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Let us start with our preface, which also prefaces Chapter 1.


The world is full of vast expectations, inglorious resolutions and debilitating losses, that blast its soul, if it had one, but at all events so treat the souls and spirits of myriads of its people; and all this has a ground.


This is not the now drying, now inundated ground under our feet, though this bears its own testimony in this wayward and rambunctious century. It is the ground of provocation to its own welfare, to the souls of men and to the Creator of it all, which is the just concern.


This is no mere school-boy provocation of listless adolescent lust for excitement or self-affirmation. It goes far deeper. The world is busy execrating God. What else did Israel do when it condemned and murdered its own Messiah, coming on the date specified (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4), for the purpose of granting the grace infinitude to man, but by His own means,  for God is always God, as man is always man! What else did Rome do in its appointed Governor, Pilate, who admitted the wrong of the coming murder, and then authorised it! What else does the Islamic idolatry do, which worships one God,  all in order, but not the One who made them, hence an idol (cf. More Marvels Ch. 4) ?


What else are the marauding Arab terrorists doing, yes and their Islamic allies, who declare war by the most futile of means, mere adventurism in civic destruction, and execute their will with the cleverness of others, whether aircraft or biological, whether chemical or radiation methods! A silly child could do as much, given the money and the mindless confusion!


Secularism is doing no better (cf. Lord of Life Ch. 8). It ignores God. God does not ignore it. The face of the world is showing all of this in its own vain interests ! just as the face of Christ, in His own vicarious interest,  showed it before (Isaiah 52:12ff.). The world is that combination of beauty of creation and ugliness of descration which man, by his own actions and richly deserved judgments on him, has inherited. The old inheritance withers; the new augments. Madness does not enrich. Grace does.


Let us consider these things and that the grace is greater. Like sun lotion however, to kill the cancerous imposition, it is not automatic. It does not by some ritual rule simply apply itself.






One is reminded of the idle and proliferating protestations in Malachi, the last biblically recorded prophet before Christ came, in the Old Testament time.


When confronted by God through His prophet, the people of Malachi’s day were full of excuses. Let us take a few examples.


CHARGE (1:6):


“A son honours his father,

And a servant his master.

If then I am the Father,
Where is My honour ?

And if I am Master,

Where is My reverence ?”


‘Scapegrace Answer:


“In what way have we despised Your name ?”




Their offerings are cut-price economy versions.

They inwardly despise the table of the Lord, the times of communion, the requirements, the provisions.

They treat God with less concern than they would a human governor.

The entreat God to be kind to them WHILE insulting His grace and being languid or guileful or both, in His service.


Even someone who shuts a temple door for some sacred purpose, wants his pay.


How then could God, who is Spirit, be interested in such a rupture of reality! If this is to be the Jewish provision, then to the Gentiles goes the Gospel in its time (as in Jeremiah 16:19).


CHARGE (1:13):


You say – What a weariness! and you sneer at the divine service.


No Answer.




Judgment: “Cursed be the deceiver …”


There is and has been for several millennia, a curse on the earth (cf. Beyond the Curse!) and see Romans 5:1-12, I Corinthians 15:20ff.). It etches its mark on the peace, swarms on the presumption, eats into the arrogance, exposes the false deities of man, and brings to nothing the proud boast of yesteryear as if they were all chapters, always doomed, always dim in the end, flashes of lightning that passes, leaving only the storm.


IF, indeed, the Lord proceeds in specialising on the false-hearted priests (Malachi 2:2),


v          “If you will not hear, and if you will not take it to heart, to give glory to My name…

v          I will send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings.

v          Yes, I have cursed them already, because you do not take it to heart.”


There is an exceedingly amusing little tract which specifies dozens of papal blessings and then appends the deaths or disasters which followed, in famous cases; and to be sure, this author would rather be cursed by the pope than blessed by him any day; for it is far safer. The blessing of a false shepherd is redolent with a false way, a false god who can be moved about, a false master who usurps the stated place of God,  and a false father, existing spiritually in direct derogation of the command of Christ (Matthew 23:8ff., cf. SMR pp. 1042ff.).


