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Chapter 5

Malevolent Beast Resisting the Grip of the Boa Constrictor

News 346


The Australian, March 28,  2005


The Chinese Anschluss ?


In History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 1, there was news of the Chinese Anschluss, its Hitleresque pontifications concerning, not this time Austria, but ... Taiwan.

Since that time, there has been a development. It is noted in The Australian, March 28, 2005. We see this report: that hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese massed to march in protest at China's new anti-secession law ...    Law ?

This means that China would rather have the surrender of  the anti-Communist rump which left China when by force a new government, profiting from the war, was able to grab China, just as Russian Communists, profiting by the war of 1914-1918, was able to grab an emaciated Russia. It would prefer that they came quietly: this time, it is China which has the preference, not Russia.

However, this is not the police arresting a criminal, but a group of force-men, whose morality is officially not to be found, since they seem to like to leave morals somewhere in the hinterland of matter, in stark contrast to the possibilities of action by that substance, and to bring prescription somehow out of description, which has always been impossible. ONE of their prescriptions, which is identical with the manipulation of force if one is systematic about their actual basis, is this, that Taiwan is making too much noise.

So might a boa constrictor object  if some beast in its powerful twists, were to wriggle unduly, and perhaps disturb a prior meal, interfering with digestion.

Calm down! it might intimate

(using body language, which in the figure would relate to the hundreds of Chinese missiles reportedly pointing somewhat meaningfully at Taiwan),

and be gobbled*1A.

Now that the boa constrictor might PREFER this, is obvious. Why disturb breakfast when you have no hope anyway. Be reasonable! might be the cry, as might have been that of Hitler towards Great Britain in 1940, for how could the little bit of a thing possibly defend itself against his cumulative, far less against his culminating might, as he dismantled and remantled much of Europe! But it did! Actually, with its allies, it won. It is time to reflect on the annoyance of the frustrated, when in their imperious mode, is it not!

Such cries from annoyed force have a rather brassy sound, and do not have that certain splendour of freedom, reason or righteousness. Hitler lost, though it did not look as if he would, and to some, could have done so! His silly theories helped him to do so, but then, these are matters of logic and truth, to which force as such, has no access.

His cause was a mutilated theory of race, with Darwinesque overtones of the stronger overcoming and ditching the lesser; but the spirit of the thing escaped him. So it is with the Chinese government, by all accounts. They WANT Taiwan, they did not GET Taiwan and they now intimate that if Taiwan has the illusion, or rather dares to mention it, that it is an independent nation, it will become a legal matter to remove its power to think so. This is, apparently, to be done by removing the mouths that say so (with missiles), or the wills to use them so; and so to adorn the glorious testimony of liberty and mutual understanding on this earth.

In what way adorn it ? You can perhaps ask them that question. It is outside the scope of logic to reply to it.

Let us for review, recall some of the things said before the Chinese Government indicated that Taiwan is being provocative, in allowing "extreme revisionists" to bring "new tension across the Taiwan Strait". Not merely so, but the report continues, the people of Taiwan, has "extreme ...independence secessionists" who "malevolently" are "distorting the principles".

But WHAT principles, for how can you have principles, except those of power in such a show ? They are called the  "principles of the law". What law ?

Now Hitler could perhaps have learned from this double-talk, and even Dr Goebbels could perhaps have sat as a student before this manifestation of the forces of history. It is precisely the ways bullies behave in school yards. Let's audit a little.

HOW DARE you resist my will ? Can you not see that the historical grip on power in the Primary School Yard which incontestably is mine, as I point these two protoplasmic missiles, known as fists, at your very face, is being flouted ? Do you know nothing, kid, of the law that might is right and that might is mine ? It is mine by historical processes, you see, since I beat up seven other kids before I came to you. Big kids like me always do.

Malevolent, that's what you are, parading your face as if you were some kind of a free person in the very place where I rule! You escaped yesterday, when you left the mainland of my outer yard, to crawl to this island near the Staff quarters, but realise, kid, that this isn't going to work. The Staff don't want to interrupt their tea, and don't want to acknowledge that I am a roaring defiler of their little yard, since their reputation is easier to defend if they ignore me. You have no hope. Give in, and stop this insolent talk back.

Do you think you'll even be ABLE to talk when your teeth are bashed in, and (moving nearer), that is well within my reach. Capitulate and be quiet, and give us five dollars, right, and then bow before me, and I'll look at ignoring you till next time. Understood!

Let us recall from the earlier chapter some more aspects of the 'historic process', in a citation which will take us through our next heading.


