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June 2001

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There is room in the modern world for the ancient. There is often found in it a desire to preserve species. This is not the vital point. There is desire to preserve important buildings of the past, or landscape in its integrity or purity, unpolluted by human intervention for mere pleasure. This also though useful, is not the crucial issue. There is thought about ancient monuments, sunken cities of the Mediterranean, and statues of so-called gods. But this is not what counts. The only God there is has no susceptibility to being cast as a statue, being invisible in nature; and the gods who are not there, being mere foolish inventions, are nothing to conserve!

What does matter is the ANCIENT word of the ANCIENT OF DAYS, which is one of His titles in the Bible (Daniel 7:13), the demonstrable only writing authorised in the name of God for the conduct and faith of man (SMR).

There are three respects in which these ancient words, this conspicuous revelation  matters and indeed is vital in terms of MODERN DEEDS,  to which one would like to direct the mind of the reader.

1)It directs their scenario. That is one function of the Bible. We have considered this often, and in considerable detail, as in Divine Agenda, Galloping Events, Pall of Smoke and Diamond of Joy, SMR Chs.  8 and  9, Joyful Jottings and so on.

It is valuable to be aware of what is coming, as when a tornado warning is given in the USA, and the people are evacuated, measures taken; or, as on the other side, when opportunity comes, and people use it before it is gone, consolidating forests in case their removal brings catastrophe, and using needs for paper in conjunction with replacement procedures, while time permits, before evil comes. Thus good is wrought and excellence achieved, while it may be.

It enables one to be prepared, to ponder, to consider, to bring action to need, and suitable action to dire need.

Since the word of God directs the scenario of events, it is well to be aware of it, prepared through it and to take action in accord with it; while equally, to avoid contrary action which merely brings disaster in dis-faith (q.v.).

2) These ancient words, the word of God to man, the Bible: they give ancient wisdom, modern wisdom, wisdom in eternal proportions, inspiring wisdom, inspired wisdom, the wisdom of the Creator, the wisdom of the Redeemer, the wisdom of eternity from its King, whose it is and who has made man in that invention, space and time, as a passing format, yet one with eternal results (Ecclesiastes 11-12, John 3:19-36). Here is both fountain and foundation of wisdom, its principles spotlighted, its ways exhibited, its peace attested, its power presented, its privileges shared. FOR modern deeds, this is essential, lest wavering or misled, the principles, priorities and procedures employed help destroy the world, rape its peace or commit incest with its creatureliness, with man seeking for the paths of life in the mere presence and face of Nature,  where life is not to be found, and looking to the things made, as if this realm were to be worshipped as provider, instead of partner.

There  is nothing of wisdom in that. What it is, is to be found in the book through His Spirit by those who, having received Him in repentance and faith, are His. It is then a matter of growth and understanding, a joy to life and a development of spiritual strength where it is to be found (cf. II Peter 3:18, Isaiah 40:26ff.). In Him, and through His word, you grow in the format specified; and the athleticism which lasts, can be sought!

3) These ancient divulgements, these pronouncements of God, they give courage and develop character in the presence of a world in the grip of moral ague, increasing plagues, spiritual death and actual disaster with ever-increasing dynamics of misused power, and pulped prowess, as man counters man with madness, in a cyclotron induced acceleration of woe. They are needed, for those who have FOLLOWED them to Christ!

As to this, John 5:39-40 gives the point - the words are to be USED, their advice ACCEPTED, their focus FOUND - they are not like antibiotics to be left on the mantelpiece, for they are to be TAKEN PERSONALLY at the outset.

The Holy Bible, New King James Version, (Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc.) 1982.

It is God whom you worship; it is His word which leads you to Him, being His.

The authorised word of God induces an awareness of proportions in things, magnitudes and marvels, so that one may (comparatively) unhesitatingly, and certainly only with due thought for His counsel and will, act in the maelstrom, and find the vigour and virtue necessary to labour for His purposes, who alone IS good, all the rest being derivative and conferred.

