mocked by the matrix of reality and virtue of validity, as by the brilliance of the works of life, integral thought and harmonious reasoning, which bring the very breath of clarity and consistency, reason, reality and realisation in its train, by whatever mode the thing be tested. Is inanity a compulsion and truth abhorrent as it was in Israel in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ, that buttress of scientific testing, apex of acuity and pinnacle of testable truth!

(Cf. Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer,

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ

The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy

The gods of naturalism have no go!

Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation

Deity and Design ... Ch. 11.)

Will inadequacy for design be the ground of its appearance in life ? or will lack of evidence, lack of observation, lack of production in process, in unforthcoming information, will this constitute and comprise the lullaby for illusion ?

Will things be created by inadvertence, or will time constitute power ? Will then lack both of principles for occurrence and of occasion for the event mingle with that acute reticence for anything of this type to foist itself into the light or its means into sight, so constituting a trilogy of error and omission! Will the abounding realities of cognisable system be set down to its absence both in principle and procedure ?

Will nothing be the mother of all, despite the antilogy already present in having nothing with potential or principles of its own, a logic worth nothing any more than any other flat contradiction in the realm of reason!

Will the agility of birds flying, the exquisite and astonishing sophistication of their aerodynamics, from which man has learned and learns, will the seagull's craft of facing wind on the ground and remaining without flapping of wings, quiet in its path aloft, together with the varieties of principle-studded flight from the hyper-wing beat of insects teaching scientists new principles, upon study, will this be the mouthing of the witless and the wonder of the unformed!

Will the rising aloft with the grace of multiplied avine movements augmented by variety to match individuality in bird-life come, will this from the non-palette of a non-artist and the non-thought of the uncognitive ?

Will such marvels of control based on and having inherent in them multitudes of sheer wonder in analysable principles of flight, moving in their non-mathematical crania and non Ph.D capacities, will their fluid motion adapting to environment with elegance and grace that bespeaks genius programmed, will this be ignored in some passion against empirical fact, and correlative hypothesis! or will the new scientistic parade, in these areas rapidly replacing the scientific, while still using the latter name, have new principles of thought ? What then  ?  Is it this, to try the least related as source, the most disoriented as basis of orientation and the missing for the marvel ?

Will the LEAST related, the MOST uncorrelative, the most alien to principle and intimacy in the whole realm of thought be chosen as the basis of such products ? Will nothing father them and on the way, father the logic of their enterprise, in which domain by symbolism in their life programs provides means and method, and will the applicability of engineering relevance for the task to be shaped in the presence of serially needed raw materials, each one in its place and chronological slot, will this 'arise' ? and will the whole competence of the correlation of mind, matter and life-language, engineering procedure and codal command, will this become the arising from the void, in whole, in the end, as of prospective parts in the beginning ? It may, in the dream world; but that then, it is not science.

Will the very thought of it be added to non-thought, and will the use of one system for the planning and part-production phases of another be ascribed to chance as if systems were the product of the irrelevant and arisings the substitute for logic ? as if what is not begets what is, without even being there ? Will a void eternity parade its wares all neatly programmed, symbolised in concept and concretised in inter-active programs of engineering, mathematics and cognition, as if thought were the playground of non-thought, and time the exponent of system ? However it is wrought, the case is the same in principle, the requirements are the same in their necessary ground!


Will coherence be the consequence of the arbitrary, and that of the unruled, and this of the inadequate, and all of anything so long as it is not there! Is then will to be the appetiser
for servitude as if material things, and the synthesis of these things in ONE kind,
yes in many kinds,  were the natural result of disjointed thought,
itself without persistent ideation, logic or acknowledged existence,
somehow spanned into the void like a bridge for a non-parade
of what is not there to walk over ?


or will what is logical and law-commensurate, eternal and competent,
for whom time is an instrument but symbol a means,
will this be found instead of the shrieking solecisms
of rational surrealism!

Is reason  dead ? or is it this generation which manipulates scientific method, logic and evidence to the point that total irrationality both of method and principle is paraded before the wounded students of this idolatry, by pedants , is it this which is itself dead ? Biblically, there is no trouble at all, for the nature of the case has been both analysed and rehearsed, not only in its ground, but in its nature and the nature of its progression (like a disease, an  entry in the pathology section of a medical course), for thousands of years.

In the contortive grip of mesmerised man, many in our generation have simply moved from the eminence of scientists like Boyle, Maxwell, Faraday and Newton, all biblical Christian in principle, to the new pre-occupation that when the ground of it all arrives for thought, thought must die! This is of course a Kantian position, though not normally expressed in those terms (cf. SMR Ch. 5 , and Predestination and Freewill, Section IV which shows the rational failure of Kant's system, its contradictory nature and its parade of irrelevance). It is not one which stands on logical ground, since its postulates are opposed to one another, and its challenge fails and falls into a deserved oblivion, as there shown.

