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There are so many doublets, duos in the human schema. Two hemispheres of the brain, ears, eyes, cheek bones, symmetrical sides of the jaw, nostrils, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, with all the multiplied little bones within, two patterns, two hips, legs, knees, ankles with all the multiplied little bones of the feet, two patterns, two kidneys, two lungs, testicles or ovaries, symmetrical sides of the spinal column, so that the enveloping whole has a summary series of dualities.

In the meantime, it has some singularities: one mouth, reproductive set and back passage, one heart and one head, one forehead and one digestive system. Moreover, the two hemispheres of the brain, as if in networking,  have one total functionality for one mind in one person who is ABLE to have one ultimate aim, though if double-minded, he or she may have two in conflict and pay the price. What price ? that of not having lived up to the bodily specifications, for their part, of using TWO componentsfor ONE over-riding purpose in each case, whether of two ears to create better hearing for one mind, or two eyes similarly. Thus as Christ Jesus put it (Matthew 6:22-23),

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness!"

There is moreover one personality, though again, multiple personalities, not only in schizoid phenomena, in schizophrenic or similar vein, but in trend, almost in the format of virtual personalities, can exist. Thus you can have the gracious man in business, thoughtful, concerned for his customer, but at home he may be the tyrant, the tired relic or the snappy quagmire of turtles enraged, without conception of good. In such cases, the effort to pretend, to serve for business has become an effort of the unconverted soul, so that the person moves from extremes in the extremities of his life, and the wife  or children or both, or the finances as drink rules and rages, suffer ... sometimes outrageously.

All this however is pathology, where the human spirit has not found its home, the human mind has not found its resources in its Maker and the human life has not been redeemed, ruled and blessed in the presence of the living Saviour, who for such sins having died, against them lives in the life of His people (Colossians 1:27).

We are for this present time, more interested in the design and the designs of health and aptitude for life, of man and for him, of the One who took the trouble to make this, the most sophisticated design visible on earth. We therefore ponder the interstices of which occasion awe at the conceptual codes, the characterising methodologies and the mental astuteness of the construction; before one even begins to consider the amplitude of man's spirit and its grave sicknesses when it is autonomous, roving and raving in war or philosophy, creating the thing called history, often a very sick story.

Yet all is not sickness, and in many for long, deeds of singularity of mind, depth of spirit and love of God have adorned this earth, the deep die of love, which is stronger than death, demonstrating that fact in the service of the Lord, cordially! Yes there is one single grace and place for this race, one motif, one source of motivation, one activation which never ceases to have meaning, alive to its destiny, akin in nature to its source.

Why then are there so many doubles ?  like refrains in a long piece of narrative verse ?

Why is there the architectural symmetry of which we have been speaking ? That is one reason why a certain aesthetic thrill may come when one sees a beautiful specimen of a human being, with all the exact parallels and balances, on each side, showing the very marvel of design. There is not the odd jutting this or that, with the indifference of the meaningless, the thing that will do for the functional purpose despising geometrical composition; for there is no lack of symmetry, there is such a wonder of geometrical art, to have achieved this in the first place, and then to have preserved it in the growing years of childhood and youth, as things lengthen and broaden, yet keep their designed curves and collations in perfect balance.

Why are we not lop-sided, odd and extravagant in our eccentricities of ungainly good-enough combinations of this and that that 'arose' ?

Why this perfection of art ? How this wonder of keeping it so and rendering it nascent in form, covering in code, created an ensemble, consigned by command express in the DNA, never done with the order and organisation, newly being created in each new model which comes out, always on the matrix of continuity without development, like template continuity, with output concordant ? Why is it all so complete in conception, unified in working, directed in synthesis, balanced in parts, adequate in mutuality: nearly always near to the original ? Or is it yet sometimes getting, like cars, a little better, and better, the DNA code improving and having yet more to offer, with new services, economies and comforts ? No, no, of course not. It is not so.

What then ? In fact, for those interesting in that domain, it gets a little worse, with here a little failure in code, here a damage from cosmic rays in the reproductive materials, there a flaw combining with another, there a deficiency, there an error in copying not rectified despite the astute editing facilities, so methodical, so logically precise, and so well for errors of such kinds, to be guarded against, or snipped if possible at the outset in the code reproduction.

