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Chapter I


Little Angel's Report


Little Angel will doubtless be known to some, and he is found in the allegory of the same name, Little Angel, the preceding volume.

On his return to heaven, and on finding that he was not eligible to become a man, so that he could come the nearer to humans by being one, he impelled himself to accept this decision. The reason was pointed out to him: it was that this, becoming a man,  had all been done by Jesus Christ, infinite in power beyond all angels. Indeed, He had the very eminence of deity Himself, for the laborious task of providing for the salvation of many. These things being put in place, Little Angel then delivered his report.

This was not directly to the Lord, since He already knew, but to senior angels, who though informed, liked to be better informed, and though able in some cases to view the terrestrial proceedings, yet wanted it depicted with meaning, such as Little A could provide.

The senior countenances were composed, and serenity like a lake, surrounded the proceedings, the occasional movement of a wing being the only sound to be heard, until Little A was asked for his impressions.

You see, he chided, it is so hard for anyone who has not BEEN there, to begin to understand. May I ask, O most noble angels of seniority and power, place and experience, if there are any who do not adorn their wings with such experience ?

Some indicated by a slight fluttering, that they had not had the opportunity for such an excursion, so Little A asked if he might address these separately, but was refused on the ground that all could stand readily enough, some brushing up on earth's ways, and concerning the hearts of men. Hence he proceeded in answer to the senior angelic request.

O Angelic Host, he began, that one so small and inexperienced as myself should have the exquisite opportunity of thrusting my small wisdom and too inarticulate voice into this arena, is nearly laughable; but since it is your desire, please bear with me, as one young in heart, and take what wisdom you can from the words with which I shall at least endeavour to cover my findings, on visiting Earth.

You see, it is startling at first to find this, that humans do not realise always how utterly, inveterately insignificant they are, in a depersonalised universe, magically arriving for their delectation and exposure, and as a result, concoct every sort of freakish distortion you can imagine, forgetting God and putting in His place a whole host of oddities, some slightly amusing in their ineptitude, others worthy of an uncontrolled hilarity. This,  I had at times to quench, in view of the gravity of the case. What is it like ? it resembles an elephant trying to convince itself that it is a mouse, or better, an ant seeking to invest itself with the might of an atomic bomb.

To say that it is childish is far to underestimate the situation. It is devilish and deluded, confused and protrusive, proud and propaganda-ish, for they now rarely fail to foul their nest, and invent gods of their own who cannot and do not act, even calling them 'science' without adding to make it 'scientific gods', so that many are in a pit of imperception so great that blindness seems blessed by comparison, and almost death somewhat preferable, provided only one thing were to be granted.

And, said one Senior Angel (SA), what is that, Little One ?

Why, continued the Little Angel, provided only that they could so contrive things that in departing, they could also make it that they had never been born.

That, said the SA somewhat severely, would not be the truth, and so in not an option.

I know, indeed, sir, said the Little A, but you see, you begin to feel for them such an empathy as you see some beautiful in form, kindly in heart, sweet in disposition, until crossed, and all so useless, as they go like travellers immune to fear, and absent in mind, rowing strenuously to the top of Niagara Falls in a broken canoe. It begins to reach you, to make you feel so intensely, that you could almost begin to want the thing to be different, and to wish they would be brought back in time, undone, unmade, and then become NEVER MADE, so that they could avoid the awful extremities that blindness of the wilful kind, so patently provides.

Why then, asked another SA (SA 2, for their names are private), did you not return ?

It is because I had to make this address, but I am so keen to return, even as an angel, since on the entertaining angels unawares line, an item you find in Hebrews 13:2, I have hope to speak with them, not as one of them, but without their knowing that.

But surely, asked a Junior (but not so VERY junior Angel - JA), they are surrounded with the many Christians who are already there, people of courage and capacity, equipped with the promises of God, valiant for the truth, fearing nothing, their whole substance on the line, milling about as missionaries ?

Oh JA, JA, responded Little A (in fact, he used the actual name as well, to make it more personal, but we have to report within the bounds that privacy allows)! but before he could continue, a misunderstanding occurred.

The term 'ja' can be taken to mean 'yes' - for there is great facility with speech there - and this seemed to JA to mean that this was the case, that milling missionaries all but cluttered the earth with their zeal and journeyings.

How delightful! he exclaimed, and I never knew how wonderful it was. What sincerity of purpose, what kindness and compassion does this display and how blessed an earth of such people!

Actually, Little A doubtfully responded, it is not like that. I think this was a communication error, and that you thought I was agreeing; and it WOULD be fine, but it is not so. Missionaries are not readily found, many flounder in false teachings, being devil-driven and inept, some hunger to make money from it as Peter said would come at the last times with many,  in II Peter 2, while others wander around, using the Bible as a first chapter of whatever proud and vain nonsense they may invent, as if Proverbs 30:6 had never been written, and Galatians 1 had never once been penned.