Taiwan, subject of a Chinese Anschluss, as was Austria a German one in 1938! And is the world any more sensible about it than it as in 1938, before the German expansionism ? On the contrary, to apply the present to the past: it is as if they were straining to build more factories in German, importing capital, to do more trade, and in every way to make the Germany of FORCE the German of power.

This they did not do in Hitler's day. Yet now they tumble to build in China, they hurry to divulge secrets, whether by carelessness or on purpose. The scandal about what was gained from trade with a famous US Aircraft Company is distant, but its rays still move. Nice little atomic weapons for China from spying elsewhere, this too with guidance systems makes it neat. Then the Chinese Communist Party - never to be confused with China, any more than Stalin's group should be confused with the Russia it impounded - can elegantly seek to intimidate with minimum regional disaster ... although of course the earth may be more polluted than ever through a system which in Russia is responsible for the radioactive pollution of the largest fresh-water lake in the world, and for similar horror in the Arctic Ocean. Where there is precedent spiritual pollution, does this matter ?

Does the world need much thought, when marvellous systems are to run it! Such appears the death of logic, the wantonry from reason and the extravanganzas of a 'youth' which is far from perpetual on this earth!



When myth is your master, magic is very often your thought. Stalin thought that a peace could descend because Class Conflict could be removed; but he removed the idea, along with multitudes sent to freeze slowly in Siberia, not so fast that their labour could not adorn the 'State', whatever that is, but not so slowly as to cause undue nuisance when their tasks and health were done. What liberation was this!

So man sets up his national interest as if this were some virtue, not hitherto thought of, to be added to man-made morals for reasons inscrutable. These, they are not morals, but desire, for man can no more legislate what is right, than can he legislate the course of the sun. (Cf. News 19.)

China must be strong. It does not seem to matter if she is wrong, if huge troubles arise in the rural areas because of plain want and need, while many in the cities become absurdly rich, in a system as far from justice as could be imagined and from Communist dreams and systems as the furthest star from a drop of water on this earth. Yet with this additive (like adding LSD or heroin to watery soup for food), that there is no independent judiciary, elected parliament or means of redress, it makes laws as if it had invented man, the earth and the reason for both. Whether, however, in physics, chemistry, mathematics or politics, the tedious tomfooleries of presumption and arrant arrogance never substitute for the simple realities of truth.

You can say what you like; it does not alter that of which you speak, what it is.

In delusive situations however, it seems so.

All is coloured by totalitarianism, which simply means that some people, who have a power placement, can dictate without review, to others; and the dictators are few. In practice, Communism in its famed forms,  is simply political oligarchy.

So too Japan had to be strong, as did Germany; but the problem is this: WHY ?

It is because their culture must rule ? Why on earth ? What more depraved and elementarily deprived than this, that you are subject to people with unlimited powers, except such as occur beyond them, whose word is law. What is the good of being strong in the wrong!

What was the good of the German Aryan concept, or the Communist power from guns, as if man were ultimately subjectible to force, and his planning, understanding and creativity were mere objects for manipulation.

What is the good of mere force ? What wisdom does this have ? Where is its knowledge of the meaning of life and what is the good of ruling if you mismanage even your understanding! The power to impart acceleration to matter did not make the thing it moves! The power to move did not make thought, analysis and truth. The absence of truth does not allow you to state it. The presence of truth requires a perspective not subjectible to mere interaction. Assume the latter lacking, and you are deprived of the former, including any validity in your statement about what you assume! It is all self-contradictory confusion.

In fact, it is when God is mocked, that man is like a madman, throwing away his gifts and capacities to the love of money, of power, of manipulation, of crazy modes neither scientifically allowable nor purposively other than a sodden mess of presumption and baseless imagining.

After all, if you like talking of law, and like basing it all on force, which has no morals, and merely proceeds within the bounds set for it, you are not in a position to ruminate on what is NOT force, and what is NOT set in the bounds of natural law. Further, even if the way nature works were thus and so, there is no obligation to work with it.

Since however it does NOT work in this way, since moral questions per se have often determined the nature of history, as in the Battle for Britain and the European brain drain to the US in order to resist the force of Hitler with the feast of freedom, which is not force; and since force is a utensil of spirit in man, for this or that purpose, and spirit has its own resources, not least God who made it: then the use of the term 'law' in this case is canny, to be sure; but it is irrelevant.

It merely means that they are parading their mouths, in logical terms, if you insist on their presuppositions, as they do.