We must return to empirical fact, rational grounds and cognitive approximation to the cause needed, if science is once more as in those old days, to invade thought in its proper dimension and depth, and contribute its part to the study of truth. But let us further contemplate the folly of the current misology, whether conscious as sometimes, thus invalidating argument, or unconscious, merely creating undisciplined confusion of thought.


Will the ingenuities of thought as it pursues with arduous self-discipline,
the minutiae of what works, be a scattering of dust ?

We do not find this so in any field,
where products come from any source.

What we DO find is this,
that the more sophisticated the RESULT, and the REALM in which the result is achieved,
and the more symbolical the modes of control, where these are deployed creatively to secure more and more advances on existing systems by wedding them to constructive thought,
the harder in general it becomes to control them, so that 'bugs' become almost unbearable,
stressing thought and challenging creativity and imagination to the uttermost!

We find moreover in logic and in empirical reality that as to the addition of system
to existing systems, their clever merger and immersion into integrality of delicate distillates
of meaningful because operative symbolism, and correlative executive commands: that
this phenomenon is not to be found without the operation of explicit intelligence, in  'nature',
It is will and not chance oddities
that can invent such things.

Capacity for such action comes only by the knowledge
of those systems, the new and the old, and the exhibition of the rationale of both.


Will then the additional fact that these things come at the material level through a series of symbolic programs of sophistication of linguistic elegance and information compression
that puts man into kindergarten to learn of these here illustrated unctions
of logic and engineering, so subtly mixed with such comprehensively effectual results:
will this be consigned to nullity ?


Will this become a stimulus to the vague adventurism of novels, unfortunately forced
in this case to face fact! Will codal language become the ground of non-mentality!
(cf.  Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed... Ch. 4) ?


Is it this ?
or will the multitudes of examples of living creatures, raised to life from progenitors
by this magnificent signature of symbol, manipulee of thought in its impact
in the far distant future - to which process man is related
at a vastly lower level in his own operations -
and this, now by one means, now by some massively diverse
but marvellously effective other options:
will the inalienable significance of these be unsought and their nature unsolicited,
as if some vacuous rule wrought a rort of reason in specious flights of fancy,
divorced from fact and deranged from practicality!


Commending into life, this form or that repeatedly over a long time:
will this composition of comprehensive commands
for unitarily conceived items to be created, erected into life,
propelled by successive agenda and rational regimen, linked to their results
by an organisational triumph and a tour de force:
will this be overlooked
by the non-seeing spirit of futile rebellion against gaunt reality!


Will system be sightlessness, or will the ultimate exhibit or rationally coded and imploded,
and then multiply exploded and expatiated system and more than system,  fail to enter the class of intelligence at all! and will the myriadfold exhibits of ordered, organised wonder be seen
by the shut eye apposed to the wrong end of the telescope for ever ?


Will intelligence no more by governed in its application by results, and will the requirements
for accomplishment be annulled by dissipation of thought, and denial of every scientific
Law that relates, while logic becomes bathwater for a rejected government which nevertheless
is to be made by riotous propaganda, the only one available for inspection by man!


or will this be recognised for what it is,  a bluster of malign champing and chomping,
romping and unruliness,
that belittles science to the uttermost, and brandishing reason like a crystal vase,
smashes it in ruthless disregard!

The charms for some of such didactic violence and student misuse seem insuperable to their spirits; but desire does not dictate fact, nor does dream initiate the empirical, nor even less does fancy control logic or provide the key to truth!

Does not the thrust of the word of God in Isaiah for Israel, apply no less to the Gentiles who to the commands of creation, do what that ancient nation did to the clear, revelation of God ? (Isaiah 5:7,13-24, cf. Jeremiah 2:26-28). Does not God in Isaiah 5 show that His Beloved, His word made Israel a select nation, but they turned from this ordered, protected, endued built-up vineyard! His Word, His Beloved (cf. Isaiah 5:1, 48:16) made Israel great; but that nation despised His gifts, closed the eye to empirical facts in their amazing career as a nation deputed and enjoined to exhibit the ways of God to the world (Exodus, Isaiah 43:21). Hence He installed engines of destruction, and that nation's path became thorns. Man now proceeds in gentilic gyration to copy the scenario. If Israel could be so perverse in the midst of marvels of divine mercy and grace, truth and action, it seems the Gentiles are chanting in their hearts, how much more we!

It is costly however, collision with reality.