But, said JA, do you mean to narrate in this report, that MANY people go about using the name of Jesus Christ and yet presenting their own thoughts, in devious syntheses, making the passion of our Lord a masquerade, a dress-up, a comic pretence and a dumb pantomime, a thing to be reconceived by mortal minds, who would be the recipients of His grace, if indeed they come to that place at all ?

Yes, except that though it is dumb, they talk a lot, for their depend on their powers of speech to delude.

Here the SA make a request. Could you tell us, my dear Little A, HOW you think they can do this ? After all, if they just make things up, or follow on from those who do, how are they saved, helped or advanced ? What do you construe at their  motive for such blaspheming folly and contortionist prodigies of caricature, as this ?

That I might know, responded Little A, would require one far wiser than I. However, it seems that some are seduced by spiritual pride, to want to spout and flout the word of God, some are secured by love of money, to find a verbal way of making enough to stash away in banks or bonds, some are inventive souls that, being arrant and arrogant, do not linger in the small time of studying this world, but invent other worlds and their inhabitants, making false gods as if they were products of productions lines of the imagination. These are inveterate dissemblers, who eventually become so deluded that they imagine not only that they serve God, but often grow so debased and degenerate, quagmires amidst bubbling mud, that they kill others to make a point.

What point ? asked JA, genuinely intrigued by the sheer loathsomeness of the situation, and wondering if he could possibly help in any way.

Perhaps they cocoon the idea that power is important, that power to kill is very important, and that since it is easy to blow things into little bits, now, since man has advanced in knowledge greatly as Daniel 12 forecast,  they seek an audience by default. That is, some die, and others listen.

That would suppose that men are liars and frauds, fools in folly, ready to save themselves so that they might continue in a rotting death that is mere continuation of vacancy, with biological life left a little to run.

It is so, said Little A, that MANY are like that, both of the deceivers and the deceived, and it is heart-rending to reflect that millions not only lose their souls, ruin their lives, make a mockery of their pretensions, and a hole in the ground of their dignity as human, but chafe and grind in the works of securing some kind of hoped for haven in the end; when all the time, there is nothing for fraud, but exposure, and with exposure, only  judgment.

I can see, said JA, why you were so keen to go to the earth, Little A.

Ah, replied the angel, I was SENT! The Lord Himself sent me, you see, for otherwise I should never have dared to go, whilst His command having come, I should not consider for one moment, doing anything otehr! You know, though I now realise more of all these things and the massive value of being sent far more than I did at first, even wishing I could become a man so that I could act as a more empathetic missionary, at first it was rather simpler. The divine order came to a spirit ready for anything and seeking to love in the Lord. I was simply waiting upon Him, and all things concurred, including my own heart.

Is this however, love, the manner of your depiction of many on earth ? asked SA 2, who was a little inclined to be severe at times. Since SA 2 was angelic, there was no caustic overtone in the question, however, for it was mere interrogation.

I cannot say, responded Little A. One can only depict what one has found, and in all charity, after much prayer, sketch what has appeared in many situations, some of which were found in the book about me, but not all, since my life there was very varied and had many forms. It is certainly true that some may on earth not be what they seem, and that many may be far better than their spuming words of passion suggest; for this may have been merely the result of some sudden increase in their spiritual patholog. Nevertheless,  when people say things about Christ in the roundest contradiction of the Bible, and invent new christs blending some things found in the record with other things found in their own imagination, it is a sort of plagiarism, first of the Bible, in making such virtual jest (VJ) of its gravity, and secondly in terms of personality, of Christ, in seducing His name for their objectives.

It is a double theft, with Muhammad one of the greatest artisans of such labour, many of whose followers now seek to kill those who do not follow their errors, as if murder added to theft to show wisdom! I was reading about all this in More Marvels ... Ch. 4, one of the earth books; but it is as clear as the celestial air.

It is very hard to be more charitable than that, the Little One continued, for where the ONLY SALVATION there is, is made an object of unscrupulous and scurrilous arrogation, so that people alter it here and there, and speciously argue for manifest deception, creating a Christ who never showed up in history and a salvation which He never endorsed, contrary both to the Gospel and the predictions which He so summarily fulfilled, whether they be sect large or small, it is all one.

Thus, to change without acknowledgement the word of God, and to make new christs without their performance to authenticate yourself, what does it resemble ? Is it not worse than any chemist who for arrogance or profit, or indeed whatever soiled personal motive, dares to add arsenic to aspirin, or spider poison to ant-acid ? It is to infest what God has invested with power, and to soil what Christ has kept purer than the raging oceans in the deep, and the stillest lakes in the mountains. It is unspeakable, all but unthinkable, like massacring the body and letting the stinking remnants lie rotting, and TALKING about them, describing them. Only in this case, the body is not there, though the imagination is! Ghoulish it seems to me!

Yes, I see, said SA 2. I have never had very much to do with this, but rather have been used in proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel as the Lord depicted in Revelation 14. I was with the angel concerned.

