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Chapter One

Pilgrim's Compress



Morsi. President of Egypt, has recently (November 2012) put His actions for the nation above the law, in making them independent of the Judiciary, who appear to stand aghast, as do millions of others who are concerned that by such means he may establish an Islamic State, pure and simple, and so bring on a authoritarian rule as bad as or perhaps more invasive than the last one.

Liberty then ? Forget it. Fulfilment of national dreams, no, but suffer another tyranny in which the ideas of some become the painfully applied text for all, religion thrust by terror as before, or its parallel, and godless violence masked by religion, made popular again - with the rulers. This is the peril, the danger, the obtrusive way so much for so long with so many has gone, whatever their protestation or enforced 'dream'. Established without evidence, this is then applied as if a nightmare, seeking priority over all other nightmares. How often in human history has this been so, and how vastly in the past 100 years, East and West.

In contemporary Egypt, many did not fight for such a result, and being eminently displeased, now wish the matter to be considered vigorously and vigilantly. Was this totalitarian power in one mortal the end desired in the revolution ? Is betrayal being wrought by steps with dubious grounds, till there is no remedy available ? Is it to be all political and judicial power as required, in the hand of one, a flamboyantly dangerous prescription, except it be God Himself in person, not by self-chosen or merely popularly pushed alleged envoys, God, who is infinitely different from Morsi, and above all and any in this world of mankind. There is no end to His faithfulness, truth and performance as stated. It is a marvel at any and in all time! (cf. SMR Chs. 8-10).

Tendencies in this absolutist kind are common, and Louis XIV, with his famous, "L'Etat, c'est moi," epitomised it rather well. Stalin used a mirage of verbal symbols, but the results were the same, as likewise with another with his own symbols, this time in Mein Kampf rather than Das Capital, did just the same. In both cases, the symbols were instead of relevant facts, but in favour of aspiration, neatly misdirected where it neither would not could attain its end. It was in both cases, the ultimate in idealistic malpractice, and religious renegacy. 

Hitler wanted a race to be "it", the basis, the security, the efficiency, the attainment. In one sense, he had it right. However,  the race concerned is not born of women, but of God, and its aspirations are not to control people by force, but to lead them in truth in the adequate name of God. This is that special people, royal priesthood and holy nation to which Israel was to be a guide as it pointed to the coming Christ, to die as Daniel predicted, in the vicinity of AD 30 (cf. The Christian Prescription Ch. 2). Israel through its prophets was used to disclose the word of God and His way for people on earth to be reconciled to Him, by His own action in the Christ (Micah, Isaiah 52-53). Once found, they were like a body, He the head (cf. Isaiah 26:19).

This special race, a spiritual birth the entry, open to all, sought for all, it is focussed in I Peter 2:9.

On the other hand, Stalin had a different dream, and twisted and perverted other aspects of the truth, without warrant or basis, to seek to achieve it (cf. Pilgrims and Strangers Ch. 6, *1). Once training for the priesthood, he wanted or at least achieved a ludicrous caricature of Christianity of having an operative force in the world (cf. de Koster in his Communism and the Christian Faith), by which it could turn on its axis and be at least a bit, content, under his not so sublime ministrations. Not the Redeemer whom the Creator sent to atone, but the people who would oppress, harass, devitalise and destroy a part of the nation deemed better dead. This would be the ploy. Get the enemies, you know who they are! No, let me get them for you!

This would be called not the lordship of the Messiah, but the control by the people, in fact the dictatorship of the people. What amazing dictatorial powers were these, vested in one man who slaughtered by the million, and toyed with mind control by torture as if this were some kind of deliverance! Such is the way for those who have no idea but mere dream, of the objective, and concentrate on the course, the end existing only in the mind of the perpetrator, or in the case of Lenin, it appears, not even there.



Why they should dictate rather than lead was in the end to be found in the idea that evolution got us here and so strife and suppression would keep the ball flying. In fact, there is not any single fact which renders evolution even plausible, since matter is NEVER shown to be doing such things, inventing its own type of information*1, basic design,  but rather, in its current vitalistic form known as DNA, in the human genome, to be debasing itself,  as normal in designs over time in this world, that is, deteriorating. This is a poor way to build, to lose the plot! however gradually this is done as things wear out. It is a simple matter of the wrong direction,  a point which put Stephen  Gould into something like shock (Wake Up World, Your Creator is Coming! Ch. 6), alleviated a little by many words with no basis for the logic and information of it all. Since then, the case, if possible, has worsened (The Great Divide Ch. 2).

It is a poor way to build, since it goes in the wrong direction. Thus built on the decay mode, for natural features, and not only these, but for whatever is unfounded and ungrounded and merely sterile and meretricious talk,  the USSR decayed. What else could it do ? Ideas about dictating to those whom you thought not good enough, or better gone (as may often have been the case, and often not), this would not solve so very much, because the new dictatorial group would have the same ministry of power and plotting, overthrow and self-satisfaction that they attributed to their former lords and rulers.

They would not ? even if based on air ? That is always the lure. It is not at all new. Here at last, in the French Revolution, was to be liberty, equality and fraternity. But WHO is the FATHER of this brotherhood ? Unknown. What is its point, value prioritisation, understanding of life, relationship to its Creator, to His destiny ? No, forget everything, name reason, forget to use it, and off you go into new milestones of medling and murdering.

