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1. The Plagues of Egypt and the Plight of Modern Earth: Recipe for Relief - May, 1997

2. The Extrapolation of What does not Exist, or if you prefer, the Magnification of What is not there -

May 1997

3. Love that Passes Knowledge and Dimensional Darkness: The Just Vindication of The Love of God -


July 1997

4. Creation Catechism and Excision of Evolution: The Place of Wisdom -

July 1997

5. Separation - Charity, Clarity and Purity in the Congregation - What to do with a changing world, surrounding the unchanged church of Jesus Christ, "the same yesterday, today, forever" - Hebrews 13:8

July-August 1997

6. The Wonder and the Witch - verse

about the toy and the truth of this world - September 1997

7. Deliver us from Dispensationalism and Sovereignty

without a Sovereign Alike!

(This has now been converted to Ch.3 of Biblical Blessings.)

8. Cyrus and Christ - the fascinating parallel that teaches



(This has now been converted into Chs. 1-2 of Biblical Blessings, the latter available from End-note 2.)

9.The Vision of Ezekiel and The Victory to Hand : a clear challenge applicable to the world of today, and a steadfast remedy for those called, who come where God is to be found.(This has now been converted to Ch. 4 in Biblical Blessings.)

For more on Ezekiel, see Questions and Answers 15.

The 1st contribution has already been described.
The 2nd contribution investigates the magic of multiplying what is not there, in the context of evolution, crassly subsituted for creation in the misled minds of many.

The 3rd vindicates the love of God, often unBiblically truncated and reduced, as if it could be taken on leash.

The 4th considers the Catechism of Creation and the Excision of Evolution: the Place of Wisdom. Its dialogue dramatised and penetrates the issues which scorch the earth.

The 5th is this: Separation in and for Christ - Clarity, Charity and Purity in the Congregation, as distinct from "she'll do mate!" slovenly spiritual sloth.

The 6th is poetry on The Wonder and the Witch, designed for the needs of your life.

The 7th is on justice to the Love of God, and Deliverance from Dispensationalism, alike - recently extended!

The 8th gives a feature on Cyrus, famous King of Persia whose ways interlocked miraculously with those of the Jews, as also attested through the archeological find, the Cyrus Cylinder. As a figure, he is a sharp and pointed type, providing an ancient platform for considering the claims of Jesus Christ.

The 9th deals with the visions of Ezekiel, filled with life and predictive portent.

10. Rushdoony and the Return of Christ -
in his Infallibility: An Inescapable Concept

The excellent coverage of infallibility in philosophy, politics and religion provided here,  is marred by a fatal error: it moves in the area of the Return of Jesus Christ ...

11. Romans 9:5 and Dropping over a Cliff

How to make the clear obscure! to invade the word of God and to become co-author ? It is a practice not always understood, and best avoided! On the other hand, there is an astounding beauty and felicity in the word of God.

12.The Courteous Child and the Plight of Children (as above).

13. The Thumb-Nail Sketch

14. Unlikely Twins - Statism and Neo-Evangelicism

15. Counsel on Discouragement - Margaret F. Donaldson