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NEWS 156

Salt-Shakers, June 2001
The Victorian Era ? in the Twenty First ?
The NEW Victorian Era
Victoria with Tears


Part I


Is it possible ?

Victoria, that centre of thought and study, of a certain spirit of liberty, of thrust and bounding enterprise should fall into this study of repression, this spirit of servitude, this social squalor, these brackish waters of rotting reeds, and exaggerated needs, this swamp of willingly accepted thought police, speech police, determining in your very HOME.

What, in your home ? That is the report. The gracious governmental word is that there is no prohibition on free speech in the home, on religion or race, PROVIDED THAT ... But we will come to that. It is a question of WHETHER or not you should have known that what you said might, just might be HEARD by SOME ONE who might not like it! In that case, of course, while an Englishman's home may have been his castle, a Meburnian's home is in peril of becoming his access to chains. One speaks metaphorically: it is not certain that chains would be used on you when you would go to prison for speaking your mind in your own home, to be sure. That is merely possible. What is more likely unless this Bill be changed (again) is this: that the metaphor will have this much of reality, that it will MEAN prison.

Perhaps that does not concern the gentle reader ? If not, try Victoria. But you ARE in
Victoria ?Then one would suggest that you try DOING something before it is too late. One speaks paramountly to the Christian; but it could affect the non-Christian, in making it, in due course, harder for him/her to hear the Gospel and all its detail and splendour (cf. *1 below).

WHY ? Why should someone whose ancestors did not even arrive in Victoria until 1841, like this author, why should he care ? If they started a farming community does that give him licence to be concerned at this calamitous debacle, so near to enactment ? Of course not! It is because of CHRIST that the warning is given. If this monstrous diminution of liberty occurs, as it appears now, there is a prospect of BIBLICAL speech being invasible and legally assessible in your own home; and the Bible, it is as far removed from these conditions as the mountain is from the ditch.

Has Australia sunk so low that this sort of permission to exercise the pharynx is to be sought in courts of law, in political onrushes, by special privilege, that perhaps you MAY in religious settings, be permitted to expose things which, as might it appear that some, in the field of race or religion, are in a certain affair of revulsion, or distaste, or have relationship with what is in fact contemptible or subject to grave rejection without dignity and flavour*1 ? You MAY. However, if you are ADDRESSING in a sermon, or making an approach to someone, then the PRESENT form of the Bill as exposed in Salt Shakers for June, does not appear to cover you.

You MAY perhaps, by a certain ... flair of courtesy, be permitted ... it MAY be overlooked, but legally it is hard to see that you would have the slightest chance. It says religious DEBATE and DISCUSSION are exempted (but it is near disaster that they even NEED exemption, as if the licence terms could be changed at the whisk of a whiskey). A sermon is NOT discussion, and speaking to some one is per se NOT debate. Thus in public, that dreadful place, even more exposed than the now invaded home, you have no stated liberty at all to speak to someone in such a field if there is any thought that the outcome might, irrespective of your motive, be so addressed.

It used to be said, GO CRITIC, that ART MAY LIVE. Now it is rather, GO ART, that the critic may live. More, Christ on this ground would very possibly and even probably be arrested*1 in Victoria, if this ludicrous formulation is accepted. HE in Matthew 23 without any noticeable DISCUSSION or DEBATE simply TOLD of certain leavens, certain sorts of believer-systems, such as Pharisaism, certain things which exposed them to ridicule, to mockery and contempt, indeed to everlasting contempt. It lingers to this day! (cf. Mark 7:7!).


Now here there is a distinction. In the law of oppression in view in Victoria*2, the Bill currently being more and more advanced towards the precipice of willingly accepted slavery, there IS the reference to PERSONS. This is NOT the same as principles, parties and points of view, or as religions. Religions are usually not persons but rather principles, doctrines and practices, their practitioners and above all, their focus in faith, the objective basis in God.