The goddess of reason is found in the streets of Paris, but reason has its gift in outcomes, and what outcome was here, when its ultimates were levelling, without knowing where the road leads, what new morals are to be found, what point it all has. Does it elevate ? How, by losing your head, first if you belonged to the CLASS of aristocrats, then if you belonged to various no-no categories of the revolutionaries themselves, who having lost their heads in the fire of devastation of the evils they envisaged, often lost them in severance from their bodies in the sway of ill-thought out and base-free revolution. DOWN with this and that ? HERE is the way to proceed ? but how and in what direction and why! Little unanswered questions, or mere ornamental sops to hungers not sated, these do not provide. Confusion is secure; power grabs loom; and in the case of China in its new idea, the figures are impressive.

These include the following, taken in this case from Years of Blood & Tears, by specialist medical doctor, Yu-Ming Chang. Various reports arise, but vastness is the thrust! He has the advantage of long years of training as a doctor, in various phases of corrupt power, being persecuted repeatedly, gaining a high reputation and finding the cynicism of those who would note his remarkable feats, but relay the point  of party power had its own objectives in control and manipulation, amid its own corruptions and transformations and idle, indeed idol preoccupation with the latest idea of the moment .

On pp. 226, 23 and 235, we gain the following assessments. "Altogether, between 80 and 100 million people died under the cruel hand of the Chinese Communist Party after they came to power - in peacetime." Again, "though the Japanese beheaded and otherwise slaughtered 250,000 people in the battle of Nanjing, under Communist rule, 2.5 million people have died as a result of starvation, murder and maltreatment, in the Nanjing area alone." Further estimate is to the effect thus: "Under the totalitarian terrorism of the Chinese Communist Party, 50 million starved to death; another 30 million ... were mistreated, tortured and killed," including some former leaders.



Dr Yu-Ming Chang notes the following: "Current Chinese history books charge Mao Zedong as the mastermind behind the murderous deaths of between 80 and 100 million Chinese people."  As all too abundantly illustrated in numerous carefully annotated cases, there were virtually no limits but those of effective power. Thus, "Ranking bureau leaders were free to use whatever vileness, schemes and intrigues they deemed necessary to consolidate power and to reshape the social structures and mindset of old China."

One striking example from Mao was this. He cited the first Qin emperor for burying only about 460 scholars alive. Differentiating himself as a Communist, he then boasted quite directly that even then, some 50,000 professionals and higher-education people had been killed y himself, and  in terms of ordinary intellectuals, he indicated that he had had to do far more, their slaughter number then being around one million. He gloried in it, as means to power - for what ? DIctatorship of the dictatorial proletariat (abased often to starvation, torture and other non-regal amoral partial genocide) officially proceeded. In fact, they could not be sure whether they would be elevated to high rank, and then in a fit of new-look purgative ideas, slaughtered, but more especially tortured, in order that they might be cut into bits as well, even emotional bits (p. 286). The report given is that he wanted them to suffer.

How much ? A living hell is the phrase used.

The grotesqueries of Mao make hell seem at best, a good mate for him. Odious contrivance, inveterate lying, even what Chang presents as a trap, the hundred flowers talk, to entice out more who would agree with this concept of individuality, only then to be slain in devious deceit: these things were the tail of the donkey and become the tale of history. Talk was a trap. Kindness was not to be tolerated and in that volume, we are shown it being officially made into a cause for cruel punishment, that someone dared to show compassion to any of those 'ruled'! If ever a dream were untrue, this takes the place of honour, with few peers.

On pp. 222-223 a singular instance is seen, and the leading official deemed guilt of this crime of compassion, we read was tortured day and night! Making up new designs for man, as if it were we who had created his powers of thought, imagination, sedulous machinery of self-maintenance and new production, generation by generation,  by brilliant program past any we have attempted, doing this indeed without depth or realisation of reason (instead of finding where reason leads, as in SMR, TMR), it is the folly of monsters. It is not bestial but diabolical, using the magnificent power to choose the angelic or the brutal, the thoughtful or the thoughtless, given to man, with a literal vengeance!

To engage in the radical restoration of power to a few, or one, and forcing these vicious dreams on them, is no better than having any oddment of a nightmare, being fascinated with it and attempting first to seduce, and then to secure the world as its servant. Taking such steps on people,  by devious manipulation, manoeuvre, reneging or whatever other means, this is the danger when DOWN WITH this and that takes precedence over the next step, and up with what and for what reason, is mere mist. WHY and for what, and on what basis other than levelling by exalted levellers are these wild provocations to the God of design, morality and maintenance! The devil, we read in Revelation 12:12, acts with short temper, with wrath because he knows his time is short. Rush is his emblem, the irrational is his cry, as he reasons why it should be irrational, on the basis of no basis to anything! Contradiction is his watchword, whether of God or righteousness, always to get power, control, to be intimidating and to intimate what he will, as he will.

This is general; but there are many particulars.




In Australia, a number of symbols and movements need watching, if one but for a moment recalls the dictum, The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Mankind has a number of trends as he moves without God into the spiritual world. Sometimes he mistakes the earth for the sky, and tries to soar along it, with sore results. Earthy dreams are thus inherently immensely costly, Hitler accounting in Jew blood alone, for over six million, in slaughterous payment for the national illusion. Stalin may well have done worse, while numbers in such a work as "Years of Blood & Tears, Memoirs of Yu-Ming Chang,"  citing Mao seem to move to millions in this or that respect. Indeed, Mao is cited in that work as being most pleased in that in his killing so many intellectuals and others of a non-appealing kind, he had surpassed the most prolific slaughter of the most moribund Emperor.

It is all war, he is reported to have indicated, and this is simply one within the land, on the basis of nothing, derived from nothing, from a man who had something, namely an inanely donated power to act. If the best is in danger when given absolute power, consider what others with this priority are prone to do, when illusion corrodes reality and paranoia empowers pretension.



