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News 37
Time Magazine, July 6, 1998,


Time Magazine, July 6, 1998 - p.45, an interesting light on China under Communist rule.

While we hear of a friendship (per Clinton) hoped to be "for ever" between President Clinton and Chinese President Jiang Zemin, we hear also of other things.

On being told that Clinton and the nation he represented held that "the use of force and the tragic loss of life was wrong" at Tiananmen Square, Jiang replied to the U.S. President, "Had the Chinese government not taken the resolute measures, we could not have enjoyed the stability we are enjoying today."

This shows values and thought. As to the thought, it is mere presumption. The stability, being founded more on truth if lives had operated rather than being smashed, might have been far greater than that founded on repression and blood; the wrongs might in part at least have been righted, the perceptions considered, the freedoms enabling fearless assessment, rather than the answer of bullets to their thoughts, who died.

As to values, the collective whole, interpreted by those unelected by even a majority, is deemed to be more important; or the minuscule leadership, practically, more important than ANY who may think differently, to the point such individual thought is terminated as far as this earth is concerned, by dying it red. It is strange logic that uses physiology in this way. The morals are however clear: death to what is different, divergence is forbidden and those from whom you might wish to diverge do not suffer the death which those other representatives of other desires, which include freedom of thought interchange and accountability of government to those whom it governs, abruptly face. At least the priorities are clear, if not well stated.

For a Christian perspective on this "friendship" and these "morals" and this approach to "government", see Barbs, Arrows and Balms Item 18, Aspiration to Ascend, the Necessity to Descend and the Opportunity to Amend. Here the form of aptitude of Chinese current rule is analysed, and Biblically assessed. An excerpt for convenience, with some updating to recent news, appears below.


4. Leaving our MUSING OFFICIAL,
let's consider it!

There is only one opportunity to avoid this endless clenching of the eyes, lest they should see, closing of the ears, lest they should hear: aborting of thought, lest you should think and see and comprehend and be converted, being convicted of subterfuge, sin, and folly incredible and eddies of vagrancy innumerable (cf. Matthew 13:13-15). It is the unique Jesus Christ, free of any contamination, superb in majesty, majestic in lowliness, holy in grace, effectual in working, predicted, pure and the enshrining of God Himself, definitively in human form.

The other 'answer' to Christ is antichrist, a substitute machined by social engineers, augmented by electronic engineers, groomed by political engineers, until the whole of the world lies in all but prostrate submission to the Lie Leaders, Mind Suppressors, Convenience Committees, in manifest and open war with God (cf. Micah 3:5, Revelation 16:14-15, 19:19).

Avoiding that mythological mysticism and miasma of fraud (cf. SMR pp. 750B-D, 857-873, 909ff., 923ff., 611ff., Questions and Answers 7, 4), there is but one.

THAT! It is Jesus Christ the Righteous! Lord of creation and Author of Salvation.

"OVERTURN, OVERTURN!" Squalid substitutes for divine rule, aspiring in vanity, will not last; for God is not with them.

Does not Ezekiel, in 21:26-27, speak in the name of the Lord, just such a thing for God's work in exposing the dismal dealings of men, self-hypnotised as if God were an option, for a realm at peace ? It is HE who will overturn!

All this ersatz stuff, this psychological manipulation, now exceedingly difficult, already, to differentiate from insanity in its irrational writhings and twistings, this man-makes-man illusion, delusion and fraud, HAS TO HAVE force in the end, and charm as an agency on the way.

The only way to expect to make folly "work" is by force. And that is not kind! It never was and it never will be! It has been seen times innumerable, and its name is make-believe. Truth is an invariable ingredient of anything worth while, and freedom is possible when truth rules.