Indeed, as to Israel, its grievous history affronts the world, which now tries, as it has often tried before, both to profit by and to oppress the Jew! Currently this ash-faced enormity is proceeding against Israel  in the intractably blind plans of the Madrid Quartet of the USA, the UN, the EU and Russia, for which precursors enough have been seen from the Roman Catholic Inquisition to the issuance in al Qaeda's rhetoric and blood, and in between it has come scarcely less via Hitler, Islamic oppression over the ages and pogroms unspeakable both in Europe and Russia, while France in Louis XIV's era tried to milk the Jewish cow and profit amidst repression.

Such have sought to profit by the divine discipline of Israel, or so acted; but in the end will suffer, as Israel has suffered, for its presumption and its pride (II Chronicles 36, Leviticus 26, Matthew 23:37ff., Luke 19:41ff.), yes, for their heartlessness and opportunism too.

What then do we find ? Now the world, what is it doing ?

This Gentile *1world, in its ruthless and unruly folly, becomes in thought a law to itself squeezing its eyes shut almost to prevent all vision, present and future, as it solicits divine rebuke no less than did Israel, and will get it (cf. Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 59, Micah 7, II Thessalonians 2, Revelation 18-19), whether it affects some kind of religion or not! It is all FACTS, not theories; EVIDENCE not evasions, REALITY, not imagination, it is this that counts.

Imaginary gods may be fun, but their cost is high; reality pinches like new shoes on feet unprepared (Jeremiah 23, Ezekiel 14, Romans 1).

Has not the Gentile world held the Gospel of God these two millenia, only to turn from it with an increasingly united face of fallacy and front of acrid rebellion, sending radioactive words and works alike to cause cancer of soul and body amidst mesmerised millions, reverting to nature myths in the code now of organic evolution*1, while it shows ethical collusion with the thoughts of bludgeoning monsters, moving to create its own codes of human self-sufficiency, the tables of deceit, grinning at causality like the skull of an ass!

Will this world and its denizens imagine that its commission (Psalm 8), countermanded with such stultified effrontery, will be aborted like some unfortunate child, in an ethical vacuum or that its solemn scientistic self-deceit will exempt it from impact of reality, and the wrath of God ...

Does result in its cradle of intimately and persistently relevant causation have no favour as the unseeing eye sees creation ? Does code contemplation envisage no intelligence, or does symbol manipulate with consequences that act as individuals, even with kinds to summarise them, only to stimulate the deadened cortex of the self-hypnotised ?

Such is precisely, however, what is found and what is foretold, and that in its own systematic sequence. Thus, in Romans 1 we see that rejecting creation, man's foolish heart became blind, as he worshipped the creation rather than the Creator. We find the whole system as it has unfolded at the social level, presented in forecast there, as to sequence. In the end, immorality is the successor of unspirituality, so that both perversity in sex and in conversation, wilfulness and abuse become habitual in a distorted vision of life left strewn like dying leaves, on an abandoned earth (Romans 1:20-32).

It would not be feasible to use language more forcible, exposure more direct in these affairs, than that shown in Romans 1, which has the additional force, like a medical diagnosis, of coming true in its ultimate results of God-suppression to the spirit, before our increasingly horrified eyes. Indeed, for that matter, the case is not essentially different with parallels of one aspect or another in II Peter 3:1-5, concerning the attempt to void the reality of the creation, or II Timothy 3 and 4, as the effort is made to void the diagnosis of end-time spiritual pathology for our Age.

Thus the divine results of ignoring, both the cause and the result alike, in the presence of the key, alone  valid and operative, these will not disappear simply because man has shut his eyes, any more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki managed to remain because Japan so wanted its own  expanded world, that it could not see justice for China or many others! Those cities still went.


Reality does not dissipate because of ruthless will or a vacant mind, one or both.


But more particularly, referring our minds back to Isaiah 5 and the One, 
'My Beloved' who made the 'vineyard' of beautiful preparation for the nation Israel,
only to have it polluted and abused, we meet this Person again, this fabricator,
creator (Isaiah 48:16 which shows the Trinity with Him as One Sent), this effectual Servant, incorporated in the flesh via humanity, as a man.

He is seen in Isaiah 7, God with us,
in Isaiah 9, Prince of Peace, Counsellor, the Mighty God (Bible Translations 20),
in 42, where He is the Covenant in the meeting of sin for man,
in 49 where He is the light to the Gentiles,
as in 52-53, where He appears as the substitutionary atonement, the Just One (as in Acts 3),
who died the just for  the unjust to bring us to God.

Here as in Micah 5:3,
where His operative and eternal credentials abound, as in these other references
from the mind of God, we see His past and His present, with what is to come.
Here this personal Covenant of God to man is seen in vignettes of victory, triumphs of truth,
devoted to man as in Proverbs 8.