Thus, to return to a particular interest in Australia, since one was born here and apart from 3 permanent or landed immigrancies to other lands, where my mission for the Lord variously led me, for relatively short periods, this is my homeland.  I have lived here for all but some 6 years, remember the service for freedom wrought by some of my ancestors, for this land, and as one hates to see something relatively restrained, ruinously dragged down, grieve over the debasing being carried forth quickly, at the rapid exits being constructed from any biblical theme, Christ denied or recast as facet after facet is burred, blurred or buried.

 in many evils from the place of our original foundation as a British nation with oversight from one source of all, what is happening in this arena !

First, there has been the  movement from Cabinet to "leader''. In noting her superior power to that of displaced former PM Rudd, in the days when he still held the Foreign Minister position, the new PM referred to herself as "leader" with that as conclusive about policy. Now assuredly,  a PM in this land has a certain prestige or recognition, for this reason or that. Thus to BE PM, you need a relatively popular Party to win, and for that Party then to select you. To be sure, it may be a fundamentally misled Party, which serves only one sector of the population, or even makes this its stated or implied objective, and hence is merely partisan, unreliable. Yet for all that, even if like Hitler, you are elected PM, and become placarded 'leader', it is not entirely unlike his case in kind; for he was duly made Chancellor in 1933, before his paranoia and symbols became a long-barrelled gun to point at opposition. Whatever is done with such an emphasis, it is one which, in terms of emphasised singularity, has much potential for evil.

Indeed, making the post of "Leader" quietly all-determinative, which may readily follow,  is a small step from making it the end of all discussion, in more select issues. If not, it becomes a formidable lever. Before long, it can be misused to mean that if one individual thinks thus, or chooses to say the other, then that EQUALS a Government decision made justly on the part of 23 or so millions persons. One can then say, Whatever the PM thinks, I think!

But does it ? If a PM feels empowered and confident, a good leading talent may be good if it is responsible, contained and not confused with thrust. If this feeling of power and authority, however, becomes personal so that pride and self-importance, and hubris or any combination begins to animate the the heart of the self-styled "Leader", then the first stage has come. No more is the Parliament felt as the real power (it can be moved, so what does it count for when counting of heads seems likely to support a given PM's personal view of a matter), nor even the Cabinet. The "Leader" has spoken, let all the land be still. This is always a trend to be watched, and when certain lines are crossed, for long the Governor General could call a halt leading to an election, a magnificent check and safety valve. You can spoil an orchid readily; its restoration is another matter.

From this, then, it is a small step to silence, suffocate, dislocate, dismember whatever thinks or acts otherwise; to acting to subject news or other media and electronic information sites, to legal and financial assault, while disenfranchising from normal freedom, of speech. One may choose to use heavy invective, kept safe in a lax Parliament, and detest other sources of free speech to the point of making authority almost unassailable; while the dream withers, and the wits fry in the blinding darkness. How can darkness blind ? It is because in it, you cannot see anything, that is why.

It is always essential to use ocular or mental or spiritual sight, and to gain all this, you need to find the basis of all things, of personality and intelligence, of understanding and programming, of liberty and of love, not by vague nebulosity, but by seeking where truth is readily found, if you do not break away, en route! (cf. REASON, REVELATION and the REDEEMER).

Without this, with no basis but phrases and the latest cultural desires, cultivated or imported, man's natural and endemic desire for goodness and government that is inspiring, spirited and competent, knowledgeable and rational, though often misdirected by passion and cunning, makes him all too ready to embark on journeys with undisclosed ultimate destinations!

Power first, mini-home-made morals next, and then application and the deed is done, various parties often co-operating for their own private reasons, until it is too late.

Why then, should the news media in particular be attacked, or any roving voice calling for restoration or remedy for follies growing like jungle grass, as now in many a land, they routinely do ? To gain freedom from unsubdued investigation is a needed next step. Force and vagueness is to  replace reason and truth, and above all, God. If any may show a freedom undesirable in view of this, and even potentially affect people by providing information and reasoning, why this could lead to dismissal of delusion, however much its denizens may conceive themselves to be deliverers. But of what to what ? Of the people to their unfettered power. To return to the point, this is precisely the danger so many milling people, perhaps millions, in Egypt foresee; and not desiring more brutality on behalf of other people's dreams, they are now awakened.

What draws many to object ? It is this. They may become captives of a Government-appointed mystical person or body and rule by it alone. Even before all this, churches in Egypt were reported as being denied liberty to build, rebuild, and harassed in a way which became so normative in the USSR, in the hideous hypocrisy of pretending there was religious freedom, and subverting it with a power with some parallel to that of Mao, and at times, not better morals.

In Australia, we have begun the process. In certain areas, ones promised great extension, what is written in the papers or even on certain Web sites has been threatened with, or even now is subject to, assessment by the censor. This may be a committee with terms of reference. It is set up as incorporating the cultural norms. These are duly interpreted by some other leadership, a subordinate one,  acceptable in terms of the appointment through the Leader and the apparatus available.

One of the best jokes in this, is the moveable framework, vested in culture as interpreted by those appointed. What would a reasonable person think of this or that statement by a newspaper or on the Web ?

Then they can attempt to work this out, defining what is reasonable in terms of what is the norm, real or imagined, at a given time, like a photograph, perhaps with some insight or foresight or whatever is deemed to make something reasonable, and this or that person a repository of this quality. This can be applied to any utterance, writing, film or the like, which is daring to be produced. On this basis, the paper, writing, person in view in productive labour of expression, can have a LETTER assigned. This may register the person or his work, OUT, UNACCEPTABLE, INTOLERABLE or anything else that seems good to those with their various ideas of what is best, and therefore what good is!

