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Daniel 11, its End and Daniel 12 in Biblical Alignment



North - South Series

In Chapter 11 we saw something of the end of  our Age, in Chapter 12, elements of what is to come then. On this occasion, we look back on some of the interstices, developments. Not all is shown, for as Daniel is told as shown in Ch. 12, he was to wait, his lot, portion, inheritance prepared, till the time should come, as far as revelation was concerned (Daniel 12:9). WHEN the time was near, he was told, for these then long-distant terminal events, then clarity would come, as when one comes no doubt, to a familiar railway station, and there are the characteristic parts of streets and hills, showing how near one is to returning home already (cf. Philippians 1:19-24).

In Daniel 11, there was a vast overhaul of history to come in fine detail, though in a prophetic mode of selection and concentration in this case on some elements. This was traced carefully in Highway of Holiness Ch.     10.

Thus, as the time of the end approaches*E more nearly, it could repay some effort, to find how such developments may be coming into the field.

Let us, helped by more recent events, consider that the focus on the vampire of virtue, the megalomaniac, religious rawhide who is so to exalt himself as if god, is attacked, as in Daniel 11:40. This follows his exposure in all his fateful vainglory, in 11:36-39. But that he appears not only attacked from the South but from the North as well. In this case, it means taking that FOCUS on the evil person, to be the theme and topic for the time, and the attacks with the 'him' references to be from both quarters on HIM. That would mean that there is a certain terminal feeling to the affair, which of course was as indeed suggested quite clearly in Daniel 11:36 and 40. In that case the South attack could be conceived of as from Egypt when Russia backed it in the Nasser war to push Israel into the sea, one which however was threatening to bring Egyptian hegemony with powerful international support, into the more northerly domain, a threat of raw Egyptian potency in the area as a prospect sequential. Iraq's involvement at the battle stage appeared little more than purely formal.

Then the attack from the North could indeed refer to something focussing on that which developed in the North, specifically in this case in Iraq - as this is  highly specialised overview with a major scenario clearly involved for focus. In that case, the thing may move on to Saddam Hussein, whose major works started around 1966, developing in high level murder, whose cruelty and unnatural exposure to watching the torture of victims, as a condition for many, of their engagement, as if it were an opera, and whose ebullient thrusts extended to Kuwait, whose fires smouldered in the Middle East and whose bombast knew scarcely any bounds. Was he bound to Islam or using it ? Indications are that the second possibility is there*I.



Down on this preliminary local move towards the antichrist come the powers of the North, indeed a festoon of powers extending from Britain to France to the USA, with many 'ships'. It is, after all, Europe which is the designated area for the blooming of the evil flower of the antichrist (cf. SMR pp. 902-931, Daniel 7-9). The  Gulf War was indeed an affair of vast and tempestuous force, that matches for that part, the mighty thrust set forth in 11:40. With the new focus on the antichrist-type figure, there is the new alignment from both South and North on his developing identity.

From 1974, the UN had recognised the PLO, and a two-State solution was proposed if not pushed by Clinton and Bush, so that the UN had presence and some authority in the area in part between Israel and the Mediterranean (Daniel 11:45). This was an expression of the united type of approach which had come to a head in the Gulf Wars, and continued as the UN manifested its concern, involved and in some ways, vested itself with authority.

It continued when the Gulf War finished. But there is no remainder to Saddam Hussein, who indeed did "come to his end," describable like this: "no one will help him." If ever there was a helpless man dragged from his burrow for extinction! he gives a cardinal example. He is said to have surrendered without resistance, from his hole in the ground, as if resigned to his 'fate'. A virulent trial followed, Iraq restoring the death penalty, and Hussein indeed had no help. His desire seems to have been for Iraq, despite Iran, but with a disregard of life, of the woman side of things, not only despicable but almost immune to life. This was almost a phantom, while power pulsed and people were removed, rejected, tortured or troubled incessantly with witty wickedness, defiling life.

This is merely an exploratory look, which may as more events unfold, become no more; for as the time comes, so will the completing elements. Thus it is entirely possible that the antichrist representative of Daniel 11:36-40 is not yet present, and that this last episode is yet to come. In that case, it will be quite fascinating to watch, as well as edifying. It is well however to look for underlying powers and properties in events which this world does not recognise, lest we be caught needlessly by surprise.

If we move in the direction above, then Daniel 11 would take us in its end, to the current status quo, from which as in 12:1ff., the launch is made of the terminal events not given to Daniel, except in this early Ch. 12 cluster of overview of their intensively aweful character. If this aspect is yet to come, however, the cluster of Daniel 12:1ff., statedly to be unique in its horror, would proceed from the later stage when the parallel to II Thessalonians 2:4-10 is over.



