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The Relish of Religion ...`

A Little Mayonnaise ?

News 423,

Emanations from Cairo, June 4, 2009

Cf. Possess Your Possessions Volume 7, Ch. 1, *2A



The full text of Obama's speech is readily available. Let us examine some of the more religious aspects.

Said Obama: "We can't disguise hostility towards any religion behind the pretense of liberalism. In fact, faith should bring us together. And that's why we're forging service projects in America to bring together Christians, Muslims and Jews."

This is the longing of religious romancers who have the synthetic idea, the Esperanto for religion, and it has been so for generations, but more especially in the last one of these.  The idea has many variants, but tends to run, at least when it is most frank, rather like this.

What is the use of religion, if it does not serve man, do more for him in the direction he desires, than its absence ? Is it not a service industry ? Will we forget then that man is the centre, religion is the store where you get the stuff that makes it run better, and if it makes mankind run better, then the one that is best is the one that makes man run best. If we must invent it, this religion, or authorise variants, then let us have respect for each other's ridiculous substitutes for truth and combine them with some sort of solemnity which will save face for other people, and use the concept of God to make less hullabaloo, and more peace among mankind.

Man alive, what do you think it is all about ? Serving someone other than ourselves ? Are you mad!

Faith, you see "should bring us together." That is what we are told at Cairo. But faith in what ? You can have faith in the devil, in devilish gods - some worship the devil, some have him transformed first. Faith is an attitude and it institutes a relationship, it is a confidence, an assurance. Having this can be in the bosom of the early Hitler, Mussolini, al Qaeda ... Warped or not, horrid or ridiculous, it is still faith. Whether it works for a time, and works woe or weal, it is faith. If however by faith you mean something else, you should use another term, to show this. Faith is to be evaluated in two ways: what it is and in what it is placed.

As to the second, if it is in the God of creation and revelation, with a double right to us, in that He made us and has presented His will for us, along with liberty to disobey it, then that is one thing. If it is in man, that is another, utterly ridiculous, since he varies so, his modes, spirit of the Age and so on, are like the winds. At times this is ludicrous, at times, something better sweeps in for a time. You cannot logically trust in man, unless you trust in the winds that blow. If your faith is not placed in a good thing, how is it a good faith ? If your confidence is in what deceives, and murders millions with militant irrationalism - quite common - then how should this draw us together. Even in major religious bodies, there are episodes and excursions, at least in the name of such bodies, that are appalling in ferocity, foolish in conception and arrogant in carelessness.

It is like having faith in business. Which business ? in the name of some business ? then what if someone else grabs that name and operates under it. There is simply no substitute for fact, for understanding, and the choice of repository for your faith in life is more important by far, than your having faith in it. That said, however, once your faith is where God Himself - not some self-contradictory or irrational version of the same - then it should be a matter of trusting Him. If you trust you father to take your hand and lead you across a heavily trafficked road, well. You either do or you don't. It is good, given a good father, if you do.

Faith in itself, however, is meaningless as far as right is concerned: it is mere potential, capable of entire corruption or rotting. It is when it is linked to the power of God according to the word of God which gives clear and decisive access, that it becomes a channel for glory, a motif for peace and a wonder for what it transmits. Faith should bring us together, says Obama ? Not so. It does not determine its subject matter, it does not constitute its object, be this good or bad.

Fitting in with this sort of erroneous approach are these additional words of Obama, next cited:

This truth transcends nations and peoples, a belief that isn't new, that isn't black or white or brown, that isn't Christian or Muslim or Jew. It's a belief that pulsed in the cradle of civilization and that still beats in the hearts of billions around the world. It's a faith in other people. And it's what brought me here today.

This is the Mein Kampf of religion, with the stress not to undervaluing Israel, for once, but God!

It is no longer speech deploring or denying  the geographical, physical, national embodiment of the fact that God has spoken, articulately, precisely, testably, verifiably and in a way alone validated*1, in the case of Israel,  both in its former blessings, contemporary return, current defence and long duration of durance vile, at the hands of many nations. This as all foretold, is not here the point. No, there is nothing just here, about some no new pogrom from the Iran instead of Russia as formerly,  or  from sacrosanct parts of Europe, as in the Inquisition. That is not to be found at this point.

In fact, Hilary Clinton is reported this very day as having made a sensational statement concerning Israel which, though it by no means suspends the recklessness of the rest of the Cairo speech, or the requirements concerning Israel, yet gives some slight breathing space before any more perilous proceedings against that nation, as described in the earlier Chapters, and in their references.

The USA will regard any atomic attack on Israel as an attack on itself. There will be retribution, should this be done. It will not go unpunished. That is the core of the address on Israel as reported from Clinton. It is good that the USA is not going only in one direction, however sadly it is moving from reality in other elements.

No, it is not Israel AS SUCH (though it does continue to suffer in the Human Road Map, at odds the Divine Map, which is being fulfilled, step by step in gallant, dramatic and measurable fashion since 1948*2), that is the object of diminution, degradation or assault here.

What then is suffering in Obama's oratory from Cairo here ?

It is God Himself, in His biblical revelation. As with Israel, it is not a direct attack.

Thus in Israel's case, no one is asking the Jews - other than some Muslim voices - to vacate Jerusalem. The only request from the Madrid Quartet including the USA, is one that makes Israel indefensible, that's all: that is, apart from miracles such as have already occurred in earlier wars. Nothing direct is in view; only desecration of its integrity and defensibility. In order to desecrate in spiritual things, it is not necessary to execrate expressly, for it is the spirit that God sees, and the contempt or the exclusion, the mingling or the avoidance, it is all one in this, that what God has provided for blessing is not given divine authority; and what excludes Christ from His place, excludes what leaves the curse of God intact. This is diverting life from its own mercy.

To reject His claims is to reduce to nothing His divine commission, wisdom, understanding, testimony, prophetic fulfilment, and though it be not said, this is to be blind to light, to void virtue and dismiss deity. In effect, such a thing comes close, in those at least who have known of Him, to execration. He is set at nought, His name is used and His judgments are shrugged off, as if He were a nonentity and not the Maker of all!