Yet one could readily see the point being made, albeit illogically, that if it is a PRINCIPLE which a PERSON HOLDS which is being exposed in this summary way, as the prophets and Christ in particular so often and so freely did, then this reflects on the person. Of course it does, but it does not mean that the PERSON IS what the religion is, or that the criticism is automatically levelled at the individual. That depends. The person, unlike the formulation of the basic character of a given religion, in nearly all cases, MAY move, MAY see the error, MAY not be so wedded and welded and melded and conjoined to his religion or this or that aspect of it, that an appeal to him to forsake the evil and pursue the good has no chance of success.

That is one of the fallacies of all this sort of mean-minded confusion which condemns as an insult, that which is directed as an argument. IF the argument is sound, and IF the person is sound, then the PERSON MAY elect to HEED the argument. IF NOT, then indeed, because of this failure, an essential unsoundness may be exposed, experimentally in the person concerned. It is not however the argument on PRINCIPLE which does this; it is its irrational rejection. That may or may not result from the argument; and further, it may result at first, or at the last. That speaks for itself. However, the logic is not altered by irrelevant arguments ad hominem, which try to personalise the propositions and so escape.

Fallacy though this is, it is far from certain that this well-trod dirt track might not be trodden in Victoria. The current grand scale of self-protection from slight becomes no slight thing, and so the exaggeration which though breaking logic, may also put someone in prison is merely a shadow of integrity away; and logical integrity is not so famed that it can be relied on, even in many courts, to be respected.

For some indeed, there is an explicit and conscious component in judgment, and it is very near to this: that CULTURE IS KING. IF it is felt, the argument would run and has run in some circles, that NOW the people would really MEAN or want or discern or feel this or that or the other, then the law needs to be interpreted in the light (or darkness) of such a change! Incredible as this may sound, it is not unknown, and where it is not accepted, it is far from certain that it will not unconsciously influence judgment. What the 'community' is deemed to want can become SO important in the minds of those who are statistically minded, and have lost all sight of God, objectively and assuredly (cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch. 5, The Frantic Millenium and the Peace of Faith Ch. 7).

Quite apart from this, or in conjunct ion with it, the DISCERNMENT of some legal pundit may be enough to elect to detect something personal and so to prison and fines.

Now IF it were said that not only religious debate, or discussion, but things personally and individually addressed or in sermons, that both doctrinal presentations and defences were exempt, then we would be far nearer to something which, if juvenile in its thin-skinned self-protection (always perilously close to disaster in its forlorn pride of self) , would at least fall somewhat short of self-enslavement. That is not at all apparent however in the present form of the Bill as quoted. The intrusion would still be categorical and perilous, but not at this stage, final.

If however, the law came and it now appears to be in the Bill format, under review and being readied, then it appears clearly to represent such an oppression of free speech, that one would be obliged to  ask a question of some importance.


That question ?

Was it then that

  • the courage and character and determination,
  • the sacrifices and the glint of perception ,
  • and the faith in the mercy of God Almighty in many,
  • which repelled Hitler and the rising sun,
  • which worked in the arms, the muscles, the minds of thousands who laboured in World War II,
  • or in the scientific research in New Mexico,

  • was labour in the end, in vain for this land ?

Is it now WILLINGLY to subvert itself ?

Is what stood in the tornado, now to fall in the zephyr ? Is what did not fall when chasms opened in the ground, not to now down on a level field, for want of heart and understanding ? Is the heart quite gone ? Is it then replaced by another ?

And it is now freely to  bow to this artful shrine of contemptible defilement of liberty ? Is this Victoria, one a place of contest and competition, of address and vigour, to become a mental slave camp, a spiritual prison, a linguistic lagoon, with the crocodiles of contemptible jaws grabbing what money they can, and imprisoning those too close in the grinding department ? It is a question which needs to be asked before the answer sheet spells ruin, ridicule for those too keen to protect their dignity, and too loth to consider that of Christ, of the truth, of liberty, of the very image of God in man!

