and the DESTINY of MAN





Robert E. Donaldson



Published  by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

ISBN   09758436 8 0




The pride of life (I John 2:16), it is a harsh sounding phrase. But then, like the shriek of a cockatoo, it is a harsh reality. It is not only that man with this pathology, is proud of himself as an individual, or a race, or a nation, but it involves further being proud of man as such.

Proud! If there was ever a deceitful being... this is a marvel of invention, that man being invented as an inventor, makes inventories of such wild stories, imaginations and mischiefs (Jeremiah 17:9-10). As the Bible states, man is deceitful above all. The very devil, the author of lies and murder (John 8:44), has rich soil here for diversion, division and incision. A little imagination, a lot of confusion, add one onion for self-pity, and a carrot or too to draw the juices out from within the red heart, a flush of spirit, a dash of confusion, and place the pot in a luscious footing in the sward of spiritual self-elevation, and behold, one can do ANYTHING, anything, the devil might tell his disciples. If so, they follow the instructions to the tune of millions, inflicting suffering and squashing, as the actualities of reality hit the dreams of desire, and the whole becomes more and more like a radioactive Hiroshima, with twisted ruins in the spirit, scar tissue in the mind, and various wild passions for revenge on what has hit, seeking to invade the earth.

In such a way, the devil might pass what to him, would seem a very pleasant hour or two, as the creation is desecrated and new volunteers come for rebellion, rampaging, especially if they can invent some 'god' to authorise murder, mayhem and anguish. If ONE person given anguish of heart, mind or body, or spirit or life, requires an answer from judgment, divine mercy apart, what then do hundreds or thousands of them! Justice is fouled often enough on earth, but is not foiled in heaven, where final decisions are made, just as initial originations were conceived, time among them, in our domain.

The pride of life is currently most observable in this way, in the case of Islamic militancy (cf. Divine Agenda Ch. 6, More Marvels ... Ch. 4); but that is only the current focus, spreading its evil wings like an eagle among the lambs. Has not the Inquisition in its day, by an equally false god, one who can be turned into a piece of bread despite John 6:62-63, and can ordain what He has already forbidden, done much the same! Did IT not have the same sense of self-approval and ruthlessness ?

To be fair, did not Mao have the same liberty of pride, not to love a few millions to be deleted, and Stalin no less ? Did not Napoleon in his heyday, extinguish much as the French made their foray, dragging the goddess of reason most unreasonably through the streets, then assaulting Europe, having earlier done so well before in dealing with the Islamic menace at Tours in 732 A.D. ? and did not Hitler provide something in the German version of the futile dreams of the pride of life in men, in 1939-1944 ?

It is useless to limit the follies; for they are of vast extent, and the competition which some may wish to run for the ugliest version is not so much to the point as finding the way out of disfigurement altogether. The world of course will not listen. It never does, although in part for a time, as in the case of the British Empire, some elements may be of moral tone or even some spiritual justice, and evil may be hedged for a time; but even there, there was that hideous opium war, where the love of money sought the marring of life.

The world is longing for that final moment when man, himself alone and sovereign, will have not mere international, or European unity, but racial realisation of the dream that we have ARRIVED. Having invented the inane process of evolution, where time creates in a way it would decline to do even for the limited intelligence of a moron, it then removes to the ardent passion of making man his own creator, though he is but a speck divinely given spiritual access; and so moving to the establishment of the rule of the universe by this forlorn and morbid specimen, as man without God at once becomes as he rebels, he looks to the magnification of all his former errors.

The pride of life is a very broad term, and involves all that unbelief can muster; for even if, for a time, in any one case, pride is far from being actualised in some rebellious breast, yet it is in the last analysis, always present. If one wishes to be morbid, or even depressed, then pride in refusing the solace which sovereignly can bind tears and move weights, as one casts one's burden on the Lord, is still present.

In the present little volume, this is one element, one to be taken as above, most broadly, but then, not ineptly in the genesis and results of it. It is moreover to be contrasted with the Prince of Life, who makes pride ridiculous, whether personal, national, imperial, rational or international, but for all that, establishes the integrity of all that He has made, both reason and revelation and ... man. It is available not in itself, any more than was its genesis from its own wit, wisdom, form, or intelligence, but His. It is to be assigned, not forged, and granted, nor earned (Ephesians 2:1-12).

In this last case, whosoever will may come: it is useless to point in this regard, to the irresponsibilities imagined for poor little man, weeping while he slays, on the ground that sin blinds. It does indeed do this, but since God DESIRES ALL (Colossians 1), ANY failure for ANY to come to this call MUST, before the Almighty, reside precisely where the Lord places it: in man alone!

HE did not come to condemn, but to save, and this is the condemnation, therefore, that LIGHT HAS COME and man has preferred darkness (John 3:16-19). It is a small thing, compared to the labour of the Cross, to penetrate in foreknowledge to know each man, with love chaste and not rampaging like passion amiss, engaged; and it on this that God has acted, the same today, yesterday and forever.

NOR is there the slightest merit in man, as some seem to imply when they make it depend in ANY degree on themselves, their this or their that (cf. Ephesians 2:8-10), at this stage or that, or at the end or for the end; but there is EVERY merit in God, both in His intention, His plan and His love, in His power and in His method.

To reach damnation in destiny is really quite an attainment, in the face of such love from such a Being with such power and such a plan of salvation as this. Yet Christ wept, and did not force things by sword (Luke 19:42ff.). The city for which He wept, despite His action, was destroyed in its time. He knew this, as all knowledge was open to Him at His will, and repeatedly foretold it (as in Matthew 23-24); just as He knows each one of us. It is important not to limit His knowledge, His stated basis for action, but to limit our own desires, and turning at His call, to come to His destiny, richly endowed from prophecy to Calvary, from His resurrection to the last days when this is the time for recall for all men. This great provision, like all He does, is good, and His kindness is good, and the time is right. It is better  to come to the truth freely, than be bound for the destiny which exhibits but the preference for darkness.



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in proud princeliness, unremedied, unlovely,

abandoning the truth for manipulable triviality


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Stagnation and Servitude
is not Only Economic and Social,
but Spiritual and Moral

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The Fuzzy Scientistic Dream of Evolutionism and its Ilk, 

the Philosophic Nightmare: Logicide!


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The Destiny of Man