What! it does not improve ? Super-coded, super-art specimens do not arrive, illustrating the principle, if it could be called one, of art from the artless, concept from the unconceiving, symmetry from the bucolic and design from the vacuous ? Is it possible that so much delusion for so long in so many is so ludicrous, that their philosophies are in a world which, empirically, as it were has never heard of them, as it gets on with the practical business of conforming to the most recondite principles of design, fit to inspire man and to guide his practical thinking far beyond its current capacities to create ? It is possible, and indeed, it is simply the case.

Better minds do not find their new DNA basis for action in the bodily perimeters, and better hearts do not find their ever-increasing proficiencies dowered ? Do they really not come and 'arise' ? No, of course not, for DNA gradually finds its faults over time, just as your car does, but much more slowly. Things even die out,  and their codes go with them. Our old chemistry teacher loved to pour scorn on the student's indiscipline who would not trace out the peregrinations of lawful assemblages of atoms with characteristics and equations, to show WHY something comes from something else. To 'arise' was a verbal form of admission of ignorance, unscientific and absurd, a waste of thoughtless time; and he was right. Things to not 'arise' in the physical realm, but have cause, as Planck so well insisted (cf. SMR pp. 419Cff., cf. 422Eff., 284ff, 424ff.).

What then is the source of this resource of continuity that having soared, empirically is found to soar no more, but continues; and whence comes the pattern, or where is the basis for the geometry, and all the allied algorithmic astuteness ? How does it wither slowly on the vine ? Why do not the grapes, having become such paragons, yet not go as they endlessly preached by secularists to have gone, into so many trillions of stages, and having formed the habit which 'arose', stuck to it, showing the means, using them and getting on with it ?

But it is because it is not so; they did not because they observably cannot do so. They do not have what it takes. They have merely taken what was given by a coding specialist, a geometrical genius, an engineering paragon, a mathematical wonder, a biochemical star, and having been given it, do what they are given, until it begins ... like the other things in this world of visible events, to wear. They run down. It is in this schema that the words of Professor Giertych, and in this, let us cite, with some adaptation for our present purpose,  from SMR pp. 252Hff. making slight geometrical changes and emphases for greater ease of perception.

Notable Polish geneticist, Professor Maciej Giertych, Head of the Genetics Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kornik, Poland declares (as cited in Creation, Ex Nihilo - June-August, 1995, p. 42):

What do we see in the short time interval available to our cognition ?

An increase in the number of useful alleles or a decrease ?

An increase in the number of species or a decrease ?

An increase in information in nature or loss of it ?

Is nature moving from chaos to ever-increasing organization, or from an organized state towards ever-increasing chaos ? Evolution is not a conclusion drawn from observations.

Refer also pp. 109, 146-154, 199-200, 252A ff. supra.

What is thus found in practice, moreover, is merely what is found both in appropriate simulation, such as that constructed by Dr Jay L. Wile (Creation-Ex Nihilo, Technical Journal, 1992, Part 2, pp. 6-9); and in information theory, which this exercise illustrates.

Thus in his researches, Dr Wile found that a sentence exposed, in computer simulation, to random variation of various relevant dimensions - advantage being allowed, as a refinement of method, to those changes which were more sensible from an interpretive point of view - relentlessly lost interpretability over 'generations': that is, during fresh variation operations. There was a systematic trend to incomprehensibility in the sentence: as space, content, sequence were varied by small amounts.

In this way, a simple sentence resulted in no product that made sense, or even specious sense (allowable words). It was destroyed in the simulation: syntactically and semantically, for any useful purpose.

This simple case is far short of the brilliant constraints needed for the operation of the command-symbol of incredible complexity, and the synthetic inter-relationship of information, execution and sustenance, required in the DNA situation of physical life.

In fact, Dr Wile indicates of this result, even for the simple case, that it "not surprising to anyone who has studied information theory ... (which) states that any highly-developed system of information will be harmed by the random mutation of any of its components." You cannot proceed by destruction, which is moreover, cumulative. (Cf. pp. 14, 134-135, 213 supra, 263-268 infra.)