Such littleness is surely for Lilliput, and such poverty of mind for the mental assassins of the French Revolution, where, as Dickens advised us, the sharp tongue of Madame Guillotine was so active, cutting later where words first jabbed; but here, unmanned and demoralised are people to CONFORM to the NORM of sparing truth in the interests of avoiding prison and poverty ? or are the lovers of truth to be imprisoned while the mute rule with robust salaries and great honour in the midst of their re-education programs, their fiddling tininess of spirit and their fear of freedom! Was a war won in blood that it might be lost in indolence ?

Already slander and libel have their covers; and these ridiculous extensions of normal care in speech into social dictatorship represent an arrogance as asinine as it is understandable, the fall of liberty in the tearing maw of agnosticism, or worse, sure knowledge that nothing can be known, so that nothing should be said which causes waves. Truth dies, and justice then fallen in the streets, as in Isaiah 59. We have seen often before the logical confusion and spiritual contusion of such contradictory propositions (cf. SMR pp. 374ff., Barbs, Arrows and Balms  6 and  7, Repent or Perish Chs. 2 and 7 , Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Ch. 16, Ch. 8, Acme, Alpha and Omega Ch. 9, The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 8, Benevolent Brightness or Brothy Bane 68, With Heart and Soul, Mind and Strength Ch. 11, esp. *1, Little Things Ch. 5, and so on).

Farewell Victoria, if this passes - unless miracle intervene; for your character is being assassinated, and your liberty set in the grave. Knowledgeably tied to ignorance, in such works as these, you forsake truth for its mirage. There is NO peace for the wicked, says Isaiah 57; and how COULD there be, if truth is made subject to utility, reality to futility, and fact licensed, to be domineered by feelings! Feelings have value; but not as a substitute for their basis, in God, or their point, in truth. If this Bill then goes forward as it is, it is uncertain if Victoria will ever arise, until the Lord comes.  To be sure, there have been other calamities among the States and the nations, but does this lessen each successive discharge ? Dictatorship of thought of this character is not readily removed, once its vicious and muddled waters drench the land, wet its foundations and bring polluted waters to the cities.

The darkness of setting day,  can be very dark and even menacing :
the arising of Christ comes into a gloom of evil,
reminiscent of that which faced
Israel (Isaiah 8:21-22),
with Edomite King and corrupted High Priesthood, before the Incarnation.

Now the Gentile world is facing no small darkness as Christ's coming draws near,
precisely as predicted (Matthew 24:12,22).

How often the situation is mirrored, then and now!

Part 2

As the Stick is Bent

There is just one more aspect to consider. It is this.

It is this very all but inconceivable quality of the development in Victoria, and its direction, which fulfils vastly and proportionately, the Biblical prediction of

       a) the rancorous spirit of development foreknown and pre-announced (around two millenia ago, and more) for the end of our Age.

       b) an obstructive blindness, with

       c) a distorted dynamic,

       d) a this-worldly thrust, ignorant of God and

       e) an increasing amassing of the dignities of God, for man, but in name only, without the power or wisdom.

So does the ancient word find application in the modern event!

Indeed, with the United Nations together with many of the illusions of the unenlightenment, moving in the same direction*3 , and many churches, sound of yore but this no more*4 , and the various unity movements*5 that omit God directly, or betray His word, this forms precisely that composite predicted. You see it in I Timothy 4, II Timothy 3, II Peter 2, II Thessalonians 2, Revelation 12-13, 17-19, in Daniel 7 and 12, in Isaiah 2, 24, 59, for example. Next step of shining impact: Christ returns (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 8). That, however, it is like the dawn, or rather like a noon which intervenes amidst the sleeping darkness of the night (cf. Matthew 24:45ff., 25:1-13)!

When, thus,  there comes a spirit of delusion, illusion, confusion, of contusion of the past with the debased febrilities of the present, coming after long tolerances of much evil as often attested here: it is not for nothing, and not at all after nothing (cf. II Thessalonians 2:9-10). Long have been the ingredients of theological betrayal in major churches, till the Presbyterian Church of Australia did not noticeably break off relations with the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand when the latter categorically stated that it simply did not MATTER whether the bodily resurrection was affirmed or not, concerning Jesus Christ*6. PAUL was concerned to the uttermost about circumcision and its implications (Galatians 2:5), but here the very resurrection of the body of Christ was made like power steering, an optional extra, and this wholly corruptive departure from doctrine and reason was permitted, while across the Tasman in the Australian sister, there was was no disruption of the relationship!

