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Chapter 5


Jerusalem, so embarrassing Mr Bush ?

The US Congress shows Nous with its No!!


News 237


The Advertiser, October 2, 2002


The Clash and the Brash ?


Yes, it is most gratifying. The US Congress has passed legislation which in plain thrust means this. Jerusalem is ISRAEL’s capital city. US diplomats should find THIS their centre. There should be a movement of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. MONEY must not be spent on the US Consulate in Jerusalem, unless the US Ambassador to Israel has this under his own supervision. Indeed, it is clear that the Congress wants recognition of Jerusalem as the nation’s capital to an intense degree.


The SPENDING clause presumably is an effort to use monetary power to prevent Bush from going too far in his peace with the Moslem initiative, which having reached even religious levels, is perhaps the worst religious error of any administration since World War II.


While it might be felt that surely this is not beyond the Nixon affair, yet that was weakness to cover up a folly; this is an initiative patent and direct, against the clear desire of the Congress, following up one of the most horrendous religious sell-outs one can remember from the US for quite some time, at the official level. Morality, in the affair of the ambassador from Clinton, an appointment by report, made when Congress was not in session, concerning an official notoriously homosexual, and in some other sexual matters from that era, was certainly in direct biblical assault mode.


However, while this cannot be mitigated, this now in the new millenium is assault DIRECT on the Lord. Spiritually, if that were seduction, then this is sedition (cf.  Red Alert … Ch. 6).


Many are they who exult in President Bush’s undoubtedly high profile religious position. Does he not talk freely of prayer, of evil, of overcoming evil, of his  Christian profession ? To be sure, yes, he does. Nor is this intended in ANY sense as an analysis of his own position, but of his public testimony, because it is the latter which endangers America, and with it, much of the free world!


To fail to warn, is almost to fail to live! Does not the prophet Ezekiel, as we saw in Ch. 4 above, having warned Israel and then other nations, all in the name of the Lord and His truth and His word given in the prophetic testimony of the Law and the Prophets (cf. Isaiah 34:16), proceed to major in Ch. 33, immediately after all this, on the  NEED to WARN! This, the mandate of love, may become sadly, if too much ignored, the method of judgment. Consider Jeremiah 17:19ff. and the simple significance put there on the keeping of the rest day, that delicious opportunity for divine communion and review under the auspices of the Almighty; but this like all other opportunities at that time, being ignored, judgment sat on the nation, on that occasion, in short order, for long had they been warned, loved, issued with exhortation, appeal, protestation. Indeed much of the very life of the prophet Hosea, speaking well in advance of the coming desolation, appears as one long illustration of the love of God and His charge, challenge and solicitude.


Solicitude alone however is not health, though it may lead to it. Irrepressible unrepentance, the imperiousness of the impermissible, disdain for correction, the recklessness of NOT HEEDING can dig ditches for straying feet.


How could love ignore a child who is about to fall into the fire, after having played with outrageous audacity with it, for quite some time! How would you let your words freeze on your silent lips if you saw a 10 year old flying on his scooter within 10 feet of a hidden cliff, and facing it!


So here: but this, it is not an affair of children. As we saw also in the preceding chapter, President Bush is quite emphatic and direct about an Independent  Palestinian State. Why this should not be so has been considered on this site so often, that we need merely refer to  one or two chapters at this point (cf. Ch. 4 above, It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls Ch.  10, Divine Agenda Ch.  8, Regal  Rays from Revelation Ch. 1).


Very well, join the Arab throng, and the eloquence of oil, the sophistication of modern power blocs, the politics of pragmatism, ignore the idealism which made the USA a great nation, under God to the extent it has wrought and walked in that way, as it has sometimes tended to do, and often sought to do. Tear yet more from the bruised heart of assailed Israel, and throw it to the tearing fangs of the rich, of those whose lands reach North, South,  East and West of little Israel, with Moslem sites and wealth aplenty. Do all this.


Ř    Now go further. RESIST the US Congress itself, which in a blessed moment of power, has sought to use monetary power to restrict the wild enthusiasm for worldly alliance of the President, as it assuredly appears to be. Yes, in the process, INSIST that you HAVE TO be realistic, and robustly affirm that you CANNOT do that sort of thing, Congress or not. Make this clear and evocative; and even announce this: Why, such a thing as an order from Congress in this field, it would even be unconstitutional limitation of Presidential power!