This fully accords in turn, with the results of Schützenberger, the observations of Giertych and the noted constraints of logic. (Cf. pp. 15 ff., 80-88, 105, 112-122, 130, 133-134, 144-146, 156-159, 202-203, 209-210, 219-229, 251-252G supra, 422H-N, 277, 285-290, 306-309, 311-316G, 330-331, 332E ff. infra - for which turn to the page index provision at SMR; and see there also the SMR Index for - series, thought, reductionism, rejection syndrome.)

Creation for its part does not cease to gain verification.

What would you expect ? Significance is not chatter. Performance is not direction. Motion is not conception. Chance is not law; the absence of relevant constraints is not to be confused with their presence, and the work of such intimate constraints in dimensionally characterisable products is not to be attributed to their categorical absence. Effects are not without cause (q.v. .causaltity, causation), and the cause must be comportable with the consequence.

The 'perfection' (of which the specialist, Denton speaks so emphatically in his relevant chapter of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis), that minutely increases the excellence of a design is not achieved, in its myriad constraints, by brute material motion - properly called bombardment. You do not bomb it better, as Sarajevo well knows. For any chance move in the right direction of a 'brick' or part of a flex cord brought to pass in this way, multiple irrelevant motions that come with it spell disaster, for the statistical bulk of impacts. The city suffers, and the more so, the more intricate it is - and in intricacy what surpasses the human body in all visible designs ? That is precisely why we do not try to build a better city by bombarding a worse one. What is required at each level of input is what must be put in.

There are no short-cuts. Magic is in vogue, but not in view.

The myth (q.v. Index) of non-creation exactly fulfills a just definition of myth: the imagination of results without adequate cause, for the satisfaction of desire. (Cf. p. 316A infra.) To call it so is not verbal abuse, but scientific accuracy, definitional precision.

This particular myth is just one more mirage, founded (ultimately, literally) on nothing (q.v.). Nothing doing. Nothing does nothing.

What is positively required for any species of rational science, or anything approximating what could be called science, or even indeed rationality, is an unmythically adequate cause for existence on the one hand, and for each stratified dimension of it on the other. Of these things, language and thought are one expression. (Cf. Ch. 3 esp. pp. 316D ff. infra.) What that cause - as also of serial causality itself - must at least be, and is, one finds in Chapter 1 supra. Our present interest however is language in particular, and it has yet much more to present to us for our instruction in this area.

(End of adapted and extended citation from SMR.)

Indeed, the use of concepts of choosing what is better is itself unnecessary, in anything random, for there is in that scenario, no one to choose, and what is GOING to be better if it should grow into some complex marvel in due course, is of no advantage in the meantime, but may even be detrimental because of its otiose character, like an infant not yet able to walk, and having to be carried until he may. In the interim, he is a deadweight, even if the eye of faith can see that if only one CHOOSES to keep the infant with constant care, KNOWING PRECISELY what is needed for the KNOWN outcome, then he may become some day, one able to contribute. That however is not the random mind, but the already present personality that so chooses!

The random is what it is, and does what it is, and gets where it got: nowhere.

See on this and on the programming aspect in particular, Secular Myths ... Ch. 1, Laughing Stock.





However we are dealing with design, and noting its pairings, along with the unities.

Thus the pairings in their sublime order, organisation and dextrous detail bespeak what is adequate to such a degree of precision, disdaining the inept as likewise the exotic, but insisting on specification-kind production like an engineer, for whom the devious or deviating is anathema.

It is preserved from childhood, through youth to maturity, this constantly revised and hence, throughout growth and its innumerable changes, continually devised pairing of features, this symmetry of conspectus; and yet it is not some mere duplicating machine concerned with pairs. On the contrary, the heart is but one, as is the liver, and all the digestive system in general. Moreover, the understanding of the acoustic input like that of the illuminative, sound and light alike, is one; and when it is not so, it is the distressing aberration called confusion, to be guarded against through the equipment provided for this purpose, by the active and resolute spirit gifted to man for this and other even more marvellous purposes.

The thoughts of the heart are one, except in mental disease or the precipices which precede it. There is one personality able to make one contour of aim, one monument to motivation, one peace of mind with one God in one way. That is as simply empirical as anything else in the totality. It works like the rest. It happens and can be noted, observed, considered as raw data.