For courage, character and conduct, for feats and feasts of kindness and concern in truth, compassion with wisdom, these, His words are needed for life (Barbs, Arrows and Balms  25). Things need building, the church needs vision (cf. op.cit.  21), the kingdom is available NOW and it should be lived in NOW, with current deeds, not merely those of the past; while those of the past inspire in due harmony (cf. The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 2). The word does not change; but it needs living exhibits!

Hebrews 11 starts the list; but it continues! Read it, and rejoice.

A book could doubtless be written readily on no other topic than this: WHY and HOW ancient written words, when and ONLY when they are those of God to mankind, the Bible, are to be known, used and understood for and in MODERN DEEDS! God can reveal Himself of course as He will, but as shown in SMR Appendix D and elsewhere, it is ONLY in the Bible that His WRITTEN word is authorised to mankind, just as ONLY in the Lord Jesus Christ,  is the divine donor of pardon, the prince of God (Isaiah 9:6-7, Acts 3:15), His expression definitive and eternal, to be found for all or any of mankind; for He is the Lord of glory, God manifest in the flesh, of equal honour with the Father. All this is His,  not by insurgency but by Himself being increate, God Himself, God expressive and expressed (Isaiah 48:16, Philippians 2, Johh 5:19-23, 17:1ff., Revelation 2:8-9, Isaiah 44:6).

Since then, there is only ONE God, what more follows serenely and clearly ?

4) These ancient words need to be revered in modern times, used in them, are more valuable than a golf ball to the golfer, arms to the solider, fertiliser to impoverished nations in stark famine, as the ONLY line of comprehension, the FULL composure of divulgement and the FAVOURED place of blessedness for those who finding them in Christ, and Christ in them, use them for vitality and virtue, spiritual power, finding in them moral majesty and continual grace. Here are the PROMISES of God, and these are JUST AS APPLICABLE today, as of yore. By these, the divine nature can be found for the love of it is great, and the power to be conformed is available, so that neither the world within nor the world without can subdue the Christian to its will, by any power of its own (II Peter 1). Here then is the MISSING LINK, that of man to God.

For it is not in the brilliance of past productions of God that peace and knowledge, morality and wonder is to be found, for each of these has its purpose and man has his (cf. Scoop of the Universe  52, 44, Little Things Ch.   7, Licence for Liberty Ch.  4,  Benevolent Brightness or Brothy Bane 74, 82, 87, News, Facts and Forecasts122). These are discrete entities, made by the divine discretion. It is however in Christ is God to be found, for He as God came to man to bring him to God.

Without this, then, man is like someone without lungs, or a Siamese pair of twins without a healthy heart between them, an august failure, a noble decease, a living inferno, life by a volcano spewing its sulphur and its ash; and where he is complacent, what is he then ? Without Christ, he is then like a man falling to the earth over a precipice, rejoicing in the view, the fresh air and the kinesthetic, epidermal or ecstatic sensations you get in the fall, without regard to the NATURE OF HIS CASE, or the certain destiny of his actions. A parachute is provided; but it has to be used!

Ancient words are equipped for modern deeds; and they are NECESSARY also!

What then does it say (Hebrews 2:1-10):

The Holy Bible, New King James Version, (Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc.) 1982.

Christ tasted death for everyone, but alas, many do not follow Him, and do not accept that taste which exhibited its nature and is vital enough to confer life on any. Hence without taste for Him, they view with rejection or at least some distaste, that taste, having the taste of what they much prefer in their mouths. What was done ON THEIR BEHALF, like the provision of a cheque for someone, has never any efficacy, nor are they then covered who so reject it, for it never comes to be in their place. The celestial account makes no disbursement for those who tear up the opportunity.

That place, they zealously keep for themselves! (John 8:24, I John 2:2 - in this and Hebrews 2:9, the Greek term translated  'for', is uper, which does of itself not signify the effectuality but the provision). As we put it, His sacrifice was SUFFICIENT for all, but EFFICIENT for those who receive it, and the payment was ADEQUATE for all, but received only by those who, through His grace,  thereby make it applicable (John 1:12).

