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 You want Australiana ?

Now I am an Australian. There is no point in hiding it; no need to hide it; and why should such things be hidden.

It is quite frankly, rather a wonderful place.

My ancestors from Scotland who chose it, surveyed their land, bought a square mile not too far from Melbourne, and started a farming community. It was fine land - still is, and a fine city developed. They arrived some 5 years after its founding, and my grandfather is thus to be seen arriving some 159 years ago.

What meadows, what expanses, what mellowness, for Melbourne lacks the sometimes harsh aridity of the inland, and is like a vast garden in its better reaches. The wonders of Sydney's Harbour are now well known, the grandiose cliffs of the Western Australian segment (rather like another land), but the delights of our Flinders Ranges in Adelaide (currently perhaps threatened by a locust plague of no insignificant proportions) with their self-declaring geology, their statues in rock, their rock communities and whole wardrobes of Spring wild-flowers, their intimacies and their gorges, their elevated look-outs and their improbably perilous-seeming hikes (if you choose that kind, which at 72 one is perhaps a little unwise to do): these are not so well-known. The Blue Mountains near Sydney have an inspiring gentleness with grandeur, but these here have an aerial stimulus which grips the soul and sharpens the mind.

But what of our aborigines ? The reader who is apparently about to be indoctrinated in the USA, should do well to look at some earlier articles on this topic on this site. (See for example That Magnificent Rock Ch.  1, pp. 27-28 ;The Biblical Workman Ch. 1Repent or Perish Ch. 6, p. 119, Questions and Answers Chs.  4, The Other News 8, Scoop of the Universe 50; News, Facts and Forecasts 10; Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ Ch.  3, esp.End-note.)

There is a lot of extremism on this subject, as on so many others involving society,  religion and culture, races and realities. The above articles will expose some of it.
It is politically and often socially customary to make certain cultural noises instead of thinking, and to cite certain aspects from certain viewpoints, and to ignore or divest others of their actual significance in this arena of discussion.

In fact, aborigines can be bright, but often through a mix, it seems of negative cultural and inserted cultural activities and proclivities (there is a vast cultural interaction which currently tends, like a disease to spoil many of them very deeply), things are menaced. Thus one sees the 'liberated' aborigine, quite possibly equipped with many pensions, inducements or pay-outs at an early age for this and that cause, in some cases, ready to become a doctor in bluster, bustle and brio, but perhaps not in discipline and determination.

One sees a man who has a house made available for small rental in a good district, who has farmed out his children to his parents-in -law of considerable age, and now lives with another woman while retaining his 'own' house, empty nearly all of the time, for purposes unknown.
One sees drunkenness and gambling (one has in mind cases individually known), with a gracious and charming man who left his job dealing with hospital patients, where his disposition seems to have resulted in some popularity, by the severance gaining superannuation and repaying what appear to have been debts arising because of gambling, and then not proceeding in labour.

There are those who have opportunities thrown at them like confetti. Thus one aboriginal lady who had a difficult experience NOT as a part of some 'stolen generation', but BECAUSE her aboriginal step-father had (according to her brother) abused her and her sisters, who, rootless left for the city, had such a chance to expand her life. She tried teaching, and was acceptable (though her grammar as a teacher left one wondering - but then, grammar is not in vogue, and it is uncertain how good some of it is in white teachers in many cases); but her husband, a domineering man when drunk, which was not a seldom occurrence, was a 'problem'. She left it.

These opportunities neither in Adelaide nor in her own part of this marvellous country, did she now accept, but rather declined the options. She was considering, if one recalls accurately (and one did help her transport on that occasion) becoming a police-woman. What joy! Here would be a savvy customer, if you will excuse the argot, who might influence for good some on her rather erratic seeming relatives. One was enthusiastic.

But no! She did not proceed. Perhaps she failed the one day test. Later she tried secretarial work, one was advised, in another sudden drama and desolation. Perhaps it will act better this time. Constancy is however hard to find.

There is an air of degradation of soul in some, which seems to have little to do with necessities. Cathy Freeman shows what could be accomplished by some; and one's own experience confirms this. There is in many a sharpness which turns instead into disillusion, being difficult, into forms of cultural or other self-expression, self-fulfilment, self-esteem and all that poisonous brew so jabbed into their moral and spiritual arms by the soddenly astray philosophies which have invaded this country. These poisons of superficiality - apart from highly different Christian religious realities, which have had a considerable vogue earlier, like steaming acids, might have reduced more of the white Australians to ruin, far earlier. An aboriginal people, often without that partial basis except perhaps in name, or with a certain rigour for being themselves or being paid for what is euphemistically referred to as their country, as if they had been a nation in possession of it, instead of tenants using some of it, now frequently socially divested as far as may be from responsibility either for what they were or for what they might become: they can be quite devastating. An amoral secularity seems to have seized the reins of government in such matters, and debasement in thought  receives its due reward in life. 