Yet in God Himself, there is the emissary with the plans, the Word who became the Son through incarnation; and just as there is DNA and RNA in the coding structure physically, so spiritually in the supernal realities that caused those we see (as in Hebrews 11:1),  in the Engineer of all Himself, there is the Expressing and the Expressed, the Father and the Son, the Speaker and Spoken, and in this, the reader may find joy in reading of Proverbs 8, that magnificent disquisition from above. Indeed, there is also the Holy Spirit in the triune God; and we ourselves have been 'spoken' into form, in our DNA commands which are speech in coded form, direction in orders, and yet speak, and moreover, we have our spirit with which to comprehend what we apprehend.

Of course, in this Apologetics, we took care first to prove the Almighty's existence (as the Bible's truth, indeed)  before proceeding to the VERIFICATIONS which design and cell, word and speech all demonstrate (cf. SMR Ch. 2). However, if there WERE anything lacking (disease and its designed distress apart) in the original creation, if symmetry were awkward, if minds were muddied in nature, and not by misuse, if in the actual specification and template there were muddles, that would be significant. It is when the opposite, which is logically apposite for verification, is constantly found that scientific method rejoices (cf. SMR pp.140ff., 936ff.), throws parties and engages with diligent joy in conversation with the perceptive party-goers. How much wonder is constantly seen!

As to physical seeing, the eye is not at all odd in its placement of parts, as Dr Jonathan Sarfati shows so well, but as medical eye specialist, Dr Peter Gurney presents in detail, it exquisitely exhibits the solution of inherent problems with exquisite method. As so often, thoughts of inefficiency yield to wonder at the ACTUAL astuteness of the ample mind beyond, each component exhibiting as beheld in concert with its immediate and broader organic environment, a lavishness of care.

Let us consider this from Sparkling Life ... Ch. 6, in our overview today.

 Dr Peter Gurny, a distinguished eye specialist in London, in an article on pp. 92-99 of the Technical Journal of Creation (15(3), late 2001, exposes with faithful and minute specifications, such a detail on the microscopic intricacies, operational mutual dependencies, sub-organic correlations, chemical specifications required even for tears, double usage as in the cornea, with some lens power, cell arrangements for physical results, antibodies, chemical composites to combat infection, brilliant conception and astounding capacities, each point in place and each place with a point, for the human eye that it is all but overwhelming.

The concept of some ill-design, specifically exposed in a recent and notable CD-ROM significantly featuring Dr John Sarfati, is seen this time with overview of actual function, as a testimony to twisting. Here, in "Creation ... a shattering critique of PBS-NOVA 'Evolution' series", the Answers in Genesis Ministries exhibit with no small aplomb, the seemingly sightless sentence passed by critiques of that most astute organ, the human eye. As the fallacious suppositions are exposed and the facts of design necessities considered for maximal functionality and complex series of adaptabilities; and as the alleged alternative option are dismissed as dysfunctional fantasy, on the one hand, and  Dr Gurny's diagrammatic expositions of the eye's structure and function are pondered  on the other; and then the two phases of the matter are seen together, it is most apparent that our definition of design in SMR  is here most abundantly met.

What is true of the body in general is sensationally true of the eye!

That definition ? "Multiplicity of parts, co-ordinated in simplicity of meaning; or layers of comprehensible integration of meaning and function, relative to a use; or the perspective of the whole: this together with mental acuity and intellectual discrimination, displayed in coherent, cumulative interaction with the product, its parts and its use ... such things would be the territory of design." There is more to be seen, but not less on pp. 113-116, the above on p. 115. (See also A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 6.)

On the eye, see also the last cited work, Ch. 7.

Meanwhile man lumbers ploddingly to try to begin to unravel some of the least components of life, the genome which lies as in much, as one of the physical directors of such operations (cf. News 45, Lord of Life ... Ch.   5, News  166News  153, Licence for Liberty Chs.   6,  8, Beauty of Holiness Chs. 7 ,  8Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13, Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch.  10, Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch.   9 ) - ... But operations ? It is far more than a mere question of how it functions.