So here in Obama's speech: there is no attack on the word 'God'. It merely makes all revelation, should such a position be taken, virtually indefensible. If all He could and would do for mankind in its most atrocious misuse of the equipment He created, man's manhandling by man,  where gall and abomination are vying for instant acceptance, were this, what then ? Why then, colliding words, contrary to one another in the very heart of the different religions would represent futility, not utility, failure, not triumph, bumbling, mumbling, not revelation, thrust and not truth. And then ? Then it would be the case that Being would be a failure, feeble, incompetent, foolish, witless or some combination.



It is of course not so. His power is shown in the precise conformity of history to the Bible, in Christ's complete conformity to the program enunciated for Him a millenium before, and centuries in the making as successive prophets were inspired to write, and in His earning a name by His life which multiplied sects, amounting to billions of people on this earth, insist on using in some way or another,  as a part of their distortions! That name grabs.

While It is however well to consider how far below the powers of man any such God is placed, the point is that this makes mute the majesty of God, and slack the sovereignty of the Creator, allowing follies to be unmet, problems with no solution, millions the payment for the lapse ... in clear diction. But it is not so. On this site*1, the exclusive validity and entire verificatory success of the Bible, in all things testable and they are very many, has been shown repeatedly. Such an assumption then is as unwarranted as it is ignorant, and such an implication from Obama's speech, intended or not, makes nonsense of the idea behind it at this point . Rolled up religions are a denial of all, as gratuitous as it is contrary to his stated intention; but it is not at all contrary to the results of his innovations!

What! is such a 'god' is wisely to be worshipped ? one is to so regarded, who in that case  provides mutually contradictory, diversely oriented, utterly mutually militant ideas, vested in words which MUST be in the most intensely important places, UTTERLY WRONG in many respects. Koran, Bible, Talmud are representative of competing considerations in many vital and central regards. In what way in particular ? In this: regarding the status of Christ, His work, His Person, the approach to 'holy wars', redemption, atonement, the crucifixion of Christ, its meaning, the resurrection, the religious requirement of not fighting for your religion with mere force (John 18:36, Matthew 26:52ff..

The theocratic is past, in the Bible; in the New Testament those preludes are finished. The authorisation for war with religious background and intention is ZERO. The world is well aware that nothing of this kind is the concern of the religion of the Koran. Whatever it is, it is far from this, and it was founded in its major centres, in ways contrary to this.

 A rolled up revelation, or a revelation of diverse forms and formats concerning one GOD! What an accomplishment! This is what the Bible calls a "NOT GOD", a vanity, an idol, one who has no plan, no deliverance for millions who suffer, no remedy proclaimed, allowing continuing tragedy and savagery of soul, to smite from this and that corner.

Where the Old Testament is taken, but not the New, then you have a Messiah who died at the right time, but for the wrong reason, and who, incidentally is not the Messiah, whose words are not those from God, and on the other hand, one who did so die, whose words are all from God, who is the centre, cynosure and sufficiency for the coming to God! Whether it be Judaism or the Koran, it is all one: it is to the uttermost a contradiction of the entire centre and point of Christianity. Let it all be worship of God, and you make of God a simpleton, if you suppose this is what He wants, a self-contradictory pumper-out of silly prohibitions and insistences, now this, now that, now making central what is hideous, now making hideous what is central.

When you blaspheme, it is well to have some semblance of truth, if you want to be a good false prophet; but this! Yet it is received on many sides with no little favour. MAKING RELIGION PIE, SALAD, CUISINE, GOURMET GOD, this is most acceptable today. It comes in a milieu, a situation insistently developing, many wanting to leave the stringencies of godly spirituality, yet still have some relationship to the word "God". It proceeds as unbelief, in its ignorance, often conceives it, and to have whatever it is that is the democratic, or if need be, autocratic desideratum, the desired goal.  Then, to this end, if the people like it, this is the Chosen God. It is a made-up god, now the spin-off from centrifuge, now the superimposition of diverse points, sludged into similarity. If none of the gods available is quite ... the same as it might be, why the answer to innovative man, losing himself in his own glory, which is mere vainglory, it is simple. Just MAKE ONE!

Here we have a good supply of gods, and you may prefer this or that, or take several, or even superimpose... is not too far from the thrust of many such approaches.

Make one that everyone can worship, and make this 'god' so broad, that he can be worshipped in utterly clashing manners, actions, deeds; and then cut his claws, so that some things are OUT, and then let everyone participate. Later of course, the permitted becomes the prescribed, and the glorious liberties habitually become the incessant requirement. Ask the USSR about its much vaunted freedom of religion: though, after all, it is dead with it all, its pretence and hypocrisy, so you need to study the case!*2A

Have something, preferably drawing on some common elements, or be practical, if they are not the same, then make them appear so, and using this as a magnet, attract together those iron filings called mankind, and calling the thing you make "GOD", see what can be done. Such, or anything at all like it, is a prescription for hubris for man, and pandemonium from God, not peace. There IS no peace for what does not follow His words (John 12:48ff.), nor can there be. The disquietudes which follow are mere symptoms of the misuse of symbols, words gathered and garnered here and there, and stuffed into the revelatory pockets of those who transfer such things. Stolen is the biblical term for these effronteries a found in Jeremiah 23.

In what way could that be meant then ? God says this (Jeremiah 23:30:

" 'Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets,' says the Lord,
'who steal My words every one from his neighbour.

" 'Behold I am against the prophets,' says the LORD,
' who use their tongues and say, "He says".
Behold I am against those who prophesy false dreams, and tell them,
and cause My people to err...' "

The 'theft' is this, that what God has to say is His, and what man has to say, is his own; but 'what God has to say,' when it is taken from this or that polluted and presumptuous source, not God at all, this constitutes theft. Firstly, it is theft of His name for illegitimate purposes, and secondly, it is a transfer of intellectual property from one to another, none authorised, in a way rather like being an accessory after the fact. The case is clear. The God of the Bible and Obama's rhetoric are in manifest collision, and the additive domain is detested by Him, whom the Koran so vehemently contradicts, to the very core; and not that book alone, but this is the one in view in the speech, relative to Islam.



Thus Obama has this to say:

This truth transcends nations and peoples, a belief that isn't new, that isn't black or white or brown, that isn't Christian or Muslim or Jew. It's a belief that pulsed in the cradle of civilization and that still beats in the hearts of billions around the world. It's a faith in other people. And it's what brought me here today.

