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what is not there cannot be made

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News 281

The Australian, August 11, The Advertiser, August 13, ABC News Radio August 14, 2003


There is always the appetite for rebellion, and will be till the millenium past, the stupour of sin becomes the serenity of a lively eternity.

Thus in The Australian, August 11, 2003, we find a religious affairs staff member writing at liberty.

How marginal are the churches, he declares, how weak their stance in society. The latter sweeps forward on the wings of whatever it is that they attempt to fly with (the text might rather stop at 'wings'), while the former is nearly indeed, deemed the dispensable!

Ridiculing ecclesiastical 'division' and pre-occupation, as if it were some kind of lapse to be more interested in the perversion of instincts at the continuation of the race level, than in the due application of a death penalty to a participant in mass murder, the journalist leaves little to be desired in the annals of church rubbishing ridicule. It is however not realised, it appears, that he is not dealing with the church of Jesus Christ at all, when the topic is a breach of commandments so basic that death penalty is served in the theocracy for them (all treated in Chs.  4 and  5  above), and exclusion from the kingdom of heaven in the New Testament (I Cor. 6:9).

If the President of the USA decided to proclaim the Taliban as having right law, he would not last. He would be palpably a traitor, a nonentity victim of paranoia, to be dismissed with impeachment.

When Britain faced the Spanish Armada, if Queen Elizabeth had said to spy master Walsingham,

Look old chap, we do not need your silly incendiary psychology!
Spain is at peace with us, and has no warlike intentions, and
even if she had, live at peace man, be harmonious, watch the flow of philosophy, for we are not an aggressive kingdom...

She would have lived as a piece of feminine treachery incarnate, not as Good Queen Bess.
She might not have lived. Charles I made a few mistakes, many thought, and headed for disaster.

What happens when a body naming as Head, Jesus Christ, who declared that every jot and tittle of the law would not pass, but be fulfilled (Matthew 5:17-19 with Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 cf. Ch. 4 above); whose record has been accepted by the church for millennia, its definitive biography from the first attested with rigour (cf. SMR Appendix C), defended and shown correct by Christian Apologetics, makes a travesty of this entrenched truth! Then we should properly choose some other name for such a body!

When in the face of this and other parts of that total of prophetic splendour which has marshalled history as the very servant of God (cf. II Kings 23:7, Jude 6ff., II Peter 2 on sex and sodomy), yes even the judgments on hollow tongues and rampant cursing, when some religious body naming Christ declares that it is fine to have homosexual pastors: then it is at war with God.

What is it like ? It becomes then like US citizens working for the Taliban. Perhaps they do not approve of shooting down airliners, in this parallel which we make, but only of bombs in Israeli shopping centres (via liaison with other anti-US groupings). Would this then lessen their anti-patriotic stance! Do you have to break all laws to show your colours, or will ignoring death penalties be a signal ?




So here, it is enough that God is sent back to school, or else His word is disbelieved. Either way, it does not concern the Christian Church, for whom God has spoken in word, in works, in Christ, and with a finality that is as sure as His Son is the express image of His Person (Hebrews 1, Revelation 22:19-19, John 12:48-50).


That Son made His mind clear (Matthew 5:17ff.), and that the LEAST of the commandments,
breached in word and deed, would qualify for being the least in such a kingdom as His;
whilst those who do and teach them, these are called the greatest person.


Where now the bravado ?

It is as simple as that. The point made in the article about debate concerning scripture, is just the debate with unbelief. It has nothing to do with the Church, only with aggressive infiltration. Moreover, it is not something new to the New Testament; it is not something in doubt in the Old Testament, it is not a subtle area for debate, it is not a question of delicate interpretation.  Death is so sure a signal of disfavour; and exclusion from the kingdom of heaven (I Corinthians 6:9) is so certain an index to divine distance from such things, that it is like questioning whether drugs are fine in South Australia! or serial killing...


