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There has been a vast attention given to analysis in the halls of learning, with the atomism of some and the isolation of others from the personal realities of life. The emphasis has tended to move to the material, the atomic, the sub-atomic, to bits, to particles, and if not,  to particles of ideas, the philosophy of bits*1.

If your reductionism,  with the 'it is only this or that' chant,  appeals enough, you may have people in droves believing through personality that this man thing is mere junk or as if based in wood chips on some forlorn shore, despite this being beautifully sure and ratified by means never revealed. Thus truth is supposed to proceed from nothing, originally, and then from various imports from nowhere in particular (despite the emphasis on every little particular as paramount), along with the bits themselves, for no reason, just as this procedure, now never found, is supposed to have stopped  in its vast input from the beyond, which is supposed to be there for practical purposes, though unknowable, and not rationally differentiable from nothing!

Reducing this verbal and logical set of slides and slippages to rationality, we  find that you either beg the question, using ignorance and nothing as sources, this wholly unscientific and unevidence-based, using up the  power, order, law and rationality of the actual, adequate Source, by occult or obscurantist means, never able to be  specified or to reach the light of reality.



Let us analyse a little.  After the original advent from nothing, nowhere, there come more bits or altogether, the attestation being of one inordinate inflow, now ceased.Otherwise, if this nugatory nescience is felt too ludicrous, you may or admit the provision of symbolic commands, matter's laws and formats, mind's analytical capacity and its facility in working with the logical ordering of the universe to have come from what has the facilities to create them. The former is irrational, adventurist, meretricious,flirting with fable, confronted by non-conformity of fact and theory*2. The latter however works to perfection*3, covering all the disturbances of philosophy without exception leaving man bamboozlement strictly voluntary and entirely unnecessary, but contrary to verification methods and rules of logic, not to mention the fundamental three laws of science (cf. TMR  at these    sites).

If we choose the rational  path (suitable since REASON is what is being deployed in even  speaking about it, and denial of the conditions of discourse merely uses what you disallow), thus avoiding antinomy, then we have next for today, the insistence on analysis as a common movement in academic circles. It is very good, make no mistake about that, this analysis; and indeed we have been doing just this above, except that the scope was larger than usual. It can show up foolish errors and get back to the path of testable evidence, nicely arranged, as a basis for assertion.

However, when a method becomes an idol, so that minutiae rule and the scope and depth of meaning and implications are ignored, as if a business leader were to focus on the finger nail of the maker of some business proposition, instead of on the words of his mouth, there is need to become alert, aware and awake. The entirety of the personality of man, his logic, his irrationalisms by flirtations with fancy, his loves, hatreds, friendliness, abominations of hatred, his love of kindness and his cruelty, his ideologies and his imperial slaughters, his gentle thoughtfulnesses and his thudding thuggeries, his spiritual seeking and his urbane soullessnesses, his being able to act as a brute or an angel, partly as desired: all these things are the evidence. They must ALL be considered if anything remotely like scientific method is to be considered in approach to man.

From  what comes his mind ? from particles without logical thought processes ? or from a mentality which accounts for it ?  What is the ground for the thousands of commands by which his body is prepared in each generation (cf. Waiting for Wonder, Appendix), and  their matter-dominating, mind-enabling function ? How is his spirit made and rendered functional, so that WITH reason he may make his own commands, analyses, desires to have performance power and some of his dreams to be not only clear but capable often of patient implementation ? What is the source of the planning ability and its facility to merge seamlessly with the mode of working of an investigable universe, so allowing images of it, and foreseen consequences from its intricate use!

Something suitable in power, presence, past, present, facility, ability; or nothing ? If nothing, it has no potential, and we are not here. Anti-verification meets that one. What about trying something inadequate then ? Rationally, two points then arise: where did it come from and why, and how can what is defined as inadequate for a course of action, by self-contradiction, do it anyway ? Must we have not only illicit logic but antithesis also brought to the party! Is irrationality to be the very breath that is breathed, while at the same time its  opposite is to be deployed, here and there, in argument!

Having however come to God, the eternal source (eternal since any lack of existence at any one time or event totality would mean that nothing then being all, nothing could ever come from it), and so found the basis in our midst of mind and universe, of reason and law and command and in particular, the association mind, matter and spirit working in a trilogy, called man, we revert to our concern about analysis. We have been doing it. But it is not all.



