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In Psalm 82, there is reference to 'gods' as a congregation. It is mocking man acting as gods, who will yet "die as men."

The reference of the plural, the Hebrew word, ELOHIM, which can mean mighty ones, or gods, and here at once does so helps to ridicule the little godlets, because It is the very same term used of God the trinity. While He is One, and God Almighty, yet He has within His singular Being a plurality of infinitely intimate Persons. He as ONE is thus the displacement of them as many. When their little congregation of 'gods' meets, it is trivial, for the true God has a plurality within His oneness, unique as is befitting for God.  The difference is that they are many beings, sometimes a god for a city, fictitious, unable to be demonstrated in objective, sustained terms; and He is true, being so able! He infinitely outclasses, if He could be put in any class, them all!

As one, the Lord integrally, the Word of God, manifested in human format as the sent Messiah, cannot be unstated, for He is the eternal word, where inhabiting our time is a trip, though a gruesome one for the Saviour. No one else but God the trinity, has the power to be and to act independently of all creation, and to alter it as He will; or the purity to be eternally satisfied, in whatever purpose, with whatever limits He may impose even at any time on Himself, and for whatever purpose. Such a case occurs when He comes to earth, as He did, in human format. Then in this form, He may lack this or that (such as water! Psalm 22:) in such a voluntary case (cf. Psalm 40>1-5); but even then, it is on a totally devoted mission, and He is willing to pay for that purpose.

Redeeming costs; He paid.

God in Himself, then, requires nothing, yet He has created many things and these may yearn for almost anything, if bereft of Him their Maker, through their own follies. When they seek to do without their Maker, they become like seed in the earth, refusing water. As man, taking human sin from those who surrendered it to Him, Christ shared their plight, but for Him, it was method! You sin, I pay, is the thing He delights to do for us; though many prefer to act as if little gods, perhaps talking among themselves, and make themselves thereby ridiculous, as well as treacherous and thankless.


So, using His largesse, the freedom He has donated to man as part of His creation, and the power given, the human race has built up something before Him (like a beautician but with no good results, it is all too artificial and untrue, fraudulent). What is this ?

It is a series of mentally mutated christs that they have built. These included the case where the pope is master, teacher, leader, in contrast to Christ's commandment in Matthew 23:8-10, this rebellion leading to worship of what, by any test, is a piece of bread which no 'remembrance' (Luke 22:18-19) can confirm to be other. Also there came the Moslem "Jesus", the ultimate and indeed the surpassing finale of cartoons, the deprived Christ, denied in distortion to be Redeemer, Saviour, Son of God or "express image" of God's Person. It is a travesty, a trip to rampant denial with no shred of evidence assessable.

Of course you also have the godless and the empty, like the atheist starting with a remarkably flexible and productive 'nothing' in total irrationality, and the quasi-atheist like Buddhism, which has only one ONE, and all is that, populated this way and that, but without origin logically, and the Hindu, in which one is all, in staggering self-contradiction of the opposites. But some are more creative, with their mutated christs, stealing His name.

Such inventions by other religions, not always CALLED other, but sometimes masquerading as Christian, are not uncommon, and are predicted (Matthew 24:24).

Thus as the Islamic case used Jesus as a base and belittled Him to a gross farce, without evidence, some 600 years too late for witness, others abound now, some 20 centuries later, even insidiously acting at times within the church (as also predicted, II Peter 2). So have come the Liberal christs, the clown, the revolutionary, in which - with vast contradiction of the biblical witness from His time, He is by manual manipulation turned out, so that His name is slanderously misused for a mock-up, make-up being.  Fitting the political, philosophical fantasies or other fictions of the day, these parasitical innovations come lusting in our own day: but this makes it no better, for any who so use Him for their defiling fancies.

As a famed orator is reported to have said: If you want to found a new religion, then start by rising from the dead. Nothing comes from nothing but much comes from God, including the command to repent (Luke 13). But let us resume.

