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News 222
Yahoo News June 18, 2002


How reasonable a thing has Sharon done.

If the murderers, the civic murderers, the domestic murderers, if they want to use territory being made available by grace and favour, for vile violences, what then ? If they want yet more out of the large segment of Palestine that was contrary to agreement, that of the League of Nations, given to the Arabs*1, in particular to Jordan, so making the Arabs the vast majority players where they had no distinctive place: then what is to follow ?

Then ? Perhaps then the rights or favours may simply be withdrawn (cf. Yahoo News, June 18, 2002). Few nations relish murderers slamming their wares into their cities, and making sport of society, mulch of children with barbaric cries. From what does their alleged authority come ? From some god or other (More Marvels ... Ch. 4), having no lease or ground from the true and living God, who makes His will known and verifies it, none from ethics, none from humanity or anything else. If people in a given State, or any part of it, want to act in this way, the likelihood is this: that those who are being murdered, the nation being invaded by a part of it, like some rodent cancer, and that, indeed,  not even an integral part, will seek to prevent this.

For example, they might build a wall. Sharon in fact is doing this at an amazing rate. Or again, they might simply start taking back the territory being so murderously misused. Many a nation might well have taken it ALL back long ago, and ruled with force. Israel has been more lenient. It is only now beginning on a PROGRESSIVE position. The more you murder, the more land we shall reclaim.

That would have the added advantage of being a disincentive! The penalty concept is also fitting.

If now some Arabs, whose people already have over three quarters of the Palestine promised to Israel, want to take part of the capital city of Israel as well, perhaps in return for multiplied murders by the hundred, that final specialty of horror, or for the civic situations loaded with mangled bodies of children (not very good, really): then the disinclination of Israel is not particularly strange. If further, this is the city which they took when the UN betrayed the original agreement of the victorious allies in World War I, and the Moslem multitudes expressly sought to destroy the Jews in the place, in any case, then there is further reason that may occur to them, to make sure that they do not lose this city. Hence, it is scarcely surprising that the wall appears to be heading to the point of incorporating Jerusalem in the little that remains to Israel at this time.

Since much of the ancient State of Israel is precisely IN the 'West Bank' area, taken back by Israel in war, then it also makes good sense for Israel to consider simply repossessing the land used for methodical domestic murders. If it took all, it would still lack much of the Palestine they were allegedly given. As it is, the concept of step by step, land for murders, seems progressive perhaps in both senses of the term!

There is something to be done for the Arabs however. To be sure, this is a new generation from those who in many cases fled from the advancing invaders in 1948, in order to avoid the confusion and perhaps to return with the victorious armies of Islam, and take back what would then presumably be theirs. In that day, however, the Islamic push did not  become a putsch. They lost. Hence they could not come back and reclaim, and having gone to the arena of the enemy, they had forfeited trust. Many evidently populated the West Bank, with which Jordan had commerce (it was regained by Israel in 1967).

Israel generously has allowed these Palestinians, then,  some status; and it is surely remarkable that while they protest and contest Israel's desire to exist with the slender portion she now has, since she has returned much already, and loudly talk of racism and the like, the Arab cause seems to rely on force. It is violence and horror past measure, which seems to be designed to act as inducement to Israel to accept their version of the Holocaust. It is to be sure, only on a small scale, but then any small child is on a small scale, and the number being hate-handled is growing. Is status to be won by destroying children, maiming their bodies, as in the latest bus attack in Israel, on what was not least, an assemblage of children! Is such conduct worthy of acceptance for a State, conducted by a fiction, wrought in friction, scarifying not the soil, as Israel did to make the place prosperous again after so many centuries, but rather scarring the bodies of children ?

So this is the avenue the UN could recognise for granting and decreeing that an Independent Palestinian State should exist, carved after the carving of the bodies of children was over, from the residual land left from all that Jordan has taken! Bravo!

In fact, of course, kindness and grace is not out of place in this world, and the doing of good to one's enemies is right and sound and spiritually munificent. It is directly called for from the lips of Christ. It allows hate to exhale, and behold, when it inhales, there is perfume. This is how it should be while this world lasts, and the Age of grace continues.

What then could be done for these Arab descendants of the losers of war, these who in many cases come from those who did not help Israel in its dire need, but rather went to the territory of the enemy ? It is not unduly difficult. They could be asked to ELECT a government. Meanwhile, the WAR ON TERRORISM should be fought against ANY who continued this civic and and cruel violence in the interim, whatever body, society or other. After elections, in which parties representing what various Arabs want, could be formed, one of these, or some alliance, would occupy government in potential.

If this body DESIRED to become part of Israel, keep its laws, and to be assured that the laws would allow those of other religion and race to participate in a democracy which nevertheless would not lose its own identity, any more than England or the USA has entirely lost identity, then all would be well. They could play their normal part as in any democracy. The character of the Balfour Agreement of 1917, later internationally ratified, would thereby be kept.