In Isaiah 53:1, we see the crucial character of receiving the "report" and hence of making
His soul a sacrifice for your sin (Bible Translation 3, N. 20); and here in this same Chapter
you find that those who are healed, are precisely those whose stripes He has borne.
It is a sacrificial as well as a substitutionary atonement, and the one is gained
because of the other (Isaiah 53:10-11). Here is the salvation which does not linger
any more than creation lingered, a fact summed up by Paul in II Corinthians 4:6,
where we find that as to Christ,

    "it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness,
    who has shone in our hearts
    to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God
    in the face of Jesus Christ."


Salvation and creation alike operate, the latter by divine excogitation and action,
the former by divine incarnation and crucifying and rejection by man, both as planned
(Isaiah 49:7). Indeed, Christ when He came to earth as man was to be
by Israel, and as to the authorities of that nation, that is precisely what He was!

He challenged self-uplift, morally without foundation, as distinct from the gift of grace
(Luke 18:11-14,Matthew 23, 20:28),
in precisely the same way that now confronts others who want
uplift by 'force' minus the requisite intelligence,
and programming power to manipulate multitudinous symbols of meaning to master facts
into a fashioning called a creation,
yet one conceived as without symbolic significance, expressive communication control
or studious correlation of command, meaning, method and reception,
in an artful arrangement of means and procedures for issuance of results, all integral,
as is the item created itself, which works as one unit.

What then of these omissions, distortions and deletions, vacuous insertions and aetiologically deceased imaginations ?

The one is biological reductionism,
the other ethical reductionism. The one is vital void seen as if moving to reality,
the other ethical vice rising as if to virtue. Nothing gradual does for either, however;
for you need an elevation of system, stature and status for either.
Events do not explode from nothing or nothing pertinent to parade their illusive glories,
except with help from drugs or deprived psyches; and even then, it is merely mental,
not actuality arising to download!



Plans do not happen, but are pursued into production by apt power,
as evidenced by planning paths, through micro-biological avenues
of symbolic manipulation and mastery, as no less by saving re-creation,
which through predicted and now fulfilled through paths providing the basis for redemption,
is now apparent in its system, setting and forecast surrounds.

Thus has God acted so that the teachable might be taught, being re-made with ears more ready to listen! (cf. Matthew 13:14ff.), not divorced from truth, as with minds apt for its impact. 

They do not happen, these plans,
for they are thought and SO CAN be taught, for they have in them the very stuff of thought,
rationality and symbolic language, the control by rationality in expressive form,
a perquisite of intelligence and a norm of spirit.

Whether it be in this form, format or function or that, such are the principles of procedure or rationality, and of empirical
reality alike.



Some of these plans, like that for the expression and action of the love of deity, are done. You see in Jeremiah 4:23-27 the vision of a prolonged, stage by stage DESECRATION, or removal of the beauty and fulness of creation, as if in a backward or reverse mode, as earth is stripped because of sin to its fundamentals, and laid bare. Indeed, it can take a prodigious desecration, even in judgment, before man will awaken on many occasions, to his desperado plight before God (Jeremiah 4:30-31). He may suffer extreme intensities of adversity and anguish (cf. Isaiah 8-9 in the transition between those two chapters) before he will at last look up to where he came from, or along the lines of history, to what he has done with the Saviour (cf. Isaiah 32:14-20).

Man's obloquy towards God, as shown in his nature-worship programs since the Greeks codified them in naturalistic myths parallel*1 to those of organic evolution today (cf. Ephesians 4:17-19) is met by the planned mercy of God (cf. Micah 7:19ff.), not only for Jew, but for Gentile (cf. Romans 11:25-33). God is not mixed in mind, confused in conception, or averse to truth. What He plans  and does, THIS is truth, and what He says, this is reality, whether it is to create or to redeem, to rebuke or to judge. Man is not the marshal or martinet of his deliverance; he is the needy recipient of the Creator's consummate skill, undeviating will and consummate love.

There is absolutely nothing else to apply to the plight of man. Man's wisdom annuls itself (cf. I Corinthians 1, Isaiah 59), his knowledge debases itself (cf. Romans 1), and truth is denied by models which saying there is no truth, yet contradict themselves in that very assertion, as if that were truth. Truth is inextinguishable, always youthful, alive though death betray it. Christ is that truth, and His resurrection is the answer to this futile world, which for all its imperial might and religious renegacy, COULD NOT keep His body for 36 hours, but had to have its failure placarded most publicly before history like a mutinous recruit, on perpetual parade.