And as to truth, of course, truth will out: not only because there is otherwise interminable friction, not only because mankind is made for it and squirms in its absence, however bold the exterior: but also because God who is the truth, has never abdicated! His foreknowledge has put Him in charge of the last from the first and He is as He always was and will be, unchangingly what He would be, knowing all things and implementing His desire in concert with the prophets and history in perfect accord. (Cf. SMR pp. 26-35, 545ff., 580ff., 44-45, 88-89, 269, 313-315; consult Malachi 3:6, Psalm 102:25-28, I Peter 1:23-25, Isaiah 40:6-8, Jeremiah 33:19-26, Matthew 24:35.)

CLOUD NINE cannot be maintained, but its illusion can be ENFORCED. Biblically, the latter is the way man will take - MAN! let us be rather more fair linguistically! "It is the way the world will take!" Man? Dear old mankind, so sadly lassoed by the cowboys of the devil, the task-masters of illusion, it divides and will till the end comes (Matthew 10:35-36, John 18:36-38). The sheer force of administered people-control will surely come as it came in Russia, and in   China;
and is marking time to come for all the world. It is in one sense clearly right that it come as a judgment on this world.

As the U.S., both in war and in the treachery of many in peace,

gave illusory strength to rotted Russia,

fallen into its rough-cut Communist woes,

helping create a myth in the midst of their madness,

before some realism crept in, as when Reagan called

things by their names, and before long this folly fell;

so now it is aiding the withering bureaucracy of China.

There comes a pouring in of funds and help in the name of "our interests",

with query on query of dangerous exports,

that leads on China to more of these dehumanised inhumanities,

with the appearance of action,

the dynamic of development significantly imported,

thrust in from where freedom has more place.

In this way does the U.S. help these banal, drab,

soul-assailing substitutes for functionality,

feeding on what the regime does not create,

a colossus astride their human heart, directing it to its mouth,

maintaining itself in the name of stability (Time p. 45, July 6, 1998)*3,

at gun-point, instead of meeting reality with reality, and

matching the dissidents with truth, not torture,

too well-attested by Harry Wu and his researches,

reported by him to the U.S. Senate,

himself subjected to imprisonment and duress.

Is this not economic profiteering at the expense

of those the system does not answer,

and is it soulless arrest of souls, compounded by their abuse for gain ?

while others flee or are restored, or rot

because their mouths are not where control would have them be.

When the continuance of life becomes its chief purpose,

Its value is self-defined at zero*4,

its character, contributions and resources

prostituted for mere continuance of ... whatever,

and indeed, as Christ said,

"Whoever will save his life will lose it: and whoever shall lose his life

For My sake, the same shall find it ,"(Matthew 16:25).

Here in these sad assaults, however, the control-mechanism

is formally geared to Intrusion of loss

as a national pastime, not individually determined.

As in the Roman Empire of old, non-Emperor worship (here substitute, rejection of pseudo-imperial Communist cult),

spells State alienation, that may mean alienation of liberty,

or life.

And again, as Christ said, "What shall a man be profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" - Matthew 16:26. And if the State would make the soul-sale vicariously, what is the place, then, of that State!

Thus, what must be said when the US gives most-favoured-nation treatment to China, while the latter ? What does it do ?

It imprisons and deals for gain,

exploiting the virtual slave-labour of people inconvenient to them,

with manifest injury to truth and equity,

disdaining their heroism and concern,

substituting alleged national economic well-being-with-Communists-in-power

for that freedom which fears nothing BECAUSE it is true.

When the US does THIS! ...

certainly there is to be expected, payment.

There was payment in the American Civil War after the exploitation of slaves, and Britain paid hard coin in two World Wars, losing all the needless and often cruel rigours of the Industrial Revolution may have 'gained': God is not mocked.

A little here, a little there for profit, and security and happiness in the US (or a lot here and there, in China) whilst some are tortured, despite their courage, endlessly and tiresomely humiliated in mind and body, if by any means the spirit of the nation might be broken on behalf of alien illusions, not fit for any man: the US cannot do this to encourage tyranny in China, and hope not to be infected with that to which, thereby, it morally yields.