This is the irony and if you like the word, the paradox. It is however easy to penetrate and understand. These people in many cases were wrongly treated, as were many American Indians.
It was not as total and persistent as many like to imagine; but it did occur. Many of the white people of a former generation, on the other hand, were fair and helpful to the aborigines, and many were those aborigines who received the arms of aid, when a new civilisation dawned for those who, quite possibly as some evidence does indeed suggest, had originally come from the South of India. What had happened then ? One can but surmise, though there some suggestive evidence (see John Mackay's video on the Origin of Races).

Perhaps, their finding a land of comparative openness, uncrowded, filled with easy options (relatively speaking), led on to a certain lack of application to matters of development, which others, coming later, often idealise, just as earlier in the nineteenth century, they idealised the mythical Islanders in the Pacific: no problems, no cares was the tonic water of the imagination of those in crowded industrial sites, sadly looking out!

One of the most recent 'cares' on that particular point, is this: that the islands in some cases will submerge if some of the scientific opinions formally voiced about the green-house effect become facts in their time, not far distant.

But now: one has had personal opportunity to see  in some aborigines, a sharp sense of humour, or a keen power of observation: and one recalls a light sense of mockery in one aboriginal girl, which is not gross or vulgar, but apt and indicative of imagination and possibilities; but there is this awful drag. Her father has not bothered with her upbringing of late, leaving it to others; study habits, to put it mildly, have not been encouraged. Her mother died when depressed at the father, who lied, she said, until she - who had loved him when young - could not bear the sense of illusion. It came to seem that there was nothing there, that the man was not present, only his deadly illusions cunningly contrived - and she died shortly after child-birth, in a bout of drinking to which she was not accustomed.

"COME! " - if one heard correctly, he said directively to her corpse. But this time, she did not Come!

The mockery was over; but the little girls, the progeny,  were not.

Here was a mother who had intellect and culture that was not some myth, but a reality of finesse and understanding. She had developed well; but the cultural proclivities which so many OTHER cultures show when not pressed by realities and inspired by the gospel, were a drag of half a ton about her neck. Her husband was the very flower of them: charming, unreliable and not too concerned about the truth, able to handle drugs, to look at prospects of stealing the forbidden substances, drinking, drunk at times, able to be flaming with flamboyant resentments against the race, able readily to be enraged and to show it in astonishingly negative feats: an affliction to the spouse, once captivated by what was to become a rapidly dissipating psychic capital, a negative astonishment and a perpetual blunder.

Now all this, you say, is the lot of the deprived.

Undoubtedly it often is (just as we often admire those in adverse circumstances, like many negroes, who through patient perseverance and incredible seeming grit, become dentists and doctors and arise to a new inheritance). However the important point is this. While it is undoubtedly the case that many aborigines do NOT receive what they need, being in distant and ill-serviced areas, it is equally so that many are VERY privileged, and ABUSE what they are given.

Thus one nursing sister told of the situation in a hospital, when some nurse or aid, being aboriginal, would NOT arrive if this seemed good. The sister felt the situation all but unworkable, to have medical needs in this situation! Again, one man, young and charming, told the author that he lost a nice job in the taxation department because, it seems, their sense of time for work interfered with his 'sleep patterns'. That, it is culture with a vengeance! Are sleeping patterns, then, religious ?
It is not in the least to be assumed that they cannot be made so!

It reminded me of the sons, in actual fact, of some rich people. Everything is a nuisance, or a challenge or a bore. One cannot REALLY bring oneself to this or that, because one's life, being supported in many ingredients by others, has become interesting and flavourful, and the mean and dirty work of developing an actual practical talent is - if not disgusting - then at least debased.

This is the other side. There is in fact great need to develop and service many aborigines far better with water and sewerage, it seems, with medical care; but in other places, you get this debasing self-indulgence and discouraged apathy, or self-absorption, or absorption in SOMETHING, and perhaps ANYTHING. It is not specifically a racial matter; we have our own surfies and other guru led people with 'culture' touched by 'religion' who can believe and do almost anything.

