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Chapter 8

The Blind Spot in the Middle East
ABC News Radio July 4, 02


News 228

The Physical Introduction

Blind spots are intensely interesting. As has been pointed out in the magazine Creation, and in the Technical Journal*1, the eye is an amazingly precise and precisionist instrument; and it has been shown that its ways of meeting technical problems are brilliant and show intelligence aflame (cf. SMR pp. 211ff., 251ff.).

However, there is to life more than body. The fact that a tiny blind spot can occur serves two major functions. It reminds us that though we are fearfully and wonderfully made (cf. Joyful Jottings16, Repent or PerishCh. 7

, It Bubbles ... Ch. 9), we DO have limits. It is GOD who does not do so (cf. Psalm 145:2, 115, Isaiah 43:13, I Timothy 6:16, Matthew 28:19-20); and it is man who does. The dual mistakes of attributing to man what belongs to God (Psalm 57:2, 62:11), and to God what pertains to  mere man (Psalm 78:41, seeking to limit or delimit Him), lead alike to man's distress through arrogant ignorance and the collapse of the line of gift from God, through lack of faith, so that man comes to be where he is, would not be, but must be while the case is so.

Secondly, it reminds us that it is God beyond all system,  who sees all*2; and that this, even in that maestro marvel, the human eye which so exceeds in versatility the best man can make, marvellously repairs itself from many ills, making provisions both multiple and subtle, and transmits itself to the next generation, like a camera which throws itself away and leaves a program for the next to replace it, is HIS ALONE; and that hence from Him only does wisdom come, as from Him it must be sought.

The Political-Racial Application

Applying this, we find that the eye is not the only member with the potential for a blind spot. The media and the UN are others. ISRAEL is the blind spot of the Middle East. It is located just to the left of oil, and just to the right of Islamic power, just to the left of autocratic States, and just to the right of commercial exploitation. It apparently cannot be seen. It is so in an accident, when a man may ask: HOW ever did I fail to see that car clearly coming on my right, before changing lanes!
Answer perhaps: Too little care possibly aided by a blind spot. You need to be aware that at times double care is needed to allow for human limits. Know what you are using, and that is fine!

The UN, and the Arab world in its associations with MOST helpful Europe*3 (helping the Palestinian cause when the USA has lost patience in dealing with Arafat, whose complicity with arms deals or stimuli seems now doubly attested), seem to have a blind spot with Israel.

Does it really exist ? CAN it be seen ? Is it actually there ? is it a phantom on the roadway to my left, or is it a mist that I see ? Do Jewish children die then ? Ah! but how terrible that the Palestinian murder squads have a nation which suffers. Something must be wrong somewhere. Fancy not taking it lying down, fancy being upset at the mere loss of hundreds of young people, not to mention others, mere multiplied and multifarious murders. How cruel they are, these Jews, whose reaction to multiplying murder squads is so intense. Can they not cool it ? calm down ? give away land ? do something sensible.

There are times when such a soliloquy as this would seem almost to be mouthed against Israel.

Publicity and Journalism

Last night (July 4, 02), one heard on ABC  News Radio a conversation of note. A specialised person of interest was interrogating the Jewish Defence Ministry spokesperson. It was almost LIKE an interrogation in a law court, or even in a prison.

Guilt was always assumed. Expostulation was always at hand. NOTHING happening to the Jews was EVER observed to be weighed, considered, pondered. It was evidently not seen, that country, except when it went into that part of it which, we are told, under STRICT conditions, was allowed for a measure of freedom for the Palestinians. THIS, as the Israeli Defence Ministry spokesperson observed, has been VIOLATED. The conditions for the ceding of this land, in measure, to the Palestinian have not been kept.