Ř    Say it all. Pay no attention to the strong words of Congress. Continue on the Arab course, and act to humiliate still further, the honour of the past international confirmation of the Balfour Declaration, giving Palestine to Israel. Indeed, do not even let Israel have their own ONE AND ONLY historic capital. Do all this.  Stop at NOTHING!


Is this, then, to be Mr Bush’s contribution ? It begins to have not merely the ill-savour which has been pointed out at the time of the multi-religious prayer breakfast, with Mr Graham and Mr Bush in  attendance, but the reek of assault on the clear directives of man and God (cf. The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 7, Romans 16:17). If the UN can so ignore the past, and humble the integrity of international undertakings from the First World War, those on which, in all propriety, Israel has acted, is now the US to follow suit, to inflame the inflammatory, and tilt at God Himself, whose intentions concerning the triflers with the restored Israel have not been hidden these two and one half millennia (cf. SMR pp.502ff., Appendix A).


Alas that the great become so small,  and that the complexities of a culture can succeed so in hiding from it its aweful responsibility! Has the Twin Tower massacre not yet registered ? Has this not reached to the heart of many: that great power is great requirement, that to whom much is given, from him much will be required ? Is THIS leadership, to downgrade reality, defy the Bible and defile the purity of the faith with such combinations, insistences and  grandeur of eloquence!


This, it may well be, is becoming a sort of trial run for that great  mouth  speaking swelling words of vanity, so clearly predicted in the Bible,  when the will and way of God is to be affronted with no mean grandeur (cf. Daniel 7:11ff., Revelation 13:11ff.). Alas for America if she does not realise that the Gentiles no less than the Jews are under examination.  Did you read the chapters in Ezekiel*1, following the exposure of the Jew in the words of this prophet, as presented in Ch. 4 above (that is, Jeremiah 18-24 concerning divine judgments on Israel is vigorous, but are the following 25-32 on other nations, any less so!) ?


Did you consider Paul’s exhortation in Romans 11, also shown in Ch. 4, about NOT being high-minded, not being lifted up, not feeling superior to the Jew, but being warned. Who ? this time, the Gentiles. About what ? about considering WHY they have suffered! (cf. Ezekiel 39:27-28, Romans 11:25ff., Isaiah 42:1-17, Zechariah 12:6, SMR Appendix A). It all concerns the living and only God, the God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Bible, the definitive expression of God in flesh, the declarative impartation in word there, not somewhere else! (John 14:6, Ephesians 1:10). It is to one; it is to another. It has this particularity, that; but it is one God who throughout history has reached a world in different confrontations, invitations and one basic background (cf. Psalm 89) of justice, mercy, lovingkindness and faith in His provisions of pardon.


Man goes everywhere like a stray god. Is the association with other strays a commendation to the master, since all stray from Him! The Bible is clear: NO, no, no! Association is no guarantee, but of divine exposure (cf. Isaiah 8:9-10, 55:5ff.) *2.





Israel is an example, not an isolate*3. Be warned, therefore, from the word of God which has brought to pass ALL that it said (cf. SMR Ch. 9) concerning Israel in the finest possible detail. Provocation is mounting from the US President, to the word of the Lord. Combinations of convenience do not make alliances of power.


US policy regarding Jerusalem has not changed, asserted the US President as he signed into law the Congress’s words concerning Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. They, the Congress, he is reported to have said, cannot be regarded as having given him an order, which would “impermissibly interfere with the President’s constitutional authority to conduct the nation’s foreign affairs.” Is that right ? Has Congress been elected to watch and not to control ?  Have they no monetary discipline ?  and if they have it, has the President no need to heed it ? Have  they no expression of direction for the USA, and if so, is the President their Lord! These are dangerous waters, and while the constitutional niceties on foreign policy for the US, we can  safely leave to their lawyers, the law of God is not changed.