In fact, the typologically fixed RE-MAKING of such things, their architectural emplacement, their growth adaptation as various site construction works grow in size or even shape, after birth (and indeed before), the arrival of energy from the culinary factory areas of digestion, adapted to the various engines, cellular and organic, the provision of directional power via bone emplacements, themselves a world of combination, continuity and constant mutual geometric adjustment during growth over years, the copying of information (which does not create itself, since it is a reflection of what is, ordered and organised, and in this case also, a data bank suffused with integral correlation linguistic and directive, for minute and maximal, micro- and macro-function), the copying of director-roles, themselves, all this and far more is inherent in what then must simply function when it IS made.

Function ? But that too is staggeringly complex. The eye article (ocular dissertation, ophthalmological depiction) of Peter Gurney is an excellent illustration of what 'function' means, even in so short but so compressed an article. A world of maintenance and provisions for maintenance then unfolds likewise. One eye specialist once told the author that in his view, the human eye was not meant for much more than 70 years in its design, the term he used, since various things tend to become very vulnerable after that time.

In the meantime, as in a highly sophisticated luxury automobile, staggeringly complex and delicately intimate proceedings and procedures team to make eye life pleasant, profoundly competent and what is often complacently received, marvellously stable. The provisions for arrival and dispersal of moisture, including tears, leaves one delighted to see that such psychological needs as crying, such grubby hands in the child's eyes as may arrive at such times, are all provided for with a sensitivity of chemical and architectural products which work in their designated ways, to a marvel.

How long and under what conditions does it go ? As with all design, there is always purpose. Some manufactured goods are MADE for a period, after which, if they continue (like the author's more than 30 year old car - still very comfortable), then it is a thing of some remark! Thus if one may be permitted one more personal eye reference, when one found an eye pressure about the lens nearly 3 times too much, SUDDENLY, some time after a car aerial penetrated the eye (not its matrix, but prodding vigorously into the space between the lid and the eye itself, thus of necessity impacting the eye ball ... like a fist in this case!), there was later some malfunction.

One could still see (a feat which seem to impress the specialist, in view of the huge pressure which built up), but there were oddities of focal length and specificities of changes observable in some circumstances. When laser was considered helpless, drugs were deemed inadequate, and the details of what to the author seemed a horrendously simplistic (but normal) operation to pierce the eyeball and keep it pierced despite all prospective healing efforts, described by the specialist as a generic but non-hi-tech operation: then the woe of the plight appeared. The prospect was dim.

It was, as the specialist conceded, on the basis of all expectation, a matter for piercing or miracle. However, with less than the drugs, put in for some hope, since one medicine was a rather disorienting seeming one, one found in 2 days that the pressure was normal. It stayed so, being checked months later, proceeding from 43 or some such figure in mm of mercury as to pressure, to 15, then the same for both eyes.

In the meantime, the author had communicated with the Creator in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord. Pianists need hands, authors need eyes, especially on demanding computer situations, with the only office worker oneself! The pleadings with the Maker were answered with the staggeringly sudden and complete remedy of a condition which had been developing for weeks, and demanding action of the compromising character, vulnerable to repeated infection, as described. One doctor deemed it a miracle, the other a minor miracle.

However the author had been careful to establish with the specialist that the only plausible way, short of operation,  to get it better was a miracle. Thus when the restoration came on time, to obviate any operation or even any quandary about one (a failure to have remedy, under such pressure could have led in a comparatively short time to blindness, one was informed), it appeared as the exhibition of the power of the Maker. The living option had made the mechanical one unnecessary. For this, one can only praise the resource for all things at all times, the Redeemer, who never fails, and who, one must add, solves problems with a view to all the information and wisdom which is His; and this time, acted in this way.

It is not a part of this complex and amazing creation, the human eye, to provide in its programmatic base of conceived and coded information, for intrusion of radio antennae of automobiles! Thus the intelligence that made it, the personal and communicating God, acted direct: this is the testimony  on the basis of the evidence. It was even more apparent in the asking room, that preceded this gracious restoration, where one sought from the profound mercy of the Creator of man, this ocular need for the worker in the kingdom of heaven at this time.