You even have the illustrious name of Jesus Christ used for the creation of the neo-orthodox christ, in which verbally this production of theirs sounds somewhat similar at times to Christ; but this through deception is dashed, for the terms used are simply re-defined, making a net, new caricature of Christ, in place of the commissioned account. It was this latter which was  founded in the realities of startling events witnessed by thousands, staggering multitudes, religion with works that rifled imagination in uniqueness, power, wisdom and triumph on every side.


There is no record to match, nor any bulk of testimony to equal it, nor any combination of prediction, fulfilment, testimony in every detail relevant. There is indeed no contest; Beneath Him lies a gulf, and the work flows on from the record of His statements to the very years and ears of our own day. Here I for example have witnessed the greatest array of a multitude of fulfilments from Him as source, hard to equal except when He was here: for after all as Luke 21:24 (fulfilled itself by a miracle in 1948 and on) makes clear, THEN He was here; but NOW His return is near. These are the two poles.

As to ears, Paul in I Timothy 4 predicts that people will have "itching ears" and that they will be heaping up teachers to themselves for any latitude of deception (I Timothy 4:1-2, II Timothy 4:3-4).

Indeed, as to Jesus Christ, even till though they could kill Him (as He intended in coming as a prevailing sacrifice for the sin of many as foretold in Isaiah 50-55 for example), they could not dash the biblical prophecy, by breaking a bone in His frame, or displaying a rotting body or showing their triumph through His flesh. Instead, physically, they were merely doing EXACTLY with Him, what God had hundreds of years before, commissioned, predicted and explained! It was those who hated Him who carried out that very sacrifice which He placed in His plan of salvation, thus creating one of the more hideous ironies of all time; and one of the greatest mockeries of the puny might of man.

There is laid bare the hand of God. In the prophets, God said what He would do, how He would do it, why He would do it and when He would do it. Then He did just that. He even said who the Person would be who paid the price, His Son to be placed on this earth, pierced and abhorred (Psalm 2, 22, Isaiah 49:7), resurrected (Psalm 16, Isaiah 49:7) and to return (Isaiah 59:21).


Precision, purpose and practicality, multitudinous test and


the stamp of fulfilment, that nothing has ever been able to remove,


the remedy for man that no searing attempt,
has been able to incapacitate,

these move like planets in their courses,

unchanged by the guile of man.

It is man, not God, who flagrantly and at times flamboyantly ignoring mercy, invades justice. It is he who in this Age, more and more fatally incapacitates his race as he plays, not with simple fire, but with enduringly destructive radioactive fire, while his created genes not so very slowly perish. They are, as now shown (Genetic Entropy, J.C. Sanford), to be,  on the way to a continual deterioration. This is moving towards the extinction of this race (a predicted situation, to be interrupted by the return of Christ, as with His usual factuality and felicity, He pre-announced - Matthew 24, Luke 21,  cf. Acts 1). The facts and the faith harmonise as usual.

Thus this genetic degeneration in copying the DNA and control features from generation to generation, parents to infants, and in various life situations, too, we learn is moving in unison to what God, the Lord has said. What, after all, could you rationally expect ? that this freely commanded design which God made in what became a challenging earth would be a be immutable despite its use and abuse in a cursed world! Isaiah 51:6, like the Second Law of Thermodynamics, is exact in stipulation, fulfilled in detail (cf. Matthew 5:17-20), as also predicted.   THIS world will be cast off like an old cloak, we read. It will deteriorate. It is earthly, not heavenly, and its waywardness passes through absurdity to maxi-rebelliousness.

In sum, so many have  so misused the glory of God, the truth of the Lord, the opportunities in Christ Jesus (cf. Isaiah 55, John 5:24, John 10:9,27-28, Ephesians 1:11), thus attracting attention to their own misguided wares, that this abuse as in any other with man, is having results. If you intoxicate the body or the mind or the spirit of man, reality does not make way. It stays there; and Christ does not yield to adventurers; and not only is He to come back, but to judge (John 5:19-23). When you are covered in full in Christ's sacrificial salvation, then for those who receive it, judgment points to remission which is a joy (James 2:13, ).

