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The Fuzzy Scientistic Dream of Evolutionism and its Ilk, 

with the Philosophic Nightmare: Logicide!



News 375, Answers in Genesis, April 6, 2006
and news report


There is so much for which to praise God. Consider the skies, a universe in themselves, long before you travel into the vast diversities and eminently discrete, magnificently arranged and testimonial wonders of articulated space (cf. TMR Ch. 7, esp. E, F, Ch. 1 above). In the cloud's own universe, come the cumulus, the hammer and anvil, in its impending intensity, the torrential drivings, the tempestuous flurries and the settled peace, the exquisite and continual artistries of fond farewells from the colourful orb, as it sends letters of beauty from its departing yellows and red, seen in new intensity on the spreading coastlands and broad expanses of the ever self-healing seas.

These two, sharply salty, receiving endless abuse from fish farms and vessels, not to mention rivers shamelessly polluted pouring evil minerals into the sea - evil for man, and from man, remain yet basically healthy and ready to serve. Their own nautical lives of magnitude and masses, urgings from the moon, to do their shore-line cleansing, not missing a day, providing surf for those who disport themselves in its lively hues, exulting in its sheer grandeur, these bear testimony to the East and to the West, Atlantic or Pacific, or in Australia's grand Southern Ocean, to that same magnificence which lives also, in potential, in man's own spirit. By this,  he is even able to perceive such wonders, to contemplate, to glory in the Lord and to praise Him for his vast array of endlessly deposited and discretely different creations.

In man himself, there is the mathematical genius who can remember 10,000 digits of P or some such symbol, the poetical melody which can write symphonies in words, the musical vision which can write the Messiah in 3 weeks,  and TO man is given the Messiah Himself, who eternal beyond time as the perpetual and personal word of God, even visited this planet, unique in its provisions, to BE a man with us, and that, not in some exotic travel lust, as if He had not seen what He had first made.

Praise the Lord, the Lord was not like that. He had work to do, just as does the ocean as it thrashes the debris and moves out the beaten pollution, clearing the shores. His task was far more challenging, and meant not only that He should sweep the soul of man, but cleanse it also. Yet this, it was not with mere motion, glorious as that can be in such a grand spread along the stretching littorals of this earth, but with meditated and premeditated precision, allied with a wonder of Spirit which showed a heart to melt stone. This, it was another clearance, and it was not a sale but a purchase.

Whoever would purchase such filth as lies in the heart of man, impurity in mental lust, in spiritual ambition and in bodily surge, whether martial or carnal; and who buy it ?  for it is less than worthless, and litters not the littoral but the spirit of man! Who but God, the lover from whom all sacrificial love and noble desire derives, whether toward those detached in grandiose self-pride, as if one had made it, or attached by the pipe-line of fellowship to Himself, and so purified and clean, and able to serve! (Titus 2 - 3).

Who but He would purchase such pollution, and pay in agony of Spirit, horror of mind (Hebrews 5:7, Luke 22:41ff.)!  Having foreseen all and foreknown it, He thus ensured that His payment should be pure and His strength poured out where it counted, on the Cross of Calvary. There darkness anointed the sun, and the spirits of those lusting for survival of their State, or their own lives, and willing to remove the greatest power that had ever walked on this earth, with His power to heal, power to speak, power to rebut error, power to inspire and majesty of spirit, without limit (John 18:18ff.,11:49ff., 22:52ff., 1:29, Luke 9:22., 9:43ff., 11:49-5418:31ff.), wrought their scheming woes! Who would have faced it, who would have conceived such a plan or followed such a schedule, but He! Who COULD have paid but He, in whom no sin resided (I Peter 2:22ff.), and who resisted the making of resistance, lest the scriptures would not be fulfilled! (Matthew 26:51-56).

Who would command such an army as He, for whom the martyrs in the apostleship were an example to those assailed or sacrificed ever since, whether to the spate of violence which emerged from Romanism on the heads of countless thousands, whether to Communism, or to Islam, with that last proceeding now as lust conquers restraint and folly mounts like a tsunami on this earth, only to die, as all such things do, when it time is spent!

And the purchase ? the souls of men, and the means, force ? not at all.

Majesty commands, humility draws, reality appeals, love conceives and brings forth from the children of man, an army whose weaponry is not to harm, but to help, not to seduce but to serve, and this, not for the glory of some nation or concept, but that of  the God of the creation of which man is part.

It is He who is

bullet  the Redeemer of Job's vision,
bullet the Saviour of Isaiah's detailed prophetic depiction,
bullet the Messiah of Daniel's address in Ch. 9, where he even was inspired to give the date
of this event, with a precision most fitting for such an occupant of the throne of creation
(Highway of Holiness Ch. 4).

It is He,

bullet the Judge of Micah 5,
whose face the people strike, the Eternal God Himself: there etched with prophetic precision to include His birth-place, Bethlehem.

Micah's presentation comes with a concise and etched precision (Ch. 5) concerning
 the identity and the repudiation of this Messiah while Hosea's delineation of
the genesis of our exodus from the rule of sin, in God Himself.

In Hosea, again in 13:14, 
bullet there appears in background,
in the heart of God who HIMSELF will obliterate death by paying for the excision
on behalf of His people who come to Him. It is He who as in Isaiah 25:8,
will "swallow up death in victory."

It is there in Hosea 13 that we behold in time straight from the eternal heart of God
who is beyond our time, the genesis of our exodus from the rule of sin.

It is there that we find the divine declaration of consecration to the task of our deliverance,
which involves the sacrifice to come, which Isaiah 52-53 itemises in detail
and Isaiah 55 shows in its liberty and love.

It is He who is sent, who Himself is the Lord (Isaiah 48:16). In the intimacies of the Godhead, thus is sent from the Lord the Saviour, whose work is communed over by His Spirit, who also hovered or brooded over the first physical creation, as now over the spiritual creation of man. Such is this remarkable declaration in Isaiah 48, so like that in Hosea 13:14, and Isaiah 43:10-11 with 53, where the only Saviour being God, it is God in human form who "shall bear their iniquities".

Well might the prophet enquire: "Who has believed our report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed!" for it strikes against the ingrained warp in the sinful heart of man, set in sin not to know such love; though it is only there that man becomes what he is designed to be, alive in the image of God!

Such has He, the Lord God (John 20:27-29), wrought for man.

Yet how varied is His creation. You have the kinds in cattle and plant, in man and the entire realm of the sea, so varied as David points out (Psalm 104:25). You have also the ingenious wisdom wrought as Proverbs 8:12) by the Wisdom of God, and the marvellous timing and blending of all the programmatic provisions of His speech, by which He commanded material things into their designated, designed and determinate existence (Genesis 1, Hebrews 11:1-3, 1:1-3, II Corinthians 4:6). Here over all these works is the invisible source of the visible, the undelimited captain that set all and each component in its highly varied and express place.  Here is the spiritual basis of the structure, and of the spirit of man.

As to that spirit, it is set in it like a jewel, however much it would become discoloured by the abuse of its structure, and the ruin of its function through the very marvel of its spiritual liberty. By this, it may proceed to love or to hate, to obscure the vision or glory in it, to love God or to seek to hide Him, and eventually, to deride Him on the Cross.

There goes the platypus, with its duck bill, unique electromechanical system with its electro receptors, its mammalian category and its watery livelihood as it floats down streams in a quiet and meek manner, its protective spur and venom in the thigh region, capping all by laying eggs and then nestling and nurturing its young. What a combination of characteristics! There again is that wide set of brilliant diversities by which in an engineering sort of way, whole blocs or items are inserted into various receptors, just as intelligence is wont to do, for why should one invent all over again, what already serves, except of course in the rush and majesty of artistry ? But all is not artistry, and design has its modes, as we all know from our own use of it!

In our own creativeness, too, is the flourish of diversity in the wonder of imagination, and the thrust of multi-purpose parts, employed now here now there, whether in engineering or in poetry or prose!

You do not find their precursors, in such cases of divine creation (cf. Denton's continual rejection of the evidential abyss for the progressivist conceptions in Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, attesting that continuity has only existed in the mind of man, not in the maw of Nature*1A). Indeed, you often find no precursors in some of the incandescent originalities of man and his own little creations!

These acts of the Creator, to institute the stage and the actors in life: They do not flow in a river of fluency, magically design begetting design, all moving into being like ooze forming and formulating birds, or even amoeba: they are not found to do this empirically, any more than logically; nor do their successors attest for them a plastic position in the moving marvel of inexplicable creation.

What then of such  'inexplicable action' which is repeatedly attested of the sudden invasions which men frequently are forced to declare of this or that phase of creation, coming onto the stage of time in super-abundance and immediate sophistication (Gould not least), what of this imagination of such gradual nascencies of design slowly  uplifting themselves in serial and sensible sequence as for any good magician ?

The cartoon-like transformations, step by step as each useless appendage dangles in preparation for the next so that they can work some time in the distant future together, they do not show themselves. They are never seen. They cannot even be stimulated to occur. The idea is defunct, at testimony only to the indefatigable imagination dowered to man when he was given liberty from conformity to law, and ability to throw ideas around.

This gradual gearing up for coming greatness ? this phasing-in of bits in preparation, of gradations for the finesse of eventual articulation in the realms of utter complexity and integrality of being:  what of it ?

It is imagined, but it is not found in the scope of events, or in the constraints of the kinds (cf. The Defining Drama Ch. 10). That is why you have the cries of outrage from Løvtrup, Goldschmidt, Nilsson, Gould, Thompson and a host against the anti-empirical gradualistic dreams that invent only confusion! (cf. SMR Ch. 2, with Ch. 3, pp. 315Aff., Wake Up World! ... Chs. 4-6), and the level-headed insistences of Lord Kelvin (cf. TMR Ch. 1) in the same undeterrable direction.

This wilful incomprehension, it is the irrational reaction to His grandeur, just as for man's own mead of creation, there are many who seem never satisfied, as C.S. Lewis noted, except they are imagining how this or that book came to be. NEVER, he intimated, had he found them accurate in their imaginations concerning his writings. Creation has its own modes!

Rather, empirically, the designs come as they must: they come discretely, each turned out by a sufficient impetus and conceptual mastery for the event: they evince their ancestry not in versions in the making, but in the mind of the Maker.

