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It is well at times, to consider briefly and summarily some of the developments in an affair, an overview.

In the last Chapter, some of this work was done as indeed, in parallel regards in SMR pp.332G-H , as in Glory, Vainglory and Goodness Ch. 1, The gods of naturalism have no go! Ch. 21 and often elsewhere.

Today, it is a matter of an overview of a certain area. That is the religious, logical and scientific array current in many pseudo-secular dynamics in our land.

Thus you have the scientistic substitute for scientific method when religion comes into focus*1.

There is the cultural conditioning against those who reject this corruption and disruption of reality.

Again, in Australia, we have the constitutional evasion and invasion implicit in these things.

There follows the mental  molestation of tens of thousands of students, in an abuse of educative powers
for service to the philosophic preferences of their seniors (cf. That Magnificent Rock, Ch. 8, Government Composite).

Put this together and you have an increasingly popular world religion formed and forged, for such steps are in their nature, common as  swamps by the sea in  many nations. It started in thought series with the relativisation of religion. All were to be cultivated as part of culture, instead of one's seeing culture equals human self-expression, as subordinate to God's self-expression in items such as the universe.

This is in the thrust of this 'faith'  fudged as shown in Ch. 5 above, for its commencement and enablement of the entire universe in a way laughable but not laudable. NOTHING is then allowed to be hallowed but force, with a possible throw-in of matter from nowhere for no reason and no basis. A mix of these two  may even be mis-named 'nothing' as if such a regulated piece of synchronised or sequenced systematic relationship = nothing there. Floating thought towers like this would fail instantly any paper in the area where logical validity has place. How is a governed, stateable transitionary wonder to become nothing ? Is thought frozen, are words to be kidnapped ?

But the force! ah, how it appeals, though its coming is bypassed and its nature is ignored, for the movement of things needs things to move and space in which to move, as well as force to do the moving, and forms of creativity in order to make the movement relative, and so on, until you bring in by suppressed secondary assumptions, not mentioned, all that you try to remove.

Marx loved it, Hitler racialised it, Darwin worshipped it to the dominance over his own perceptions, and the Western powers which won World War II, in much have decided to follow this god of befuddled cultures who warred amiss, as if its clients had won the war. This has been perhaps the most foolish international  misuse of power in history, certainly amongst leaders for all time, after the all-eclipsing folly of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In England at the time of  Dunkirk, a national day of prayer; then the current making of moveable morals.

Then we come to the current revision of marriage, as well as origins and destinies, as if they had  lost. It resembles the famous case of King Ahaz, an  equivocateur (like a provocateur, but in a different field), who not being swallowed up by Syria, took home a few idols from their land, for more encouragement as if the multiplicity of opposites would help a betrayer of the God he served so ill (Isaiah  7, II Chronicles 28, II Kings 16). Indeed, when offered, as shown in Isaiah 7, unlimited divine help, asking high going upwards or low going downwards, he managed to evade by saying he would not 'tempt' the Lord! You see why a word was invented as above, to depict his procedure...

That is always one way: ignore mercy which preserved you and kept you for long years, then foul that source as far as humanly possible, then adopt the gods of those from whom you were delivered, and push them as lords of our culture.

The Gentiles now seem intrigued and fascinated increasingly with such thankless prodigies of incoherent culture. Without doubt, Biblical Christianity, sole satisfier of reason (cf. Ch. 4 above), is being downgraded, discarded, dismissed, its perspectives deplored, its resources avoided, till the end is reached. The current world position is no more than foretold by Jesus Christ as one aspect of His mastery of all things, His self-sacrifice allowing murder to accomplish it, while it paid in turn for pardon for those of the populace who receive Him as He is (John 1:1-4, Romans 3:23ff.).

This is the discard, once more, while drafted dreams seize like maddened octopuses, their deluided prisoners. In this milieu, well reflected in formal educational services, you have the implicit or explicit assignment of origins for the universe, methods for origins continuing and destinies on such bases, together with operative features made as if gods. It is one type and style of religion, State accepted and enforced, a litter of breach of Constitution, of logic and empirical fantasy. WHERE is it ? It iz in the mind that ignores reason. How is it all created, made to exist ? By imagination. And this is science, which creates its own beginning without ground, and without sight, and without rational or empirical ground! It is non-science; but it is constitution-confronting illegitimacy when forced on youth and students.