From this jungle and jumble, this exercise in ideas and popularities, things that make one feel good about a thing, or bad, there thus comes authority. People must cower before it, or if not, receive the due reward of not being utterly conformist to the conductors of morals, the arbiters of truth and the forces of destiny. Make no mistake, these things are to crush, just as in China, but by a different method. In this way, REPUTATION can be assailed, as so often even now in Parliament, without anything like corresponding evidence, and the attitudes vexed till without right of continued expression, the victim of this odious manoeuvre can be summoned as if a wrong-doer, and without being physically crucified, belittled, imprisoned, fined or in some other way induced to become hypocritical or ineffective.

These "reasonable people", from what dream do they draw from the mutable ideas of man, so that it was reasonable to some to crucify Christ, to others to smash a few million here or there, in this or that country. It is not some other race which has done these things; it is not some one nation: man is as subject to such meretricious and superficial follies from vested authority, as the ocean to the wind. The unlikelihood of this happening in a given case is precisely a ground for concern, since this makes for complacency and scorn, until it is too late.

 "Reasonable people", as a concept, the arbiter ? Consider the point made in the volume, Freedom, the Nation, the Internet and the Next Generation, Ch. 1, *2. This is part of a submission to Members of Parliament in this State, which at that time had a veto power for their own State, on proposed legislation.



Did reasonable men make Hitler ruler ? sustain him as he advanced ?  


Did reasonable men seek to exterminate the Jews
to the extent of some 50% of the world population, and continue it for years ?


Did reasonable men twist the thumbs, crush the bones and extort 'confessions'
from countless impoverished and persecuted victims,
in religious persecution in Europe, and continue such things for centuries ?


Did reasonable men put millions of kulaks into Siberian torture
and deprivations unspeakable, over years of horror,
because they had the eminent crime, a matter judged to be so,
by those who doubtless deemed themselves, reasonable people -  of having farms ?


Did reasonable men make thousands of slaves, and make them work,
after kidnapping them, in conditions often both miserly and inhuman,
or deem them 'something else' than human ?

At their time, were they not of this persuasion ? Is superiority to become a criterion of judgment, then, for this nation ? We are too good, perhaps, to be so duped ? Delusion frequently precedes destruction, and elevation, depression.

What would such people DEEM the particular film or book or writing under review for possible centure, to be ? Good ? indifferent ? with potential for abuse ? (just as too much walking can lead to abuse of your feet, so that this danger might perhaps make walking a bad thing!). What then is the underlying authority ? It equals the content and view of those sufficiently sensitive to the sovereign authority of what is deemed to be cultural norms at the time, often hideous in retrospect in many a cultivated society, as the last century sufficiently illustrates,

These become the new figure, new figment, new look, new model for morals, as the Government, and of course the Leader, take over religions as well, suffocating "evil" as defined from time to time by the Mystical Authority, and allowing "good", what it so desires. In practice, you are erecting a god, an idol, just as Israel was so "good" at doing, and people MUST worship (you prefer bow to its authority and follow its judgments with awe ?) this thing.

It is to come (cf. Revelation 13 gives the case in high development). But this is no excuse for facilitating it. Servile surrender to such unprincipled irrationalities is denial of being human, making your peers your god. People in resettled Samaria were 'good' at doing this, both serving the Lord and their idols, a work which not only stretches the imagination, but the truth (cf. II Kings 17:41).

At a given point, this 'goodness' may be DEEMED to be the case in such notable moralities as same-sex marital arrangements, or letting people do what they have been doing because this is culture and culture is largely sacred, as if it were religion, and it is so as an innovation from design-oriented means of production, called man, without his God, and with godlets at work on his heart, conscience and ways, expression and views, like Ideas monitors, from 1984, except they use not aerial surveyance, as there, but electronic and other information modes.

Ditching the God of design (cf. Deity and Design ...), as in the source of vast billions of units associated with DNA in fascinating fulness of programmatic connections, revisions, controls as an inspection of the almost endless information reveals, in our DNA and its commands*2,  they have designs on His handiwork,. Such has been a popular move,   as civilisations have loomed and lorded for millenia, coming and going, like winds that blow themselves out, and ravage in the interim.

As such radical changes are being wrought, and so religious approaches are being sanctioned, more and more by law, and culture is being used as an engine to hurry up the process of inventing a new and national religion with its own damnations and damages (people who differ, for example on a point of male-female differentiation may be so named as to suggest that they hate women, an  extraordinary development of a very religious character, foundational and ultimate), constitution change is actually in view. You MAY NOT legislate a preferential religion into existence. If you are voted in with a mandate for stated moral objectives, to condemn and to praise, and this is innovative, then you are changing a religious status quo of relative liberty into one of Government power to praise or decry the longstanding perspectives of this or that religion.

This is far more so when a particular mode of ascription is to be found in the Constitution or its Pre-amble. You MAY NOT bring in new ultimates and FORCE them on people by not merely permitting them, but REQUIRING them to be praised, or not condemned, or worse yet again, the stimulus for assault on those who do not see fit to believe in them, or their worth, or their wisdom.

Our present topic, since it centres on the dangers of power corrupting a nation, moves rather to look at the results, other than the MERE breach of constitutional liberties which have helped to MAKE this country, of such authority. WHO can speak direly and directly and with flamboyance and zest, with vigour and enthusiasm OTHER than members of Parliament, where one now often hears people described, quite without evidence, in what nears the most insolently insulting fashion conceivable. It has been in the Press, which in this land, has tended to support, in this or that case, this or that Party, though not normally directly. Press has liberty to report differently, in its constructions, for people to consider; since it is to some extent, even now, still a free land.