What if Communists pass a law ? Is this their 'interpretation' of what force is doing ? If so, so what! What of the 'theory' of force, even if it were relevant ? It refuses to co-operate (cf. SMR pp. 925ff., 149ff., TMR Ch. 1).

The question of what force will do, moreover,  may be seen at the end of World War I, World War II, and in Russia more recently. It has no ambitions, no rights and is normally misinterpreted in a world which has paid the consequences rather heavily in WW I, WW 2 and in the Cold War. It tries, humanity defies: this is a familiar pattern. The tyrant talks of his ambitions and methods; but 'Nature' does not listen. It is merely being itself.

It has no plans, except of course that inherent within it, to run down according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics (cf. News 94*1). This does not tell us how to run up! That takes effort, thought, intelligence and purpose. In human terms, this may be good or bad in intent, and man, for all his imagination, is WITHIN the universe, and limited in power towards its nature; but when you move to the Creator, He has His own ways, neither dependent on any, nor in need of any, nor in a system with any, but Author of all, to whom each is referrable. 



It is He who rules with the delicious constancy of One who needing nothing from what He has exhaustively created, and complete at all times, indeed the Maker of the time that MAKES you wait, is limited by nothing, accountable to nothing and is forced by nothing. His rules are stated, His laws not contrived for advantage, since neither in person nor in power does He have need, being not delimited by system, but its creator with all its dependencies; and His rules are realised, His statements are fulfilled.

 What would you expect ?*2 and what would you expect of what opposes Him ? It is what you find. That is merely one of the predictable verifications of the thing.


It is one of those things impossible to man, but open to God, and He has elected
to deploy His unique understanding and dynamism accordingly.
Moreover, when it is thematic to His intent, He can answer in the most dramatic of terms,
as in the case of the attack by the invading tyrant Sennacherib, who indeed swept away the North,
but but was baulked by Judah, And why ?

It was because it waited on the God who gave the land to Israel in the first place
(cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4) ,
and He heard, and acted as the case required, in spectacular fashion (cf. Isaiah 37-38).


The arrant arrogance of the scheming sovereign of Assyria,
who in ways not unknown to this day,
had tried open propaganda methods to humiliate, alienate and overcome the Jews
(Isaiah 37:8ff.),
soon found its challenge met, whihle his lordly threats were swiftly reduced to rubble, by the
active involvement of the Lord
The daughter of Jerusalem had tossed her head at him, announced the prophet (Isaiah 37:21ff.),
in bringing the rebuke to self-enchantment, in the retort Almighty, first in word, then in deed!

God was committed to Israel, and in answer to faith, acted. This did not alleviate the coming decline in the faithfulness of Israel over a century later, which in due time received its correction; but at that former time, in answer to believing prayer, and the appeal to the covenant, God acted catastrophically against
the impudent, boastful and predatory Assyria.

This deliverance He provided again in 1948 in bringing the Jews back to the foretold State status (as in Luke 21:24, Ezekiel 36ff., Isaiah 49, cf. SMR Appendix A), and giving them victories over overwhelming odds, as in Zechariah 12,  in 1948, 1967, 1973, to which must be added  protection in the First Gulf War, and indirectly, in the Second. They lived in the midst of the cauldron of anti-semitic onslaught; for it is not the 'odds' but the God who created, on whose word and will it depends in the end.

But running up instead of running down ? The universe is not doing this now in any facet, phase or member, requires what it takes, and what it takes is not now moving that way. Knowledge increases, but not the knower, in accord in fact with the prediction of Daniel 12, the Jewish prophet, who like the rest of them in the Bible has this delightful distinction in utter diversity from the intonings of presumption, materialist or other: THEY WORK!

Running up ? What determines that is impossible, irrational as an object of thought, unless and until you find the moral laws of the universe, in terms of which the thing does not run down, but was run up in the first place, so that it might have a chance to run down. You need even more, you need to find the Maker who has His own principles and procedures, incandescent in originality as life depicts.

When you do this (as in SMR, cf. News 19), then you find that mere force is infantile. Moreover, it is initially clear on inspection at our own level, in general terms.

It is not WHO has the gun, but who makes new types of weapons, and why, what is his thrust and sense of 'must', his response to situations and his reasons for this, what is his spirit and his dynamic, his drive and his overview of things. Ultimately, it is who is his God, and then, what is the power and purpose of that God. The Bible has made this clear for millenia, and man has nowhere to go for any other option. The rest is simply what he wants, adorned with propaganda as if it were moral. A law without morality, however, is merely the mouthpiece of force, which having no mouth, is merely plagiarised by the performance.