The time will surely come when the world withers, its ideology a caprice, its deceit and force then internationally potent as they have been in the Russian and Chinese empires*5, to name only two. THIS! it is no insult to the Russian people, or to the Chinese. It is to their immense credit that heroes have arisen in the very face of intense psychological tyranny which, in the case of Russia, had even the international psychiatric body hostile, because of brutal drug use and suppression.

Here was a case of oppression which Russian hero Solzhenitsyn characterised as numerically worse than the Czars managed. But the system of the world started in our contemporary world, to expand in these two Empires; and it moves and will move till its last gluttony for souls is finished, and it is famished ... when HE COMES TO WHOM IT IS DUE, THE CROWN, WHOSE RIGHT IT IS, the Lord JESUS CHRIST (Ezekiel 21:26-27, Revelation 5:6-9, cf. SMR pp. 623ff.).

That too, it will happen. With the word of God, without any exception to the slightest degree, it ALWAYS HAPPENS (cf. SMR Ch. 9).

There is a better way, the way of truth, the way of sacrifice, in which Christ having paid the ransom for sin, those who come may receive it, each one covered in the predestining foreknowledge of God, each with his/her place in the infinitude of the magnificence of the Creator, who knows His people. He made them. He loved enough to SEND INTO THE WORLD His only begotten Son (I John 4:9), NOT to condemn but that the world might be saved.

The result: either YOU will be saved, or you will not be. If you are not, since HE WOULD HAVE ALL MEN TO REPENT AND TO RECEIVE THE TRUTH, YOU only are to blame (I Timothy 2:4, Luke 13:1-3). If however in faith, you call on the name of the Lord (Acts 2:21,36ff.), you will be His. Want it? Take it. Don't want it? You get what you want. It's coming.

So is He, the Judge of all men. To all who look for Him, loving His appearing, this is a sheer delight (Hebrews 9:28, I Corinthians 16:22). Man is made for it; divorce from it is unthinkable, though the drug that is sin can make illusion captivating until its inherent cruelty is found; but then, it is too late.

History has been a long time coming (cf. II Peter 3:9, Matthew 24:14, Ephesians 3:9-12); for you, it is wise that you should be a short time coming. There is NOT a kind heart in the centre of the Universe; for it is a mere though multitudinous creation; but there IS a kind heart in the Creator of that universe. It is folly to disdain it. And this, says the word of God:

Truth, it is indispensable, memorable, marvellous. It puts things in place, and what a place is this, "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" (Colossians 1:27.)

Endnotes ...

*1For some of the reasons for this, see SMR pp. 422Eff., S15-S34, 100ff.,Ch.2 , 999ff. etc..

*2 For some reasons, see SMR pp. 226-236, 145ff.,251ff., That Magnificent Rock Ch.1 , The Other News, 12, A Spiritual Potpourri, A & F Schools etc..

*3 See also China references, Time May-June 1998, incl. June 29, pp. 30-31. See Communism, in SMR Index.

*4 See What is Life for? -Ch.6, That Magnificent Rock.


AN EXCURSION INTO EMPIRE AND FANATIC-ISMS! - incorporated update news from March 1999.


The Chinese Empire reminds one a little of the 'evil Russian empire' of the past, where freedom was sold for centralised 'stability' and various other things... men acting as if they were gods. They do not however, have this capacity. Such 'shows' are grave and tragic burlesque.

The dangerous US exports, mentioned earlier, and other provisions for the rulers of China, are the centre of a current furore. Time Magazine, March 28, 1999, has featured the case of miniaturised multiple atomic bomb technology, allegedly sequestered by a Chinese spying operation. It might perhaps, with some adaptation, be ideal for threatening (again, and perhaps taking)  Taiwan, while keeping the US immobilised in the operation, through fear for its own cities.

Some months ago, the Secretary of Defence of the US was seen on TV, and provided an almost Gilbertian but apparently serious skit of stalling, when publicly cross-examined. The topic ? Exports to China of possibly sensitive and useful... satellite facilities. With the miniaturised atomic bombs now in view, these could make a nice combination.