This they do  as Shakespeare's plays came*IB, as Handel's Messiah, as Bach's marvels, by effort and work from mind and design, from understanding's provisions, which are aware of the limitations, invent the laws, enable the compatibilities and endue the forms with law, minute and addressed, in the domain of law, vast and biblically voiced long before 'science' ever caught up (cf. TMR Ch 1,  at this site ,  and that), Indeed, as Ch. 1 shows pervasively, the whole of scientific testimony requires nothing less or other than the Creator, when carefully examined and systematically considered, step by step.

In SMR, pp. 252Mff., you see what a parade of this type there is, as now set out for you,  below.

Indeed, we could go further. There is in evidence a supreme independence within creation. Just as similar creations, products, may be constructed (as we have just noted Denton has shown) with diverse principles; so too may most diverse objects employ similar modules (cf. Denton, op.cit. pp. 109-110). Such is the genius of creativity: untamed, exuberant, intelligent. Through versatility, neither is art enslaved by method, nor is technique dimmed in brilliance in the presence of art.

Dr Evan Shute in his brilliant work, FLAWS IN THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION, p. 169, mentions Onychophora, a class of creature resembling an annelid in "having more regularly arranged nephridia, something not seen in insects. But it has tracheae, like simple forms of those used by insects and centipedes - something worms never have". He mentions Peripatus, with body-wall musculature like that of worms - but resembling insects in having TWO pairs of appendages serving the mouth. Such composites do not "fit the tidy taxonomies of biologists", but a "living form can share the morphology of other lowly types without being related genetically". This of course is wholly contrary to evolutionary expectation, as Shute observes.

Likewise Shute mentions the "independent origin of eyes in so many phyla, or of breasts in the three subclasses of mammals, for example the Monotremes, Masrsupials and Placentals." To this he adds: "And yet the mammae of the Monotremes differ from the rest fundamentally".

Again Shute (op.cit. p. 81) notes the similarities of eyes in man, octopus and cow; and indeed they are "cast" in for their roles with a delicious freedom attached to unwitherable technical skill. Just as product and intelligence criteria are met, definition fulfilled (*46 supra), so here we have an a fortiori development. What then would be correlative to product presentation, and the exercise of intelligence ? Why this: Freedom of thought and creativity in the process!

In other words, while there is nothing here in favour of any concept of ORGANIC transmutation, what IS discernible is something of a different order or nature altogether. It is DELIBERATIVE DESIGN. Whole networks of order and design (that could in this be compared to exhaust systems or carburettors in motor cars - though those would be enormously simpler - finely milled to a low level of tolerance) may be transferred to other uses AND adjusted or specifically developed, so covering, now in this creature, now in that, certain features for the individual.

That is the fact. Moreover, neither the mechanism for the organic theory nor the transition series to illustrate, appear. If one reviews definitive statements by specialist after specialist, one reads that ABSENCE of such transitions is deplorable or frustrating or mysterious or challenging or a major problem, or the major problem, or systematic...

We have reviewed such declarations not a little. It is all there: there is no mystery about that. The cries seem to come more and more from the heart of unbelieving scientists.


As the Psalmist puts it,


"O LORD, how manifold are Your works!

In wisdom You have made them all.

The earth is full of Your possessions -

The great and wide sea,

'In which are innumerable teeming things,

Living things both small and great."




Now we find another apparent visitor to this realm. Reported, but still subject to confirmation by creationist scientists, is a creature called Tiktaalik. Exotic in the Arctic, its source or at least it discovery site, it has apparently a lobed fin, as does the Coelacanth, the remarkable fish which from ancient to modern times, where it still exists, shows no notable change whatever, being content to be of its own kind, and lacking the power to be categorically different, and hence not using it. Useful as this labelled lobe  is to the observable Coelacanth, which has had the grace to remain for inspection, as a nautical aid in manoeuvring*1, it is scarcely a finger. For that, you look to the equally multi-construction design elements in the realm of the salamander!

Here is magnificence of imagination! Here is brilliance of programming to stun and astound! Here is a wonder past all genius, in the institution, abundant and exotic, as in the plays of Shakespeare for sheer exuberance of a SERIES of deployments of wit and working.

Not only in this salamander realm, do we find such things as larva stage gills in the fish mode, and adult recession of the same in favour of an alternative mode of ingesting oxygen, namely lungs, but there is capacity, depending on need, to remain in the fish form for years; and one has seen talk of the resumption of the larva form! Here is a car that becomes a duck, but more, a space craft that resumes as a tractor, or sedan! It is even more demanding: for as to those who do not live, and life can be snuffed in a few seconds for lack of oxygen. It must be perfect in its transition, the recession of the gills, the possession and functionality of the lungs, it must all happen in the manner of turning on and off the air-conditioner in a car.

It must be perfect as is the infant's transition from embryo to born babe, with a matter of seconds for the full transfer by planned enterprise, from oxygen via maternal placenta, to this same vital gas, via lung! It must be something that can be super-added without the destruction of life through any muddling on the way OUT for the former alternative method of sustaining life. Frenzied, or even foozling efforts to do the instant transformation from one mode to the other, these do not appear. What appears, is what works in profusion, unembarrassed, as if genius threw out endless books of delight, unstoppable, unconcerned, imagination in gear and massive wisdom embarking without cease to invent, to create.

What then of the salamander transition in its cycle ? Not merely in its day (cf. Psalm 139:16*2A) does it stretch forth a probing or sailing device, a swimming method, but when it makes its transition, it is thorough, or rather the program is highly particular and superb in its authenticity, providing for limbs to accompany the newly functioning lungs, and finger type projections to adorn the limbs! It is a conscientious transition, and its multiple capacities that seem to be present for the suitable and demanding occasion, are the more amazing.

It is one thing to INVENT something which forced by devices, does this and that; but it is quite another to invent life that does it, and cannot proceed unless it does it well. It is useless to make experiments, since these are liable to be fatal, not to a few hours' work, but to life. It must WORK. That is doubtless why in the wisdom and intelligence of the Programmer, there is the absence of evidence of futile blunders, and this is so complete that it brings a contented smile to the face of the observer.

Of what is there then this absence ? It is of all the modes on the way, the staggering multitudes among the billions of failed efforts of unintelligence on the anti-aetiological anti-vision, littering the littoral, compounding the silt, lost in the rock or covered in the piles of specimens, which Nilsson noted, go down in so many places, allochthonous and varied indeed from all over the world in type, flood relics of catastrophic proportions indeed.

This litany of failed types: it is not found amongst the billions of relics, fossilised.

Neither there nor elsewhere do they come to the eye, since the mind of God is not required to experiment: experimental approach is a property of creation, which has limits, does not know, and has been given power to find out many things, though when sin blinds, not the pathology of its own soul! With the Creator, neither does power need it, nor does evidence attest it.

What we do find is exquisite articulation of given features, made in this or that manner and on this or that system, emplaced now here, now there, in the fashion and formula of intelligence. Not only is the production chain in the DNA, RNA diversity of polished brilliance heavily reminiscent of human intelligence's more limited but cognate performances in the assembly lines, as Denton points out in his Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. The RESULTS also have the same disposition for the critical eye to behold. It is intelligence's realm; and this more than ours. How is this so ?

We labour for far smaller outcomes, within the modes of our material resources and spiritual dynamics, these enabling us to rove and to conceive, this time not children but works of thought: but that in which we are made to belong, the universe of prodigious innovation, systematisation and liberties unthinkable for the programmatic*2B, it is sui generis, with the lustre of luminiscent lordliness.

There comes the whale, a vast fish to the outward glance, but a mammal that can suckle in a maritime manner which needed from the first to be perfect, or to sabotage all by drowning, like that of the ill-fated French fleet in World War II. How prodigious are these works that have no parallel anywhere or at any time or in any realm, except that of intelligence, which hence must be invoked; for if a moron could not construct at this level of programmatics, how much less what IS less!

It is necessary at all times to be realistic, and in scientific method, one does not choose what DENIES in verificatory residues and observable potencies, but rather what AFFIRMS in parallel performance,  and this the more when empirically as logically, nothing less than this ALONE does this thing, without comparison in quality, or competition in works!

The whale too has a vast whale-bone reinforcement, but with it, of course, there is articulation which is denied to the lobed fin in the case of Tiktaalik, according to report. Fish, like Tiktaalik, do not have this articulation, do not need to support their weight on land, hence do not  evidence the means to do so, in this way. Moreover, although the report in  The Australian (April 7,  2007, p. 10) speaks of sharp teeth, as if the thing might actually bite, this is certainly no anomalous distinctive, since shark's are normally regarded as fish, and not only have sharp teeth but a plenitude of them, and a ferocious appetite and  a gorging appearance to boot. Tiktaalik neither in lobed fins nor teeth is anything to write home about.

As to the 'croc' appearance alleged: this is nothing at this stage of any note. Appearances are often partly in the eye of the beholder, and partly in certain similarities of design, which you often find in various architects' works, where affinities of thought in the mind of the creator bring about relationships of a more or less obvious character, in quite different buildings, from his portfolio.

In human, too,  heads as with fish, differ enormously, if more subtly. Thus

bullet some have a distinct look of the fox in its sly cunning, and may have certain parts relatively cut away to accentuate this;
bullet some have mutton looks, sheepish and indistinct, with perhaps a little flab on the side cheeks;
bullet some resemble pigs, floppy flaps of skin hanging as if semi-detached, small eyes,
a glinting look, and a rather intemperate aspect, sometimes accentuated by the girth.
bullet Some have the lupine look, with the gleam of readiness to devour,
subtly interwoven with an appearance of cunning and determination,
perhaps with jaws attenuated.
bullet Some resemble apes or bob-cats. Indeed, just yesterday in a sporting program,
one person had a look so like that of the bob-cat, bustling, quick, alert, ready to pounce,
tense, with whiskers to match, that it seemed almost a dress-up!
bullet Some can most decidedly resemble the appearance of the horse,
the horsy look with rounded brow and sunken cheek,
bullet others that of the rat, with quick-moving eyes, sharp noses and quick-moving hands;
yes, and on occasion, a sharp darting aspect, for leg and glance, as if bent on escape,
and diligent in research for the right method!

The humour invested in such creations, and in man, whose mind can run parallel by choice, is intense, as is the irony. It is all most instructive to man, that creative artist, with such a measure of spiritual freedom - and guilt, often diversified with guile (cf. News 74, Beyond the Curse).

A little imagination and the resemblance can seem striking. A little care and the eye can be more careful.

That was where the Lord Zuckerman computer procedure in terms of  multi-variate analysis was so helpful, in making measurement, and so preventing the imagination from following its bent. Instead, Zuckerman set about straightening things up a bit, as he declared the whole Australopithecene delusion to be just that, and the creature concerned not possibly to be ancestral to man (cf. SMR pp.204-206), something reinforced by the ironic and careful observations on this score, of Oxnard (loc.cit.).

