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Chapter 13

NEWS 190


Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism

When is a terrorist not a terrorist ?

December 26, 2001

                              In its spread for the above date, in a news item entitled, "Israel to lift Jericho
                              blockade", one of the CNN Reports notes this:

                              Israel's defense minister, Binyamin
                              Ben-Eliezer, said Tuesday that Israel
                              would lift its monthlong blockade on the
                              West Bank town of Jericho. Israeli troops
                              remain deployed in several West Bank
                              towns, including Ramallah, where
                              Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has
                              been confined for weeks since a spate
                              of deadly suicide bombings aimed at
                              Israelis by Palestinian militants.

The United States of America is at war. Israel is at war. They both are.

Each is at war with terrorists. The US thinks it has decidedly found one major culprit in Osama bin Laden, and the al Qaeda network. Israel thinks it has decidedly found one major culprit in an assortment of Moslem pressure groups, such as Hamas, and in Arafat in this, that in their view he COULD but DOES NOT deal adequately both to prevent and to cure the terrorism coming from his land.

His land ? Well, it is a territory, and he an elected leader. In each case the country victimised is pursuing the alleged culprit. Israel from time to time, on a vastly smaller scale than does the US, will kill this or that Hamas or similar leader, declared guilty. The US has been killing large numbers, occupying large territories, and using large scale methods to do it. The State of Israel has been using small scale methods and occasionally having a temporary occupation of small places, sometimes longer, but not a great deal of that is left now. Most has been given back to Islamic sources, in diplomatic deals or expressions of goodwill or live and let live.

The US is righteously indignant. It is this against the alleged culprits; but also, from time to time, against Israel.

On the surface, it might have been thought, therefore, that their roles were the reverse of what they actually are, that Israel had been engaging in massive killings, massive methods and massive incursions into another land, and making sure the new government is acceptable. However this is not so. Israel has allowed a large degree of self-government, which tends to be curtailed when, and sometimes a good deal of time after, the enemy kills Israelis once more in more terrorism of the lowest and basest possible moral character. Israel often bears long; the US did not bear for weeks!

Israel has taken some lands, a small amount indeed, from those who laid claim to them; and these which they took, they have also laid claim to own, from time immemorial, going back to 1400 B.C. in some cases, to 1000 B.C. or so, in the case of Jerusalem, with earlier involvement. Those from whom she took them, were NOT allocated them by the international decision of post World War I nations, which decided that issue. Israel was allocated them, and far more also, so that it now has about one quarter of the Palestine, by one measure, which she was promised by Britain in particular, and the international consortium in general, the former in 1917, the latter in 1919.

Israel has made the land bloom, become highly industrialised, intelligently training its multiple peoples coming 'home' (it was a national 'home' that was promised to Israel in 1917) in one language, in science and in agriculture, fulfilling the Biblical prophecies as in Isaiah 35, Isaiah 41:17-20, 60:13, to the uttermost in the process. Even the Israeli, Netanyahu, former PM, has noted certain prophetic features in their restoration.

Israel has fought against those who, following the earlier protoplasm works on Jewish flesh, on the part of Adolf Hitler, resolved to complete the task on the occupants of the land, now their homeland, such as Nasser of Egypt, with much USSR aid, which proved fruitless. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt for example have been involved. It has defended itself constantly from the most aggressive, multinational, Islamic boastfulness on occasion, and inveterate negativity, at least. Money from oil has welled up to express itself in violence and loud cries. Terrorism is freely admitted, even brandished,  by many.

If this situation were to be translated to action against the US mainland, one would hate even to imagine the tribulation which would be imposed on the perpetrators.

It is, very simply, time for a little realism. This tiny nation, back in its land after so long, awarded and accorded far more than it has in the 20th century, its race, its people the butt of so much indefensible and truly ludicrous victimisation in Europe for MANY centuries, and especially in the last, is NOT to be expected to teach for ever the US, lessons in patience, self-control and forbearance.

