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Se also Bulletin 83

This is of the nature of a short, handy summary only of what has been rehearsed elsewhere on this site, especially for example in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, and in The gods of naturalism have no go!

1.  Neither is confirmatory evidence found in the rock record, as Darwin lamented and outstanding Professor W.R. Thompson centuries later confirmed as unchanged fact,

2.  Nor is the proposed sequential method displayed, nor

3. Nor is the transitional direction applicable in crucial features.

Thus, in order:

1) Cambrian examples of vast complexity of conceptual cohesion executed direct without preliminary typing, appear in mocking profusion. This fact would never produce the hypothesis of chancy collations building themselves into accomplished, signal-communication-action templates, such as is one criterion of mental operation. Such things, on the contrary, are prolific and at the outset presented. The evidence and the theory do not match, but are both contrary and contradictory.

2) Stephen Jay Gould (in Wonderful Life cf. Wake Up World Chs. 5-6) points out that instead of starting with a few straggling examples of a new beginning of something, some body, something different,  the record is of a vast array of already diversified sub-types, slowly narrowing down to something more singular, over time. How, he asks, in heaven's name, could this vast suddenness occur ? It does, of course, flatly contradict the ludicrously misaligned theory. It could not be made if the only object were to deal with the evidence. In those terms, it is a rant.

It is the opposite of what the theory requires. Facts do not demand the theory; on the contrary, the theory demands the facts: but it does not get them!

3) Gould also notes that the total spread of major designs at what is deemed the earliest level, their number (for they overwhelmingly meet any sober definition of design as shown in Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny esp. Sections 2 and 8), has been reduced, and not increased, over time, and that by a heavy ratio! Why try to account for what is not happening while neglecting what is ? It is a question of queasy miscreancy of method. It has no resemblance to scientific method, but rather to politics.


4. Thus Darwin did not account for the facts.

Nor is it seen in vast quantities of sequential flops hugely outnumbering the (relatively) rare example of progress which the chance model demands; they do not occur. As with the already noted cases, they do not occur.

Nor is anything found like them. Where are the massive remains, the colossi of distempered disorder, so largely outnumbering anything that actually works! They are not there; and this is the distinguishing nature of this model, this theory: what it demands is not there, what it cannot explain, confronts it like a policeman confronting a drug dealer. This drug is most deadly. It is given in many nations, forcibly to children, a vade mecum for piloting life, an incitement to intoxicating ambitions.

On the contrary, once again, life and efficiency for the massive internal workings on display in the functional orchestration of life. These two have a fascinating feature of being well matched, as in the work of a creative maestro, whose imaginations leave technical problems wholly outdistanced.

5. Nor, as Denton insists, do we see draft, delicate upgrades leading to upward mergers, but in microbiology, hierarchically governed, separate vital items, as far from gradualism over the major gorges in this disgorging of designs, as the gross and outward expressions in living forms,  likewise attest. Merging is not there, nor is it the observed method, but adjustable variations, programmed, on an original theme; and the means for this appear ingenious also; and this is as functions require, with ultimate forms and inhibitors to protect the base nature. Denton, by the way, is still emphatically maintaining his initial, critical   exposures found in a rigorous pattern, in his initial work, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis.

6. Nor are these correlations of characteristic features in life to be avoided. The minute and the huge have one message placarded: integrality of myriad microcosms in one vertical macrocosm of billions of parts and multiplied sub-systems directing traffic to one hub, the identity, man or other, involved (cf. Glory, Vainglory and Goodness, Ch. 1, 2007).

7. Indeed, the same is true of our minds and the  mental modes found in a logically investigable universe. The procedures of rationality are investigable in the universe precisely because they are there, our minds and its mindings, controls, features, inter-relationships susceptible to cohesion with our own  Many myriads of (human)  minds have a certain smoothness of texture, assimilability with the underlying attestations they search, research and commit to formulae, formulations and principles. They find them. Guess why  ? It is because they are both there and cognate in type to our mental modes.

