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The Peaceless Pace or

the Peerless Peace


News 267, TV and Radio News Passim in late March, 2003


The peace-makers grind their teeth, and perhaps those of their opponents, who are the forces of law and order they fight, struggle, and bring a species of seething war to the streets. Such peaceless peace deserves a coining! Is it for pieces that they fight ? and of whom ? Is their opinion to be put peaceably or in war-mongering physical fisticuffs and disorder, dishonouring their nation and disturbing strength ?


They are against suffering; but seem to ignore the question:  What suffering will come where, how and by whom ? They seem to think that terrorists are – perhaps like the educators so often in the 1960s – really good at heart, and you only need to indulge, understand them and all will be well. School teaching even to the tertiary level, does not suggest this to be true.


To be sure, a good understanding always helps, but some students delight in elevation of miserable stocks by mighty swaths of ill-behaviour, and indulge their psychic stresses from whatever source, in the disregard of progress to such an extent, that to understand their ‘real’ needs, is to understand that their contribution is detrimental to all, their play-acting an innovative excursion without skill,  and their slackness an expression in educative format of a spiritual malaise.


This is on the one hand, no excuse for severity without understanding, nor on the other, for laxity without progress for any. So with the peaceniks: their concern may be real, the issues they have in mind, in part salutary, but the methods chosen, so far from securing some redress through exhibitive techniques that slow traffic, induce accidents, break bodies, merely add to the need of reformation: their own.


Exhibition is one thing; abuse of liberty to breach order is another. If exhibition is permitted, the addition of violence is an antithesis of the alleged intention. One student allegedly indicated that after the exhibition – call it demonstration – was over, then on with more drugs. Like taking drugs, this excitement is something to do. It arrests the attention, indulges the mind, brings a vivid event to a … less than fascinating life.


Naturally, not all are thus; but the indulgence in violence is precisely to use what is deplored,  and to secure by example, what is ostensibly despised.


This is by no means to suggest that the current Second Gulf War is a work of angelic merit. As so often indicated before, it has been a false economy, to secure the alliance with SOME Moslems, since their book is indubitably in favour of, and their history from the days of their prophet, expressive of violence in the very medium of faith. To deny it, this is not to remove what commends it in the Koran and to cite the Koran to the contrary is no more to annul the passages which exalt it*1, than was the USSR’s insistence on freedom of religion in phrases, when numerous laws were so far to the contrary that it was not even humorous; much less to the annulled lives that showed the difference by their disappearance.


Further, it is entirely possible that bin Laden slipped through the islamicised fingers of the US forces because there was a certain sympathy.  After all, that religion is most militant in both Pakistan and Afghanistan! What would one expect!


This does nothing to make it wrong to have dealt (without the current Islamic collaboration) with Hussein according to the UN Resolution1441, of November 2002,  in terms of  its quite clear language, without any addition, which authorises action by an international agreement which surely appears to have been voided by some nations. Specifically it provided for

¨   “Member States to use all necessary means to uphold and implement its resolution 660 (1990) of 2 August 1990 and all relevant resolutions subsequent to resolution 660 (1990) and to restore international peace and security in the area …” and states itself to be

¨   “determined to ensure full and immediate compliance by Iraq without conditions
or restrictions with its obligations under resolution 687 (1991) and other relevant resolutions …”


Britain and the USA are members of that body, member States. They have decided to use “necessary means to uphold and implement” the orders expressly here said to be already voided, which went on being voided to some extent by common consent without equivocation, so that “immediate” resolution was so far from being obtained that months passed in miming words and mocking them simultaneously.


Further, in 1441 of 2002, the UN is already is “deploring … that Iraq repeatedly obstructed immediate, unconditional, and unrestricted access to sites designated by the UN …” That in turn does not show the rightness of the war, even if it had been without the woefully short-sighted and wholly unscriptural alliance that included nice words about the Koran, which debases Jesus Christ to some christ from the mind of the prophet Muhammad, making the true false and the false true. In so doing, it merely the more fulfils the words of Christ and of Paul (Matthew 24:24, II Thessalonians 2), that such phenomena should be rife on the earth. They were and grow more so.


