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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson

Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

ISBN 0-9580154-0-6


The affinity of man for the oblivion of forgetfulness, his vacation from reality, often offended by the curse on the universe, secured by sin, dissatisfied with the lowliness of being a creature, something created, of having a mind developed by derivation from the One whose mind has neither bound nor limit, at His good pleasure, both fitted for fellowship with his Creator, and not impelled to it: this has led to results so appalling that many dismiss deity. He does not, of course go.

Nevertheless, striking a pose, with vainglorious posture, with a wave of the clay derived hand, and a smirk of the Spirit secured spirit which enables such actions, but by no means requires them, or perhaps with a wallowing in iniquity, whether in the deceitful pride of usurping heart, the agnostic impudence of pretentious self-delusion or simple confusion, man goes his way

How it hurts! Death itself is not a comfortable thing. Being unveiled, so that flesh no more covers the mind and interprets the spirit of man, he is likewise rendered naked when he goes. Then, to be a naked spirit itself, accustomed to the cover of a brilliantly fabricated clay, is not a warming experience.
Even now, being lost and alone, because of life in diminuendo, deprived of God and sitting on sands that do not sustain, man in the mass now looks more as he has been, exposed, vulnerable and pathetic, even in militance, in his days on the earth. Rebellion is the code concept; international arbitrage the idea. It ignores what man is. It passes by his origin. It fiddles with his destiny. It imposes ignorance with grand phrases, and brings peace like an impacting asteroid.

Indeed, in its constant breach of truth, it works like grit fed in error into massive machinery. The screechings are deplored, while more is inserted.

It is all rather ridiculous. It is pathetic. It is sour, like cream turned from natural sweetness to poisonous fat; for the refusal to recognise the sheer brilliance of the Lord, which has provided man with the capacity to show his momentary flicker, the wilfulness which does not care, the daring which does not wear, the abortion of truth which belittles its majesty, the incursion into domains neither understood nor proper for man, without God as his guide: these things make of man, whether monumental in his own self-proclaimed morals, or abysmal in his own confessed self-impoverishment, little more than a wretch.

How man likes to be appalled at each new atrocity which pock-marks the globe, whether from Islam, as is currently the vogue, or Communism, which is not entirely past, from Romanism, more subdued of late but not verbally, from rebellions of the right or the left, asserting his territorial or mental or spiritual 'rights' against his fellows, against God or against anything that stands in the way! How little he likes to repent of his sins, and seek the Lord who gave him a governance he has in the mass despised, how frigid is he at the opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life, preferring darkness manifest either in privately or communally invented governors to replace the donation of grace, from the place of his creation!

For these reasons, the sheer marvel of the mind of the Creator, the prodigality of His kindness, the munificence of His mercy, the delight of His fellowship, the precision of His pronouncements is often lost. It does not however change; for God does not change. What will change is the opportunity to know Him. Man is a limited being, and not forever is his now ursine, now bovine contempt faced with the grace that gives, the power that forgives and the Gospel which provides.

Man continues, a sort of self-made orphan, without the nobility of the place of limitless goodness, where God restores, but rather rejoicing in his own spirit, in his race, in his international organisations or in his science, endowed with philosophic input too ludicrous for a child, but good enough for any engine, however weighty, when it is derailed from the line of truth. Shoved, it spoils; spoiled, it rusts.

It is time to consider the munificence and magnitude, the boundless love and power, brilliance and kindness of God, instead of dully, blindly, with a determination both reckless and practised, distancing the heart from its place, like a young bird which can only loll its head over the edge of the nest, and then fall, cursing the while, or if living, awaiting the perils of its self-inflicted deprivation.

With man, the process can take time; but the end is the same. His flurries and worries, his scurrying and hurrying is not by correction, to the due destination; and constantly, and with increasing drama, he is reminded of this fact by his entirely futile efforts for peace, and security, for comfort and control, for liberty and for regard.

Torrents of hatred, self-will, self-guided purposes like those of the aeroplanes which crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, cause ever new devastations. Bombs so acutely brilliant in their mode of construction, go astray, and a few score are dead; bombs do NOT go astray, and a few more thousand are dead; plagues overcome are announced in the mail, and more die; weapons of mass destruction most ingeniously foul the earth; acute paranoia is so common as to become almost a signal of certain religions, while the more obvious psychiatric cases of human destruction, instead of reconstruction, continue to play their political role.

Injustice, as with Israel, is foisted on the earth, as though the most obvious partisanship for wealth and numbers could not be noticed, and the virtual elimination of that nation were not really what was intended by acting so that it becomes near to indefensible. Perhaps this process provides an additional relish to the nation dismantlers, in that God has brought that nation back after disciplining them, and neither the power nor the purpose of God is attractive to this world, whose prince is not God at all, but the evil one, whose impudent impotence is always unattractive in the latter part to himself, which tends to infuriate (Rev. 12:12, John 14:30), so that his deception becomes the more intrusive (John 8:44), the folly of it less elusive, and the results most potently delusive.

Man is on a trip, and if at times, he finds it thrilling, the cost element is coming in ever more frequent mails of reminder.