The CURSING of religious blessings is then nothing new, but as old as Malachi, to say no more of the prophets in the days of Jeremiah for example (Jeremiah 23). Their end and nature is dwelt on generically in II Peter and Jude in terms that surge as does the sea increasingly, into Pacific Islands, and even on occasion into Manhattan Island! (cf. The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 6).  Yes it surges (Luke 21:25). It had to happen; it is part of the eschatological curse, the end-time flurry to augment the worry (Luke 21:26), which God performs like clock-work in certainty, because He said so, and He knowing the end from the beginning, knows what is fitting.


What did David say in the Lord’s name in his day ? This to our current point:

§      “So pursue them with Your tempest,

          And frighten them with Your storm.


§      Fill their faces with shame,

§      That they may seek Your name, O Lord.”


WHY ? In order that they might seek the face of God ?

But what else does God charge in Malachi ?

This in Malachi 3:13-15, amongst other derogatory horrors of religious ennui.

§    CHARGE:  “ ‘Your words have been harsh against Me,’

§     Says the Lord…”


‘Scapegrace Answer:


“What have we spoken against You!”




§    “You have said,


§    ‘It is useless to serve God;


§    ‘What profit is it that we have kept His ordinance,

And that we have walked as mourners

Before the Lord of hosts?

So now we call the proud blessed,

For those who do wickedness are raised up;

‘They even tempt God and go free.’ ”


That is certainly a damning self-indictment for man to allow. What then does man protest in his listlessness towards God ? To be found are things like these: “USELESS … NO PROFIT … the PROUD are blessed, the millionaires from gambling, the sports stars amid their non-marriages or repetitive marriages, the rich are blessed: morality is nothing, spirituality does not serve… and so on.


Does not SERVE WHAT ? Self, self-respect, self-advantage, self-esteem, the swerving sports car of self, always on the look out for number one, always rat-like, a living automotive cockroach, an infestation of the irrational, a centre for the mini-universe that will never, because it CAN never  agree with all the other dynamics, desires and directives of the autonomous heart of man, ignorant of the heart of God (Ephesians 4:17-19), showing it, as litmus shows acid.


Without God, man has neither base nor basis, logically or ethically, no end to his enthusiasms, his murders, his lusts, his fussings, his follies, his defiance of reason, and his giving reasons for it in a sort of lurid nightmare, like some ill-equipped steel plant, killing as it creates. In this case, however, the only steel it bestows is pre-formed for conflict. It literally does not know where it is going, and only force is likely to make it do so, nor could this be right, for it is mere a stab, like that of a pain, in the dark; and the objective is removed by anti-faith, in advance, from accessibility. In the end he will worship himself, the actual  thrust of present humanism (cf.  Lord of Life Ch. 8, SMR pp. 1008-1111, Earth Spasm Chs.  1,   7).


In other words, God is being subjected to EXECRATION, just as Christ was when the priests ruled Him  a blasphemer, for asserting His credentials,  guilty for being God. Intentions are important; but what you DO is more so. If you kill merely intending to wound, that is sad;  but the life is GONE!


In the realm of spirit, to be sure, spirit is paramount, but misguided decisions with physical outcomes are still SPIRITUALLY misguided, equipped with spiritual outcomes beyond the corpse!


Here then, in family terms,  is the stage before the group becomes a simple sundered unit from God, merely secular, or else involved in some merit-stressing sect of vanity, or continuing in some corrupted liberal or neo-evangelical ‘church’ as if the name of the body could save it from its deeds (manifestly false as in Revelation 2:12-18, 3:14-22). It is just weary, weary of God, of goodness, of righteousness, of the cost it takes, of the humiliation you share with Christ as you are faithful.

