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To be sure, and of course, there is no necessary evil in an abortion. There are cases, perhaps not entirely rare, in which there has been a rape, or a sickness threatens the mother, making her own life and that of the child at risk. There are a number of cases where interference with due process is without doubt legitimate for consideration, and almost certainly for action. There are perhaps times when rape is not followed by cleansing which removes prospect of a child - there are cases of poverty, lack of expert skills and so on...

However that aspect is not our current concern. But before our concern is revealed, let some statistics arouse your own.

In The Advertiser, August 14, 2000, p. 25, we learn that there appears from a vast research enterprise concerning actual cases, that there is some 30% more prospect of breast cancer, when abortion has been carried out. That is rather interesting. In MANY cases, the poor afflicted child, sometimes savagely  - is that too harsh ? then capably and indelicately - that better ? is removed by cutting into pieces or shrinking in saline solution, and so on, and then is not so pliable after all. Is it vengeance by the child ? Of course not. It is a possible, very possible repercussion from the interruption of normal processes that protect. It is slamming on the brakes. This has, then, something like its physiological equivalent, then.

But that is a question as old as Plato, and a good deal older. WHEN you consider the MERELY technical questions of HOW you do a thing, there is still the residual question of WHY and to WHAT END. The technique is for a purpose, and the purpose ?

Purposes are spiritual things. They relate to values, priorities, spiritual life, the will of God, the plan of creations, the ground-plan for special creations like man, to commandments, such as that against murder in the 10 commandments in Exodus 20. There is man and there is God. They are not one at all. They may be of one mind when the child of creation from the hand of God becomes a child in spirit by the power of God, through the redemption in Christ Jesus the Lord. True, but there is nothing automatic about that. It is as special and specific as any other operation, and since it is not just a new physical heart, but a new lord and locus of operations, a new centre and dynamic, direction and understanding, it is a far greater operation than a mere physical heart. It will take in its scope, ALL the members of the body, and all the power of the mind, all the depths of the being.

If the PURPOSE of life is self-satisfaction, pure and simple ( I want a small family, it is TOO inconvenient, I no longer want more mini-productions of my spouse, I am too hard worked, Golf is threatened, a gentile retirement is under fire and so on), then, with child-abortion for that reason,  it becomes a death of that PURPOSE. Death for self-satisfaction is the trade-off. It is not very high in stature, very noble in scope, very re-assuring in reflection about what the parent life is for, when the infant life is settled in its destiny, for such grounds!

ALL DOCTORS, said the Chairman of Britain's anti-abortion charity Life, Professor Jack Scarisbrick, should be informed quickly of the findings. "The whole medical profession must be told - it can't pretend now it doesn't know the risks," he said.

But these ? They are the lesser risks. There is in any case a certainty. Put your own life first and you lose it; and whether or not this particular illustration of that principle is going to apply, is the question. The principle works; the question is, Will you follow it! If this is the nature of the case, then that is the nature of the twisted principle which with the mangled or mashed or dissolved or cut remains of the infant, is in view. God is merciful. He is not mocked. We cannot judge one another. But HIS WORD JUDGES, and HE, the Lord, has said, "Whoever desires to save his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake, shall find it" (Matthew 16:25).

Corpses and the Corps of Principles,
Idols and Dolls

This brings us, via the dead, to the living.

There are so many foci of folly. There is the

SELF becomes a sheer precipice of almost inconceivable grandeur to some. Its wonders of discovery, its potential, its satisfaction (a religious rite with many, it would seem), its arenas of action, activities of intercourse with thought, people, popularity, importance, spirit-worlds and the like, mark it out as a subject of genuine worship. Then it aches and dies.

This idol is a defamation of the character of man, a lunacy without limit, and its end is not dust; that is merely its transition. There is a judge, and conscience is merely its intrinsic impartation. That too may be aborted, like babes; but the fact of that abortion, no less than the physical, does NOT remove the reality of the overview of the One who made us.

SOCIETY IS ANOTHER LURE. It appeals to many. Why not live for it, or at times, die for it ? that is the question often answered in the affirmative.  It is so very big, isn't it! Seek its approval, hope for its compliments, go its ways, whatever they are, of at least, go with them if you cannot change them. Let them lead you, in the end. That is its patois, its little talk!  So its models, like organic evolution, survival of the fittest, self-esteem, self-fulfilment and community immersion appear: dead on arrival, mere names for murder of truth, the investiture of one more pope, people. (Cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch. 6.) There are of course, sub-versions, like important people, people who matter, influential people, but in principle it is the same.

