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Suppose one day there is a celebration. By enormous  copying action, using material particles, a company has brought together from simple organic  and inorganic compounds each strand of DNA, both the epigenetic and the protein creating, considered the way of it all, in the trillions of contrivances involved, and manufactured all the parts over a period of  100 years in the relevant areas, using thousands of scientists with overview committees of various types. At last, they prepare  to  celebrate. Intelligence has been applied like an unflickering flame, and brilliance in copying components and correlations has been required, even to understand what is copied enough to  copy it, in its rigorous rational style, embedded in it. Not  from DNA has this been constructed, as if to rent a house, not build it, but from chemical ground level.

The crowd awaits. Suddenly there is a cry of anguish. Man has failed even to copy the work of the invisible kind which is the only one left when nothing visible is found to do the job, except man with his gift of intelligence.

Even  at that, they forgot about the difficulty of STARTING it. Built up from non-life, it is apparently all ready to go, but to start  simultaneously the actual working of its vast  array of mutually concordant systems, this is a novel feature.  They are stunned. Particles have been made, systems secure*S, but there is no starting motor.  The original did not need one, since by all evidence, it arrived in operation. This copy did not, for in our imaginary event, it has been manufactured by man.

How will it be made to exercise the initial simultaneities on which everything depends, to go from particulate state to operational reality ? There was no self-starter. It came by all evidence,  already started. In procreation, it comes small and grows large,  but is equipped with order charts,  assembly rules and the like, intact, multiplied in every nucleated cell; and even the small, the first cell in terms of complications and operations,  is complex almost to  distraction, if you want to manipulate it advisedly.

The approximation of particles is one thing.  Setting them up, is a step. Their mutual activation is another:   when millions of actions are involved, and trillions of connections, billions in the brain alone, with provision for billions of message in the optic area alone, PER SECOND,  as they move from the retina to the visual cortex (cf. the account of Dr Paul Brand, In His Image, p. 135). That is for man, to be sure, but it has to be done by signal and command, language and message, and such things are never found  from the interstices of matter. Hoping it might is not science, but a philosophical religion, unfounded and confounded on every side.

We know all  too well what happens when the heart  stops and the brain suffocates in effect, for lack of oxygen, deprived of essentials to life: it dies. To start the ruined is to seek to bring  it back, like  Europe pre-war to be resurrected from the devastated relic of 1946, this requires much. It was done with enormous cost to the USA on the varied paths leading with many errors to enormous debts for itself, in due course. But in the new Europe, the life was not restored. The  corpses gone, personalities deleted here,  lost in many millions from this orbiting  sphere, the earth. For them, the invisible is the only known source,  and to this they go. The earth continues unmoved, and its raw irrationalities proceed as if by habit.

The heart leaps,  the body dies,  artificial electric shocks fail, death ensues.

But how to start it in the first place, that is the question at the other end of the scale. It has never been done.

Death is  common; but  what of life. The terminal is obvious;  but what of the start!

In fact, life starts in only one now observable way, by being there! How it got there is not found by looking at it, any more than is a pen - for it presupposes but does not articulate its origin. Life generates life (the Law of Biogenesis), but the question is not how, being there, it continued, but how, not being there, does it get there!

Rationally, the answer is always this:  from  a causal basis,  adequate for, and  relative to its actualisation.

Put all the causes together,


the particular aspects and regions of it, and then


the overall supervising cause which makes a unity out of the many departments,
and inscribes the orders and the receptacles for orders
and the machinery for performance of the orders,
once understood by, in or through the receptacles,


and having all the groundwork done in


the insertion of logic itself so that cause and effect are mobile, as in our universe, operative and indispensable (cf. SMR Ch. 5,  Predestination and Freewill   Section 4), 


and space and  time are in place, and the laws by which programs may be made practically operative:

have all of this done, I say, and then you may be able to proceed to the institution of a derivative life.