There is no other who SAVES man from his mischief, muddle and mud; there is none but the Maker (cf. Isaiah 43:10-11, with 44-46). ONLY the MAKER SAVES, He who made and created man (Isaiah 45:12), it is He who is competent; and this salvation is with love, self-sacrifice and mercy for man (Titus 2-3), as God Himself, BY Himself offers him return. And this ? it combines repentance with restoration, regeneration and a thorough wash (John 3, Titus 3:5). Without this wash, man is all washed up!

While puny States and petty philosophy stretch their so great wings, the everlasting Gospel, based on works as real as those of creation, and no less definitive, or avoidable, and more importantly, involving not merely the creative power of God but His willing endurance and defeat of death itself: this continues unchanged. Immutable, it is filled with a glory of action, now as when foretold some 3500 years ago (Genesis 3:15, cf. Barbs ... 17, TMR Ch. 3), ratified and detailed as it has been in the Jewish prophets and wrought, as it has been, in decisive action fittingly by Deity, the Creator Himself.

Both the thoughts of man in their height and his aspirations, though often perverted in that spiritual compression to which man so readily fails, show now glossy hope and now anguished despair; but while both are comprehensible for such a pathology as is man's, neither of these flights is into reality. The hope is based on the Creator alone (cf. Romans 3:23-27), just as the gloom or desperation or depression or cynicism or soured scepticism (cf. SMR Ch. 3  - esp. pp. 258-262, 284-299) is met by Him alone.

The CAUSE of the one being the creation of man's spirit in God's image and of the other being man's fouling of it, the NEED is the restoration to that self-same Creator, by virtue of His bearing of the gloom as a base, and sharing of the life, as a victory over sin by a grace which is as sure as that of birth itself in the first place! No wonder this is called the SECOND BIRTH.

The fact that the basis of this Gospel has been wrought


in the verifying and victorious Jesus Christ,


never outwitted,


incomparably majestic yet meek,


bold in truth, gracious in composure,


fearless in meeting assault on truth,


always triumphant in word and in challenged deed,


exposed as if a criminal (as foretold in Isaiah 53)
for His just claim to be the Messiah,
by those who condemned Him who came to show mercy,
and in so doing opened the door to His dying for us:

this is the counterpart of creation, and its need! (cf. Romans 8:18ff.).

Here the necessary explanation of a wicked world still intact reaches its peroration; here is the summary answer to the eternal seeming question: Why does this world continue in its gruesome features, arrogance and pride of life ? It is for this reason: Mercy seeks men, women and children, to rescue them by a prepared and planned, publicly announced and fulfilled path, and pauses judgment till the roll is complete. That is why (cf. Revelation 6:10ff.).

As to this exponent and crucible of redeeming mercy: Never once could even His enemies show any scintilla of failure, and indeed it was precisely this that made His murder 'necessary' (John 11). In fact, this is an indication of the glory of God, that while man tries very hard to impugn the name of God, dismissing it at times even while assailing it in that not  so glorious comedy of human error that often passes for religion, he cannot succeed.

It is IN MAN HIMSELF that the sin lies, and not in his Maker. It is in himself that repentance must come, and not apology from the  Creator! It is in redemption that he alone can live, and not in monstrously presumptuous plans of his own. Will God apologise for the conscience-violating sins of His creation ? No, but He does what is truth in love, He commits to an incarnation, defined and definitive (Hebrews 1), which in its final outcome provides the free pass to heaven for those who receive it, and with it, Him whose it is, and with that, eternal life while pardon and purging procure regeneration (John 3).

Where the is the truth, the peace, the pardon and the procurement for it to be found ? It is in the Christ who fulfilled all the Biblical text concerning Him (II Corinthians 5:17-21, Matthew 26:52-56), so that none can show the slightest evidence and attestation of any omission or error, though the details are most numerous, and eminently refutable if only facts could be found!

It is He who abstracted His body which would have provided unbelief with its best and only anodyne!

It is He who took it away while the fearful soldiers 'slept' in their anguish and awe, while retaining miraculously they would imply, the powers of vision and the paralysis of hand. It is He who abstracted that very body from the final consequences of the penalty imposed by an  Empire and sought by that most religious body, ancient Israel, in its perverse authorities. It is they who could not even recognise the Messiah when nothing lacked, but their own repentance! Indeed, Rome at the very height of its power, could only cause the scriptures to be fulfilled, those out for a millenium of 'warning' to the godless, of what God would do, and indeed where and when and how and why He would perform this 'strange work', this wonderful work (Isaiah 28-29, cf. Highway of Holiness ...Chs. 4, 10). It was as if the whole cannonading, force parading, God despising world of men were bereft of its power. GOD DID WHAT HE SAID. It was testable. It happened.