Kissenger, the US's own one-world man, reportedly has scoffed at a rash of anti-China publicity in the wake of these things. Has he, however, ever worked profitably in US-China exports, of one kind or another ? In either case, the mockery of too much concern is a useful antidote to that concern. It can stall reaction until it is too late.

Perhaps  if he were  - like so many dissidents who dare to be different - on the take-and-break side of Chinese prison psychiatry for dissidents, he would change his perspective. It is not that we love China less, but Chinese more.

In fact, the crucifixion of truth for convenience is remembered at Easter. Epochally, accomplished in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago, it is the base and stem of  this world's wars and woes - which it suffers like a cancer patient who refuses a necessary healing operation. Rejecting God in their ways, a mass of the nations have likewise rejected the Prince of Peace. There is no other (Isaiah 9:6-7). He is neither dispensable nor provided with substitutes. His payment for sin is not automatically transferred; disbelief separates (Isaiah 59:2, John 8:24), even from this.

For the present, the sacrifice of power to a falsetto Communism, untrue to its own irrational principles, which work neither logically nor in practice, blindly  proceeds.  (SMR read on in pp.  925-929, and 307-308, where Hegel's false base for Communism is exposed - together with 332D; and see Index.)

Is it  however even to China's advantage, all this yielding to so much of her desires/designs, in one way or another ? Is Munich back in style here, casting its shadow in advance on  one more universally blatant grab for power, linked to a dead ideology ? Such co-operation, shall we say, certainly would aid the profit and imperial power of current oppressive Chinese rulers, with no apology provided for Tiananmen. In such matters as this, the glorious 'interests' of the State, of security, of the name of the State, and so on and on,  they with their little hand-carved system, play god like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, making their views pivotal for all, and calling it 'stability', like the stability of the grave.  One does not need to delve into the trend too far. The US's most favoured nation treatment accorded to China in the midst of its hideous oppressions of free spirits, which often seek something less illusory, and the distancing of Taiwan by US and UN: all speak deafeningly.

It is not that China is to be the centre of world rule, though the "kings of the East" are to take their part in the Armageddon finale, that woeful exercise (Revelation 16:12ff.). It is just that it has all the appearance of an unhappy sale of those who have something better to do than be told what to do by those blind to God, by people controllers who did not have the advantage of making man, though guiding millions as if appointed as tour guides.


Speaking of tour guides!

It may be time to emphasis this: in Australia in particular, throughout the haughty-naughty sixties (cf. did not Proverbs 30:11-14 have its 'hype', typed in advance!), moved on in its folly of having large numbers of vaguely motivated, grossly misled academics influence a generation to come, already sufficiently astray, with the concept that Nazism (an abundant philosophical-social-political folly) was bad, correctly; and that Communism, by contrast (in the above respects, at least, identical) was appealing, sound, ultimately satisfactory, or normal, or 'the way to go', or advanced or some other blind response of scholars without the mongoose element, fascinated by the snake.

The fangs are JUST THE SAME as is the case with Nazism- which also achieved no small empire! The imbalance in the criticism of these 'isms' has been highly productive for world dictatorship on the scale rarely seen, during the Cold War.

Later, with the cool Moscow with its bombs not so tasty to the intellectual palate, there has been some much overdue reaction to this earlier gloss. However for historical reasons, the fact should be highlighted, that there was a dewy-eyed mist which tended to make such logical paralysis, as in making the 'scientific' system of communism to be IMMUNE academically from PRACTICAL assessment in terms of results. You cannot have it both ways. If it is not scientific, it should not be called it. If it  cannot live where life is, it is not practical in order to be scientific. Science does after all deal with evidence which can be produced; otherwise the particularities of scientific method are not applicable. In the case of Christianity, they are most applicable as has been shown in detail, and robustly affirmative (see scientific method, in SMR Index). In the case of Communism, where applicable, they are negative with a sort of rambunctious energy (see SMR references above, esp. pp. 926ff.).