REMOVE the freedom of the Press, and MAKE it subject to a religiously empowered body, though 'culture' may be the general terms used, and then the lampoonings and lecturings, the inequitable harassments and misnamings so common in Parliament have no free body to counter them or deliver any from such molestations, or law from  its misuse. It is well to have liberty in order to counter its misuse. The idea that WE, as a nation,  are incorruptible is so countered by recent developments as to make even laughter unnecessary.

Morsi has perhaps in one respect done us a service, though doubtless unintended. A convenient way to power is to use the preceding authority, as President, to intimate to the Judiciary that it is to be intimidated, that is, rendered futile if it wishes to counter the Presidential Wish. Now in its defence, it may be claimed that the Judiciary is preventing necessary change; but necessary to WHOM ? Why to the President. Why is it necessary ? He thinks so. Does he ask others ? he may, but it is in the end his wish.

Now if you add anything like that - in our case, ignoring the Constitution while making basic and ultimate changes in the nature of morals and liberty of speech, and requiring total conformity to these changes, so proceeding towards the dehumanising idolatrous work of abused power, what then ? If we stoop to such a level of abased individuality and concern for reason and critical  assessment of things, then the law can impact like a hammer. In that case, NOT agreeing with the Culture Capital,  and its Committee, and so speaking becomes a request for the misuse of force upon one's own head, or for suppression of newspaper freedom beyond the bounds to which all are in any case subject, as of now. If you did such a thing,  then you would  really be achieving something. It might not in the field of Kim  for  King, but it would be very much of that order of business! 

What might be unleashed if Government so seizes what are in fact, at base, matters of religion and rules regardless of the Constitution ? The Christian Minister and indeed every Christian must be watchful of such things. The compress applied to limbs can become hostile to action, if it be bound with iron, and formed of aluminium. It is in the Lord's providence when trials come, but we need not seek for them by careless oversight of what is happening, and the Highway of Holiness is always there, so that no concession to cultural obsession, to the undiluted concern of a people about themselves rather than their Maker, is ever necessary. The Highway is there and to be followed, however many be those seeking to disrupt it, or to disperse Christians from its ways. These can become very intrusive, obtrusive and so before the triumph, comes the test.

Indeed, what follows any Government adopting such powers of suppressing criticism when it is undesired, may be the highest wishes of paranoia. On the other hand, it may not be paranoia, though such vast powers most frequently induce this sort of indifference to anything else, or if not indifference, insensitivity, or if not insensitivity, FINAL DISREGARD. Moreover, it is not as if it were only a mental state which is the peril, for the condition of a person's spirit is also relevant, and many are subject to such rancour that their actons can become not merely tainted but tilted in advance of all reason, in a systematically warped manner. Mao has given enough of that, in one way, Louis XIV in another. Spiritual urges and surges can come in different ways; the combinations are numerous; the results are often not dissimilar! It is like flu, it comes in many sizes. NONE are what you would wish!

What then when power in these fields wishes to aggregate itself, and government has such things in view ? The, you are becoming liable for the folly of self-induced servitude by tolerating any potential governing body which has such aims, at  election time. Already much has been lost!*3

We, the governed people in this nation,  are heading in a very dangerous direction, and this is so whether the power grab should come in terms of symbols, little ideas without foundation, "the new morals" or other religious desiderata, or brand names in politics or whatever, or personality disorders, all abstract possibilities readily enough seen in the little history of this earth in its vagrancies and regretabilities of the past, so often dwelt on: this is perilous.

Christians who believe in the Christ of the Gospels and the Lord of the Bible would do well to be responsible therefore in the face of any such movements as these. Our land did not become so attractive to so many, and so free of so much for so long as to make it so, because of such projects as these which now loom at our threshold, but in terms of a liberty based on God Almighty, and clearly formulated in its background. The position was not perfect; but it does not need perfection by the incubus of personal power to move Parties, or political power to enthrone them, when their scope is so greatly extended as now is becoming the case.

We know that worse than Hitler and Mao is in store for the world, but as to that leader, his time is short (Daniel 7, Revelation 13, 17), and his end is incendiary: good enough for what wants to toast others in the roast of unreason, as depicted from the mind of the God of the Bible (Revelation 19). Yet this does not mean that we abandon the match, for the finale is beyond all that, and the God who made this world is beyond the god of this world! There is a race beyond all races, and it is in this race that one does well to run (cf. I Timothy 2:4ff.).





Information, that classificatory, conceptually potent and open exhibit of mental address and resultant in survey, imprint or creative work, that personally investigable commentary in whatever form, involving action scope, this is not only present, we find, in the protein-making DNA, but in dynamically activated supervisory roles IN the 'junk' as it was called by evolutionary mandarins. This has been duly noted, but now much more is found as well.

Such is one description of this phenomenon, information. It will be considered further in *2 below, in a more specialised manner. Let us here examine it a little.

DNA has multiplied commands, both significantly interwoven and integrated into the final resultant. Commands are not what is inherent in something, as a natural operation of what it is, but what is from  some other source, provided for it, that it should do what otherwise it would not do. It is in this case a matter of operation by what is intrinsic and what is extrinsic, matter in its own interstices, supplemented by other input into and for it, which causes it to operate at what to it, is a transcendent mode of oversight.

The result is a creation. That is the way command works. The commands may be erratic scrabbling of idiots, in which case the resultant will display what accords with that, time wholly irrelevant to the quality and character of the source, in its mental orientation, such being the input; or they may be the carved from the  rock of reality and rationality, and display this in their outcome. The rock part may seem a strange analogy, but reason is rock-like, buttressing and directing outside a system, to constrain it, to which that system must of course be susceptible, or the constraints would not constrain.