The Chinese Communist 'law' accordingly, outside the domains of its own depressed dominion (not economically depressed, since the world is scrambling to pour in many more billions to make the cogs turn, but politically, ethically and spiritually depressed as the Falun Gong is so well aware in the experience of Chinese history's laboratory, in labour camps or the like): it is merely an expression of force. Its 'principles' are merely, in this its chosen milieu of thought, the mouthing of the ways it WANTS to proceed.

Taiwan sees the point, indeed hundreds of points pointed at it; but there is nothing moral in the points in the domain of the irrational and reductionist philosophy of force and matter (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7, That Magnificent Rock  5,  7). In the darkness of their imaginative theories, they are merely matter directed, making with impossible ideological precision for heaven on earth, which in fact has close resemblances to hell; but such is the nemesis of antilogy. Ignore who it is that is speaking, his mind, spirit, reason and morals, and you find that your projections are inane; for they are his product who speaks.

If a moron speaks, you should KNOW that this is the speaker; if matter speaks, you should consult a psychiatrist. It is unable to manifest such powers, their originating dynamic or their progressive implementation. It is like saying that a skyscraper built itself, installed its air-conditioning on top, because every time it did not work, it tried again. Tried ? learned ? Originated because something did not work ? Nothing is originated because something did not work. Installing human powers in matter, by imagination,  is infantility at work. They are not there.

You need intelligence for that. To MAKE intelligence you need an analytical power which man lacks, for in the end, even all of his contrivances are controlled by devices, statistical or mechanical, physical or chemical, at the will of the maker. To make what defies you and gives grounds, that is another matter than matter. Man is in no need of arrant reductionism to find the way to live; though admittedly it does, as a matter of plain historical fact, greatly help him to die, in agony, by torture and by laws, which tell the victim about his destiny, for the time being.

What is not matter, however,  does not like the point; and it has said so. Taiwan prefers to be free from the dictatorship of the Communist party representatives in their unknowledgeable tyrannies, simple preferences and materialist confusions. No law can force you to err; though some capitulate. Few admire them, any more than they would have admired England, had the First of the Few been the Last of the Resistance, speaking of overwhelming might, and not doing much.

There were many relatives of Germans in Britain; but what is the point about being relatives when you want absolute dominion over them, in terms of some imperialism that appeals to you. If blood is thicker than water, it is not the main part of man.

This little domain of the Creator has been gifted with thought, values, morals and might; and if he chooses to ignore his Maker, he becomes a curse to both himself and his race. Does rebellion against the Almighty want to make itself mandatory ? It has often tended to do so, in Europe in the Inquisition and in the day of Napoleon, of Hitler, in Russia in that of Stalin et al. It is just like that. It has nothing else to think about when it denies both itself and its Maker. Force without reality tends to be a loose cannon, or in this case, a multiplication of missiles: it is its milieu. It is beside the point.

Where is the malevolence in saying that you prefer your own ambulatory equipment to that provided in the considerable entrails of a boa constrictor ?

Since when were boas moral! ...

or their victims malevolent in seeking another life,

than that of internalisation within their travails ?






Being gobbled is a possibility for a maw, but not thereby sanctioned by the Owner and Maker, as a moral. In fact, He is not impressed with mere bluster and self-important self-acclamation (cf. Isaiah 2:17, 23:9). He will “stain the pride of all glory”. In His judgments, the flight will perish from the swift (Amos 2), as maws without morals open in vain their disastrous interiors:

“ ‘Behold, I am weighed down by you,

As a cart full of sheaves is weighed down.

Therefore flight shall perish from the swift,

The strong shall not strengthen his power,

Nor shall the mighty deliver himself;

He shall not stand who handles the bow,

The swift of foot shall not escape,

Nor shall he who rides a horse deliver himself.

The most courageous men of might

Shall flee naked in that day,’

      Says the Lord.”

In The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 4, you find that God is not impressed by petty gobblers, and examples of Empires meeting their end in an overseen manner. You see it in Isaiah 13-14, 44-45, Ezekiel 26, 30-33 and so on. SMR often mentions such things, and you could consult SMR pp. 712ff..

For that matter, relative to ‘victims’ when the word of God delivers His own forecast, there is a famous case which is unique in the field of predetermined declarations of history of nations, SMR Ch. 9 together with The Defining Drama Ch. 10, It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls Chs. 1, 10.



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