It is simply not permissible so to strangulate Jerusalem for the Jew, and expect the word of God to agree. Congress may be ignorable; but the word of God has effects which, should this policy be pursued in defiance of the clearest message from Congress, may become swiftly deplorable. Congress WANTS most emphatically the US policy on Jerusalem to change, giving it categorical, indisputable, marked and objectively visible eminence as Israel’s capital. This would be a decisive change. The President opts for NONE here.


What then ?  Is he to continue the downgrade of this great city, that ONE PLACE chosen by God at the first for the temple, and part of the land honoured by God for Israel to the last of the Age! (cf. SMR pp. 822ff, Appendix A, Acts 4:11ff., Galatians 1, Zechariah 12:6ff., Ezekiel 36-39, Galloping Events Ch. 4).


Such actions as these on Jerusalem are DIVINELY impermissible, and  astray is he who thinks he rules when God is in control; nor  are the perils few for such presumption. Intended or not, the results of ignoring the word of God are comparable to what comes from driving on the wrong side of the road. Perhaps you were dreaming; but the impact is still being very actively invited! It is unwise to dream, when driving, managing, controlling or directing the affairs of men!


Consider very carefully Zechariah 12:1-4. There are no exemptions for meaning well. It is time to show what one is by what one does. The machining of minds by the mechanisms of culture is no substitute, any more than the calibrating of concepts by the needs of diplomacy (as in Israel of old, cf. Isaiah 30:1-5! *4),for the word of the living God. You can hold dialogue with men; but with the word of God you receive direction. HE is the owner of it all, and it is on His own principles that we so much as live! (cf. Matthew 4:4; TMR Chs. 1, 5-6, A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9). HE is the commander in chief, and His forces are illimitable). How many are those nations and empires which have found this! (cf.SMR pp. 712ff.).





You can calibrate myths, and give quantitative values to the illusory, in the greatness of your delusion (cf.  Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9, esp. 1-3); and you can quantify property as if God did not make it, determining powers and making foolish alliances ad nauseam with whatever powers-that-be, soon to become the powers-that-have-been, and do so with as much relish as you like; but it will not stand. Instead of gaining liberty, such humanistic illusions merely bring divine rebuke, whether sooner or later, unless there be repentance (cf. Isaiah 8:9-20).


As to Jesus Christ,



in His power,


His predictions,


His fulfillments of prophecies,


in His death date on time according to Daniel centuries before*5,


in His exposure of His claims to continual test,
and His meeting of test in continual triumph,


there is no other thus, none to match the claims and power of God. Forsake Him and die the death that is spiritual, and final, except you repent; receive Him and live, for at His door the truth is found, and it is He (John 14:6, 3:16, 19, 36).).


On earth, He claimed, “Before Abraham was, I was”, and “Abraham rejoiced to see My day” (John 8); and naturally He was tested, and it was right that He should be (I Thessalonians 21).  But test is one thing, malignity and murder is another! Having claimed continually to be He whom the prophets had foretold (cf.  Luke 4:18-21), and faced death at once for doing so (Luke 4:28-30), He proceeded to illustrate, demonstrate and elaborate (cf. Luke 11:53ff., Matthew 22:46), where at that level, only the power of God could continually meet that test from aroused opponents, where the level of performance had to be that of God Himself (Isaiah 35, 53, 11, 32, Psalm 2). In that arena, one failure in debate, in command to wind or disease or devil, would mean instant laughing stock status, with no need whatsoever to KILL Him, since then His claims would have to die of themselves!


It was not so; for in all things He prevailed. Therefore, if the wind was told to ‘shut off’ or rather ‘shut down’ or ‘be muzzled’ (Matthew 8:23ff.), it did; it the paralytic was told to get up, since it is obviously easier to tell him, Your sins are forgiven! than to heal his paralysis, he got up (Mark 2). If this was done under malign scrutiny, then He still did it. Nothing enfeebled Him, no challenge broke Him, since the authentic has the power, and He had no need to attain to what He already was and is (cf. John 8:29, Hebrews 13:8).


In all these things, what He said, He did; and both what He said and did, none other could do, has done or will do, since there is one God, wherever He chooses to show Himself,  and in whatever form He comes. In ONLY ONE has He come (Hebrews 1, John 1), according to plan: HE is not more than one, and only as one man could He be, since man is in the first place in His image, and two diverse beings, do not equal one. Men vary; God is one. As one then God came, and no other is anything but a competitor, a contender. But where is the prophetic programming for any such ? and where is the power ? and where is the testimony ? and where are the prophetic words from his lips ?