For constraints to be realisable by the form and functionality of matter, with its various constitute laws and procedures, they must be correlative, just as an ear is correlative to a tongue in man: they can act together being on one basis.  So with speech and reception of it, there is one logical basis, in man able to  create language, or to follow it, and to receive it, and to implement it or revile, rebel or conform,  as his spirit is moved.

Command constrains by symbol,  code being one form of it, meaningless in itself, just odd inscribed figurines fussing about. Symbol serves in system, where the code in particular and the conditions for it in general, being set by competent authority, GIVES the significance which it is made to bear. Language is such a system. Language by its nature holds definition and concept, so that what it is to convey, is conveyed, either to a cognate and intelligent recipient, or to a programmatic substitute, which far from making it less conceptual, makes it more so, since this has to be conformed by prescription to operate according to the idea the language has to yield, the formulation leading to the formation of whatever is in mind.

Concerted commands exhibit, just as does the linguistic modelling underlying, the conceptual, the symbolic and implicit or explicit, the key and with this the lock,  the system, into which this meaningfully fits, rather than having fragments of impulse impacting without coherence, on what would not recognise it in any sense,  anyway.

Results exhibit the character of the input, in any vast system, where the quality does not depend on an oddity, as when information is lost a little over time, but on a normative quality observable, such as mankind.

That is the lore of continuance of the race, at the continuation level. What however of the institution of what simply now, by an additional systematic code application, is enabled  to proceed with its next generation of title-holders,  of this race ? Dr Werner Gitt has got down to a systematic address to information for scientific purposes, and applied it in his volume, Without Excuse! (Not only is God Great ... Ch. 5). It is well that this has been done. Meanwhile, in this approach, we shall conceive it that information may be deemed in either of two modes. One is its creation, the other its duplication or multiplication,  so that whatever was before as one, is now two by virtue of copies. We have been looking at this second feature. What however of the first ?

Let us move by amplification. In this case, what is needed for the second, the continuation module, generation by generation in our case as mankind,  is the means and method of copying, intelligently constructed to conserve competently the initial  systematisation, without loss or defilement, through the provision of systems adapted to these ends. In the first place,  however, where we come to the origination of the information, again, there is needed not only the power to make what is in form, to stay that way once given (as distinct from chaotic muddle, that moves about, like mist),  the conservation of the complete apparatus in all its codes and codicils, but an initiatory coherence, symbolism, systematic basis for the output and reception of the same and so forth.

This of course, is far more. When a computing expert sets electronic mechanism at work, to get a fresh copy of a disk, that is one thing, simpler after intelligence has computed the system for this limited but exacting purpose. The other challenge, however, beyond those matters, is this: as to the content, it is to make the thing! Making it is far more difficult, for it involves not the mere transmission of the coherent rationalities of the code and its particular commands, with their integral  result in membership in our race physically; but the initiation of the same. What is poured forth like molten metal into moulds, for duplication, moulds supplied, metal supplied, heat provided, pouring operation in place, forces with emplacement considerations to render it practical, and so on  almost ad infinitum, as in movement from one disk or generation to another, the continuation of the code, now appears a relatively simple idea by comparison.

Copying needs intelligent imagination; but it is nowhere near as difficult as institution, founding, inviting and inciting of what is to be copied, that it might exist: FORWARDING it is nothing like as vastly challenging as FOUNDING it. Here we do not simply meet the combination of systems and thrusts, demands and commands, conceptually identifiable linguistic mastery and so on: rather, it has from the first, to be multi-systematically concocted, created, and so conceived, with the conception likewise of the more inordinate and subordinate elements, all tied to the resultant, which appears at the end, in the bodies of each one of us. 

Mechanically, in that line of causation, that in molten metal, for a product of singular type, and clear capacity,  it would require immense effort from intense intellect and adequate physical power,  directed in purposive conceptual competence, with understanding of aim, method, means and contrivance. Electronically, it would require the same kind of things in principle, but with another system, apt for these special needs, another line of competence, another source of ideation in view, one directed not to what conserves, but to what instals and operates the means side of things, in terms of the design in the mind of the installer.

In all this, work is required.

It involves the linguistic system and configuration,  the logical underlay so that configuration has any bearing, the receptive capacities for that same system in the receiver or receptor unit, so that it has any relationship to the symbols, and all the contrivances to make it operate to a contained result by constraining forces and concepts, till the measure of the things is found in the functionality of the result, and the unity of the thing (if any), is found in the singularity of what is produced. (See Ch. 3 below, expected DV to be uploaded shortly) concerning such aspects of information.)

Figs do not come from thistles, and irrationality has no competence to instruct us on what is reasonable. If you are to be rational, this is the way it is; if not, there is nothing to any logical point left to say. It is capitulation from rationality, the demise of the journey at its outset.

Reason is not a simpleton. When the conceptual consequence is set in a multi-disciplinary field as in man, body and mind and spirit, then the co-ordination of the three fields is also systematically necessary, in a trilogy of operational facilities, and a matched one; and in this co-ordination there is the very power to conceive and control, speak and be linguistically operative, as between two persons. Thus the creative conceptualisation and logical implementation has this secondary feature, that it creates the power to do the same on one's own behalf, to become a secondary creator, this a part of the myriad of causative agencies attesting the character of the cause (cf. Causes). 

Thus has adequate


symbolism with reason,


enterprise with command,


imagination with cause,


power with adept performance,


concept with ideation

made man, using only one form of language, by word, for word, but with much else besides.

All things says John 1, were made by the word which is God and was with Him (cf. Colossians 1:15, cf. ). Words fashion deeds in systematically correlated systems. One of the divine deeds is the man who conceives these things, either in self-contradiction and rebellion, or in conformity to causation and the modes and meaning of information. What of this ? What is involved in this informative device and commission ?