The news noted, horrid to this evil figure, includes bad things for him from the East and North, which could fit with the Ezekiel 38ff. assault, and allow for the overthrow of that looming power, perhaps including Russia as in the far North, and the development with that challenge gone, of the 10 predicted leading entities in the European situation, following on their earlier presence (Daniel 2, 7, Revelation 13, 17 cf. SMR  pp. 911-931) and its later expression in the Western European Alliance, a European defence mission work finished in 2012. It is of interest that a new body may be forming in view of the Russian challenge, for rapid military action, which could lead on to another version of the 10 'kings' or leaders in Europe. We are being continually warned as the above excerpts show.

This flows well with the still to come version of the antichrist situation of Daniel 11. In fact, in today's paper (The Australian, September 8, 2014, one finds the ten already back in its third exhibit in supreme sites in European unity.

On p. 1, we read this:

During last week's NATO summit in Wales, Britain and America announced a 10 nation coalition to "degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State."

That is not to say that the consideration that Daniel 11:40-41 may now be past, removes scope that Northern assault on Israel foretold in Ezekiel 38-39, following the predicted and now actual return of Israel to its land. This, indifferently could come AFTER the venture as first described, or after its later unfolding, if it be yet to come. What is found without exception is this, that whatever the prediction says, the final outfitting of history DOES. It is in fact, in this matter as in all, precisely as Christ said of it, in Matthew 5:17-20.

Thus, already the basic preludes to Ezekiel 38-39, namely those of Ezekiel 34 on the one hand, and 36-37 have happened with all the fidelity of a drug dog that finds out forbidden imports. This one finds out predicted ones, and attests them. With awesome unfolding of the totality, in sequence, the Lord has Himself come, as in Ezekiel 34, in person as stated with all the paraphernalia of the related prophecy and epochal deeds in His seeking to save what is lost (cf. SMR Ch. 6, The Magnificence of the Messiah, SMR Chs. 8-9), leaving His name on datelines for over a millenium in the process with the AD and BC orientation. Again, Israel as in 36-37 has already been brought back (cf. SMR Appendix A), still not believing AS A NATION in the Lord, precisely as in Zechariah 12, awaiting the predicted day of Ezekiel 37 when its eyes will be opened to the Lord whom they pierced (12:10), and the desert has indeed blossomed as the rose and the powers apt to meddle with Jerusalem have also come as foretold in the same passage of Zechariah, prelude to the events of Ezekiel 38 and the Northern assault. It is like Spring here and buds bursting. Again, Israel as in Zechariah 12 has had victories that have staggered the world, one even the subject of a LIFE magazine special!

The episode with the one so addicted to his god of fortresses, whether be he Hussein to conclude the North-South sequences, or one to come, with its crushing cumulative consequences come in power lies open as a prelude.

Whether the North and East (Daniel 11:44) in fact refers to the Ezekiel, far North invasion  matter at this point, is not at once demonstrable. It is simply a possibility. There may be further action first. That it will come is sure, and there is already much movement in the North, as Russia re-rattles the sword of war and expansion, almost as if jauntily wondering where its cue may be, tapping the foot, as it slashes about. Already, it is a large foot. In this case, just as in the coming of the Lord there was a sure date for the atoning death,  around AD 30 (as in Daniel 9, cf. Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 2), so now there is a predicted keeping secret of what would enable such precision of knowledge for His return to rule, for it is His stated desire that when He does come, it will be as if to find lovers and loiterers alike, exposed in their doings (cf. Matthew 24:36-44). Signals aplenty abound (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5), but date setting specifications deliberately are limited (cf. Acts 1).

The exact point in sequence then regarding the end of Daniel 11 is a matter of investigation, fruitful in meditation on the issues and forces involved. In some ways, it is quite like watching a chess game unfold, with strange turns wrought suddenly, here or there. But alas for the world, this is no game News from the North and the East in the early construction here, would certainly come in the form of the trial for Saddam Hussein set up by the Coalition Provisional Authority, with its multiple backing from around the world. His own country, all about him, was far from happy with him, so exalted, so debased, so rashly intrepid, seeming such a braggart for dreams, with most undreamy methods.

The "god of fortresses" (cf. SMR pp. 707ff. ), relates to a worship of power, whether in some religion, religious cult, such as the emphasis on victory in Islam suggests (cf. The Divine Agenda Ch. 6, More Marvels ... Ch. 4), or Communism*1, which in this respect has a close resemblance, as for that matter did the triple tiara episode in the Romanist body of the papacy. This power-hungry-death-dealing god has a pseudo-splendour and hideous horror for the sickened heart, such as is found in watching the ISIS move which could be a characterising and dramatic way of bringing to the fore the type of utter abandon, which spiritual megalomania can bring. It illustrates


just how utterly wicked all these increasingly evil things are,


what they lead to,


where they come from,

and of course, at once it is apparent WHY they come, in type and in principle.