Wasn't it nice to turn from horrible dictators like Hitler, to delightful folksiness, like Stalin with forcible removal of nice people in the area of 10 millions! But that! it was too practical!

In reality ? Solzhenitsyn (SMR p. 970, *13) has shown the statistical brutality, the arithmetic of oppression, in basic ways  to exceed the efforts of the Tzars, some of whom showed some admirable tendencies (by comparison).

And in the comparison of backgrounds, Nazism and Communism ? BOTH are hopeless logical cases, roundly to be condemned with approximate parity as unfit for human consumption, and consuming humanity! They are, quite simply, too allied false gods, operating in different quarters, linked in the middle. Let us see.

IS there really such a difference within, apart from the external look of things, the propaganda
presentations of our 'heroes' ? The are prima facie, the autocratic, the authoritarian on the one hand, and the populous, democratic, on the other.

However as each has been and is governed by a wholly  illusory, and unscientific view of history, there is something in common. More than that, the view of history is in each case, the former directly and the latter indirectly, derived from the German philosopher Hegel, in that case in wedded intellectual association - or weeded - with Nietzsche, who tried before Altizer, to kill God and substitute one of his own.  As the saw goes concerning Nietzsche, who in fact went mad,
God is dead! signed Nietzsche. Then comes this: Nietzsche is dead! signed God. God is not mocked by mere irrational impertinence, and the love of war and war on human nature and conduct with restraint, patience, love and understanding, where the mores of family life are not made a mere base for absolute contradiction outside it, is not productive. You merely destroy from within, what is threatened already by the curse, long deserved and early obtained (Genesis 3, Romans 5, and see Biblical Blessings, Ch. 7), on all sides.

The Hegelian connection to Nazism, was delusive and destructive. This evolutionary German masterpiece, the pinnacle of perfection and so on, with the idea that someone has to be this, some nation, some race, and where better but on the wings of evolution which  has nothing and does everything, is invisible like God, but illogical unlike Him. While now this incredible futility and philosophic fiasco, inventing everything from a potent system which writhed itself from somewhere or other into something or other, for some reason or other, and by some propulsion or other which actualised it , would lack even initial popularity.

It is the political equivalent of perpetual motion, except it is perpetual commotion without ground or base. Nevertheless, THEN, with much blood as yet unlet and incredible human pride surging about in the Darwinian trance episode of around 120 years (see A Spiritual Potpourri, Chs. 1-9), the surging human race was to find its new marvels from within itself. It did, but they were no more marvellous than such evolutionary mysticism was mindful of simple little things like causal connection and facts of life. They were therefore gruesome and ghastly. The twentieth century has so often been fuelled by this fretful fiasco of irrational obfuscation, this mindless insistence on power and liberty from EVERYTHING (except oneself - and for this century see SMR pp. 840ff.)!
If ever superman, developed man, re-made was mocked, there is where it is!

If Hegel (with whatever confusion) and then Germanic doings combined with strange interactive notion of basic, progressive, developmental change with deity, with which it is incompatible (cf. SMR pp. 29ff.,  179ff.,482ff, 332Dff.), Marx ditched deity and made a compatible but unreal fiction to drive the 'thing', which conveniently was around, nicely equipped with the drive, the potential and the control mechanisms. Neither 'system' worked, as is the norm when the authentic is ignored. Things are already created by competent and adequate power from the omni-providing possessor of it, God; and the rules are provided likewise. As to the rules, these two poor political/cultural systems break them, and create ? only havoc. The world trembles under it, and groans amid allied havocs of which these two types are prominent factions, and deadly fictions.

