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Let's Leave Alice to her Imaginary Chalice and Return to Reason


When has evolution, its adherents, proponents, barrackers or devotees, its idolaters or its philosophers EVER shown it to happen!

There is only one answer to this. It is never.

All but daily, we hear of thousands, millions or billions of years, but we do not find any indisputable measurements, but rather assumptions, often circular in character, which 'knowing' the beginning, by pure philosophy, without knowledge, and the way, without credible attestation, but rather varying and dependent on gross, question-begging and often outrageous assumptions. Blithely ignoring the many evidences of actual age which are not so founded, but far more straightforward and intractable, these philosophic pedants beggar the treasury of reason, bury science,  and love to  strut for all that, in its precincts.

The change was from this to that ? we ask. Is that so ? Really ?

Is this the way of the world, the manner of life, the way things go...  Very well, then show us ANY ONE CASE where this is happening. Oh no! This is not fair.

Why not ? Is everything in the realm of categorical change in life so slow that not only does it NEVER become evident from actual cases and observation, but its bases are left as unknown, as if chance is King, yet laws come from it, as if the structure of logic on which both our minds and the knowledge of the universe depends, even to investigate, analyse or categorise it, spectacularly 'arises' in a way not different from magic, but more demanding. It is a fireworks show at which none may attend, always breaking like a dawn that never comes,  always being asserted but never converted into adequacy of means, evidence of their capabilities, operation on any one occasion or glory from the inglorious.

Indeed, magic is based in a GIVEN universe, and is flashy nonsense; but THIS is worse, for it has NO givens, since it is an attempt to account for life and the universe, and yet on such a basis  NOTHING is there to show ANYTHING of the way claimed, chosen and increasingly demanded, with an imperiousness which would fit an emperor, gone made with power. Evidence of any such action does not exist; but if the torrent of wild words were to be a substitute, it would climb to the heavens, rather than thunder to a logical hell, where reason lies in flames and folly pours petrol on them. Yet reason is not intimidated; but remains outside this charade, and does not bend.

For updates in any rigorously programmed environment of construction, you need assiduous work IN THE FIELD of intellectual and conceptual considerations, so that the delicate harmonies of symbols which give instructions so that the program works and such entities as are specified directly or indirectly can do their labours and construct things, and in fact, unlike mere lazy fiction, make them happen. ANY update in this field, needs just that; and one of its ingredients of success is information. What is information ? It is codified, conceptually apt, pragmatically effectual, mentally assimilable configurations of symbols which move from the formulator to the informed with productive and receptive harmony so great that the transaction is intelligible. If programmatic, it is intelligible to the student of logic; if direct, it is intelligible to the living receiver.

This term, information, however,  is not used for what nobody can understand; on the contrary,  it is its understandability which makes it information. It assumes a common logical, symbolic agility or ability or configuration on the part of the producer and the recipient.

NOWHERE has INFORMATION EVER been found to be produced without intelligence. Yet information is precisely what is assumed and FOUND for the impartation of what leads EVEN from the parent to the child, for the repair of tissue, for the normal advancement from zygotic blob to Bob, or more accurately, from micro-recipient to macro-recipient of the commands which occasion life. That alien relationship of information to non-intelligence is what Dr Gitt has shown and concerning this he has long since issued his challenge to show that the case is other.

There is NO observable action which shows evolution; there is no WAY in which it could happen without intelligence, since life and information are inseparable. There is NO abundance of relics of mess-ups, forsaken paths because of ineffectual efforts to make something when chance, being lower in intelligence than any moron, did not quite manage in this MOST SOPHISTICATED programmatic work that has ever been SEEN. The empirical fact is that the necessary results of this imaginary fable are not found; the method is not discovered; the method that has been discovered does not admit it,  and evidence to the contrary does not exist. Yet its exploits, with ever changing myths, are made public as if the insane delusions of a Hitler were being received by the hypnotised, before the Belsens which mark the passage of folly by delusive dynamics,  arise in their forms and formats, the products of misled intelligence,  and deluded imaginations.

Let it never be imagined that there will be - or that there are - no resultants of a delusion, far less of a contra-observational, an irrational and a mythical addiction so great as this one of organic evolution. Powers have used it both to justify and to propel their actions, as in the case of  Marx's fascination with Darwin, or the underlying style of Communism, always seeking for a new haven for heaven on earth, to 'arise' whereas in actual practice, few nearer approaches have been made to the hell that preceded Gorbachev's delivering hand, than in Russia before him.