Derivative  ? Why yes, for YOU were there to institute it all, ensuring first that all the rationally relevant apparatus on minute and macro-scale is there, with the minute sending of messages and the macro-rendition of systems for it, so that it could be creatively designated, given both formulated and form, moreover in operation and  activatable by knowledge of its type and nature, and the cohesion of all the natures, allowing such synthesis.

The cause in this illustration is you; but in fact, you could not do it, since you are yourself constituted and merely pose the problem all over again, distancing the answer, but not removing its necessity. What acted in this way to institute the linguistic draft as in DNA, with its semantic and grammatical and interlocking nature, its supervisory department and its corrective facilities all intact ? It was either competent or incompetent; and if the former, it could do it, if the latter, it could not. Writing requires logical skills, and here commands no less, an integration of billions of items in one system, much more, and the securing of a result including reason fit to investigate the rationality of laws in the outer world; and this requires what is called spirit. That is, the power

a) to think

b) to discard at will the results of thought

c) to imagine what is not real

d) in some measure to institute what was absent, but is made to be present

e) an entrepreneurial  capacity to think creatively, subtly and enterprisingly so,
to secure results in the midst of events over which there is no control,
but concerning which there is provision both for imagination and intervention

f) the capacity to use investigatory logic and with it to investigate
what is susceptible to it, and  much more.

These being relevant features, the  function that has this sphere in its ambit has a name, spirit, and it relates closely to mind, using it, but by no means either its lackey or its offsider, but capable of  taking away control in measure,  from the mind, though not from the universe, in its own right. That is the sphere of the derivative spirit in conjunction with mind.

The imaginary celebration pauses. What of the mind and the spirit ? These need to be made and started too, but they are not programmatic, rather making programs, and pondering preferences and the reasons for them, and pursuing what works and what does not (such as organic evolution), with irrational tenacity, as is the case with many, or with a witless conformity, which is also at times the case, or with a sad conformism,  to retain respect or a job (one met such a case not long ago, not in accepting the theory, but in not challenging it!). For many reasons, and with varied morals, are the options  allotted.

So this is one of the results that you have to make, which is  not in the bodily parts, even if you could provide and start them, for you can use directly or indirectly, or supervene  all systems to a significant extent, though not create them. As a derivate of what has made you, a sufficient cause, you have astounding liberties; but they are neither unbounded nor unfounded. They require cause at EVERY level and at the synthetic level, or you simply cannot get them;  and  since you have them, this remains what you require just to be. It is not here, to be seen and made operative. But it HAS operated, empirically and logically,  and its work is done, though we never find it now questing its scripts into shape. 

To be or not to be,  that is, GRANTED that you are: but rather,  To be or not to be, when you are NOT YET THERE. That is the question,  and we move toward the answer.

Meanwhile discursively, you look at all that is visible in the measuring and testing  facilities of human  science (h.s.), and finding nothing for centuries, but  slick quick answers (cf. Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Ch. 13*1 ), enquire as to other categories of causation, the most obvious being the invisible, the so far excluded region for causal input. IT must have the requirements, and be able to requisition them. Like our spirits, this is spirit, that combination of invisibility to our  magnificent ocular structures, as is normal in thought (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9), and  potency in significant fields, over matter. The visible and the inanimate providing neither the result, even when adorned by cascades of human intelligence to boot, we move then to the invisible in the category of our spirits and thought.



What then were the possibilities ? The inanimate is seen on a regular basis,  and has been for millenia, not adding life to itself. It is indeed nearly infinitely different from life, the latter with its written construction commands, merely having  laws embedded in its structure, and constraints imposed on its behaviour which we find out, from their institution, by ourselves, ourselves also instituted. We continue to find them for what they are by the reason given to us, to make us what we are, this marriage of life and reason being precisely what the Bible indicates in John 1, when asserting that the LOGOS made it all, all  life, including us; and in Him WAS life. It was so from the beginning. To be sure, the term in Greek, the language of inscription, the term LOGOS means much more, but it has this theme.

