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The Dynamic that Endures even in Dissolution

See also Bulletin Eighty Two.


The dissolution of the pupa of a butterfly, for example, involves the production of compound eyes, long legs, long antennae and wings, often of aesthetically profound beauty.  In the case of some moths, the pupa is actually put in a sheath, a cocoon of silk! No more the stubby legs and tiny eyes of the larva. Some larva cells indeed (see http://www.ansp.org/explore/online-exhibits/butterflies/lifecycle/), energise the transition. Special cells, present in the larva, are now focussed, fashioned to produce features of the integral design called a butterfly which is one of the most transformational you could wish Indeed, it is almost ironic that such beauty and form, functionality and creativity (the result shows this characteristic whatever its cause, for facts cannot be smothered to death in any theory, supposedly an interpretation!) should have so sordid seeming a prelude!

This is not only a production (mosquito bites are normally productive of itch, one of their products) but an induction. It leads into something profoundly, and near to comically diverse. Gone the ugly seeming gluttony, the food preoccupation, the utterly functional and almost repulsive creepiness and the trade-mark of spoliage that goes with the grub. Now the whole air is different: a new creation, summoned, wafts with the wind.  It appears a matter of flight and fancy, leisurely-looming drift and the flitting of beauty as if it were individualised in some hair saloon, using wings instead, an effortless looking movement in air currents with an air of completion and performance, like atoms of delight given form.


The change is, as in kind we have been stressing for many years, one of integrality. That is one of its characteristics (cf.  Ch. 2 The Divine Sublimity ..., 2011). That is, the very nature of the new thing is coherent, individual and manifests its production peak, one of its chief features. The whole gives point and meaning to the parts, culmination and consummation of a high order, which the more basic matter is never found to do in its more prosaic midst, nor can matter without intelligence produce the DNA to do it, nor is it ever found to do so, nor does it have the assignable means to do it, just as nothing does not have the power to make matter.

Moreover, no definition of design can escape this as an illustration (cf. Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny Sections 2 and 8). This is a design with aesthetic elements sufficient to stir our aesthetic sensibilities, which though deep, have their own types of criteria. The integrality and the elements and aspects of the result and its production are all precisely what design is. They are in general what delightful design is. BOTH these features, they meet. To achieve it, you require a concentration of force and power, capacity and concept, induction and production which selects for such results. Removing a few of the grubbier grubs will not do it, that is, those slightly less grotesque, for aesthetics is not just a word but a fact like any other designation.


Survival of the fittest (grubs eat more ? produce more grotesqueries ?) has not even anything to do with this precise point of production. Concentration of numerous features, integration of the concentration, DNA connotations of orders, institution of DNA symbol-to-production conformity of meaning, keeping that meaning stable to prevent collision and misdirection,  execution of the same in real terms with available instrumentalities and agents, on time all the time for its creation: this is all taken intact and operable, because granted.

These things occur not in far-flung oddities (produced for no reason here and there), but in inner sanctum mutuality. Indeed, it is all brought and wrought in a confined space, a concentrated assembly plant, symbolical in construction guide, while available for immediacy of contact. In this prodigy of production, lies all the feature-function coherence of mental rigour, as commands with their conceptuality, are expressed in their symbols of interpretation, read and executed with their instrumentalities, so that specifiable results from this array, this orchestrating base, through its overall conducting in mutuality, intimacy and integrality, are obtained.



biological means,


programmatic procedures, enhanced micro-agencies
may be chosen (as with a sculptor or painter),


time and arrival features, and


departure and reconfiguration and reformation functions,


resolution of problems of replacement and re-location, as the outgoing elements
are moulded into removal and re-use, while tincture of


recomposition (including significant spatial placement features) moulds and


re-alignment of components are assigned, so that transformation
and no mere replacement of an upwards step occurs:

they will come like athletes to the parallel bars.

Each part is alive with directed action and conditioned control, until the task of totality of change has taken place, whether in hours or weeks or months or years.

While these particular and overall consolidations are occurring, destroying and replacing systems in a vast overall ordered convocation, there is thus one further constraint which requires management control. It is this: that the entirety IN transition, IN metamorphosis, remains a viable unit, that it retains an overall existence dynamic, an integral being status while functionalities become incompetent till new features arise in their new mutual conformity for performance. There has to be, and is, overall direction and protection of direction to keep the end controllable through what in itself, would  be a maze of muddle in the middle. This sequential, eventual significance is taken care of, from the first. The supervening oversight is necessary for the merging, divergence and converging of the many transitional media. It is not a job for jabs, but complete mastery beyond the immediacies of any one action, or even group of actions.