If however the government in potential, elected rather like that in Afghanistan recently, did NOT want to be part of Israel, then the people who were of this mind could LEAVE. IT IS part of Israel, and if they do not want it lawfully, then rather than be unlawful, they would emigrate like anyone else in any other country, who wanted to murder citizens as a form of expression.

Where would they go ? Already the location is prepared, in the large segment of Palestine accorded to Jordan, and to whatever other party. There is to be found the religion of most of them; there perhaps in some cases, also the love of violence, as in Iraq. Then they could war along with those warring Moslems who want that sort of thing. But to imagine they can STAY in Israel while playing at destroying, in foul games, and that there is something MORAL about losing a war and then CLAIMING the land, murdering the while, when it was GRANTED to Israel in the first place: this is more for Wodehouse, perhaps, than history.

Is it to be assumed that Israel will be diverse from all other nations ? It has already been patient. You can express yourself in a democracy, but not with blood. You can diverge from the majority, but not with mangled remains of assassinated children. You can breathe cases against the rulers of a land, but not with guns. You can urge a viewpoint, but not with buses of wholly or partially destroyed persons as your arguments, lingering in the mind along with the inflicted agonies.

It is not really difficult. But Satan is not agreeable. He is never agreeable to ANYTHING which means that Israel is shown mercy, comes back to its land, and in its time, in the case of many of its citizens, returns to its own Messiah. It does not suit his purpose. Accordinglly, there is in this one who deceives the nations (cf. Revelation 20:3), a desire to prevent what God has ordained (cf. SMR Ch. 9). It will not stop God of course, and the city of Jerusalem is predicted to be a heavy burden to those who try to dispossess Israel of it (Zechariah 12:1-4); and the thing will culminate in a war memorable for two things. GOD will act Himself (Micah 7:15, Isaiah 65, Ezekiel 38-39, Deuteronomy 32), and the scale will be phenomenal, like the Exodus.


There is a beauty that leaves these deadened ashes (to be), the results of the perverse insurgence of force against the word of God*2 , a thrust concerning the territory which, after all, like all the others, HE created (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4), to be lost to all comparison, a pitiable heap. It is the beauty of holiness. In this, in Christ, you forgive your enemies, seek pardon for yourself,  AND OBEY God. You do good and pray for your enemies; but you do not provide your babies for their daggers.

There are, you see, the babies to be considered; and while it is true that millions of babies are being murdered - in abortion: it is hard to find another term for terminating pregnancy at 6 months, for example, on the spur of will alone - this does not make the delay of murder till they are born and become little children, as in Israel's little  litter left for human bombs,  any better! The former is desired, if scarcely delightful; the latter is the abortion of positive hate, indifferent as to the tender age of what they tear apart from suicide bombs.

In this, there is no beauty; in the word of God there is incomparable beauty, and there alone is to be found the beauty of duty, for only in serving God is duty a thing sublime, for it is then both personal and a delight, for in serving Him who served us, is consummation of love and joy. His beauty of holiness makes service a privilege.

This beauty, it  is a duty to acquire, and it comes with Christ, whose it is, when you receive Him. Many of Israel are yet to do this (Zech. 12:10 cf. The Impregnable Tower Chs.  7 , and   8). That is to come. Meanwhile, this is the beauty which loves to serve, but not to replace ... Christ. It loves God to worship Him, but not to attack or assault Him. It seeks grace for all, but not rebellion with any. It seeks kindness, not vengeance; and it is reasonable, easily entreated, but not granting the sovereignty to Satan, the aggressor, the adversary, but to Christ whose it is. When this is abandoned, as if a plague, and the rule of force and vengeance, power in gods that are not there and have no evidence, dumb and deaf to all entreaty: when this is pursued, then it is God Himself, in the end, whom you fight (as in Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 66, Revelation 19:19, Psalm 2).

That ? It is most unwise. You cannot win; and even if it were possible, you lack His love, grace and wisdom. Know-alls are two-a-penny (I Corinthians 8:2-3). There is only One who actually knows all, and He has already SAID what will happen.

How wisely does Psalm 2 address the people, exhorting them to kiss (sign of fealty, signal of devotion) the Son of God, lest He be angry, and affirming in the very midst of anti-Messiah madness, that in the end, which is now so very near, He will indeed rule. It is one thing to send an ambulance to a sick person (the gospel); it is quite another when the sick person brings on a bomb. It is time to repent now! The future is bleak for self-seeking in the Middle East (as elsewhere, but this is a specialised matter also!). Let us ponder the word of some three millenia ago, concerning the time of rule for the Christ, whose sufferings were equally forecast (cf. Joyful Jottings 21-25):

There is a time to act, and a time to be still.