Why then did those forces fail ? It was only because the foretold actions, now come to historical fruition,  were those of the power of God, just as Israel, with all the priestly cajolery to induce Rome to murder, failed no less.

The body moved, in an auto-mobile manner. God who created is not stopped by death. Indeed, it is a penalty for sin, and when this is covered, it has no more power at all (cf. Hebrews 2).

Thus both parties had the power of God wrought in their faces, just as He worked beyond man altogether in the creation. It was a Roman centurion who could not avoid the conclusion that surely this was the Son of God (Matthew 27:54).

This revulsion and rejection by Jew or Gentile nation, it moves towards relief, it hardens, and in the end, there is now a vast world-wide confusion of new gospels that are not gospels (cf. Galatians 1:6-9), but vitiating invasions of truth, novelty-embracing new churches, emerging churches, immoral churches, amoral churches, imposing States, god-speak States who tell you what emotions you may have, what thoughts and how to be controlled spiritually: and so do you have power structures built on lies and fraud, and man's self-glory built on vanity.

Yet SOME are by this same Gospel in all the Ages, found no more to founder, and the Beloved who built not only the vineyard for Israel but the body for man, it is He who saves a remnant, more precious to Him than many worlds; for these become His own kith and kin, people for whom He has died and in whom by His Spirit He lives (Hebrews 2). These are the children of God (I John 3).

THAT, it is the design of God (II Timothy 1:8-9). From predestination to salvation, it is planned; in love to save ALL who come, it is wrought; in seeking that ALL might be saved, but being content where some WILL be lost despite His love, the Lord acts (Colossians 1:19ff.). Love is like that. It is not a tyrant, but the truth is its ally and mercy is its face.

In the end, it is like this. A household can have a large rubbish tin, but it is the household itself that matters (cf. Matthew 13:40-43). It is eternal life that lives and does not die (cf. I John 1:1-40).

If douleur is felt for the renegade, reality teaches us that in heaven itself  he would not be happy (cf. Isaiah 26:10). His lot and loss is not simply programmed, but the result is as if so, since it is foreknown. It is personal, from the personal God who, so far from being like an adverse wind to prevent someone entering that 'Ark' which is Christ (cf. I Peter 3), is like a Shepherd tenderly tendering what comes (cf. Matthew 11:27-30).

In the end, then judgment is fulfilled, whether on Christ or on man; and who can blame Him who bore it vicariously, for that!

The magnificent beauty of the Gospel, it is not least in this, that whosoever will may come (Revelation 22:17), even now, and in the Bible the last appeal is only several verses from the very end (which in turn shows the irrevocable nature of truth, since it is the mind of God! and it is expressed for man in ... words!)

By therefore, the express sovereignty of God, this door, this Christ (John 10:9, 27-28) is open to man, and man is invited, not for divine delectation of the  'best' being found (cf. I Cor. 1:29ff.), but for disposal freely of divine mercy, showing those seeking pardon where it is found, and peace where it is received.

The entire sincerity of God's divine call (cf. Col. 1:19ff., I Timothy 2, Ezekiel 33:11, Great Execrations ... Chs. 7 and 9, The Glow of Predestinative Power Ch. 4) in heaven and on earth, to find through reconciliation pilgrims in heaven and on earth is as clear as His other plans (cf. Swift Witness   6). It is only by stepping over Christ's dead body with unbelief or disdain, and turning from His resurrected power that one may inherit the trash can.

The divine wind is favourable in this, that God would have ALL, and says so. God does not play games with the soul. It is the rebellion of heart will never find reality. 



Indeed, when we see all things in perspective,


each in its genre and emplacement in the novel that is history,


in the adventure tale that is the story of nations,


in the clash and calamity, the lie and calumny, the nobility and grand pities of man,
following the sequential onrush of creation till we come to man in the image of God,


in the prophetically controlled procedures through prediction of the Messiah to His coming,


and in the results of the Gospel thus gained (Romans 1:16), moving to the fulfilment of its predictions likewise,
leaving man stranded, except for this self-same Messiah:

there is nothing that nothing has to do with it.

We find no way for ANYTHING to happen from nothing, and no way for anything to arrive from nothing, no thought, no law, no causative sequential design; for from nothing comes nothing, and from anything comes only what is the limit of its capacity (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!). Not from no cause, nor from anything insufficient comes the cannonade of circumstance, the ordered swaths of reality, the structure to contain events, and the minds to inject them into the circumstances of underlying recipience.

Feet do not scamper across the materially constructed surface of the earth from no waiting in the wings, no thought in the architect, no provision of capacity for script; nor does the spirit of man 'arise' from the same void that produced matter in its subservient status for human action and more elevated events, including those to understand and to manipulate it. The whole realm of imagination which has concretised itself into world, life and knowledge of God and His long declared ways, this is no product of what is not there, any more than any film or  novel finds itself able to 'arise' from mindless matter, or paper from the whirl of non-events.