In the West, desolatory morals joined with unchanging principles of symbolic logic and command in substance, in life, mean a disaccord where accord had been the manner of operation, as in a car which, though without will and spirit, is subject to the desolatory indifference of its owner! In such circumstances, to ignore or to avoid the construction's conditions is mere fantasising, as if from an idiot: for whatever may be the brilliance of those who think in mankind, delusion where it is applicable, reduces the impact and effectuality of the whole, in total or in part.  It is as when one points a sports car towards a pylon. It does not matter with what elaborate gear your steering works; if you point it thus, and move to that structure with speed into that object, assured in your driving facility, then there the result is the same as if a stone rolled down a hill, with no intelligence. It is the devastation, and not the creation of the car, which 'occurs'. Downgrading is definable, observable and readily comprehensible.

In fact, drugged intelligence can be worse than non-intelligence; for the former has its ambitions, manipulable directedness, and prepared and harnessed force; and its impact, as in the false glory of World War I, or the survivalism of Hitler in World War II, seeking by eugenics and concentration camps to improve the race and fulfil its potential.  Taken jointly, these are like a howling  gale, a type that global warming at the physical level, tends to aggravate.  If it were in man's gift to make debasement arise, or deterioration strengthen, then we might find evolutionary dynamics quite visible; but it cannot be seen because this cannot be and is not done. In fact, the desire is in man to circumvent God, that is the living God, and to employ any spiritual-seeming divinity or human, principle or procedure which might seem to allow escape from reality or into the immoral follies which make this world even dizzier. As it is, the mouths of many move in bivalent, in ambiguous, morally vacuous fashions with zeal,  just the Allies were linking with mass murderer Stalin, to evict another illusionist in another land, and then paid with the Cold War for their breach of reality: trusting in a murderer before God.

Despite the empirically sustained fact that ONLY GOD can make life from matter, ONLY with intelligence (and derivative intelligences avoid the point that they ARE intelligences, when they try, which would make any results irrelevant to the point at issue), man in his mandates continues to act like maddened children, determined to avoid the reality that they have parents and that these are still living! Man without God is as useless as a body without skin, a gossip without foundation or a ship without water.

One way in which man's flagrantly contra-foundation life appears  is through the heavily biased UN (consider its claims concerning Israel since 1947, frequently specious and contemptuous, and compare these with its words for the many oppressors, set against that League of Nations authorised Jewish State in Palestine). In pagan amours, this amoral fountain of moral law based on its own ideas, as if it had access to life and had made it, continues its indigent doctrines. This, without God and as if God, make its formulations for the race, while different power groups bustle and haggle, and have their will with different protocols, prohibitions and power-aggregates, as if this had anything to do with either righteousness or justice.

The race continues more and more in giddiness, godlessness, presumption and assumption disprovable, discreditable and empirically absurd: as in essence foretold in II Timothy 3, II Peter 2-3, Matthew 24, Luke 21.

It is a race which is going to be lost,  for you cannot win from delusion as a basis. It has already lost and is lost, though as keen to acknowledge this as a dowager who has lost her assets. Indeed, this is precisely what the Bible declares concerning the rejection of the only rationally demonstrable and empirically verified verbal claimant to  be the authorised word of God for man, itself, and the Lord who gave both it and Himself. That, it is not this time as in the DNA,  something by which our very material lives operate, but in the hallowed halls of mind and morals,  it is ultimate truth and constitutional reality for man.

Such a result is to be expected then, in terms of disorder, disagreeableness of spirit and mind, of false trails, aborted efforts of surging spirits, wars between diverse delusions, of intercourse between varied morbid illusions, the corruption of youth, showing what the showering of illusion does to growth, and calamities of scale as intelligence, like someone freaked out with drugs, raving with moments of rationality coming like gleams of light into the abiding darkness, drives what misuses it to varied forms of destruction. 

Devastations, one would expect to abound, and they do. Irreconcilable divergences would be thought to disadorn the tarmac of life, and they do. Hatred arising from man's mandate to worship God and move in godly style with the life given in the environment of the world, being thrown with its inward dynamic, first off-course, and then from each,  as an abrasion, into the face of others, scurries now openly, now surreptitiously.