It progresses from  its irrational start.Thus, you gain the exquisite and explosive humour of things dying off as an astonishing way of creating, like failing students automatically created brilliant performers, as if non-survival was the dynamic behind arrival. It is easy to create when failure is the basis; it is just that this illustration of nothing as god, the source is nothing but it is not named in this scenario. It just comes like Topsy who at least had to have parents. Thus gods are permitted in these  teaching areas, as an indulgence or non-factual aspect, but for the actuality stakes, what happened, how it really goes, these other gods are in, like an idolatrous fashion. Meanwhile, vast is the assault on the logical necessities and singular attestation, consistent and persistent, of the supernatural and eternal as the source of the non-self-sufficient, which neither can nor does produce the nature which now is. Let it try. Why, man cannot even imitate it, now that it has been brought to pass.

This is the very ultimate in the anti-empirical. In the Creation model, you have eternally present a cause who thus does not have to have somewhere to come from (eternity does not require it), and you have a completely matching consequence in matter-energy-imagination-conception-correlation-synthesis-command-obedience and so on. The one holds on (including ourselves and our DNA, a form of speech), and the other holds off (that is, further episodes of the kind displayed in life). They are searched for;  they are not found. What is founded on them accordingly founders, all over again. It makes prisoners of mind of those who mine it, like those contained in a radio-active area, with (social, academic and political) barriers against escape.

Consider. Of course, it is always hard to win a race when you are not there, and even if 'nature' could now make nature, its consistent failure to observation and principle alike, it is hard to manufacture FROM what is not there, and to make things by means of what it is your problem to account for in the first place, BEFORE it arrives. That is not a rational undertaking. Call up 'nature' in a dream, then have it make itself. That is like calling up 60000 dollars to buy a car, and then having the car, make one from it. It is worse. You assume what is to be  accounted for, and then use it to account for itself.

Stop dreaming. Here is, as Shakespeare might say, confusion's masterpiece. You create by what is not even THERE! What you seek is brought in to make the result, and thus explain how it comes to be there. But you are not there at the first, and it is to account for it, not by ASSUMING it, that you have to compete. Taking it for granted is like leaving an examination booklet, and leaving it blank, and saying, Yes assume the text, now please pass me.

It is like having a million dollars to invest, to explain how you became rich. You simply take for granted what is to be  explained in a comic folly void of all reason. It is unthinkable travesty, commandeering culture and constitutionally mutinous religion. As in the days of Hosea and its idols, normally naturalistic as is often the new one being moulded now, "the people mourn for it, its priests shriek for it"*2, because long habituation and attractiveness to what is easy, is making it like a drug. It resembles a fiery ice, destroying mind in this area and substituting will, to a large and perilous extent. Not to point this out would readily constitute betrayal.

Not only is the process a prodigy of unreason, but it continues as a method. Take the image, perfect in detail by report, of a fly to be found, its picture inscribed on the wing of another insect*3 (Creation, Volume 38 (1), 2016). Why do we never find such things (except in this remarkable type of instance, unlike any other, with no other near it) ? Creation alone is found able to perform thus! with such causative capacity; and this, it is PROGRAMMED! expressed in language, where symbols signify and definitions rule and results, artistic or otherwise, come by direction, command, symbolic orders, just as the Bible said. God SPOKE and it was done. New generations continue to be produced by the programmatic follow through.

It is because in method if you want something of a given scope, scale, quality, ingredient-elevation, like the world's sharpest knife or a Raphael style picture, you first need what is contrived, made adequate to produce it. You need for excogitation, its exemplification, the power to cogitate, for logic the power to think and qualify and disqualify what might otherwise be meandering about into disciplined reality*4. For the aesthetic you need the spirit and the perception, the awareness in THAT realm; it does not come from what is not at that level, in that elevation and operative awareness. Likewise you do not get a spirit with power to will, imagine, rebel, exploit, love, be kind, thrust thought into things forbidden or inviting and so on, from what has nothing whatever to contribute from that realm. Nothing is not a good mother, and smothered is the life which allegedly comes from it.