The treatment of the whole perversion phenomenon,
spiritually, morally and sexually in Romans 1,
is one of the great biblical expos

Carefully the apostle traces the suppression of the knowledge of God,
to wantonness in sex, which he covers in some drastic detail, in spirit
and then in judgment.

It is one of the most acrid denunciations in the Bible.

Moreover, there is no lack of warnings in the Bible, in New and Old Testament alike, about the gross character which was to come, and now has come, of the licentious and reckless departures from morality as the biblical fidelity itself, on the part of those whose claim is religious, or even Christian. You see this in perfection in Jeremiah 23's great exposition against false and vain prophets, when he declares that "in the latter days you will consider it perfectly."

"I have not sent these prophets," the Lord there declares, "yet they ran!" With sects and sexually disorientation, we are indeed doing just that. It always comes to pass; even the spiritual pollution and the sexual promiscuity, asserting loudly its rights to be wrong, even in church contexts. So it was to be; so it is.

Like pollution, it mounts, it rises, it declares itself ready for a crisis. This was to be kept to the later stages of history on this earth; and so it is (as in Answers to Questions Ch. 5, where the overall scenario is biblically traced). Nor does the New Testament lack such advice, as in Matthew 24:24 from the lips of Christ, concerning such spurious prophesyings, as in 24:11-12, where the coming deception of many by such prophets is noted, as the Age draws to its close, together with the spurious morals to be disseminated!

False prophets, it should be realised, in their historical context, were traditionally interested in INVADING Israel from WITHIN. That is, it was a SPIRITUAL INVASION, masquerading as genuine. That is what was to multiply like yeast; and has now done so. Indeed, this has reached the point that a journalist can regard 'the church' as in some danger of becoming passé because, having in some arenas called by its name, it has failed and debated, and failed again, when it should now be looking, presumably, at questions of pardon for mass murderers!

The treatment of the whole perversion phenomenon, spiritually, morally and sexually in Romans 1 is one of the great biblical exposés!

Thus the journalistic concern about the death penalty for one engaged in mass murder seems a strange one, as if the church of Jesus Christ were supposed to give heed to the thoughts of the devil with some seriousness, as if they merited some attention; and the thought of sidelining the church because some who defile and indeed defy the word of Him whose name they still use, move with the cultural times and misuse the name of Jesus Christ, appears meretricious. It is they who create the issue, very often for people who in obedience to Christ, should no longer be in such a milieu at all! (see Biblical Separation, The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 7).

This article in The Australian therefore is most confused. It seems to want the seamless robe of Christ to be made up of two models simultaneously, the left of radicalism which wants to use the name above every name for purposes at the pit in biblical terms (consult Jude! cf. News 43), and the biblical 'right', which actually believes that God is not less eloquent than His creation (cf. The Biblical Workman Appendix III), not less capable, and can actually say what He means! But while left is not right, to be sure, to follow instructions from One called Lord, and as such showing contempt for misuse of 'Lord' as an adjunct to following other instructions (Luke 6:46), is scarcely a polarity. It is like regarding some one officer in the Army who was concerned enough to follow the Field Marshall's instructions, as something of an oddity, the holder of a party position!



Small wonder this generation is lost. Look at Israel, that touchstone of biblical accuracy, back in its land as predicted (cf. Luke 21:24, SMR Appendix A, Ch. 9, Galloping Events Ch. 4), first taking half of Jerusalem, a situation predicted for the near end theme, indulging in massive victories over statistically enormous odds as predicted, a veritable hub of international intrigue and suffering as predicted (Zechariah 12). Indeed, biblically, yes in terms of the Christian charters, known and acknowledged these millenia, Israel is in large numbers yet to find the repentance for the national assault on Christ, who being the living Word of the living God, is a news past all news for this globe.