That is ONE of the life engagements in this case, requiring not  only mind but what we all know in our own little ways of life. This is for each one's own level, a creative penetration, an overall awareness, as the thing to come is crafted whether in speech or material configurations, aeroplane wings or art work. Here magnify the matter by all but inconceivable greatness, to reach the case of our own institution and in its own individual item terms; yet it is the NATURE of creation as one whole, a new whole in this case, that remains the same in identity, though creatively wrought into a new type of being altogether. Whatever its heights and depths and purposes, they have a physical divergence of totality and enormity combined, while historically possessing a continuity of transformed but actual identity.

In the case of mankind, the continuity of identity is rather less obvious, but the timely input of organs, or their maturation or completion or enhanced productivities, from what Psalm 139 so well describes, embryo to operative human in maturity, is no less vast, in view of the complexities involved in growing transformative kind. It is less spectacular to the aesthete, but staggering still to the observer.


If, indeed,  the provider of this creativity that constructed mankind
(so that it is there),
is  so clever as to be able to  put  varied types of physical aspects -
like blood carrier for oxygen use of an embryo one day, versus lungs for it the next,
at birth, all covered without dysfunctional operation of the two systems,
or their sustaining co-ordinates, on pain of death,
at its time and place in the programming orders,
en bloc the whole complex and diverse, multi-part duality in one system:
what then ? It is that here is one entrepreneurial brilliance of the whole phase in unity. 


To place the entirety physically duly  into a program intense and adequate
in the continuity which normatively excludes death through disorder,
for repeated reproduction over centuries, next, that is a crucial added facility.


If, as is also the case, this is made programmatically
through interpreted symbol duly executed by what interprets it,
the ensuing productions throughout generations, enduring for millenia,
then that is in no small measure what we have. It is in itself a prodigy of brilliance.

But even that is far from all in the design creating totality
which we experience in living.

Thus the mental and moral and spiritual elements, on the other hand,  are in the domain of spirit, and its ancillaries, of will and enterprise. Here the invisible acts, the motivational creates, the imaginative acts without shape or colour, size or control beyond maintenance (disease apart), with the facilities that give freedom to lie, deny the obvious and curse one's Maker, father, mother, generation or anything else, even in a euphoria of destructive dynamism, whether seething with known folly, or more blandly. There are choices. We are seeing some of them loud and clear nowadays, perhaps lest anyone forget the capacities of our race to use imagination and vexation together, denying truth and in many cases, loving to do so. Many are acting as with an exotic spiritual inebriation, as they slash wonder, vent folly and destroy persons' bodies with a slaughterous abandon, reminiscent of Auschwitz.

Nevertheless,  at the physical level of the operation of these creative powers in man, so slickly abused, the RESULT, may in this case of amazing ability, be quite divergent from all of this miscreancy. Indeed creativity may be crafted both into programs, as man, and then through man, into his own, relatively little programs. Even great art may in large measure be so reproduced, but not as first painted, for that requires a consistently mobile facility of mind, insight, adjustment, adaptation, recall, comparison, penetration, infiltration, vision translation and so forth!

What made man, made him also a receptacle of just such power, though at a mini-level and he constantly exercises this creativity. In correlation, this spiritual recipient of course, personal, free to rebel against known fact, as we know, remains in principle directly open to spiritual access from the Creator, at His will, in any inter-personal sense. SPIRITUAL things are not programmed, for they are personal and subject to every nuance, mode of presentation and inclination; but the locale for them, the body may indeed be, and in the case in particular of mankind, receives immense input from the multi-directing, programming source.

Meanwhile, we are continually taught how we are wrought, and our chief ingredients, by USING them, and finding out in our own experience, some of the meaning, method, matrix and imagination in creation. It is hard to deny what you do, though because of imagination and creativity, we can turn either to great displays of deceit and deviousness, staggering equivocation or delightful goodwill.



We have come a long way. Yet let us ponder further and in more ways, the simpler programmatic prodigy indicated in much, as in the butterfly. There is in the grub-pupa-butterfly transformation, moreover,  a creative  alertness as the remoulding and discard proceeds, and with all these components, it is not only personal and more than we know as such, in having such applied facilities of thought and conservation and re-animation to hand with directive impress, but also exhibitive of an inventively active, conceptually itemisable and creatively efficient thrust of purpose.