It would, if delusion of this kind were to be allowed to become increasingly, have to become all but universally operative; and it is.

Meanwhile, the other side is so simple. The Bible says that God created and stopped. That is the way with creation of poems, books, bridges, Opera Houses, songs, symphonies ... There is the capacity to create, the power, the provision, the imaginative address, the roving intellect, the profundity of one's spirit as made by the ultimate Creator, whose dower is our power, as a deposit in flesh. Then there is the functioning of it; and there is the result. Then it is done. It is all  extraordinarily simple:  sufficiency,  efficiency, testable result on operation of the required cause, observation of the result when it so operates; and not otherwise. Miracles of course are simple a special casel, and in no way defile the principle.

The evidence shows that for the world,  processes, information-impartation and construction started, proceeded and stopped. The Bible is verified and organic evolution is not. Evidence shows that there has been a fascinating variation  around a norm of kind, of kinship, and there is now being discovered a whole array of exceedingly cute, astute, brilliant diversification modes, within the kind, to use it as a base for a kindred with kindship in the different categories. That is what the Bible indicated with the term 'kind', that there is something ultra-specific but yet governed into a structure that limits. This is verified. The evolutionary idea of no limits is not verified (cf. SMR Ch. 2, TMR Ch. 1 and overall in the pentad, The gods of naturalism have no go!).

The LAWS of the word of God in its  formulation of information, apply. Rationality rules. This is in accord with God creating all by His word. This is verified; evolutionary ideas are not (cf.

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Whether in things positive, constructive,  evidential or in outcomes, the Bible is NEVER shown false, but always merely to  say it right from the first,  even to the point of insisting that before the ultimate end of man's misuse of freedom, there would be an enormous increase of information gained by man: that is knowledge (Daniel 12). There has been, though with little wisdom; for the conditionsd for this,  as for salvation, involve re-attachment to the foundation of Christ.

But what does it say, this Book of the Lord (Isaiah 34) ? It indicates that man would even come to worship himself through the antichrist, the man of sin as in II Thessalonians 2 (cf. Romans 1, Daniel 7). Stalin moved this way in seeking to have the laws of nature changeable by man,  and the name of the game was Lysenko. Mao moved in the manner of having formulations for how to live in a little red book, which merely imitated the colour of the blood of the tens of millions this murderer, his mind manacled with evolutionary follies, slew in the midst of fantasies. Hitler had a racial  god, and its delusive expression in Mein Kampf, one who could do all but anything. Now it is a communal god, the god of humanism, where man can do virtually anything, once you repair his broken wings. The case extends more to the universal as gobbledegook expands and fear sends to Copenhagen, to achieve riots and ruminations of man without God.

As calamities, duly the subject of warning for millenia, turn up, so God as foretold for millenia in this period especially, is turned down; but there is a remnant who are His.

Whenever anyone tries the impossible (and without God, as in this case, there ARE things that are MOST impossible, for violating truth makes it so, so that man gains an intractable enemy, in reality itself), then there are bound to be clashes. These will and do come, whether with facts of this order or that, psychological, biological, physiological, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, social and the like; and these will produce fricative forces, desolations and destructions. Man is doing this now, full tilt. He is like a yacht, with full sails up by which to be moved by any wind (Ephesians 4:14), now surging mindless in its controls, in the force of a hurricane, while the seas mount to the skies and the depths arise to engulf.

The case is in practice as it is in principle.

Man driven by delusions, bound by illusions, impervious to the empirical realities, blind to the principles of life, glorying in his greatness,  abased in his performances, blithers to his end,  as bait has unparalleled success in luring him to his destruction.

He uses the name of Christ in order to curse, as a spice to conversation, as a basis for new religions, where new morals and new ideas and new doctrines are tacked on to the Christ of record, as shown in the Biblical authority; so that His name is prostituted for foreign, alien and contrary purposes.