There is one history, one Bible and one fulfillment. There are in existence no other words, no other Christ and no competitors. The screen is open to ONE ONLY.


For this, for Him enshrined in the fragility of the flesh,  it was not easy. But with God NOTHING shall be called impossible.


Thus, constantly, continually, in practice, in word, He was indomitable, unanswerable, unseducible; and so also He was on prophetic mission to die. Indeed His very success ministered to His doom as far as priests were concerned, in whom envy played, and autonomy against the Lord. However the very doom was the greatest of successes, for how do you show that you have power over your OWN death except you die ? and how would the Messiah be resurrected so that His body did not rot, unless it was first dead; and how would it be dead by being SLAIN, unless someone slew Him ?  and how could the nation REJECT Him, unless the authorities ganged up against Him, and how could He bear sin if He had His own, and how could He lack His own if He could not stand, while declaring Himself God in the flesh ? and how could the scriptures which HE affirmed be right, unless ALL OF THIS happened! And it did.


History has nothing to say but this. There is no one else, no other figure, no other testimony, no other life, but His, that of the ruler, no other answer for man, whether to all his philosophic conundrums (as in SMR Ch. 5, TMR Ch. 5, Little Things Ch. 5, Repent or Perish Chs.  2,  7, Answers to Questions, Predestination and Freewill, and many others), for his necessary paths of peace (Isaiah 9:7, John 18:36) with, by and for TRUTH, or to his guilt! But all this He did, providing on all sides with plan, pre-announced program (for centuries written) and purpose;  and He did all things well as the people were constrained to confess, for there was no other truth! In Him,  God did NOT place the Spirit by measure, but granted illimitable presence to His eternal fellow and companion, His word sent on mission for salvation (cf. John 1:1-3,14, Hebrews 1:1-3, Isaiah 48:16, I John 4).


To Him, the calibre is this, that it has no limits. God did not give the Spirit “by measure” to Him! (John 1:14, 3:34). Whatever He accepted in humiliation (as in Philippians 2) for the Gospel and the vicarious emplacement as man, for man, on the  cross, was merely a step to the re-elevation  to the glory which was His before the world so  much as existed (John 17), where equal with God, He held also the form of God. If this He divested in order to dress in the surgical kit for our redemption, He ceased never a moment to BE who He had been, and would be. A mechanic does not cease to be a millionaire because he dons the clothes of commerce; and the commerce of Christ was crucifixion that in twisted agony for sin, He should pay, and paying, make free the access to the Father of spirits, who dwells in light unapproachable, but came that He might be found, readily in the format to which man could even speak! (cf. John 1:18, I Timothy 3:16).


If man would recalibrate Christ, with machined dreams and twisted mind, it will do nothing but increase his delusion, the confusion of his world and the stark contusion of the wounds his own spirit must bear. It is not Christ who needs remoulding according to the times, but the times according to Christ. They will not, because in all truth they CANNOT succeed, prosper, except for doom, without Him, for He IS the truth, and truth will out, the very finger of God. He arose, He will return (Acts 1:7ff., II Thessalonians 2, Matthew 24, Revelation 19), and will rule with the efficiency of reality, just as unassuming, He died with the gravity of grace,  to take His place where all of us should be, that we who receive Him in truth, might be where He is (John 14, I Peter 3:18).


To be sure, Christ’s own rule, like all the rest of what God has to say in the Bible, will come, is near and is impending (Answers to Questions Ch. 5, Luke 21:24, SMR Ch. 8). You see it most clearly in Psalm 2, but equally in Isaiah 2, Micah 4, Isaiah 65, 32, Zechariah 14, Isaiah 59:21, Revelation 19, Mark 12, Matthew 25, Psalm 72 and many more places. Let us see what Psalm 2 says:


“Why do the nations rage,

     And the people plot a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves,

     And the rulers take counsel together,

     Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,

‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces

     And cast away Their cords from us.’ ”


(Peter quoted from this after the day of Pentecost and a mighty healing miracle followed by persecution, once more by the priests - Acts 2-4 - regarding the harassment and crucifixion of the Christ and its fulfillment of what God said.)