Thus IF you leave the God of glory and truth and testability in verification of His word*2, as so often shown to be He whose is the universe, man and whose are all things, who is manifest in Jesus Christ, the OPPOSITE of these crass and heady uses of force, then you leave THOSE QUALITIES in their divine coherence transmitted to man. It is so whether with this dictator, those cultural ravagings, such as a great Iraq, or a 'great Russia', or this or that fulfilment of earlier national or other promise,  or with another. Indeed, it applies to the human racism horror, in which many, arriving without consent, but a power adequate for the mind-matter-spirit realities, and departing at expiration periods as provided, want to set up as if god, the place for the human race, having it come from nothing (the only alternative what is adequate, known as God), and become quite something, even proceed to become a god, a destining power.

It is like building great cities with zeros, except that zeros being representable, even that is too much to have at the first.

What then ? Then the divine pattern is lost. Another pattern is invented. The desire to worship becoming warped, wisdom is lost. It may lead to the self-indulgent dangers in much of the 'West' or to the life despising death-slurries of the sickening devilishness of the blood-spillers, head decapitators and so on; but the pattern is spoiled, like printed colour on paper, made from ink-jets, but spoiled by rain jets, things being both ADDED and SUBTRACTED by such forces, from the original picture.

Small wonder the Lord insists we do not ADD to the things He speaks OR subtract from His words (Revelation 22:18-19). So far from being otiose, this is crucial: put another zero on a cheque, another letter in the signature, another thought in the text, another adverb indeed, such as 'not', and you change the thing at your devious and deviating will. People do not write for such wit, but to convey what they have in mind; so that when these tricks of verbal truancy are played on the word of God you are reaching high territory of defiance and demolition. Space is not so kind to man, being not made for his usage (Psalm 115), and how much less is a spiritual space made by man, where there is nothing of God at all!

 These latter developments, then,  at which we are looking do both add and subtract in their dynamic, moving from the foundations upward, to a substitute source, just as in the case of Babel (Genesis 11), and downward, as their wings melt. HENCE, as they seek glory or satiety or to look good rather than to be godly, truly hideous actions, speeches, hate-pulsations, and mass folly in calamitous caprice against God occur, making the race, capable of so much, to be so lowered that it becomes almost a pillory item, sunk in rottenness.

It is an end to which this leads, so that the world is replaced; and truly it is replaceable.

It is wonderful that out of this world for burning (II Peter 3), for removal (Matthew 24:35), so much wheat is to be taken and stored in the spiritual granary; for the test is no failure, but a double exposure is found in it. First there is the laboratory of history showing the realities which deceive, and their outcomes; and then there is the exhibit of those finding the Lord, whom He foreknew and found before ever they even came to be (Romans  89:29ff., Ephesians 1:4).

NO ONE is going to inhabit hell because God had a short-circuit of love. John 3, Colossians 1:19ff., I John 4-5, Ezekiel 18, 33, I Timothy 2, make this clear. God who IS love (that is, there is nothing contrary to it in His desires and provisions, and indeed, He has gone to the absolute maximum in payment for those provisions of peace and pardon for man as in Galatians 6:14, Philippians 2, John 3) does not fade. Man like the grass, however, in Summer, does so, unless his way be brought from time to eternity, from sin to salvation, from darkening clouds of judgment to ineffable brightness in glory  BY GRACE and not force, by LOVE and not hate, by PARDON and not pollution, by the WORD of God and not that of man.

Human racism is of course the worst of all. It fails for ever.





The movement from the series in Daniel 11, which comes to the "time of the end" is a thrust from a gravely woeful figure for Israel, to a time of challenge to the uttermost for all!

The rationale is the movement from the dominion of the first 'little horn' or heavily impactive source of power, in one sense in a small scope, towards the era of the second 'little horn,' that is the one in Daniel 8:9,  identified readily as Antiochus Epiphanes with his devious machineries of deceit, on the one hand, and the one to come to the fore in the fourth and final empire in the fourfold series specified in Daniel 2 and 7 (cf. Daniel 7:8, 7:20), on the other. It is a jump from one peak to another in time.

These two little horns are considered in Biblical Blessings Ch. 2, in some detail, and the movement is thematic over time, from one time of crisis towards the next in mind for the unfolding, one ready to be expanded when it comes (as in Daniel 12:1-2). It is this which the text specifies in Daniel 11:40, and so we move with it.