Indeed, in Isaiah 55, you find a certain delightedness in the finding that salvation is free as water sold for nothing in the desert, and gaining it is as unrestricted as being thirsty and taking the water from its divinely given source, purchased and brought near by Christ, brought to the mouth by the Spirit of God, conveying eternal life as a gift (Romans 6:23). Part of the divine exuberance and plan is this: that it can be received not in bottles or at price; and if you insist on paying, useless it will not come to you. God has His own conditions and one of them (Romans 3:23ff.) is that you do not MAKE or try to FULFIL conditions as part of your salvation and acquittal, but take it as it must be, the perfect gift of the perfect God to what neither is nor could be in itself fit for heaven, or to be an escapee from hell.

Heaven will have no one in other words, who can there tell you how clever he or she was to get there! Transport like the import, is by grace, indeed as in Ephesians 2, the WHOLE THING is of this character. You cannot tour into heaven; it is a divine act (John 3), no more under your control than is birth for a baby. Yet you acceptance BY God depends on your freely receiving Christ as Lord and Saviour, not attraction and influencer, as truly loved and not merely obeyed: obeyed because loved (John 15:21-23).

It is then good to make peace with Him who has already assiduously and torturously provided for it (Colossians 1:19ff.). Those who seek place for themselves on no sound basis whatever, in a religion or form strangely similar to that of a parasite, that is, using His name to hang or surround their masterpieces of art, will not successfully stare down God. We are not here to to paint salvation but to receive it (Acts 4:11-12). There is neither other course or source. Alas, the case now is that we have met a sort of Art Glut, like a sallow exhibition, that in much resembles one chorus, like that in Luke 19:14, "We will not have this man to rule over us!" .

The results of trying another life centre (cf. John 5:42-44) are manifest. Now this is increasingly done, and the symptoms are not hard to discern. It is a wandering, clangorous world, speaking in self-contradiction with perpetually high words in confusion, and low deeds in profusion, till now as Christ Jesus (the actual one whose words come regularly to pass (Matthew 24:22, 5:17ff.), having shown the indications of woe already for this period (Luke 21), history having caught up, its end draws near (Luke 21:24), and so is His own return to this earth as specified (cf. Psalm 2, Isaiah 59:20-21,11:1ff.).

As to this earth, He declared it, ruin faces it. Its feckless effronteries; its horrors of self-congratulation have even reached the point of trying to alter the bodies of little children who would usually understand even less than the adults who so afflict them, about what is being done or why. For that matter, what an enormous contradiction in most cases, there here is to disregard the clear genetic instruction recited billions of times over, for male and female, whatever we may see. It is not hidden. How ghoulish this interference, and how blind to the DNA! Neither nature nor supernature is regarded.

Moreover, radioactivity* threatens civilisations at the hand of any madman, with accomplices; and politics seems in much to alternate between absurd self-indulgence with vast debt, on the one hand, and on the other, ruinous, dictatorial discipline (food not always needed) to achieve ruthless and ruinous fantasies.

Unless Jesus, the long declared, necessary and only Redeemer returned at this point in the diligently delusive history of this world (Luke 21, Matthew 24), ready to rule, no flesh as He put it, would be spared. Evil moves to its crisis, soon to come according to Luke 21:24, and then the relief and release arrives for those who have looked for this same Jesus (Acts 1, II Timothy 4:8).

As to this world, a more thorough, ultimately self-imposed end comes (II Peter 3), an end to sin, evil and affliction; but first we face the realm of judgment. Such a Judge as this, who covers the case for those who receive Him, by these is indeed to be welcomed with delight! Yet not all do, and some prefer their own choice. As in gender, so there is fluid parallel in basis and trust. Last time judgment surged, there was a warning flood, evidence of which continually floods this world today, with vast continental scale planation surfaces and in situ overthrusts of remarkable shapes and vast sizes, and sharply defined strata surfaces with minimum pitting and so not so  long exposed,  and so forth;  as for example you find in sites like Journal of Creation, and writers like Dr John Morris, Michael J. Oard  and John Woodmorappe,  and and many others.

As to that special type of unbelief that does not yield to data, it too was predicted as in II Peter 3:5ff., where the coming aversion to such scientific facts as the flood is noted, while the adverse term used in kind in I Timothy 6 is "science falsely so-called". True that phrase would better now be rendered "knowledge falsely so-called", but this without limit, for 'knowledge' does not mean 'a part of knowledge'! Indicated is ALL invasion of truth with ideas, so that some even want to change the definition of scientific method (Scientific Method ...) to allow less influence from data!