This was a major result of a major cause which had been at work for an entire generation in Australia itself! Nor is this more declarative of decline than the Anglican Primate's word on the lack of need to go through Christ to the Father!

Nor does it greatly advance on the Lutheran rapprochement with Rome re justification by faith. It is all of one mould, predicted, imperious and accepted, where not long before, it would have been regarded as readily dismissible, for the betrayal of the word of the Lord so certainly represented! (See on Church movements astray, *4 below, and Ancient Words : Modern Deeds Ch. 9 and Ch. 10. These movements are often found to be a pseudo-holy aping of the antics of unbelief found invasively while the fashion lasts, this way or that, in academia; and some of the types of intrusive forces are noted in Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 9, as in Acme, Alpha and Omega Ch. 9, Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 8 and News, Facts and Forecasts Ch. 8.)

Apart from the collusion to varying degrees with the fanciful irrationalities of ever moving, never satisfied, mutually destructive philosophies, some major denominations tended to make some idols of their own in such realms as neo-orthodoxy, a leaven or teaching unethical as well in this, that it re-defined ancient terms so creating confusion, like a smoke screen. Likewise and earlier, there had been a similar measure of abandonment in the antiquated old Liberalism, with its presumptions in place of mere assumptions, falsified so routinely by archeology (cf. SMR 68ff., 377-378, 712ff., 1004-1007, 1180-1181, 1185-1186C) that it became a sort of waiting game to see if the next philosophical diversion from truth could be made up, before this one was so obviously discredited that the forces of waywardness would have no residual appearance with which to cover. It is in this very much like evolutionism, forever devoid of facts, always looking for theoretical ways of avoiding this fact, and never finding any rest.

Post-modernism's most understandable spirit of discord, discontent and varying stages of cynical indifferentism seems at times to infect neo-evangelicalism, which is full of words of accord, and concord, but empties these on the pavements of sin when the junta of conformity exercises its powers; and again and again, what is true may be mouthed, or partly mouthed, but then in the incisive reality of such fields as separation Biblically, or creation, it falls (cf. The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 7, Answers to Questions Ch. 8, News, Facts and Forecasts 10 - News 118).

This post-modernistic spirit of derelict drift, the dream of the dispossessed who seem almost to be willing to 'try anything' where nothing works (cf. With Heart and Soul, Mind and Strength Ch. 11, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch. 6) has considerable outreach, then, into many fields, readying man for that time when amid appalling rebukes from the Lord as in Revelation 9, he will NOT, repeat NOT, repent.

The diseases of disintegration have raged long. Death arises to consume. It was to be. It is.

As to those who are caught up in such things, the word comes, whether the stimulus be in S.A. or Victoria, in California, in Moscow or China:

  • "Awake you who sleep,
  • Arise from the dead,
  • And Christ will give you light" -

Ephesians 5:14.

The tediously bureaucratic invasions of mankind are only one of many outrageous oddities, ungallant and ignoble castigations which sin has produced. It is this which opens the door, and these things enter, be they church corruptions or State irruptions. It is for the heart of man to come as suppliant of mercy, to that only Rock and protection which is infallible, adequate and total, divinely authorised and humanly capacious, Jesus Christ the righteous, and Prince of Life (Psalm 62:1-3, Isaiah 26:1-4, Acts 3:14-15, 4:11-12).

With spirit vulnerable through non-repentance, and heart open to pagan fires, sad and grievous is the plight of man. Yet for the time, with Christ still present as Saviour, by  His word and Spirit, noble and gracious is the path to which He calls. Happy is the man, the woman or the child who finds it while it is still available (Isaiah 55).  Praise is for Him who provides it! As the former of spirits, He knows what is required (Jeremiah 17:5-14, Isaiah 11:10, Amos 4:13, Jeremiah 23:26-28, Matthew 11:28-30, John 4:14).

