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Robert E. Donaldson




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This little book is intended to bring the contrast, not between man's past and present achievements, a motley lot at best, but between man's power and that of  God, man's morals and the principles of deity, man's pride and the divine humility, puny problematics of creation posing as ultimate, and simple solutions found in the Creator, acting as He is.


To be sure, the thing is not available in the abstract, since God is not abstract but real, with intensity and profundity incomparable in the creation.  Similarly, the physics of wave motion may be intensely interesting; but it is in no way to be confused with the ocean surf, of which it is merely one aspect, in an intellectual mirror.


The impossible with man is the opportunity of God, since only He can make it possible. It is however not like some mathematical solution, when the concepts of possibility need the discipline of knowledge on the part of the creation, of man in particular; for there is a way which must be found, and it is not merley in the mind of man,  in order that the power of God should operate. Nor is it, for that matter, simply an index which is to be discovered, in order to 'release' the power of God, like some spiritual hydro-electric works. The power of God is HIS OWN and it works because HE WORKS IT.

In order to have available the power that makes what is impossible with man, open to God and worked by Him, one needs to find God where He may be found.

It is not in the stars, mere repositories of divinely wrought energy, fashioned into form; it is not in the heart of man, a created personality basis, with access to prepared energy reservoirs, creative in kind, but limited in scope.

Nor is it to be found in the throbbing spectacle of the other elements of the creation.

You may release a vast amount of energy in an atomic bomb, but it is merely to remove its form and operate on its formula. You may undo the very genes of man, with genetic engineering, but you do not create a design; for that is of imcomparable complexity, with the basis, like a piano, and the players at various levels, psychic, mental, spiritual, moral, intellectual and aesthetic acting upon it and through it. Toying with the piano does not make the player, though if the piano be damaged, to be sure, working to restore it is another matter altogether; but with man, the margins are allowed often to merge in the sea of circumstance and desire, allowing what could be beneficial to become merely one more arrogance and presumption, destined like Dolly, to show the incomparable follies of man.

How may God be found ? It is, with a person, necessary to consider who he or she is. When you wish to come to God, it is not surprising to discover that He is not interested in being exploited by spiritual speculators whose canny and narrow desires have nothing but insane self-centredness in view, as the Creator is approached. It is necessary therefore to realise with whom you are dealing, and then, with the Creator, to be dealt with by Him!

It is useless to use His name and mean something or someone else, as if to call Sally Brown and cry out, Please hear me, Sally! when you have before you the photograph of Joan. The name must be used as it applies, and nowhere else. Nor is it better to have in mind the right person, and to use another name, as if you were to call out to Sally, while a photograph of her is before you, and to cry, Joan!

There is in any normal inter-communication between persons, the need to use the name which that person has, and to intend the person to whom the name refers. Anything other is confusion, and where both the name and the person is in view, long exposed and well known,  it is necessary to use both aright. There is no excuse for drifting desires and presumptuous indifference or experimentation.

But where is the name of God known ? It is known only where it has been successfully and successively demonstrated to be, in the book which alone has stood, unmolestable by man, these 3500 years, with its antecedents back to the creation: like a spiritual Matterhorn, it is unable to be shut out. It is where the only one who ever in the name of God showed the power of God without limit, combining His words with those of the Bible which concerned Him,  with that complete merger which is of One, the One God; and His name is Jesus Christ.

There is no excuse for wandering; the competition is as if an infant sought to be beat Jesse Owen in the days of his prime, on the race track. His words are a fire which even now are burning up the sin of the earth and bringing it rapidly to a condition of un-inhabitability; and though it is fashionable to deplore anything not exalting to man, and limiting his lordly vices, yet the surge to this result is so fast that those who have seen 7 decades on earth, can contrast the buoyant drive of uncontainable man in the 1930s with the unsavoury collapse of his spirit which is now so common. This latter we find like dust blowing; and it is as first one penny dreadful of philosophy and then some ha-penny worse of theology, improperly so-called, arises to damage the psyche of man still further, as if he must fall, moving in time with the devastations he brings to his ONLY earth!

Let us then attend to these things in particular, in detail, and watching the way, find the beauty of it when it is followed, instead of the byways of pride, the tarmacs of arrogance and the dis-splendour of presumption; when it comes to where the power of God is, where God is, to what He desires and so being enabled,  walk in the splendour of His Spirit, in His own name given to man, than which there is no other, Jesus Christ.

The words are so clear in John 3:16, Acts 3:19-22, 4:11-12, Colossians 1:19ff., Acts 17:31; as in Micah 3-4!

Breach this way and you do not find God; the reason is simple: He is not where you would place Him, but where He is.

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