But do we HEAR of violation of these conditions ? Is there ever in the news reference to this aspect ? Is a violation of agreement of no account when it is against the JEW, against ISRAEL ? Is Israel then a perennial blind spot, just as Auschwitz was to some in Europe, during World War II. It is, after all, Jewish blood, is it not ? Is it the same consistency as that of other peoples ? Are their nerve endings perhaps less susceptible to pain, is the parental feeling dulled, so that the maiming of children, even by the score on a bus, by choice, this is really nothing at all ? We are reminded of Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice, when the expostulation of Shylock is heard, to assert the fact that he is, after all, of the human race (one could almost say, erstwhile humane race, but then it is just that the horrid is becoming less of an option, and more of a compulsion, to which the philosophies of the age point, the devilish propaganda of hollowness and surging man, igniting the flame of viciousness, to burn like hot tar, and keep on burning).

Perhaps then Israel is not a nation at all ? Its victories are not like that of other nations, such as they triumphantly manifested in 1945. Its deliverances from exterminatory forces every bit as determined as those of dear Adolf of dim memory, these perhaps are not actual victories, but defeats ?

The Allied bombing of German CITIES to end World War II, this was good and benevolent, clearly necessary, but the incursions in the hotbed of murder weaponry, in the territories CEDING on strict condition to Palestinians, these are even war crimes ?

Will Churchill then be a war criminal also ? And of course the atomic bombs in Japan: necessary to prevent needless loss of US soldiery, as island after island would have required invasion ? So very needful ? But these  incursions into the BOMB LAND, the REJOICING at children's deaths on buses land, they are ... what then, war crimes very possibly ? unthinkable acts of inhumanity.

You do see the blind spot, don't you; and of course Israel IS little, since only a fraction of the Palestine promised to it, actually reached it, and now it  has ceded back some of that fraction, even though it won the wars, and this of course (equally - everything is of course!) is only a first instalment, for there must be more, more and more, as if Washington should be ceded to Russia, and then all of DC!

There is just somehow something missing, is there not ? a sort of politico-cultural blind spot. Since however Israel is rather more than a spot, though continual international pressures are being wielded to increase its similarity to one, nations collectively all but DEMANDING MORE AND MORE LOSS of the fraction gained, when the gift was first abused, then there is not quite a good enough excuse for its not being seen, not noticed.

You could, naturally, point out that it really is noticed quite a little. Every time it seeks like the Allied bombing raids, to find the resources of the enemy, or even the murderers of the civilian population, it is noticed. That, surely, it is not entirely oversight.


That brings in a special feature of this blind spot. It is not that Israel is not noticed at all, it is rather that the trend to oversight relates not to its self-defence, so much as to its generosity in handing land back to Egypt, giving cedings of territories to Palestinians, giving Israeli citizenship to Arabs, to the point that  a significant fraction of the entire population of Israel, its citizens, IS Palestinian, and its industry in making ultra-productive a land which had been exceedingly poorly developed for centuries (cf. SMR pp. 790ff.).

Thus the blindness appears to be DOUBLY SELECTIVE. First of all, Israeli sufferings are minimised, rarely mentioned in comparison with the sufferings of a Palestinian State long the resource and recourse, the arms provider and murderer source for the attempted ruin and rape of Israel; and the need to overcome such evils is all but lost in discussions of how much MORE of Israel really MUST be given in exchange for at least some diminution, at least sometimes, at least for a breathing space, of the murder squads which tend to roam freely, from Palestine without love, within Israel.

SECONDLY, the Palestinian provocations seem to be regarded as 'most understandable', 'what the beggars deserve', the 'result of terrible deprivations'. But are murderers to be fed fat to kill the better ? and are they to be allowed peace the better to develop bomb factories ? Yes, apparently, and they are to be rewarded for their many unkind deeds, at the hand of those given by kindness some degree of authority within Israel's land (which after all, it is, just as Mexico came to pertain to the USA!), with MORE land. It is just the inflammatory failure which President Bush so abhors. What! give more to those who will regard this as success and so increase their attempt to dominate those whom they nominate (as the al Qaeda appears to have nominated the USA in their thoughtfulness)! Will you then feed the brute with the steak of triumph, to induce him to snatch for yet more ? or will you devastate his hideouts ? Ask Afghanistan, for they know; and the thousands accidentally slain, while theirs is not quite the same knowledge, their relatives know.