You read purpose in sufficiently intricate, conceptually organised, effectually contained, unitarily achieved results that fit precisely into one mould of thought, enquiry or disposition. You do not need to worry if you find a million part Treasury Building with a billion segments for its rebuilding automatically every 50 years, and unabusable bank notes with a commemoration on it, and try to find by what entirely chance purpose it was so compositely, comprehensively, sophisticatedly and functionally put together. Matter is not found to contain this type of high-power, conceptual manipulative power, or capacity to generate it. If you have doubts, make it do so...

Thus for man's existence, there is an unwaveringly assured  end in view, one able to be maintained in multiplies and perhaps millions and billions of cases, over the generations, one inflexible in kind. More, in trend  (as Stephen Jay Gould - Wonderful Life, pp. 46-49, 99-100 points out with fervour), the arrival of this type of  marvels in terms of his famed Burgess deposits in Canada, upon the terrestrial scene is itself the opposite of gradualistic expectation.

The new designs come, he indicates of the sequence in time, first with a whole variety of sub-types in place from the outset, which are gradually reduced over  time till most are gone (cf. Importunity, Opportunity and Purity of Heart, Ch. 7). Few of those initial base level designs, he insists, now remain. We are not dealing with their aggregation over time, but their dispersion! The tree branch diagram is replaced by the branches to diminution phenomenon, the opposite. That of course is precisely what creation is in this: you produce and it deteriorates. What makes it, finishes and what degrades then tends to work.

This is a mordant departure from the ludicrous thought of bits coming somehow to co-operate somehow, with laws, from somewhere, making them mutually conducive to something, in some way, so that it may obey laws, courtesy of nothing, and congregate and aggregate into a meaningful product, meanwhile hiring an editor to make it possible even if it ever arrived, to continue. A self-editing operation on the genetic copying is necessary for it to avoid melt-down (genetic disruption to extinction), at the beginning, let alone continue from the first, as we shall see. But those facts! how they disturb the dream. In fact, says Gould of his Burgess deposit, we find huge sub-type proliferation FIRST, and it becomes less, much more rarefied LATER. The productive processes therefore are of a different type, and involve powers of creativity simply not envisaged by the reductionism of Darwin.

That, it is but one of the flat contradictions of the Darwin dream;  which at each step noted in the preceding Bulletin and this one in different ways, is shown to need procedural dismissal in any rigorous study in science and scientific method. If this discipline were to retain the respect normally due to it, when it is honest and used to hone thought, and prevent illusion, not to hone illusion and prevent thought then in this domain, rank contradictions of theory and fact would end it at once. As in midst of the muddle of the evolutionary mysticism and fantasy, its omissions and its contradictions of evidence multiply: thus this farcical theory would need replacement by what avoids all these errors.

Imagine talking about the removal of mistakes, or abortions, or the less advanced, as if it accounted for the production of the advanced, in method, attestation, logic or
even fantasy. Kill and so create! The creator in this is simply assumed, and then it is denied, a fine testimony to the captious capture through imagination of fantasy and fraud in man. Mankind is not only a creation, but himself like his Maker, exceedingly creative. Imagine a dunce leaving no trail of failed efforts in making some sophisticated and functional with finesse object or thing, one even hard to imagine; and then make it far worse. Let it not be a dunce, with a purpose,  but a nullity of no intelligence or thought whatsoever, without one! Research explains the DNA susceptibilities and limits; but mere extravaganzas of imagination omit productive capacity, and do not look for it where it may be found.

In these terms, never was such slackness and laxity, multiple flat contradiction of theoretical expectations to be found, in something permitted by multitudes of tertiary trainees, willing philosophers and a squadron of 'scientific' doctors, for generations, in the modern era. Fabulous evolutionism has so clouded thought that man in his self-deception now advances, enhanced in normal sinfulness, to utter degradation as ruthless forces imagine they are on a mission! It is a mission not only with a missing heart, but a missing head. That comes from continual assault. On every side smashed in its very face, with deleted adequate production facilities, it remains like some misled beauty-conscious damsel who as age advances, through beauty parlours clings tenaciously to what has long departed, or muscular male, obsessed by the illusion of a tough macho body, though grunting in feebleness, or excavated of muscle.

Talking of rigour, the DNA has to have, as we have seen in the last Bulletin (82), merely as one added cost for what might have arisen if it could, upkeep facilities. There is the need even for an editing program and provision in order for it to have any scope for continuing without the intervention of dissolution (cf. Dr Jonathan Sarfati, at http://creation.com/DNA-repair-enzyme). In other words, let magic give you a new basic type, and you still  could not conserve it without correlative, intimate editorial assistance, in this case programmatically controlled and disposed. It needs to be there to keep it there.  There is such togetherness, is there not, in great creation!