That, however, for alliance ? This Islamic religion or even some approximate variant ? Is it possible … (Cf. Lord of Life Ch. 4.) Yet it was in essence, done. This is one more movement from what was once viewed as de facto more of a Christian nation than anything else, to the conglomerate of religions approach, an Indian assessment covering the US as Christian-Judaistic-Islamic as noted previously. In so doing, as the US takes such a role in the Middle East, it is a thrust towards the dominating directives of the one world religion which, started in cynicism, pragmatism, delusion, desperation or expediency, is predicted so clearly in Revelation 13, 17. ]


The second ruling authority in the world to come,  “another beast” or world dominating, embracive power structure with its head, is found in Revelation 13:11ff. to have as its mission to give some pretension of Christianity (looks like a lamb), of gentility, but to be dragonesque in speech. Its focus ? Religion. No Marxist reductionism for it: it has learned from that what to avoid! It is explicit about religion, but reductionist in its domain, as if to reduce God to their own status, to increase their own to that of God, and so to fall into the trap of making infinity a virtual zero. It does not fit!


This would account for its ready elevation, as illustrated in the famed US Prayer Breakfast after the Twin Tower disaster. In this,  Islamic, Christian (neo-evangelical in force) and Judaistic elements joined in prayer in precise contradiction of the Bible (II Corinthians 6:14, Romans 16:17), as if its very life depended on such rebellion


As to history, it moves. It has no option. The word of God has told it what it shall do; and the predestinative magnificence of the power of God, applied through that glorious invention of human freedom, which God does not annul, but does interpret, continues intact, to the unbeliever, insufferably accurate, to the believer, gloriously competent in Him who “works all things after the counsel of His own will” (Ephesians 1:11).


This religious gregariousness in a time of maximum national disaster was an indication of the national mood and movement, though of course not entirely so. Nevertheless, for those in power, it was the option chosen. It was a calamitous mistake. Yet this one error does not make all wrong; or anything right for that matter. It does not sanction the war or make it in principle a mistake, though it mauls it in practice to a substantial degree.


Right ? In a narrow verbal viewpoint, the legal array in the UN has been quite clear, and has decidedly authorised SUCH action; yet is the UN the arbiter and authority ?


In terms of international law, while words retain any meaning, Britain and the USA are doing what was coded, but imploded by many in the UN! Yet international law is not the law of God, per se!


Far from it…


This is not in itself an indication that to carry out 1441 on Iraq was wrong in principle (merely in execution!), neither on the other hand, is the international resolution itself a guarantee of wisdom in making war. It merely gives international legal ground.


Thus, to develop the point, while the false and gravest, misled alliance with something akin to the Moslem religion from Afghanistan on,  has been a step in the mud, it is one in the midst of a vast and long-enduring conflict centring not a little on Israel. This is seen by the very words of bin Laden in 1998, (Lord of Life Ch. 8, *1), and others, a virtual verbal explosion which, with its strategic lust and armed training to give it legs as well as voice, tended to produce the terrorism of recent éclat and thus the Twin Tower destruction. With that, in turn, came the US response first in Afghanistan, and now in the broader milieu of terrorism as practised by Hussein, and exported from his shores, first of all, to Israel with boastfully public announcements – annunciations ? – of his intemperate cruelty in rewarding wickedness with cash.


In sum, then, what do we find ?


The war is misconceived religiously at its outset, but by any realistic reading of UN Resolution 1441, it is endorsed internationally (unless 1441 be rescinded): so that its rightness is muddled by the inadequacy of the latter to constitute right, however adequate its formulation (cf. News 19); and the cardinal error of the former. Was not the blight of the Cold War sufficient indication that the folly of using one bloody-handed dictator to help quell another was an act of the wildest deviation from principle and morality! Mixed principles from contrary sources not only tend to mock God, but to produce a mockery in return (cf. Psalm 2!).


Many may not have FELT the whip of Russian communism for 40 years at the end of World War II; but millions did! They would find it, perhaps, a little easier to support the US action against the Iraqi dictator.


Hence, perhaps, the strong desire of new aspirant members of the EU, like Hungary which aroused French ire from Chirac, to support the US action in principle, against the terrorism fostered and constituted by Saddam Hussein, even if it were compromised.


Must the world of idealism, however, again learn the folly of fostering serpentine subversion, as often is the case, in the midst of better aspirations! Explicit mixture of religions is merely to show contempt for the truth of Christ Jesus, who, incidentally, indicated quite clearly, “My kingdom is not of this world” – John 18:36. Its whole style is contrary to His own ways, and its prince “has nothing in Me”! (John 14:30). New World Orders will only be, before Christ’s own rule, new world disorders, drastic with force, replete with folly, wild in aspiration.


