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                            Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson


Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.


October 2002


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Please observe that this preface is an integral part of the book, which therefore is best reached through this, not by bypass.


The exquisite irony of calibrating the air of thought,

When it wanders, vacant and witless,

Is as rich as ignoring the flame of truth,

When it consumes all things.


My printer is now being replaced. It has served its day. Its energies are diffused, its systems marred because of a new operating system to which it is but ill-disposed, working grudgingly, without joy or panache. The energy which made it, however, yes the intelligence, this is not (in this) marred. As a creation of man, this printer has but one way:  that beginning of demise, the approach of its end is its nature and in time, its history.


God’s creations, such as man, the highest visible design ever seen on earth, likewise suffer before events not always congenial to their composure or longevity – like stress, pollution, sin, oppression, squalor and sordidity of mind, spirit, body or environment. The more they seek to vary, the more they are the same – except for the inevitable deteriorations of design, in destinies most numerous, often in conflict, and subordinate to the purposes of the creator. Their intimate and multiplicitous complexities constitute a testimony to the consistent contrivance of intelligence – of wisdom indeed, for but not by any means always in, man.


That is the mystery and the wonder of freedom, which misused,  fouls the system, muses malevolently on order, seeks its own, ignores its place and so gets out of place so far that increasingly obviously, if man so proceeds, soon there WOULD BE and COULD BE no place left for him (just as Christ declared some millennia ago! – Matthew 24:21-22).  But then! If a piston is out of its groove and moves around in the dense contrivances which are its place, the engine will not last long. What would you expect ? With man it is however most voluntary!


He but helps along the ageing of the universe, and the paging for his destiny, which hastens.


In the case of my printer, it is to have itself replaced by an improved version at an improved price (for the buyer).


In the case of man, the purpose of the Creator is to offer and present a new life, and at the time chosen for the release, a new body at a heavy cost (to the Creator), but freely (for the recipient), as so clearly declared in John 3, I Corinthians 15, John 11:25-26, Romans 3:23ff.).


That is the nature of the created things, though it is not always the nature of their creators.


As man, desperate to retain control of his deteriorating printer, if you will, and publishing himself as agent in this world, for himself or whatever folly in his primacy of voluntary irrationality appeals, he ponders how his printer made itself, along the lines of books (like his DNA in effect) writing themselves, and other wholly brilliant concoctions of thought, as thin as air, but not as substantial. He even calibrates nothing, estimate’s myth quantitatively and altogether shows himself the most captivating artisan of method, setting marks on what is not there, in declaring his imaginary origin either from nothing or the inadequate, and in finding, though asserting himself meaningless, what is his meaning, by a series of miracles against logic so profound, that the Creation, by contrast, is simplicity itself.


That, it is merely in fact the work of a pre-existing Being (like the printer’s manufacturers) bringing into being a derivative one (like the printer), which is then set for its function. It is not the burdening of nothing with everything, that exquisite folly of recent times and the ultimate end of any logic, which nevertheless presumes, in its absence by self-contradiction, to reason for it!


With man, however, in general but by no means always, in national and inter-national works of great number, he does not seem to want this place for which he is made, and even though it might have become an exalted one, had he heeded his Creator, he is determined to exalt himself, by the billion, in feeble follies  of mind and philosophy, yes and often of religion, so manifestly irrational that it is testimony to his liberty even to sin, that he still  clings to them, though they are debunked insistently, persistently. For all this, as if in the clamour of convulsion, he holds them calamitously, like a doll to the heart of some little girl who THEREFORE cannot hold onto the railing of a storm driven ship. That is the way of idols, so often and so justly referred to in the Bible as vanities, things of wind, of nothing.