It is amazing what the eye can see that the mind knows little about! Whatever however the actual, measurable appearance of the head of this latest Cinderella, the Tiktaalik, for intermediary honours, the diversity and voracity of fish is not altered in kind by any such appearance as this!

Indeed, it was, in the same frame of reference, Oxnard who observed that

"There never has yet been announced a new find
that was not a human ancestor" (loc.cit.).

In context, this was delicious humour and manifest irony, as he dismissed and dispensed with the sensationalism, what indeed might be called spectacularism of those for whom the call of desire outwits the criteria of evidence, apparently blinded in their passion in this field, for results, and by the desire to conform to that vast gulf of evolutionism, transitional sequence the point at issue. Moreover, NOT to do so can abolish careers, limit rights of publication, remove from the arena of prestigious magazines, quite as much as Hitler could remove what was deemed culturally odious by ... other means.

This absenteeism, of 'nature' which refuses to play ball with aetiological asininity (*4),  is the more devastating since even the MEANS for it are missing in biological life. Not only does this result not appear, but the means for it, the constructor units, never disappear; for they are as absent as snow in a cauldron, and having no place, cannot lose it!

They are not found; nor are their results. The apparatus of destiny is not so designed. Only the alogical antenna pick up anything here, and it comes ... and this repetitively,  to pass. As is clear in information theory, from Professor Gitt*2,  this is what happens in such a setting; and he speaks where his field  specialty lies. Data, information, tends to disappear adn not to 'arise', when unsourced in intelligence.

In fact, information simply does not COME that way, but requires a source sufficient. It has conceptual data organised for reception by code and law, and it is not to be found in their absence, either logically or empirically. Hence, labouring under such logical duress and in such empirical vacuums, it is small wonder that the excesses of which Oxnard speaks, are so common as he indicates!


Indeed, in full accord with Gitt's specialised and notable work, Answers in Genesis in April 2006 on this topic:  declares:

"we can confidently state that evolutionists have no examples of mutations or evolutionary processes that can lead to an increase in genetic information":

- for example in a creature that is to 'move' to a reptilian arm from a fish fin, in full scale organic evolution. As the past President of the French Academy of Science, Pierre-Paul Grassé declared:

"No matter how numerous they be, mutations do not produce any kind of evolution'' (cited from Evolution in Living Organisms, p. 88, cf. SMR p. 208).

In precise parallel, Professor Løvtrup, noted with some apparent disgust at the simplistic substitution of desire for thought (SMR p. 252A):

"Neither in nature nor under experimental conditions have any substantial effects ever been obtained through systematic accumulation of micromutations."

It is useless to pretend that unsystematic, unsupported, unverified and logically invalid efforts (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7, TMR Ch. 5, Scaling the Heights... Ch. 5) to MAKE the thing happen, will ever prevail. Systems of units are not life; systems of life are not geniuses: they all do their systematic parts according to specifications and limitations. Orders of being do not come by magic, or by any other sub-systematic creation. They require what is a maestro, operative according to the case, with the various systematic levels, and ultimately, in our own case, limited, created,  the power to transgress, to deceive oneself or others, through  ill-will, ambition or self-importance. Necessary is the liberty to err, idly or amply to deviate into the mists of muddle and confusion, without compulsion, as seen in educative distresses! (Cf. The Closing of the American Mind, a work of Alan Bloom, SMR pp. 354-355, 377, and Beyond the Ivory Tower, by Lord Zuckerman.)

You do, as always, need what it takes, and hierarchical and systematic combinations of precise resources*3A  require what sub-moronic non-intelligence lacks: correlation capacity to bring integral totality of multiple sub-systems and ingenious devices matchlessly mutually adjusted (compared with man's expertise) into operational and felicitous functional performance.

It is not simply as Hoyle pointed out*3, that the contrary assumption is like expecting a Boeing aircraft to come from an explosion. The case is that the immediate workability of an integral totality of mutual functional dispositions, ordering series in sequential productivity is a different sort of thing, than a form doing what its function requires, at a base level.

Such functional additives, to make new kinds,  are never seen to be part of the equipment at the base level; and when these 'arrive', the most sophisticated life structures, yet for all their brilliance, they have no domain where original creations are to resurge, without intelligence to work it, no facility for the  invention of new kinds; and even if they did perform programmatic uplifts, it would be a messy and multiply intricate way of using power to provide such. Transferring a Volkswagen to a Boeing 707 is far worse than making both, and in principle, adaptations of complexities innumerable to other facilities, functions and modes, with the mathematics and engineering in view, would be a nightmare compared with making each in its time.

In full accord with creationism, such devices are NOT found, nor are their traceable results from step to step.

Nothing of this kind of increasing data complexity to upgrade design without intelligence, being ever seen. In all of the observations of contemporary science, it does of course, never happen. There has been shrieking for it, for it would be so nice with nothing to support the vacuous ideas of evolutionism: but it does not come*4.


Now we  find  this type of eye, way back to the (alleged) day of the trilobite, or in the octopus, or now that  parallel in man: so does the brilliance and sophistication fail to be limited in (alleged) time, but pours out in the Cambrian, as Stephen Jay Gould so emphasised that he cried out in print, What in heaven's name is the explanation, that so vast a platform of design comes at or near the (alleged) outset era, the beginning of our wonders of life, and then DIMINISHES (by his note) by 90% to our day*5. It is objectively deletion of scope, spread, design types. Do you have evolution in deletion, as a mode of life ? What destructive construction is this, and what perversity in the propagation of profound opposites to reality, all with the air of authority in the contemporary false prophets and their idols (cf. II Timothy 3-4)!

What is this increment that is decrement, and what is this gradualness that is sudden, and how can such a splendour come so soon! It is precisely the same in the realm of astronomy, where so many discrete structures and amazing performances arise so 'soon'! There is no escape, no revisionism which can rescue from this, even on the geological model chosen.

bullet Non-correlation of sequences,
bullet non-availability of logical means,
bullet non-slippage billions of foozled oddities, in a domain of countless failures,
bullet non-provision at the contemporary level for the real necessity of Nilsson
(cf. SMR pp. 108 -11 e.g.), with immediate creation
because of total inter-dependency of what lives,
matched by the vast and disastrous removal of what dies:

this is the regimen for disciplined thought.

Instead, there are abrupt catastrophic ruins on the one hand and sudden multiplied finds on the other.

Further, there is

bullet non-settlement with Schützenberger,
with his concept of the removal-is-not-arrival conundrum in artificial intelligence
(cf.  SMR pp.128 - 135),
bullet and non-removal of the problem by tilted computer sequences which beg the question*6A,
unlike his own,
bullet plus presence of multiplied variants in what objectively
and definitionally are design types*6, in sudden advent in the Cambrian,
sudden cells of vast sophistication, sudden changes of enormous significance,
darting into time, on secular theory's own spans, like swallows in flight (cf. SMR pp. 106, 236).
Of interest is the notation of Professor George Gaylord Simpson, of Harvard:

Gaps among known orders, clases and phyla are systematic
and almost always large (loc. cit.).

For the gamut of great designs in this natural domain, there are no prefaces, only chapters (cf. SMR pp. 159ff., 199ff., 235ff., Denton - Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, pp. 77, 216-230).  The sheer extravagance and liberality of the creative thrust is so great, as is paralleled even in such small but significant areas of comparison as our own varieties of  cars, aeroplanes, plays, symphonies, that fixes of this or that element of similarity here or there may indeed be found: but there is never any question of OBSERVING in one domain or the other, in one field or the other, where logic applies and causation is conclusive, the transition from one to the other, at these levels.

There is brilliant diversity, sometimes with near approach to other things, but no steps in between other than those which imagination constructs, and the needed stairway obstructs by its absence. Again, there is multiplicity of method, even for similar events, and a supreme creativity's work is on all sides attested. There, in empirical fact, if mere results and not void efforts  illogically to construct illogical dreams were not delusively present, a resurgence of uninhibited brilliance is dazzlingly displayed. Rushed into 800 co-ordinated lenses, as in some dragon fly, or magnificent displays of almost overwhelming beauty as you will: there is that disdain for mere 'necessity' and that contrivance for other arenas of display which needs no explanation. It is what creativity does. We have it in type; God made us with His ultimate creativity's image not least in view, and its sheer inspirational wonder, acute complexity of design, brilliance of contrivance, all awaiting mutual production.

This is the work of mind, and His DNA commands presuppose its definition of terms, not to mention their correlations in the receptors of commands, so that as on a ship, the Captain's call is executed: THIS symbol, ingeniously expressed in our case, has THAT meaning, and so whether in command or execution, production instructions or in turn conformity to them meaningfully and effectually occurs. What then ? It is one indivisible, whole, an arching and over-arching of commanded systems: these melding with arch usability when the conspicuously envisioned and engineered job is done, including the assignment of meanings to symbols, as in any other language,

Creativity in a milieu of entrained intelligence, then then of this ? What lacks imaginative enterprise does not do it, ever as found by observation or concatenation; what has it, loves to do it. That is one major difference between creativity's thrust and imaginations dreams. We do it ourselves, this wonderful thing, though abuse it we  may, in our brilliant vastly more limited displays, at our own level, as human beings: often exuberant almost beyond belief, with disdain for some former method as we use another, delving into wisdom to find other ways, other facades in architecture, of cathedral or centre, other forms of literary creation!

What we find, and what we have as our  own observable enduement in creation enterprise,  fits in everything. What evolutionism in its organic witlessness (that is, the theory in view, in its domain) insists, is precisely what is not to be found. Imagine an unarticulated skeletal part being used for such dummy desires and presented as transition, or a lobed fin discovered, something in type often found and capable of being considered in present day cases: and yet all this tumultuous passion in the news!

This repetitive and repetitively vain furore rife in man in his 'explanations', this too requires scientific explanation, and all the data provide it readily as above: in rejection of creation there is therefore, and predictably, frustration in all fields. You do not explain brilliance with its rank opposite! and if you try, the failures explode like an atomic bomb. In practice, this or that 'hope' excites many, only to fail, hiding as much as may be, as it goes. Such is fame when it is not fanned by illusion.