As to those for whom Christ IS the ransom, they are said to be "MANY" (cf. Matthew 26:28, 20:28, Isaiah 53:10-11), and this is the usage to be followed advisedly; for as to those for whom He is actually "delivered up", as the One who actually covers for the others, these statedly have "all things" and are already assured of their celestial brother's provision for them (Romans 8:32). These are the ones who in fact "are healed" as Isaiah 53 declares.

"WE" are healed, and "on Him was laid the iniquity of US all" (cap. added). These are those for whom His stripes are in practice, the bearing of their punitive justice. That is effectuality, that is action, that is change, that is something actually wrought, that is marriage, not engagement, commitment, not inspection, sacrificial purgation, not spiritual invitation; payment, not provision.

That, then, it  is another matter, and a glorious one. Indeed, that is the practical difference: for all people,  the bridge is up, and as to some, they cross it! It has been provided for all; its use is limited to some. None is excluded; and many are they who use it; but more do not find it to their taste.

There is no waste; for even one, such a marvel is infinite in value! It satisfies the love of God, who IS infinite.

But are you among them ? Only by your refusal can you avoid the missing link, that between yourself and God, in Christ. It is not missing objectively, but subjectively, if you have not received what He offers, Himself your salvation, His regeneration your completion by restoration and divine acceptance, His washing as your hygiene, His power as your provision (Ephesians 1:19, Titus 3:5ff.). It is the link through the Lord with your God which is missing: He is to be found, but are you!

If you WANT it, take it; if you do not want it, then rejoice in your lot and be glad in your 'decision' which will ensure that you and God remain enemies, despite provisions so ample, so just (Romans 3:23ff., John 3:19ff.) and so wonderful, in the conception that you are superior to it all, above it (Hosea 4:6); while in fact you are then not to be found among the just (cf. Psalm1), who are equally, the justified, for in justice they are accredited, through His ransom; and with His righteousness (II Cor. 5:19-21) in it, it is joy to the just to do justice (Proverbs 21:15). They are not perfect; only Christ is that: but that on grounded and founded in Him, and on their way to His (Philippians 3:12ff).

How does Paul put this:

"Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.

"Brethren, I do not count myself to have aprpehended, but one thing I do, forgetting those thign which are behind and reaching forward to those thing which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. "

Yet you may say, I am not good enough! Ah joy exquisite, to hear such realism! Of course NONE of us is anywhere NEAR good enough! WHO is or possibly could be good enough for GOD! who could compare with Christ, in power, purity or majesty and pronouncement on flesh, nature and history ? Man is man and God is God, and when God becomes man we see the distinction in our own format! Good enough ? Far from it: so then repent of sin and receive the salvation which is EXPLICITLY and EXPRESSLY generated in Christ BECAUSE HE IS GOOD ENOUGH, and taking the rap (Galatians 3:1-13, John 1:12), and experiencing justly the solitary pollution of sin (I Peter 3:18), without joining it, He accepted its guilt without being responsible for it. Then, if you have so received Him in faith,  rejoice, you are His, and God is yours and you are God's children

( I John 3:1ff., I Cor. 3:23, Romans 8:16).

NOW is the time for MANY current events, and this is but an example: ONE OF THEM!

That God KNEW who are His before all time, and so acted, is all one, being of one (Ephesians 1:4,  Hebrews 2:11-14). In His love, for He is love (I John 4:7ff.), trust; in His power, act (Ephesians 1:19), in His wisdom grow (Ephesians 1:17ff.), and in His name, live (John 14:13, 16:22, 27, 14:18-19).

NOW is history to be made, stretching before you like the space that lures the astronaut, and for which one paid so many million, to find, who was no professional astronaut at all! That can lure; but its Maker is beyond it as an author, His work, or one volume of His productions! Moreover, He, He is personal, creative, filled with understanding, and equipped with love that is apt for His people, as their Father, Prince and ... expressive masterpiece, beginning and glory. If space attracts you, that is just for a space; God is forever.


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