More had yet to be written, and in mercy, He acted with grace.

Design, designers and their power and morals: these things are current topics with atomic and genome research moving with all self-assurance into what they are inadequate to control. It is only when the designer is known, that His work can be discerned. It is only when His work is discerned that it can properly be done. Not being on speaking terms with one's employer is most unwise; and with THIS employer, the Maker, in view of His total redemptive provisions for the spirit of man, yes and in the end, his resurrection, is a choice sort of folly. Where love is concerned, there is no other option. Where grace is sought, there is no other effectual source. Where life is in view, there is no other Designer... not one.


Speaking of eyes, the more my son specialises in his hobby of natural photography,

grasping with aesthetic wonder the magnificences that are before our eyes,

and the more astutely made the summary selection of parts in the organised whole of the cameras used, with vast thought in their coherent and integral functionalities:

the more one realises that the eye has a variability of function which makes even sophisticated cameras look like limping fixtures by comparison.
bullet Can I not, on some strenuously climbed mountain,
survey the sea at a glance, moving the ocular orbs to the global one,
noting in one sweep now the slight depression at the edges of my oceanic picture below,
as testimony to the curvature of the earth (cf. Isaiah 40:22 -
"He sits on the circle of the earth ..."),

now the shadow of an eagle with undue interest circling above me prior to some dive
or other planned scare tactic, now the complexion of the ocean and the foreground of green,
with the sands tawnily tying their beauty to the overall whole, while in sharper focus here or there,
as though all vision were my donated purvey, discerning some island,
temporarily giving it higher power zoom (with my automated eyes),
while sweeping on the discuss aesthetically with my environment, in my spirit,
the clouds in their own enduement, their architectural composition with the whole,
their special effects, their indications on the world below in shadows,
or movements less palpable,
working this way and that with multiple foci:

and all this, with joy of heart and peace of mind, bearing to mind, the various macro- and micro-perspectives and mutual involvements of all.

It is an empirical fact that I can, because my eyes let me, enable me, invite me, outperforming cameras in their instant variability, ministering mightily to the desires of my mind and the delight of my spirit, without complaint or button pushing, simply adapting and adjusting to the slightest desire of my heart.

There is simply nothing that man has made, like the design of the eye, or of the spirit of man, or of the brain it uses, or of the sensory equipment, together with its cellular components and their architectural DNA provision with scope for all the body implicit, on all the earth; nor is there anything near it, which with spirit, mind and body, has such suffusion. Robots limp to the creator's commands, or work out his will in their algorithmic imitations; but man can even criticise his Creator, ignore or seek to abort Him; and do so with the liberties invented by the same, liberties as far past the creative power of man to provide and endow, as the universe surpasses the atom, and indeed more so, since there is a difference not merely of degree, but of scope.

The spirit of man is unlocked from the consensus of commands, and hence is both the potential wonder and the often seen horror of man, depending on his rebellion from his Maker, or his consorting with Him. This spirit of man is the acme of this creation, and the bodily involvement is a work of more than art, for it shows at once to man, his vulnerability, and the power of his God in things material, while inviting him by this obvious potential dissonance, the wonder ruined in a moment, to find his completion where it belongs, not in himself, but in his Creator, and that, not in his imagination, but where the evidence attests Him! (cf. Christ, the Wisdom of God ... Ch. 8, Repent or Perish Ch. 2, SMR Chs. 1-2, 5, 8-9).

As the spirit of man moves, one finds the liberties (cf. Little Things Ch. 5, It Bubbles... Ch. 9, Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 10). There, it is love; there, it is power, and there it is an intelligence that man has as dowry for a marriage most do not attend, but rather, tramping in the spiritual divorce courts, witlessly throw away, while they concentrate on the exactions of libido, and the passions that pass.

Yet there are just two eyes, and  as some eye troubles which come at times to me show me so clearly, when one eye is not fully operational, what a loss, what lowered ability to perceive what is happening, what lack of lustre! Mutually co-active, they instruct the brain, and this, it lays its wares bare to the spirit, which using the data this way or that, and construing the information for higher purposes again, selects and summarises what it finds. The brain can automatically - if largely so, for there are various depths of interaction between brain and mind which can SET the brain this way or that in limited but desirable ways - construe what it is not perfectly seen and provide the same to the mind, which again can in highly voluntary style, determine what to make of it, for this or that purpose, as is its own domain.