You cannot play the wall-flower, sitting out the dance, in the Middle East. When the peaceful hours come (as in Isaiah 2, 65,11, Micah 4), then is the time for being floral. Now ? you can fight God, acquiesce in the not far distant multi-interventionist government which the antagonist of the millenia is planning, and see where you get. In other words,  you can as far as lies in you, assail your Creator, rather after the manner of those who crucified Christ. However, rest assured as the Psalmist in Psalm 2 has advised, blessed are they who trust in Him, and this ? It is not a question of attempting to steal the souls, the minds or the bodies, the lands or the name of those who are His. Indeed, it is not even a matter of trying to place YOUR plans in HIS world, and expecting these godless thrusts to be apt.

Modesty is never out of place.

Such thefts, however, starting with the grabbing of one's own life for one's own purposes, are quite popular pursuits, and to follow both of these pastimes noted above, is like rock music - which is scarcely celestial in its perspective,  but attractive to many.

Meanwhile, Israel itself has yet to come from the corner where it has sat for so long, and those in it who are to be found of God, have to acclaim Him. No land, no law, no lord is worthy, compared with Him. It is only when HE is first, that the last things can find a place of peace and beauty. There may not, after all, for that be so very long to wait! (Answers to Questions Ch. 5).


*1 Religions ? there are some strange ones, that want money or land, it seems, whatever the word of the Lord. This of course will not alter it, or history; nor will it alter destinies from deity. They will remain as articulated by Him. Whose are they to be ? As man grabs and grunts without grace, does he consider the place that has no bounds, the heaven that has no limits to its grace, its wonder, the Lord no end to His adoration and its most due grounds ? How despicable are those dealings which leave the God of creation for the creation of God! (cf. Romans 1:17ff.).

Excerpts from Regal Rays from Revelation, Ch. 1

1) And what precisely is that the Arabs want ? Is it perhaps the reported 76.9% of "Palestine" that was created by Britain, in 1921, as Jordan ? Palestine is cited as constituting some 118,000 square kilometres, and Jordan to have received 91,000 square kilometres of this. Now since the Balfour Declaration was in 1917, and this was supposed to allow for the Jews the creation of a national homeland in Palestine, this meant that around 91/118 nearly 77% went to the basically Arab peoples, in the form of Transjordan. The Golan Heights went to Syria in 1923 (ceded by Britain, equipped with Palestinian Mandate).

Thus 'Palestine' had suffered two depredations, relative to the entity called 'Palestine' in 1917, when the Balfour Declaration was made. Around 23% was left for Israel. In 1950, Transjordan changed its name to "Jordan" which it still retains. It was Eastern Palestine, 'across the Jordan'. It left that designation for the new one. After all, Jordan is less limiting as a name than Transjordan; it is less limiting and more useful when you have grabbed land on the far side of the River, as well!

2) Is this religion ! It is factually that of a false prophet, now equipped with oil (cf. More Marvels Ch. 4). Was it not that secret document from British Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, which as reported in the Age Magazine, August 20,  1988 (pp. 16-21), in the post-World War II turmoil, showed the frank desire to placate Arabs, with oil. Bevin had evidently passionately pursued the line that centres of oil production MUST be available. There was, it is reported, found to be grave risk in alienating Arabs "by appearing to ... endorse the Jewish aspiration for a separate State." How does oil spread softness on the paths of war, and incline the heart to greed rather than goodness, when there is no restraint! It is a world in which restraint in 'national interests' seems increasingly if not obsolete, then all but antique.

End of excerpts

See also Red Alert Ch. 10,  *2,
It Bubbles ...Ch. 10 at Everlasting Pity and
Regal Rays from Revelation Ch. 1.

The perils of misplaced enthusiasms are as great as those of misplaced depressions. Only the truth will do, and only the word of God presents to mankind its deposition. Without that, specifically endorsed by Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:17ff., 24:35, John 12:48-50, II Timothy 3:16 cf. SMR Appendix C and D), man is less knowledgeable in crucial ways, than a robot; for that, it lacks wisdom, but man with the word of God, the Bible, its source the living God, is alienated, confused, stridently or silently, without hope, without covenant, without comprehension (Ephesians 4:17ff., 2:1ff., Romans 1:17ff.).

Thus misaligned, like shamelessly erratic car wheels, his tyres are worn, noisy and unreliable, and his ways career witlessly and with increasing woes, across the road of life. As to that, there is only one way worth anything, Christ the way, the way of holiness in which a man, though a fool, will not err (Isaiah 35:8, Matthew 7:13ff., 7:24ff.). You cannot act as if to evict God without suffering the eviction of what is essential for your understanding. Great causes have great results. The Bible specifies! It is its teaching, and multiplied are the citable illustrations.


See especially,  It Bubbles ... Ch. 10, and also Red Alert... Ch. 10, SMR Appendix 1, The Biblical Workman Ch. 1, *3 .