We have the power to make the world we seek,

He is evidently trying, despite the highly unequal way in which the Koran indicates that the subject be treated, some kind of second commandment, to use Christ's term, above the FIRST and the GREATEST COMMANDMENT. If some regarded Obama, ridiculously to be sure, as a messiah, then here is his core religion. Use a revised issue of the Second Commandment, to oust the first in this, that without the first "we have the power to make the world we seek."

Thus the God who hates idols, forbids any other God from being worshipped, who is epitomised, definitively expressed in His Eternal Word, Jesus Christ, it is not HE who must be worshipped. Nothing of the sort. The way is open, the four-lane highway is ready. What is rightly worshipped, it is a construct of the State, of wish-seekers, of politicians and priests in some kind of alliance. For you cannot have it both ways. On SUCH a combination, or alternation, Obama pours his blessing. In such a Middle East, with pulsating "three great faiths" we are told, there is the "place of peace that God intended it to be."

Only a composite, or a truncated God of any is of this kind. He denounces what contradicts, imports, adds to or mutates His word; and there is no blessing on what departs from His word. It is not man sidling up to an altar to the unknown or variable god, which brings peace; it is man coming in repentance to the living God and His word and way of salvation, which brings it within, to be translated outside. God's opinion of departure from His word is to be seen in Proverbs 1, in John 3:36, 8:32...

Either THIS GOD is God, or He is not. He is UTTERLY INTOLERANT, in the name of truth, which He declares Himself to be, of any other God. The reason is not far to seek. There is no other one. It is vain to seek school-boys claiming to be doctors, when you are sick, by calling them Dr Smith or Jones. You need what is the truth.

We must be intolerant of what is not true, or we are merely seduced. We do not need to dong to do it; merely to show it to be wrong. Force is not an option. It is irrelevant here. The cessation of the misuse of force for such things, when the actual options lie open, this is what is needed, while truth is made available marvellously. It is not denying the absoluteness and singularity of truth which is the solution, but the failure to try to force what does not need force, onto people. If it is true, let it show it. If it be true, let the people know it. WHY use terror and force in this course ? It is the demonstrable, verified, validated word of God, over the millenia*3, it is this that matters; and it matters altogether.

That is why Jesus declared to MEN that their TRADITIONS, their own thoughts were being added to His word, and that this was intolerable, making into NOTHING the very word of God (Mark 7:7ff.). Indeed, you only need to ADD one word here and there, amid the commands of any one 'god' to make ALL the difference, when that word is 'NOT'! It is very easy to do, and takes a very short time; and indeed it can all be made over in this way or that, mutated to be made to appear similar where it is obviously diverse (as is the concept of waging many types of wars in many situations for the glory of Allah from NOT WAGING EVEN ONE! in following the Crucified One*3A).

A couple of words here or there, and you have a transformation. Act like that in long-headed resourcefulness in 'handling' a religion, and soon you have it: just what you may want, and you need nothing but a pen, don't really have to do much at all. Like mistletoe, you depend on what the tree is, and you just attach yourself, or your words, to it. Yes there you have it.

Have what ? Why the Synthetic Religion (a little more Mystic Mayonnaise, my dear sir ? of course, coming over)!

The faith that brings him to the point of Cairo and utterance, Obama indicates is not hard to spell out. It is this:

bullet "It's faith in other people. And it's what brought me here today."

It is a this world, synthetic spirituality, convenient, pragmatic, impossible, irrational, defiant of deity, insulting to the Saviour, but it has practical advantages. It might stop wars. As was found to be the case in Communism, with its formal freedoms which had to become formalities,  there may need to be some mopping up to get there, but we are learning to be more tolerant as we go: or such is the idea. Toleration of truth when ceded as a right by authority is already intolerance, for it assesses itself competent to declare it.

Untruth is intolerable by nature, and the only One who has the power to know it, is God Himself; or to say it. In fact, to know the truth rather than response, reaction and relationship among things as they act, you need BOTH that God be there AND that He declare Himself clearly so that the truth is what actually reaches you. It is magnificent and glorious that God has seen to it that the only place where testable, uniquely valid truth is to be found, duly verified and validated, is the Bible, as to writing; and in Jesus Christ, as to living as a man. This is an empirical statement (see *1 and *3A).

People who speak untruth, be they confused or liars, these are objects of pity, and when their errors are religious in nature it is imperative that force be not used relative to their faith. THAT, it is like using a butcher's knife on the eye that does not see. It is not only irrelevant, but at the faith level, an odious failure to know what you are doing. Indeed, when Christ cried for forgiveness for those killing Him, it was this that He said: Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing. (Luke 23:34). Stephen showed himself a follower, through his faith in this same Jesus (Acts 7:60).

Does this remove judgment from God when the time comes ? Scarcely, for truth is in union with mercy with God, but not to the detriment of either. Where mercy in its long publicly proclaimed platform is derided, hated, disregarded, dismissed, then judgment comes like night, after the day is spent ...

So people are to learn to become tolerant ...



Tolerant ? But not of God. Tolerant ? but not of the claims of Jesus Christ.

But let us look further in this speech, this Cairo Cooking, this Spiritual Synthetic, the Gourmand God.

 We find in this speech, to which in the chapters above and here so far, we have found some interesting things, various notable features. Consider some of its elements.

Thus it is a combination of celestial whitewash, re-cycled Moslem claims, Christian derogation, selective quips for irrational generalisations and short-term solutions for historic problems, foundering on immutable facts*4, dispersing these at the oratorical will.

It is distinguished by brokerage to assuage and the construction of new religion, founded on a common theme, for man and his gods, the name of some hybrid and unhistorical 'god'. This one, he was hidden till revealed by the name "God" in this Cairo speech.

Here is a 'god' who does not know his own mind, but has sent a lot of religious players in his augmented team, with diverse and dramatically divergent and mutually exclusive messages. The table manners may have some similarities at times, but the meat is utterly different.

bullet It is force in the field of religion as such, or not*4A.
bullet It is works into heaven, or it is entirely rendered by grace.
bullet It is contradiction of the Old Testament prophets in doctrine *5,
and of the Koran's claim that they are from God, in a whirl-pool of confusion,
now made greater, in this,
that this contradiction is itself part of the total revelation
of this incumbent to the name 'God',
invented in Cairo, or there given dissemination,
a 'God' of the imagination,
who would be instantly failed for year 12 English and logic.