The old world continues, Sudanese Moslems maraud for the capture of slaves, in the reputedly more Christian South, a madness of malice, by report long continued, one acting as if to bring human spirits, clad in flesh, to undesired 'religious' requirements, and enslave more and more, partisans of force divorced from anything that could be called faith; while millions meanwhile per courtesy of dramatic dislike of helping nations such as Israel, which constantly by fulfilling prophecies innumerable attest what even they have yet to embrace once again, abound in sonorous proclamations and the crashes of destructive dissonance. The UN often provides background music, like a particularly tragic Greek chorus.

It seems like the clangour of some unearthly hysteria. Meanwhile, intruding into the air space of religious tyrants, many evoke their wrath, protests and soaring spiritual detestation; it is not permissible to interfere with the amassing of the weapons of mass destruction. Malice resents this. While this cynical seeming scenario continues,  millions  gather on the borders of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, the former to escape such kindnesses from the religions of man, and the latter to help them the better to inflict their compulsory religion on others. Jihad! jihad! they cry, like the Communists in Stalin's day, assured that there is no limit to their insight, as if they could change things by their vociferation, or control the Maker by their tirades.

This is not possible, not practised and not useful; though it grows like a tornado, a thing of rumbles and twists, undesired, but proceeding on its erratic seeming, destructive meaning.

Aids flies through Africa, and nests in South-East Asia, like a homing pigeon, as the Evil One apparently seeks to remove all possibility of any nation protecting Biblical truth, by subduing Ireland, and vaccinating once mighty Britain, against its establishment in any sense. To be sure, it was an error to try to make of religion a national thing, since the nation is not Christian; but individuals are so, when God is their solace and Christ is their way, reality their delight and truth their friend. Nevertheless, despite such excesses, the concept of having a nation with Christian values imparted, even where it was not intrusive into the life of a man, beyond the externalia of moral concepts and the kindness of grace, this was not bad. Now it is not to be further, in exaggerated format or otherwise; for what nation on earth is willing so much as to seek Biblical righteousness ?

Is it there in Holland with its euthanasia and its all male or female marriages by arrangement ? Does it abide in the USA with its friendship to Islam, with its friendship to jihads in long-standing historical practice, in turn ? Such things long continued over the centuries, by power after power, with a basis in the Koran which does not go away, are growing in popularaity.

Or is it to be found in Britain with its disassemblage of the nobility of truth as its guide ? with its neo-morals and European involvement in synthetic morality ? (Cf. Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming Ch. 3.)

What are we getting ? the sedate State, the ornate State, the the selfish State, the secure State, the pseudo-celestial State, the mankind style internationalised State of the art, and so on. It is a state of distress, confusion and distrust, where violence is unveiled, disgrace is display item in the front window and man, in all his vainglory, elevates himself ready for the final moments of all but  incredible self-deification predicted (II Thess. 2 cf. SMR pp. 750B, Barbs, Arrows and Balms  18,  Divine Agenda Ch.   7; cf. It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls ... Ch.   5, 11).

Man is becoming more and more intoxicated with the concept of being God, and to that end, removing the very name from much of his agenda, and leaving it subjectivised in the rest, he continues to be sovereign of the planet, which screaming its objections, is setting like the sun.

All this was to be and now is (Matthew 24:11-12,22).

In the meantime, while the visible universe continues its predicted scenario to its due desolation, and eventual retirement from actuality itself as in II Peter 3, when itself and its works will all be burnt up (and not before time, but be patient, God has His mercy to instil throughout the world, long before it goes), it is time to ponder.

As to this world, its invisible basis is not lost: that through which its visible laws are enacted, and its capacity to be has been installed. Its deteriorating design components are indeed proceeding in a world sick with sin, sickening with deserved disaster; but its causative pre-condition, unharassed by its coming demise. He continues, for it is impossible to extinguish Him who is the author of the book of nature, of its DNA, of its design characteristics, including most amazingly, its liberties, the pre-requisite of personality, itself the recourse of love (Acts 2:23-24). Knowing all plans, and have scheduled the scenario, He uses His power to provide and to overcome. His victory is from before time (Ephesians 1:4, Revelation 5:12), manifested in time, and available for the time being (Romans 5:17).

Even as in ourselves, it is the invisible which is the order of the day, its purposes not measured, its feelings not tangible, its thoughts not gravimetrically expressed. Nevertheless, from here proceed the designs which matter executes as it is modelled to the point, by the mind of man, as he is able; he himself, brought forth from the mind of God, and instilled on the earth, into the form provided (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 9, It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls Ch. 9). .

This, the invisible,  is the background to our power play, our performances and our procedures; and the invisible Spirit  of God, who is the Maker, is the background to that. Author of the visible with its conformities and controls, of the invisible world of mind and spirit that man has dowered on him, like showers on the grass, His marvels are not the less because of man's abuse of them. They are the more amazing in that they continue to this hour, despite a measure of folly so intense, that the very spurting of energy from the splitting of the atom, is both an avenue for it, and a parable of it.

Let us then look back to the glorious majesty of the divine nature, to the marvels of the divine mind, engaged in our universe, in His word, in history, in features so extraordinary and lovely, that one realises that man has become so preoccupied with the judgments he has endlessly sought by folly, and his resistance and reaction to the same, with his studied pretences about their nature, and his confusions resulting from such arbitrary irrationalisms, that the wonder of the truth is being lost even to the horizon.


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