The capacity of nothing is nothing; of anything is what is in its system, programmatics or person, and the origin of anything causally rests on competence to institute what is to be as an ordered reality, whether it be matter, mind or spirit. This is its creation, whether absolute or derivative in kind.

For this there is but one exception. It is the SOMETHING, in its own right, that other than nothing which MUST ALWAYS BE for anything EVER to be able to happen at all, sally forth like a knight into the world, like a character into a novel, and like a setting of any kind at all for anything, in which it could 'happen'.

This is the Orginator who is adequate for the interactive series of systems, the inter-componential interplay of laws, the arrival of persons, the thrust to be just or unjust (both in the novel called history, the endeavours of many, and that with passion on both sides - let us be frank!), as for the provision of liberty to commit the intemperate follies of mere imagination as in this world's religions and no less in the vanities of the individual hearts of many. As to those religions of the imagination of man, there are not merely evidentially bankrupt but anti-evidential logically (cf. SMR Chs. 1, 3, 10 and compare with Ch. 5-6; and see ERRORS).

The other option, in the very hand of God, it is to find remission from sin and restoration to truth in what has asserted itself to its own satisfaction, ignoring not only the argument of truth, but Him whose it is. It is to seek and to find Him (Isaiah 55) whose mind has from before time known who are His own (Ephesians 1:4), amongst those who being conveyed into life, are all sought but not with whips, and desired, but not with dictatorial imperiousness.

Here there is no room for error, nor do mere circumstances roar their eruptions; for God knows who are His (II Timothy 2:19).

This SOMETHING is basis, cause and eternal surround and creator of the liberty to revile it, as of the inability to remove Him and the fact that all rests on Him as a novel on the novelist,  and as causal system rests on causal ontological background (cf. Romans 11:33). He has placed law in matter and law in mind in man. He has shown His laws and given the verificatory testimony of the same both through a nation, Israel, in its glory and in its shame when it rebelled (foretold often but at length in Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 32), and in the rest of the human race, en bloc, the Gentile races as specified not only in Daniel but in the New Testament (cf. Highway of Holiness Chs. 4, 10, SMR Ch. 8). In this, He has shown not only the increasing destitution as a party and consignment of  those who have insisted on chronic rebelliousness against the truth (cf. Revelaton 6-13), but the consummative restitution of those who have accepted that part of the novel, which is history, at the field of the Cross, resurrection and coming rule of Jesus Christ.

When God is author, and man is the recipient of this divine manual, then the divine novel in history is the world in fact, which is reality; for God's novel is man in His world, and man in his world is God's pity, for whom He has reserved the creation of salvation on this earth. For this, as in creation, He has moved with celestial power for terrestrial results. These have sanctioned afresh the law in man's mind, the aspiration in his soul and the yearning in his life. Turning from this, many find there is no return left (cf. Hebrews 10:28-32).

One such was Esau! a stark reminder that there is no type of ceremony which saves man (cf. Answers to Questions  2), but instead it is faith in the work and way and witness and truth of God in Jesus Christ. It is He who no less than in creation, categorically acted in salvation, for this new KIND, this new kind of man, which is in fact man returned as in the drafting board, to the state of his creation (cf. Colossians 3:10).

It is not only cynics who repress these things, callow in their own  corruption (SMR Ch. 3 loc. cit.), but the many who now a little, there a lot, drop this way or that like falling Autumn leaves, blood red onto the carpet below the living tree. Moreover, it is not only the godly, but the ungodly, who have no hope but this section of the creation of God, that of an enacted path for peace, and a restoration program for the liberty-loving, fact-denying race of mankind., dug at Calvary This, the grace of the Gospel, is not some fastidious garden-party type of thing, but more like a land reclamation action. It involves being crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20, 5:24), with Him who first is crucified that man might find pardon in justice and mercy in love (Romans 3:23-27).

It indicates the fact that the God who is eternal, became temporal that those who are temporal might gain access to eternity, which to this hour, many falsely seek to secure by their own force, arms and hopes, some esteeming available virgins for their desire as a reward for the shocking horror of their various exterminative programs for man.

When Christ spoke of taking the kingdom of heaven by force, it was with intense and intensive irony, as not infrequently found in His words, like the work of a surgeon's scalpel. Would those who killed Him, Himself, gain something other than hell, short of repentance ? Did the murderers of John the Baptist have a celestial hope for their pains ? Indeed, that time was near when Christ so spoke. The violent (not the meek whom He beautifies with salvation) do indeed characteristically imagine that the kingdom of heaven or anything else that may be 'going' is theirs, until their destruction; but what they gain is the normal consequence of dreaming (Jeremiah 23 makes us most clear  on this), it is the reward of violence, the things that came on those of Christ's day, almost too horrid to bear and the very clutch of history in its judgment (cf. Matthew 23:33-36).