From the mountains of truth comes deliverance, not from the mud of the plain. The Lord is arising to shake the earth, and to invest it in His day (Hebrews 12:25ff., Isaiah 24). Man’s day is not identical with His! The sky is not an abyss; glory is not shame, nor truth expediency, nor majesty of the earth, earthy. It is the celestial which conquers in the end, for its divine right is divine indeed, and all being wrong without it, sings but a sad song.


Past however, this neo-evangelical, pragmatic, syncretistic religious background to the present Gulf war, which makes sheer mockery of Dr Mahathir’s thought that it is an anti-Moslem affair (it is in fact a compromise of vast dimensions), there are certain other questions.


First, what of Israel - where some $30,000 was allegedly paid by the Iraqi dictator to those who murdered Israelis ? Murder then ? Is there any other word for attacking people indiscriminately within their territory, who are non-combatants and not involved in making war, either by armaments or by physical action ? Does this not savour of the judgment of Almighty God who is on (biblical) record repeatedly that His justice does not include the “right” to correct the wrong to Christ (or anyone else) wrought by the nation Israel long ago, by exterminating Jews at their own oppressive pleasure in time and place, like delirious demi-gods, racist and unruly! (cf. Isaiah 51:21-23*2, Jeremiah 51:4-10, Obadiah 12-15).


Arrogance is punishable by God; pride is His prerogative to reduce; seizing people for your own convenience or odious loathing is answerable to God. The Jew as a butt does less than nothing to reduce the severity of the crime or the certainty, short of repentance and pardon in Christ, of the retribution. As Micah 7 shows so clearly, it is COMING; and as Ezekiel so dramatically presents it in detail (Chs. 38-39 cf. SMR Appendix A). Payments to murderers ? shall the answer be murder to the
payors ? Is there no realism at all in the mind of the mighty ? Do people not then think or realise that brutality is more dangerous than any bomb, and obstreperous militancy in the face of desire, is more perilous than any tornado; and worse than these are to come to those who practice them, be they Arab, Moslem, Nazi, Communist or other!





The time however will come when the various aspects of the war being over, the payments will come. Will a democratic Iraq perhaps elect a Moslem government, subvertible, perhaps even BY majority, into another weapon of hatred and destruction against many,  as if the fulfilment of the killing prophecies, the mad murder machine mentality of Revelation 6’s prediction, were the objective of such blood lust! Will this be prelude to Ezekiel 38-39 ?


If this should be, then with Islamic Turkey (in large measure) to the North, with Syria and with (perhaps) Iraq in Islamic vows to destroy what is in the way of domination via suppression and oppression, with areas in the Caspian duly Islamic, the vast assault on Israel may indeed come. (Cf. SMR pp. 510ff.).


War is not the answer; nor is supine peace in hopes that things will go away. It is purity and truth, love and grace, kindness and yet firmness against murderers, mass or other, patience but not moral puniness which is required. The world will not, because it cannot give these things, since it does not know the Lord; and it surges to its End of the Age, like some reckless speed boat at 60 mph, in its lunging approach to within a few yards of the shoreline. It is a peaceless pace.


The Middle East may rest for a little*3, but it is quite sure.  NEVER will peace long reign there until the mouthings of pretence,

v                   to make a new Christ 600 years after the real one, in Islam,

v                   to make a new one 2000 years later, on the part of those other heretics, the Liberals who call themselves Christians, but are idolators who make God with their own minds, 

v                   or to make a covert one in the ‘proletariat’ in the grand old idea of Marx, which being merely fictitious and impractical, simply put the power of this mythical entity right into the hands of one of the most aristocratically suppressive tyrants of all time, showing by the works of the idea, that the idea did not work.


How could it ?  for it told the truth when by its own word,  it was not there to tell, making it obvious from the first that it could not and would not last.


All this kefuffle of insensate spiritual folly proceeds like some tank division to its prey, but it is not to some city, but from all pity that it moves, arraigning God in its sights, and blazing with mental and spiritual guns, against the only Saviour the world ever has had, will have or could have. In this, it is obvious that it will be without a saviour, as well  as without savour; and so it goes to its long-appointed doom. This ? it is not doomsaying, for the best part is not the self-appointed consignees to the ill-favoured post of garbage, refusing restitution from God, and hence acting as their own destiny choosers; rather it is the favour of God to His chosen.