Not even ONCE has this  phenomenon of scripting commands been seen arising to secure anything workable, for script implies language, assignation of meaning to symbol and activation on that discursive basis throughout the system. The inanimate is not found  gifted in this respect, but life is, but in visible form,  only as a recipient; so we look to find where the gifts are,  that can be so made. Indeed, the visible means to massage matter into a life-giver have failed, even when supplied with the intelligence of man. In matter, these refuse to be found in the watchful eyes of experience as  also, in the vague  concepts concerning  creation of life, including human  life, from the inadequate and inanely ungermane source, matter. It is good at being what it is; not  at  making what it is not. It is like saying that the ground under the factory is the source of the machinery, because it is used. It is like a fundamental lapse in concentration; but the heat of the desire to make it so, indicates this is no mere inadvertence (as if such irrational passion could be so generated),  but an alienation  from  what is logically required (as in Ephesians 4:17-19).

Neither the making of the matrix of matter, nor means nor mind to make it from immaterial sources in  man, nor examples of its current creative activity (a legitimate realm for science in its study of what is the case) have been found in the natural, the unintellectualised world, to the point of life.  Including so far,  are even examples of intellective ability such as are  to be found in man, but matter  remains a non-starter for the starting of the entirety, either for itself (ludicrous, to get it, for if you start with it, you merely beg the question). It appears merely as a product on the way of what was the Starter, the Creator of the visible, being invisible and eternal (STINET - for if ever all were absent, in the  whole concourse of whatever is, nothing would ever be; but something is, and exists).

What then COULD designate symbols so that they carry a message of meaning to what can interpret it, either by mind or by the  programmatic provisions of mind (as in the Web, there can be found automatic pseudo-translations, prepared by mind) ? Mind could, and spirit to direct mind in such an entrepreneurial adventure, or commission. Such is a necessarily intelligent and even intelligible work to be done, demonstrably done, and such is requisitioned by logic.

Hence, in terms of science and its due occupations, the Law of Biogenesis is not broken because it cannot be, except there be a deposition from an invisible and eternal source, and that explains why it is a law, so that even when the investigation of nature, as without intelligence, BY intelligence is over, life continues unproduced de novo. In fact, so far from the working of man's highest inventive and construing capacities, in producing life, there is merely a buttress of failures, loaded up like a wall to progress. If you are going wilfully in the ineffective direction, progress is really regress, and so resources are wasted, as is normal in all such preoccupations.

Even high intellectual discipline has merely revealed the incompetence of our reason to devise such a transition in the inanimate to the animate; but indeed so far our observations of what DID have the requisites for the inventive and creative task, not lying in our  power or control or sight, is to be sought,  on pain of irrationality: so that  where it may be found is duly tested, verified and confirmed. Scientific method (cf. Scientific Method...) does not cease to be scientific method because it has to move in a direction not preferred. In fact, it ceases to be scientific method if for any such reason, it refuses to do so.

The quality of the test is the thing. Ignoring this is mere philosophic persiflage,  deserving zero per cent for indiscipline.



If then in seeking the source of life (not to mention matter), the inanimate fails, the visible falls, and since there was a time when this construction of orders and symbol-signification poured out to provide systems adequate and workable holistically, in magnificent profusion, and then stopped, then the start-stop means need attention, Ignoring them is futile. You need to think and observe and test. for such events at  this level are never found now, not even a scintilla,  a quiver.

What  was most active then, at the outset, as shown by results,  causes us to come to the START requirement; and its cessation, empirically confirmed, brings us  to the STOP facility. This  so  far  from bizarre, or inexplicable, as in the organic evolutionary myth (a result without adequate cause), is in terms of creation perfectly normal, almost the very nature of the case! This is what creation by man or  anyone else is like. This conforms to type. The empirical is satisfied only by such a basis. The basis is required and everywhere fits, as is normal for truth,  when you pursue it absolutely (cf. SMRTMR).

The  material efforts to manufacture the immaterial, using the logic of mind does not work because it cannot work; for it is searching in an area of exclusion where such inventive facilities are not found; and it fails because it must. It is merely a thrust of desire, avoiding the just citing for examination of the required basis. No plainer statement of this error can be found in all human literature to my knowledge, that that of Professor Lewontin*2 of Harvard University, which deserves to be kept in mind.