Finding all these things in sheer abundance (they are a major feature in the extant world), whether in the chemical consequences of the nature of elements or compounds, as in crystals, or in the brilliant designs on the feathery wonders of birds, or in the brilliant ingenuity of viruses to harness what helps for destruction (for discipline is not missing in this misled world), one has to note them, account for them. Nowhere is no place for the disciplines and mentalities and perceptions and awareness involved in their minimal production equipment; you need what is RELEVANT in power not only to be aware of such things, but in addition,  capable to instal them into visible reality, as is the case.

Not only this, you need the power and perception, the engineering and control, the coordination and the crafting, to make beings who themselves have this same power, if not in the absolute, at least in their own fields of creativity. They  are known as humans, are part of the empirical data. You do not, if at all realistic, issue your own futile commands to reality and TELL it to be there, even before nature, in order to beget. If logic is to have any part, it tells you that it is there and adequate for all its temporal exploits, so that it may DO them, and always was, for if ever it were NOT there, overall and in entirety, nothing ever would be;  and you and I, dear reader, we are not nothing.

Nor is this all. You also need, if you embark on the  spectacular novelty of looking at what is there (rather rare in this precise field), the power to program the results of the use of such powers, so that generation by generation in living things, the consequences are caught up and continued in form and function. It is as as if a foreign power snatches DVDs of your inventions. But this is not foreign, for it is even inherent, in the very substance of the nucleus in the flesh of man!

Getting all these things, like international drawing rights in financial affairs, requires their existence, their operation,  their co-operation and the inclination of the resources centre for creating such creative creatures to be made available. You need the capacity, in theory, in practice, in correlative feature of code and consequence, the power to read these and implement. It is useless to have what is readable if it is not read. You need the power for this before it is brought into existence to induce it to come, and since it is creative work, putting what is present in mind, into visible reality, it is called creation, while the necessarily eternal Being back of it is called God.

But if you reverse, and speed away from all thought into a banal belligerence to logic, you merely surrender all basics for argument, and remain a theory abortive before it is born, shorn of all power to argue. The universe in that case is sent by mental mail without basis, a scurry and a verbal fiddle. That may suit lawyers in their cases; but it does not produce universes or anything else but confusion.

How do you get it by this anti-scientific piece of romancing ? What is the method of procedure ?

It is just the same as in the beginning, having it THERE, begging the question (like begging the question when you are starving, instead of begging for food, or even MAKING it). So here you 'have it there' for drawing rights, to have drafts sent to the ongoing nothing which became something, so that it now has something else like mind or art or engineering, or multi-systematic models*5 and modules and vast complexity THERE, as if sent by aerial mail, or imagination. It is not seen. It is not felt. It never arrives for witness, though complexity is the ONLY way it works. It, however, is there. That, the point, seems to be with coercive blindness by many aspiring to instruct, to be overlooked.

It is empty like Christians who never go to church. The name is there, the wording calls for it, and it comes from nowhere, brother of nothing, which departed for no reason. That is the theory, when it is voided of surrounding verbiage. You can use words for nothing, and avoid the model's use of this concept, you can seek to camouflage the lack of eternal presence so that something else can come without irrationality; but in the end, you have nothing or something.

If nothing, this part of the new religion follows. If something then the model is gone and we are back to the everlasting adequacy. For reasons which have nothing to do with reason, this is not desired by many with such tortuous torment either of mind or method, and so it is obliterated from teaching. The teaching is based on illusion, continued by confusion and augmented by abuse of the minds of those suffering the imposition.

It is a simple factual statement that this is the sort of originality - at which man is so good by dower - which in this case is called error,  irrational musing, irrelevant a-method, to join irrelevant origin, content, quality and direction, all imagined for the  anti-empirical, antinomian arrival myth, as if you were sending letters to yourself in order to create the illusion that somebody cared.