For that matter, many of the not so apathetic white people, do much the same, as we have seen recently in examining some of the sects (as in Things Old and New Chs.  2,  6 and Answers to Questions   6, Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ  Ch. 9). HOW could anyone POSSIBLY so distort the scriptures as these do, so ludicrously spoil their whole lives in dutiful confusions, ramifying delusions, founded on air, found by burning the word of God in incinerative contempt for what it says, and yet somehow marking the mockery by a statement that they yet believe it, and so trying to storm into the kingdom of heaven by some works program (like public works, but funded without government aid), some invented christ called jesus as if from nostalgia, and some inveterate impoverishment of grace till this mythical production of their own desires, adrift from the Gospels, adroit in deceit, becomes marred like the face of the historical Christ, Jesus the Lord, to which atrocity, these follies are added. .

How CAN they do it !

That actually brings us to the title of this article, and it is the question. The aborigines are being deluded*1 by new apostles of deceit, those who, professing good, malign much of the good which was done with such good intentions by so many in past generations (for things good and evil, both, have been done, on a considerable scale), naming as the 'stolen generation' indiscriminately, many who in fact  were HELPED from debased circumstances (and the set described is merely touching the INTERNAL debasement of which many are capable, especially towards women, whose treatment can cause considerable grief, merely to behold) to better things.

Many, it appears,  were SENT for outside education or living, by their parents; while many  were taken wrongly and intrusively; and some who were taken were then abused. However, when propaganda enters in, cultural modes and moods, facts are not too important, it would seem. It appears that for many, the step to be taken then is to ignore facts and preach some puny substitute for the whole vast canvas of reality.

Facts ? They are often far too moderate. Their social soap operas have to be replacement material for sober investigation*2, and in any case, it is fun to pillory religion, and have some who did well bundled in with some who did evil (for some religions are evil as shown from the first in SMR), and so mock God.

But before we proceed to the HOW and WHY of debased living in its tatters in sects and culturally squalid de rigueurs, those command performances of the morally mighty who seem assuredly to worship themselves, their culture or their pride, there in a further item for empirical thought.


Sydney, how can one  bear to admit it, that Sydney of substance, of Harbour and The Bridge, that sunshine of joy and place of high rainfall (without being tumultuous - that is, by our standards), of the Blue Mountains and of history and interesting streets, wonders on the North Shore and National Parks of beauty and acclaim: HOW CAN ONE BEAR to acknowledge this ?

But it is nothing, for the world knows it anyway. WHAT! you ask, perspiring with impatience ? That Gay Queen Parade in the closing ceremony of the Olympics. That is WHAT!

Now you smile ? It is a mere facet of the culture: we all have this sort of culture, and it is just a joke, perhaps you aver ?

Is it however funny at all ? Is this public exhibition of spiritual nakedness shorn of Biblical morals to the point - as Paul puts it - that they not only DO these things but "also approve of those who practise them" - Romans 1:32. Is it not rather like a school situation in which some not only smoke but openly and brazenly publicise, talk about, confer with, watch and admire those who do, so that the whole school is a mockery, a weakness and a failure! There the gaunt admirer of liberated children, with peers,  growing to have diseased lungs, diminished heart strength and a whole host of problems, being conditioned openly in the wrong way while lassitude of morals, defects of heart and life in their mentors, merely allow the madness to go on, a slow suicide!

It is easy to see the folly and abasement of society which exists when a school is so degraded as to permit such things; but it is when there is a RIGHT to have drugs, a NEED to have places where with State aid, they may be administered, for the poor dears have, you see, a cultural need for them, and it is better - don't you know ? where have you been! - to have it all done hygienically!
So build some rooms for them! Don't you see ? It is culturally the mode! Compassionate people are saying so, and they are the people, who wear the name. The reality of compassion, what is that, compared with the publicity of compassion... ! But alas, that is uncompassionate which spoils, and assumes that though our forefathers knew the meaning of grit and courage and determination and Christian character in many cases, and said so, and lived thus, and met adversity and overcame temptation, it is now, in this most advanced race, no longer possible.

Relevant would possibly be the in-word. This is where words replace thought.

So goes propaganda. As to the realities of perversion, to revert to the Sydney glamorous queen sensation for the Olympic (of all things - supposedly a place of advancement and strength, not means of debilitation and disease), see The Other News 15 and Things Old and New 5, along with the Index on that topic.


In short it is not a racial matter at all. In fact, many of the things being touted, advanced, procured for the wonders of the needs of aborigines, allegedly, are precisely what is precipitating the downfall of many, by indulgence, false morals, the morals that declare all things right as long as nothing is condemned, while condemning what condemns such morals, in a jousting match of superlative proportions, like an intoxicated Alice in Wonderland. But SHE ? SHE was dreaming.

THIS is real!

It is in substance, self-contradiction, in essence confusion and in practice, disaster.