 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;

     The Lord shall hold them in derision.

Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,

     And distress them in His deep displeasure:


‘Yet I have set My King

     On My holy hill of Zion.

I will declare the decree:

     The Lord has said to Me,


     “You are My Son,

     Today I have begotten You.

 Ask of Me, and I will give You

     The nations for Your inheritance,

     And the ends of the earth for Your possession.

You shall break them with a rod of iron;

     You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.” ’ ”


This is used by Paul in Acts 13:33-35, in terms of the resurrection of the body of Christ, in association with the prophecy of Psalm 16 (cf. Joyful Jottings 21, 22, 25, SMR Ch. 6)


“Now therefore, be wise, O kings;

     Be instructed, you judges of the earth.

Serve the Lord with fear,

     And rejoice with trembling.

Kiss the Son, lest He be angry,

     And you perish in the way,

     When His wrath is kindled but a little.

     Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.”                      






The Irreducible Minimum is Jesus Christ


It is not to some other Messiah one must look; it is not to some construction of God or gods by man, one is authorised to seek; it is not in some unholy alliance of religions, one is instructed to seek, or in some vitamised conglomeration of concepts, christs or prophets. That false christs and false prophets, like the papacy, like Muhammad, like Marx, like the sect founders, like the straying unbiblical seminaries and their products, should come; that false teaching should invade the visible church (II Peter 2, Matthew 24:24) is NECESSARY, just as Christ’s death was necessary. And on quite a large scale, it has happened, many but by no means  all, being defiled (cf. News 121, 122). If this were not so, the Biblical prophecy would be inept; but right in the midst of all the other signals of His near approach, it is duly and notably happened!


THAT was necessary to show WHO is God, as has been the attestation from Moses and Pharaoh, and before, in Joshua, in Elijah, and ultimately in Christ; and to cover the gap between the alienation and corruption of man, often in pride as well as debased pollution of the flesh, to bring man to God by coming as God to man. THIS, the current destabilized situation is necessary to bring to FULFILMENT the predictions of God about what man would do with the Gospel, not only in many believing and so finding God, but in many distorting and so finding wrath.


To return to the particular, but momentously important matter of Jerusalem (cf. Luke 21:44), one can only tremble for America, and hope the Congress finds ways of restraining this dive into the ditch (excavated in advance for all who fall into it, for as in Zechariah 12:3! there are no exemptions for the nations, if they persist in impenitence against the patience of God): yes even if the dive be, if you will, from a height of 7 miles: for, in the fast moving jets of our time, this is just so many seconds until the earth is hit, to turn the ditch into a crater.



If America lapses further into amalgams and provocations in Palestine, so asking for wrath, if America’s special status of power goes (as the British one did in the last century), then the powers of Europe, so very careful with the Arabs and their oil, may advance quite quickly to the predicted presence and base for the lawless one, to complete the prophecy of Daniel, endorsed by Christ Himself. Let it happen if it will; and what is written WILL happen. What does it matter ? It is only the loss of men, of women  and children which matters, in the meantime, swept by sin as diverse in darkness as is the rainbow in light, away from the mercy of God, which like the Temple in Jerusalem, ordained before Christ replaced it with Himself,  was in ONLY ONE PLACE. And why ? It is because there is ONLY ONE GOD, and there is ONLY ONE  SALVATION,  and all the talk and squawk in the world, the flying feathers or the active  claws, will not alter it by one jot or one tittle.






Ezekiel, a little earlier, in 14:6-10 makes a significant indictment, of far more importance than any finding of any High Court of man, for this from the very precincts of divine justice itself.