Vast ascending but futile arrays of failed ingenuity and foiled mathematical arch-cleverness (as in our internal programs), integrated into a moulded result have to 'arise', but before this, the stupefyingly ludicrous in their billions have to surge: all having this in common, that they lack a productive base, correlative to continuity in the first place. Yet where are they ? with sick sketch plans missing, the myriads of technical failures are not found, while their by-products also are missing; nor are unimaginable outputs of what is not merely foolish but mindless and unable to assign meanings to symbols,  to be found, scattered like litter throughout the world.

It must be stressed that these would far outdistance successful ones in the mindless experimentation (by what ?) imagined, the aborted efforts (of what ? ) to be shown in the residues of time. But neither they, failed dysfunctional errors on the way to 'progress', nor their multitude either directly or in comparison with what DOES work, are to be found. It is like going to a bank without its having any money available, or their having any idea of how to deal in it.

In short, the gradualistic production of the utterly new does not advantage the dreamers with any type of reality: a thing not unusual with dreams, but important when the dreamers try to account for the contents of dream, being forgetful of the vast significance of a reality which does NOT follow the ideas and fantasies of the dream. They are worlds apart.

The alternative is not improved little jumps, but integral actualities that work, for in the end, ALL of the functionalities have to be there. Dividing them up into little bundles does not help, but merely complicates; nor are these to be found. They would merely add to the demanding complications, while having nothing to make them coherent and integrated as a marshalled art and a creative ebullience. Shut your eyes and push a button  ? this facility is not available to matter.

That is of course because that method is impossible, that dream irrational, that hypothesis unreal, and its consequences as absent as its theoretical invalidity is present. It is like trying to choose between different cars available, when you did not choose to buy any, preferring to deal with dreams. It resembles trying to make a paragraph from disjointed, unrelated sentences, which come from words with disjointed, unrelated letters, which come from disjointed, unrelated symbols, which come from disjointed, unrelated signals, which come from disjointed, unrelated signallers, which come from disjointed unrelated signal systems. That is just a beginning. You then have to fix meanings among the meaningless, and assign meaning where the very term has no meaning, and maintain it invariant. You might as well try to dig a field with a spade which is not there, sent to you from a non-existent despatch centre, when there is no despatch and no purpose if it were to happen. Then you would have to remove you, not to breach the model!

Let us consider a little further in detail,  our interest in metamorphosis in seeking more penetration of what is before us. We have noted that in the dissolution phase of the larva to pupa transformation, provision has to be made for the maintenance of an integral reality, the lack of it, leading to extinction.

There has  to be oversight of the former, transitional and final production realities, even when they are in abeyance as not yet present, and not yet gone. This phase has to be organised with profundity of controls of institution and destitution, coming functionality and departing dysfunctionality or in highly selective re-use, and secured with operational management of so high an order in the appointed place as to function brilliantly. This is so natural to man in his own highly cognitive and cogitative works, that it is easy even to forget it, as children might do, as their parents prepare to launch them into Secondary School. Of course the parents of a child will contain, pay for, estimate, work out, interview and so on, so the child may imagine or assume. Is that not what they are FOR, and do they not always (or usually) do it ? Why talk nonsense as if they were not there ? (says the child, especially if not in Syria).

Nevertheless, in the bowels of actuality in the layering of life, necessity is indispensable. For the metamorphosis you need plans for each phase, for the sequence of phases, the containment of identity through huge, creative thrusts to re-establish, like rebuilding a city after its being bombarded to ruin, and attend to the substructures and their requirements precisely so that in each phase of temporarily disjoined transition, the whole works, the base for transmorphosis and the case for it, and the working of change works, and the ultimate envisagement works, as contained in the genetic instruction.

Ideas of bits here or there coming to be nicely so that things without new bits can die away, and others develop competitively are so ludicrous, irrelevant, contrary to requirements, that is is like setting a child to rebuild Berlin without any overall vision, supervision or correlated plans. ALL the systems must be pre-set, so that any may come in a grip of totality, integrality beyond massive changes in multitudes of systems (such as the way wings are to form successively before there is any flying). It is all or nothing. It is all of it or nothing. It is each part provided for in an overall sustaining comprehension, while interstices come in and out, to enable coming operations: it is overall integrality or nothing.