You CANNOT take on God and get away with it; you cannot avoid His realities, our construction and His penalties. It is not tedious and trite, like some behaviourally based education systems; but there is a thing called justice, and it involves the Creator as well as His subjects. HE made them. HIS is the design. Abuse it at will, and yet your will is not the god. It is a mere folly at work in the realities which inhere in you, rough hew them though you would. This is the reality which does not expire. It continues. This is our construction, and it is with our Creator that we have to do!

Dignity! It is not gained by talking, psychic experiments and money; truth is a pre-requisite and love a highway. Mercy is a beginning and redemption the structure. Then it is no longer called dignity, but desire: for Christ is the DESIRE of the nations. One is then moved in wonder, led in triumph in the Lord (II Corinthians 2:14-18), and has no need of the thing. One has truth and the friend who is the President of the Universe and its Creator, who is the face of love, whose is the art of wisdom, and one has one's place, whatever one's race, and has no need of dreams of social workers or others. Truth is no dream, but vision can open it to the seeker (as in Acts 2:17ff.), who will follow the Lord who came, and the word which attests it in the Bible.

People do not want it ? very well. It cannot be forced. Of course! But it should be available, and not this meaningless relativistic humanism which exalts itself in its ignorance, knowing nothing and yet knowing this, barren in self-contradiction, and fertile in pretence without acknowledgment, glorying in its follies and filled with false glory, accomplishing nothing in truth, and condemning what diverges with all the pronunciamento fervour of the papacy.

This time, however, it is the State.

THIS, it is one of the reasons for the fever and fervour of delusion and disillusion: artful mimicries of truth with arid substitutes in tow. Drugs in effect are being induced psychically instead of antibiotics. The results are appalling in degradation, shameful in orientation and endless in disillusion. Sorrow wears a gleeful sadness, as reality dawns.

A false and falsetto foolishness is taking hold with all the authority of frenetic unreality, precisely as with Hitler, as with Stalin, deluded and grossly swollen with self-assurance. People manufacturing plants abound, pronounced by philosophy and paid for by statecraft. Indifference is being replaced increasingly by the bluster of billowing clouds of foolish talk without foundation in logic, in history or in God. Playing God, the State and the moral state of the art deluge themselves with self-congratulation, while many, equally free in their own minds and knowing no God nor any authority but the will, fulfil themselves till the noxious and pestilential sight and site (literally, it is a spiritual pestilence as in Matthew 24:10-12 and Romans 1:17-32) becomes its own grave, often before it is dead (cf. Luke 11;44).

On it, with flowers of sentiment, to be written when the death is completed, this:

To the Humanistic Human, Died in the Service of his Self ,  the Self Invented by Society.

As Paul put it in II Cor. 10:12: "For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." He proceeds to itemise his performance features and theirs in following verses and chapter.

But source of it all for Paul as for all Christians, is Jesus the Christ, incomparable objectively (cf. SMR Ch. 6 and That Magnificent Rock Ch. 5, Repent or Perish Chs.  2,  7). As Paul says in I Cor. 1:

Philosophy as shown in SMR Ch. 3 and Repent or Perish Ch. 7 and That Magnificent Rock, Chs. 1 5 and  8 for example, but also elsewhere on this site, is bankrupt. There IS no other logical answer but Jesus the Christ, according to the scripture. The substitutes of fashion are as fashionable as the atomic bomb became, before its cost appeared in the spoliation of the ONLY environment physically available, for people who have physical bodies, as it transpires, and really need such an environment. So the spiritual environment, similarly ignored as was the physical by the Communist rulers in Russia when they put their atomic garbage in no small amounts, into the Arctic, has its price. Abuse and it costs.

Hence the official parading of the Sydney queens effort defiled and abased this gorgeous country, this abounding land, and grossly abused the wonders of our inheritance. It is not merely the physical price, but the moral and not only this, but the spiritual rebellion which it constitutes (as in I Timothy 1:10, I Cor. 6:9, 13). It is not only the event, but taking pleasure in it! Romans 1:32 is applied as if by rule, as the syndrome develops and moves to its end; for if an end is not envisaged, yet it comes.

This like any rebellion has it price. Eternity  is the destiny of our eternally hewn souls. It has its aridities when the water is removed (cf. Things Old and New ... Ch. 6). It needs its Maker with it, and one needs therefore to be with Him! With Him! What a prize which is so ignored; what priceless and illimitable treasure who made all that is to be treasured among men, and is not merely like it, but above it and comprehending all, its source with a magnificence of grace and heart and wisdom, wonder and glory which is to be found to be truly understood (cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms, Appendix IV).

