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   Hebrews 11:1-3

Leaning on Lenin has no Place in Logic

News 443

News source: The Australian April 30, May 1, 2011
in presentation concerning John N. Gray's new book,
The Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death.



A ghastly episode in Russian romancing, Communist craze, is exposed in an article by John N. Gray in The Australian. The Poet Mayakovsky is cited in the idea of hidden progress amid visible disaster in such words as these, "Lenin, even now, is more alive than all the living."

To reach the point not only of unruly romancing, but actual necromancing, a type of magical meander of misled thought into making death lustrous and inherent with some kind of imaginary life, a kind of Christ without resurrection, God without power, lyricism without actuality, fund without finance, there was a thrust into abstract geometrical forms as showing a higher reality, not unlike the meander of Plato. In fact, of course, it is not a rocket into some mystic force which this shows, but an ordered mind in the midst of an ordered reality, which it is organised to unveil, so that the logos in both, courtesy of the Mind of God, can meet in harmony.

This is the thrill of mathematics, not some penetration into higher forms: it is higher function in both mind and matter, in that each bears the inscription of reason. Inscribed in both, it works in either, a marshalling yard for a double creation which is mutually and reciprocally mated. Above both is the spirit which

yearns and turns to this or that, and

minds its mind to find from it, and through it, who made both and all,

that reason should in them have such place;

and pursuing this, to find the God who made mind, matter and Spirit,

not necromancy for bodies and transient thrusts for truth,

as if man could thus discover in chilled corpses, a site to play god,

in mystic hope at the aspect of abstraction,

itself merely one of the features of the functions of the mind that God made for man.

Let us however pursue the point to necromancing with the nebulous in the field of death itself, which boiled like scum to the service of the nihilistic waters (that can still boil however, and BE water) of Communism. Having invented matter and force from nowhere (like inventing a Bank Account in Honolulu, in wish fulfilment), Communism had to face the many millions of Stalin-slain corpses, nestling in death, and like it (or leave it, which they failed  to do for over 70 years of active delusion). As to the corpses,  some  to be sure were  slain slowly, as in Siberia, for the enormity of having been farmers and wishing to feed their people, so that their strength could be turned to the support of devils who did not dally in pity or truth, but used ruthless thoughts to trash the workers slowly, whom they came to deliver in one of the greatest subterfuges of all time, in logic, ethics and brigandage.

After a flirtation with the idea that "the cube is eternal",  mathematical romancing for the lost eternity of man in their seedy substitutes for thought, there were further developments. One Krasin voiced, we read, the view that great revolutionary leaders (few, the rest ...  many) would live forever. Oh yes, of course, in some material sense, for the mind that speaks does not trust itself to be real, nor the spirit which so purposes, to be reliable: it is back to basics, to the modelling clay,  forgetting the modeller: self-effacement if you wish.

So we have the mausoleum for Lenin, so often chillingly visited, with life, evacuated from  death by superior refrigeration  ? In fact, the cooling became almost a cult, a sort of reservoir till the great 'science' of man could catch up and if not make life (alas! sometimes the practical could come back for a moment!), then at least conserve it in the cold till the kiss could re-enliven the long dead relics of humanity. Here was the fairy prince of philosophy, masquerading as science.

As German imports (alas from a non-Communist land) of better refrigeration came for the love of Lenin, an odd thing in view of his diaries, adequately available in glasnost, no basic change occurred. Yet repetitivelyl they re-enshrined the not perfectly preserved corpse of Lenin. Theirs were multiple works and provisions for this necromancing, a romancing in this case which did not so much call to the dead to speak, but rather sulked into a mere toying with death with a lust for life which could never be granted, like the crass thoughts of a brooding child, who would not do what he was told, and substituted a mood for fact.



As the problem of technological resurrection became more profound, ideas of vitamins and the like were brought to light along with a yearning cubism to become one more floundering in the fulminating follies of many, who cannot accept death as a sentence on life, and salvation as its remedy from the God who alone made life, and sustains it. KNOWING something about the laws of God does not mean knowing how to circumvent them; and knowing the desire for life is not knowing the way to get it. Idealistic materialism is thus not only a contradiction in terms and in truth, basing action on the immaterial, but in fact a craze that cannot save its face any more than that of Lenin, which indeed gave way and needed work, just as his suit in the cold of refrigerated hope, had to be repetitively changed likewise.

Alas for the necromancy-with-a-difference, the romancing of science, as if knowing what is there made man capable of contesting with Him who put it there, and finding his own fate, could make man master of it, any more than finding poverty, provides riches. Nothing out of nothing reduces Communism to nothing as a prelude to its imagination that something gets here for no reason, and operates for no cause, the table laid (and imported too) for no reason. Just as nothing cannot produce anything, so that what is eternally adequate for all the law and logic that was to follow in creation, had to precede all that eventually came, so this applies to resurrection as well. You need the technological, imaginative, constructive source of life, and all its ingredients, including law and organisation and method and substance and thought and its application to a thought-investigable world, just as much for creation as for re-creation: to  start as to remake. 