In essence, purpose is the domain of spirit, analysis of mind, while imagination is that summary connection whereby the spirit uses the formulations of mind, and this the presentations of sense, and includes its own information from God and its own soarings before Him, to design program and desiderata. Purpose can be limited, like an arm, or composite and unity in concept, like two arms; it can be supernal, like the air above the ground, so that it is spiritual in KIND; it may dabble or work in personality realms, dilettante, can rove with felicity for enjoyment, or can move in dudgeon with a sense of injury, spoiling its perspectives and injuring its own life. Purpose can soar towards its Maker, and seek Him, or dip towards the earth, like sky-divers become batty, ignoring its materiality until their contraption hits, when it is rather more difficult to ignore.

There is the aesthetic beauty of purpose in its singularity when this is co-ordinated with the Designer, just as there is the aesthetic beauty of body, when it is co-ordinated in its geometricality, with a fluent use and a proper and due ambition and drive, moulding form to apt purpose, akin to the means available. There is the sense of multiplicity in purpose, as in seeking food for continuity of the body, knowledge for ability of the mind, understanding for information of heart, and yet the singularity of being, in one person making one summit desire, such as the knowledge of God, in which, alone logically and actually, is the multiplicity intellectually or actually realisable with total coherence (cf. SMR Ch. 5).

Thus does the multiplication of parts, of purposes, of air and sea and land, of thought and understanding and desire, ally itself with the singularity of one mind, one brain, one purpose, one God and one way in which all has one perspective allowing the multiplicity to be singularly meaningful and effective. Without this, like those 'free among the dead', readily does this spirit of man become multiply odious, surrounded by a collapse of outré contrivances, its abandoned state a signal for despair or arrogance, with which this aberrant world, is multiply rebelling. With all its fascinating opportunities in appalling disarray, it stomps and romps, entangling itself in inglorious decadence, because of oblivious desire in mutinous madness, or corrosive sadness. The hospital is full of disease; but let us leave it a while, and consider the robust realities of our proper and created state.

The pairs of organs, allied to the singularities of some other parts of the body, remind us of the need of co-operation, the advantages of perceiving the actual, and empirically workable plan along with the agent who is one, to whom it is given; and so in the dualities of man and wife, and the multiplicities of children, do we likewise find that singularity of form, with the multiplicity of stages and ages, the unity of one family together with the diversity of many 'organs' in it; and then we come to the single nature of the total.



Man is one, with many parts in one design, for one person. Family is one, with many parts in one design, for one unit. Society is one with many parts in one design, for one kingdom. When of course, the king is missing, then it is rather like mental disease, when despite all the wonder of the biological, physiological and psychological presentations and gifts for each person, there is split or division, or confusion or virtual concussion of the unity, leaving blank or bewildered the unit as one whole, the person. Then society is deranged, and in a parallel of precise proportions to cancer, has parts which war against other parts, and ambitions of this or that, so that there is not chaos, but pathological disorder, leading to sickness and death.

Man is not so made, empirically, logically or ontologically; and reason never ceases to declare it (cf. SMR, TMR, Secular Myths...). God has never failed to declare it, showing from the outset the puny character of judged sin, in the demise of the wonder of sound soul in sound body with sound mind for sound society with Himself and each other. Man has rarely failed to rebel. His number is nearly up. He has gambled away His inheritance, and pairing in abominable delusion, male with male, female with female, making mockery of natural family, or atheist with believer, makes havoc of the earth, like an automobile in which each of the eight cylinders has, or most of them, an original 'contribution' to make to the way the car goes. That type of originality produces commotion rather than directed motion!

WHERE and IF it goes under such circumstances is a just question! The answer is by nature painful, as is history for this race, now running on wantonly befouled spiritual air, now mixing with it blind arrogance about itself, in technical prowess seeking to make itself central, while its life is decentralised by commotions innumerable, diseases all but incredible, of mind, body and spirit, until this generation seems to be engaging in some sort of joint pantomime and tragedy, rollicking in pleasures to be sought, rolling in pains that are bought with the proceeds of the sale of the soul. As with Jerusalem over which Christ wept (Luke 19:42ff.), it has long been at it, and is asking wildly for its conclusion.