This construed deity, this essentialised god, he is supposed to want all men to worship 'Him' with a toleration for untruth in various manifestations, so vast as to make 'Him' irrelevant and man the king-maker in politics. Through such ministrations as these, it now becomes man - the God maker in theology, by political power, either directly, or implicitly.

Put it for assessment, indeed, while we are concerned, with the words of Jeremiah himself, as to such movements on the part of one nation, in earlier times. Here was no small parallel to what is now being theologically exported for all nations! If one nation got its come-uppance for such a disaster directed to deity, what is this world hoping for ? Obama on this topic, declares this:
"We have the power to make the world we want."

Now ponder the denunciation of Jeremiah as found in Jeremiah 5:30-31. 

It is this.

"An astonishing and horrible thing
Has been committed in the land:

The prophets prophesy falsely,
And the priests rule by their own power;
And My people love to have it so,

But what will you do in the end ?"

In that case, the book of Lamentations of Jeremiah, recording the devastation, disaster, horror and approach to holocaust in Israel, in Jerusalem itself chiefly: that is what was done in the end.  Lamentations ? You can find it easily in the Bible: it comes right after the prophecy of Jeremiah, with its warnings, entreaties, appeals for them to return to the God of living waters, far from the broken cisterns which can hold no water (cf. Jeremiah 2:13). Indeed, no god who is invented for convenience, constructed for accord, can hold any water. When it comes to God, there is needed all that God is to do what only God can do.

As David puts it: IT IS HE ONLY WHO IS THE GOD WHO DOES  WONDERS (Psalm 72:18). Such is the record.  Imitation is impossible, though often tried by deluders. The cost is enormous, as shown by nations

bullet directly or indirectly dabbling with Darwinism,
bullet in glory-seeking, inglorious survivalism,
bullet in thrusting self-elevation for future grandeur from upward-moving man:

 this taking over the pathological imaginations of grasping nations.

Intoxicated with pride, unbalanced and intemperate, many of these have been

bullet putting philosophical speculation in the place of
hard, empirical, verified, precise, infinitely important fact,

turning their backs on God, directly or indirectly,
with passionate utterance as in the USSR, or dispassionate departure from His word,
as in many another, and

bullet making practical godlets of their own.

The birth-place of such godlets ? It is to be found in the realm of the racial, the hoped-for, the social, the military, the class-based, the two-faced, the allegedly innate, the spirit of the Age, the human psyche or the inhuman -  indeed in anything at all, so long as it is sufficiently popular to mislead man, if not to deify him, and to defy God, the God of creation, truth and verified revelation, whose word sits astride all civilisations like a Colossus, not of Rhodes, but of over all roads, below which, and whom,  the tracks of man are as dusty footprints, trodden barrenly in the sands of time. .



Look back to the divine indictment of Jeremiah 5 printed above. The false prophets, intent on departing from the revelation of the ONLY GOD, are able to get away with such nonsense ONLY because the people love it so. As Obama repeatedly indicates:  WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD WE WANT.

There is of course the little question of ownership, you know.

The one who made the thing, unless you steal it, is really the owner, especially if he did it out of his own products, as matériel ...

So what do we find in this not historically uncommon but devastating concept of Obama ? We find a 'god' made by irenic coercion of actual testimonies historically made, one whose differential speeches, drawn up in different places and for different reasons, or whose traditions,  reveal an internally diverse and divergent moral system, concerning the use of force, love, mercy, redemption and the entire scope of celestially defined objectives.

One of the components of this joint declaration, allegedly of, for, from deity is to be found in the arena of force and faith. One repeatedly directs man in war to prevail till Allah alone is to be worshipped; the other forbids the slightest slip in that direction, even cautioning Peter for so much as one stroke of the sword. The Author and Founder of this faith, Jesus Christ, God incarnate, the God whose Spirit provided prophecy (I Peter 1:10-11) made some things clear here. Thus, consider His word to sword-wielding Peter (Matthew 26). So far from finding felicity in some paradisiac notion, by such action, a divine appreciation, Peter in fact was in this being used by Satan, and  imperilling by such conduct, the fulfilment of prophecy, and the divine appointment for sacrificial redemption, to be made by Christ. He, it was stated, did not come to destroy men's lives but to save them! Of this, He would have ... NOTHING, no, not one stroke!

Such is the variability, on the synthetic line, where all men, Christian or Moslem,  are called 'children of God' and are envisaged from Cairo as acceptably worshipping Him, despite the dynamics being decisively different, and the salvation so wholly diverse that Islam is indeed a religion contrary to Christ, stripping Him of deity and redemption some 600 years after He presented Himself for test. Diverse ? in this it is definably an antichristian; and it is this that is in mind, for joint worshipping programmatics, all being one ... As to Judaism, it omits what Muhammad seeks to create anew: the Christ of God, sent at the time of His prophetic appointment*6

Take now Islam*7 and Christianity. Thus in the one case, the words are making Christ's claim to be deity wholly and utterly wrong, while the other makes it utterly basic so that without it you have NOTHING but delusion (John 3:16,19,36, 8:24), even to the point that by so disbelieving, "you will die in your sins."

FAITH is in focus in the Obama speech, but in what ? In this, that Christ alone is the necessary atonement for your sins, being deity ? or in that, where works of various kinds, including needful wars from time to time, are the way, and wars can be a very short way to glory.

What does he say ? this (colour added).

All of us have a responsibility to work for the day when the mothers of Israelis and Palestinians could, can see their children grow up without fear, when the holy land of the three great faiths is the place of peace that God intended it to be, when Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra — as in the story of Isra, when Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed — peace be upon them — joined in prayer.

So Obama puts his peace on Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, in his presentation of this new religion of many faces, contrary places, one that aborts the Bible. Here we have the gist. In this new deity, Mohammed has peace put upon him.

In the testimony of Jesus the Christ, however, HE IS THE TRUTH, and His words will not pass away, even though heaven and earth will do so! and He is the same today, yesterday and forever, Lord of Lords (John 14:6, Matthew 24:35, Hebrews 13:8). After Him, there were to be - as indeed there have been - MANY false christs and false prophets. Muhammad, seeking to disestablish this claim, makes what Paul calls "another Jesus" and "another Gospel" and has with this, a "different spirit" and is thus in type what Paul deems "a deceitful worker" and "false apostle" (II Corinthians 11).