You are not one of these ? If not, then the guilt is yours alone, since you did not trust Him, who made you, who gave His only begotten Son in place so that you could find Him, and freely following Him,  rejoice all your days, and though tried with various trials (I Peter 1:6-9), find in Him a joy unspeakable and full of glory, for He IS glorious, and that is the point. There is also a peace beyond comprehension that fills the heart grounded where the ground is good, the Rock is sure (Philippians 4:4-6). It is an active matter, but one is at rest.


The Middle East however, going its own way,  is a yeast that ferments.  Many outside it have the same ingredients, and the nations roar and surge as if demented.  Here however is the focus for there was the one and once for all atonement made by divine authority, in the deity who became man, Jesus Christ the Messiah; there was the crucifixion, there the resurrection, there in the heart of Jerusalem the birthday of the Christian Church, there the apostles (Ephesians 2:19ff), there is the foundation of the Lord laid, and there will He come, having wrought in love, and bought in price, now to rule in reality, that the earth may be filled with the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea: until its day comes, and it goes (Isaiah 51:6, Revelation 11, Matthew 24:25).


The New World Order, so dear, by all appearance of his words, to the heart of the former President Bush, in the earlier days of the Gulf War, is merely the endeavour of this world to ‘handle things’ in its own way, with its own fleshly pre-occupations, though it may call them moral at first; and is a kind of exhibit for judgment, like crabbing from an oarsman: a splash that means no good thing at all. It will of course have its own devil’s messiah in the end (as in II Thessalonians 2, cf. Biblical Blessings Ch. 2), its own spiritual stooge who will with slender wisdom equate himself at the last with God. That  brings destruction on his humanistic, pseudo-idealistic, arrant brashness, the evil focus for that walking ideologue of ideas, that inane pretension of man before God, that lowering, and inverted summit of darkness.





Enlightened self-interest, so much used by balance of power politicians in the past, has never been enlightened, but merely so-called. It has always forgotten the governance of God. Its desire is to advance by power or deceit, guile or other means; and not to find the truth and to live it, the love of God and to show it. Working at simply personal, corporate, national or international levels, when it becomes human racism, it elevates the self against the Creator, the psyche above the Saviour and the earth above the celestial beginning and end of man (“I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, says the Lord, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty” – Revelation 1:8).


Submerged in itself, the puerile self, unfulfilled because separated from its source, is liable to any and all devilish devices, inflations, depressions, moods, maledictions and contradictions, which whether in the practical realm of the work of man or the philosophy of ideas, leads only to ruin, temporary fabrications and dying eventuations.


Without that Alpha and Omega,  there is simply no way; and history, and most dramatically recent history, exhibits these lessons as if it were an appointed fire-works, ever new patterns of explosions manifesting themselves but alas, not with a nocturnal  beauty, but with the flashy preludes to death.


Life is better; but it cannot be manufactured either politically or spiritually. It is to be found AS it is WHERE it is and WHY it is, from its Source who is equally its only Saviour (Isaiah 43:10-11, Acts 4:11-12, Revelation 2:8), who knows what He made, where it erred, and how to fix it. Ignoring Him, leaves to an ignorance so profound (Ephesians 4:17-18, 2:1-12) that the very behaviour of this world is the necessary result, now like a cyclotronic phenomenon, speeding to its expulsive thrust.




Material on this point is here provided from
Great Execrations, Great Enervations, Greater Grace … Chs. 1 and 10.


  1. Amid the sects which make another Jesus, is the Moslem variant.


What follows is from the first of the above works just cited.


v          This then is the RELIGIOUS EXECRATION OF GOD:

and one of the most famous cases nowadays, apart from the follies of the ever-growing substitutes for God in the sects (cf.  Things Old  and New Chs. 9, 10,  Epilogue, Appendix), as the world wallows in its curse and asks for more of the same and gets it,  is the Islamic laceration of truth. Worshipping a god who does not have the advantage of existence, drawn from Jewish fables, Christian related inventions and the prophet’s own mind, with whatever other resources other than those of God, Muhammad has initiated a fraud (not necessarily by any means intentionally, since confusion is the name of the game as in II Thess.  2:10). As the judgments and curse of God accumulate, the Islamic movement uses force to assert its god. If it wants to take over, what else could it do! On the other hand, jihad style exhortations surge from the pages of the Koran (cf. More MarvelsCh. 4, SMR Ch.  1, Divine Agenda Ch. 6).