This brings us near to the time of the final little horn, then, of Daniel 7-8. These little horns don't have a good outcome, but for a time, a good income, and hostility to Israel appears from the former one a criterion. This brings us towards the expanding focus of Revelation 13, 17, as that series of constraints and evil commands comes into play, or better, into its labours, and it provides broadening detail (as in Revelation 17:12ff.) for the earlier prophecy.

It is in II Thessalonians 2:4-10 that  we gain more specifics on the final pompous power who apotheoses himself to his own satisfaction and in his own sight, before summary judgment turns to cinders his self-exaltation, as if to lift mankind with him to the stratosphere of spiritual seduction in his vaporous self-odes and odious self-will.

It is of interest that Hussein, though only a prelude, had a voluble hatred for Israel, asserting them as enemy from 1948 and not omitting to send missiles, in the splendour which preceded his burrow. Propped and prompted somewhat by the US at first, he was abandoned at last, and none helped him.





In Daniel 11:39, we find no appearance of conformity to an established religion, in Hussein. Indeed, his approach seemed individual.


This appears to fit well, although it is true that Hussein was not yet at the height of his evil, though involved in assassination attempt on the President as early as 1959, before the Egyptian assault began. Escaping prison in 1966, we read (op. cit. below),  "he became a rising star in Baa'th Organisation, forming close ties with key party officials who were planning a second attempt at taking control of Iraq." This had long been a radical revolutionary Party, starting around 1945, and came to have a strong manifestation in Syria; but it had spent a few years in Iraq, and it was into this that Saddam surged. Like Hitler and Mussolini, he appealed to various phases of society in some social ways before becoming the savaging, ravaging or ultimate leader; and it was this land of Iraq which in due course became an optimal challenge in terms of his threat to the Middle East.  Grimly, he had first been helped with arms and aid greatly by the U.S., apparently with a view to keeping Iran at bay, the wisdom of which is more than apparent in its very slightness, to this day!

As to the Party, which ruled for a period in Iraq, and at first served as a base for Saddam, it had various formulae but one was that Islam was one of its chief derivatives, but only one of its products in its Arabic context; yet Marxism began to take power in it, and fierce physical action, described by one for its Iraqi time starting in 1963, was referred to by one expert as an "orgy of violence."

With Saddam's continuation with it after prison, the Iraqi scene went from depth to depth in the oncoming years, and his power ruled.  Thus the Northern attack would come in the harvest era, when his course was about done. In this case, the South attack would be a preface, and the North one the consummation for that issue! and what a consummation the Gulf Wars were!

It is well to consider these possibilities as we await the finale for the affair, becoming familiar with the territory, as these terminal times for the North-South wars conclude, giving in time (Daniel 12:9), as provided in the prophecy, the full explanation of these events as they end, and the finale of the antichrist comes into full proportions. Wait for it, but ponder each element. On the overall manifest of the overall totality as we come to the end of the Age, see for example SMR pp. 510-519.

Meanwhile, on the topic of Hussein and his religious affinity, consider the following.

The Encyclopedia of World Biography gives us this information - http://www.notablebiographies.com/news/Ge-La/Hussein-Saddam.html

Support for Saddam Hussein was not universal. The conservative followers of Islam (the national religion of Iraq) did not agree with many of Saddam's innovations, which they felt were directly opposed to Islamic law. This included legislation that gave women more freedoms and the fact that a Western-style legal system had been installed. As a result, Iraq became the only Arab country not ruled by the laws of Islam. Major opposition also came from the Kurds who occupied the northern region of the country. The Kurds are a nomadic people who are concentrated in areas of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. They are Muslim but not Arabic, and they strongly disagreed with the Baa'thist push for a united Arab front.

Read more: http://www.notablebiographies.com/news/Ge-La/Hussein-Saddam.html#ixzz3CfWUr4nq

On what developed under Hussein, CNN, dated Dec, 14, 2003 has this relevant note.

An entrenched system of paranoia dominated pre-war Iraq, they contend, led by secret police charged with protecting Saddam and preserving his power. Western, Arab and Iraqi sources portrayed Saddam as a man replete with contradictions: progressive and intolerant, politically savvy and maliciously brutal, supremely powerful and personally insecure.

"He sees himself as the figure whose name will be revered ... hundreds of years from now in Arab culture and Arab history," says Mark Bowden, a best-selling author and columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer.



See for example, the following. See also "god of fortresses" Daniel 9:39, which fits well with the individual approach of Hussein, both in what it was not, and in what it was.

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