That is Jesus Christ in speech.

Here at Cairo is Obama in speech. Peace to Mohammed, says he, in the field of religion and faith.

 According to Jesus, the alternate faiths are false, fraudulent, the work of false christs or apostles, while He is and remains, and indeed always has been, the TRUTH.

Obama ? What follows from his speech ? It is this. The acceptance and non-acceptance of Jesus Christ (Islam and Judaism alike reject the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Redeemer through His own death and resurrection, as executing the very salvation of God by His own payment in His own body - I Peter 2:23ff.): this there is not the issue. Accept Him as in Biblical Christianity, or reject Him as in Islam and Judaism, yet by the Obama of Cairo, your FAITH is still a great one, and those who deny and those who live in and for Him alike, are still to have in the Middle East the peace God intended for them, and both the Messiah and His stripper*7, are to be blessed. The contradiction is superb. The antithesis is genuine. The genuflection is multiple. The confusion is absolute.

Now the only "God" who intended this is NOT the one in the Bible. He, for Himself,  has announced the folly of such idolatry as rejects His monolithic presence as deity, detailed, declared, to the uttermost point, and He has denounced it so often, and with such wrath in the midst of seeking to provide mercy by bringing man back to the FACT of precisely WHO the actual God is, that it is almost a work for mathematics to find that number. Deuteronomy 32, Jeremiah 23, Ezekiel 13-14, 20, Matthew 23, Galatians 1, Revelation 5-6, I John 2, and of course the First Commandment of the Ten: all these are very clear.

Thus the multi-partite "God" of Cairo, the 'One' who wanted peace on the basis that all this is very silly, does not matter at all, concerning truth, has been fashioned in fundamental error, is another one. He has been crafted in the mind as the ancient idolaters crafted their wares with their hands, to satisfy the dynamic which drove their minds (cf. Isaiah 44:9). Making an image, mental or material, of God, to represent and indicate His very being, this is in itself to expel Jesus the Christ as the definitive image of His likeness, unique, eternal, uncreated, incarnate once only to atone for sin once only, to give to faith one path only, in one salvation alone, for ever (Hebrews 1, Ephesians 1:10).

Thus since this is biblically what is called NOT GOD, a subject for idolatry, the case is clear. Biblically, the Obama representation is of an idolatrous religion. The concept is this. ALL the three faiths are great, the God back of all of them is aptly to be worshipped.

This is not the biblical one however, as

bullet history is not removed by a word,
bullet revelation by an idea, or
bullet verification by a desire.

Thus the God presented to provide the peace presented in the way presented by Obama, is not only NOT GOD, but he dares to speak as if he were. This is the very crux of the prophecy of II Thessalonians where the MAN OF SIN is to show himself that he is god  - an interesting and natural development in the pathology of the case. In this vein, he parades himself before himself (II Thessalonians 2:4ff.), like a damsel in a beauty parlour;  and  he is stricken in the noxious fumes of his fancies, shortly thereafter in a way not lacking in drama or judgment.

Pretending to be a doctor, a medical specialist when you have no training, it is not good. It is dangerous. Such masquerading needs to be exposed.

Such is the case with this synthetic, syncretistic, synergistic "God".

The use of that name for this purpose, and the hope for peace on that basis, is just like trying to build a housing estate on Chernobyl, the day after the explosion. It could not be worse. It is as bad as it gets.

The breach of the second commandment is indeed serious; but the breach and recasting of the FIRST and GREATEST COMMANDMENT, as Jesus called it, is not only horrendous. It is omitting the basis, confounding the foundation and removing the actual Lord of glory from His place. How ? it is by having a replacement deity who blesses a false prophet, as by His own word God utterly condemns all such, and who desires peace to be visited,  where war on Him is declared.

That ? it is indeed to come explicitly,  as in Revelation 19:19, where such war on God is indeed a definitive action! It has long been implicit, explicit on the part of some; but then, in the togetherness of Cairo, suitably developed of course, there is to an explicit international effort.

Well, this puts the coming closer. The foot-hills are becoming nearer to the last ascent to come.

 This, it is very close to that, and an excellent practice session, for that ultimate event. Excellent ? yes, technically so*8.

The sort of event the Bible describes for this is to be found in II Thessalonians 2, its result more generally in I Thessalonians 1, in Revelation 19, in Daniel 7, in Matthew 24, in Revelation 13 and of course, Revelation 1, where at the coming of Christ all the tribes of the earth mourn.

Mourn ? Why of course, for the judgments handed out are in terms of everlasting destruction (I Thessalonians 1) are according to truth, and truth is in the end, always irresistible. Rebellion may resist it, but in the end, lies die.

Why do we warn ? If there is any brotherly feeling, based on creation of mankind, any pity, any concern, any hope, any love, then how would any one NOT warn! To be silent would be like watching someone about to kill a child (here the child of peace and faith in truth) and not to intervene. The child suffers otherwise; but the assailant does also. One seeks to intervene to the uttermost. How would one not do so! It is not only into error that one moves, to expose it, but into predicted error, leading to the ultimate error. Who would annul a warning there! It is not one who loves life who would do so...



Here then, to be found in this Cairo speech, there is a bypassing of the Christian God, and that is war in the name of peace. As the First and Greatest Commandment is bypassed, so is the Speaker of it, who has identified Himself in the Bible so devastatingly precisely that not a jot or tittle of all that He has said will fail (Matthew 24:35, cf. Isaiah 34:16-17, Jeremiah 23:24ff., Isaiah 55, 44-46). ALL will be fulfilled.

Whoever said that about not a jot or tittle failing ?  one asks. It is Jesus the Christ whose word is this (Matthew 5:17-20). Have a care when your words are contrary to the word of God incarnate. Be assured; regard your wit as superior to His, your knowledge as better, your learning as superior, your insight as more special, your works as giving you a better claim to knowledge than His did to it: do all of this, but know for all that, that the evidence is not thus, and this is mere illusion. HIS word in practical, empirical, historical fact, IT STANDS, and the criterion of standing has always been this since Moses (Deuteronomy 13); and in that day, a failure here meant death. God, He is not kidding. Man has a pandemic called sin, and taking any spiritual antibiotic is madness in the end. There is one specific to the disease, what has been called the medicine of immortality, the blood of Christ (Ephesians 1:7,2:14ff. ).