THAT then is the reason WHY these declivities occur. It is a fatal and fateful distaste for truth, for logic and reality, for simplicity in artless but well-grounded faith, as indeed for God Himself, the author and creator, divine and delightful, redeemer and saviour. In favour instead:  there is the syndrome of moods, modes, mod cons of philosophy, creature comforts of pride, of passion of spirit (was not Dostoevsky's The Possessed, a wonder in depicting such things in their ebullient confusions and deceits - both intrinsic and extrinsic, both in folly and guile!) and littleness of heart.

Oh no! shouts the humanist.

But yes, it is so. It is LITTLENESS which refuses grandeur and majesty where ALONE it is (cf. SMR Ch. 7, No. 12). It is a deviating wonder (cf. II Thessalonians 2:29, SMR Ch. 7 No. 11). That which is debased to debased reductionism has no light of joy, nor dynamic of destiny, to whatever group, race or clump of mankind the thing be given. The hope is rejection of the rejection, and the finding of the truth.

This sadly is a spectacle not begun in our Age, but being consummated in it according to pre-announced plan (as in outline, Romans 1:17ff., in silhouette, II Timothy 3, in church debasement, II Peter 2, in dynamic, I Timothy 4, in reality, in Matthew 24:24). When the gospel has DULY and TRULY been made to circumnavigate the world as Christ required before His return (to an informed globe, therefore), "then the end comes". WITH IT, are its symptoms, the paraphernalia culturally, civilly, socially, morally and spiritually, indeed ecclesiastically (cf. SMR Ch. 8 pp. 687ff., 699ff.). The aggrandisement of humanity, ex-Maker is the aggrandisement of the pit. Literally is this so: for without His sustaining, principles and procedures, His Spirit in one's heart, His gospel of redemption in one's soul and His love in one's comportment, what is man but a muddle! He shows it, but refuses to know it.

THAT is why he falls, and that is why the sects, both religious and cultural, spiritual and secular in their implicit religious orientation (themselves or their inert principles the basis, itself without basis, hanging suspended until gravity intervene) are raging. It is why they are so fanning out as the bush fire smites this time not the hills, but the hollows of Sydney.

Nor do we condemn that city as if it were some rarity: it is but the observable edge of much evil. Nevertheless its folly is grievous and to be deplored. It is poignant that such greatness should be so abased; and the Lord, HE knows how to abase what exalts itself. It is not really to arise, to step on the 'dead' body of the risen Christ in vaulting self-aggrandisement, be it racial, philosophic or psychic. First that body of Christ, it is not there, but resurrected, so lending itself to nothing so avidly arid; and second it is the format of His return which is imminent. It is not so easy to be eminent, an eminent person or city, when one is debasing the source of all glory in devices ecclesiastically awry, or betraying by the humanistically deadened and morbid dreams that are as airy as the ozone layer, but alas, pollutants,  dispersing more quickly, the way of health and sobriety.


Here we need only quote the diagnosis:

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

"And for this reason, God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

II Thessalonians 2:9-11 is the site.


It is quite simple at this level. You pull the levers and the track changes. Do you recall the old signal methods ? There in the operating room at the railway station, gleaming and efficient, stood the many long levers, to be pulled with precision to enable the train to follow this or that track, and so move through the rather complicated looking array of tracks and trainly scenarios of destiny.

You reject the Saviour and you inherit whatever the wind blows up (Psalm 1 talks of the wicked as the chaff, and the definition of 'wicked' is NOT being a prostitute or thief, though this can help, but rather being adverse to the Lord and refusing to put your trust in Him, thus removing as by theft your OWN SELF from His sovereign graces and your own DESTINY from His redemptive kindness, and in an agony of folly, divorcing from deity - Psalm 14, Jeremiah 14:11-14, 26:10-12).

In fact, Jesus expressly indicated that many weak 'publicans' - that is perfidious tax-collectors for the occupying Roman power in Israel, and prostitutes would get into heaven before many of the religiously deluded, adding to the word of God and following traditions, or having some knowledge, but merely abusing it - so neither entering into His kingdom nor 'suffering' those who would, to do so (Matthew 21:31, Luke 7:29,  11:52). Fascinating is this reference in Luke, to many of these poor creatures not merely COMING into the kingdom through faith in repentance towards Christ, the Messiah to whom John the Baptist so faithfully pointed (as in John 1:29 - saying, "Behold! the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world").

Why is this so ?

It is because it is stated in this manner: that they "justified God".

But HOW, just HOW DO YOU justify GOD!