They cannot (and are never found to) pre-set themselves, envisage or enact, correlate sub-systems and para-systems with supervening systems, far less convert the notions into symbols such as DNA, with intervening and eventuating series all contained in one grand plan. Making such a plan, with multiple transitional plans for the ordered transitional diversities, this is a personal, creative collation of imagination, concepts, executive abilities and transcendent power. The Maker is normally called God. Eternal, He does not need making; but makes. In so doing, He exhibits a control which is not overturned in its creative thrust and dynamism, on all sides or on any.

Remember: figs do not grow on thistles, but if you happened to think otherwise, all you have to do is to bring up such a case. Are the exponents of evolutionism shy ? Is the total lack of relevant evidence an embarrassment ? one had not noticed.

This myriad of managerial orders, assembly line removals and institutions, mobile measure to contain the commotion and direct it for the result, as a sculptor does, watching, pondering, eyeing in artistry, in obedience to the artistic vision and its demands in reality: these must occur. No input, no output. No cause, no consequence. No adequacy of input, no adequacy of output. No skill, no causative consequence. But this, it is like a war effort, an illustration being the preparation of aerodromes in Britain during World War II, for the US arrival, and its assimilation in action with existing bases and ideas, forces and functions, plans and purposes. .

What buildings, what usage of land, what laws to be made and implemented, what agencies to do it, what  preparation of the British people for interaction with the new American people coming to work with them from the USA, with their own rules, characteristics and aims (though these were in much subordinated, as in the larva-pupa production), to match to the need for the result, so that uniformity and collaboration could become adequate for it. This included a multitude of aerodromes, aircraft, munitions, dispersive agencies at various levels for armaments and of course, their individual designs where not yet made or adapted, and on and on ... Different MODES of measurement are only one example of underlying conformities, uniformities or adaptive thought, required.

It is all whether expressed as here in personal terms or not, in need of adequate LABOUR, the work of those which are creatively conducive in conditions to the consequences in view.

How Darwin, the dreamy, could so delude himself so selectively, is a question! It is he, incidentally, who is said to have lost his sense of beauty, just as he could seriously imagine bits and flecks to do a modern art job of dropping in and finding a place in a world barren of all  but matter in its own designed splendour of laws and interfaces, system and intense organisation. Whatever he played with, there was a time when he did not play.

You can dream of riches or life, and in the former case, youngsters can dream of them, and imagine some way in which they MUST come, by just doing this or that, or entering this or that course. However, you have to PASS the course to FIND the skill and even then, there are many other elements to achieve the integrality sought. Designs involve multiple subordinates. Yet not only is there logical necessity for the type of scheduled merged masterpieces involved so obviously in metamorphosis, and just as surely from embryos. Not only are there needed provision for different aspects of the product to come, with the purposive inductions underlying productions, the masterminding of symbol-significance co-ordinates, and their meaningful maintenance. There is also something even more staggering in its simplicity, and outrageous in its omission in much thought.


We ourselves have as an INBUILT facility, amazing to ourselves like vision, to create. We experience its joys, cohesions, sensitised constraints, restraints, the understanding involved, the rigours to be met to achieve the standard in view, its personal nature highly focussed in art, but not there alone: and yet with this actually happening in our midst, it does not seem to occur to many that this is precisely an exhibit of what is displayed in our built beings. exhibited in the result format of our being wrought. What we do includes the creative function; in our Maker, this in measure gifted to us, is expanded beyond all horizons, and so made us.

Why is there such commotion in


every form of ignoring what we are (to make it easier to pretend we are responsible
to NO ONE!),


ignoring what is needed to get it,


casting away all the evidence which dashes ludicrous theories
every time they are 'created' (cf. Bulletin 82)! 

Indeed,  there is in the answer to this, a supreme irony - as many proceed in giving the world a surrealistic arm-chair for fashionable unbelief! (cf. Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic, Ch. 2). It is not least because such delusion is desired to fire God and grab the rest of the creation; just as the same lust moves nations to want to fire other nations, and grab the contents, some more, some less. It is also to remove restraint, articulate complaint, grab power, and bring interest to the godless, in their barren meaninglessness, by adoption of their philosophic enormities. This is in the subverted and fallen nature of man (Ephesians 4:17-19).

To face this, as with all pathology, is necessary for its solution, which comes from the same source as the creation. In a sense, it is like striking out some lines that one wrote amiss, and inserting better ones, a kind of personal editing; but it involves repentance, for our disorders are by no means forced on us, though suffering may be. To escape this, propagandising use of dreams is one other  option. They do not work, in the last century some scores of millions of corpses and acmes of acute suffering, being the attestation. But they can be in dysfunctional focus, for socially acceptable mis-focus.