In fact, Marxism under the mask (worn in philosophy as in bank robberies, sometimes for much the same reasons) is strikingly similar to Nazism, the parallel production through Hegel. In this case, the same assumptions of progress, groundlessness for it, hair-brained inadequacy of conception of the Almighty, of the realities of history, of causality both moral and merely empirical, were only under the surface. The special additional Marxist myth, of the dictatorship of the proletariat, was really indeed just that, but in a different sense from that intended: in truth it was the dictatorship OVER the poor bleeding proletariat, by a new aristocracy, with new and even more intense oppression, carried out without respect to mind, soul, spirit or personality, with a ruthlessness of which the devil presumably is ever so proud. (See on the Marxist 'middle class' or bourgeois logical blunder, SMR pp. 970ff., in *12., cf. *13.) And the power to operate this myth ?

This drive is in the Marxist pantheon, termed 'history'; and with a deep divine irony, it is precisely there that the dictatorship has been shown to be real enough, only in a very different sense. As in logic, so also this mythical drive  is  systematically falsified IN HISTORY: that glorified but virtually ignored Marxist 'reality'. History ? It DOES indeed demonstrably follow something, but ONLY the dictates of the decisions of the divine mind, which knows it all in advance. HE has construed before it happened, and knows how to deal with hare-brained adventurers with His name and power (cf. Psalm 2, Ezekiel 28:9 -

"Will you still say before Him who slays you, I am god!"),

and announces events before they happen even at enormous range (cf. SMR Chs.9, 8). As to the myths of man, the results of their use depend on the myth: in this case, its deviousness is met with irony! In the Nazi case, its ruthless directness was met in the same way.

Each myth however, ultimately ends in the same way, just as the underlying philosophies end logically: in destruction.

Communism differs from Nazism in being deceitfully devious about the myth.  BOTH are horrendous in thought and deed, with false gods explicit (Nazism in Mein Kampf - really, the god of forces - see SMR Index), or else implicit ( in Marxism, the directing 'process' requires a directing force competent for the end attained - a human haven of inter-personal happiness, on the one hand, and a universe governance of law, spirit and mind,  to institute the properties back of it - see SMR Chs.1,10).

Myths however do not create what they are supposed to, and these Gentile equivalents of the new-boy, new-look, new-arival false gods of the Israel in their time or innings before Christ came to earth (cf. Deuteronomy 32:5-17) have been as ruinous to the Gentiles, as were the earlier efforts, innovations, idols to the Jews. Learning in these areas is very slow, and the intoxication deceit, very strong. Millions ? billions ? in blood hardly quench it.

These twentieth century efforts at bypassing the God who has evidenced Himself, in favour of 'gods' that have not done so, have not worked, do not work and cannot work are part of the fatal, final delusion (cf. II Thessalonians 2:7-11).

For China, as for all the world, the solution, the answer is available: the necessity, the blessedness is in store and in readiness, broad enough to cover any (II John 1:72:2); but it must come, must be in heart and in head and in hand (John 8:24). It is that of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, the Word of God brought from heaven to earth (Philippians 2:1-13), the only sinless Prince, the glorious and gracious, the pure and pitiful, the sacrificial and the pardoning, the Redeemer and the reality (Hebrews 1;8-9). In humility and happiness in Him, there is peace unspeakable, joy enduring and a love for what God has made, a giving place to vengeance with forgiveness, a desire to do good to all men (Romans 12:19-21, Galatians 6:10, I Thessalonians 5:13-16).

The persecution of Jesus Christ (cf. Acts 9:4-5, Matthew 25:41-46) is China's real sorrow, more than the flood-baths of the Yellow River, for those endure for a season, but the knowing rejection of Jesus Christ leads to damnation for ever. It is this which unleashes the torrent of sin from any place or repository for pardon; for to reject Him,  is to deny in heart the ONLY WAY for the deletion of the guilt of sin. Like the Yellow River, sin then engulfs; it finally swallows up in judgment the heart that engages in such renegacy, rejection and irresponsibility (John 3:18-19, 36). The call will come for judgment in its season (John 5:26-28, Matthew 25:1-10); it is better to answer it in Christ, for there is no other cover - moreover, His cover is sufficient, and intrinsically delightful beyond all measure.

Gone  seedy substitutes for sovereignty,



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