This is as forecast, as is normal concerning Israel (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9 with Amos 3:7), and was foretold centuries before the murder of Jesus Christ even occurred. It is quite a scoop when you talk of a repentance to come long after a crime committed, and specify the nature of the crime, centuries before it happens! That is the way with the Lord, for as He advises us, none else does this, nor could (cf. Isaiah 48 and see Calibrating Myths... Epilogue).

Long was to be the agony of Israel (cf. Jeremiah 30:5ff.), and it did as predicted, indeed come to a head, and even that was almost executed, in World War II! Deep was to be the trouble for those assailing it on its return (as in Ezekiel 36), which would be consummated when the Messiah returned to their midst (as in Zechariah 14:5), this scenario including nothing less than a cessation for good, from idols, deviations and decline from the Lord (Ezekiel 37:23). Zechariah 12 is now; and the burdensome stone which it is for those who try to divest the Jews of it, given by God (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4), is being felt by many a national back, many a political showman! This, it is now.

Jerusalem, while now in Jewish hands (as it had to be, per Luke 21:24), yet languishes in horror, for Israel, pending its culmination (Zech. 12:10).

It still holds out on God


(as in Deuteronomy 32's long and detailed description, to continue to the end of the Age looms on the horizon cf. Romans 11 in The Biblical Workman Ch. 1, *3 and Ch. 3, *1),


just as the Palestinians still hold out for blood,


decline non-murder, assault peace and incite Israel despite its strength;


just as al Qaeda taunts the USA, alight with a childish seeming destruction, which it seems better at achieving than construction of anything, except it be hatred.

It is sin which deserves hatred, not flesh.

It is pitiable.

The world in its cultural kingship, a kinship to other pantomime, does not make it. That, if you read Isaiah 23, is precisely what was in the divine decree on a lesser scale, for Tyre.. The more the pride, the more the stain.

"The Lord of hosts has purposed it, to stain the pride of all glory... " (23:9 cf. Isaiah 2:12-22, where the entire world gets its divine come-uppance for arrogant pretensions of self-sufficiency, incited to pride just because it was made so well!).

Look then at Tyre, the focus for that verse, 23:9. It is there apostrophied, and condemned to the exact judgment Alexander the Great consummated, at the hand of the Lord, to fulfil the amazing prediction of Ezekiel 26:12-14. The conqueror used the coastal remains of the fled city of Tyre, to construct a causeway to the island of their refuge, and destroy their fleet. Tyre was subdued, devastated, outwitted, outdone, outlasted, doomed. It as indeed the LORD who brought it to ruin, in His own strategic plans, inveterate against pride, tender for truth, ready with mercy. In the end, the end comes; for there is an end.

In Isaiah 24, you see the retread of the once so famous Tyre theme, on a world scale. No more is it a question of the imperial commercial might of one precinct, grand as was the reputation of imperious Tyre. Now it is  the world itself that looms into sight, in the midst of its remorseless renegacy,  as the new butt of divine wrath; and has it not, despite the theme of the article in The Australian, had a couple of millenia at the hand of a very forgiving God, to consider! to look at itself ...

As to the Lord, He has been most patient (II Peter 3:9), most tolerant, but God is no sucker for sin!

So the globe progresses in its incalculable calumnies of creation, in its unspeakable contempt for its own role as creation, and does whatever sin suggests, now making it sanctified by ecclesiastical revolt fromt he biblical prescription.

What then has it come to do ? Now they want bishops in a thing called a church for some reason or other (the Lord knows why the term is used), to practise perverted sex, specifically excluding from the kingdom of heaven, together with leaders with such credentials, while by divine word, by holy writ, unchanging in its approach over 3 and one half millenia (cf. Appendix-News, in Biblical Blessings), this is outlawed, outrageous, mixed in some of the strongest condemnations ever to be read (cf. II Peter 2 and Jude, with Romans 1). It is not new, this sodomy, which has taken its name from the city of divine destruction.  Indeed, it does not need much discretion to know that saying, Lord, Lord is not to the taste of the Lord, when His law is mocked, revoked by human will, allegedly at His pleasure! (Luke 6:46).