Little hopes of escape from the ways actual in life, again arise only to be quenched, many thoughtlessly following the strictly temporary furore. Thus ir that  yields increasingly excitement in any, on inadequate grounds, as basic facts are forgotten, and the skycraft of imagination, with which man is liberally endued, forges its way into the clouds of emptiness, looking in vain, and of course, for a solid landing ground. There lies the motive; there lies the impossibility; there lies the excitement's source. How wonderful to find what cannot be, such as a gold-mine in your drawing room, on the concrete foundation, already working and in place, and remarkably not breaching the floor.

The case is ever the same: reason is no myth, but what denies it. You do NOT arrive at specialised mathematical complexity of superb proportions by the lack of skill, nor do you invent such realms at all by dumb deadness, but by a keen and lively mind that floats the fancies into existence, and a hearty facility which performs the flotation into fact, by instituting it in all its rigours. It is no different in the production technologies, which implement the thought, required for integrality of being, all subjected to command and subordinated to ultimate outcome in a multitude of minutely surveyed means and co-ordinated constructions.

So too is the case with living cells themselves which, as Denton is swift to inform us, NEVER come in primitive forms, but their complex brilliance adorns the tarmac of life at all times, always a marvel, never either a 'trial' or a ' primordial' visitor. Why have this when you KNOW, as God does!

The endless search within the grounds of futile irrationalism remains an inept alternative to due examination of the means of life as it is and exhibits itself to be, being presented, not as it is not (cf. Life, what is it ? and What is Life For ?).



The issue is not  how many creatures, with their designs are present -


though their integrally operative, functionally meaningful,
systematically synthesised ontology and modes are staggering for their sheer abundance
of complexities and resultant simplicities,
the one leading to the other,
while the due, sophisticated, sequenced, correlative compounds,
combinations and mutually interactive elements, parts, groups of parts,
re-grouping of the groups to phases, aspects and then the multi-purpose functions,
in what is nevertheless a unitarily conceived whole,
represent, in this earth of physical form and law, an exercise unsurpassed in crisp brilliance,
architectural mathematics and executive precision:

but whether they beget one another.

Even, however, as we differentiate the issue, we can only in all observational acuity, be near to overwhelmed by the diverse modes, phases and aspects of order, mutually involved, serially significant, creating order by order, their intimate functional relationships, their hierarchical containment. It is as if it were all in an envelope, posted for another in the construction as each new generation is made up from the old, using in their multi-method maestro work, one and one only unitary language complex, so that if this were not a design, the word could have no meaning (cf. *6 above).

Just as a brilliant mathematical proof, or presentation is not NON-EXISTENT unless you see it being made, its standing not diminished by your knowledge or otherwise of its past and method of compilation, and stands on its own merit, so here: the designs are independent for definitional purposes of who did them, or when, or how. They have the criteria of designs more than any material creation of man. Hence to deny them that title means we must deny it to all of human productions likewise, alter the definition of design and perform marvels of obfuscatory distancing from all the required canons of formal logic, sliding into surreptitious irrationality. The alternative is simple: this is design. Distaste becomes disgrace when, as here, it miscalls; and miscalled it is as if dishonesty were the height of rectitude, or failure the acme of success. So does a whole generation proceed to its increasingly obvious doom, fey with the fairies instead of ruthlessly realistic about what confronts it, and soon, the One who will confront it.

So to miscall what has such ingredients ? to what shall we compare it ?

That would send artists into a near frenzy, since it is a monstrous assault on their integrity/reality/ability. If someone sent an anonymous design, it would not be disallowed AS design because of that. In fact, however, it all depends on objective criteria: and here we find them par excellence.

There is no argument if we are to be objective: it is design.

Do then the designs beget one another ? Does one of Raphael's paintings beget another ? Does one car, say a Cadillac, beget a Jaguar ? The question is simple in this realm (cf. *1B above). It does not. The author or painter may indeed consult this or that one of his or her former designs, but the creative surge is beyond mere comparison. Are they not both fast, and is there not an enormous resemblance between the engines and their mode of action, and as to the differences, well, do they not arise ? But here the motor companies would all but despair of your sanity, wondering if perhaps they were addressed by one of sub-moronic intelligence, if you said this.

Is it not the pearl of their subtlety that makes those 'little' differences! Is it not the ultimate divergencies of vision and understanding that lead to them! Are we  not in the domain of sweat and tears, self-discipline and survey, vision and inspiration, drafting with the mind and hand, before committing to the plain light of common day, where the visible results of the invisible toil are to be seen! What else! Has the speaker no knowledge of how creation works! they might ask... Would not a painter two of whose creations had very comparable features, be mystified by our arrogance and ignorance if we even began to ask if he had some sort of complex equipment hidden in the one painting which managed to make it arrive into the world of art, as another, while retaining its own status ?

Do paintings merge ? Do the first cousins of thought, wrought into this world of space and time, do this ? Is creation so easy ? Is adaptation really even practical and is it evidenced in the process, observable in the doing, or are the MEANS for it to be found ? Is this the mode of action in life, except by EXPRESS and visible reproductive equipment, and is this to reproduce or do we find it create new kinds ? To ask is to answer, and we have already answered. It is true in logic, in things vital (which are not magical because programmed, creative because procreative, or self-productive of new types of design, because animated, for animation is not creation, but a creation itself, the two are not one).

What then do we find in any area of production, where the scenario is subtlety, the means are complex and synthetic of many combined procedures to one unitary result ? Do we find that science, thwarted CANNOT find what is happening and so wonders that it does ? or is it not rather that it DOES not find what is not there, nor can it find the means for it to do what it is not doing, and thus in the case of many muddled methodologists, they are stuck in the mud of misnomers, wanting desperately to EXPLAIN the non-empirical and to SHOW how the non-evidenced proceeds.

We do not however logically look for such results in any form which incorporates the material, be it the product of man, or of the Producer of man, or any other. That is not how our SYSTEM is found to act. Explanation of its omissions, showing the reasons for its non-events is the nearest to insanity that this generation gets; and yet it is a spiritual obfuscation which so derails logic, deviates from scientific method and ignores the obvious. There are things that are done, and not done, grounds required for the former, but this not to be confused with the latter. The model and mode of logic is not non-causative but to the profligate, meanly and miserably demanding.

This is of course a combination of experience, that you have to have what it takes to produce what takes it, and of logic: what possesses these intimate, conceptually expressible correlations and sequences with a unitary result, by means of command structures is not to be found operating on its own. You have to DO it! The stuff that already does it, like one's own body and mind, this is derived from another design like it. It does not come immune to design: it is, on the contrary, a propagated progeny by means internal to the heart of the design. Its designs are conscious, its modes are logically coherent, its work is in the mind, before in the visible. It bespeaks what it is.

What however of diverse designs, and especially those which do not arrive by procreation from existing other designs ? They have their kinds. They operate within them.

Does then one KIND create the other ? It would the most amazing reversal of ALL knowledge if it did, in experiential and experimental terms, as in verifiable ones (cf. TMR Ch. 1). Rationally, it is absurd (cf. *6 above).

What then in the case in hand before our eyes ? Is the equipment for it present and observable in action ? Far from it. Does it DO it somehow, without derivation by reproductive means ? Far from it: for new information is not found to arise, according to that domain of  information science,  but rather does the existing stock of designs diminish - except of course intelligence is at work.

The simple cell ? Is it a question of the simple beginning slowly becoming something else in assignable steps and stages, with vast mountains of failures, examinable in terms of the frustrated quest (to use figurative language such as evolutionists tend to do, without ground and contrary to all ground, since what they conceive is contrary to the logic which is back of all conception): these are of course to be found ? some would muse. It must be so:  for how otherwise would such a theory as organic evolutionism arise, in good odour, according to scientific method ?

Yet specifically NO such cells are found as Denton insists, NO junior models of the simplistic, NO transitional stages, NO modes on the way. The way is as open as the day: as with creation, these cells of life, THEY ARE THERE! That is all there is to it, sophisticated in kind, un-intermediate in procedure, classical in conception, artistic in elegant enterprise by observation. What then ? Is it really so that they do not painstaking ... arise ? What would you expect ? magic ? a maestro production from NOTHING of the order of magnitude in kind, evidenced in the quality of the product ? Is there then no evidence at all of such gradations on the way up, in cells ?

Alas, but no. Scientific method here as so often in this field, is abused. The thing in view, the theory, the clamant claims they are  not in good odour, and the theory arises for other reasons therefore.

But let us consider the creation a little more (for a design implies a creation, once you required to recognise it, unless you can show how and why the design arises from some other design, or from what is not a design, which of course is never done, imagination only excepted).

There are multi-purpose parts in some designs in nature, where parallel sub-parts are utilised in different ways, as noted above in 'deliberative design'. There are different ways of securing different functions, like sight, whether vastly complex and effective even at 'early' stages  or not, or whether in octopus, bird or Cambrian trilobite,. Indeed, it is so whether in the superb insect case of the dragon fly, or in the artfully designed fly equipment, which gives it such brilliant powers of manoeuvre and anticipation of punitive action!

There even appear to be alternative devices


for guidance, such as bat-radar, whale sonar or the whole order and array of only slowly being discovered means, which enables birds to fly thousands of miles out, and then with accuracy,
back to the same garden from which they left, in migration exercises! (cf. SMR p. 143),


for aerial mobility, such as feathering techniques in meeting wind resistance or thrust,
all most subtle and contrived as to design definition, or


for navigational skills. with lobed fins, diverse tails and designs in them, different forms and shapes, modes and marvels.

There is no limit by necessity, for as out of air, the shapes arise, the fluid dynamics, the mobility criteria, the modes of organic integration, al thrust into being, not by any necessity to exist, any more than there is any for some new comic in the newspapers, but by the inventive thrust of the Creator. NOTHING is never the reason, for it has nothing to give; and what is the reason for creation's masterpiece in kind and capacity, in myriadfold profusion and brilliance of endless innovation, is precisely creativity, where the criteria match the product, as in all logical discipline.

The case is highly diversified in its coverage.

Thus, there are similar variabilities in hearing, whether through vibration direct or via organs, or receptors of bouncing radar parallels, and for motion, whether through lithe athletic prowess, in quadrupeds, with major physical adroitness of mind, limb, muscle and nerve direction, just as there is agile intelligence, at various levels, and imagination for that module. It all comes in the uttermost departure from limited modes, bounding into being at various levels with one thing in common: the conceptual realism of motion, or sight, or hearing, or address, or guidance, and the executive skill in variable designs in different ways acting with vast skill in various peaks, thrusting into being with tireless ingenuity, whether for wing, foot, trunk, tail or other implement, fashioned into power, each functional in its intricacies, a marvel of wisdom in its construction and of integration in its malleability by mind, instinct or program as the case may be.