For this, you may murder conscience, child or student, providing each one with all needful for the esteem of his/her fellows, till destruction comes in a moment, and judgment sits without concern for the idol. Idols are idle things; they do not achieve anything but death. It may take time; but under the hammer of auction, they have no value. They are things both temporal and temporary. In the end, they are trash.

SHEARED OFF MORALS are another idol. WHY NOT! is its pass-word. I don't see why...? is the contemporary phrasing. (See Ch. 5 above, or News 113, with News 19 for systematics.) I had a brother who did not see why he should not smoke from a tender age, and he died at around 64 of lung cancer. Oh to be sure, many do not, and many more die yet earlier. So it goes. It is a risk. But what is certain is this, that there are good things and bad things for the body, for the mind and for the spirit.

Their source is God and their food is truth, found in perspective, priority and principle from the Maker alone. If you deny Him, you CANNOT deny your own construction, His instruction. You may IGNORE it, but you cannot deny its power, because it happens. ALL that He says ALWAYS happens. You may trade on His mercy, indulge in your own artful contrivances, amass money or prestige, but the truth does not die of shame, even for the shameless. It stands, and though mercy intervene, like a good construction in a tempest in housing affairs, yet the lashings even on this earth can be severe, and death does NOT deliver from unrighteousness. It is merely the transmissive agent. Truth is personal, real, preliminary, the agent before life, the means of life, the assessor, arbiter, and the spiritual being the source (cf. SMR Ch. 1). It is also the end.

WHEN you love your neighbour as yourself, cherish you spouse, are devout in attention to the real needs of your children, despise this world and delight in its Maker, yet do good to all as in need of it;
WHEN you lose your own life, not in society or other idols, parallel to it, then there is that other source, God Himself, giver of life, to whom you render yourself willingly, not omitting the entrance provision in Jesus Christ the righteous; for without Him, neither heaven nor peace could be even possible, and by Him they are provided, just as your physical frame was provided. THIS is the one birth you MAY resist. It does not prevent the abortion of your OWN SPIRIT which results, however!

SHAM in place of REASON is another idol. It is very popular indeed. You have people reasoning that reason does not apply, giving grounds for being irrational, absolute reasons for there being nothing that is absolute, get matter out of nothing, codes out of chance, conquest out of defeat, and all this without even realising that this is the work of mania, abortion of logic its saviour! (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7). Actually, as one may by now come to realise, abortion is quite common, and babes are only one of its ruthless targets. Shames in mind lead to shambles in spirit and ruin in the world, which is merely obediently showing this, like an empty gauge on your car, when it slows to a halt.

SHAME in place of PURITY is another lair, lurk of the devil. It is a mode of being shameless, and so exulting in it, that it is made a virtue. Hence legalised prostitution is actually being considered as if it were a sane option. Feminism - I do not agree with you any more than with that other partisan abomination, masculinism - but where are you ? Do you accept this ?

Is woman to be made a carrier for lust ? Is her whole emotional texture and framework for providing life to become another's plaything, or worse, sensual gratification ? Is woman to become a morbidity centre, an abortion progam per  se; and be paid for it ? Is slavery to become socially acceptable ? Is diversion of natural love to be effected with nice little snippers, so that it may achieve that vast, last folly of employing its physical accompaniment as if it were the music of life! Is debasement to have no limit ?

One speaks of only one of the obvious lurks of crushed love for commerce, in this. It can spread into things yet more terrible.

It is useless to protest that child abuse could ever become legalised. A little while ago, even brothels were shame. Now they are a way of life ? Legalised ? legitimate perhaps, for those whose laws come from society ? Debasement as doctrine, degradation as progress! Well, it is certainly in line, this abortion of love, with the other abortions. Abortion of youth is carried out in frequently ill-conceived wars, so that they can die not with snippets and saline solution, but with guns. Do not misunderstand: there IS a time to defend the women and children against brutal intentions from other nations. Is war ALWAYS of this kind however ? Is it never a matter of pride and a clutter of ambition ? Abortion is quite a game, is it not!

TECHNIQUE in place of TRUTH is an application of this wretched affair, but is not limited to such things. Thus this idol becomes the shangri-la of the wire brain, the devotion of the dead, its devotees are the doers of this world, who do not STOOP to consider WHY. As one professional man told me once, there is need, from time to time, to look at such things. That is rather like this. Behold, you are on a tour, and occasionally you miscarry into a lethal desert, a quagmire, a volcanic area, still active. Too bad; but now and again, to be sure, you will just cast a look at the map. It is NOTHING in comparison with the travel. It is NOTHING compared with the car. It DOES NOT COUNT in comparison with the enjoyment. But to be sure, occasionally ... Or it is rather like a pilot, at 600 m.p.h., whose occasional thought about maps and all that sort of thing (rather boring don't you think ? but still one must conform from time to time, and at least think about such things, even if one does not actually READ ONE!) intrudes on his pleasures.