No degree in philosophy, no course in medicine is needed to know that it always has been, always is just one simple issue. God is not in need of anything (SMR Ch. 1, pp. 582ff., Barbs, Arrows and Balms  6), as if He were someone else’s creation, a misfit seeking fulfilment for a deposited nature, that could not be what it wanted to be, without enslaving or corrupting something else: a prone clone of the Creator, but not He! a mere imagination of an inadequacy, draped with the misapplied word 'divine'. If God had to have something else, to be complete, He would be incomplete, and hence in a system as a component, hence not God, but a creature in that system from the One who in that case, would in fact be  God.

Moreover, if that were the case, He would very simply lack the power to accomplish in Himself what He wanted, an eternally inadequate and delimited being, looking for something to lean on, deficient, and hence within a system as a component. He would then be an intra-systematic segment, incapacitated when alone. Even if it were held that He wanted it to be that way, as one mode of redressing an inner deficiency, but did not have to opt for this particular outlet (or inlet!), the want belies the sufficiency, whatever its mode of expression. He would still be part of a systematic whole, in order to be. In all such cases, one merely needs to enquire, WHO made that system ? Then that is the Lord. No such Lord can be God.

In fact of course, God made in love, not necessity. His outreach is donation, not return.

In donation and dower, God made man; but man culturally does not like it. God told man; but man psychically does not relish it. God offered to man, His cross for redemption; but man culturally is not impressed. The journalist talks of greying church people, of splits and dissensions, as if the Church were rather a slow larrikin, unable to keep up with teacher, man! Yet rather man is a very slow learner, determined NOT to listen to his Maker. Humanism is redolent. But man is unmaking himself by his antics, his ludicrous experimentation with what he neither made nor can make, what neither makes itself nor leaves the trail of its efforts.

It is he who is his own enemy, and though the Satan, the devil, the antagonist, the corrupter, in his incendiary spasms and glowers, seeks ruin for the realm of the Creator, contemptible misfit and aggrandizing creature that he is, it is man himself who yields. There is no imperative but impulse, no need but sedition, no excuse; only judgment or repentance and reception of redemption. It is one thing or the other. It is like cancer; it is out or you are.

Modern man is in love with himself, but he tends to hate his neighbour, an explosive mixture! He loves to bow to King Culture his resource. It is well that the church of the living Lord, that is those who KNOW HIS NAME and plan to FOLLOW what HE HAS SAID (unpopular with many since Eve, always deplorable to the devil since Genesis 3:1-5), who are covered from sin, not by it as their conqueror, by virtue of Christ: it is well that it still speaks, as one must do here and now.

There are not few who still ring the bells of peril, and proclaim the price of peace, a bounty paid by Christ, but useless and vain without acceptance. It is like a radio broadcast, uninstructive if you turn it off. But as to the broadcast, for millenia, these issues have not changed. Nor has the Gospel altered (Galatians 1), despite many innovative invasions (cf. II Corinthians 11). God is one. He cannot be made. Christ's redemption is one; it cannot be duplicated (Hebrews 9). His word is not annulled; it is either fulfilled or applicable, according to the command of Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:17ff.). Incidentally, He was predicted to BE the Commander (Isaiah 55:4)!

The word to hundreds of generations is still unmoved. There is no revocation of the Cross, of the command. False prophets have always disadorned the church, were a major theme of Jeremiah 23, were a massive theme of Ezekiel 14, were a specific prediction of Christ in Matthew 24:24, were to abound; and they do abound.  So what ? It had to be or the Bible would have been wrong. Many so-called churches were to be just that, by authority of the word of God written, as in II Thessalonians 2, and as shown in Acts 20:25ff., II Peter 2:1ff., II Timothy 3:5), and a form of 'Christianity' specifically denying its power, tearing away the very mouth of God from the body of Christ: this too is predicted. Indeed, the Bible makes it clear that statistically such a 'church' will thrive, as did Sodom before the final flare of its eruptive end, of which God made Abraham gravely aware, before He did it (Genesis 19).