All these things whether supposed origins or destinies or methods or criteria, or ethical  constructions, being works in the order of religion, are solemn STATE SUBSTITUTES AND REQUIREMENTS for that phase of human life and belief, known as RELIGION. The opposite of science, it is an invasion more fatal than any Japan or Germany ever threatened; a dominion worse than any nation ever sought to impose on others; for this is internal, surreptitious, unthinking, blind and binding, all at once precisely where the Commonwealth is forbidden to  go.

AS religion moreover it is not even near to the rationality of Christianity, in which one finds coherent and unique answers to all the question areas in view, not flights of absurdity. But at that, it is religious invasion, as if the force fables, the nature myths of those who sought to overcome in Europe, had been found left within those whom in vain they had sought to enslave or bind. Here it is found in those who prevailing in  armies, avoiding invasion, have yet surrendered like confused children to new religion, new morals, new worship, new beginnings and bound these.

Thus the Constitution is assailed in that these religious features, essential  to and normative for religion, are baselessly and irrationally insisted upon in educative and  professional paths to the point that there certainly IS an establishment of a religion, one with philosophical parameters, cultural accommodation without limit, educational foci, logical recklessness and prohibitive features for what exposes it.

Since this, this combination of origins, nature, destinies, powers and domains, operational media, values, reality by prescription is the essence in type of religion, we have here what is largely a gathering of what has been shown before, but it is as a prior step before watching for more of this anti-constitutional religion.  It is a GIVEN, ASSUMED, TAUGHT to students, INSISTED ON in their approach, SELECTED though outrageous for their fair education, and like any other idol, kept zealously. The irrational must not be polluted. Any 'insult' to or variance from it back to reason, is apt to be resisted with as much passion as at Ephesus, when the goddess Diana, another thing to drop from the skies, was challenged!  Without reason her place is assumed, and then required.

Considering this matter thus,  provides perspective like an aerial view of what has been seen at ground level in frequent examination before. With the feeling fad, the human psyche made the touchstone of morals, right and wrong, purpose and reason irrelevant, we come to the full measure of that self-preoccupation which enables the ready loss of national power, persistence and continuance. When doing things, it is well to be aware of what they are... If even this is rejected, we have a secondary infection, and move towards the concept of political cancer, not improved by mere talk of freedom, while hideous compulsion is exacted. Was not the Communist method much the same ?




See Scientific Method ...



This is found in Hosea 10:4-5, and exposited in The gods of naturalism have no go! Ch. 21.


See pp.44-47, concerning Goniurellia tridens. The reason why art of this sort, here an apparently perfect wing depiction of a fly in some detail, is not to be seen or perceived or watched arriving, or their DNA found being produced, and why myriads of 'slightly or almost successful pieces of similar artwork do not create themselves empirically on the way 'up', but the pictures, the depictions merely continue as programmed, specified and commanded is that art work requires art worker, programming requires programme and all relevant resources, designations require designers to assign symbol to reality correlation  and activation, just as thoughts require minds for their manufacture, and light requires more than nothing for its production. If it were otherwise, reality creates its own consequences, just as nothing does not. Then you would see producer-product performance. But it is not easy. It takes work.

Provide the money; then you can have a cheque account. TALKING about it is wholly ineffective. Talk! That is what you do when you HAVE it; not a substitute for having it. When you have it,  it works; not before. And yes, it is perfectly true, you do not need to leave anything out in what you 'have', for whatever codes and communication procedures and symbols may be needed, assemble them all. Nothing, nullity, dreams, these are things, but they are not the kind of thing required.


If you try to  produce a given chemical compound, or series of  compounds, or grouping of several such series in a co-ordinated fashion in order to have some part of the living system duplicated, then you need to have KNOWLEDGE of the properties of the chemicals and the character of their association, of the syntheses achieved and the correlatives implicit, such as hormone association, neural impulses, catalysts, so that the thing may work: as in the original, so in the synthetic. It is no use saying, Ah well, let us assume it. Assuming does NOTHING to produce it. Labour is needed, intensive and immense knowledge, exploration to seek to ascertain unknown features, if one is baulked, so that this knowledge may be used to discover associations not realised hitherto, as the result is sought.

With us humans, the  result does not come by a word: let ' nature be', or let this or compound be! WE do not have those powers, except in limited and relative measure for example, a s  company executives. This merely directs power  already present in chain of command set up.