Materialism, as will be noted, is not only ludicrously reductionistic, but wholly inadequate to cover the realities in view. Its limitations are not found. The modes of another type of regime, the mental, are found, In life they are made to work together, the structural and the instructional.

8. Nor is the very presence of operative logic, which we can trace as we reason within ourselves and our universe, to be regarded as anything but a miracle, if chance is relevant. It is not merely a matter of divergence of theory and evidence; it is one of dynamic operational contrariety, as between the ordering and the being ordered, the directive and the directed.

To have the precise opposite, this is the mode, the model, the theory, the  sermon of this absurd theory of evolutionary gradualism and indeed materialistic creationism! It finds and uses hi-tech creativity, but allows no cause for it; it ignores deterioration in multiple modes of error magnification found in the complexities of the genome's constant copying and recopying over many generations, as if these facts were illusory and had something visible to cancel them out. Yet non-survival is not a surgery, but a circumstance. It is nucleotides not genes where the errors come into being.

As repetitive copies over time depart increasingly from the original, the combinations required to gain a result  interpretable in forthcoming extinction being dispersed and dispersive, amid varied and qualitatively downgrading errors, complexities in disarray aggregate. These movements are intricate, delicate and time-consuming in the ageing base, as Professor Sanford shows in his work and writing (q.v.). Improvements in DNA detailings are neither found at work before our eyes, nor in resultants. Provision for variants at two separate levels is found, but not discovered at the ultimate one of kind (cf. Journal of Creation, Vol. 28(3), 2014, pp. 67-79, 2 articles, first Jean Lightner and then Alex Williams). That is something kept separate and integral.

Indeed hierarchical location, as Denton earlier showed in the microbiological picture, is wholly different from gradualism. Various  provisions of limited adaptation may be found in prepared groupings (in analogy, like wind-screen wipers, able to function in due stimulus, but already available for operation on a set base), able to be called to act; but not at the base level of fixture, governing the totality. Hierarchical separateness is the mode, not gradualistic merging, Denton (Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, p. 353), notes, with his axiom,

"the concept of the continuity of nature has existed in the mind of man,
never in the facts of nature."

Denton insists there is no change in this: that Evolution is STILL a theory in crisis, and these underlying facts have altered not one jot. His new work, January 2016, indeed bears the words in bold above, as a title!

We are not playing with pebbles. To gain sustainable operating power for an alteration without its own errors and compromises is like adding a few words to Shakespeare, whether you believe in him or not. Both the basis and the result are the same.

Errors aggregate and may congregate. You do not gain the upper hand by having neither purpose nor intellect, recognition nor rationale, sustained purpose nor available means. Comparing the chaotic does not create order. Nuts and bolts do not incorporate operational planning ability, nor does mindlessness account for the precisely normative resultants of sustained ingenuity. Figs, as Christ put it,  do not grow on thistles. You need to have or have access to what it takes to get what is to come. When it comes constantly, you need background. Wittiness is not a prerogative of witlessness.

This is one more expression of having the precise opposite, even in type, for what is envisaged. We have this putative 'progress':  the ordered for the disordered, the rational for the irrational, the governing rules for the unruly, the tight commands for the witlessly wandering, or for that matter, the underlying system in which it would even be relevant to speak of chance (that is, in fact, its working without reference to particular purposes and helps to particular parties). It in no way differs from walking in a desert, while in one's imagination drifting in a river stream. The advent of these opposite qualities, involving multiple, co-ordinated, articulated (DNA) and operative complexities often with multiple use symbols at work, is then a work of nothing ... There is nothing in that.