You see the spot, the blind spot, do you not ?

So it is really a double blind spot. This is getting beyond nature! The blindness is to the consideration of ceding land for peace, at the part of the Jew, even when defrauded of much of what was Palestine by League of Nations assignment; to the efforts to reduce at least some of the response for slaughter of its civilians. It has not, like the USA, used an atomic bomb.

The other blindness is to the provocation of those who having been given much, USE IT TO GAIN MORE.

It cannot be seen. It must not be noticed. The Arab must be applauded, rewarded, or at least satiated. The Jew ? Where is the Jew ?

Who has seen him ? Does he yet exist ? Has then the series of pogroms in Europe over the century resumed ? Is this to be the extension of Europe's foul record against the Jew, that it now helps the arms merchants in Palestine's premier districts, ancient Judah in part, by giving aid, or making funds available, even when the USA, long seeking more land for the Arab, has had enough!



But if there is a blind spot, what of the spotted skin of Israel ? Is it some kind of imagination that Jew=spots, and blind spots do not engage on racial spots ? Is the Jew a leopard, hidden in spots ?
Certainly, they have suffered enormously, prodigiously, and asked for it prodigiously (cf. II Chronicles 36, Isaiah 1, 30, Matthew 27:25). As to the last, you may ask, But how COULD one generation of Israel consign the rest, their children, to the result of their OWN blindness in blindfolding Him who was their sight, and striking Him on the face while blindfolded, and then leading Him off to be crucified, who did them only good, healed their sick, delivered from demons, spoke words that applied, bring peace and joy, and led them to God, manifest in His own Person! Blindfolding their leader, this has blindfolded the nation.

Yes, to be sure, this is so; but WHY should the children suffer who did not CHOOSE so to act towards the Messiah who, after all, came precisely at the date for His death, and died on program, as the sacrificial Prince of peace (cf.  Highway of Holiness Ch. 4) ? The answer is quite simple. IF the children receive this the only possible Messiah as Saviour and Lord, then Jew or not, it makes no difference to their spiritual acceptance, and their sins are as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103, Hebrews 8:11ff.), and their sins and lawless deeds God will remember no more. His blood is then the COVER, not the COST! (cf. Romans 3:23). If however the children concur with their parents, or do not divorce from the sins which afflict the community the nation, then on their own heads it is.

There is for all, only one way out, Jew or Gentile. Every nation has its own cultural calamities to add to the sins of the individual; but if the individual opts to omit Christ, then he likewise opts to receive the cultural conditions, and to be swept on with the environment of choice, like a log in a raging torrent, sweeping relentless, resistless to the ocean. Whose fault, then, is that!

That, then, being covered, we return to the main point. WHY is this continued persecution of the Jew, even in the Press ? Is Britain so great, is the USA so noble, is Europe so self-sacrificing that they can stand in judgment on sinners, as if some kind of gods ? Have two world wars not yet humbled the elite of mankind, culturally speaking ? Is their sin yet to be the more glaringly portrayed in still worse enormities than those of the 20th century, before they realise their littleness before God, their sinfulness before His perfections and their rebelliousness against the same Christ, the same cross and the same love of God, which Israel has - so far - failed to receive likewise!

Thus in the ABC News Radio show concerned, one heard such a prosecution, such a perpetual seeming sneer, or leer, such a cheerless rejection approach, such a scathing, such a mowing like machine gun bullets, in favour of the Palestinian breach of privilege in USING what had been accorded in GRACE to them, for partial rule, to seek TOTAL rule and that in part of Jerusalem as well.

How would they seek it ? Would it then be by democratic processes ? Would the thousands of Palestinian voters, Israeli citizens, be excluded from voting, despite their citizenship ? One did not notice such a thing. Would peaceable efforts without threat, without murder, without manoeuvre, be rejected out of hand ? Alas, what peace ? Invasions and threats, from Lebanon as a site for Hamas, and co, and so invasion; the PLO as a site and base for murder squads, and so invasion; but without the thoroughness of the British and the Americans, when Germany was the target, half a century ago.