NEITHER comes from thinking about. Neither creation nor resurrection comes by contemplating it: it requires all the contrivances of knowledge, the power of applied concept and the executive thrust of creative mind, not sourced in nothing, but eternal source of all that anything might be. You end up with what you start with, and if with nothing then nothing; if with the Lord of life and logic, then that as He sees fit to exercise the necessary capacities. It is in fact necessary to know Him to know where you are, not to self-indulge in mystic irrationalism.

You ALWAYS need what it takes. You need its Maker. Crying over spilt life does not restore it. You need to find the CAUSE not only of life, but of its disruption, and to face reality in reason, and so finding the Maker, find out what HIS provision is for resurrection. It is always necessary to be reasonable, not treasonable, rebelling in heart against the facts.



True science is a form of knowledge that abides by test, and disciplines imagination; it does not warble about the self-contradictory and call that science which has no evidence, no force, no results, no evidence as if a mantra, ''THIS IS science!" could make it so (cf. SMR pp. 140ff.).

As in all technology, it requires mentality for formulate, understanding to grasp, ingenuity to conceive, thought to initiate, the harnessing of power to the point to complete. It is futile to evacuate the logical minima from a situation in order to assert oneself or one's fellows or one's ideas. The truth always precedes, just as the Eternal God precedes what possesses the criteria of reason and power, limits and delimitation,  application, form and formulation, rational investigability and consistent operability. None of these things arise from nowhere, in stages or not. The basis is eternally there, or it is nothing, from which comes nothing, and which has neither power nor basis nor result. The chill of the nihil is no thrill, as millions now corpses experienced in the very flesh, treated with the same antipathy to reason and truth, as displayed by the materialistic mysticism which led to it.

So they would like some kind of life, the technological resurrection ? How bathetically pathetic!

Necromancing instead of resurrection, it is a poor ladling of logic from the mind of man, to admit fantasy as a necrotic substitute. On the other hand, small wonder that those who involve themselves as a nil source for their own reason, in which they trust, but which they likewise abort procedurally, should become romancers in the necrotic as well as the despotic.

Thus,  ignoring man and method both, in a system which like the follies of organic evolution, had to fail for lack of laboratory evidence, they stumbled while the cannons rumbled, the rockets soared and hopes fell. Neither of these febrile creatures of undisciplined imagination has produced one scintilla of light, in politics or in life; and what is left is one God who made life, and who left nothing partial or half-formed in its midst, nor is it ever evidentially found. Life suffers no new information to come from nowhere, any more than He who made it, suffered it at the first. You need what it takes to get what you've got, whether logic, validity, verifiability and ... verification. We have it in the one domain which started it, in the biblical presentation, the work of Jesus Christ and the combination of reason, revelation and action, which remains, however blindly the magical is invoked to cover a whole series of begged questions, and smuggled resources which proliferate wildly in all atheism, and its lairs.

Information, a mentally convoluted and sophisticated type of logically-disciplined thought, requires a thought basis at least (JESUS CHRIST, DEFACED,  UNFAZED: BARRISTER OF BLISS Ch. 4). 

It does not come unaided, any more than does a poem, novel or airplane. That is the empirical fact. Facts may be disturbing, and life may seem pleasant to rebels, political, theological or logical; but in the end, it is better to face them, and while you are at it, to face God, and being (admittedly) then outfaced, to find the face He is willing to give to the sinner who having defaced truth in ignorance, seeks life in eternity.

Neither the innovative power in making matter, or life, or resurrection, or applied minds nor the executive facility is to be found without the inordinate co-ordinator, who both invents WHAT is to be co-ordinated, why and how, and to what extent, and then brings it to pass. Having given great gifts to man, He does not obliterate Himself for the sake of human pride, whether the nebulous confusions of nihilistic necromancing or the other romancing such as the foolish flusters of organic evolution evince, themselves confronted with the hierarchically organised structure of life*1.They burst the materialist bonds, but it is only for a philosophic abortion: flesh into spirit, it won't go, like 2 into 1, but in this case, you cannot even get a fraction!

It is very simple, predicted in prospect is the Messiah, retrodicted in coverage the creation, wrought in Person in Christ Jesus, the salvation, and you find in Him, the fulfilment of the divine prototype scripted in the Bible, who having borne the death due to human sin vicariously, broke death in sinless and divine power for ever, so that eternal life, based on His own, might be given to faith in Him (cf. SMR Ch. 6 and The Magnificence of the Messiah). Nothing else*2 is verified and validated of God, from God, both personally and propositionally, but this Christ and this word of God, the Bible; and reason itself can find no outage from the truth.