That is the implication: it is that NO source of ANY of the relevant features needs accountability. Talk about something else. That is the essence of the evolutionary manifesto. Yet it does not matter how many imaginary scrolls and programs, directive sources you may then in frustration construct. These are neither to be found, nor bear a logical answer. Only self-sufficient cause, eternal and never replaced by overall nothing, CAN logically suffice, just as God is multiply attested (e.g SMR). That is infinitely superior to attestation by contradiction continually as in the evolutionary hypothesis in all its futile transmogrifications. Programmed unfolding containers, to achieve the directive task which Denton acknowledges, remain meaningless, unevidenced meanders, merely adding a step, with logic ruthlessly requiring their source and indeed, its own.

It is the same as at the first: nothing made something; and here, nothing to the point made everything. It is the notion of extravagant self-contradiction which seems to fascinate the roving, endear the rioting and subvert some who often are quite rational in other fields. It is like a day off from the oppressive-seeming office...

9. Indeed, this is the stuff of fantasy, the easy way not given to this universe in its native state, constantly gaining the most magnificent organisational methods and structures, and operating on this basis, in order to invent itself! It is always difficult for what is not there, to invent itself, or indeed anything else, like an absent student passing an exam while playing dice! It is, if possible, worse if it also has to do it brilliantly, as in this case, when the student is imagined not even to be there.

10. Nor is the whole evolutionary  myth other than this: that matter (or anything else you care to mention among things) invented itself before it was there to do it! To call this fantasy is flattery. It is nonsense. You can call it re-ifying an idea, but reality missing is NOT ONLY mindless in operational ability, but kind-less in composition.

The evolutionary theory has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with nothing, like a vacant stare in a flummoxed student! It is like the little man upon the stairs, who wasn't there; but in this cse, how it is wished that he only WOULD be there. Yet he isn't. This is systematic fantasy.

11. Nor as Professor Lewontin, a leader at Harvard, later than Gould, attests does the effort to explain 'marvels' which 'arise', fail to give the impression of 'just-so stories' (his term - endless romancing with NO relevant empirical expression to the groggy procedure over vast life-type higher ranges), or of clashes with normal common sense. In effect, in dreamy unrealism, it is a matter of endorsing what is contrary to all critical thought. Materialism, he boasts, is what MUST be followed at whatever cost of any kind, including the kind of things noted above.

There is however a cost to this urbane, reductionist and unrealistic philosophy. Scientific method is precisely that cost (see Scientific Method ...).  Some even try to re-define scientific method, to escape its demise in this shameless and unconscionable field. Here, it is explicit: philosophy cited directly as the basis of the belief in a field of science, even in this high domain of scholarly learning. The theory falls with the philosophy, for it has nothing else. An earlier Professor in that prestigious centre of learning, explained to ask how, "in heaven's name," there could be such sudden and ungradual arrival of new types! The available alternative is this: it is from the heaven you neglect, the eternal haven of the wisdom man imagines he has, when he tries in vain to circumvent the Creator.

12. Nor does materialism, substitute either for reason or observable fact, with the empirical in particular. The first empirical point is existence ...

Of course, this fable simply assumes matter with its laws and space and time and order and cohesive constitution, to be 'there', all from nowhere in utter irrationality, a 'natural' advent without any supportive evidence, but filled with anti-empirical, irrationalism, a doctrine of a religion with no notion of grounds for it. Not only is its logic missing (though logic is often abused in efforts to establish it), while internally present in the product, but logic itself 'arises' as a product of nothing. Like ALL the rest, we face what is simply self-contradictory, play-time with definitions.

13.  While it is hideous that such games should be played with education, this is by no means all. The whole concept of survival of the fittest as a generative mode is ludicrous. It may indeed cut out some runts and things misshapen (for even life in its wonders, involves copying and the procedures for this are a complex marvel including editing, but in such a wast array of information copying, mistaken movements can indeed occur). But as for generating geniuses by removing dunces ... This is an expansionary regimen that is aswamp with muddy thought. HOW precisely does the removal of failed inventions make new ones ? What a boon is conceived where what has to be MADE is automatic, and what is no good, is cut out. Another universe God could certainly build; but that is not this one.