(as in The Splendour of Biblical Coverage... Ch. 3, this chapter entitled The Morbid Fascination with Myths).

Our willingness to accept scientific claims against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to naturalism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door. The eminent Kant scholar Lewis Beck used to say that anyone who could believe in God could believe in anything. To appeal to an omnipotent deity is to allow that at any moment the regularities of nature may be ruptured, that miracles may happen.

Back then to Miller as in *1. Here is not merely not-life (unarguable, no DNA) from human intelligence PLUS matter, was produced, let alone any BOOK of appointments, correlations, order and construction by command, nor found was any corrective survey for maintenance of script such as life always has to secure a reasonable continuance, nor assigned energy source for cells, or even such cells as are found in life, where nucleus exists, equipped with plans, commands and meanings. What is critical for the function of life (cf. *1), is missing. Defeat is dismal, and even inglorious, because of efforts to resurrect the death of a theory, from among the logical and empirical dead.

Alas, the earlier hype is fraud, as shown in provisions through the endnote; the result in life terms is null, the normative "IF" which is always basic to evolutionary propaganda has to function. IF ONLY this or that were there; but they never  are,  so that testing can never show anything to the point, since the point is not there to show, either empirically or logically. That is the all but incredible position. It all functions on IF, as if IFFY, but worse than that, the IFS are the whole point.

This  horrendous theory proceeds , with sheer ignoring of the empirical, the logical and the actual. This is not science, but presumption, not empirical testing but investing in imagination ONLY. Provide what is missing and it would work! goes the cry. It is the same with any examination rightly and rigorously based. Provide what is missing (adequate intelligence, discipline, understanding, work, acuity and so forth), and he would pass.

An interesting digression, is this,   but one in no way relevant to the fact: HE fails,  just as the theory does. Examine every claim in the auto-generative area, looking back of it, because results never attest what is needed, and there is an IF. And now does what is not there generate;  and how does anything work if you have to put it there, in substance, to make it work, and can find no way to make to go further, like a dull student: the more he fails, the more he fails to see the point.

Life is not made by IFs but by facts,  adequacies, possessed of the categories needed to envisage the commands, interpret and assign meanings, the domain of DNA, exhibiting the work of mind; and then to MAKE THEM WORK, in observational practice,  by a  fantastic alliance of rationally investigable wonders, tied in ways surpassing the wit of man (cf. Waiting for Wonder, Appendix). Even if man COULD understand, even the material part (in doing so, using the immaterial, mind-spirit facility given to him), it would only show in this case, how great is the construction of man,  and how vast is the need to account for such facilities, from what entirely understands and creates them so proficiently. The STINET is needed, the  Starter,  Invisble and Eternal.

However, man has not even done that. God has left him,  when he is intransigent, cut off from the necessary basis of his life, obviously stunted when he presumes to impersonate his Maker, a lonely eft-thing, wandering about what then becomes for the errant ones, a meaningless universe, rather like a calf, which detests its mother and will not admit to her existence, moaning and exulting while its energy sources and resources wind down, and its life is snuffed out. Without this Creator, eternal and sufficient, there is never anything back of man; and if even  for one  moment there were ever nothing altogether, nothing would be now. But it is not so.



What then ? the reason  for man is to be found in competence and adequacy, sufficiency, not itself dependent on pre-existing laws, for where did these then arise ? but from what makes such and so controls all things that they CAN apply ? in the eternal Creator. Here is the life-giving, symbol assigning, meaning providing, being-activating source of  all the formulations, facilitations and functionalities in the universe, giving them His own features, at will. When to bless, it is blessing; and if  to curse, through deviation from life, then curse it is, as fits the preoccupations of erratic man, deviating from the grounds of truth, as if a straight line were an object of horror (cf. Department of Bible ... Vol. 4, Ch.4). God has acted to create, to relish, and to curse depravity, lest it engulf the earth; but also to provide a resolution, a remedy, and long did He forecast the way, and sharp and short was its accomplishment, as in the creation. Indeed in three days, as the Bible indicates and history confirms, He broke death on account for man, seized guilt and provided a basis for a hope and a home for heart, bearing sin for the repentant who receive Him, and breaking the curse for the redeemed.