Our own marvel, is that in modern civilization, the follies of organic evolution and derivation from nothing (it is quite popular, and if you find this hard to believe, check That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7 for hard fact), of making chance master (though it is merely the absence of a special purpose known for the speaker’s benefit, or for the group to which he refers, not magic (cf. Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Chs. 13 and 9), of comically enabling invention of mind and method without either (cf. SMR Ch. 1), are now being made so ludicrous that to laugh becomes too painful. It would become an endless business,  for the illiterate folly is daily preached in the darkened valleys of obscurity, star-lit with television, and lecture theatres. These things are being PROCESSED. These nothings are being calibrated, their imaginary ways quantified, though they have to change constantly being always in collision. (Cf. SMR pp. 315Aff., 226ff., 234ff..)


In what way processed ? they are being calibrated. This arbitrary, unverified and irrational concept means that the way it happened must have involved, at this time, this and that, and then it must have done the other. Its ludicrous embellishments of myth with calibration is carried out with straight face, apparently without undue stress to the facial muscles.


But how does it proceed ?


First take one fairy, then calibrate the calves to find the capacities for running, itemise the nervous system and divine the speed of nerve impulses in her CNS.


But you say, That is ludicrous. You cannot calibrate myths!


Ah but, you see, you cannot logically do so, for that is to define in precision the thing which is not there; and if you do it, it could only be for exquisite humour; but this which is before us every day of the week if we look, it is NOT logic! It is life, as it is lived to the end of its destruction through ignoring its origin, its meaning and its destiny.


That, you see, does not PREVENT its origin (however ludicrous its treatment of that matter becomes), nor does it prevent its meaning (however much it should be ignored), and naturally, it does nothing to prevent its destiny: it merely in the end, determines what that will be! It does however give to man a subject for pre-occupation, calibrating the non-existent, in order to give to his rebellion, a workmanlike aspect, like a mother without food, setting about getting the right oven temperature.


Man hurtles to racial oblivion which is not much improved by the fact, for many, that he makes it faster by folly. After all, the performance which such capacities for liberty of thought (and of course of  action no less, for these thoughts are mimed and translated into thousands of deeds, misdeeds and mischiefs of war) are exhibiting, will be freely assessed. By whom ? It will be by the author of this freedom, who bears NIL responsibility for its misuse, abuse and indeed the abuse of Himself which is part of the abuse of man’s own life, like that of an eloquent printer apparatus, one which insists on ploughing instead of printing,  and then has a few words to the manufacturer about the ‘poor’ equipment for the purpose.


On the other hand, the LORD has NOT NIL interest in the assessment of this agricultural printer, this anomalous misfit which dances on faith, as on some sacred mound, used only for ceremony, and despises its Maker. It is all as it was to be (cf. II Peter 3, Romans 1); and it will be as the judgment has already shown (John 3:19-31).


So it goes with the spirit of man which adorns his researches, enabling his thought and his folly alike. He moves in multitudes, with the spirit therefore of his secular physics, sociology, history, biology, logic and life, in which his spirit  as often as you will, is ignored while it is used, and its powers adorn the air while his voice uses the same sound waves lest he deprive himself of his weapon of abuse of the Almighty. What does it resemble ? It is like the USA, had it vigorously denied it even had an atomic bomb, while Hiroshima was still burning. THAT, you say, did not happen! Of course not, but the parallel did, and which nation is not affected by or instrumental in such often devilish dynamisms of illusion in its decrepit doctrines. It is a world-wide fever, as all in different measures have participated in the folly of the civilisation that drives first the truth and then a blinded race into the dust. 


We proceed in all these fields, in the matter of origin, meaning and destiny of life, in endless but basically not so very varied, endeavours to find some nothing as a proposal for origin, some nonentity as a kick-start for grandeur, some thoughtlessness twisted to engender thought, some tremor to institute logic, some oddity to set about compiling the great system of logic and language which is the physical base of man, that great capacity to use his own which is a logical aid, and that allied power to ruminate in thought. In this, the race is increasingly indulging, using a spiritual liberty from system and soundness, or for it, at will for a time. These inventions all fail,  these compulsive nothing concoctions, routinely, necessarily, a priori, a posteriori, alike (cf. Psalm 99:8). They are criticized out of existence by fact and logic, but still they tumble on  like some dizzy kid who, having rolled  down a slope, is too infatuated with the act to cease before tumbling into the river below (cf. SMR Chs.  310).