As in many designs, the capacity to adapt is delimited - your car can utilise certain features in stability control, fitted to it, if so be, and so react differently to a curve than another might, your hand may become calloused through manual work, according to programmatic design and designation for the case, your mind may become apt and instructed, indeed, at the early stages of infancy, your very neurones may be linked according to the requirements you place upon them, this way instead of that, we are told. Yes, it is so: designs may allow for the challenge of events in LIMITED ways, according to the KIND in view. But empirically, this is not to incorporate design, but designation. It is part of the product's performance criteria. Thus is the case in things mechanical and vital alike. Design is the case, the designed is the result, and its criteria vary according to the initial input, in the teeming challenges of experience.

The flush and rush of designs and the keeping of kind is all one feature in the domain of creativity and capacity, whether the progammatic is the model, the mechanical, whether the ingredients be light or life, muscular or mental: ground, reason, cause, construction, production, performance within these canons, this is the way that is found. Whether the creation be from this body or that, from this source or that, at this level or that, profound or puny, this is the way that things proceed, logic requires and verification provides for; and herein lies validity, for reason is not dismissed, and then used to rationalise later: but it remains always in operation.

Creation, with its creativity behind it, how profound are its ways, and how necessary it is to receive the data available, in constructing understanding, instead of inveighing against them.

In all this, there is the uttermost departure from limited methodology, or stark simplicity of performance or type; for indeed it is as if there is a glory in design, as Gould came near to realising, a prodigy of creation, an amazing ready-made differential in KINDS, and an almost blindingly overwhelming myriadfold explosion into being, differentials manifest and in mighty working, like a jewel form the hand of the jeweller, pre-set in its setting: but this is vastly more complex and demanding.

Acute contrariety of method can be found, in this or that approach to a function in view, or there may appear streamlined multi-purpose deployment of a given type of organ or method. It is as in the realm of imagination and intellect, where they gloriously intertwine, a combination of economy and abundance, artistic grandeur and simplicity, conceptual sublimity and simplicity, moved out for the overall purpose in view. But ONE of these creations is not a merger operation; in commerce this requires, as in all else, intelligence and skill, whether with programmatic aid or not. The product calls for the cause correlative, the conditions which produce, not their contradiction.

Far from necessity as the grinding call, there is in sight a brilliance of sheer creative abundance through  the liberal anointing of matter with mind and the maximal appointment of design with imagination in the heights of summitry. No call for such beings arises ...

To call a millionaire a pauper would be a kindness compared with the mischief of ignoring the criteria of creation and calling it 'need'. There is nothing needy here in scope; and if there is profound wisdom in the handling of many problems, and if there be many devices, yet it is their sheer vigour and vision, all but unlimited scope and invention, calling into being what is not there and solving its ways simultaneously, that is the actual criterion of actuality.

So far is the attestation of undispersable integrality, irreducible complexity, multi-system synthesis, linguistic unity of command, to create the next generation via DNA and its companions, with febrile brilliance of modes of inter-relations, whether through diverse, but fully operational phases of growth with installed modes of nurture - as with mosquitoes phase by phase arrival into adulthood, or those staggering ones of salamanders, where pause can come, or even it seems reversal/ It all ...  arrives all so variously, even to the whale, with its submarine suckling, and with mutual diversities, as where use is made of the male and female mutual specialisations, useless apart, or social grouping for the completion of the generational task.

Here in the interstices of command, which institutes the next phase of the creation, egg or embryo, or the next stage for the next phase, for they have their own internal sequences, at any one point, what is to be found ? It is this, that there is one language rigorously imposed for the multitude of diversely sequenced but intimately cognate combinations.

Indeed, in this, it is just as with many authors: they prefer their native tongue in creation of novels or plays. Here, in physical life's internal commands, we find no other - and the LORD Himself did not suffer a Babel, but is ONE and remains so, using in our life systems throughout all time and diversity, one mode of speech, one operational language of ordering, appointing and making it happen from generation to generation.

Ignoring the data has become a cultural practice, and in it there is a certain ruinous recklessness,  many clinging in their desires for 'chance', a mere name for system without purposive intervention (cf. Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Chs.   9,   13). It does nothing to make anything happen, being merely to indicate that things proceed per the nature of the case. What IS however the nature of the case! If someone is blind, then 'chance' in the sense of events not purposely controlled in the system or systems, synthetic or otherwise, in view, may bring about death by accident. It may not however raise the corpse from the dead. That is not part of the system. SOMEONE outside the system, or not confined to it, may indeed do so, but then this is not 'chance' but its precise opposite, the intrusion of purpose into the existing system.

Biblically this is the way the wicked ask for their lives (Psalm 1), being like the 'chaff' which the wind blows! but with the people of God, it is not so, for He KNOWS their path, is ready to act as He desires, by CHOICE.

Calling on the inept and empty idol of 'chance', man proceeds in his ancient mischiefs of mind and heart, as if to mock explicitly the desire  not to impose too much on an imaginary system, severely delimited in its ways, yet which is treated as if equipped with virtually infinite capacities, NEVER FOUND! It is totally alien to the concept, both rigorous in mode, complex in performance and all but illimitable in modes of always working synthesis of the diverse, to secure the unitary, both internally, and externally, for unit purpose.

Here is the paradigm of creation, of design, of conception, of intelligence, of imagination, and of nothing contrary. The more you probe, the more phases and facets appear, disciplined to this notation, this mode, this reality, the whole  empirically stark, and leading to the imploding or exploding of false theorems and theories as this or that non-adequate mode is imagined, and thrust upon a base inept for the product, the production and the realm of creation. Using such funereal tools, what is found ? The reality is that unintelligent creation never to the most minute degree, however stirred and thrust on by human intelligence, responds with a whisper of self-improvement grabbing itself and being graded upward into other fields (cf. TMR Ch. 1, SMR Chs. 1, 2, The gods of naturalism have no go!).

Where intelligence makes its progress, moreover, in human or other affairs, that is precisely what creationism attests; together with the fact, as in Biblical Creationism, at the uttermost and institutive level, in the whole scope of living creatures in kind: there is NONE OF IT HAPPENING NOW. Thus, for scientists in one school of science to try to imagine the stuff we have, to have produced itself is both contra-empirical, alogical and evidence of that callow use of imagination without assimilation to realities abroad, which is the work of fiction. Many like it. It is not the stuff, however, of science, but a relief from it, when this world is left for something quite other, a rest from rigour, like comics. Like comics, however, taking this seriously is comical! A good laugh and a sound lead, however, in science as in many forms of human endeavour, need to be distinguished ...

Our concern here however is precisely NOT for something, some world quite other, but for quiet realisation about the one we have. Otherwise, it is not science but nescience which probes, ignores, and day-dreams in its self-imposed stultification.

 Yet let us look further at what is before us in fact.

From the astounding, mathematically operative forms and means of relationship of matter and physical energy, covered, controlled, erected like a skyscraper of arranged floors of superior view or agency - quarks, electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, molecules, compounds, laws of association and dissociation, dispositions of matter - crystalline, amorphous, in dynamic equilibrium as to action and reaction, or static: there is a ground floor with its various basements.

Thus is life, with its authoritative commands found inseparable from its very existence, its designs (as defined) components as far from the subordinate rigours of matter as anything programmed could be. There are its scintillating diversities of operation, varied but effective, directively different, floated to a different thought level, field agency, functionality of imagination; there are its different but effective modes of gaining an objective, divorced from the basics as a mind from a pen; yet for all that, there are the phases and platform of kindred operations, ready to be groomed into bundles of meaning, suddenly operative, never to be found in process, as is to be expected, unless operational! Larva, pupa, adult, in whatever diversity of highly imaginative forms, with whatever formulae, equipped with information, programmatic in much, they proceed and act, being so made.

It all matches like a good tartan, each feature pointing to the work of the weaver.

There is the single cell, the multi-cellular world, each phase sophisticated and synthetic of phases and inner worlds, yet this moving to myriad functional units, the whole inter-relational, but not as closely as are organs, and capable of purpose thrust and collision, harmony or even sacrifice to an end. We have moved from building blocks to organised and delimited builders; but these also, first need to be built, so that they can build; and build they do, with their imaginations, when they get these are their equipment of life for living.

Yet except by intelligence, what they build is not more and better units, like themselves, except by generative devices specific to that end and part of their own design at the outset in the generationally observable situation, but types of behaviour deploying their facilities.

Instincts are granted, limited forms of imagination and purpose, as with the fox, cunning or loyalty appearing, as with the dog, and at this height also, all but unutterable brilliances are cast forth with a liberality like that of a pearl merchant, scattering freely his pearls. There is no economy in scope and modality, no striving; it is all accomplishment, except in the imagination of man, which also appears as ready made, and which invents in two ways, making what he will to the extent of his capacity, with what he has, or pretending with the same prowess, either on purpose for his children, or in war, against reality as he knows it to be, or even  against his Maker.

There go the birds, in their maxi-kinetic flight, notable not only the sheer speed in hundreds of miles an hour in some cases, but in the frolicsome flush of sheer enterprise and celerity, leaving the grey-hound gaping as they flit through small spaces, folding the wings to fit, at 30 or more miles per hour, or tilting the speedometer to perhaps 400 mph in long flight, yet rarely with collision in confined spaces, and ready in exotic fun to manoeuvre with forthcoming complexities of flight, as seen sometimes indeed in vast social groupings, which can move, with hundreds of birds, in vast celestial ballets, attaching, despatching groups, ascending, descending, with a grace that is like music.

Vast is the provision; a thing of wonder the precision; graceful is the gliding, magnificent the speed! It is all abundance and efficiency in vast measure, some at less marvellous heights merely emphasising the workings of others who peak by the thousand in their diverse antics, whether for mating, migrating or the sheer frolicsome wonder of pageant and the agendas of exuberance.

There are the keen eyes, guidance ingenuities, migration patterns past the research of man, as is so much for it regales us with wisdom and astonishes with wit, so that as with the very spider's web, it becomes a veritable standard of reference of direct usage because of its eminent features. Bone itself is reputedly stronger than steel, weight for weight.

Then there is the mind in its native liberties, analytical, coherent in thought, as is the body in its commanded operations as it is spawned or borne into new generations, or served in maintenance by a diversity of defence and functional complexities that being automated, astonish the intelligence of man who has to contrive with his own constructed bases, and so comes to admire that already done with such exuberant panache, multiplied means and inveterate creativity.

