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A Call to Spiritual Arms



Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson


Presented by World Wide Web Witness Inc.




There is woe and worry on many sides, wealth and astuteness on others, poverty and death abounding, tensions astounding, wells of dark depths in psychic dissolutions, a dither of drugs to cure what frequently merely attenuates ruin, or normalises oddity. Many resort to non-medical drugs in the pharmaceutical revolution, basically chemistry for worried souls, physics for psyches, mending broken wires with solder, reaching vast recesses of the human soul with probes, solving problems with barbs, constructing kingdoms and domains of spirit with prods.

As this worn-out world grows slighter in available physical resources compared with soaring physical needs, and its food distribution becomes more and more ludicrous, as the Sahara creeps on and drought files its claims in Africa, to add to war and inveterate disease, there is more to add to the flavour without favour. Simultaneously comes that Aids by which man is disadorning his world as it is called for more and more by loose practises in the realm of moral dissolution, San Francisco insisting, and Seattle reportedly seeking to have ‘same-sex marriages’, or fornicatory perversions legitimised and compared to those family unions which conduct the race to the post, be it winning or losing, as the case may be, for one or for all. These accrue inveterately; but  there is one magnificent dawn awaiting.


v     Not in the delusions of drugs, manipulative chemistries for tired souls, Crack and heroin, and whatever other fancily named perfidies to the priceless soul of man are being invented;

v     nor in the political panaceas which increasing find the problem of providing wonderful things for woeful wandering and witless ways, from pseudo-boundless pockets; 

v     nor yet in the pushes of purposive pills, to push the psyche this way or that, annul its feelings or induce some kind of pathetic equilibrium;

v     not in the wisdom of making nothing king and process its own maker, development the design of non-drawing boards and brilliance the derivative of inertia, energy the child of nullity, contrivance the choice of witlessness:

v     not in these or any such ways is man, the creation of God, by a divine manufacture, to escape the corrosive force of despised reality.


This wayward world, spouting its now great swelling words of vanity more and more speciously, in sonorous hollowness to match the emptied souls, is moving inexorably, dynamised with the desperation of despair, towards an end to this stress and invidious, indeed almost sacred solemnity for the self, the natural, the divorcee from the divine. It is this, or else it makes its own divinities, and then seeks to outlaw the God who created, the Saviour who has shown His face only to have it mashed in madness, as man escapes from blessing, and seeks to be the lord of what he neither could nor did create, as if to become above nature, because he is its ruler, now in a house of misrule.


This end is delightful, although admittedly this is a selective matter. In examinations, there is a delightful end for many; and less so for some; and far less so yet again for others. The sensationalistic delights of many as seen in the national presses of various nations, and their institutions, to find yet more crass wickednesses and abortive follies, not only in killing the children in the womb for better pleasure very often, but killing their minds, in the schools with force-fed deviousness from the tomb of philosophy, like dead men’s bones for children’s soup: these continue; but not for ever.

Sic semper tyrannus continues to be an observable feature of this worn-out earth. With that elegance for which Latin is justly famed, this simply means, Thus always a tyrant.

This expanded, has this force. In this way, this devastating result, there comes the end of the exalted tyrant.  Abased to his just and coming collapse into ignominy, death or cursedness, he lies powerless now. You can imagine the tyrant unkinged, uncrowned, lying in a state rather than in state, broken and exhibited like Saddam Hussein, like Hitler, and there is this feeling that this is the due and just result of such crass negligence of human feeling as many have shown in their day of absolutely corrupted power, which however was not power that abides, since sickness and death are for each and all of them, their sure attendants, sooner or later, and desolation of soul.

 Age does not kiss the follies of youth, nor confirm the cruelties of manhood, when its time comes; while reality runs its fingers down the broken spine of the crumbling mansion that once was a man, and exclaims, So this was your way! Reality ? In reality, the God of creation and salvation has done all things well, and man will not heed in his billions, while even many mock in innovative follies, who falsely use the name of the Coming King, Jesus Christ the Just and the Prince of Life, the breaker of death and the awakener of the human soul, that divine barrister (I John 2:2) to restore man from his undivine divorce from divinity, not to the paranoia of being little gods, but to the Majesty of the Most High.


In one sense only, all this is as it should be. Did not Christ predict that there would be MANY FALSE CHRISTS and FALSE PROPHETS (Matthew 24:24): not a few. And is it not so ? While the false prophet Muhammad has many of his minions murdering, using violence for matters of faith in obvious intimidatory violation of what it is all about, as if force could create it,  showing more power to destroy than to create, more scope for hate than for love, menacing now with little things the great, like viruses, we are all reminded that false religion is not after all a cultural facet, but an assault on the truth, and its dynamic is derived not from pleasant possibilities but active revolt.

Others pander with ‘modern ways’ which are not wrong for that, but hide in such covers under sexual notations or preludes, stirrings of  psychic bliss, propositions of cunning appeal, without God in this world like many others, without hope and without covenant (cf. Ephesians 2:12).

Meanwhile the dawn comes, a delight to those who have loved the light, and the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, manifested as predicted, killed when predicted, arisen as predicted, the world following His words in its developmental disasters as predicted, knowledge increasing as predicted, and morals falling like a plane with broken wing, from the skies, as predicted, with false churches arising like weeds in the fields, Cape Weed in Victoria or Sour Grass in South Australia, as predicted, and false gospels blooming their dissavour as predicted.

There may be persecution for many, and those who will live godly lives MUST suffer it, as Paul proclaimed (II Timothy 3:12); but there is the dazzling splendour of the dawn, the Coming King whose past actions in love, grace and power are unparalleled in human history, whose ways are attested logically and evidentially, whose word is the rule for events that come meekly to do its bidding, even when arrogance is at work in the hearts which show its truth by their ways. The Great Physican’s spiritual prognosis is exact, and His coming is sure.

It is time therefore to be clear that collation with this world’s ways, as if one were part of some great salad, is folly. To worry its worries, to share its ways, to abide in its premises in heart and spirit, to follow its culture is as wise as to eat vomit. It wanders witless in a diffuse splendour, like that of sunset as darkness at last captures the departing day and makes its own dynamic to cover the passing appearance of the earth.

Thus this volume is also a call to arms, to spiritual arms, not to the woeful follies of ideological murder, the crushing sacrifices of liberty of heart for security of body as in Victoria by many reports in its religious forays against simple truth, in favour of feeling (cf. NEWS 156, Secular Myths and Sacred Truth 
Ch. 6, *7 and Pall of Smoke and Diamond of Joy Ch.  10
), not to the arms of illicit sexual straying, philosophic pretension, but to those mentioned by Paul in Ephesians 6. These kill none, bless many and are the reality of manhood and womanhood, yes and childhood, showing in their chaste strength, another face for this race, that coming face once mutilated, but now the Guide and inspiration of His people, as the finishing line appears with that dramatic suddenness that seems to mark it to the athlete after so long a run.




Chapter 1           Witness to Wandering

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Chapter 2            Witness to Wandering   II

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Chapter 3            The IMMUTABILITY of the GLORIOUS GOD


Chapter 4                 AND GREAT WAS THE FALL OF IT!


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