Man needs what is for  him a new Captain, who is not novel, to rescue him from the endless series of frustrated culminations of panache and pretension, leaving civilizations like autumn leaves, but not so pretty, ready for decay, and duly interred; while our own, watching all this, most carefully asserts itself without limit, as if to ensure it joined the wail of the tale of old, and becomes the tale yet to be, though quite as sad.


However it is to be interrupted. The end, as with a rebellious school class, is not forever distanced. It is love and mercy, with much patience, which has permitted so much (II Peter 3:9), and the case for man’s pretensions is about complete (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5). It is not this or that but himself who is astray. Much of his suffering comes from the results of abuse of mind and body, and the judgments, though much delayed or attenuated, on these. They are however cumulative to unbelief, and man is finding this out with the duly predicted tensions, wars, fears, climatic changes and the like, which just by this distancing, begin to suggest to him what a spoiled race (like a crazy rich kid) has had given him already, while he mocks the hand which gives.


And with what has an ever increasing list of spent civilization littered the earth ? With prodigious accomplishments, rarely including much of peace, mercy and grace, knowledge and understanding, and even where knowledge is in focus, this  without understanding or wisdom; with a tramping on justice which invokes judgment, with arrogance and spuming, with fuming follies of self-acclaimed privilege, oppression and pretence: with this they have littered the earth in vast measure. I even had one man recently tell me that a certain highly destructive and uncompetitive way of destroying a rival firm was “business” while at the same time,  himself claiming to be without sin!


Business! What is this but a way of accomplishing service with wisdom ? Ah, you say, not at all, it is the way to get money and thus bread and butter, to overcome all who would stop you and get more and more power! Yes, to some it is this, and hence they claim it is sinless to crucify what competes with you, and to do so by mere abuse of power, without productivity of any kind! SO sin does not apply to feeding your face, gaining security in life, or anything like that ? What marvellous exclusion to remove from your survey one of the major motives of mankind, if not all, then in vast masses!  For these and such things, millions die, and consign themselves to various enormities and efforts. Yet now we are told, despite all this strife,  it does not apply! Business can be bloody, and without sin, ruthless and without payment, selfish and without penalty, sin standing daunted at the door.


What a convenient name! Is this then what the thief thinks when he steals, because he wants ?


So has man deluded himself with pretension and pretended grounds of excuse or even exoneration, as if a ‘name’ like business, or politics, is any excuse for grasping greedy gain which elevates one person or firm, by devious means, so that it might gluttonously enjoy its power, place and riches. This, it is even ‘respect’ to one’s neighbour ? So one would gather from the definition of sin provided! One could well dispense with such respect and be less deprived!


And what so frequently speckles the system, the page of history, but blood, puss and prurience, while glamour smiles and death strides strumpet-like, across the fields of depravity, autonomy and the other besotted substitutes for life, which make man pretend he is the centre of the universe, when in fact he demonstrably is not so. While God has made much work well for him, so that man could so much as exist, He has not abdicated to man the control of his own nature (cf. Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ Ch. 9), psychological traumas, diseases and treatments are surging into the race like floods in Europe; agricultural disasters, biological tragedies, pathological mountains treat the deluded world to abundant testimony that no one man, no one firm, no one nation and indeed, this whole human race is no centre for all things. It acts and its has results which it cannot control.


It has been given spirit with which it can delude itself, though none is born by his own permission or dies at his own will, except the suicide; but it has not been given control, though it loves to seek it, until the effort will make the earth far more unlivable that it now is.


This ? It is all predicted in precision (Matthew 24, Luke 21 cf. SMR Ch. 8), and yet mankind continues to delude himself that something which comes from nothing, or nothing much (the nothing much coming from nothing), is for some reason, though without meaning or message, the very centre of all things, and this though the case is, that to impart meaning when you are without it, is a contradiction in terms. TO IMPART MEANING IS ITSELF to have truth and thus absolute access to it, and hence implies that it is there, past the restricted ‘meaninglessness’ of man, available and healthy, personal and able to communicate itself to his meaninglessness. Not merely so, but this itself gives him meaning, a truth absorber. In short, the premises deny the conclusions, and the result declares itself illusion.



