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There is always some subversive, distributive, necessity of philosophic necromancy, dealing with the dead in ostensibly living terms. It is like a dummy in the mouth of reduced, deluded man (cf. *5).

There is of course the élan vital, that life force so beautiful and dutiful in the eyes of Bergson, that driving, that dynamic, that delightfully evanescent and gloriously resurgent ... force, and so on.

It is the intoxicated spirit of man which like the awe at Niagara Falls, sees this seething scenario at work, and allows the colossal reality to be transformed by imagination into various words and thoughts.

It is nothing more (or less) than a testimony to the vital dynamic in life. Having said that, you may ask, What is it ? You are no wiser so far, except that a datum is paraded in verbal dress: the power and wonder of it all.

Then there is the libido, often nowadays in accord with the reductionist fantasies of modern man, seen as a sex drive; but this is merely an application. It is the drive of vital force, the energy of thrust in life. It CAN take the form of obsession pathologically, but it bespeaks an impression on something which is then concerned with its expression. Jung speaks moreover of archetypes, which refer to imaginary colossae of controls or originals, which pop up and express themselves from time to time as man moves along ... but where ? and why ? and in what way are they to be conceived, since man is stunningly the same, in race, in linguistic facilities in inventions of grammar (and glorious diversity in applying the logical need) ?

Don't worry about it. It is another word.

Then there is of course that romancing in New Age dress, where there is a psychic, a communal consciousness, a world coincidence or conclave of thought which is to lead upwards, but it is not at all clear which way is up in this case, though powers are thought to be present, even if once more, it is not entirely clear what the powers are actually to do.

This is unlike the DNA pre-occupation, for it must be said in support of this comparison,  that it is exceedingly precise, complex and matches its precision with unification of extravagantly intricate collated processes. The intricacy and correlation patterns now reach astronomical proportions, but at the miniaturized level, like a celestial system translated into cellular terms.

Indeed, as Williams has it in his stimulating article in Journal of Creation Vol 21 (3), 2007, there is such a concentration in the once ludicrously misnamed 'junk DNA', such drafts  of information, meta-information, information about information, operational information, directions or orders on how to use the information in the much smaller encoding part of the DNA; there is such a multiplication of copies, copying methods, overlays and inlays, twistings up and unravellings to a point for minute, code-controlled selective transcription for various purposes, that once more the response is awe. Thus there is a marvellous magnification of diversity in the case of one specimen, say man, relative to another, say ape. Multiplied millions of differences diverge into whole highways of specific diversities, where controls on controls and information to direct usage make much of little. It is the same of course in electric motors which can use machinery in varied ways, depending on the design of the motor, the layout of the object involved and its total relationship to the whole.

But the DNA ? is it a god ? Of course not! for it is a varied marvel of multiplied instructions with magnification through programmed availability of minutely directed subsidiaries which move to meet the programmatic whole in an integrated design of thrusting parts which interweave and unravel on command, which edit, which delete, which proceed at this or that rate, and in the industry of the infinitesimal make and construct here this, there that, this simultaneously with that, this in order to be ready for that, in such a myriad-formed complexity that the simplicity of the result is a relief. You have man's body with God's mind having contrived the methods of having it self-replicating as one whole, by dual means, man and woman, as if to underline the liberty of the Lord in securing two such magnitudes of system, which can with freedom of will, then interact by desire to produce another design.

God's mind ? But of course. Mind and mind alone has the sense of symbolism, integration of specifics by order, magnification of mentality by creative contrivance, unification of the result by over-arching vision which leads to orders which lead to entities through command, which lead to operating creations which lead to operations in man's case called thought, which is not controlled because it is capable of wilfulness, error, purposive error, intentional obfuscation for security reasons, from itself, from others, from God, or from all.

Here are the individual variabilities of the personal, and nothing else. It has its own cosmos, and were it determined, it would be an exclusion of truth to know it, for the determination would be the decisive factor, and the nature of this would be not only, in such a case, unknown but unknowable since it controls in that case, the thought itself.

Nor is it chance, since the purposive is as integral and ordered, at will, as the body, and is as vulnerable to disease as is the body; but is as effective, when directed according to design, as the body. Validity of the thought of man does not depend on actuality of physical equipment, since this is ordered, and orders are not comprehension but a matter for apprehension. A valid mind with valid exposure to actual truth is possible only when truth absolute exists, and is willing to divulge itself, and having done so, is available as such. Without that, the mind is merely a receptor-deployer of thought and will, with no knowledge of actuality, only of events. When this becomes a philosophy that events are the nature of mind, then of course this is self-contradictory, since if they were, it could neither be known nor true if it were, since on this model, truth itself is assumed not to exist.