That classificatory, conceptually potent and open exhibit of mental address and resultant, free to survey, that imprint or creative work, that personally investigable commentary in whatever form, involving action scope, this is not only present, we find, in the protein-making DNA, but as well in the dynamically activated supervisory roles IN the 'junk' as it was called by evolutionary mandarins.  This  point is taken up further in the more specialised coverage in *2 below.

Science is slowly catching up in survey of means, and  methods, with the realities which logic has always required, and the process is fascinating, intriguing since man has spirit, and can side-step in vacuity as if drifting, or face the music.

It is difficult music for some, since rebellion from  reason and reality is one of man's fortes, not that it requires it of him, but he in departure, is enabled to do this if he will. That is what it is like being in the image of God: you can even praise reason and be irrational, or commend it. Freedom is a wonderful thing, but it is not to be regarded as unabusable! Its abuse lies back of history, just as does creation, and miscreancy is one of the features of th exalted status which the Creator of man, has given to him. It enables love and understanding, or confusion and lust.  There is no use in complaining; the remedy has also been codified, implemented and the information concerning it is one of the greatest publicity works of all time, the Bible leading records in such transmission.

This is very well, for man needs his Creator far more than any car its manufacturer; for a mechanic may help with a car, but an offended Creator moves in the realm of pardon, and expressly personal matter, to be achieved personally. In our case it is by repentance (Luke 13:1-3 - you don't consent to an operation if there is nothing wrong), redemption (when you ARE a sinner, there is nothing to offer to cover what has happened), and salvation (you do not save yourself when pardon is inter-personal, but need to watch for the will of the pardoner). Like creation,  pardon and peace is obtainable ONLY by the word of the Being concerned. This is verified and validated in the Bible and in Jesus Christ, nothing else in person or procedure having achieved this singular condition (cf.  It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, *1A in the context of SMR, TMR and Deity and Design, with Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ, Who Answers Riddles And Where He is, Darkness Departs).

THIS command, so to receive Him, incorporates the provision for rejecting it,  and adds to this the information that God has SO loved the whole world that He has incarnated His word and given Him in sacrificial atonement for any who so receive Him (John 1, 3, 14). What freedom permits, love, is what God provides. Without it, the world is inclined to be oblong rather than square, or to put it otherwise, to go riot rather than round. This too is provided for in the information on this topic (cf. Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation), and the fulfilment of all these things, step by step and century by century to the finality of the prescription, is just one more outcome of word, specification, the result of understanding and volition.

The information on salvation is very public, but the institution of the result is very personal. It requires no other agency (Matthew 23:8-10, Acts 4:11-12), but it does require faith in the Creator and reception of the information, with heart, since we have hearts, and thus of the Saviour Himself, Jesus the Christ. This information does not alter (cf. Galatians 1:6-9), though many, we are informed in the Bible, will try to twiddle and fiddle with it, or masterfully to misuse it (II Peter 2, II Timothy 3-4, II Corinthians 11, I Timothy 4, Matthew 24, II Corinthians 4). Coded correlativities as in DNA, must follow command. We may, but may not. In this respect, by refusal, many outlaw ourselves relative to a situation in which they are already outlaws, with e sure results in the end (II Thessalonians 1-2).

After all, this is like deliberately breaking your leg again, after an accident leading to the first break. It is not necessary, it is not wise, but it surely is personal and at last, imperious in impudence and seeking to soar on wings that are burnt out already!




Command does not just come: it has to be formulated so that either the recipient or the conceptually  arranged receptive program may respond to it, and do it. Shouting does not make people hear better, but rather the intelligence to interpret the verbal symbols and with concept, meet concept, so that realised is what the command commended. The command are by the billion, but the consequence is one, in this case, called mankind..

That consequence in terms of body, equipped in the multi-tasked totality, given mind and spirit for its total assessable functionality, is then enabled to make its own commands, so that in effect, conceptually organised codes given command status lead on to the power of the one, to which the physical construction relates, can in turn do obeisance to logic and understanding, and make creative commands of his or her own, with one overall objective to many; or even multi-formulate aims, so that in squadrons, they may overfly the arena of action, and survey it so that it keeps to the whole plan. Spirit can abort, reject or qualify possible aims; mind can report back on their feasibility; and the program-built vitalised body can then respond to the communication thrust from the central command post, in effecting what is required.

See on linguistic code, for example, Waiting for Wonder Appendix and genes and genome in Index, as Jesus Christ ... Barrister of Bliss Ch. 4. Not only has there been found a meta-information, information about the way information is to be used in the multiply linked and ultra-sophisticated provisions for oversight, intervention and direction, an operational and a supervisory role, action-opportunities and potential on the one hand and directive intervention about the actualities that are fitting for each case, but more has been found recently.

Information, "that classificatory, conceptually potent and open exhibit of mental address and resultant to survey, imprint or creative work, that personally investigable commentary in whatever form, involving action scope, this is not only present, we find, in the protein-making DNA, but in dynamically activated supervisory roles IN the 'junk' as it was called by evolutionary mandarins." Information requires form,  format, coherence, correlativity with the receiver, dual-system comprehensibility or agility in interchange between giver and receiver, work in short. Those who love to rely on welfare, may forget about taxes, but the tax on product is performance! Work has to be done somewhere by someone equipped for it.

Such matters have been duly noted (e.g. in *1 above). The nature of information and meta-information, system and super-system to manage the system, this too has been seen in investigable systems. Now much more is found as well. Thus is verified the necessary input in the actual, now with its observable presence, just as before, not vacuity but mastery was required in the absence of inherent means. Systematic needs are now more visibly seen in systematic feeds, adequate in formulation to meet the needs of information.