WHY, the interrogator pursued it with the Israeli Defence Ministry spokesperson, WHY do you not let the food through to the Palestinians, from relief agencies ? WHY are you so difficult, so unco-operative ? Do you not realise how many have been the complaints from such agencies!

Patiently the spokesperson replied. Yes, we are seeking to let them through, but there is not only one, there are two areas for consideration. While on the one hand, we wish to alleviate Palestinian suffering, we do not wish to increase the suffering of our own children, as murder squads come!

What has this to do with the distribution of food ? came the relentless harrying.

The Defence spokesperson stood his ground, instead of scurrying. Did you know that in the last 24 hours (or some such short time), something like 3 ambulances have been FILLED with terrorists who were using these pieces of relief agency equipment for war on our exposed people, on our children!

It was only then that the harsh note of judgment left the dealings, and the interview drew towards its conclusion.


re-interpreted by ghetto-ising
Israel, with hatred from the Islam Summit
and conformity from many others

ATTACK THE JEW ? Why ? Habit as in Europe's long centuries in which it so abundantly qualified for divine rebuke, in having its OWN suffer for their racial sins; and if the Jew suffered most, then he was not yet repentant from his own rebellion against God, and the covenant was being applied as it had been  stated by God it would be, from the first (Leviticus 26 show the actual stages of severity as successes waves of relentless non-repentance and deeper sin would come to arrive,  as the prediction specified in advance, and so does Deuteronomy 32 show the case). Now Europe is keen to help the Palestinian (worthy), but with that perpetual blind spot for the Jew.

It is ASSUMED on most sides now that of course for the sake of nice oil flow, nice peaceableness of the jihad launchers (like a special, religious type of rocket, not radioactive but spiritually reactive, dead to God, deathly towards man in fulfilment of the precise predictions of Revelation Ch. 6), nice quiet Moslem menace situation, nice calming of all the powers, that Israel must give up more of the small fraction of the Palestine promised, as if to breach the gift of the League of Nations, is a sort of lead or example, so that what was stolen once, must now be stolen more*4; as if the pogroms of Europe, having happened for so long, established some kind of right of precedence ?

No ? You think it then just a blind spot ? Yet all blind spots have a REASON. In the case of the human eye, as shown in the references below, it is the far superior solution to a logistics question relative to such magnificent sight as we possess; but with the Jew, it is without ground, without basis and only a matter of seeking for the sort of punishment which Europe has so far so fully felt (and it does not matter what are the immediate circumstances: God brings His word to pass AS He will - cf. Joel 2:11, Isaiah 44:24-28, and see Lord of Life Ch. 3, SMR p. 714, Galloping Events Chs. 1, 4).

It will find much more; and it will doubtless do much more. It does not learn. It is to be the site of the antichrist's power (cf. Regal Rays ... Ch. 10, SMR pp. 886ff., 904ff., Wake Up World!... Ch. 3, News 97), and it will not be helped by him!

The place of the Cross however, that most munificent of divine dealings, it will be honoured, not for the Jew as such, though the Jew has Jerusalem as predicted that he would (Luke 21:24), and when that regal time for Christ comes, the vast renewal in Israel, not of bombs but of faith, will have come (Micah 4:3-8, Zechariah 12:10, Romans 11:25ff.). It is then that the unspeakable beauty (Psalm 110:2-3 cf. Joyful Jottings 25), the infinite purity of the holiness of God, expressed in His eternal word, incarnate as Jesus the Christ, becomes the final attestation, past that combination of forest and flower prophecy (Isaiah 35, 55:13 cf. SMR pp. 790ff.) already made and long fulfilled, for Israel.