There is also synthesis. Thus as in a car, you do not only specialise on the wheels, or leather seats in seeking to account for it, or even to describe it; nor can you forget the synthesis of many integrated ideas and forms and formats, or its unitary result, as a specially apt conveyance using wheels and motion as a  result of motive and mind applied to the necessary resources. That is, you cannot forget this if you are seeking to be rational.

The principle is not other with man. You cannot just concentrate analytically on his psychology or physiology or anatomy, or his ideational capacities or roving imagination and powers of implementation of the same: this is so,  if you are not to be discussing just your own thoughts, interesting but not relevant, but the stated object, namely man. If this, then you have to conceive, consider and give cause for each part, each connection, every investment with law and order, rationality and spirituality, volition and fancy, for devilishness often  found, and glorious works of beauty of spirit and hand, also often found, but less often; as for each successive totality, whether of organs of physiological standing, or operations of logical force for use in this domain.

You need universe-correlative power for  mind, verbal symbolisation power for command (and this world is full of them, but from man  and to him!), symbolic reception ability to match the symbolic creation power and so on. If code-reading were not correlative to code creation, so that the symbols in issuance and in consequence coalesced in creation whether of babies or anything else, racial or of this or that kind, then it would be like babbling in the dust. That however is not found to be what is the case. It is instead like an army commander giving commands to a listening group of soldiers, all equipped with common logic and language. That is how it works: in mutuality, reciprocity, through meaningful symbols, as issued, so read.

There is thus made available work for synthesis in seeking to cover not just the bits, but the cause of them and of their integration and correlation in results of specifiable and unitary kind. Thus you need the result of a man who thinks, and a car which goes, in the respective cases. The parts of each are readily subsumed under overall headings of total function, each incorporating myriads of subordinate functions, converting symbols into substance and substance into what is ordered. Matter does not order. It may be ordered. What orders it is mind. Such are the verifiable facts.

Are the results of such actions to which the term  creation has linguistic application, determined by their being useful to the totality (call it 'nature' if you must, but it is many natures with overseeing laws) ? Hardly. The hypothesis of organic evolution,  created by man's mind but never in one single instance uniquely verified against logical alternative, does not have mind. That with matter has to be invented ultimately from nothing, or else the question is simply begged, and the thing is served up from nowhere,with the result that the REASON for results is the lack of it,  a fancy verbal fooling.

Let us be clear. The imagined usefulness (to what ?) of results is no more relevant than the usefulness of a million dollars to someone dying of cancer in a deserted forest. Need does not breed its necessary coverage. Even if universes*3A from nothing had minds supplied as a sort of bonus for being ridiculous in the first place, the desire does not create the result! In a psychiatric hospital, the desire (known to the nurse) might do so (in the rationally constructed hospital and staff situation), but this is no parallel to mindless nature, produced from sourceless splendour in bold defiance not only of reason, but reproducible fact, or anything of that very type!

These things, need and  feed, go together ONLY where the case in question contains BOTH the need and the power to cover it, which is far from being the same thing, as the rasping breath of the dying would assure you. Some appear to regard this universe as if it were set in a realm of some kind of entrepreneurial capacity, so that as soon as it (what is not there!) spots some ''need" (with no means of spotting or pondering this) for progress (to a more integrated and facile feature), then it must arrive! What a convenient and dirigible universe is this. It has never been  seen; the means are in the organic evolutionary hypothesis excluded! Ah, but it would be so easy if this were so, but it is not so. This world groans continually because of the difference between such naked imaginations and reality. They are indeed the very type of what in the Bible is typed as the curse of God on a disobedient race,  so that the universe groans in its toils. Imaginations instead of God are the core of idolatry, what does not work put in place of what has demonstrably done so (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go! and TMR). It is always unwise, like leaving bare-faced rogue ruling evilly, and even deputing that, while others do all the work. To do so wilfully by imagination has all the splendour of the high jumps of folly.

We have  considered analysis and its uses, as those  also of synthesis.



Thirdly, then, we come to reality.

We are not actually faced either with mere analysis or mere synthesis, if facts matter. We can  analyse, but what is to be analysed, has to be there. We can synthesise, but what  we examine is already synthesised, our very own selves not least. WHY did it arrive for analysis, and become a production feast for synthesis ? How can you synthesise when there is no mind to do it, or arrive when there is nothing there from which it can take issuance!