However, mind has its deployment functions, and logic being one of these, always testable, its application to the evidence produces results that are in turn testable at the ultimate level, by another design of God: His word for reading (DNA being His word for ordained doing). His word for reading does not have to be done but SHOULD be. That is the difference. Default terms in the design when it is not done are numerous, multi-faceted, and occur slowly, speedily or are arrested by the One who made the programs, at His will.

It is not and cannot be events that manufacture truth, but these may express it. What happens is not why, or what. It simply does it.

What it is that is its manufacture and meaning, point and pith, this has to be found.


When a non-self-contradictory approach is in view,

bullet so that you proceed on the logical requirements of what is,
to the necessary conclusion and conclude with this,
that the ONLY way you COULD be right comes when you take logic as valid,
its deployment as truth-relevant because truth is available and extant:
bullet then trying this,  which is what is done normally anyway,
the result is simple. It is ineluctably found that it points to the Bible.
bullet This in turn exposes by its own verifiable word, testable truth from the Knower of Truth,
who is Himself absolute, having made all things dependent that they, as derivatives might, should ascertain from Him what it is.
bullet The Bible having by this method*1 and at this point been confirmed as valid, verified and in essence necessary,  this in turn points to Jesus Christ as Truth Incarnate, God in flesh.

It is here, as when one strikes oil,  that resolution comes  of all logical problems, empirical ones and psychic ones, those of verification and validation, of sin and of salvation, of ignorance and of information, of guile and of wisdom. Having found the home of man, one finds all the rooms in delicious and refined order.  All is explained in this way, without residue. This is not to say that now man knows all, but this he knows, that in Biblical terms, resolution is total, and when is found, it uniformly continues to verify. Then you have an open mind and a closed result.

It is not a force - which imparts acceleration to matter - which is the basis of things, but that is merely an aspect. It is not matter which is the basis of things, but a physical aspect capable of being moved (SMR Ch. 1, Repent or Perish Ch. 7). It is not libido which is the essence, but this is a term enshrining the concept of vitality and exuberance, thrust and desire, as distinct from inertia and occlusion in the dimness of non-wit. The term is not a basis but a description of an aspect.

It is not élan vital, a verbal evocation of the imagination shown in the interstices of life and its multiplicity of thrusting, soaring designs and designations. This once more describes an aspect but is no case for its basis, meaning, source or overall reality.

It is God who is the source of design, thrust, imagination, thought, consciousness, understanding, morality, aesthetics, power, judgment and joy *1. What sings in nature, in the throat of bird or in the heart of man is not merely some gloss on the processes, but an expression of an emotional meaning in the interstices of living design. What has reason to keep singing is the spirit of man when he has found God, for all that is most monumental about man is His product; and all that is worst in man is his own self-defilement of mind, body and spirit by autonomous, pseudo-autonomous or innominate oddities, for this is the crash zone.

Panel-beating is available, has proved costly to God, but He has what it takes, and offers it freely for the taking with some conditions. The first is to realise your sin, the din of desire, and the second is to repent of it, and the third is to seek the face of God that you might find the atonement for sin and the answer to divine wrath in the victim of glory, Jesus Christ the Righteous who though equal with God, became man that man might become a child of God, as many as received Him.

God has left nothing out. The complexities of His multi-partite designs in man, those for body, mind and spirit, the last not controlled except in certain basics which allow it to operate, is testimony to the power of His thought; and the Bible is parallel testimony.

Like the body in its domain, the Bible in its own, is unique as testable in all religion, as part of  the sufficiency of His provisions, who deposited both body and mind, spirit and word to it.

In this, it is not only for physical error, in DNA result, for which He has provided; it is also for error in the spiritual, which is non-programmatic, since it is a work of imagination and personality, will and logic in the interstices of spiritual discernment. To confuse the driver, the artificer of thought and the engager of mechanisms with the mechanisms themselves is no more intelligent or intellectually valid than confusing an airplane with a pilot.

One has its problems in its own cosmos of contrivance; the other has his problems in the cosmos of knowledge, fallible memory, drafts of desire, vain abstraction and thought contraction, which may occur when the irrelevant is allowed to intrude and so on. They are simply different worlds of different dynamics, significance and power, which though they relate, are not mutually self-productive, and though productive in nature,  they can be producers together in results. They are not each other's mentors, or inventors, but can co-operate.