So when the universe is first made (it is there and is not now found to be made, except in generation by generation programmatic continuation in births), work is needed. Knowledge is needed. Finesse is needed, brilliance is needed, and far more, since the very building blocks, these too have to be invented and given existence. Symbols with assigned meaning then need to be invented, substances in systems enabling these to be 'interpreted', and in this case, their directions to become deeds. Billions of cells in myriads of inter-connected works with trillions of connections have to be created, correlated, made directive or receptive and so on, even in one human body. These have to be set in previously made time and  space, for placement.

Each level of being, of function, of co-operation and co-ordination, in things small like cells, or large like organs, or stars has to be commanded into existence. God has done His work. As man limps afterwards to try to understand the ingredients and disposition, the madness of pride can reach the point of imagining that he is in some way comparable, who merely TRIES to copy, and to investigate the forms and information and  laws and cause which preceded his own invention.

It is as if we have been given a car; investigating it is not on a par with creating it. For that, a lot of capital and knowledge is required. For the universe (even small parts of which contain such vast power as Hiroshima felt), there is needed unimaginable power, inextinguishable 'capital', that is available energy, vast work (you have to have what it takes to use it), intensive brilliance, conceptualisation, application, design. Indeed, design is one of the most important features (cf. Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny). You need to KNOW what you are doing in order to do it.

In making a current large aeroplane you need miles of wire, and little things like wheels,  to have place, purpose and meaning, and wings, and  a shaping of them  for life, and engines and seats and corridors for walking,  and air-conditioning and wing flaps, any  one of which  by itself would not be an aeroplane at all, but a meaningless part. Meaning comes from purpose, and purpose requires plan, and thought and percept and concept and  persistence. Why are fairy stories told, with nice  old 'nature' doing some job before it is created, in order to explain its presence!

Why does man now teach nonsense in these areas, while in so many nations, over-indulged or with a plethora of wars or both, he goes into vast debt, till  someone does not and so angles to take his country over and invade, or threaten ? Why does he look for something from nothing ? As a nation has many entrepreneurs, so it functions; and as the universe had adequate creative basis, it came to be. If you feel divorced from  the source, so be it, you DO become as if meaningless, or purposeless, or of only imagined value, and deserve it; and if a nation does the same in trend, the same can happen, and often  does. There is an end even to industrious unbelief.


Not only is the continual sequential complexity for this or that indivisible entity, facility or function found from the hat of desire, nicely prepared and co-ordinated so that it will have advantage and not be lost when it  'appears' on the terrestrial scene, but other suppliers are imagined, ready made or inserted from nowhere for operation. It is duplicity by model violation, a verbal manipulation.

The ghostly beginning is the same as the means of advance. The ghastly collisions with reality continue from the first. The not-nothing which is called nothing, or anything to avoid the issue or propound the illusion, is in the big bang comedy not only an escapee from the prison of no source, into the sourced world which is logically necessary (cf. TMR, SMR, The gods of naturalism have no go!), but the whatever-it-is which is imagined is given a lot of ludicrously demanding additives.

It is not enough that stuff is smuggled in, for a beginning; it has to be under pressure so enormous that it makes up spatial dilemmas of a pointed kind; and pressure involves force,  and compression involves directed force and the potency available for space, and space involves its own characteristics, potential or not, for to be potentially available on demand or need, means the work is done and the position prepared as much as in actuality. No  student,  for example, has potential in exams, if that one has no brains, or exams do  not exist, or grading, or significance. Inventing by sheer imagination, surely at least the space ships suggested, is not the way to get there. You need to  proceed TO potential by wits and work, and FROM it by the same, in systems where it is applicable, and these need likewise to be  available in fluent concourse with the rest of the multi-signified system..

That is not nothing but a whole dream universe ALREADY. You  start by assuming it.

As you proceed, and the explosion to end  explosions, normally a vast destructive, devastating dynamic to tear  things apart, or collide them with unmeasured force to their ruin, instead, like the magic drawings children used to have, which when given water became pleasant coloured pictures, become an ordered universe equipped with all sorts of laws, formulable in language, formidable in  depth, accessible by thought, operative by power.