To all this, there is but one solution: from the multiplicity of disorder, to the singularity of design. It is found in the provision of God in stark originality, like the body and mind of man, is what it is, and not another thing. It is the Messiah, the Christ who ALONE has done, and predicted,  and been predicted, what ALONE signifies and testifies and verifies His authenticity (SMR, TMR, It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. 5, Repent or Perish Chs.   2,   7, Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 16, Barbs, Arrows and Balms  6 -7 and Christ, the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8, The Magnificence of the Messiah).

Here is the light for the eye, the sound for the ear, the meaning for the mind, the peace for the spirit, the purpose for the heart, the access for the life to the Maker, in whom alone is purpose that fits man.

In His 'love one another' there is the spiritual depiction of what the human body already in exquisite complexity and extraordinary singularity, exhibits. Hatred brings evil, unless it be of what is at war with the God of love, and even then, it is a hatred in principle, the judgment of persons being the ultimate work of God. Yet there is a judgment which is plain already (John 3:15-19,36); for the one who rejects the One in whom alone man coheres, is judged already, as Christ stated, since such a person is above the Lord, and below the path which moves to the kingdom of God. He is a car that insists on flying, though he is not built for it, despising the road, not noticing perhaps the highway of holiness (Isaiah 35).

What then is to be won by the one who would seek of God to 'unite my heart to fear Your name' (Psalm 86:11)?

Consider therefore this word from HIS specifications, the Bible:
bullet "Among the gods there is none like unto You, O Lord; neither are there any works like Your works. All nations whom You have made will come and worship before thee, O Lord; and will glorify Your name.
For You are great, and doe wondrous things: You art God alone.
bullet "Teach me Your way, O LORD; I will walk in Your truth: unite my heart to fear Your name.

"I will praise Your, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify Your name for evermore.
For great is Your mercy toward me: and You hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell.

"O God, the proud are risen against me, and the assemblies of violent men have sought after my soul; and have not set You before them. But You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

"O turn to me, and have mercy upon me; give Your strength unto Your servant,
and save the son of Your handmaid. Show me a token for good;
that they who hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because You, LORD,
have helped me, and comforted me."

For what is to be won, the wonder of the One who made man one at a time, individual, suffices. It is like the first body, simply a gift. You do not MAKE, God does. What YOU MAKE, is derivative, as from the creature, different in this, that it can contemplate and even rebel against its God; what He makes, is original in every sense. It is in Him that originality finds its masterpiece, since His mastery is correlative to man, in this, that fellowship with THAT, is the summit of desire, the course of nature as made, the joy of His Spiritual Being, which is love, which gives, and which is never deceived.

That GIFT is eternal life, both in quality and quantity (John 3:16, Titus 3:4ff., Romans 6:23, John 6:50ff., I John 5:12ff.), granted to those to be raised up, just as He originally SET them up, in bodies with mind and spirit in one trilogy, one meaning for one purpose, His own. It is the magnificence of God that He has in love provided, in power not required, in compassion provided all over again for our restoration, as one, each one, to Himself, so that in oneness with Him, there might be many joys of heart, inspissations of fellowship, communions of spirit; and that we might find and know and DO His will, which is a great delight, a terrific challenge and a thing of peace, wonder and joy.

On this, see Isaiah 26, Philippians 4, Isaiah 48:18, and Isaiah 30:15ff., this last as below:

                          "For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:

'In returning and rest you shall be saved;

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.'


"But you would not,

And you said, 'No, for we will flee on horses'—

Therefore you shall flee!

And, 'We will ride on swift horses'—

Therefore those who pursue you shall be swift!

One thousand shall flee at the threat of one,

At the threat of five you shall flee,

Till you are left as a pole on top of a mountain

And as a banner on a hill.


"Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you;

And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you.

For the Lord is a God of justice;

Blessed are all those who wait for Him.

For the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem;

You shall weep no more.

He will be very gracious to you at the sound of your cry;

                           When He hears it, He will answer you."