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Love with Mercy has Acted

Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.


October 2000

ISBN   0 9578816 2 2

Robert E . Donaldson Th.D.



This volume is intended to express the continuity of rebellion, the assiduity of divine love and the reality of what is to be found, even in this contemporary scene, which, like an apple once fine, but now well decayed, bears decreasing similarity either to the original creation or to that blessed redemption which is in the world but not of it, was secured despite this world, and will replace it.

Hence we start with that startling reality, GOD’S CRITICS! It is almost stunning to find the effrontery of ease with which the complacency of gods becomes the verbal fire power of man, and God, without the least understanding, is relegated to a case of duress, mismanagement, indifference, incompetence or gross inhumanity.

Now of course, it is inhumanity, in the sense that we are His creation, and He is above our state and status, infinitely; but it is not without those amiable features which tend at least at times, to inhere in this race, that its Maker exists. He is more, not less than human. Rather all that we have is from Him; all His ways are above and not below our own! His judgments are patient, our continued occupancy of this globe is amazing, His restraint is phenomenal, His mercy prodigious (II Peter 3:9), that He even suffers such talk. A race which, having fallen, has to find the meaning of the Fall, of that measure of independence and thought and tongue which still subsists without too much concern, in the midst of much of the Press, power without glory, words without wisdom: will it criticise!

While man tortures man in prisons, making prisons of flesh, in disregard of life, in humiliations unspeakable, in gross, lusting desire for power, popularity, position, pre-eminence that does not hesitate to eye the divine throne either with acidulosity or with arrogant tilts to gain that power itself, he complains! He is not satisfied with the satisfaction of every fancy and the indulgence of each folly, until the very earth begins to rebel, the clouds to become as acid as his tongue, acid rain falling on many of the beauteous green preserves hitherto more pure in our abused planet, and this, while he blasts the atmosphere with radiation, just to show how he loves to share and share alike! How he loves to mythicise religions of this or that race or culture, even those which are frankly naturalistic, while ignoring and denying their very Maker. This done, in acceptable culture, he then elevates such lacerating blasphemies to a parity with the Almighty who MADE Nature: this secular man does freely in places of power,  declaring the while, his tolerance, his universal thought, his neighbourliness and his vision!

Some things begin to happen which are not happy ? How strange! You slash your tyres, toss out your engine, machine gun your body work and wonder what is the matter with that manufacturer who had the cheek to sell - no, correction, to give the thing to you! But it is not in the best taste, so to speak. It is in fact an execrable taste.

But let us note this, that the Australian and UN aided concept of multiculturalism can be as vicious as you please. Intended to safeguard from the follies of vying aggression and division on prejudice, an amiable desire, it quickly and in this way degenerates in a patronising downgrading of all religion to a place as cultural artefact, does it in defiance of all and any reason, declaring this absolutely while declining to know ANY absolute, and then cap in hand, comes to the UN or to any other body willing to act for God without His name or reality, and prostrates the name of God in this internationalised subservience, which began in national decline from the true and only God, in the interests of kindness to others. So is tyranny hatched from the egg of neighbourliness, and arrogance spawned from surreptitious unbelief, foisted onto others and paraded as if God.
(Cf. Lead us Not into Educational Temptation! and The Other NewsAppendix I).

We move on  in Chapter Two, to the usurpation of the place of the word of God, Jesus Christ, by those who have some one so much more like Barabbus with which to replace Him! Have we not SEEN the Barabbuses of this world, the brilliant revolutionaries who do not hesitate to murder for their ends,  elevated to the posts of political power! Was not Hitler, was not Stalin, was not Mao a mass murderer, equipped with ideas so facile and foolish that when the craze, the fad fizzles, it is all but impossible to understand how any thinking person could EVER have considered such things for one moment (see Index, Communism, Nazism in both listings). Will a system invent itself; will a necessity arrive by chance; will a world come causeless from what is not there, and will reason find this out without access to truth, relativised to its own destruction by those who nevertheless use it (cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms  7, That Magnificent Rock Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 3)!

Thus Christ is disowned, dishonoured, re-made not only by Jehovah’s Witness and allied sect phenomena, but now as often attested on this site, by mainline denominations as the real rot set in, that for which there is no remedy but judgment - or repentance in time. Thus those who see no need to be limited to the Christ who came, merely a convenience while culture has its way, and leave Him murdered in concept as in body earlier. That body, however,  did not rot (cf. resurrection, in Index).

As to death, Christ has met it. It is overthrown in power; its advent into life, removed of sustainable place and its time is coming. It is in judgment, when raised, that all will justly face what is their due. Not death but life rather the God who made it, is to be feared! This is the last resort for the rebel who refuses release, pardon, and place in the home of God who made us.  But the world reels on, as if drunk. New christs are fashioned with much the same ease as crosses of this and that kind to be hung around the neck. They do not save. They did not create. They did not come to seek and to save that which is lost.

Correspondingly, this world is now doubly lost - it has lost its virginity in the Fall, and its Remedy in this second fall, this theological, philosophical, political fall into a sort of seance or trance, in which the pungent realities of sin are forgotten, even while the world famishes and is overthrown increasingly. Its marvels of ‘science’ are to deliver it ? But what is this but knowledge of how it works, and if you abuse it, knowledge will not help in the end. Its tenure is limited; its start is obvious from its expenditures and causal necessities alike. Its end is coming, likewise obvious as you compare our treatment of it and its slender margins for folly, now greatly imposed on; and then compare further these things with the statements of account, to be found in that blessed and demonstrably true book (as in SMR), the Bible.

Next, in this volume,  we turn to ANGELIC THERAPY… therapy! From spirits, extra-terrestrials, quiddities, unknowns, experiential ectoplasms of thought, or invading evils like crows for the picking, or both! So in Ch. 3 we consider this first hand these weird developments, and are warned and informed.

But the whole turmoil awaits you in the index as the work proceeds, and the answer awaits where it has been these 3500 years or so, in the Bible, and where it has been shown these 2000 years, in Christ. He does not change. It is still the same (Hebrews 13:8). Outside Christ, life is not an exercise for training, but an avenue to disaster. But IN HIM! Yes, it is an exercise, and a delightful one, however the tests may accrue, as at the Olympics. When God is with you, it is a joy to participate, and a privilege unspeakable. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!








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Dimples or Disasters in the Olympics ?


Blessing from Persistence
    John 7:37-38 with 4:14
The intriguing and rewarding pursuit of a citation from the lips of Christ.

7. HOW and WHY ?

You Want Australiana ?


The Old and the New in the unfolding drama of the divine author of man.


Questions and answers on spiritual conduct in the love and purity of God


The Song of the Bird
Allegory in Motion
Reality on Earth


The last of the new things, is so very old.
As  we shall see, it is Babel the nth!


Axes and Axioms
Beauties and Bouquets

More on developments, sects, secularism, beasts and
their opposite, above them as mountains above the dust.

This also looks at several aspects in that intriguing and delightful topic, the study of the Book of Revelation, and the significance of symbols so abundantly and illuminatingly deployed in its pages.