It is necessary to have discipline and to do as directed (John 5:24, 8:24), both for the negativity of the consequences not to be desired, a breach of life, and for the outcome in eternal life, in the positive beauty of godly piety.

bullet Make then a substitute for the Christian God, by a few selected parallels,
distorted in themselves form the nature of the biblical originals
and in the parallels for any real identity;
bullet do this, and proceed to ignore the centre and substance
of the biblical faith in the Lord's Christ (Luke 2:26), Jesus Christ.
bullet Make a new one of these, or congratulate those who do,
and call both approaches equal or glorious if you will.
bullet Do all this, but know that you and God are then in collision.
bullet By all means exalt a medley of different gods
and call the synthesis, or the supposition, or the resultant image GOD if you will,
and exalt them in a pantheon created by politics,
one thereby desecratory of the status, stature, works, attainment and atonement,
the ground of truth in the Lord Jesus Christ.
bullet Do this if you must and will.

But then the word of God tells you in the Bible precisely what you are doing:
that ? it is the exact opposite of what it says you are to do, the way it directs you to Him and the wisdom and the basis, alike, which He supplies for your action.

That ? It is this, that

"there is no other name
under heaven
given among men
by which they must
be saved"

Acts 4:11-12.

That changed ? No, for Christ said HIS WORDS WILL NOT PASS AWAY though this world will do so, and His words will judge (Matthew 24:35). If someone rejects Him and does not receive His words, that He should be honoured just as the Father is honoured, and that He is the only begotten Son of God, without whom there is only judgment for one's sins, and in whom there is perpetual cover (John 5:19ff., John 3, 8, Matthew 11:27ff.): then what is the case ?

If someone says, NO! but there are great faiths which do not accept You in this role, and the intention of God is for peace among those who have these other great faiths who so contradict You; and furthermore, a world like that is going to work in peace, and we can make this happen, then what ?

What follows ? It is this. Then

bullet "the word that I have spoken
will judge him in that last day"
  (John 12:48).

What sort of judgment is that ? It is this condemnation, namely that light has come into the world, and men have preferred darkness (John 3:19). That, it is tantamount to an execratory omission. Accordingly, this is elemental judgment, according to truth. This is what comes for what is desecratory  of the status and stature of Jesus Christ, dismissive of His deity, giving to those who make His call incommunicado, nevertheless a political insulation and a personal blessing. Imagine now if someone came to the Oval Office and asked for Ahmadinejad ?

 Would they not be tempted to deem him mad ? (cf. Hosea 9:7), a prankster ? a trickster ? an insult machine ?

Imagine coming to God and asking for a false prophet, one of the names you have invented for Him, even though HE has stated in the Bible that the number of variants from this, His word, coming from God, is ZERO (cf. Matthew 5:17ff., Isaiah 34:16-17, 44:24 - 45:19, John 12:48-50).

What an effrontery ? What a tragedy unless there be repentance, as we must hope; for love DOES hope, and therefore speaks. If the ground of truth is dismissed (I Corinthians 3:10ff.), then the ground of truth dismisses what dismisses it (cf. Matthew 7:21ff.). It evacuates from the truth, what evacuates the truth from itself, its words, its own wisdom and vision. Eternal life CONSISTS IN THIS, that you know GOD (not some other being made up from man's thoughts) and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17:1ff.). That, it is not the same as someone else. When it comes to the infinite God, this is an infinite mistake, as far as this is possible to finite beings. If you gamble with greatness, great is the loss!



What then ? Such other gods, synthetic, mutually approbative, all apt for referring to God, as the Cairo speech shows, they relate to the God of Christianity, not as the moon relates to the sun, but as prison to liberty, as delusion to deity, and that, it is the word of God as found in Isaiah 61, 55, 66.

Listen to this last word:

"Thus says the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool:
where is the house that you build to Me? and where is the place of My rest?
For all those things has My hand made, and all those things have been, says the LORD: but to this man will I look,
to him who is poor and of a contrite spirit,
and trembles at My word.

"He who kills an ox is as if he slew a man;
he who sacrifices a lamb, as if he cut off a dog’s neck; he who offers an oblation,
as if he offered
swine’s blood;
he who burns incense, as if he blessed an idol.
Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations.

"I also will choose their delusions,
and will bring their fears upon them;
because when I called, none did answer;
when I spoke, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes,
and chose that in which I delighted not."

Here the choice of another God, one not in entire conformity to the revealed and revealing word of the God of the Bible: this is called a delusion, result of not listening to the speech of the actual God of truth and reality. It is speech made in heaven, not in Cairo, and demitted to earth not for a game, but for the glory of God and the salvation of man.

What is needed is to TREMBLE at His word, because it IS HIS! To follow it is the minimum. To subvert, have something supersede or substitute for it is not only an impertinent imposition, related like the wing of a butterfly to the rump of an elephant, a gross substitution. it is a vagrancy so great that God will give them the very deluded state of mind which they begin to exhibit as a horrendous gift. It is like letting them eat the fruit of their own dealings (as in Proverbs 1). To act in this way is deemed EVIL.

Consider Proverbs 1 in this.

"Wisdom calls aloud outside;

She raises her voice in the open squares.

She cries out in the chief concourses,

At the openings of the gates in the city


  • "She speaks her words:
  • 'How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity?

    For scorners delight in their scorning,

    And fools hate knowledge.

    Turn at my rebuke;

    Surely I will pour out my spirit on you;

    I will make my words known to you.

    'Because I have called and you refused,

    I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded,

    Because you disdained all my counsel,

    And would have none of my rebuke,

    I also will laugh at your calamity;

    I will mock when your terror comes,

    When your terror comes like a storm,

    And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,

    When distress and anguish come upon you.

    'Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;

    They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.

    Because they hated knowledge

    And did not choose the fear of the Lord,

    They would have none of my counsel

    And despised my every rebuke.


    'Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way,

    And be filled to the full with their own fancies.

    For the turning away of the simple will slay them,

    And the complacency of fools will destroy them;

    But whoever listens to me will dwell safely,

                  And will be secure, without fear of evil.' "


    To imagine synthetic 'god', and gratuitously to give this thing a capital to make it "God" whom people happily and fruitfully worship in peace, as in effect wrought in the Obama speech, this becomes a blasphemous insertion into the ring of fire. It cannot douse it. It receives what it enters and being truth, it burns what degrades.