True, it is not always forbearing; one does not want to paint an untrue picture. Yet is HAS been assaulted repeatedly, has made excursions and incursions AFTER being repeatedly assaulted in grievous fashions from terrorists in many lands, and has not simply destroyed what it might have destroyed. It has waited long periods in which amazing numbers of its citizens have been killed, maimed and blown apart in deeds statedly religious, Islamic and necessary, highly moral and much to be desired. This does not improve the blood loss, the pain income, the devastation of sites, human and other.

To be sure, not all Moslems have applauded all of these deeds, not even all nations in acute enmity against Israel; but many large Islamic nations have pledged themselves to aid those who are IN FACT TERRORISTS, in their work against Israel.

It may be that NOT ALL of these are terrorists; but many of them are, major groups are, and in particular the Arabian consignment dedicated to 'get' Israel is willing, and sometimes more than willing, so to act. Recently some rejoiced and danced when Israeli civilians young and old were the victims of new atrocities from a new zeal, matching Hitler's in intensity at least, to get rid of them.

Why then is there not the same intention to eliminate terrorism in all cases ? It is a mode of action, from whatever grounds, which targets civilians with a nice disregard of anything approaching humanity, in order to attain certain desired results. Is terrorism only such when the country which suffers it, is on a short list ?

Meanwhile, Israel is shutting off some of Arafat's power to meet with various groups at large, on the ground that there is a pressing problem at home, so much so, that a Cabinet Minister has been killed and hundreds of others, in circumstances of terrorism. It wants action as it would impart it, itself, if it were in direct government, in terrorism cases. It is not so much interested in words, as in actions to support them, we learn.

Is this a war which is not war ? Would England be glad to suffer the same to the Chancellor of the Exchequer as befell the Israel Minister slain ? Would it suffer this for its citizens, which is the continual destiny of hundreds of Jews ? As to the USA, it simply DOES not.

It is time for a little thought.

When that is done, it is time for a lot of enquiry, for the word of the Lord is also in this. It has accorded the created land where Israel now is, to Israel.

This makes it interesting for atheists, anti-God people of all kinds, relative to the God of the Bible.

They are personally at war with Him. It does not help, as in some other cases, if you do not actually in so many words, declare it. Telling Him to shuffle off is only one way to show your response to His Majesty; ignoring Him is another. Preferring darkness to light is a darkening phenomenon (John 3:19), even before Him who did not come to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved (John 3:17).

There are certain eventuations which such disbelief in general produces. One of these  is as described in SMR pp. 510ff., Appendix A. History will reveal it, in its time, as it has revealed the vast tartan of predicted events concerning Israel already, for millenia (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9, as proclaimed, Amos 3:7). Others concern spiritual destination.

It is not a matter of land for soul; it is a matter of rebellion in disbelieving God. He has said what He wants and He will have it. It is not that He is in the tiniest degree wilful. He even consented to come as a man and be crucified in the love and mercy to redeem (John 8:58, Psalm 40, see  Joyful Jottings 22,  25). However He is the King; and the sooner this is realised by all, the better.

He is king of Justice - and remember He made YOU and ALL lands.

He is the king of Truth - and what He says is true.

He is the king of Love - and what rejects love is never forced, as some have been forced, by Islamic Taliban people, according to report, even out of orphanages!

He is king of Eternity, and what dwells there is covered for its sin, cleansed for its heart, and without hatred.

What however does reject the mercy of God, and insists on murder as a method, not war but murder, this is in trouble. The trouble of Israel is great; this however is greater. For Israel contains some Christians; and will come to hold many more; but this, it is in itself opposition to God, to reject  His commandment and His name. There is no other name for mercy (Acts 4:11-12). It is unwise to be highhanded with God, and to kill what He makes as a method of procedure, at your desire; it is unwise to invent gods who cannot direct history or atone for man's soul; it is most unwise to be at war with God, directing Him in the name of not-God, and insisting in human force on multiplied murders on the way. "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death," (Proverbs 16:25).

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