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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson




Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

July 2004

ISBN 0 9752175 3 4







This world whirs. It is bustling along. It does not appear to have much time; it is in a hurry. The Sahara has got the creeps, moving along with its lethal agricultural ennui, the rains lash, the earthquakes tremble, the passions mount like emotional tsunamis, false religions bask in the sun in the case of many sects, supported by the fearful whom they can manipulate in many cases, even in some unexpected cases - tithe or be cursed ... while politicians seem the more remarkable, if in any substantial power, if not corrupt, and embezzlements seem all but a way of life, becoming nearer perhaps for many to the norm of acceptability, as a necessary price for competence.

Meanwhile golden hand-shakes abound, even apparently for some who manage while companies fail or fall for billions in unfortunate losses, governments pay huge salaries to those who perform but sparingly, on the mistaken theory that since the most remarkable in private life often receive much, therefore to 'lure' them you must pay the astronomical and hope for the best. Great contracts are formed, millions are sequestered, and smiles abound for a little while.

The concept of service, integrity, virtue, modesty, reasonableness, it seems lost in the mist of must. This must is twofold. Firstly it is the moral must of forsaken principles, sodden standards, missing vision, that moulds its way into many of the traditional mouldings of life in various degrees of rottenness; secondly, it is the obsession with activistic dynamisms, which like Hitler, tend to fall after a while, being founded in sand. Utilities here are often privatised, so that more can be spent, and more problems arise, while funds, missing in this State now for decades after a real estate fiasco in which the Government was implicated through some measure of participation, left a few billion missing.

In Victoria, freedom seems to be growing not a little  into an object of mirth, as feelings feel their way into principle, and liberty is lost in the frenzy of multi-cultural substitutes for truth, as if being innocuous were the same as true, or being a pallid substitute for manhood could become a pap for profit (cf.  NEWS 156,  Galloping Events 7, esp. *2 - political, religious and educational liberty, on which also see  DIAMOND† 10).

Extravanganzas are becoming more a thing of the Age than merely of the stage, and bonanzas for quick profit seem to have the appearance of national crops, more than oddments and figments of the exceedingly adventurous or obviously foolish.

The Middle East is any man's target, since God has a stake there, where He has ANNOUNCED His will and DONE IT in all the stages specified, except the last, the massive conversion back to Christ within Israel, which waits, like an actor in the wings, ready for instant call. We have looked at this often, and in verse in It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls  Ch. 7, as in history, for example op. cit. Ch.   1,  11. Man loves to meddle where God has spoken, has from the first, in Eden (Genesis 3:5), when the concept of BEING LIKE GOD, in seniority, authority or wisdom, in his own right, made him wrong at the outset, though not before he had been shown, as now, what is right.

A little verse might lighten it, or bring shadow to the colours.

In this volume, then, we shall plan DV to be contrasting the disquieting splashings of energy without wisdom, with the quieter recesses of divinely accorded wisdom, and pondering the place of man on this planet, as it whirs its way to the Eternal Day which for some is one of delicious delight, at last with the Lord manifestly, whom one has served for long in the kingdom of heaven, and for others, the revelation of darkness which having been followed, has only its grossness to present.


Chapter 1



A Short Allegory where an insect-animal consortium of comrades
ponders things international


News 313

The Advertiser, June 11, 2004


Chapter 2


News 318

The Australian, June 12-13


Chapter  3

What is coming home to roost in Russia ?

Not so cordial disputing between

Putin and Khodorkovsky

News 314

The Globe and Mail, Canada, June 19, 2004


Chapter  4





Job 38 with reference to 34:29-33 and much more
that is kind in the sphere of the word of God


Chapter 5

The Sandcastle Kingdom and the Kingdom in More than Name

Europe Gropes without God, but will Find what is is looking for, all too soon!

AGI on line (Italy on Line), June 23, 2004, EU Business, May 27,
Guardian Unlimited, May 25, et al.



Chapter 6

The Thoughts of His Heart

Not the Extravanganzas which going beyond,

Arrive Nowhere