Ř    “Therefore say to the house of Israel,

Ř    ‘Thus says the Lord God:

o     “Repent, turn away from your idols, and turn your faces away from all your abominations. For anyone of the house of Israel, or of the strangers who dwell in Israel, who separates himself from Me and sets up his idols in his heart and puts before him what causes him to stumble into iniquity, then comes to a prophet to inquire of him concerning Me, I the Lord will answer him by Myself. I will set My face against that man and make him a sign and a proverb, and I will cut him off from the midst of My people. Then you shall know that I am the Lord.

o     “And if the prophet is induced to speak anything, I the Lord have induced that prophet, and I will stretch out My hand against him and destroy him from among My people Israel. And they shall bear their iniquity; the punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired …” ’ ”


Idols in the heart, cardiac calibration, reduction of the heart to the calibre of mythical creations, and of the life to their depravities (and depravity is not only physical, but mental and moral, spiritual and personal as well), the limitations of confusion: what is it ?


it is the debasement of man to a world of false gods or self-arrogation of the divine by his own ‘opinions’ and rules, and this, it is the declaration of war on God into which only mercy can penetrate (cf. Micah 3:5, 5:3), the thick fog of horror into which the ‘meaningless’ can come as to a home, the arrogant as to its source and the violent to its rule, striving in vain, aloof from the Lord.


Alas such things can be in themselves the judgment on long follies of the mind, and the misleader and the misled alike stumble to fall (14:9-10)! Do such things seem dire ?  Have you noticed recent
history ? have you watched the plight of the nations ? Do you conceive the near to infinitude of arrogance which ignores the testimony of truth, and substitutes the squalid spiritual poverties of man for the rich mercy of Jesus Christ the righteous, alone in all history as the testified, verified, validated and uncalibrated, the One whose power and predictions, whose path and whose way being all themselves predicted, not only anointed history like heavy rain in drought, but cut the knots of philosophy like cardboard! (cf. SMR Chs.  5,   6, Christ Jesus: the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8, Repent or Perish Ch. 2, Trust God, Mate! Forget about FateCh. 9, Red Heart, Dead Heart and Pure Heart
Ch. 5).





Isaiah 8 has this:


      “Be shattered, O you peoples, and be broken in pieces!

Give ear, all you from far countries.


“Gird yourselves, but be broken in pieces;

 Gird yourselves, but be broken in pieces.

       Take counsel together, but it will come to nothing;

  Speak the word, but it will not stand,            

             For God is with us.”                                    



The distress and deliverance of Gentiles is a profound topic in the Old Testament predictions, as in the New. Thus in Joel 3:9ff., Isaiah 2, as in Micah 7 and Habakkuk 3, you see ineradicable signals of the end of godless lust, national pride and the like. The Lord ALONE will be exalted in that day, says Isaiah, and what a day it is to be!


The holes in the rock will seem desirable. The clangour of nations will clash upon the earth.


Again, however, you find that on the Lord’s return with His people, “all the saints” (Zechariah 14:5, I Thessalonians 3:13), that He will rule and iniquity will find its natural place, in ignominy (Psalm 2 presents the force of repulse correlative with the force originally planned and suffered, that was used against the Messiah in phase I, the suffering, before phase 2, the glory). The scope of it appears in Psalm  67:5-7, also, as in Psalm 72; and again you see more of it in Daniel 7:25ff., Matthew 24:36-51, Acts 1, Revelation 19, Habakkuk 2:14.


God has not forgotten the greater part of the earth, but in precise predictions, generic declarations and episodic detail, in broad scope and pattern, He has shown His concern for one as for the other; and if in His plan, Israel had the first place in time, the Gentiles have their own, and THIS is the time.  Indeed, the Jewish capture of Jerusalem, their divinely appointed capital for Israel (cf. Zechariah 12:6, Luke 21:24ff.,   SMR Ch. 9, esp. pp.  823ff.), begins to speak TERMINUS to the Gentile era, and COMING to the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ, for one, for all, in compassion and acceptance, in judgment (Matthew 25).



*4 Isaiah 30:1-5 presents this word: 


“ ‘Woe to the rebellious children,’ says the Lord,

‘Who take counsel, but not of Me,

And who devise plans, but not of My Spirit,

That they may add sin to sin;

Who walk to go down to Egypt,

And have not asked My advice,

To strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh,

And to trust in the shadow of Egypt!


“ ‘Therefore the strength of Pharaoh

Shall be your shame,

And trust in the shadow of Egypt

Shall be your humiliation.

For his princes were at Zoan,

And his ambassadors came to Hanes.

They were all ashamed of a people who could not benefit them,

Or be help or benefit,

But a shame and also a reproach.’ ”





See Highway of Holiness Ch. 4.