The mind is not subject as is the body in many of its operations, both institutional and functional, to automatic command, to the mere mode of control of such entities as DNA; but it is bound to the laws of logic as its effective milieu, from which to blunder, or to move by irrational fantasy and desire, is at least partial dysfunction. That misuse of mind, part of the liberty of man, of course, is precisely what we have often shown to be the case with organic evolutionism (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!). Such misuse of mind can be by subtle ambition, seditious intent, vulgar appetite, deceitful design, or wanton flourish of obstinacy, for the capacities of the human spirit are large: but it can be.

As to the human mind, this illustrates its specialised modes of liberty; but in its felicities of mental motion, in some ways like the physical ones of the birds in their aerial antics and designs, it is not by any means limited to mere error. It has canons to keep; but man may elect to violate these.

Thus, moving beyond all this, there is the realm of operation of the human spirit, able to survey all the  above, as we have just done, to will to fight it, blight it, bless it, understand or in some cases, wilfully to misunderstand it (cf. SMR pp.  332Gff.). It may use or misuse mind, at will, to a very substantial degree, hence helping the patient numbers for the psychiatrist, for the laws though breachable, are not because invisible, inoperative. Lady Macbeth, could she speak, could well confirm, prior to her mental decease!

Here is yet more of that complex, featured but unified focussing power in the design, which now equipped with a second degree of liberty, can will to use mind or body aright, or not!

The issue, then, is not the diversity per se, though this has its own vast input for logical thought, leading to creation. Biblical creationists note it in regarding such domains as that of the human eye and the natural implants in their setting that others use in the realm of sight, for each and all, the means of vision there and not arising, all deposited without testimony of progressivism. This is the expansiveness of mode and the fixity of operation, bound together like twins.

But further,  it is not at all as if one marvel invented the next, or some moronic basement cast forth wisdom as if it belonged where it is not even named or known!

The question now however is first this: are there consistent, coherent stages whereby each grade and phase, both in general and in special terms, has left any indubitable trail  or showing of such gradational things ? Is there a museum for failures ? is there a fleet of the unsecured ?

Is there the sure-footed track of sequence in time and place, from electron to the conception of electron, and the will to direct electrons by understanding them with minds, also set up in modes traceable as to generative equipment and means ?

In car terms, do we have the grounds, observable entities, generative systems to produce Jaguars from Volkswagens, or from Mercedes, granted there are different degrees of similarity ? The similarity is relatively irrelevant, however, since there has to be the BRIDGING MEANS, in the case of cars, educated human intelligence, resources for manufacture and capacity to analyse. This is not transferable, but the programs may be used this way or that, or set in place or not, as we are so often reminded, for example, by the phrase 'Intel within'! That is the work of programmatics consigned to a situation constructed to receive it. One design can thus allow for another to be correlative with it, all BY design. These things do not arise in auto-transitions, any more than does Shakespeare's Hamlet slowly turn into Macbeth, as the need for more strength is found ... by whom ?

It is not different in PRINCIPLE and in LOGICAL requirement in any field, mental or spiritual, material or conscious. Whether it be DNA or atomic structure, you need what GENERATES it, can be shown to do so, has the potency assignable and demonstrable to achieve it, and can be seen in various verificatory exercises to be it, as this and that aspect or phase of the function presented for the task is tested. However there is neither form nor function, there is neither equipment nor factory, there is neither visible method to check nor anything to verify. It is like the frog in the Disney cartoon,  who, unearthed from a building site every few centuries as new construction work comes, and the old is removed, and puts on a top show.

Amazed the contractor envisages much money to be made from such a performing frog dug up in his excavations; but when the matter, indeed the FROG is TESTED before the theatrical management, it says 'Croak, Croak!' in the most dismal and listless manner. It does not REALLY have it. It does not in fact have what it takes, despite the animated imagination/hope of the contractor.

It is the imagination which has it; and while it can certainly perform, the frog, in the field of imagination not its own, yet in the realm of nature, it cannot. The theoretical contractor is doomed to disappointment. His high hopes are not met. His roving thought is not vindicated; his ideas are not verified. It does not tap dance after all, its creativity is not of this Broadway, top hat and tapping toes type. Its song is gone. Its time is over. Imagine what you will, you cannot make it happen.

Such is the sad case, empirically, with organic evolutionism, always from millenium to millenium, in this form or that, to this degree or that, being unearthed, but always a flop (cf.  Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13, TMR Ch. 1). Reality cannot so readily be circumvented (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7).

It is past, what happened; and it is logically derivable, what was its minimum.

The evidence for this history of contrivance GENERATION, and the means to it, is not there. As in SMR, and TMR (esp. and systematically, Ch. 1), it lacks. The highly  diverse suggested scenarios even in terms of reason,  ex-means (cf. Wake... Chs. 4-6), are given without the discipline of evidence or logic, so that despite imaginations roving, the reality shows how clearly it is not! Imagined paths come into presentation mode, like trial errors, where a subject is not understood, and a student flounders, having forgotten the actual rationale. These imaginary scenarios for life and its background, they come adventurously diverse, as if playful ploys, yet presented in seriousness, as if from the compulsive gambler, ever hoping, looking remotely for the finding of something, but on a downhill path because of his system, wrong and constrained to be so.

While Gould has specified the external body of living things in their explosive Cambrian invasion of what he deems a most early phase of history, leaving a limping decimation of the design glut so early presented, for the future till now, Denton specifies the micro-worlds as in non-alignment with sequential requirements in gradual theories of origin, while emphasising no less the parallel for the situation of the grosser creation. Non-alignment, non-verification, non-continuity, this is his song in Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, and in this he is by no means wrong. So it is. Nothing fits, as indeed  it could not fit, for it is not fit for reason's demands, and so cannot fit the empirical world either.

It does not work, such a conception, whether by febrile imagination, actual verification, cohesion of logical methods or evidence of generative methods. As to creation, the mode of institution of what we are and our universe, our habitat, the Bible declares it has stopped; and it is right. It WILL not go! It is there in kind and command, in laws and scenario, and it moves not at all by the imagination of man, this way or that.

The refusal to find what mind did for matter, what spirit did with mind, in looking at what matter cannot do, and ignoring the world of matter for its own genesis: it is mere unreason, and a waste of time, leading to the submergence of fascinating topics for investigation, in the metaphysical meanders of anti-religious passion.

For creation, there is no other option, call it religious or not. What is so sacred about man, that his desires to eliminate his Maker are so to be revered ? Why is it natural to ignore not his own lean place in the scheme of things, but that comprehensive one of his Maker ? What is so prejudicial about following reason to its conclusion, scientific method to its rigours, and with both mutually operative, finding for the now dumb field of further creation, the Speaker who made it! What is wrong with demanding the cause sufficient for the result, instead of ignoring causation, and having nothing as ruler, or inadequacy as basis, or non-verification as the clincher! Is it madness that proceeds but by contradiction!

It does not work. Similarities in grades refuse to fuse. Immediate, prolific appearances of multiple creation designs have no secrets, found to be declared.

Methods can never be induced to work, whether from Miller*7A or elsewhere; and even if something did from intelligence, upgrade, it is by intelligence it does it, and that in the end,  is merely illustrating 7B the creationist case.

Yet not even this, in terms of basic design, has been done: merely snippings and replacements of DNA can happen, by surgical skill: as when a child plays with a simple device, and takes off and puts on this or that feature.

This merely emphasises the point. Nothing can make itself, merely by being itself: you need generative equipment, be it child or surgical skill.  If it is there automatically, say procreatively to bring on the next generation, then that is part of the design for continuance, and it is not the engine for advance: reproduction is not novel production, but a matter of kind.

If even this is not present, then there is even less to consider; and if imagination and conception is needed to produce more advanced design, even for a small jump, how much worse is to look to nothing! Nothing as a basis is a patent illusion. It  MUST deny any future to itself by BEING nothing, or it would be something distinguishable by having a future.

Hence design diversities, these are humdrum. They abound, this is part of the testimony of unconstrained creation. Lobed fins can be seen in operation, forgetful of any imagined walking power; and non-articulated skeletal parts lack land-based drive. That is what is reported, and it is like the report of a pea-shooter. In relevant terms, it signifies nothing.

What is so novel when another specimen has lobed fins already, and operates in fishy fashion! Is there not something fishy and wishy-washy about this insistence on what does not work as a basis for the view or belief that it would work, and because it is imagined to have worked, that is how something happened. If the Coelacanth has not changed in so long, what is the point ? Did the trend lose its thrust, have a nervous-breakdown ? If it does not show evidence of using this device for walking, why guess when present data are about!

They came. They were there, so the currently modish  geological time scale declares. ONE fountain pen MUST have a rationally construable source; yet millions of designs need none! Is this the statistical wonder, where all thought ceases, then! This is the romantic fallacy, that if it is big enough, you need not worry about how! It is like the Wheat Board scandal in Australia. Make it some hundreds of millions, and it is really too large to worry about ... But in fact, this is not the case: that like all else, requires rational investigation and the ascertainment of adequate causes to explain every phase and feature of every item.

Shrugging the statistical shoulders does nothing to alter the arithmetic. What we have is merely another specimen of creative artistry in producing one of the milling millions of designs on the one hand, and the creative but misled artistry of imagination, which dismisses facts, and dreams as if life itself depended on it. It does, but in the mind of God, not of man. It does, but where power to create operates, not where irrational review is the criterion. You can imagine the painter at work, but no painter, no picture. When he stops, then do not expect any more of his paintings. They will not change, except by wear and tear, or chicancery in art dealers, who by intelligence seek to intervene and 'create' new products for dishonest sale.

Alas, it is death which depends on dreams when life calls! Such luxuries are not to be used in the relationship with reality. In organic evolutionism and its peers, the case does not change: Nothing fits, nothing works, and how could it where what is needed is excised as a preliminary part of the practice of suppression.

Horror has seized the procrastinators of knowledge, fudge factors themselves are embarrassed by their abuse: the world stays the same, stasis in graded kinds settles like a blue sky in the heavens, creation that at which it flops: for it cannot and does not rise without it, and its creativity in imagining the contrary is like a seized engine! The means of motion are no longer present and operative. Neither nostalgia nor financial stringency will invent it anew, nor will it have new designs to present, as it rusts: it is the same in every field, you get the production only when the producer is operative, and his domain must be that to which the product relates.

Meanwhile as to this world,  its appointment, creation is not removed by hoping it will rain creative power from somewhere or other, provided it does not have to be recognised! The masterpiece of institution theoretically by fashion, now proceeds by what in creation, it  precisely both lacks and evinces. It proceeds by the imagination of man; but in so doing, it lacks the power to cause to come, as is the liability of mere imagination, something more useful when it has means to hand!