This Islam, however, it does not work (cf. SMR pp. 830ff.) in one of the most obvious cases of summarily attested fraud in history. The Jew did not go, though the return was viewed religiously as an abomination; Israel has stayed, as God said it would, and its wars have proceeded as God said they would. Which God ? But of course (SMR Ch. 1), there is only One, the One whose word WORKS! (cf. SMR pp. 779ff., 822ff.): whether for Israel’s discipline or deliverance, as in any examinable matter, the case demands and is exactly specified in the word of God (cf.  SMR Chs. 8 -9, Appendix A).


  1.   What ensues is from the SECOND work cited in this end-note, at the outset.

See  the exposure of these clamant claims on which so many mass murders are vainly based, in 
More Marvels… Ch. 4. Many are the murders from the distorted concepts of man in the grip of false prophets, such as Christ predicted with unerring certainty (Matthew 24:24), and the Islamic scourge is now gripping much of the world in intolerance, with substitution of death threats or suffering in the place of free pursuit of truth and trying of the spirits with the reason God has provided, and consideration of the utter failure rationally of the Koran to fulfil its simple requirements. Contrasted is the unassailable certainty of the Bible, when scientific method is applied.


For these matters, see TMR 1, SMR Chs. 1, 10, pp.  986ff, 1080ff., 809, 1078, 625, 140ff.,  and compare pp. 50ff., 65ff., 91ff., 1186Aff..




This passage in Isaiah 51, addressed to Israel,  reads as follows. Colour is added for emphasis relative
to the point at hand..



v             Your sons have fainted,

They lie at the head of all the streets,

Like an antelope in a net;

They are full of the fury of the Lord,

The rebuke of your God.

v             “Therefore please hear this, you afflicted,

And drunk but not with wine.

v             “Thus says your Lord,

The Lord and your God,

Who pleads the cause of His people:

§       ‘See, I have taken out of your hand

§       The cup of trembling,

§       The dregs of the cup of My fury;

§       You shall no longer drink it.

§       But I will put it into the hand of those who afflict you,

§       Who have said to you,

§       ‘Lie down, that we may walk over you.’

§       And you have laid your body like the ground,

§       And as the street, for those who walk over.’


While only the Gospel will heal Israel’s woes, for there is the nation whom the Lord chose to show forth His praise (Isaiah 43:21), and its history is set forth on numerous occasions in the Old Testament in accord with the divine undertaking to do just that (Amos 3:7). While it includes elements of severe discipline (Leviticus 26), it also involves vast divine action leveling the ground against those whose presumption knows no bounds, and whose mercy seems hard put to find a beginning! (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4, SMR Chs. 8  -  9, The Biblical Workman Ch. 1, *3 and Ch. 3, *1).

3 Amazingly, not only did the Arab region reject flatly a fantastically generous UN 1947 plan which would have given Jerusalem as an international city and to the Jewish elements, mere disjointed regions, with large sections for their own cause, but from 1960  they abused grossly the Jordanian explicit offer of citizenship to Palestinians. Indeed, at that time, we read,  Jordan CLAIMED “sole guardianship of the Palestinian Arabs”. They used the hide-out of Jordan, as it for many then became, to launch attacks on Israel, so leading to civil war when Jordan sought to repress this abuse of citizenship; and in this, it is reported, was so strong that only the Hussars saved Jordan’s King Hussein! (Dictionary of Twentieth-Century History, Penguin, Alan Palmer).


They then became less than a corporate persona grata!  but the fact always remains that the Palestinian Arabs had this offer which was most fitting, since in contravention of the Balfour Declaration, subsequently to World War I, one internationally endorsed by the victors, one that gave Palestine to the Jews, Jordan gained most of that land. The case ? It was to be ALL of it to the Jews, not MOST OF IT to Jordan, which transpired! Respect for other elements ? Does not the mosque stand to this day! The account of what was done, on the other hand, to synagogues in Jerusalem in the period 1948-1967 is not pleasant.


Peace in all this ? There is an inveterate anti-Jewish feeling, a sub-section of anti-semitism, which seems to bring racism to the UN and inoperability to the Islamic submission clauses of the Koran, in the Middle East. ISRAEL must be in submission, subjection or sliced to oblivion. In such terms, there IS no solution; since God has other ideas and public plans to implement them.


It is not at all (Isaiah 19) that Israel is to be glorified as a secular unbelieving nation; but it is no more this, on the other hand, that it is to be under the heel of what in this is an all but neo-Nazi, Islamic boot, or any other boot, which in any other group for any other reason sees fit to oppress this nation. It is one which has been, so slenderly treated, so grossly internationally betrayed,  that the claims of being against racism on the part of the UN seem so unbelievably hollow as to echo with glib repetition over the years.