This is that phase as seen in many a falling denomination, as men callowly allow this or that, until what the thing is, that is left, is so deformed as almost to have suffered its own crucifixion. That, however, is neither sound nor spiritual, a simple conformity to sin leading to a deformity from righteousness, truth and the ways of God.


Although a Christian can never be removed, being born with the seed GOD has given (I John 3:9), yet a church may indeed be removed from the register of true religion as Revelation shows, and warns expressly.


v          This then is the RELIGIOUS EXECRATION OF GOD:

and one of the most famous cases nowadays, apart from the follies of the ever-growing substitutes for God in the sects (cf.  Things Old  and New Chs. 9, 10,  Epilogue, Appendix), as the world wallows in its curse and asks for more of the same and gets it,  is the Islamic laceration of truth. Worshipping a god who does not have the advantage of existence, drawn from Jewish fables, Christian related inventions and the prophet’s own mind, with whatever other resources other than those of God, Muhammad has initiated a fraud (not necessarily by any means intentionally, since confusion is the name of the game as in II Thess.  2:10). As the judgments and curse of God accumulate, the Islamic movement uses force to assert its god. If it wants to take over, what else could it do! On the other hand, jihad style exhortations surge from the pages of the Koran (cf. More MarvelsCh. 4, Divine Agenda Ch. 6, SMR Ch.  1).


This Islam, however, it does not work (cf. SMR pp. 830ff.) in one of the most obvious cases of summarily attested fraud in history. The Jew did not go, though the return was viewed religiously as an abomination; Israel has stayed, as God said it would, and its wars have proceeded as God said they would. Which God ? But of course (SMR Ch. 1), there is only One, the One whose word WORKS! (cf. SMR pp. 779ff., 822ff.): whether for Israel’s discipline or deliverance, as in any examinable matter, the case demands and is exactly specified in the word of God (cf.  SMR Chs. 8 -9, Appendix A).


WHICH word of God ? But of course there is only one (SMR Chs.  1, 10), and it is the one which works, has works, continues mightily to work in our own generation, and never fails (a point made via Isaiah in Ch. 44:24ff.). There is no difficulty whatever about identification of deity. It is only the execration of God, made clear in the crucifixion of Christ through Gentile and Jewish means alike, and in false prophets, heralded but not praised by Christ, of which Muhammad is but one, along with the pope and their many clones: it is only this which even permits this question.


There is nothing else that works spiritually for man as he is, empirically, prophetically, in terms of validity or verification, since rather like a king of old, it is God alone who has the power. No one else CAN do it, or therefore does! Not only so, there is nothing else that satisfies logic, which God has given to our race, and without which no objections can be made (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7,  Ch. 2, Barbs, Arrows and Balms   6, SMR Chs. 1, 3,  10).


Yet they wallow in fraud, the world wonders about them and many follow them, and thus their fruitless romancing leads to ruin, without reason or any revelation from God, except to condemn in advance, such adventitious adventuring. So too, where were the treasures hidden of old, to be located by the leader of scientology ? Where were the 1844 and 1914 supposed advents of Christ, drawn from extra-biblical nonsense ?


Yet do all these frauds die ?  Not at all, pure zeal replacing reason and truth, brings down on the earth the ever more potent curse which has been accorded since early days after the Fall (cf. Romans 5, 8, Genesis 3), and man not merely bears, but as a race grasps for his curse of death; and few escape,  and that by the grace of God. Nothing else can penetrate the darkness, nor could anything else find what has corrupted itself, to become so dysfunctional that the auto-save button, never in existence, could not be seen if it were! (Ephesians 2:1-10 emphasises this fact). You cannot satisfy God by telling Him; nor correct your will without your heart, or your heart without your understanding, or see in the dark.


The grace which is greater, however, grates with many.


So it goes, execrating, dislocating the membership in God, enervating in desire, or else inflamed with their fraud, to visit on others the only way they can, BY FORCE. Force either of reason or revelation, it lacks. One does what one can! Says the retiree. So with false religionists: they do what they can, and it is not so hard to spew other people’s technologies onto them, if Satan so inspires you to aid his stated work of destruction, as Apollyon!