HOW did Christ come to be crucified ? It was BECAUSE He spoke the truth and did NO VIOLENCE! (Isaiah 53:9).  He did not save by violence, but rather gave virtue to violation to secure salvation. It is judgment, not salvation, which provides the whirlwind for those who sow the wind (Hosea 8:7), and takes the final account of the broken image of God in man, when obfuscation and recalcitrance combine to insist that it is already pure, or pure ... enough!

But what of the hope of the Gospel, the substance of that faith, the work of God in salvation ?

The godly have this hope inscribed in indelible inks of impregnable truth, in their hearts, minds and spirits (cf. Hebrews 8:8ff.); the ungodly refuse to have it written. Hence their sin-smitten and bewildered consciences rove like pirates, like over-adventurous spiritual entrepreneurs, to find something; and not desiring truth which does indeed hurt and was, as Christ, murdered though this only ineffectually since He rose from the dead, they find what is mere fiction.  In this, quite naturally, there is faction; for if in mathematics a false proof or unevidenced proposition is a horror to the mind, how much more is this the case when the very driving basis of man, his own spirit, being wrong, seeks to seduce and to instruct others, equally or if possible, even more wrong than they!

War comes not only from greed for gain, but from  desire for glory, for the BEST race, the BEST empire, the most POTENT and REMARKABLE achievements, the most TOTAL squashing into submission, as in Islam, or vacuousness as in some Eastern varieties. Such desire and such religions are for this or that, but without and contrary to all evidence. Justice is smitten all over again, but it is the same Gospel which continues from that ONE GOD who knows His OWN mind and having all time before Him, like a novelist but as One elevated above imagination so that  His theme is history, has neither need nor desire for any change.

To this, there is one exception. It is CHANGE IN MAN, not dictated but received; it is transformation in man (cf. Titus 2-3), not episodic and a matter of mere attainments, but fundamental and such that the grub butterfly change is a natural type of the supernatural act, from the hand of that Creator who does all things well. It is regenerative for the degenerative; and woe to those who admire their own image, for Christ did not come to call the 'righteous' but sinners to repentance, and so is found noting clearly this, that except you repent you will all likewise perish (as did those on whom the tower fell - Luke 13).

The concept of achieving it oneself, when sin is the damage to the being who desires, and life as it should be is injured and impotent before its own downfall before God, what then of this ? It is as wayward as any other attempt to circumvent God and to imagine that perfection is mere aspiration of man, not condition of God for man, unattainable in what has sin for a companion, self for a criterion and magic as a creator.

Heaven is not a composite of good and evil; for that is this fallen and increasingly God-forsaken earth (though His devastations mount as He shows to recalcitrant man more and more of what REALLY is disorder, his own, and what really and empirically happens to extensively sensitive equipment like man, when disorder assaults). Man is no self-made miracle but a liberty recipient with his own manacles. These Christ can and often does, both radically and liberally remove in the reconstitution which brings reality back and life in sin, that of pride or other pollution, to its remission with new commission that is both more abundant and according to design.

Heaven is free without folly, authentic life without force as its condition, happiness in God in terms of that image of God status which man has, which works irrevocably in him, and which is fulfilled when freedom and love blend with truth and order in peace, sustained by a power back of which is the Being who lives and loves. For man to find there his eternal place, there is no matter of race or pride, attainment or self-glorying: the glory is that of God, and the restitution by cardinal labour and love on the part of the Creator, that is man's salvation. It was wrought in something as practically real as wood, as piercingly obvious as nails, as understandably concrete as agony, by an action common to mortality, that of death, and through a power unique to God, that of resurrection. The action of One, it is the destiny of many, for whom grace is the way to the face of God, and truth the light that shines between.

It is there that the novel ends its first Book; that of test, according to design; with experimental results  already recorded before their time (as in the scope of the backward renegacy of the human race as shown in Romans 1, Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 6-9), according to design, in an eternal operation, first accorded time and then resulting in the family of God by and nigh Him, beyond its delimited zones in the realms of realistic eternity where deity Himself lives. Nor does time merely blush, for it was in it that the resurrection of Jesus the Christ occurred, there that the saints of God who are very many have laboured in the Spirit, and been attacked and insulted, while doing good freely; and it is as resurrected, like Him, that His people find the felicity that truth confers and liberty in its full scope, simply loves.






See for example Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13.