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To be a dream, a myth, a mirage, an imagination, a desire, a lust, wanton or sophisticated, all this is possible. It is what a thing may be, and it relates to other possibilities such as being a thought, a logical analysis, a revelatory item or an obligation.

When we come to God, what He says goes. It is important to be clear. If it is a command to the inanimate, it happens, and that includes of course, its first construction, and the accompanying facilities for construction such as time and space and gravity and electromagnetism and the like - rather like building a house before you inhabit it, but in this case, it is the universe. 

If God commands man, made in His own image, than man may ponder (not being a controlled robot,  but capable of any degree of ruthlessness, unreason and non-rectitude, blasting truth or body or mind at will). He may object; he may dismiss; he may dare-devil his way to an imaginary glory for the thoughtless, in a Darwinian struggle myth, as though trying made logic and power, rather than expressing them. But if God speaks, whether or not man obeys, it is spoken. That then becomes an intractable fact, though it may be put in a broadened environment, as when mercy obtrudes and becomes obstructively apparent, yet not so that man may not, if he wishes, bypass that too, in a tinny imitation of the sublime (John 3:16-19.36).

Thus when God says it, it is, like it or leave it. You can leave. It doesn't.

When all that God has said in that brilliant book of internally responsive words from God, the Bible, telling us what is right and wrong in principle and in many particulars, what is needed, what to avoid, and where  to find  salvation: then that just is. He is eternal; that now inhabits time. It is a fact. It is a potential pact. It is an offered covenant. IT IS. We come and go on this earth; but that, it stays (cf. Isaiah 59:21, I Peter 1:22-25).

In that sense, one can say, CHRISTIANITY IS.

It keeps the laws of logic (not of truncated philosophies which do not face all that man and the universe is, and bumble about nothing and whatever as the source, in a sour display of irrational nonchalance - cf. SMR Ch. 3, Ch. 4 Extension, The gods of naturalism have no go!). It adheres to those laws by which we reason; it is subject to falsification, or verification in myriads of ways, metaphysical, ontological, scientific, nakedly empirical, rational, past, present*1 : but under test, it merely confirms, like a rocky promontory as the waves dash relentlessly and recede in froth: as seen for example in in


Deity and Design...;




 Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.

It has those eternal and internal advantages, then, that it keeps the laws of logic by which we reason, is subject to falsification and verification, and in fact proceeds to validation, and in all passages prevails. This is all as outlined for example in The Bright Light Ch. 7.

The Bible does not try to affirm things by getting lost in detail, a special way of avoiding issues, but uses detail at will as it discloses the hinges of destiny, the source of and reason for creation, the necessity of salvation, and the nature of man, his need, his remedy and the grace and the attestation that goes with it, for him.

On the other hand, the currently much touted nature myth*1A, commits just the fault biblical Christianity so zealously avoids, that very irrational thing, side-stepping the fundamental issue, talking hopes and possibles, not testimony and results. Hence is irrational. It does not put the mind, but only the will to such points as these: how, why and in what terms has it all come, how is it consistently attested and what is to be done about it.

As to this myth, currently the evolutionary myth,  when it proceeds beyond the fundamentals, the case is no better. It even requires non-verified postulations to be at work, which falsifies and shows the fraudulence of the enterprise; for science is not what is not founded on fact, so that the lack of empirical evidence, becomes philosophy, normally a mart for ideas, but here without either the empirical or the logical on its side. Thus, without the basics in place. It even brings in unsubstantiated premises, like negative energy and dark matter, to avoid complete contradiction in terms of alleged progress, though avoidance of such side-stepping is available, with logical confirmation in biblical creationism. It is that which does not follow the nature myth in its ignoring the testimony, step by step, of what is, for the sake of what does not fit (cf. TMR Ch. 1, Ch. 7 Section E and others noted*2.)

Where is the science not only in imagining evidence that is not there, but using postulates which do not cohere with what is empirical! It is nothing but philosophy of a particularly vulnerable type, even for that realm!

Even when you turn to that other site of the empirical, the expectation on that mythical model of potentially upgrading, where are the billions of failed attempts, where is the testimony of inconceivably numerous blunders! for they are not at all to be found, while what IS found are logically organised results of what is assumed to lack logic (otherwise, what is its source!). As to the nature myth, you  see its testimony only in its absence. It is not there. It is a negative testimony. It is certainly consistent; but only in reverse gear, moving out of dysfunctional theory, in the face of undismissible facts.