This brings us to the secular arm. For long, enervation has been a trade-mark, though this is likely to change as the execration latent in enervation becomes more obvious, and the stakes being high, the fight rages. (See Lead Us not into Temptation cf. Revelation 13, and indeed this likelihood is prophetically confirmed to be a factual culmination, and even now this direction of flow reveals itself, as millennia ago it stood predictively exposed, such is the knowledge of the living God.)

We have on former occasions considered various persons and forces, such as imaginary bureaucrat or ideologue, manufacturing PLANS for mankind, or man-unkind, as is now more apt for the rush of new anti-moralities which surge like sickening breakers on a lonely shore.

The bureaucratic follies we have considered, in their religious aspect, in such sites as:


LORD of LIFE Ch. 8,

Light of Dawn Ch. 2 esp. pp. 54ff.,
Barbs, Arrows and Balms 18  and
Divine Agenda Ch. 7 (in imaginary soliloquies);  with
The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 3,
Ancient Words : Modern Deeds Ch. 1,
Repent or Perish Ch. 5,
Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ Ch. 9, and
News, Facts and Forecasts 13 (News 121).


We shall not here pursue these, though the reader may desire, for overview, to do so.


Today, let us look at the way LOVE has been treated.


Thus there  is the love of God for which see Spiritual Refreshings Chs. 9, 10, 11, 12, 15 and SMR pp. 582ff..


v          What a weariness love is! chant so many.

v          In the sixties, they made great fuss of confusing love with promiscuous sex, and many are they who seem unable to know the difference between an exquisite mode of reproduction for families - which should also to experience a refined and loyal love - and love itself, as it a torch were taken to be the nature of light, and not an instrument for its expression!

v          Accordingly, many spoiled families by despising family love, and many more have condemned themselves to slow death, in the proliferation of the physiological confusion, laughing at design, ignoring it or seeking to change it. Love, however, is not mocked. Not surprisingly, the Bible is not impressed with such things (I Timothy 1:10, I Corinthians 5:9).

v          With all but incredible boldness, carelessness and frequency, they DO NOT EVEN BOTHER to get married, DO NOT BOTHER about the children, if they have to separate  for their various reasons, such as more sexual  liberty with someone else, a greater sense of autonomy, discovery or whatever else seizes the vagrant heart for the wandering moment. So it proceeds, as seeking now with passion, now with indifference, to inherit the wordless woe that follows itself as its own religion, or its own creation or selection for its own purposes, merely making of all religion an  extrapolation of desire. It smirks at truth and does not even understand the loyalty or purity of love.


v          This, it is to expectorate on God, the source of both life and love, and in its hostility to His command and creation, it defiles the pure, strikes the way and in practice execrates the glory of God.


So the children are taught to like the TV reductionist skeletons of humanity which parade as if it were in some sense FUNNY to debase, and amusing to PILLORY man in this way. What man is, is forgotten; the creation by Him who made him is forbidden in this State, in Science classes (cf. TMR Ch. 8), even for investigation as a rational option, and this in flat contradiction of scientific method and religious liberty alike, on foolish premises which even contradict themselves, for if all were REALLY relative, you could not absolutely know this, though it be affirmed.


This double breach of the scope of scientific method and its rational testing in each domain, made trebly at fault by  ignoring the sole winner in any contest, creation (cf. SMR pp.  140ff.,  TMR Chs.

  1,   8, Earth SpasmChs.  1,  7) is a measure of the contemporary spiritual madness of man. It is as it was (Hosea 9:7). The end of the day for Judah, is like that for the Gentiles. THEY had the coming of the Saviour to await, at the historical date predicted; we have His return, day unknown by divine design, period discernible by divine presentation (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5). Meanwhile, just as God scorchingly rebuked Israel for what it did to its children, the case for today seems if not worse, certainly no better (cf. II Kings 17:15-17)


If however a man has to become an ass, must he insist that his children bray, and pay with taxes for the privilege! No one ever answers these things, as the governments come and go, but the execration of God continues with vain philosophy, as stable as sand in a maelstrom.