    In fact, such dealings merely put petrol on the Islamic ambition by mischaracterising methods of expansion, both present and historic, both repetitively observable in the Koran, and in this,  in absolute contrast to the words of Christ (John 18:36) and His practice (Matthew 26:53ff.). This willingness to suffer in the truth without any recourse to force,  even when His own Person was at stake! it is quintessential in Christ (cf. More Marvels ... Ch. 4, Divine Agenda ... Ch. 6).

    HE came to save; not to judge (John 3:17). His expression is humble and meek, not grandiose and self-glorying. He can be jostled, spat on. Truth does not change because of an exchange of the position of saliva. He went to the entirety of peace in the wonder of love to exhibit the entirety of truth. If this be rejected, conjoined, mimicked, enclosed in a pantheon, made co-ordinate with other things, then mercy being expelled, judgment does come. NOW, however, the exhibition of what God is and desires, it is on record, in the record, and what is not accepting it for what it is, this too is on record. Proverbs 1 tells us more; and here to have more than Christ, it is to have incomparably less.

    To echo Islamic clichés as in Cairo, reminds  one of Chamberlain's 'peace' accord with Hitler, in a parallel act of blindness, to that of Obama. It led only to war; it ignored the inflammatory character basic to Hitler's creed, just as this President bypasses so much in the Koran and in history in his generatlisations*7. The actual nature of the dictator's rhetoric, beliefs and claims, as so clearly written on the one hand, in his Germanic tongue, as are some of the injunctions in the Koran in another script, their internal deletion does nothing to dispel their objective presence. They are THERE!

    As to Hitler, the martial marches of his arms and armies, proceeding in the throes of his misconceptions, these were tediously 'interpreted' in other phrases and ways, with a hope born of ignorance or blindness or both.

    Did he REALLY mean such things ? Was it mere exuberance or talk ?

    These were then to be regarded as a 'strange thing' as Chamberlain proceeded to tell us, with paper in his hand, that he was able to give hope, to assure us of the victory gained at the meeting ... What was that victory ?

    It was to give us, of course, peace in our time! that was the British contribution at that time. In months, however, the feature of peace became the reality of wrath. It was a gobbling war, a gross and heinous war, a war to the death of millions, marred by atrocities unspeakable, shame paralysed, guilt anaesthetised, in the interests of   ... a vision, a concept, a dream.

    There is a surprising similarity in the mode of treatment, in that, as is the direction of flow of Obama's prescription, which comes perilously close to providing parallel grounds and methods of speech, in tenor at least, to those of 1938, as the British PM returned from Munich.

    It was in Chamberlain's day, as if a snake were a lizard, and a lizard a bird, somehow coupled with the beating of wings, a thing of beauty and peace; and it is so today. Word say one thing. Works say quite another. However many Germans did not agree with Hitler, there were his words and works, and he was leader, and his Party ruled. However many Islamic people do not agree with all that is in the Koran, the religious war aspects and the grounds and desired result of it, or choose in some way to remove this from active ingredient status, this is nevertheless a genre often to be found there. With this, there is a whole history of what has been militantly wrought over many centuries, when power was adequate, in numerous cases, to the point that Europe nearly became an Islamic whole. Indeed, this came rather close,  till the Battle Tours of 732 A.D., gave it another touring guide.

    The forcible imprint of another Jesus, another gospel, another spirit (Galatians 1), did not achieve the dominance of any Almighty deity, since there was none to support it in that domain.

    This is not to judge the present by the past, but the whole by the Koran, in conjunction with the past.

    As with Jeremiah, there is only tragedy in listening to prophets whom the Lord did not send, whose words lack verification and authentication in history and reality, untested, mere dreams (Jeremiah 23). These prophets in ancient Israel, like Muhammad in our era, contradicted categorically what the Lord said. For example, in that day,  some were claiming Babylon would not overthrow the city of Jerusalem, while Jeremiah had a word which was ALWAYS fulfilled, and to the contrary, with grounds in truth and covenant!

    So now there are grounds in truth and covenant (Matthew 26:28), and they do not move.

    As Christ declared: "

    "All things have been delivered to Me by My Father,
    and no one knows the Son except the Father.
    Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son,
    and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.

    "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,
    for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
    For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

    What then of this synthesis, this Religion Salad ... Have some more mystic mayonnaise ?

    It is an old practice from a modern mouth. It leaves a 'God' who has spoken with the clarity and comprehension of a 14 year old, for the gush of nebulous gabble which results when all these messages gain 'great faith' status, together, issuances of downgraded deities who must comport with flat and central contradictions of each other in the name of someone called 'God'. Such variations in the acceptable words of the God to be acceptably worshipped, these become an exercise in confusion so manifest as to create massive derogation of any 'God' involved in anything of this kind.

    Having the NO GOD to accredit with Him who is God,  a personally  adjusted selection of phrases, Obama declares  worship here is a just basis for all, and so silences at a stroke of creative presidential politics, any God who has half the intellect of man; and this without ground or reason, but that of desire.

    What follows ?

    This leaves God, logically at the hands of this moulder of clay, the status of a bumbling nincompoop who has left man with no definitive ground, authorised basically contrary approaches issuing from a broken spout of a mouth, with works and grace, a bob each way, optionally  the way to heaven, each negating the other. It leaves a 'God with redemption in meekness,  and forceful expansionism, as alternates. Thus for man, what is left in such a double or treble-minded muddle ? Indeed, in such an imaginary and imaginative domain, mankind is becoming a wonder species of innovation and provocation simultaneously,  director of a new commerce.

    What is this ? It is then time for him of Cairo utterance to arise and so embracively accept in the name of God, all of these, thus discounting all messages, reputedly divine, till opposites are acceptable, contradictions are comparable, and a construct of re-fashioned phases becomes the new additive to the Middle-Eastern ideas of yore, giving new spiritual options. Which ones ? why those from which Israel was so often told to detach, on pain of peril, as children are told to avoid bad companions, in the same perspective.