How is this ludicrous position seen ? It is thus. If you have a class of students of variable capacity, from brilliant to dunces, then one way to change the situation would be to dismiss the least and give to the clever, thus improving the net student rating. But it would not at all improve the calibre of the most clever, who simply remain, with whatever source as before. This simply bypasses the point. If there is no source there is no 'arising'. You are stuck with what you had, all your population control in vain.

You can no more get something from nothing than drag out of a non-bag examples of a mastery of code-referent cohesion with information able to fill 1000 stout volumes, as has often been noted to give some idea of the scope of it all for mankind, which somehow have generated themselves for no reason and contrary to all reason in this scripted format, according to this illusory model of evolutionism..

This is, you cannot do this without equivocation, magic. You can do it in your mind, for our minds are imaginative by their construction, pacing in realms other than the actual quite readily. But imagination is not the actual, and fixation on ignoring the difference is to  live in illusion; which is exceedingly dangerous, and of course, unworkable. The ways of this world increasingly attest this fact. It is worse.  As Christ depicted it, this world would cease to be workable for human life (Matthew 24:22). Its moral and physical drag on the one hand capture it, and on the other captivate. Jointly they work ruin.

Despite all this, inordinately anti-empirical and entirely contrary to reason, this self-creating marvel is monotonously and often forcibly taught in a subject misnamed 'science', to the next generation. It is really part of a course on modern myths, as if the effort were to fulfil the prediction of Paul in II Timothy 4, and in view of many so-called churches teaching it in seminary, that no less of II Peter 2 likewise: that such things would arise in the midst of the Christians themselves, just as in the Old Testament they had false prophets abounding.

14. Nor does this evolutionary myth

(people even casually talk about theories or productions in which their intellects are all but ceaselessly heavily involved, as 'evolving' whereas this is the exact opposite, logically and creatively, to the intelligent ardours of their directed, inventive thought - development would be a less ludicrous term in such cases)

meet the natural fact. This ? it is that in copying over millenia, at such a rapid RATE (utterly staggering), and in such miniaturisation (Denton notes how far beyond our powers this is) and intensive multiple co-ordination, errors accumulate.

The human race continues, but as copying proliferates, so do errors, many included in complex groupings where individual items are hidden in the midst of the whole operational unit.  Indeed,  retired Professor J.C. Sanford of Cornell University, has written a work including records of some of the dedicated research work he and others in a team have been doing over recent years; it is called "Genetic Entropy".  Such products are not found in fact to deposit themselves like eggs from a queen ant who is not there. The production unit and the producer are correlatives, the outcome creation. When the product is a logically coherent universe, run in terms of logical principles, the understood term is CREATION. Misusing words to describe it is a counterfeit creation on the part of the human mind.

Sanford, among many others over the last few hundred years, uses his mind to describe these exhibits of mentality.

He considers, gives historical review to, and moves to  quantify the rate of deterioration, which is relevant,  and finds that on the data to hand, there are at most merely thousands of years left before the human race will have a melt-down, that is, fail to be ABLE to continue at all, since the extreme multi-task complexity of the genes makes errors capable of enormous complications, which are not restored by waiting. In fact, man provides a marvellous example of life in its most exposed form, for we are all here to examine him, ourselves, as he moves in his genome, and actually to SEE empirically what is in fact happening within, and to verify the application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, to our own genome.

15. When you see DNA writing itself without intelligence, then is time to engage in thought. But it is never found! Missing is this perception, discovery in emission, of this minutely self-consistent sky-scraper of knowledge, continent of content, art-work in symbolic order and transcription.  See it ? Helpful. At the present, however, it is not so, for its bulk as a bloc is simply there, present, like a student at roll-call. No entry is observed.