But let us return to the creation (in parallel indeed with the creation). In this, God was not forced to act, since if He were, there would be a personality provision which could contrive to manipulate Him, and where does that come from  except from nullity in unreason, or from God. Such a being would BE the ultimate, the other merely misnamed. There He is and nothing moves Him, but Himself;  yet He listens and attends like a well-instructed doctor, to the needs to patients when they come, in faith and repentance (not insisting on living in collision with reality).

In the  end, there is an end to the seeking for God,  for there is a logical necessity, and for the satisfaction of this, there is the provider, possessor, institutor and actualiser, the Creator.  Here is the power to designate what a symbol in the DNA means, hence to dictate meaning and  originate message, with all the formulations and procedures necessary for its impartation, including in this case, particles, commands, coherence, power, constructive  capacity, constrictive power as in the  order-result sequences, and this not only with comprehension but with initiative energy, to command origination and  and call  for closure of creation, as found.

It is however by no means a call for the closing of creativity, for HE IS the Creator and hence creative, and has made man in His own image, hence highly creative, and able to be independent, like a child jumping overboard; or to look for wisdom, and with all the heart, find it (Jeremiah 29:12-13).



Here is the power to transmorph basic designs, once drafted; but it has not in this creation, been used. This is not found, though multiplied interchanges of working elements may be used, as with an engineer. In fact,  what is found is only a wise provision of adaptive versatility WITHIN the kind, for there are found drafted limits to types (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!  28). What creates makes choices, and imagining, builds tracks. Imagination is great; but one cannot rest in it, if one wants results, of which the universe is one. That takes also initiative and entrepreneurial ability, wisdom and knowledge, uninhibited creative powers. Universes, they are not easy to create. It  takes what is beyond all, to manufacture any IN ITS PLACE.

And in the Bible, God insists on having made kinds. That is what we find, with vast room for derivatives that move within type, adapt to environment, that should not be confused with new types. NEVER have these been found, and ONLY in imagination does slime turn to cell, matter to mind, thought to spirit, rabbit to lion, or cow to horse. PROVISIONS  for the actual adaptations are  now becoming visible, in exquisite finesse in the DNA, as also in the micro-biological area,  individual distinctiveness and decisive separation of basic types,

What then ? There is instead of the clumsiness,  as it were, of turning a worm into a Boeing 707, or even a car into a rocket, duplication and  complexities extraordinary,  a fascinating, mathematically profound, manipulatively brilliant provision in the DNA. This with  related controls,  for variation about a norm, in adaptive functions of staggering virtuosity, and clear basis is provided. This too had to be drafted into the exquisite complexity and eventual unity of the entire design*3.  The drafting of this is merely another feature, and the mind and  spirit, these are the super-abundances of the  Creator, who adds to all else, His PERSONAL concern for persons, in providing a guilt-cancellation, paid for personally by Himself, in the format of Jesus Christ.

It is He who, biblically as actually, is sufficient for all, apt for all, freely available to any, respecting the individuality of love and seeking the realisation of truth, for what may be found, not in imperial panache, nor in armed robbery, such as is so often practised on a large scale by the nations, with their notions, but in the kingdom of lovingkindness and pity, profundity and truth, so  that when  this world passes in its entropy, and indeed in its finis, as given by God its maker (Isaiah 51:5, Matthew 24:35), there is even provision for eternal life. This  aptly, is from the Eternal One, who came, was crucified, arose and is returning soon (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5). This is not a matter of IF and hope for those who receive Him. It is in  fact not based on hope as such, but on faith, and this relates intimately to  evidence as found in the Bible, as to God who alive, has ways of His own.