This is the fate of foolish philosophy (Colossians 2:8). Dreaming of the production side instead of recognising it: this may be fun, but it has misled the world, which is indeed finding that you need CAUSES for consequences, and ABILITIES and RIGOUR to achieve what is advanced in concept (it is useless to deny the concepts working in man,  as they are inherent in mode in the consequences, in terms of accurate description made applicable to this world and its ways, in human review). You cannot just poke someone in the face, as Putin did in the Ukraine, thereby abolishing the Russian guarantee of independence to the Ukraine, which was made along with that of some other nations; and then say, What is the matter! to those who protest. That might well include those who ALSO guaranteed its independence, when it gave up its atomic power.

Input and output remain connected, and you may indeed happen to find a $20 note on the ground, but not a Treasury Edifice complete with construction and contract elements and aspects (and funding), meaningless alone, meaningful only in the model, awaiting the opportunity to present itself to you for your pleasant (or other) purposes.

Ignoring necessity is a comrade to despising wonder; and neither help to  account for reality. You need what it takes, and if you try to take it by attacking other nations, inventing philosophies that dream, then you may have a measured gain for a time (complete with relevant vexations); but not thus will this world find a way to work. Currently there are four atomically equipped powers that appear to be wanting force to bring wisdom and good results, and none will be satisfied in the end (cf. Psalm 72), for they need relevant discipline with what they USE. The butt victims, personal or national, are also human, though this tends to be forgotten.

As in inner life, so in the outer version, it is something which has its own discipline, and it is personal, as life in its evident physical culmination is. How restless are those who wrestle with their neighbours to achieve possessions and assert arrogance for 'glory'. The only result relevant to massive change is death and dissolution, amid rejoicing brigands, with theft in making others bereft. Isaiah 37 gives an excellent accelerated result in this area, for the bombastic tyrant, Sennacherib, and Hitler in a Berlin bunker another; but God does not hurry as if conditioned. He chooses.

The glory of the grabber is lodged in the gross deficit maximised in godlessness; and really, it is not hard to bully, prostitute righteousness or dictate in all but surreal egotism, to others, whether the point be individual, national or international. This delusion breaches with mere wanton force what is the work of others, and gains advantage it did not create. Instead of creating good things, it desecrates human beings and pretends through lordliness, to be worthy of admiration, rather than ready for abhorrence. Reckless non-performance of righteousness is adding to the history of eventual futility.

These atomic powers, Russia, North Korea, China with the possible addition of the USA if it goes on the nationalistic side, and seeks the Greatness mantra instead of producing many of its past, often vastly generous occupations in the last century in particular, with what is more realistic cause for greatness: they will not rule by power in lonely splendour. To be sure, ten lordly powers will be given for a very short time (cf. Revelation 17:12), ability to manifest their splendour and imagine things, thus displaying their heart, as evidence for eternity and judgment. In the end, the Bible makes it clear (Revelation 13,17, 19), it will be simply a Satanic saga against God, and one utterly overthrown in a divine act of retribution. Where divine mercy is despised, judgment does not lack.

Belligerence and power which will in the end, in desperation and desolation confront the Almighty (Revelation19:19), will lapse before the One who has all along been Lord, having created. He will rule by goodness, and man will be governed by a loving Shepherd, fit to govern, who gave Himself for His sheep (Psalm 22, Romans 3:23ff.), the God who became man that man might come to be even in fellowship with his artistic and good, rigorous and yet merciful Creator, who does not regard or respect tyrants.

How delightfully encouraging that God can so transmute what is being disassembled and re-assembled in the grub-butterfly transformation, with total control amid the  apparent confusion! and can and will transform what is open to Him, with a personal and divine grace.  How beautifully it is put in Psalm 139, in the somewhat parallel case of an embryo being built with things coming, going and being transformed:

"My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret,
and skilfully wrought... Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed,
and in Your book they were all written, the days fashioned for me,
when as yet there were none of them."

How starkly lovely is it in Psalm 17:15, when David is inspired to say this:

"As for me, I shall behold Thy face in righteousness,
I shall be satisfied, when I awake, in Thine image."

Transmutation, transformation and a glory of correlation make of this resurrected state and status (Psalm 16), what ?

It is a triumph for His loveliness for those by His grace saved amid the creation, so that they are able even to see His face!