It is NOT by denying His word, but by accepting His truth as the only possible basis of any for yourself, needing both source in reality of objective truth and availability of the source to be known, as in Christ. It is NOT in sliding into superficiality and 'not knowing' with all that wondrous logical rationality which KNOWS only one thing, that it cannot be known (without stating just HOW this could be ), or that it IS not known (with a penetration not blessed with the provision of grounds for it, in the presence of those very grounds as in SMR), and being so knowledgeable among the nothings of denial that this becomes the very foundation of life. No, it is not in the artifices of self-contradiction, or the naturalism that looks to what NEVER displays itself to invent something or other in a way it has a continually visible incapacity NOT to do. No there is found the way to justify God.

Quite the contrary, such antics as these constitute  is the elegant way to blaspheme God without even uttering an oath; for God is a Spirit and to debase Him to nothingness with irrationality and to remove Him from your life with wilfulness, is to justify yourself, and fail. There is nothing just about that. However, there is EVERYTHING just about

bullet 1) acknowledging your own failure to realise what you should,
to act as you might have done and to live for your Creator.
bullet 2) receiving the redemption for which Christ has paid,
addressed to all whom HE knows are to receive Him.
bullet 3) calling upon His name for the mercy
which the provenance of Christ deploys so simply and abundantly.
bullet 4) believing in Him and resting on His faithfulness according to His word
which prophecy merely illustrates and life in Christ confirms.

THEN, you see, you are acknowledging the curse on earth (as in Biblical Blessings Ch. 7),
and its justice and seeking its removal from that small piece of spiritual territory
in physical garb with mental equipment adduced, called YOU.

You then, reconciled to God (as in II Corinthians 5:17-21)
are ONE SOURCE of light showering on the earth,
one stream to have confluence with many others, bringing the testimony of Christ
to those to come, and allowing them readily to spring up
as we saw in Things Old and New Ch. 6, like willows.
You then, like some illuminated object in one of Turner's lustrous paintings,
shine with something which gives glory to God!

These levers of unbelief and these features of faith, these are the HOW, these are the WAY it comes to be! They do not vary from race to race; nation to nation; pride to pride. Anything which distances anyone from hearing of, following and knowing the Lord on these bases is no friend of that person. Freedom here is not merely formal, but functional; and it involves realism, not a relativistically unmandated but propagated force-feeding and cultural presumption. This is readily possible and often activated even by the very proponents of tolerance, who CANNOT tolerate the absolute, and hence are, at the outset, for both themselves and their ... wards, are at war with Him with whom, in fact, they have to do (Revelation 19:19, Micah 3:5).

But in reality and reason, there is revelation. It announces not trite hypothetical morals of midgetry, not the pride of man prescribing for himself from himself or his religious products (II Corinthians 10:15), what he wants, the words he chooses, and either shoving them impudently into the mouth of God, or making some new mouth of mystery and having them come spouting out from it, like water from a balloon filled with it, and squeezed. This, it is revelation only of unreason.

The revelation of Christ, of the Bible, of the New Covenant in the blood of Christ (Matthew 26:28), of mercy (Titus 3:5, Micah 7:18ff.), this is another way. It is also the only way (John 14:6)

It is alternative to those swirling waters of naturalism, uncontrolled and lawless, humanism, aggressive and intrusive against the Maker of man, culturalism, for that is a religion of indirection. It is the necessary alternative (Acts 4:11-12). It is alternative for the ship of life in the oceans of its  pilgrimage, in the tempestuous waters that swirl in great whirlpools, sinister, suggestive, attractive with a force not to be desired (Galatians 3:1-5, Colossians 2:18-23, Romans 1:17ff.).

The alternative ? It is the truth. It is life instead of spurious sailing, limited to a death which merely begins here (II Thessalonians 1:9, Mark 9, ). It is this which was needed, is needed and will be. Quiet confidence in the Creator through the Redeemer, the Lord of hosts, Jesus Christ (Isaiah 32:17, 30:15, 44:6, Revelation 2:8), is the power (Romans 1:16-17) which draws away from the swirling whirlpool of situational ethics which has no situation for its base, no power for its performance and no truth for its mouth (II Cor. 10:15).

It from all of this, it is to Him that men and women and children must come, of whatever culture or colour, not to some colourable cultural acclaim spouting from the mouth of man. Those waters ? they are in turmoil, create turmoil, and never abide in peace. It is only the LORD who leads by the still waters (Psalm 23). Without peace with Him, all other peace is the way the world looks.

Isaiah provides these words of acclaim, for they testify of Him, whom it is stringently necessary to receive, to know and to love (from Isaiah 32:1, 17):

"Behold, a king will reign in righteousness …
A man will be as a hiding place from the wind,
And  a cover from the tempest …the work of righteousness will be peace,
And the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever …"

And it is Peter who proclaims (Acts 4:11):

"This is the stone which is rejected by you builders,
which has become the chief cornerstone.