As in Malachi, What a weariness the love of God is, they bray, and so do they sacrifice their children as securely as any king of Israel did, in similarly following the pagan ways of those who execrate the deity: it is not, however, with impunity.


The cyclotron of the 21st century mounts in the velocity of its super-charged particles, into which man seems determined to transform himself, starting with the kids: for are these not the progeny of goats ? Is it not in this just nomenclature?


It is not their fault ? alas, that is the truly execrable horror of it, though their own sin is voluntary: this is a power assist into decline, starting with the young. And then, where will your HUMAN RESOURCES BE! So they are making sure of the decline and fall of the human empire, but of course, will not rest till they babble their Babel in the scripturally predicted way (II Thessalonians 2), groomed into some pretentious appearance, only that it might be destroyed (cf. Biblical Blessings Ch. 2).


What then do they expect who, in biblically defined terms, in terms which thus reason requires (SMR, TMR, Repent or Perish), expectorate on God as the Jew did ? Is the Gentile then no better ? Of course not. Not ALL Jews did this, and  not  all Gentiles do it either; but the percentage is small, for most of the alleged numbers belong where execration in biblically defined terms, is rampant, and this is only the false prophet popularity, for their short-cuts and short-circuits ever have appeal.


As to Christ, His way is, was and will be  NARROW and those who enter were, are and will be FEW.





But someone will say, HOW is the love of God, which you so extol, HOW is it LIMITLESS ?


Could it not be broader ?


Let us look at that.


First a few facts are needed, as in any investigation.


There is no sin too bad (I Timothy 1:12-16),   for the love of God to reach it with the antidote, the Gospel, the murdered victim, Christ, the portrayal of it, the penalty for it. In love it is provided,  and for any who acting without this provision, do what they may, there is nothing to hard.  Love provides. There is no greater grace that could be.


Love is not automatic. That is its nature, and that is our topic of investigation. It is a free action of spirit. It is not a response to a code,  as if the highest result for the lowest price were a DEMAND that you love the purchase. It is an option, and how your heart relates to what you buy, that is entirely a different question.  Utility is utility; love is love.


If then a person, in God’s all-knowing sight, prefers the darkness of non-love, in non-light, in a non-reality with a non-reason, that is fine, from a purely procedural point of view. He/she is not to be forced. Love does not do that; and it is not in case to be found like that.  It would, if such were the procedure, be mere misuse of terms, and the ‘greater’ would be something entirely different, and hence for our present point, entirely irrelevant.


Irrelevancies are not reason. If then the LOVING REMEDY is despised (as in Proverbs 1, so aptly and crisply put), then it is not that love has been limited in its scope, but that it has been limited in its reception. What has that to do with the love of the One rejected ? may one ask!


But someone might pursue the point in this way. What, it might be asked, prevents love from BECOMING  something different ? Why should it not use force ?


Firstly, our discussion is on the limitless character of the love of God, not on the topic of power or violence at all. Secondly, if love were to change, when it is as so far shown, limitless, how would this improve it in scope ? The question seems pointless, in our arena of discussion. If you yourself do not want heaven (where love rules in a free society of those rescued entirely by divine grace), is that reason for extinguishing the place ? Grabocracies may appeal, but they neither mimic love, nor are it, nor can they continue long, since killing by force,  capturing by guile and so on, these things do not relate to the nature of human personality except as afflictions to abort it, nor do they, nor can they therefore exhibit but only inhibit love for it.


Therefore they are not and cannot be solutions for it. If on the other hand, you want hell, that choice of induced celebration of the absence of your Creator and hence of all other light: there is no procedural problem. It is there without being asked for, simply by ignoring, execrating or being enervated about the love of God.


The way is open and it is clear (Matthew 7:13). It is also popular.