Not for nothing did Paul tell us of his casting down imaginations and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ! in II Corinthians 10:5, declared Little Angel, with a little of the ruggedness which seemed somehow to rubbed off onto his spiritual profile, since his session on earth. It was horror that produced his vigour, and faithfulness which would not let him say less.

I am delighted to find such safeguards in place, responded SA 2, and congratulate you on your zeal.

When you have seen their sufferings, as well as the insult offered in this way to Jesus Christ, whose work they all like to speak about, either as a base for flights to the unknown by presumption, or as missionaries in speaking the known, then you value these things intensely and immensely, continued Little A. What is it like ? It resembles being in a plague-stricken city, and after watching many die, having discussion on the need or otherwise for hygiene!

In fact, he continued, they have however many martyrs, some academic, who lose their posts for the truth, political, who lose their lives for their integrity, theological, who are excluded from fellowship and set apart as if lepers, because of their biblical truth, young, whose courage brings delight, and old, whose faithfulness is more beautiful than the sunset. They have missionaries who span the earth to provide the Gospel, and societies which add action to the word, in bringing help to the afflicted, though at times some nations forbid their work after a while, and simply steal their equipment.

But what, asked JA, what about their education, on Earth ? How much is earthy and how much informed ?

Do they not try at least to limit the monstrosities of physical and teaching horror, of which many stand guilty, by sound education. Surely they would not be corrupt as a whole, as if the whole and entire earth were awaiting judgment! So he delivered his JA address, making his thoughts move because of concern, reflected in his stringent words.

Little A had a problem here. JA was Junior, not Little, and hence should be knowledgeable about the word of God to a significant degree, presumably ore then Little A himself. How could he then be unaware of John 14:30-31, or I John 5:19, or II Thessalonians 1 and 2, or for that matter of Matthew 24:24, or Isaiah 24 ? Perhaps, he thought charitably, it is just some little omission in knowledge, atypical.

Little A looked away. He thought of the great and serene lake he had witnessed when on earth, of the peace which passes all understanding, and lifting his heart to his Maker, and Redeemer, he asked for wisdom and peaceableness within the truth, discretion and prudence in his reply, as fitting for the Celestial area, and for the love sufficient to embrace this opportunity for restraint.

His prayer was answered at once.

Alas, he at length responded, my friend JA, the time of the end is near, so that all the scriptures about its nature when it comes, are being fulfilled. Seminaries, universities and colleges by the thousand are being mis-taught, even Primary Schools are invested with false teaching, universalising propositions which are so untrue that they are comic, and the entire propagandising mentality of worldliness, materialism and naturalism is becoming so popular, that many people who say they believe in the Lord, show that their hearts are as far from the the truth of His word as are eyes 1000 metres from the written page, from reading it!

Then surely judgment must be prepared in the heavens for such a delinquency, mused a pained JA; for those who mis-educate the young are pill poppers of the mind, and it is not even their own minds that they so defile. Alas how great must be the mill-stones for those who in so acting, offend little ones! as Jesus the Messiah put it in Matthew 18:1-9.

The earth, that planet of wonder and atrocious pollution of mind, land and sea, of spirit, science and knowledge, it is like someone surfing in some magnificent breaker, going down, down to the depths, as if he would never survive; except that in this case, there is no more buoyancy left. Its descent appears bottomless.

The sport of the surf, in the case of education, is certain death, death for the speaker, death for the hearer, in thousands of cases, like people being slaughtered by a mad machine gunner, who will not stop, and imagines power is justice and truth is indifferent. Knowledge falsely so-called, as Paul pointed out to Timothy from the first, and extensively illustrated in Romans 1, it is rife from art to physics, biology to religion, philosophy to false religion, and it fills the earth increasingly, just as did those horrid loud-speakers in China, din their evil news into the ears of those rural dwellers who, wishing to escape, yet have been forced to be present.

If that is an example, it is not perhaps little worse than many others; for many have their careers hanging on their acceptance, directly or indirectly, of such fraud, dreams and double-talk, where truth and folly mix as if sun and snow were friends, or ice and boiling water, to make such a confusion that the world ... simply looks like it! China is not alone in that, alas, and how unwisely do the nations join in the degradation of truth into feeble-minded surmises, logical atrocities, becoming aliens from scientific method as worship alike. Part of my reading was a trilogy, The gods of naturalism have no go! and the world has vast amounts of other exposures of these things; yet they continue.

Here SA intervened and suggested that for Little Angel's Address, a food refreshment would be in order, so that all might freely share their thoughts about this first hand report of Little A, before he presented more on the dynamics of disintegration. That, was his theme, is one rationale of the phenomenon of pollution on Earth;  for in breaking man into bits, without cohesion or meaning, into drives and desires, pleasures and pains, input-output units with various slots, those who mislead are teaching him to be what he is not, and what he is not is not what he is intended for: so that a huge abyss opens before his very feet, and psychiatrists struggle in vain to plumb it, or to rescue those finally abandoned to its hideous depths.