This constitutes one of the intimate episodes of communication between God and man. How then is it being suggested that here are only little snippety bits on sodomy, on perversion, sexual licence, when such things are pivots of the past, devastations for the future (as in Jude).

So it has come as predicted.

If it had not been so, then the word of God would neither obviously contain or control this modern era, filled with the criteria of His near coming (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Chs. 8-9). It is so, and here as always, not merely often, the word of God takes effect. Aids takes effect, as another form of destruction, on Sodom and Gomorrah. Indeed, this very case is reviewed both in Jude 6ff., in terms you do not need to be clairvoyant to understand, are those of utter divine detestation and unremitting judgment,  as also in II Peter 2:6,18ff.. Peter in fact talks of 'great swelling words of vanity' which were to come from false prophets, and of its being better never to have tasted spiritual things than to return from them to vomit ... This was to be; it is.

The world is smug and snug ? Scarcely! nor did Revelation predict such an end to this globe's most undivine antics. In Revelation 6, we see the forecast and foretaste of the Death Plague, now in force. In the absence of brotherly love on the part of the many who try to make 'Nature' in some never explained or illustrated way (cf. Aviary of Idolatry, TMR Chs. 1 ,   8), build itself, so that they have to kill to show their superiority, as with poor Hitler and his evolutionary edge style racism, so it has come to be.

So it was written in Revelation. So it was written in the Press of the day, and so now is it written, successively of Stalin and Mao, of Khmer Rouge and jihad jubilants, smiling at death (that of others). Is it  to show their ideological superiority, as with Stalin, diminutive in decease, yet once enlarged with his massive murders which were so eloquent a foretaste of the death machine mentality which gripped the Nazis, the Communists and now grips the defeated relic, called Islam jihad, which similarly, feeds on civilisation and seeks to destroy, destroy, for this or that reason, but never with any warrantable revelation, any fulfilment, anything but an epochal failure for a fictitious almighty (cf. More Marvels ... Ch. 4, SMR pp. 829ff., 614ff., Highway to Hell).



Nor is this all. Now we learn that China and Russia are considering so kindly to grant to North Korea a guarantee of security, presumably in return for her withholding naughty missiles from being launched unlovingly onto unwelcoming soils, for which the senders seem to have achieved some distaste.

How pleasant, that a major Communist state should so offer security, one thus keen on being counted in the survivor of the fittest nebulosity, that is fit only for the ruin it creates, never the creation it musters (cf. TMR  Chs. 1,  6, 7, 8)! As Communist, it is under express condemnation, like Tyre of old for puny pride of human thought and power, despite the null record (cf. SMR pp. 919ff.), where murder is a machine for progress, and the individual is a mess-pot for social experimentation on the basis of an interpretation of things starting with the absence of truth for the model, systematically! (Aviary of Idolatry, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, see *1 below)!

Truthless but not toothless, these machines of death, these arrogations of divine power by humans who live so long as the breath is in their nostrils (Isaiah 2:22) merely fulfil prophecy. In the way, they exhibit their credentials by their works!

How nice that a former Communist State should also be so solicitous to protect the integrity of North Korea, along with China. How apt that there should be such protectors for North Korea,  a nation bent on removing the integrity or existence of others, if so be it seems necessary for its godless waste, while it is evacuated of much that is joy and food for the purpose.

How, to be simple, can one trust the intentions of those who, or of one who  USE such a guarantee to secure the operation of a country which could quite well be used as a catspaw, so that the USA, for example, could be attacked from a 'protected' missile site,  at a time deemed convenient by the guardians of North Korea. If someone now does not think of it, is it to be imagined that someone in what does not even recognise defensible morals, in time to come, would not use such a chance...