The spirit of man may elect to act like an animal or an angel, being inventive in a way correlative with originality and imagination, understanding and perspectives which depend on thought forms and logic; but in so doing, it affects itself. Things can weigh on it, as it ponders, and guilt can oppress it as it wanders, just as reality can expose it as it turns away. It is a most complex thing, like the DNA, but its unprogrammed aspect is so immense and intense in significance that man is just as liable to think of this as junk-mentality, as he once tried to think of the greater part of DNA as junk also, now shown to be meta-information in a vast measure.

Mental baggage is by no means junk. Escape into unconscious mind is not very impressive, even Freud seeing the interstices of some of these repressions. As seen in Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 9*2, if it were however true that unconscious urges and surges controlled man, then man COULD not know it and Freud in particular could not know it: it is that same stale trick of trying to seduce man into some kind of control of mind or spirit, and then having him free from it in order to know it.

Blaming archetypes does not help, since the periodicity of sin is singularly unoriginal in kind, though variable in dispositions for its warfare. The continuity of kind in man is phenomenal, arresting as grammars and meanings, discussion and reasonings make commonality for all.

The KIND is what controls, and the variabilities which permit effective life are very small, while the design as Williams points out is deteriorating at a far greater rate than had been realised. So far from progressing, it regresses; so far from creating, this underlying design, it is moving away from its magnificence, like a hulk from the site where it was moored, as sea currents act.

That is the nature of all vulnerable design in an environment which is not specially select for its good; and in this world under the curse of God, the environment is ANYTHING but this. Indeed, whether in Egypt*3 in the days of Moses, or often since (cf. Amos 4), invasive and corruptive forces of this or that kind, of mind, of body, flora or fauna basis, of spirit (when man goes man in droves, as under Hitler, Stalin): plagues perforate the integrity of man and reveal him for what he is in the main: an escapee from the Designer*4, by means of the design!

To be sure, this world is a magnificent design*5; but its correlation of man's need satisfied and man's greed rebuked, of man's scope met and man's dope obfuscating reason, of sin in its din with magnificence in its specificity of thought FOR his construction and at times FROM it, all these things are adverse. Man is humbled by his magnificence, or as Ezekiel 28:17 puts it of the ultimate power of evil, "you have corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness."


It is so sad, that brightness broke things and the wonderful worked ruin*6; and that is a poignancy with which the human race must and does live as it comes to its ultimate penal conclusion with vast powers available to the hands of a few idiots, expressing with a little power by means of much thought by others, their detestation of design and their flagrant love of the irrational. There has most unhappily for man, been a decamping into the Holiday Resort of Unholiness, known as Godless Glitches and Divine Dealings! Many have mistaken the latter for a commendation of the former; but the Former deals with the former, as man seeks to imitate a foundling, left on earth's doorstep, whereas in fact he is but a step from God.

Such is the love of power, that it powers its own ruin without the Designer and Director, the Speaker of the Commands of DNA, and of the Bible. As man deflowers himself fatally and finally, coming to the programmed end (once again, it is specific and the prognosis is precise, but this does NOT mean that it is merely enforced, just that the Lord having taken man's liberties in mind, the result being sure is brought in its certainty into existence in its own time). That result is growing near (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

There is nothing to fear, nothing at all, when you are in the hands of your Designer, since He is also the Saviour for man, and has all the commands and resources for the resurrection and the final judgment in hand as He always has had, will have and so will He act, till history is finished, just as the plan of salvation was finished on the Cross and in the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Galatians 1-3). There have indeed been Spiritual Lapses, but there are dealings from the deity, there are available Holy Healings. They are free of charge but you are charged freely to take them.

It is all written; but like a report, this incorporates your every move, for from Him, there is nothing hidden.

The good report here is not that you DID WELL and deserve heaven, since nothing short of the celestial is akin to that; but that you did badly, know it, acknowledge it, and do not even presume to cite your works as you seek God, but cite HIS works, His saving works, and acknowledging you have no right to them, respond to His invitation to access them. Even this you do, by His grace, for we are in such a plight as mankind, that without Christ, we are like left-overs, some more sumptuous certainly, than others, but signifying nothing that is acceptable as ... food.


"But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed,
being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets,
even the righteousness of God, through faith in Jesus Christ,
to all and on all who believe. For there is no difference;
for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

"being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,
whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood,

"through faith,

"to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance
God had passed over the sins that were previously committed,
to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness,
that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

"Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law?