It was in the spirit of man that the atomic bomb 'arose', with keen intelligence and acute and sophisticated knowledge of the world of symbols and scenarios. It was the desire for liberty, another phenomenon of the invisible*7,  that drove many to help. It was detestation of the brutality of slavery, a further discernment of spirit,  which drew from many, sacrifices and zeal that in the grace of God, overcame it in England and the United States.

All these were invisible in kind, but effectual in drawing. There is power which comes from the mind of a man, who makes guns long before it can arrive at the guns which man makes; and the spirit of a man is inventive when it comes to disasters to his spirit. Indeed, the mind of man is resiliently related to his spirit, which discerns and decides; and the whole is necessarily a product of the maker of minds, matter and spirit (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7 SMR Chs. 1, 2, 3). To this One it must relate; and the more presumptuous, intrusive and intoxicated with itself it is without it, the more appalling the result.

As to God, it is He who can forward or baulk (Isaiah 14:27), and does so; it is He who proclaims (Amos 3:7, 4:1,14), and does as He has proclaimed (Isaiah 44:24-45:11).  It is He who laughs at presumptions of power because of assumptions of means! (Psalm 2). People who try to corner
the human spirit with their currencies of little powers are merely trying to turn things upside down (Isaiah 5:18-23); but it is they who will in the end be turned upside down, and the castigation is appalling. It is a fierce exposure to the denizens of darkness when the bright light of truth is no longer available with shutters (I Thessalonians 1, I Timothy 6:16).

Thus we read in Isaiah 5:19ff.:

  • "Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope;

Who say, Let Him make speed, and hasten His work,
that we may see it:
and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw near and  come,
that we may know it!

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight."

It is in the spirit of man that now repentance must occur, so that with zeal and keenness of mind, with heart and soul, the way of the Creator may be followed in the grace of the Redeemer. Omission of this logically necessary and duly verified, solely valid answer is not conducive to peace, righteousness or justice (cf. TMR Ch. 7, SMR pp. 582ff., Biblical Blessings Ch. 13, Benevolent Brightness or Brothy Bane 82, Pall of Smoke and Diamond of Joy Ch. 10, Licence for Liberty Ch.  5, Divine Agenda Ch. 6, Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Chs.  3  4 (News 97, 98).

The ironies of blundering State bureaucratic belligerence, playing God without the power, the wisdom or the knowledge to create man, what does it resemble ? It is like a child trying to rule men; but it is far worse. Indeed, as Christ showed that ruler of the Jews, Nicodemus, the work of secularist sovereignty in spiritual spheres, with or without religious overtones, is that of the UNBORN, trying to teach! The sheer ludicrousness of the imagery is profound! It is so horrendous that from this alone can be seen to follow the history of government, where men without God, imagining or not that they have Him, but not held by Him, have littered the earth with licence that is not lovely. (Cf. Licence for Liberty Ch. 6.)

The case of Nicodemus is doubly illustrative, since there were significant signs that HE DID REPENT! A teacher teaching without truth! that would be a monstrosity; though it is of course in fact exceedingly common in the spiritual domain and those many that are related, as Christ's words attested and practical history repeatedly confirms (cf. Luke 11:52). That Nicodemus had a measure of authority is clear (John 3:1, 7:32,45-51), yes  even with the enclave who could send soldiers (like police in the result!) to non-conformists. It is, then, not unlike the case in Victoria where you could be placed ... in retention, more boldly, then, in prison by police for 6 months, for not conforming to the artifices of men, made into unlovely law: insidious, invidious and invasive over the spiritual duties of man.

If however Nicodemus came to see the light (and part of that light is lowliness before God, and courage on His behalf), it was as the exception. Christ was taken by the tender hands of Jew and Gentile alike, the former urging, the latter, if reluctantly, willing. So they wrapped it up: providing ruin for the nation. despite Nicodemus, despite Gamaliel, alight with sententious, blind, self-preserving folly (John 11:50ff.), that would soon in the ironic and exposing justice of God, denude the presumptuous city in utter destruction.