Flustering about funerals;


clustering about corpses;


necromancing about new types of materialist novels;


fluttering about science*3, mere human knowledge of one type
that consistently denies all romancings and insistently,
when sited in the  rational,
requires the factual God,
who having what it takes, took it and did what was required to create,


flustering about the contradiction of science falsely-so-called
as if in mere imagination, it had its its fulfilment,
and novel writing were endowed as a new science
in a species of romancing which has nothing to do with the rigours of disciplined science,

man in rebellion remains both bloody and bowed. Thus he dwells increasingly in upstart ruin,  seeking his end in a futility which has direct proportion to his denial of his beginning. He is like a baby, who will not learn to cry, and prefers death to admission.

He ? Many repent and are redeemed. May every reader join them.









OF THE GOD OF CREATION AND REDEMPTION Ch. 1 (q.v.), we have this end-note.



See Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, pp.304ff., 290, 280, 302 with 119-125, 131-139.

Among his interesting microbiological points is this (p. 290):


"It is now well established that the pattern of diversity at the molecular level conforms to a highly ordered hierarchic system. Each class at a molecular level is unique, isolated and unlinked by intermediates."

This mathematical marvel, this classical control, this mind-to-matter grooming does not find its cause in the lack of the same, but in the acknowledgment. The mind of the Creator is continually apparent, both in His curse and His creation, and system obtrudes whether in the magnificent design maestro work in flower and plumage of well-dressed birds, or the logical finesse in well-controlled mathematical impress and impact in micro-biology. In all work, of whatever kind, we always look for finesse quality, evidence of attention to detail, of artistic or witty ways showing an abundance of elbow-grease from a non-wandering mind, and evaluate a work accordingly. Is it that at the macro-level man misses fire, like a faulty piston, and back-fires because even in his own mind and logical enterprise, scientistic thought, he has a passion for rebellion ?

What else! The mind is there, the method is there, the practice in other fields is there: it is like a champion batsman who in all things shows his 'class' but when playing England, over decades, he regularly goes out for duck, varied only by sometimes having one of the golden variety, and occasionally of the diamond. A curse causeless does not come!

Thus Gould (in his  Wonderful Life, pp. 46-47) notes with some apparent grief how the tree of assumed development, instead of going from diversities to uniformity, goes from conformity to sub-types, which is a hierarchical, thought- mould operation , where he propounds from the Burgess shale deposits, an initial rush of diversifications, following by REDUCTION and loss of divine types. But why worry about an upside down tree of connections! Obfuscation mingled with consternation as in Gould, is the way out ... but alas out of reason, not of the evidence, which remains implacable, like life in its vitality.

Again Denton (op.  cit.) p. 290, observes:

"One of the most remarkable features of these new biochemical discoveries is undoubtedly the way in which the pattern of molecular diversity seems to correspond to the prediction of typology. With very few exceptions the members of each defined taxa are always equally divergent whenever an outgroup comparison is made"

If, he continues, such information had been available to the creation warriors Agassiz and Owen, then

"the idea of organic evolution might never have been accepted." That is, even granted the stodginess often found in science, as seen in the phlogiston case, to which he compares the organic evolutionary monstrosity (pp. 348-351), the matter was too spectacular to continue as it did. Indeed, in this comparison, he cites Professor Butterfield (p. 351), to the effect that for a considerable time, in the phlogiston case, "able men who had the truth under their very noses, and possessed all the ingredients for the solution of their problem ... were incapacitated by the phlogiston theory from realising the implication of their own work."

That was merely stodginess, and pride, perhaps; but this which faces us now, in the realm of creation has another ingredient, the remorseless renegacy from God which like that from a now divorced former wife, in the first flush of bitterness, may know no reason. ONE failure, ONE misfit in a scientific hypothesis spells disaster. THAT is why science has respect, and why the current organic evolutionary theory has NOTHING to do with science, but is scientistic merely, for its failure in open verification is not only more than one, but numerous, increasing and spectacular (cf. SMR Ch. 2, The gods of naturalism have no go! and Denton, loc. cit.).

As noted in The Bible: Not the Declamations or Distillations of Man Ch. 4:

 What is, works. What works is not micro-biologically sequential in mode, but decisively typed in kind (cf. Denton, op. cit., pp. 304ff., 290, 280, 302). Order and hierarchy are the nature of the impress of authority that accompanies the modalities of the code. Things are categorically grouped, discursively compacted as by an engineering brilliance, using now this and now that feature with a fluency of thought both astonishing and delightful. Happenings are as far from the case, as in any other book, from any other writer, whose rationality and organisation are prominent. It is so except in this, that the divine creation vastly surpasses all other comparisons in terms of the creativity of man.



See for example










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