It is this which is the only testable religious book, specifically written with this in mind (cf. Isaiah 41, 43, 48), and covering all considerations of verification  extensively (cf. LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST*4).

It is He who is in addition, His own verification, both in coming for the date  appointed for  death  prophetically (The Christian Prescription Ch. 2),  having history follow His word, and in His  incomparable self, whom to know is  beyond all the derivatives (John 17:1-30). To know the artist, is beyond art! But what paintings He has made, and how they speak, both of wonder and of wickedness, the result of liberty, which choosing the ouster of love, rests in itself or its own world, made in imagination, but jarring with the real one, and ITS MAKER. To think that salvation from this is readily and freely available without the intervention of man, is the grace that excels in just one of its facets! (Romans 3-5, Titus 2-3, John 3, Galatians 1-3).

He who spoke BY reason in making DNA, speaks WITH reason in addressing His product, man, endowed with wonder, supplied with spirit, readily captured or captivated against all reason, following pride or pomp or  circumstance or this or that philosophic or material addiction. This is wrought, in terms of  this tested and triumphant Bible,  alone solving the problem of will, evil and wonder, responsibility, objective duty and the aspirations of man, inherent but often  perverted, diverted or  downtrodden,  It is  accomplished with laboratory work added, in the crucible of history, in the labour beyond initial creation,  to re-create a clean heart and abolish guilt with repentance, pardon  and provisions that make grace  free and grave a mere passing, before that next  great creation, the resurrection of the body, in the pay-day of power, and the income of eternity which does not pass away.

Clinging to folly does pass; but heeding the word of God TO MAN AS SUCH,  this is wisdom, and here only does logic find satisfaction, pointing to the Bible as the word of the God who is demonstrable, and to its message therefore as what is a gift within the  wonder of  divine glory.







Actually, there are numerous features and sub-features which need to be imported from nothing (the only non-question begging base). One is the particles. One is the arrangement. One is the state of the particles, such as atoms and their components. These have internal laws about their procedure and motion, activations and interchanges of parts. These have to be imported with the particles.

We are just getting the parts and their internal systems; but we also need the logic with which the arrangements work as their base; and with that, what is valid and invalid and the pursuit of the one and omission of the other so that it can work, which is the great thing about creation, it works and miserable confusions are not what is found on the way to some imaginary development. The evidence is mind, logic, cohesion, principles, corollaries, which man duly seeks to find and mind afterwards, so that he can UNDERSTAND the comprehensible way in which it works. It is simply a contradiction in terms to have things to be understood, to yield to logic, to display, to show it, on the one hand, in the world to be investigated, and understanding with which to do this, and have the latter find the former if it is not there. To be there, it needs like all the other components, the power, the order, the cohesion of mental objects, the employment and deployment of institutive and constitutive power.

But that world as part of the world to be imported from nothing, in order to avoid the logically required source, it is but a little. We need also, to gain the thing being investigated, the universe, the macro-laws and their due alignment with the micro-laws, so that what happens within the particles and what happens in the space and time (also to be supplied from the same source) matches,  coheres, and proceeds to the working functionality of the whole.

Materiality comes with particles, space and time, and this is also existence, and that needs a source. Thinking and planning a multi-mental object massif is one thing; putting the thing into existence outside the mind of the thinker is another.

You need also the power to make the minds which survey the scene as in man, and the spirits which decide whether to  report actual findings or instead fakes or frauds, as so often, in order in another type of way, to try to avoid the same logical  source amidst these feverish and rash speculations and imagination.

That is the greatest. Computers using logical arrays, can imitate now some of the ways of the human mind, symbols and what they designate all in order (a mental correlation of meaning to format), and ordered into being, precisely as in life; but in this computer  case we are allowed to find out for ourselves the sort of processes of mind required to institute these things into visible existence. Mind conceives. Power executes. Spirit decides whether to  do it.