This is deployed in a sort of academic mugging operation, in media and colleges of education, like a hand-made epidemic. True, then,  'science' in I Timothy 6:20 in the Greek, means knowledge indeed; but it is knowledge, whether of philosophy or what we now call 'science'. This false and pretentious 'knowledge' has these compartments, so the coverage is not only so, of 'science', but worse, and broader, other hopefully disciplined fields. The same dis-illuminative plague spares no part of the knowledgeable spectrum. Philosophy and science BOTH are being so systematically deluded in these areas of morals, creation and even history's meaning, that the fulfilment of II Peter and the ongoing thrust of I Timothy 6:20 is vindicated with passion.

This current intellectual pathology is only the more complete, as folly struts; but this broad spectrum infection, predicted in the words of I Timothy 4:1-2, with 6:20 a generic, is in these various roles,  the better implemented!

Many in body or college course are given no option: conform or pay. Pay by


a) denial of actual tenure,


b) denial of opportunity for tenure,


c) denial of application for post - rejection because of non-conformity
to current philosophical prejudices;


d) denial of retention of post except on exclusivistic conditions; and


e) sacking unless one conforms not only to topics prejudicially selected,
but under direction for the manner of their teaching,
where things are 'sensitive' for the academic dictators.

In my own case, crucially relevant features had to be omitted, or the lecturing was over! It was an unthinkably vast intrusion not merely of historical and logical information to the point,  but invasion of regard for truth itself. This was made explicit, in that NO fault was even asserted or suggested in ANYTHING that one had taught, but only one thing was cited: to have this was not CONVENIENT. It was not in PRINCIPLE, however possible for me to subvert crucial information in a setting defective, deficient and delusive concerning facts! It would not be honestly possible to omit what is crucial, scoop out what challenges, fail to expose what is unfactual. To co-operate by silence in a delusive situation would be not like omitting air when breathing.

These, then,  are different forms of force. Reason is not the criterion (cf. Bulletins Thirteen and Fifty Nine, with Much ado about Nothing in World Amiss ... Ch. 15).

FORCE IS NOT THE METHOD, if you want truth, but as relevant as an unsedated bull in a surgery. It continues in its fitful rampancy, till judgment banishes what rubbishes reality, and this bruises itself into fragments, burnt by the light. Oh the follies that the pride of place occasions, the more so when vaunting godlets try to remove the basis of existence, logic and law.

NOW, as the Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, as Christ declared, so this very world is specialising in hideous falls in nearly every kind of callous, callow, even crusading folly one could imagine, like a heartless monster in many, who dare even to try to defend their depravity. Jesus made it quite exceptional and dramatically clear, that HIS KINGDOM is not of this world, and that IF IT WERE, then His servants would have fought to deliver Him. In fact, the one who did, Peter, Christ not only stopped from doing so; He even healed the ear cut off with sword, this auricular item belonging to one of the night-time attackers of Christ. Thus He made His emphasis and showed His compassion.

For Him, His banner is love, His foundation is truth not dissected from mercy, and His peace is product for those who through Him, thus enter into this, His kingdom. This peace is in  depth and nature past all understanding, but it comes,  arising irresistible in gift,  from Him whose it is to give. It is He  who gave Himself for such blessed achievements for man, the rebel sinner, the specialist in disaccord, the plenipotentiary in surrender amiss, succumbing to the ruthless rule of the devil.

This salvation is not costly, except to Him. You do not train for it; you train once in it. It is rather like a College; you cannot attend the classes, being deemed unqualified, unless FIRST, you are in it.

What a marvel it is that the deliverance available is stronger than the devil (I John 4:4), the power for the purpose is also vastly more pleasant in disposition, while the actions taken are already sufficient for those who take what is freely given in Jesus the Christ (Romans 3:23ff., Ephesians 2-3), so that the most feeble may by faith be delivered and the most astray redeemed and the most distant, brought near and endowed with eternal life (I John 5:11-12).