As to man, he evinces the meta-creative need, in his own imagination, both his body and his mind testimony to creation, and the latter creative as well, yet not equipped to perform what instituted it, or to make to 'arise'  his own self, either in action, or in theory. Assuming it done, is the nature of organic evolution: this is fine in geometrical theorems, but not in engineering practice. You still have to DO IT!

Man, then, has some of this imaginative power, but has far from enough to institute such as himself, or for the creation of the universe. He is now, in the secular camp, almost frantic about conserving the harmony and purity he cannot make. Greens seem black with sadness at the sight of the slippage of designs into death or rarity. It is actually significant, for though this may be to make man more lonely, yet the Creator Himself has the power to do far more than this!

A journeyman with universes is man, and even with himself; in these fields, he is no creator. He is surrounding himself in secularity of concept; but he forgets it, and tries to tell us the truth even when he thus imagines himself immersed in relativities which have no absolute, so absolutely exempting himself from the very power to know, in order to tell. This tongue-flapping, enemy of a thousand, if not a million class-rooms, is a sound signifying nothing, but achieving much in the way of muddle. Evolutionism is gone, its buttresses have fallen: who can bemoan her ! (cf. TMR Chs. I, 7, 8, SMR Chs. 1, 2, The gods of naturalism have no go!).

Man cannot even create life, far less human-type life in some novel phase, equipped with his own freedom (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. 5, Licence for Liberty, SMR pp. 348ff.). He cannot do this despite the millions of designs, the multitudes of methods of procedure and the single language displayed in all candour before his open eyes. With the modes of procedure available for inspection, he still does not as yet even imitate them, like a clever dog! Even with his logos-inspired mind, with creative power phased in, indeed even through his spirit with imagination invested, one granted for purpose and understanding: he is left bereft in his quest, for he can do nothing but snip and stir.

HE did not do it. He merely evinces its scope!

What is needed is not man's vast abilities, small in comparison with the task,

but relevant as an example:

but those of the source of logic, of power, of authority, of command, the creator who having created the universe, does so no more;

of the One who, having created the stage, is not concerned with another, but with the actors, agents and history of it.

It was vast; so is its significance. Ignoring Him, is mere chagrin, shame and wantonry of spirit. It does not make the ground and basis of creation, but only a gap in man, without the filling and fulfilling of which, man is not meaningless, though he may feel it: but a mean thing, ready for ruin.

This advances like an army, as well it might. This and that crisis in astronomy or biology is routinely announced. Staggering stupours are not uncommon. The rule of irrationality and scientistic substitution for empirical reality proceeds: and its name is wander-lust, its state, stupefaction, its spirit, desperation and its results zero.



Logic does not invent itself: man can never invent himself; neither can man effectively breach it - any more than does matter evince power to be raise itself to the mind, to be received as a fellow, nor does mind surpass itself to provide the new gift of spirit, to choose what to receive, or whether to deceive.

Some "force" does not "raise" it (*3A, *6, *7B), for to do it is not a matter of imparting acceleration to matter, but the wholly disparate dynamics of intrinsic splendour of distinct systematic and operational kind, coming from immaterial and undelimited entity, to enlist material force, to give visible form. We do something similar in KIND but not in scope or ultimacy, continually, and I am doing it now. I could stop, then my particular style would go. The spiritual entity who made our creation could stop, and DID so, as is seen continually; and at that, His particular way is not seen in action at that institutive level. What then is required for such action as is now stopped in the macro-case ?

This means*6 imagination, purpose, ingenuity, wisdom, comprehensive, over-riding capacity, immateriality beyond imposed limits which matter has as a design, and eternity, since delimitation to time requires the agency for such, to require it; but we study the irreducible minimum sufficiency for causation. Temporality itself is its offshoot, and with it, patience and delay, for here is system, and multiple-interactive-system, consequence of what is itself not so delimited, without which in eternity, imposition would be unavailable, system aloof and being without ground. Without this, nothing ever! However, I for one, am not nothing ever, and my reader, he or she is another...

Nor are there many systems circling (circling! how delimited!), or squabbling around (squabbling ? how delimited and devised), or just THERE: for whence the systems, the 'space' of whatever kind for their interaction, mental for conceptual relationship, material for substantive interaction! Nor does nothing in various stages arrive on scene to actuate a new part of the required result from its voluminous concatenations and progressivist loungings. Stage or in one page, it is all one: the source is there or not, and there altogether or not, and seeking to divide your non-existent battalions in order to make a better front for the army that is not there, alters nothing! Nothing it is and nothing it remains; but as to us, we are here.

Nothing but an adequacy always can ever produce multi-systems, or last! What HE has is what is the minimum requisite for what has been done; and whatever more His word declares. He has not left raw war in His creation for its delusive means of lying, or scandal, being in need of no excitement and knowing the end from the first, His own Being comprehensively unlimited; nor does inward inadequacy form thoughts of evil, for such would itself involve that He is delimited by forces which drive Him, and the One who did that, it is then He who would be God.

God gives in creation, and liberty gives law, for man, and scope for most unspiritual war, when he becomes moved to evil, either to incite it or to invite it or to kindle it.

This carnal corrosion of His creation is a necessary open door, and richly possible consequence of liberty without which love cannot be, nor intrinsic meaning. Nor is the divine word to secure the remedy, which other than ruin alone awaits man and his universe, hard to find. Nothing else but the Bible has made itself DIRECTLY and CONTINUALLY testable by invitation (Isaiah 41, 43, 48); and nothing but His word could have secured the extraordinary result of being unfalsifiable for millenia, while making predictions millenia ahead, always verified, and vindicated (cf. SMR Ch. 1, 8-9); nor has any but the focus of the entire Bible, Jesus Christ, followed and fulfilled all the specifications for deity as man, that He did; nor could any. The matter sits in place immovable, competition zero, self-manifestation of truth, indefeasible.

Yet man, though heeding over time by the millions, does not heed by the billions: the way is narrow, as is any truth when it is KNOWN, and few find it (Matthew 7), though many more rest on their own works, as an entry permit or visa to the presence eternally of God, and will be disappointed as Christ declared, for when God creates, either the image of man, in its deposition, as a painting comes from an artists, or the salvation of the same, when it is despoiled, having the touch of infinity in dealing with infirmity of spirit, there is no question of co-operation! That would be an arrogancy in theme, all but inconceivable. Hence we read with relish the fact: "BY GRACE, you are saved persons, through faith, and that is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God," (Ephesians 2:8). The Greek requires the meaning, "that whole thing", that is being saved by grace through faith! It also provides the concept, "having been saved persons", in its grammatical form used.

It is all so distinct, from salvation to redemption, institution to restitution: of God.

This in the very face of God's divine love and costly provision for mercy with neither justice nor truth left wounded, and His provision of His eternal word as Saviour in the very form of man's flesh, the despatch, the disregard or disdaining  of this reality is not a matter of mere neglect. Instead, it becomes a cardinal irresponsibility; and as with endless sun-tanning in today's ultra-violet quota, it has what finally will be apt to present ineffaceable results. Moreover, while some may withstand much sun, none can withstand God; and He does not kill truth in order to secure salvation, but meets it as He IS the truth, and meets it in two ways.

One is to bear its impact for those who receive His salvation, repenting of the cause, sin, and the other is to bring on justice, where mercy, being neglected, cannot apply. This He does, then resurrected, He declares and declaims mortality covered, immortality provided and truth triumphant. Thus is the way of the Prince of Life, who is not only Creator, but King in majesty, surveyor in spirit and deviser of the paths for man (Psalm 1). Lovely as the flower in its ultimate beauties, adorned with perfumes all but unspeakable in delight and evocation, He yet and indeed as with loveliness of often, leaves what drops wantonly from His gifts and graces, like flowers fallen.

The very scope of the plan of salvation is on the nether side, the deadiliness of excluding its operation.

Freedom has its cost. God is beyond it, but it is not beyond Him. In the end, man has only one way out; and if he flouts it, he has none left.



In fact, the animated and adventurous antics of adventuring man, into whom so much has been poured in creation, and for redemption, would be admirable, like those of a forward toddler, were it not for the irrational fever, the arrogant princeliness often mixed with graceless disdain for his own divine  Creator, whose plan, process and payment for redemption he has, in the main, spurned*7.

While reason riots at its treatment, and philosophy tries every mode of mangling it, and fails since its own attack is immediately invalidated when reason is assailed: yet this same God-given reason remains, an integral resource from the Lord, irrevocably leading to the revelation of His word (SMR Chs. 1, 3, 5,  10, at the outset, and Chs. 2, 8-9, at the onset; and Repent or Perish Ch. 9, *1A).

As man thus strays, increasing the scope of his wayward oscillations, reverence spasms, truth is scorned, the divine remedy disrelished, while man himself exercises that great field of his: sin that structures its castle, seduces its victim and seeks to identify with him. It moves in him to create princely pride in himself and his race, his littleness and his enmity, his aspirations and his computations, so that he is found lapsing out of control, like an abandoned space ship (Luke 19:10, Matthew .

In this case, there is the vehicle for delivery, but immune in his poisoned soul, by his own estimation, he remains lost as a profession! The Son of man came to seek and to save that which is lost, and here is the satisfaction of pity, the crown of mercy, that it is still available*8A.

Man in his lostness is a great grief, but even that is divinely predictable, and has been predicted, specified in advance*8B both as to principle and procedure (Matthew 24, Luke 19, II Thessalonians 2, II Timothy 3, I Timothy 4, II Peter 2; John 3:16,19,36, Revelation 6-9, 13, 17-19), reality and remedy. Thus the word of God, the Bible not only specified its identikit for Christ (cf. SMR Ch. 8), when He should come and what He would do and who He would be (Micah 5:1-3, Hosea 13:14, Ezekiel 34, Psalm 2,22, 16 for example - cf. Joyful Jottings 22-25), for faith to use its eyes, but the method of salvation (Isaiah 52-54), for knowledge to realise its target, and the result, for the spirit to respond to its home (Isaiah 55).

Christ was deliberately, then, and in detail identified by the prophets, against the day of His arrival. That was then. This is now. Present also is the identikit for the end of the Age (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5), which is now almost to the last detail, fulfilled; and its pattern and ways are similarly articulated with care, and found by observation in this, our hastening world, which moves more and more rapidly as if desiring to quit its job, being afflicted and pillaged.