    With children, it is often simply for conduct, that an exclusion zone exists. This with which deal today, however was, as it still is,  for life, and that at the hand of the Creator of Life, whose word is clear, whose responsibility and love are glorious. It is He who is no nincompoop with failed speech, no ditherer allowing follies innumerable without remedy, but one who having given IN HIMSELF the remedy, is disowned, or conjoined, for the case is similar, as if the President's enemies could equally write his cheques at their own will. As with many diseases, the remedy however perfect has an important time relationship with the life of the sufferer. Dithering does nothing. It must be taken.

    Oh, and by the way, which sort of Mystic Mayonnaise do you prefer ? They are all nice, don't you think ?

    No, not actually.







    See :




    Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
    The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
    is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God;






    The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy,

    The gods of naturalism have no go!

    SMR, TMR.



    See SMR Chs.   8 and    9.



    The USSR in its verbal work, like that of the preceding French Revolution of 1789, painted a pretty picture on liberty in some ways. The French alternating between the praise of liberty, equality and fraternity, and showing an ironic twist in the liberty, part, by the use of the guillotine which, in this earth, has to the point a rather equalising force. For itself, at least, it possessed a kind of liberty, letting its head go. In the USSR protestations about religious liberty merely made the task of the irony of its Nobel Laureate, Solzhenitsyn, the easier.

    From Bewilderment, Bedazzlement ... Ch. 3, slightly adjusted for our present purpose, we have this.

    Take Solzhenitsyn who died this week at age 89, was he in an integral slave camp ? Or was he in a kingdom of another kind that nothing could capture ? Did his spirit find itself subdued ? or were his words those of fear of retribution when he publicly admonished Russian Orthodox leaders for their too servile yielding to the anomalous atheism of their predatory government! or when he exposed the Gulag. Someone might reply: That does not reduce the impact of the slavery!

    But it does. This is precisely what it limits. It does not limit the INTENTIONS of the slavery, or its endeavours to be systematic; but it does reduce its impact, and the source of that slavery did not reduce Solzhenitsyn to conformity, because not being God, it cannot control its people. This,  the 1991 developments displayed to the point that this wicked and corrupt, this irrational and unempirical, this self-contradictory modern Nineveh, this Communist Moscow decayed at last, relaxed its clutching and spasmodic grip.

    So far from free, the religion that Solzhenitsyn attacked for its hypocrisy in his notable open letter to the Russian Orthodox leadership, is shown as something contained, directed, weak and speaking - as with Pius XII in another domain - far too little in the face of grinding horror, and blasting blazes of suppressive fervour. HOW could it be so silent! asked Solzhenitsyn.

    Give to MAN power over religion, in his political aspirations and dreams, and HIS OWN assertions are all too apt to use the authority so given, to impose his own; and the caretaker of liberty, on which man often so foolishly relies, becomes its funeral director. It was so in Tiananmen Square where one mused like this, that the forces supposed to protect them, attacked them! This, it was symbolic as well as servile power.

    It is not surprising. The only One whom you can trust when it comes to the things of God, is God Himself, the living and articulate God, not some dithering dummy or dithyrambic mouth-spout whose words are mere symptoms of confusion on the part of man, who wrongly uses the reality of the word of God, to make of it a matter of his own domain. He tweaks it, speaks it, embroiders, excludes, includes this or that, embraces it in lordly manner, defaces, enhances, using the name of God for its excursions, embarcations and innovations.

    Speaking into the very face of God with his own little words, and multiplying these, man is sometimes found at work, even daring to add them to His! and worshipping the result.

    (cf. Mark 7:7, and Christ's horror at this process).



    See *1 above, and especially








    The action of Romanism via popes is wholly irrelevant to biblical Christianity: as if Ford Motor Co were to be accused of something General Motors or some other group did, when in fact this was an act of piracy with its name, and in fact  it  had taken no such action! Christ not only did not use force to take any city, on which his religion would be entailed, unlike Muhammad, who acted to pursue and propagate what he had in mind. As to Christ, He even forbad force, though it was personally directed to His own defence!

    Popes, on the contrary, have used force in the vast vial of sophisticated assault on Christians among others, just as Islam has done. There are similarities, but it is not with Jesus Christ, the sacrificial Saviour, who bore the brunt, rose from the dead, and instilled His Spirit, sent to enable what with man is impossible, harassed as he is by the domination of sin. With God, the living and self-revealed God, however, with Jesus the Christ, the Eternal Word of God, ALL things are possible, whatever He desires. THAT is how He both can and does answer prayer and fulfill His word of millenia, from long before Muhammad saw in his infancy the light of day; and so He continues to do, to this very hour,

    On the appalling misuse of force by Romanism (in parallel in fact with the Moslem invasions of such vigour, violence and subjugation in so many nations for so long, and this with appeal to Allah and multiple verses in the Koran): see Ancient Words ...Ch. 14.  On the essentially contrary religion which is Romanism, see SMR pp.1032-1088H. Included in this at the outset is testimony to the appalling gall of papal pride and self-elevation to the point of nausea, because of its unfounded non-meekness, non-lowliness of mind, non-placement of Christ alone as leader and teacher (Matthew 23:8-10), with an arrogance of vaunting thrust and focus on itself.

    Such religions need force in one sense, though this is no justification for it; for the truth is not with them. It remains where it always has been, in the Word of God, who became flesh, and in the words of God as given through the prophets over the millenia, compiled in Israel, applied in Christ, who fulfilling all, still makes a call, not less earnest because it is ancient. The arrival of the elements which bespeak His return makes the call as it were, to be relayed by transmitters, not only who preach, but those embedded in history itself (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).




    See Galloping Events Ch. 4, Israel ... Ch. 1, SMR Ch. 9, Red Alert Ch. 10,
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    (These latter show this religion, with the other three major conspiracies  towards the ultimate - why conspiracies ? It is because men conspire, or breathe plans together for a control, rule or oversight not ordained by God: these are breaths of man, and the breath that matters is that of God, in and by which all scripture is inspired by Him (II Timothy 3:16, Isaiah 8:20), in the Book of the Lord (Isaiah 34:16), the Bible, and sustained and implemented by Him (Matthew 26:54ff.). Other ideas for rule are always unruly, since they always tend to use power for what neither reason nor truth compels.).

    See also SMR pp. 822ff., 986ff., 1O88D.



    For a drama based on this, in its place, see The Moon Soon, particularly
    Ch. 20.