All has its source; and likewise is based on another power. It is the one to make of the mind of man something so far beyond the computerised mimic, that its omission leaves out most of human life. This mind can envisage things not thought of, in violation of all law (except those elements of logic which make speech or thought even intelligible, a necessary minimum), matters ludicrous in fantasy or fantastic in irrelevance to thought, by lack of self-control and lust for greatness, or deep things relating to reality.

That is in itself less still. The mind can report an error, that X input does NOT  produce logically, Y output. The spirit can decide whether to forward some idea by ignoring the error, for example, or by reporting it and turning honest. The spirit can seek truth, or intimidation, as often in the affairs of the nations, or glory for itself, and has many options.

It can even seek the logically sufficient Maker of all these things (cf. Department of Bible ... Vol. 10, Ch. 7, Pith of Spirituality ... Ch. 4 ), and in SMR, TMR this is done, and the Bible is demonstrated to be His sole, authorised, written word of the Creator of man, to man. The spirit in a human person can seek to find what at least is personal, being made human personality; and it has the capacity to use, like a lorry or a sports car, personally all the equipment bundled into the body and mind of a man. It can even seek to know Him, since transporting  all these marvels around without checking out their source is a kind of arrogant self-assurance or numb departure from realism. All these things have their source in a system-personality-Maker, an individuality originator, and they do not need to be started with broken off little bits of particles not linked to the integral system, and all the mental and physical bits imported from nowhere. Creation as man knows in his own use of this facility, makes both bits and systems, coherent and concurrent communication or inter-activity of parts, and the whole COMES WITH the start! That is how it comes and that is why it works.

Often man finds Him, and then there is the experience in things moral, spiritual, physical, celestial, terrestrial, which is in type comprehensive, but in nature spoilt when the Maker is kept distant and the Second Law of Thermodynamics works assiduously to bring deterioration to the human genome (cf. Waiting for  Wonder Appendix), to this world as man gropes and confuses and abuses, spoiling the design sometimes impetuously, sometimes gratuitously,  sometimes high-mindedly in millions. The brilliance poured into man has other uses, and to find these clearly you need to find the Creator.

Wonder and ruin come like twins, and  man in his own heart works much of this ruin, either by doing it, or by inviting a divine response, naturally from the qualities of the creation, or supernaturally from the Creator.

One of those responses is quite amazing. Mess is the opposite of the qualities displayed in the construction of our bodies, where finesse and contrivance, mastery in mathematics and engineering shout at the student. God, the Maker, brought response to that wilfulness of sin which parades daily:  in form of a remedy. That, it is the only other option to forgetting forbearing with what is contrary to Him, to His work and to His provisions. Instead of removing the spiritual scrap-heap which enlarges itself on the earth, by the simple means of destroying it (as you might an old letter or book). He resolved on a remedy called redemption. This is far more than the heroic work of those who save a village or city or mass of people by eminent self-sacrifice. Its medicine has been  called that of immortality. Its target is death, and before that, the human heart, that it be changed from an adversary, incontinent in evil including pride and self-satisfaction while not even knowing its Creator, a runaway sports car. Guilt has been focussed recently in Indonesia in the case of drug pedlars. It does not have even to be realised, but can rest like a dull cloud of dirty and obscuring particles over a volcano.

This God offers  to remove, now that man is here and created and can listen, in justice and truth, and mercy all bound up together. In the Bible, we read the reason for non-destruction of a wayward and inveterate and horrendous world, where vast powers throttle systematically what is good, malinger in evil, plot ruin, care not for life, is love. Parents normally have this for their children. Its aptitude is readily seen as you watch parent and child over the early years. On the other hand, its lack and the enormous consequences are likewise not hidden.

This love produced the remedy that God in justice and for judgment became a man to take the guilt of man by paying the penalty of man, death, to enable free and gracious love to grant instead, with change of heart (regeneration), a gift which is nothing short of eternal life. It cannot be eternal in its ruined form as now; but when the heart is changed and the mind refreshed, and God is the daily banquet, in person,  why then life has no impediment.

It is best not just to imagine, but follow the unswerving evidence. It is better yet to follow on to find the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and in repentance move into life, trusting in Him (John 5:24).



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