Recent, massive research is noted in Creation Magazine, Vol., 35, No. 1, involving 440 scientists in 32 institutions, with over 1600 experiments, has resulted in further dates with data, and inspections of the sophisticated schema which underlies the human body, outcome from generation to generation, of what is in the directive apparatus, even one cell, by Dr Michael Denton compared to a vast city, indeed seen  as surpassing it in ordered enterprise,

in this way (pp. 328-330, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis).

"To grasp the reality of life as it has been revealed by molecular biology, we must magnify a cell a thousand million times until it is twenty kilometres in diameter and resembles a giant airship large enough to cover a great city like London or New York... an object of unparalleled complexity... If we were to enter one of these openings we would find ourselves in a world of supreme technology and bewildering complexity. We would see endless highly organized corridors and conduits branching in every direction..." The account deserves full reading and study.

This is a cell. What of the human brain with billions of cells, and multiplied connections from each, leading to a total as Denton reports it, of some thousand million million. This prodigy of vitalised programming, arresting conceptual control of particularised components in terms of a a totality of enterprise, always present in the orders, to reach to the utmost in mind, readily scrutinisable as rational and even as to its rationale, a being so equipped that on site rational realisations are possible through use of equipment on the part of an administrator with options for its use, beyond all the semi-automatic maze of possibles.

Nothing could well be further from fatuity, ignorance or that fuzzy futility, indolence or distance which some seek, contrary to every evidence, to attribute to God, as if they surpassed the machinator of their machinery, the intelligence or intellect of their Maker, as recipients! Language of direction and co-ordination with systems of modes of right and wrong, acceptable and non-acceptable practice, are not found in movements of matter, which does not even chatter. The intelligible comes from the intelligent, simply because the order and organisation is that in the sphere of the rationally accessible, interpretable and active.

What then of this recent addition to all this information about information, of which we are informed by informants who know how to turn happenings into information, so that we might be informed ? The putative, the imaginary junk DNA, by far the most of it, has now for quite some time been seen as information about information. What however, in terms of these two systems of systematics, is the proportion of what so acts in the 'junk', imagined residue from never seen information-style construction ?

It has been found in the vast expenditure on experiments noted, in the Creation Magazine noted, that in only 147 types of cells - the human body having several thousand - some 80% of the 'junk' material ion fact has function, so that this monstrous mischaracterisation merely attests the entirely inadequate foundation of the idea of matter doing things it is never found able to perform, nor to show facilities for performing!

This very large percentage of the genome is active determining these physical functions; and precisely what their own functions are,  in detail, awaits further work. It is not surprisingly conceived, by the project's Lead Analyis Cooridnator, Ewan Birney, that "It's likely that 80 percent will go to 100 percent." There are no large chunks of "redundant DNA."

There is great diversity and intelligence in the selection of varied means of accomplishing given results, in terms of the ingenious combinations and recombinations available, and the directive power accorded the second layer, the 'junk', now to be conceived as possessing a vast bank of control apparatus, ruling and over-ruling the heavily coded, critically collected and dispersed, and intensively systematic call and come and go codes. Here is an engineering sort of parallel to someone like Shakespeare in his own small action dramas, for there the inter-connections are those of mind, wrought by his inventive spirit, whereas those for the body bring, not for our mental consumption, but for our very construction, connection upon connection, till the sophisticated marvel is brought to its unitary conclusion.

It is the fruit of the functionality fit for its production. It not only incorporates these varied features of functionality, but deposits the next generation in the format, function by function, hierarchical feature upon feature, rule upon rule, till the commanded design once more is achieved, and can then achieve designs of its own by the supervening additive of spirit and the convening apparatus of mind.

The fitting of the spirit which can be one of enterprise or repudiation, such is its freedom, which can wallow in pity or screech with pride, organise with integrity or proceed with deceit, use language for clarity or abuse it for deception, adds beyond all measure to the intricacy of the conception which man represents. Similarly,  the mind of man, added to the utility of the brain, that information storage, processing and selecting unit, sparkles with wit, surveying the scene for information and as directed by the spirit: just as man can have computer, but mind beyond it, for the sake of making something of it!

THAT, matter, mind and spirit,  is a triple unity; just as the Creator is triune, never alone, replete from all time, never supported by something else, since all is His own product, with its categories, controls, features, facilities. Nothing has produced just that. What is constrained as in 'nature', has its source in what is good at that, the creative control which waits on nothing, on whom all must wait, despite that magnificent freedom for licence, in the (relatively short) interim before judgment.

Waits on nothing ? NOT that the Creator is servant to what is not there, but that there is nothing which can impel, impose or dispose the source of what is caused, including our brand of causality itself, without which logic is powerless, for then characterisation is impossible, and operational criteria must not exist. Yet they do, and life on earth waits on them.

We source, we speak, we direct attainment. The God of creation and redemption has so made us, and does no less, but indeed the whole on an unbounded (for who would bound it!) canvass is the work of the Infinite Expresser, the Infinite Expression and the Infinite Applier. Personality has a certain reflection of these elements, but as derivative, not of their scope or grandeur. Decadence in spirit, deceit in mind, these create free follies which are like sand in machinery. What we are is best faced, not turned into illiterate fiasco by reductionist impositions which explain nothing; what we are to be, similarly, must be faced, for it WILL be, whether we face it or not.

Irresponsibility may seem nice and vague; but its results are not vague.



See on what is already lost in liberty, to the vast detriment of this country, in the field of education: What is Idly Lost  ... Epilogue.