Nor is there salvation in any other;
for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."

The alternative you see, is not an option for life. It is a necessity.

Moreover, disinclination has by no means been limited to the Jewish nation. Indeed, THEIR turmoils, still intense, but unfolding towards a more blessed end for many (Romans 11:25), are a trailer, a parallel, a foretaste, an exhibition in current history and that of some two millenia in fact, of the nature of the case.

The issue is far more radical than racial. They deal with ultimate reality for ANY of the human race. Gentiles, for their part,  are not immune to truth, even if many choose to act as if they were.

As Paul puts it in Romans 11:

"Do not boast against the branches.
But if you do boast, remember
that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.


"You will say then, 'Branches were broken off that I might be grafted in.'
Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith.
Do not be haughty, but fear. For if God did not spare the natural branches,
He may not spare you either...
And they also, if they do not continue in unbelief,
will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again."

Speaking here to a church, Paul is advising it of the course of decline, of decay and corruption, and of the course of truth. Jews as a NATION were indeed removed from their lustrous position as showing forth the praises of God as SUCH (Isaiah 43:21); and Gentiles IF they are believers, do indeed continue in this work and witness.

But if the Jews, like an original olive tree, fell because of unbelief in the face of all that the Lord had done and provided, how much more surely will Gentiles, grafted into the faith shown in that olive tree,  fall if they ignore the towering testimony of Christ, culmination of the Covenant and King of the New one! (See The Biblical Workman Ch. 3, End-note 1a.) The Jewish nation then, is a foretaste for the world. Hitler tried to spit them out; but the Lord warns the Gentiles that it is not the Jews who are the problem, though they are in unbelief AS A NATION for the time, but the departure from the Lord,  and UNBELIEF of Jew or Gentile.

For that there is no remedy, only death; for the despising of life is the mode of its default, by Jew or Gentile (Acts 13:41), British or aborigine, Indian or Russian.

See The Infamous Apology (2008), in



For an earlier coverage in this area, see News 118.

For associated manifestations of the grotesque synthesis of the antithesis of secular spirituality,

see TMR Ch.    8, Lead Us Not Into Educational Temptation esp. Chs. 2, 4, 11.


As noted in That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8, there is some evidence that the aborigines, at least in some groups, have had a strong relationship to the concept of the creator and creation, without gaining this from missionaries. An aboriginal pastor appears strongly of this view, and provided the author, as noted in the above reference, with some newspaper material, reporting on this topic in the nineteenth century, published in N.S.W..

This pastor, who is very well-known and active in various projects for aborigines, appears to agree with the author that aborigines are being INVADED by the intemperate, unscientific and obstinately undefended Education Department insistence on purveying the theory of organic evolution without rational and logical contest being presented or even allowed, in the State School system.

As noted in  News, Facts and Forecasts Ch. 10, this is part of the authentic STOLEN GENERATION, and this one is not racial at all. All those poor children, of whatever race but not excluding aborigines: appear as mentally, morally and spiritually abused in this dogmatic indoctrination contrary to the realities of what evidences and attests itself, on the one hand, and as to the Bible on the other. It is in this way that many children are being stolen with the aid, incredible irony, of the very tax moneys paid by their often reluctant parents, some of whom may not be able to 'escape' the rampage into private schools.

The need of aborigines for the Gospel is precisely the same as is the case with others, and one of the fraudulent corollaries of multi-culturalism, which is almost a goddess in this country, is that the JUST emphasis on not being racist, becomes an UNJUST emphasis on DOWNGRADING ALL RELIGION to a common KIND, and giving it an agnostic TAG. This is for many, an implicit PART of the multi-cultural concept. It goes like this:

culture gives religion, culture is personal, it is all different, no culture is 'right', so that no religion is right, so that none should be preached except as a psychological option.
This presuppositional hotspotch is really very close, as may be seen from inspection in That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8, pp. 251ff.  to the Education Department youth invasion (cf. Lead Us Not into Temptation Chs. 2 and 4)..

Thus, from a due and true tolerance which would just avoid inept generalisations about races, and stimulate people to take others as they come, not as prejudice dictates (a most worthy concept, and a scientifically sound one), there comes this official intolerance of the absolute realities of religion A PRIORI! It is ironic indeed, that what starts in objectivity ends in subjectivity, and what seeks tolerance becomes the most intolerant of all.