Nor is there any slightest approach to it. Communication has its own ordering dynamic, analysable conditions and requirements. It is a personal form of information which also has its criteria, including non-appearance without intelligence and the heavy impress of logically functional formats. We are made with information, which is in our case, filled with communication at multiple levels, and matching co-ordination. These mental matchings, orders and executive interpretation and performance, with materials not only in  stock but at hand, they are there, performed, done, in working order, impenetrable by pretence, undismissible by fancy.

Thus,  this communicative, intelligently investigable, symbol-substance coding, to enable meaning to be executed, together with matériel present at the right time FOR the commands to be implemented, is NEVER seen so to act alone, just as the relevant conditions for this are not found without their usage or development through intelligence. Is 'science' to account for what is never found ? (Indeed, it is in this the opposite of what is found.) Stephen Jay Gould wrote something very like that, when facing the deterioration of major designs over time! (op.cit. 227-239,99). How account for the departure in such a high percentage  of base-level designs in the Cambrian by drawing up ideas about their arrival. Is depletion to be  called accretion! or is vast reduction to be called notable production ?

It would need the full complement of human intellect to perform any such constructive task, even in type; and then far more understanding than we have; for in the model of evolutionism, this whole SYSTEM in its totality, has in sum to be executed in all its symmetry and operational competence. In fact, it has been evidentially pointed out,  that without the editing procedures built into the whole DNA system, that system, even if in principle already there,  could not work or have worked. Produced, it would fail. Deterioration would be definitively too  rapid for life to continue, without the superb copy-editing application in parallel, also present, attesting protective of integrity. The protection is apparent with the production. It is like birth with after-birth.

There is a reason for their togetherness and mutual correlation with the eventual conclusion, which is the unit production, compounded into what after all are specifications of orders and selected action so that it might actually exist, its assigned reading being effectually assessed and applied. It is the routine correlation of mind and matter, the former creating its own type of channels for the latter, the director and the directed. And that is merely leading to the point that WHAT works is filled with mathematical, logical and multi-task nuances where profundities are as natural as races for the limbered limbs and acclimatised mind, simultaneities are as continual as in any creation, and integralities as composed as in any purpose-built co-ordination (cf. Ch. 2 The Divine Sublimity, 2011). .

You do not need fits of imagination, but instead, what fits the case. Imagination is great in producing plans, but inadequate in inducing their execution. WE as a race did not imagine our institution, by any creative thought of our own, nor did we bring it into execution, being absent until made. Ruminating for what is fit to make our powers from those powers is like asking among the member units of a car's construction, which made it. This is not reverse engineering, but perverse engineering, an exercise, gravely amusing, in shameless shambles instead of science, which here is merely an avenue for the spouting of a self-contradictory religion: evolutionism.

16. Nor does it fail to come to mind that the Bible (cf. The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, which shows it authentic) STATES that the One with the capacities for such products as we are (including of course our liberty from mere program, so that we can freely deny our Programmer-Instituter, if we want to) did two basic things. He acted, created; and THEN STOPPED. THAT and nothing else, accords with the evidence. It was instituted in a flourish; and then ceased its inscriptive outpouring. Not inherent system but overt decisions governed the commencement and the conclusion, the origination and its functional facilities to  continue in kind.

What 'nature' cannot be induced to do as one of its capacities, came in vast abundance in earlier time; and then stopped; and is now stopped. Gone are those outpourings of DNA. That is verification on massive scale. It answers the question of why AND how it started and why it stopped, that nothing else does. It also confirms reason which does not allow mental processes, modes, usages and logic, assignments and consignments to be attributed to the functional powers of matter.

The reason is so simple. MATTER DOES NOT DO THIS AND NOTHING MAKES IT DO SO! Indeed, since matter cannot do it, in terms of observation, concatenation and opportunities galore, some agency that is not matter, that accounts for matter, must have done so. It must have power to institute, and to stop. That is normally called a creative power.