Saved for ruin, they were the very type of the contemporary soul which saves its life, as if bewitched, for the express result, if not purpose, of losing it! (Matthew 16:25). States are not exempt! It is not only men but nations which are judged (Acts 17:26-27, Luke 19:42ff., Jeremiah 25). Than judgment, mercy is better; and in mercy, it is good to be merciful, for Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy! As for those all-consumed with knowledge, and empty of truth, who lay it down what must be without first finding what is, with what measure they measure, it will be measured again to them!

That is only one reason why it will be a grievous day for Victoria, a perilous one for all,  if this invasion of virtue and declaration without knowledge and what requires it, is forced with arbitrary irrationality and ungracious self-assurance, upon the people. (See TMR Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 3 and pp. 361ff., 374ff..)


The words are these:

  • "A person must not, on the ground of the religious belief or activity (or race) of another person or class of persons, engage in conduct that incites hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of (sic), that other person or class of persons."

(See Salt-Shakers June 2001, p. 12.)



Incidentally, this too well - if a correct citation, expressed what the author has for long said of the decadence in the use of our language which decades of grammatical de-emphasis in schools has advanced. Contempt for or revulsion from ... is what the language requires. You do not have 'revulsion of...' Perhaps, then, as grammatical purity declines, so its decline ushers in the expression of political decline. Perhaps it is that here, standards fall if not in concert and unison, then in some measure of sequence ?

However, the more immediate point is this. It appears that this ill-used term 'revulsion' has been added to the text of the NSW clauses, in  its racial vilification bill, on which to some extent it is held that this Bill in Victoria is modelled.

It is an interesting addition, this. Christ showed and incited revulsion from the Pharisaical creed and method and tradition and manner in Matthew 23. His words could scarcely be advanced in exposure to contempt! They are perhaps the most potent here in the language, for their very chasteness of manner coupled with their exposure of the spiritual ignominy of those who misused the truth in its name, like parts of proper radioactive materials when joined, produced a critical mass that exploded into the very hearts! IF the Victorian concept of a "class of persons" were used here, and IF the concept was that speaking of a leaven, or ideology constituted an attack on the class of persons who held it (quite illegitimately, but as might be put,  in the personal-principle muddle which so often surfaces), then CHRIST WOULD BE PUT IN PRISON in Victoria, if He were to have operated there!

This would appear the case IF this Bill in its present form should pass!

Christ in fact, with His characteristic precision, spoke of the "leaven of the Pharisees" (Mark 8:15), and told His disciples to "beware" of it! 'Serious contempt' ? Ah!

Further, in Matthew 23, we find this, that He actually declared "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men, for neither do you go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in." This does not state that ALL of them were like this; but it assuredly implies that this was CHARACTERISTIC conduct for this ideologically defined class of persons. Exceptions would not dim the light of exposure, but they would of course have to show their exceptional character by being at odds, as in the case of Gamaliel (Acts 5:34-42), or in that of Nicodemus (John 3 with 19:38-39).

IF THEN Christ were to be put in prison, if the various roles were adjusted and the time made right, in Victoria, how illustrative that would be ? Of what ? It is at times like these that it is perhaps better for the reader himself/herself to think it through...

You muzzle dogs because they bite; but when you try it in the case of humans, you run the exceedingly great danger, for such use of arbitrary, ethically floating power, of become not merely dehumanised yourself, but inflicting such a thing on others ... as Christ said of some, of not only not entering in yourself, but hindering those who would. (Cf. Galloping Events Ch. 7, The Other News 19, SMR pp. 374ff,.)

For more on this topic and legislation in Victoria concerning it, see Galloping Events Ch. 7, End-Note *2, which gives review of earlier developments.

See Galloping Events Ch. 7, The Other News Appendix  I, It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls... Ch. 5, Ch. 11, Acme, Alpha and Omega Chs.  3  and  9, A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-3, 8.


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