Is it to be imagined for one moment that such wholesale corruption of truth, such flagrant, self-flagellating plagiarism, such immoral, anti-historical inventions, using the fame, name and accomplishments of another, are to be without result ? Find something without result if you can: the cause and the effect are not so manipulable, though it is true that GOD on whose power, life, Lordship, procedures and principles all depends, can obliterate a result by creative dynamism of His own, which can cancel it: but even this is not without cause, as it is He who acts with power so to  do.  As to this, it is like the case of  a child, who can cancel the centrifugal force which would derail a carriage on a curve in his toy train set, by simply stretching out his hand to steady it at the appropriate moment in its course. No law needs to be broken; an  extra force inserted prevents its result.

So is mercy subjected  to destructive, delusive mangling, so that man might kill his own mercy, Jesus Christ, being too big to reduce himself to evident fact, too massively human to acknowledge both his Creator and Redeemer, too immune to accept mercy, too shallow to  retract his false assertions or enact submission to the Father of spirits, by the way appointed.

Without repentance, the actual Christ declared, the One who did things enough to have history's divisions of BC and AD installed in His honour, ALL will likewise perish (Luke 13:1-3, Matthew 24:35). It is like an old car junk-yard. Man in his marvellous power, given from God and not derived from himself, is far  too  wonderful to be abstracted from this desolate man-yard,  with its rusting bits and grizzly greatness. Save your life then, Jesus the Christ declared, and you will lose it.

What else ? Reality is not movable. Mercy can infuse deliverance by power, as in the testimony of Christ's works,  prophecies' confirmation, history's resulting configuration, exact to this hour as the Bible has portrayed it in advance; provided it is the mercy of God. None other has the power, nor is the insult to any other, at length,  as it is to God, as man masses his independence even from God, and becomes thereby dependent on ruin which moves increasingly to act as his master, while he laments his fate,  proclaiming his own greatness simultaneously,  like a dictator in ruins.

Return or perish. The case is so simple, just as is the DNA: information and commands of almost incredible complexity and system, on the one hand, but in TYPE, a work of creation and information on a prodigious scale, a work now ceased, so that it can return to its Maker or moulder or perish. It is good that Jesus the Christ made things so simple, as in one sense, did the mathematical formula of Einstein in effect,  make for simplicity: how 'simple', that E=MC2. Yet it enshrines some understanding. The formula of God for man, far above matter as creation above its putties and tools, is repent or perish; and WHEN you repent,  receive the ransom of the blood of Christ, the death of Christ as a satisfaction for sin, a sacrifice for it, a meeting of justice concerning it for those who so receive this, His remedy, and Him, their Lord and their God, as Thomas found so dramatically (John 20). There is the Lord of life and life accepts it or is desolate, if not sooner, then later.

Man is not a lost marvel,  coming from nowhere, by nothing, and going nowhere, for nothing, blinded by blights and sunken in the pits that were never dug. He is a rationally created being, whose divinely derivative spirit is ABLE to ruminate (if he will) realistically concerning the marvels of creation, and in principle to respond to the Maker, and be found where he was meant to be, through the payment for his follies, myths, intrigues, big-headedness and lostness, in the mellow grace of His everlasting Father. This, it is not all; for as the marvel of man is profound, so is the marvel of his salvation, God becoming man in order as man to face for man the results of his madness, his sin, his intractability, and to call and find him. There is none to whom the Lord cannot reach; and there is none taken without righteousness, so that man may continue if he will, in the dust of his illicit journey from God, till the lost light by which he must live, he becomes eternally extinguished.

The earth will be removed, and its prodigious energies diffused, deleted, its configuration destroyed, its form obliterated, as Christ indicated (Mathew 24:35) and Peter elaborated through the Spirit of this same God (II Peter 3).  Indeed, this also as Isaiah showed in advance through the Spirit of God (51:6); and the word of God will remain, forever above all creation, directing its formation, formulation and its end, or enabling and sustaining that eternal life available to those made in the image of God, who receive it (John 1:12, Titus 2-3). How grand that many of His creation are able to commune and communicate with Him, mankind in particular.

It is great,  to become a child of God (I John 3). It is a wonder to be  where you should be. It is grace that puts you there and an intimate and ultimate rebellion which would abstract you from this blessed destiny. It is one filled with myths, illusion, delusion, confusion, conquest by little things, derangements and distress. Better never  to have been born than to be borne, wilful and ranting, away from the God of your own construction, the Creator-Redeemer, from Jesus the Saviour, into that pit.