This is not a logical option, but a simple necessity. It must have been adequate for every material aspect, and for the conclusive conjunction that makes operative wholes of mind, matter and spirit in the production called man. This result is not only observed but experienced. Ignoring your foundations is a foundational error, and nothing but repentance can cure it, moral and intellectual, both. See. SMR 1-3, in detail.

Similarly, bombardment of the fruit-fly Drosophila by X-rays over years, did not cause it to improve (cf. That Magnificent Rock, Ch. 1, Lectures on Creation, point 10). Disorderly assault on intricacy does not build multi-systematised wonder; it aborts or annuls it, in part, or wholly.

It is necessary to face facts. They lead to places, needing visitation! As this world writhes in presuppositional self-contradictions and invalid posturings (cf. Secession  from Presupposition), facts shout to heedless ears. It is just as Christ  told His own religiously pre-occupied and substantially superficially spiritual generation, close your eyes and you do not see. Indeed, don't blame the eyes.

17. In fact, from the first, the evolutionary myth has been facing its total and absolute contradiction of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, one of the three major scientific laws. If increasing entropy in a universal closed system is the way, then how is there decreasing entropy as a whole modus operandi of life, the brilliant combination of matter, mind and spirit, which enables us to discuss all this!  The ludicrously irrational advance through and by 'nothing' does not fit reason or observation, scripting or empirical reality. Indeed, even if NOTHING were EVER the comprehensive case, it would equally be the final observation: empirical nonsense. We are here, not absent. Hence the writer, the One back of it and unstoppably directing it,  is eternal.

The expansive idea, however,   does not fit the deterioration law, or the reasoning behind it. The creative and propulsive writing that directs our construction, generation by generation, no longer abounds from its source. The graded plans no more show categories in ascension, at the material level, each one, being instituted. It is, as Genesis declared over three millenia ago, finished. Christ of His own mission to remedy the personal racial abuse, declared the same (John 19:30). That provision too, is finished. In due time, the run down of available energy and sustainable life will be finished, unless the Creator intervenes (as He indicates in Matthew 24, He will).

What is not finished is the necessity of sourcing the script, the laws, the existence, the liberty to deny evidence or affirm it at will. This is what is empirically and observably present. This requires a soberly assigned source, with confirmatory attestation. Some is found inscribed, some inserted in a varying arrangement of powers from the disposing competence of the One who like ourselves, does remarkable creative things. His calling card is integral, universal, comprehensive and comprehensible (cf. The Shadow of a Mighty Rock (SMR), That Magnificent Rock), the Bible the written form, the universe the responsive and in part responsible format, the DNA the major writing mode, Christ the personal exhibit (cf. SMR Ch. 6).

Indeed, the relevant Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy presents a present reality, not a growing total, again precisely as in the word of God in the Bible: God created and finished, so that the result is our field (Colossians 1, Hebrews 11:3, Genesis 1-2, Hebrews 4:3); while the Second Law tells of the depreciation aspects. What God has finished doing in this field, cannot be made to occur without Him, who indeed also advises that this creation grows old (Isaiah 51:6, Psalm 102), and after He has finished His purpose for it, will depart (cf. Matthew 24:35,  Bulletins   36,   53).

As to the Second Law of Thermodynamics noted ? There is found neither exemption nor exception: it is a law! Supermen did not 'arise' and instead, man increases his vulnerability to decline in the normal way, as repetitive processes cast out their burdens, to be borne by forthcoming generations of our race. This not only - as with available energy - does not go on for ever, but CANNOT. In the end, there are decline and dysfunction, and powers no more available. Professor Sanford (author of Genetic Entropy, 4th Edition, and its reports) is now working on the computer display of these things, already at the exhibit stage, as in more probing for his next progressive production, called Mendel's Accountant.

Revolutions occur not only in politics, but in philosophy; and this one, invading science and aborting scientific method in this field, has been moving its fractious forces for long now, with its conferment of torment and proud clashes. Praising folly and imitating dictatorship, it is reaching levels not only ludicrous, but endangering the race.

R. E  Donaldson, 2017