When life thus despises itself and limps flaccid without even the robustness of logic, into such fairy tales, it becomes despicable: but even so, to those who in repentance address themselves to fact with a face, to Jesus Christ (cf. SMR Ch. 6, Repent or Perish Ch. 2, Biblical Blessings Appendix IV, Christ Jesus, the Wisdom  and the Power of God Ch. 8), life becomes new, as it needs to, guaranteed and as life, eternal (II Corinthians 5:17ff., John 6:47, 50ff.), endlessly cherished in the hands of the Maker. That in one stroke, ends the logical difficulties, the psychological folly and the destiny doldrums. It places you where you belong. The sheer hideousness of man rejecting such a destiny and such a beginning as wrote him like a book, in favour of pretending that nothing or its companion is a scholar, and that he, man, is master, himself, is made far worse by the price God has paid in Christ, of suffering the just for the unjust, to bring us to God.


It will not however avail at all for those who ignoring the offered cheque, the credit of Christ obtained on the Cross, who somehow hope it will be paid in anyway. Not so! To those who received Him He gave the power to become children of God, not to dissidents (John 1:12). The cheque has to be filled in and paid in (John 3:19, 8:44). If you want to think of checks and balances, the first is available but not the second, by this contrived rebellion.



Man is bent on his own way; secular, transvestite man, is seeking to clothe himself not with merely male garments, but those divine, and this Age is awaiting the coming pseudo-apotheosis. In this, the Satan, that master change-imitator charlatan, leads a man to conceive of himself as God, with this difference, that he has POWER over men, to a limited but still spectacular extent (II Thess.2:4ff.).

This is no mini-explosion of human ingenuity awry, such as gas bombs, radioactive contamination, modified crops, genetically engineered, flowing about the earth with the wind, inadequately controlled or understood. No, it is categories apart from that; for here comes that finale of presumption, the acme of arrogance, that dim brilliance to which modern man for so long has been tending in his forsaken and misused systems of  psychiatries, sociologies, histories, biologies, undistinguished events in metaphysics (cf. SMR Chs. 3-4), where theory dictates to fact, and fact refusing to fit, makes the secular preachers all the more vociferous, as if their very loudness would abash.

Since, however, they deploy themselves in many but far from all academic posts, there are many who heed instead of thinking; and the marvels of nothing making all, the material inventing the mental, or the spiritual, or these thinks in succession, but first of all itself, though it shows no such capacities, and if it had them, could not have used them before it was: this is ‘cool’. Indeed,  this sort of delusion has become almost as simple as breathing to the artfully deluded and the spiritually concluded. The great mercy is that a new commencement can come to any of them by finding the Saviour,  and many of them do just that, thanking God for deliverance from such mesmeric obfuscation; but more do not!

The calibration of the dreams attending these delusions is one of the major comedies of all time, as if a bankrupt were spending years of time enquiring about the most sophisticated ways of storing his millions, when alas, he is broke. The machining of dreams leaves them small and fluttering little things, piled on the dump truck of history for reprocessing, in the manner normal in secular history, and philosophy. The measurement of the unknown is not a practical joke, but one of the major emphases of geology, for one (cf. TMR Ch. 7, Section E). The measure of man himself is always being vied for, never agreed upon, and never could be, without the truth, since God is not duplicable, and His image is from Himself.  No genome is available for Him, who makes, but is not made, who composes the things, necessarily in His status being eternal, self-sufficient and free (cf. SMR  Ch. 1,TMR Ch. 7, Section D). As Christ put it, “Before Abraham, I am.”

Considering some of the major misconceptions of our Age and observing their consequences is a grievous task of pathology; but since it may awaken some, and encourage others, to find or to advance in the faith of Christ, it is provided here.  






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