The physical is fulfilled already: not only their return to their land, to Jerusalem, but their horticultural marvels and agricultural finesse, their vast afforestation. The spiritual is to come, the consummation of beauty, the Rose of Sharon, as expressed in the Song of Solomon in its allegory (cf. The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 11).  In that day, as to all Christians, so to the Jewish consignment then comes the blessing in open form,  "The LORD your God in the midst of you is mighty: He will save, He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest in His love, He will joy over you with singing… Behold, at that time, I will undo all those who afflict you; and I will save her who halts and her who was driven out…" (from Zephaniah 3:27-28, cf. The Biblical Workman Ch. 1, *3).

Small wonder the world is so mean on Jerusalem: after all, it is the restoration of this city to the Jew which is one of the most obvious and incontestable signals of the near return of Christ. This world has its OWN prince, spiritual and shortly more obviously, physical, and its heart is not set on the return of Him whom it has despised just as thoroughly, it would seem, as did Israel when they crucified Him.

The blind spot of Europe and many others, it is not only Jerusalem, which many want to steal from the gift to Israel, in the most shockingly brazen manner, a gift of God and man indeed, but it is also and quintessentially, the Christ whose word this has already fulfilled, as have Israel's mighty victories since her return to the land (cf. SMR Ch. 9). To be blind to Him, is to be blind to the source of sight, and as He declared it, If the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness (Matthew 6). He who walks in darkness, said Christ, does not know at what he stumbles. Even so is this world, staggering, stumbling and bumbling, with mighty documents and dire statements, whimpering as it boasts, and glorifying itself even as it decays.

The concept of hell, then, it is not merely one of a destination, though it is that: it is also a development, a consummation of much that for long has moved towards it, as a tiger to a trap.


Dr Peter Gurney, in Technical Journal of Creation, pp. 37-44, Vol. 13, No 1, 1999, presents the physical facts and optical requirements with clarity and the needs with sound intelligibility. See detailed data in this area, in News 71.

See also pp. 92-99 of theTechnical Journal of Creation Vol. 15, No 3,  late 2001, where the same writer, an eye specialist,  explains the microscopic marvels of the ultra-designed eye, its specifications so exacting, its preparations and intricacies so astute.

See SMR Ch. 1, pp. 25ff..

See News item at Ch. 4 above.

For a reasonable approach, based on history and all available evidence, see Ch. 1 above. It is far from impossible to deal justly in this matter.

With the best will in the world, it is useless to put the heart where the feet reside, if you want a working body. There is design in our bodies, work has been done on our minds, our spirits are a designation of God; and when He indicates the course of history, it happens. Why rupture your very hands by vainly seeking to place one thing where another belongs. If God made the earth, shall He not determine His possessions of land, for what and with what they are to be ? (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4, Lord of Life Ch. 3).

Rest assured that He will. The joy in the Lord is not in conflict with His determinations by consent, for He is the truth, and in all truth, He is love, and His mercies are profound. To be sure, Israel will not be exalted, but she will be kept; and her ways are not exalted, but God will fulfil His word, and whether Jew or Gentile, none will find truth without what He has sent, that eternal Word, inscribed in flesh, incarnate, crucified and resurrected. The final insolence, alas, it is not against this or that worldly desire or device, it is against the Lord. The inter-racial conflicts are tedious follies. It is merely a question of the COURSE God has planned for history. Trying to re-write it attests rebellion, advances folly and leads to death. How great is that death, even on earth, is considered in SMR Appendix A! Ezekiel is replete with it, Revelation deals with it, Isaiah speaks of it, Moses designates it. Alas it is coming to many.

That however is small fare compared with the loss of the soul, occasioned by rebellion not for land or for wealth, private or public, the mere occasions, but for sin, which in man failing to repent, like a prince dictates to God, a folly comparable to dictating to one's brain, to put it in one's big toe.

It is however worse than this: it is like a child taking hold of the building works of an architect, and directing the men in their labours. Yet this is mellow by comparison, for a child is at least comparable in measure to a man, but as to the understanding of God, it is infinite! (Psalm 145).