Worse, things in the model are like a model aeroplane. It might at least fly even if it is little more than a juvenile joke when you can't have  the real mode, the actual aeroplane. But this does not even do that, not  even when a product of imagination. It is found that there are banks of developed galaxies far too early in this constructive explosion (like a healthy disease, an oxymoron). They should  take  more time, the response comes,be found later in the scenario of flung space and its creative ministrations. Then there is much  evidence for quantization, layers, ordered and organised areas used in space successively; there is a situation where the amount of matter is far too small for desirable outcomes, as Professor Hartnett points out at length, so that dark matter, although not evidenced, is a vast additive, invented for no other reason than to make the thing look more like what works. Then as he also propounds the case, there is dark energy, never verified in the lab, which is needed to ensure other results. These additives are not only a mutation of the model, but a transmutation, of enormous impact, quite invisible.

The celestial model starts in irrationality and proceeds with model parts supplied, and then works on in an invented series of additives which can be avoided if the case, the model, is in itself not at such variance with reality. John Hartnett attests solutions WITHOUT such made-to-order ad hoc additives for a failed system, things available in what appears a feasible model.

Meanwhile we learn that the supernova remains mirror with a very good conformity, the case for a very young universe, but are massively short, too rare,  for one postulated as old. This "age"  is multiply contrary to evidence. That, it seems is imagined not least to  allow what lacks the power to produce thought-objects, entrepreneurial results, to do so, as if a moron could accomplish wonders given time, as if what is not there comes to be there as product, where time creates the symbol-meaning systems which align specifically to mentality.

It is as if obscurity becomes clarity, the vacuous becomes penetrable by mind, productive of its results, just by making operational nullity into something. This is to work  by leaving it alone, nebulous production by omitting the logical  components, with what is absent as author, prodigy from the womb of nonentity, with all  sorts of entities thrown in complete with operational functionality, to create the most mentally brilliant, legally developed, mutually ordered wonder visible on earth as construction. This it does we now learn, while the genome which is man's, is deteriorating rather  rapidly, so that the annihilationists relative to God, or the passers by, may find their  very basis declining, like someone intent on  spending a fortune and NEVER recognising its source (cf. Genetic Entropy, by emeritus Professor J.C. Sanford of Cornell University).

There is no rest for the nothing that produces things, the nullity which brings on pressure and space as an adornment, the material which acts as if thought-worthy when it has nothing of this; and indeed, the constant dip for something from the nothing bag, contradictory wares from the empty model  postulates would be comic if it did not assist people to become  frustrated with life, deeming it meaningless, with will avoiding the necessity of God as if it were the plague, rather than the only resolution for realists, and the only mercy for autonomy-seekers, who want all things to be available, and no responsibility admitted. Even foolish substitutes come  to attract many, just as Israel was told by Moses that God would make it jealous of a foolish nation, showing it its folly (Deuteronomy 32).

There are some who will not stop drinking even when nervous disorders tremble into their midst;  and there are nations  which will not stop importing  this model, which appears to resemble some hallucinatory dream, because it so appeals. The Titanic case had a parallel fixity of passion, to be first, to make a record, it seems; and disaster was the not very amazing result. Unrealism  collides with fact,  and where the scope is vast, and the generations are taught it, then not only  generational  problems but psychological and  sociological ones would be  expected to  come in their time. Like a spiritual disease, multiplied and  even gross murders could be expected for the pathological supplement to emptiness and dynamic dying if not to do, then  to incite, creating more illusions. Indeed, in Revelation 6 we see this very type of spiritual pathology outlined as the world moves to its judgment.

An individual may thus come to death in  defiance of life and its ways, and of its resolution, known as the Christian Gospel, as shown  where reason demands and revelation confirms and instructs, and so may a nation; and a world.

On the technical aspects traversed,  see Hartnett/Williams,

Dismantling the Big Bang, Why is Dark  Matter Everywhere,


Also, from Creation Ministries International, see such writings as the following.

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Jonathan Sarfati, Exploding stars point to a young universe


Don Batten, 101 evidences for a young age of the the earth and the universe


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