Make no mistake, the world is MOVING!

And that brings us to the sheer face of the cliff of truth.UNIFICATION OF MAN in place of UNION with GOD becomes another idol. Man is to be unified with his culture, his peers, his other nations, his nationalities, his weaker, his brighter, his views, his hopes, his fears, his provisions, his police, his policies, his markets, so that ALL may be one in society, and of course, in morals and in ideals as well (cf. above, Chs.  5,  6,  7 ). This glorious unity which enables whatever has the whip to lash, and whatever is socially potent to use it, is so to be desired. Look how it has already blessed Britain with armed perversion, and Sweden is being enabled to have more intoxication. It is all very intoxicated, and perverts the truth, by making man, in his varied and various delinquencies, the moral order.

Shame on Sham and Surrender to God on His Terms,
which are Brilliant, Beautiful and Blessed,
Exposed in the Covenant of Jesus the Christ

What is man that he should be right, by numbers ? Has he EVER been so very right that ANY age is commended ? Does not even philosophy in its inventive genius, constantly and consistently remove the pretensions of what is past, since that is not difficult when God is omitted, as is normal in that discipline. HENCE necessarily NO philosophy (so defined) COULD ever work! HENCE the routine debunking, and the antiphilosophy and the general malaise and the trends to cynicism rooted in the misconceived idea that because without God, you get nowhere, therefore, you get nowhere with Him*1.

That is rather like saying that because you cannot get there on foot, it is useless to fly.

The point here is simple. Man is never a good measure in the numbers game, often tries, always fails, and has in any case, no logical ground for instituting himself the measure. As Paul put it concerning some, these "measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise" (II Corinthians 11). It is true. Make man the centre and he is the centre of meaningless relativities that cannot even be consistently or coherently thought (cf. SMR Ch. 3). It is IMPOSSIBLE for reason. Man is NOT the centre.

It is also done in (misnamed, and anomalous) churches. Forget the Bible. By the sheer multiplicity of our 'faiths' and features, history and scope, we will overcome. This is their story. They do not actually do this.

It is one of the chief loves of the antichrist (no need to become emotional here, it is simply the devil's replacement version for the One who showed His love and power in death for sin and resurrection for life, Jesus Christ). THERE IS ANOTHER PLAN. The ABORTION of the last one is not effectual, since this ... baby, rose from the dead. AND HE was no baby in reality, though His gentleness may have made some think so as they led Him as a Lamb to the slaughter (as predicted in Isaiah 53 and enacted in history some 700 years later, according to divine plan, I Cor. 2:7-8 - and date - SMR pp. 886ff.).

Abortion ? It is well to abort what is wrong, and to consort with what is right, and to abide in Him whose it is. He will come. He does not go. His departure concerns the revelation of His fixed and static GOSPEL (Galatians 1, Matthew 24) to the WHOLE of this world. It is going, as always, according to plan. Plans ?
It is better to plan for life, than death. The idols are merely delay techniques, and their practitioners, delay technicians. Do not live by technicians, but by God. Do not abort life, but be regenerated. The old world is manifestly going its way, as predicted (Matthew 24, Isaiah 51, II Peter 3), but it is not necessary to go with it.

Oh, by the way, there is one thing you COULD and really SHOULD abort in your own life. That is abortion of truth. Abort that effort at abortion.  Instead, keep truth, hold fast to it, love it ... love Him, for the truth is from the ONE who made us all, and it is in HIM, the fabricator of your body, mind and spirit, that it is to be found. He cannot in any case be aborted any more, for His resurrection and coming return (according to plan cf. Answers to Questions  5) are what is current and impending respectively, and these, they are most vital. But YOU, you may abort your own regeneration. God knows what He is doing, and you cannot overturn His decisions. However you may repent and seek Him, and find Him, and aborting all thought of abortion, spiritually, be born, and then grow in grace and in form and in stature and in likeness to Christ.

It is better so.



Actually, you get where He is going; and there is no better place to be than with Him, who is already there, knowing the end from the beginning, and never changing (SMR Chs. 1, 10, Malachi 3:6, Isaiah 46:8-10). There is no need. He is always right, always has sight, is never blind.

Incidentally, Isaiah 46:8-10 tells us more than this, that He knows the end from the beginning. He DECLARES it (cf. Isaiah 45:18-19). It is testable. So is all else. The rest a) does not get high enough to be visible, failing at the first at earth level, and b) is anti-verified consistently, insistently, persistently. (Cf. SMR Ch. 10, That Magnificent Rock Chs. 5, 1, 8). You can abort life, but you cannot abort the truth.