Exquisitely manumitted, created objects of brilliantly contrived imagination run riot on the earth, while the merely earthy march of the minions, the disorganised blob (if not, who organised it ?), the emptied nothing, moves on with all the flair of a piece of earth masquerading as Field Marshall Montgomery. It passes mirth. It is ludicrous, unevidenced, contrary to what is found, and a featureless concussion of contradictory elements, bathed in nullity, set forth in ignorance, though in practice equipped with everything needed, yet in theory founded in nothing, unbounded in non-empirical attestation, which never passes its nothing-made shores.

The micro-biological settlings into kinds and mathematically governed steps, shout  NO to the gradualistic hypothesis, just as does the lack of all that is needed to gain what is found.  What we find are highly distinctive and extremely differentiated kinds at that level.

Just as the myth cannot show how the universe was invented, so with logical sustainability, the Bible declares it was by the sufficiently competent, eternally existent God, who thus did not have to come from an impossible nothing in order to be there, and attests Himself by works in nature and in words that are correlative and not disruptive as in the naturalistic attempt. This is set to derive it all from an inadequate natural cause, sprouting logic as an offshoot from what was not there, or did not constitute a cause, so leaving nothing the only other option. If you insist on nature making itself before it is there to do it, why talk science or even philosophy ?: it is flat self-contradiction. What was not nature had to be there to do it. As it had to be, so it was, and great are its multi-faceted demonstrations as the cited works show.

Just as the myth cannot show why the creation of life is in kinds, and not a chaos of endless attempts to make  what is logical from what is not, or how mind gained power to understand the sophisticated and enduring laws of nature, which govern it, or how the human spirit gained traction and  understanding of its ways, so that it could imaginatively and rationally choose and become responsible, attested both in guilt and prior ruminations and choices in principle: SO all it postulates are airborne. They are NEVER found experimentally or paleologically or microbiologically or astronomically. This is so whether one looks to event or engine to make it so, or engine maker ... for what IS validated, verified and constantly attested,  is what it denies a priori. If 2 plus 2 CANNOT (read must not) equal four, then this a priori conviction has its problems in mathematics...

And this overall result, of course, has nothing to do with science. It is illicit religion masquerading as scientific and inhabiting schools and colleges and much of the media, like a pandemic. As with vicious viruses, extensive outlays do not constitute confirmation of usefulness, but rather attest weakness for their evil ministrations ... evil because untrue and discounting what is true, verified and acutely validated.

Competitively, the Christian, Biblical Exhibit is verified on ALL points testable, and even where knowledge is yet much to expand, it is still not contradicted, whereas the nature myth, of which evolutionism is part, is constantly unverified, totally non-conformist empirically to the authoritarian religious ensemble which is sold, out of all working order, to the people as evolutionism. We biblical Christians, we do not fear it and seek to stop it being exposed, nor seek to suppress knowledge of it; it is the monopoly it is given, obscene obtrusion into academic wit, and the force of the persecution of truth, which is provided, which is the potential ruin of this and many another land. To be sure, this is merely a doctrinal formulation from that religion; but such things have many inputs and outputs. It did so in Stalin, in Hitler, in Mao; and their combined murder quota is in the tens of millions.

Scientifically this myth has no standing, and should never be taught, except in terms of the history of science. It is outclassed not only repeatedly but continually, by all normal scientific standards, just as the myth actually taught with intolerant authority, instead of the truth, is in reality removed repeatedly by simple failure to meet tests (cf. SMR pp. 140ff., TMR Ch. 1), though replaced like wild weeds.

The Bible however excels as we watch its ways, more and more. It EVEN predicts the current subversion by nature myth in II Timothy 4, for the later times of our Age, into which we have come in these last 50 years (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 8).

Quite simply, science is about ruthlessly rational testing of what purports to be this or that, in a chain of reasoning and hypothesis, based on the empirically observable and the methodical assessment; and verification is the utter necessity for any theory, this the beginning of the hunt, as it becomes more and more systematic. Such is the case of the Bible, and the results of test arrive which are more and  more unlikely in themselves. In that this favour for mythical folly is predicted for this time in this place in space, this present world, so the test score mounts.

Success in meeting every empirical, rational, open, unguarded, non-authoritarian position is necessary. As soon as you take the current and opposite course plaguing so many schools, colleges and universities, you abandon science, reverse its methods, lose its dignity, fail its objectivity, and as a know-all, act as if God, refusing entrance to what works best because you INSIST that your philosophy is necessary.