Faced then with results already obtained, including a mind able to copy the concepts of analysis, synthesis, unification and role-mode in efficiency and rationality, we need to avoid the obliteration of the actual, keeping in mind that THIS and not sub-units of what would-be thought and features of human desire and fairy-tale manufacture, is what is to the point. The entirety of what is man, what is the cosmos, what is the universe, what is the evidence, it is this totality that needs examination; and this work has been given  notable attention*4.  As Dr J. C. Sanford of Cornell University points out, man's very genome is not moving up, but down; it is deteriorating as normal in the domain of the Second Law of Thermodynamics; it is degenerating, so that at present rates it would become inoperable in a few more thousand years, based on research carried out over some 15 years. Information in particular does not conduct itself into the functional, formative, semantic huddles known as interpretable language, as a holiday jaunt. It is never  found doing so in itself; it needs intelligence (cf. Professor Werner Gitt, Without Excuse). It is necessary to come back to the real world and to consider both what being here, it now does; and does not do.

After all, you just need  to show nature making itself without intelligence, show how and why, and if you did this (to become famous among men as no man has done), then explain how it could have done it before it was there to do it, and you are  already in the cage of fame, moving freely about with staggering  forces of neither rational base nor internal basis.

Reality then is far more than either analysis or synthesis of bits can provide. It is required to explain all aspects, if you give hope of knowledge, and not just a pleasant (or even somewhat unpleasant) account of your own thoughts, like someone filled with port wine speaking in riddles by the fire, in the presence of his grandchildren. The  WHOLE is the final object, the whole man, whole system, whole realm of information, whole arena of time when deposition was vast, succeeded by no such deposition, the whole magnificent capacity of every feature in principle to be clearly  exhibited in perspective that works.It is that which is the case only when the Bible is taken for that base*5.




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*3 See *5 below. It is amazing with what ease the Bible covers all the quibbles and quandaries of man-made philosophy, and meets no failure in its perspective, but a composed consistency that moves the most fastidious mysteries based on reductionist naturalism, for example, into the realms of stark clarity and comprehension. Yet ... what would one expect  when our God speaks!



Nor does proliferation of imaginary universes (like imaginary cool water in a desert, which shows nil signs of being there, dreams bent on contentment) help the logical lapse, default and brouhaha of irrational escapism concerning creation. There has always to be the one, before the two. As to the one universe, it has precisely the same constraints as occur when there is only one in view, the visible and self-attested one. It comes from nothing (antilogy, antithesis, both) or from something. If from something inadequate, by definition, it cannot come. If it is, however, adequate, their are minimal causal requirements, including eternity. Thus, since the ALL is what is in view, as distinct from nothing, then if ever there were a lapse in it (all), there COULD BE not future; for that is to abandon logic for magic, which has no causative basis for itself, a self-confessed fairy-tale. Fairy tales do not build man, provide food or exercise logic with the ruthless valour required, if the study is escape escapism and become even realistic, far less rational or scientific.

If, squirming mentally, you want multiple universes all at once, this merely increases (if it were possible) the demand and makes the more incontinent the concept.



See for example, That Magnificent Rock, in its various chapters, *2 above, Dr Jason Lisle's The Ultimate Proof of Creation.



On this, see the following.


The mere proof of design is simply a beginning: it is the beginning of logic's validity, of man, his thought, life and destiny, his powers and his processes, his spirit and his ultra-programmatic responsibilities, and the end of his innate splather of imaginary autonomy which works in this world, as well as might be expected, and by no chance are its results designated as they are. There is design even in the devastations and the all but incredible patience which alike proceed from the Almighty, continually adjusting what man constantly spoils as he hinders and sunders in mind, spirit and body, like a delirious pig ramming the walls of its den (cf.  Amos 4, Isaiah 45:6-7).

This is a work estimated to be of some 2.7 million words,
so that you will expect to have enough to survey and study!



Largely this is to APPLY what may be demonstrated of God (as in Romans 1:17ff.), which has in this site been shown in some detail, to what ? It is to apply it to the religions which make proclamation concerning Him, as likewise to those who tell us about it without rising to make proclamations from Him. In each case, there is lapse and collapse, since there lacks the necessary means to make them live, stand and continue.





Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.

This is a systematic coverage of verification in emphasis, with its accompanying validation; for what logic required (SMR), such a word as  the Bible, is what is actually found, and its nature is to confirm this all over again by its scope,  coverage and consistent resolving power, where nothing else is at all even comparable.


      4) POSSESS YOUR POSSESSIONS,  Volume 7, Chs. 3 and 4.   


 5) SMR pp. 315A  - 316, S1 - S 34, 422E - 422W, 292 - 293.