"Of works? No, but by the law of faith.

"Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law. Or is He the God of the Jews only? Is He not also the God of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also, 30since there is one God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith"

(Romans 3:23-30).

What then ? This: "Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 5:1).





* 1




Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny Ch. 11, History, Review and Overview
Ch. 5 and Massifs of Pure Splendour Ch. 1. From the last, the following is taken.


What on any naturalistic or monistic ground in metaphysics


is mere discord (cf. SMR Chs.   3,   10),


in aesthetics mere mumble (cf. SMR Ch. 5), 


in ethics platitude without meaning (News 19),


in epistemology mere vacuity (cf. TMR Ch. 5),


in politics defeatism (cf. Questions and Answers Ch. 7), or else towers built on invisible clouds,


all reductionist, irrational or both (cf. What is the Chaff to the Wheat Chs.   3 and ),


now on the supernatural origin of the regimented and volitionally active natural realm,  becomes




in essence predictable,


and assuredly verifiable on the ground of the creator, whose verified word is without inhibition


exhibiting the fitting conclusion, like a thunder-clap to a murder.

In all things on such a basis, it leaves nothing in the least difficult, whereas on the other model, there is nothing but failure, for there is never explanation for knowledge, existence, division, beauty or morals, but only tired reductionisms, without power, without ground and without the necessary result. It is simple fact that creationism in general, but more specifically biblical creationism with the creator who has acted and declared Himself verifiably in the Bible (cf. SMR Chs. 1-3, 10, 8-9, 5), accounts for everything as nothing else either does or can (cf. Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer).

Thus created man, in one mould but with spirit in an actual universe of knowable kind with a Creator who made him, rather than some glorified incapacity, can believe in culturally sanctified myths (cf. Secular Myths and Sacred Truth, Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic    7,   3, SMR p. 252I) without too much trouble. This phenomenon can come from the consequences of will in his mind and in his spirit, so that he can readily believe the deluded and childish concept of organic evolution, by which he affirms whatever it is that he thinks he is in order to become more of it, whatever that is, though he never finds it making the substance of what-is, that great experimental absentee in any naturalistic viewing, nor does he discover the grounds of it, nor the way of it, but rather explores delusion in battling camps*6. He may even talk of principles*7 as if they were powers to do, not mental conceptions to cover with words what actually happens - which, sadly for naturalistic man, such mere descriptions do not manage to do.

The Bible however speaks of diversification within kinds only, from the Creator in His initial impact, formation and formulation; and as to creation, it is over, as the evidence continually attests while man tries to prod, curse, bless or induce it to do some more, to which it responds rather like a dog having its toe-nails cut by someone with aspirations to be a surgeon. (Cf. The Defining Drama Ch. 10, TMR Appendix I, Ch. 1.)

Thus it is mere routine exemplification of the supernatural schema when we find that naturalistic man wills to be what his position voids in operation, both in its very statement and in its performance criteria, as well as performance exhibits; and this, by sheer exuberance of imagination, in one of the choicest pieces of ludicrous cant this world has ever produced; this while he is born and dies and is given his genes and is faced by his God, whom he ignores as if his very life depended on it. That is what will is about in a creation which has it, and is placed in a natural climate with supernatural access.

It is moreover, precisely what Romans 1:17ff., tells us about, a further verification in the specific milieu of the Bible. Further, it is precisely there that the remedy for this consequence of such a creation is presented, with its own verificatory testimonials

(cf. The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy, It Bubbles ...
Ch. 9, Repent or Perish Chs.   2,   7,




Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch.  9, incl. End-note 1 (esp. programmatic psychology and its ilk), Marvels of Predestination and the Ways of Will Ch.   7,  including *1; News  8044, SMR Ch. 4; Repent or Perish Ch.   7, esp. Extension 1 ; The True God has Go ...  Ch. 2

See also It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, esp.  *1A.



See Plagues of Egypt.



See Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny.



See Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny,

in particular Section 2, and especially: 

The Wisdom and the Wit ... Ch. 2 (a survey including multiple annotations and presentations, definitions of design and its significance),

  Jesus Christ for the People but Not for This World Ch. 6,

Dig Deeper, Higher Soar, Divine Glory Delights the More Ch. 2, (from myth to divine testimony in logical steps, from the divine to design, from design to designation and information with more on designating a definition for design).




Compare: SMR Book 2, Chapter 4, Extension E.



See News 57 for example.