Without morals, Communism yet condemn those who do not follow their own; that magnificent smuggling exercise, which denying God, as if absent-mindedly, takes over His prerogatives, whilst omitting both His power and wisdom. Perhaps such countries could monitor North Korea's submission, if the plan should succeed ? Foolish those who deal in such pits, as modes of progress!

Such are the martial stimuli, together with anxious thoughts and warring, barren ideologies (as predicted in Matthew 24:6, Luke 21:9ff., 26ff., Revelation 13).

Israel, the Middle East, Asia and ideological tensions even in the Indian sub-sector, not to mention Pakistan, Afghanistan, with Moslem diversities and national diversions willing the killing of millions in Iraq and Iran, reckless murder in Africa, where Aids reminds the world that, apart from its other causes, homosexuality has a cost!  It is one major cause of Aids, because it involves relatively unprotected areas in departure from design. Indeed, the pretence of  undesigned sexuality is an increasingly blatant international motif!

Is it then "gay fixation that sidelines churches" as the article in The Australian declares in its title ? or in terms of something more like realism, is it not homosexual fixation which is fixing society! As to the churches, the word of millenia is no fixation, any more than is murder or bearing false witness! It is fixed, certainly, but a little lesson in the distinction between fixures and fixations would be well worth while!

Meanwhile (August 13, 2003), The Advertiser advises us of the escalation  in Israel, which is concerned at recent explosions, shattering what little peace the region can boast. Weary of religious murder of civilians as the calling card of some religion or other, it notes that Iran and Syria are to be held responsible for Hizbollah's unattractive apparent devotion to fulfilling the death disease predicted in Revelation 6, ON THEIR LAND! As to this plague,  see now on your local paper, passim.

What then of Israel's words in response to the resumption of the killer plague, wrought in the name of jihad religion, the work of false prophecy written in blood (not that of their own Redeemer, for it lacks a redeemer, but in the blood of a neighbouring people: quite a difference, indeed an infinite one!)... ? What did that tiny nation have to say ? It condemned two nations in the matter.

Why ? It is, the news read, because Iran is reputedly a backer of Hizbollah (seems relevant), while Syria is "the main powerbroker in Lebanon", the site of Hizbollah when it is not moving ...

Israel does have atomic weapons. It would be difficult to deploy them so near; but still, if it ever comes to the view that it would be going to die anyway ? It is time for a little realism in politics as well as in ideologies.

God is not going gray. Man is going gay, and gloomy, in measurable ratio one might almost think. 



Looking skyward with contempt for commandments, while yet using the specific and specialised name of Jesus Christ, many now shrug the shoulders. Perhaps the world is not pleased that it saw fit to shrug!

Yet it is Jesus Christ who makes it clear that is how HE views calling Him Lord and NOT following instructions, in terms of an ironic contempt (Luke 6:46). It is made clear that such things in His eyes are pure imposture (cf. Matthew 7:21ff.), and will be disowned entirely in judgment, with their unrepentant perpetrators. Yes, realism is to the point here.

Meanwhile, many of the race are looking earthward for the wearisome red marks, showing man he has no idea of how to live; dying by often induced disease, when not by hatred's armour.

It is humanism which is turning grey, yes white, and ageing badly. What would you expect ? The chips are down, and it has nothing in its hand.


For further, read Aviary of Idolatry,

Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm Chs.   1   7.

Sparkling Life… Ch. 6




End Note


*1. From SMR:

Jung Chang, in her Wild Swans p. 309, notes ''an accepted estimate for the death toll'' for China from the famine of the Great Leap Forward fiasco, as 30,000,000 - pitilessly exacted of a tortured populace.

One may add this: How man pays for his little Russian roulette performances with gods that are not there, and which provide not panacea but pustular provisions for sickening man.

Who would not pity ? Who would not warn!