For that, not only is there no reason, but as we have been seeing repeatedly in the earlier Chapters of this volume, and treatise, indeed, there is an absence of reason so total as to be a testimony to the power of religion to bind and blind, when it is obfuscatory; just as Christianity, loving challenge and test and search, as so famously insisted on by the apostle Thomas (John 20), delights in meeting challenge as a fighter pilot in a British Spitfire may have delighted in the mobility and power he had, in resisting invasion. It is what is called love of the light; and what does not come into the light, hides in darkness, that is in obfuscatory exclusion from reality, by prior preference (John 3:19). What is of the light comes into it (John 3:20-21).

To teach ONLY the myth, evolutionism, with authoritarian exclusion of what in fact ALONE meets the criteria in perspective, overview and empirical verification, as well as in validation, becomes a perversity of anti-science so profound that its multiple mockery of the minds of the young (whatever the intention, an entirely different matter), has appalling consequences to face. Minds can be assaulted; spirits can be infected; ambition can be misdirected ... and responsibility rests, whether it be desired or not.

What then is in fact happening in this once free country ? a land once allowing research without religious oppression, light without cover-up, because of its Christian founding nation, Great Britain, despite its imperfections and inconsistencies. We are being subjected (not all, for some of us reject the imposture entirely at whatever cost, and we DO pay) to academic totalitarianism, and pedagogic terrorism.

The terms are not used lightly, for seeking a profession, many a student may become inordinately sensitive to what it takes to pass, and many a Lecturer, to what it takes to gain a position, and many in a position, to what it takes to secure tenure! and when equal resources are withheld from some students, because of their religion or belief (such as biblical creationism), or slanted requirements are made of them, which facilitate those for the myth, and inhibit or even traduce them and their reputations: THEN  this is manifest breach of law.

What law ? It is what has been made law by Australia's choice to adopt it from the UN, in its Declaration against Discrimination*3 in all forms of religion or belief. It utterly excludes such preferential use of resources, such discriminatory preferential treatment, according to some person's, some group's, some tradition's impact and demands. So they act, while pretending the myth must be served, not unlike the commotion in Ephesus, when the people insisted (without evidence) that Diana of Ephesus was incomparable and inconceivable as a thing to be dumped! (Acts 19:33ff.).

Are we to fight totalitarianism, terrorism and dictatorship aborad, and feel sympathy for its victims, while harbouring it at home, and treating whole successive generations of students to its mental lash, social squalor and imprisonment of mind!

Christianity CAN afford liberty because it is the truth and has not only nothing to fear from truth, but exalts in the total explicative power found in its domain. What philosophy can even begin to challenge it! The religions that seek to replace have nothing to offer to reason and scientific method, to logic and verification, even to begin to matchg while maintaining what is little more than what appears like a belligerent buffoonery in favour of their myth.

Is Australia, in the way that it is going, not set to be streamlined as a nation deep in idolatry, in casuistry, while manufacturing imaginary morals, and continuing utterly incapable of making what has them over him, namely man, not even with the prototype not only before him, but IN him! Cultural desires become a religion, in effect putting man as god, though he may be born yesterday and die tomorrow, not even understanding the workings of his brain, his spirit and his body. The sacred rites of man, the current cultural clichs, clutches, brews, loudly proclaimed thrusts of will without even adequate analysis, let alone evidence, are introduced but for them there is neither master nor mastery. Continually seeking and finding a little, then are they abashed, beaten and crippled back. Such negligence may seem astounding but biblically, there is reason for it. It comes because man is under the curse of sin, and its cure is not in self-elevation of any man or the human race, but in finding grace in the place set for it by the Manufacturer of Man, who has not left Himself without a prodigious witness, untiring, impeccable, fitting.

Is then Australia to tout freedom while being bound, increasingly leaving the God of the Bible, the Almighty as attested in the Constitution of 1901, for there was no other instituted in the perspective in view, ? Is it to do this so that the "lucky country" may find out the results of depravity without deity, and self-affirmation without salvation, of slavery of the soul in the sea of circumstances (as in Psalm 1:4-6)!

Truth is indispensable and playing the fool with it, patronising it, seeing it down and out in a sea of relativity, yet one absolutely said, by self-contradiction, to be the fact, is the acme of folly, the apogee of thanklessness and the invitation to confusion.







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