This development revolves, in the end, around that gracious concept that first you simply assume that God is not and cannot be, known. Then you make humanism the next assumption, and add various ingredients of 'tolerance' to your intolerant religion. It IS a religion for the very simple reason that first of all, you 'handle' God with assured gloves, making the 'concept' a product of man, in one way or another, and incapable of verification or ascertainment. You then tabulate it for significance relative to our world, incorporate naturalism, and have any god or gods to become aliens to the culture, a sort of overlay which can be pretty or arresting, and may be of some value indeed, but which is not really where the necessary working parts reside.

As shown in SMR, the logical necessities are on the contrary: that man is by courtesy of the creation of God; that man's duties lie by the command of God where He has placed them, and the command and the creation called man relate as to car manufacturer's specifications for service to what they in fact manufacture; that man is inveterately sinful, incapable of self-redemption, needs to go back to square one where he was made, and find in the grace and kindness of God his reconstitution, or regeneration, so that pardoned for his presumption in not serving the Creator, he may at peace with God as his redeemer, work and live in the joy of truth.

In fact, ANY view which starts with the assumptions which divorce truth from it, cannot rationally propound ANY truth, far less an alternate religion, without the just charge of irrationalism. THIS one, found in the official sanctum of S.A., as shown relative to the Education Department, if not consciously then by implication from very clear statements cited in That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8, is no exception.  Where irrationalism RULES, we are alas, in its application to religion, in a State in this degree, at war with God.

That! it is not a particularly pleasant practice, and its results are even less so. To visit this war on aborigines via the State Education system provides one of the most delicate ironies one could imagine. BY liberating them, the State is alienating them by presumption alone, from the actualities of God. it is pushing its wares without restraint, even advising us on religion in its great charity, the while.

But then, is that not precisely what the Communists used to do (and still do in that extraordinary place, China, where its tenets are held, and operationally, broken in order to progress!). They would routinely LIBERATE some country, and then violate the mind, the lives and the ways of its people with its godless dross. Communism, then, is only ONE example of this sort of irreligious liberation. It even made it appear, verbally, it also, that it was really being very fair to religion. It said it while it imprisoned (in its case, literally) and tortured (in its case, physically).

So it goes. Caesar was never good at these things... whether as Commissar or Conceptual Vizier, as here. The aborigines, for one, having had enough violence from some, are now being dealt it mentally if not indeed spiritually in the name of tolerance. Some feat! But alas, as far as mercy is concerned, no feature! (See also Things Old and New - Love with Mercy has Acted,
Chs.  9 10. )

For a Victorian product moving in this direction, one of great interest, see Lead us Not into Educational Temptation!


What further aggravates the confusion in principle, is the question of the volatility of some of the data. There are first of all, principles involved; but now areas of the data, however mismanaged logically,  are under view as to mere factuality, as well. Bill Hayden, former Governor General of Australia and at one time Prime Minister, has declared as reported in TV news, October 12, 2000, in an academic address, that the ‘stolen generation’ document of such name and fame, has been written without sufficient critical analysis. Forced separations, he stated, were relatively few (in the time in view), and not "hordes" as the tenor of the Report would suggest. This does not affect the presentation here made: on the contrary,  it merely strengthens the point from other areas than those presented, underlines the cultural impetus peril, and emphasises the considerations adduced.

In fact, not merely is the noted tendency all too popular, politically and frequently in the press,  to relativise and generalise in a highly unacademic and totally confused way, ignoring if not disdaining the factual realities of particular religions as if chemists not willing to study more than one element.  It goes further.

Church-bashing, misreading motives and even performance, is becoming something of another closed book, filled with assumptions about what was done and why and by how many, and without the acids of actuality, which tend to neutralise much of the base of mere imputation. If not the motive, then at last the motif accords very pleasantly with the aims of secular humanism. Good things can be routinely bypassed as if they were radioactive. Reality seems in many places esteemed like a mist which must be dispersed so that nothing is left, unless it be imposture and pollution.

But nothing! Nothing is not without a reason! Blight has no causelessness; and nothing though productive of nothing, yet when it becomes the recipient's prize, is not itself without a cause. Indeed, as Proverbs declares, The curse causeless shall not come. To have nothing on your mind when there is plenty to think about is mere irresponsibility; and its solution, it is to consider what is, not what is not. When you do this, and leave nothing behind, finding what it takes to make you and your problems, and finding act, and acting are redeemed through faith in the self-revealing, saving deity, indefeasibly evidenced on all sides as Jesus Christ: then the power of God moves individually. (Cf. Deity and Design ...,  Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ ... )

Then it replaces the implacable curse of meaninglessness, undesired child of the lust which finds it a must to derange reality and ignoring truth, bask in the lurid sunshine of a polluted shore (as very recently Dubai is reported to have achieved).