By no means is this empty-headed calumny of the treatment of this world and of himself in it, by man; indeed, it is as the scriptures above declare, and many of their grounds for judgment, man has now managed to 'invent' in his spoliation both of his environment and his own spirit. Indeed, there now proceeds and proliferates an empty-headed and chronic calumny of Christ, of His word and of His redemption, yes distortion of it and endeavours to subjugate it to this or that religious procedure, in sects almost innumerable proceeds as if flies gathered about a feast (cf. News 121, 122, and Sects in Index).

Man's intelligence, design, imagination and spirit are now being abused to assail his Creator and His word, misusing His name when it is not being abused and His word deviously twisted (cf. Paul in II Corinthians 4, 11), and this mature-age revolt is being brought rapidly to a judgment irreversible and assured; for to REJECT the REMEDY is to REQUIRE the RESULT of such rejection. Seek to drown the only life-saver and you are in deep water indeed!

The orchestra of truth has completed its introductory overture; the curtain trembles, and it is near to the moment when it falls.



How credulous and simplistic is man without God! He can be cunning to make billions, courageous to rout armies, ruthless to kill millions as several have managed to do in the last century alone, yet so impishly ludicrous in his thought, that he can even try to justify such prodigies of folly by his evolutionary emphases, his inveterate confusions and his asinine aspirations to rule all, be all and owe nothing, while receiving his very own soul, spirit and articulated equipment of ultra-genius, that human body, itself so integrated with the powers of his mind, and the soaring of his spirit. Here, in man, is a device, designable, integrable, assessable, requiring more than human thought, the very hinges of its triad being themselves a masterpiece of unification, and his programmatics a staggering universe of command designations, always requiring the voice of power, wisdom and imagination mixed.

The conception


that originally originative conceptions are to be evacuated
from the limitlessly attested ideas which run within man's capacity to have these, or


that the micro-biological commands are to come from no mind, and


that the multi-disciplinary consequences from no understanding,


that form is to arrive from nothing,


that function from nowhere and


that the systems innumerable which intimately relate and correlate,  site in or spawn
from the lack of either system or thought,

is as scientific as imagining that a fountain pen arrived, given time, by the concourse of atoms:

except this is all but infinitely more in violation of scientific method than even that would be.

Do you have something in a suitable substance for holding, with a nib of suitable dimension for utility, with an ink-pouch of suitable size for a reasonable resurgence of thought to be inscribed on paper, with the holder fitted neatly and even astutely in its dimpling, for fingers, and its durability suitable for the type of usage which reason requires in the case of man: a fountain pen in short; and then wonder if the waves produced it, or space ?

You do not. This sort of extraneous, disarticulated, disingenuous attribution to matter of what it is NEVER found to do, by observation, in its realm which NEVER is found to SHOW the power to do it, but inveterately the power to prevent it, nor to possess the ability to exhibit the rationale of such power if it did, would be the folly of the unduly sustained, in their more humorous decadence or desultory dreams. Science looks for the SORT of power or law or procedure where it IS to be found, and hypothesises accordingly. It looks for the SUFFICIENT cause, not the total absence of this, first, logically, then empirically and thirdly in terms of verificatory attestation.

It does not chew its cud and say, Pens ? ah yes, probably engineered by non-engineering, composed by non-understanding, and arriving and sustained in their precision and pristine usability by some kind of gurgle, never seen you know, in matter! It does not say, Given time, of course we shall have fountain pens. It looks for the operative and effective means, the minimal causation for such a consequence, given the second law of dynamics, or if you prefer, the spoliation procedures to be endured if one is even to sustain, far less make, such an object. It does not ask the stars, or the seas... It has attestations nearer at home.

The thought of man is not visible. It moves matter, shapes it, conceives it, arranges it, but has no colour or shape, is not geometrically measurable, spatially constrained or categorically traceable; nor yet is visible the love of man, whether to create or to desecrate, to embrace his family or his concepts. Results assuredly flow where matter or mind or spirit is to be found for the impartation from the realm of the invisible in man; but no material action of thoughtless specks of slaving stuff make the liberty of man.

Such origins neither show themselves, nor could. They are inadequate in realm, in system, in conception and in coverage (cf. SMR pp.  316Dff., It Bubbles... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. , Licence for Liberty). They confuse means with design, reduce purpose to event, as if a cake were said to be eggs, flour and sugar, which indeed it contains, but which await the purpose of the cook before the creation is attained. In this case, however, even the ingredients are sui generis, only the transmission utilises the means. The tape recorder does not create the music of song, but transmits it; and its containment is not to arraign and determine that, but to copy it into a form to be heard. It is a slave model only; it is the singer who is free.

Transmission is not invention, paint is not the picture, a sublimely bathetic conception, misunderstanding and a mistakingof the entirety of art; just as petrol is not a car, far less the direction chooser or the sights to be seen in the realm through which it propels, given a driver, and an engine! Reductionism is simply sloppy thinking, futility instead of labour, the omssion of interface and the crowing without the egg.

Yet from the thought of man comes creation; and this the more obviously when it is allied to his spirit, by which he can even WILL to DO the thing, and not merely to analyse it, to WANT to have it, to ESTIMATE and imaginatively CONSIDER it in the realm of the possible, as far as his spirit can move!

The movement of the invisible, which merely motions matter by command, is not unknown to us. We exhibit it every time we err, in the very face of a good programmatic power to think; and nothing can FORCE the determined to err, since if all were determined, error would be meaningless, an alien term.

Man in droves, nevertheless, in his mind  endlessly seeks to make not fountain pens, no, he is far too wise for that, but MAN to come from matter, matter from nowhere, mind to be an additive sublime but arriving or arising somehow, and forgetting sufficient cause, to let aetiology commit suicide. All this, he appears in his cultural model and popular mode, ready to do,  so long as this same man can be free of obligation to anything or ANYONE!

Spirit is to come, it also,  in its freedom to range, whether into brilliant conformity to reality, or bizarre or even intentional and deceptive departure from it, from nowhere in particular; for if you become too particular, you resume the rational and require God! We WILL NOT have this man to rule over us is as recent as today, as old as the parable of Christ, and the days of the prophets which He consummated in Himself (Luke 19:12-27).

TIME, he says, time allows life, without wit or knowledge, or source. This, he declaims,  may be shown when matter is 'helped' as with Miller (*3A, *7A)  to become the author of wit, of conception, of creativity, of non-servitude, and indeed of the love of liberty. But how ? Does time make a system to be what it is not, or inject into it, what it has not ? And to return to reality, did Miller in fact, even make life, far less all those ingredients ? Did he even make thought ? Did he even make protein ? Did he even make any DNA ? Did he not remove by a trap the byproducts in any case detrimental to results, and even then achieve nothing more than the normal considerations of chemistry in its own most limited domain ? Chemistry has its place; but while it is involved in life, as often are instincts, consciousness, response and always bio-chemistry, so this chemical phase of things is not life any more than atoms are hands or space is giving birth.

Components have their systems and their ways, and are occupied with them. Thought can combine and instruct them, and spirit can give orders and provide grounds, both in reason and in desire. Creativity comes from its own source, not from what is bound, or mindless.

Does 'life' cease to require not less, but more formative functionalities to back its configurations, secure its synthesis, master its minutely brilliant mathematics, provide for its super-abundant
and exotic magnificence of structure, because of the contemporary and bathetic focus of man's desire ?

On the contrary, reality baulks erratic desire. It is precisely because it does so, and its domain is evacuated of the practically and logically necessary ingredients in kind, that many evolutionists are continually using the language of 'trying', 'experimenting', 'looking for' or 'towards', 'striving to find', 'finding the solution', as if 'nature' had these, though how non-mind does these things it does not bother to declare. They are too concerned in USING what they deny, to descry rationality for its origin.

This they do, for this is the background of their ideation, surreptitious or not, subversive of validity as of result.

Yet all this is merely to assume it has what it manifestly lacks. Where is the generating equipment for such innovative endeavours, such rushes of relish and rational realisations in the field of integrality of functions in this one or that one exemplar! It is never found, and what is found is that very zeal for the 'kind', the compass of the creation, that it be kept, even down to the automated provisions for editing new copying of living material, to conserve identity and limit error.

At EVERY point, a contrived, conceived, coded creation is indicated in life, invested with form; and architecturally astute,  the wisdom behind it, completed the performance, so that the structure and man in particular should remain, with much else, these thousands of years. Self-replication for thousands of years, with repair clinics automated in each generation, from within, this is the phenomenon, not mindlessness, and here is the quality of the project, not the sub-moronic. Here is the disposition which relates; and there, it is not.

As to the actual nature and definition of life, it is profound and demanding, multi-dimensional in requisition for its grounds; and superficial reductionism does nothing to alter the case (cf. Life, what is it ?, TMR Ch. 1). Reductionism merely denigrates or defiles the validity of those who engage in it. ALL of it is the issue, and irrelevant compilations of unreason, nature myths, disarticulated from practice as from productivity, remain a mere mirage, interesting perhaps to see, but never able to produce ... more than an impression!

It is as the Bible declares, and to expect vital skyscrapers of imaginative matter to erect themselves in living forms, as if the World Trade Centre needed but time to reconstruct itself, just because there is a life format which we now behold, far beyond the conceptions of matter, and far more intricate in its demands, and its internalised commands, is merely an implosion of expediency,  an  explosion of irrelevance and a flight into vapidity. To reason from the current NON-ACTION in this field, to how the ingredients ACT, is the contrary of the empirical just as it is the lost child of fallen logic; and to fail, even by intelligence, to find by any contrivance, how to make it happen, while yapping on its wonders: this is the abyss of the irrelevant, the antidote to science.

It neither connects, has any interface with its supposed basis, nor verifies itself. Moreover, to expect these vital skyscrapers, these living wonders to construct new ones of innovative wit, though there is no voice to speak, no mind to induce, nor any thrust to accomplish, over the thousands of years: this is, in its own right, one form of asking nothing to do what the something in view neither can nor does EVER do. It is to ask a pauper to show how to be a billionaire, after giving him a million, and he has lost even that!

Variation within kind is the name of the finding; and escalation is the name of the omission in our current world.

To seek to have imagination run a contrary, contra-evidential, anti-empirical world of its own, and to relate this to science is a worse scandal than ever that of our Wheat Board could be, even if all were substantiated in the negative. That is merely irrational.

So does reason die, and millions are dying with it, as the evolutionary absolutism whether of Hitler or Stalin, Mao or any other dreadnought of despair, hoping for more nothings to become something from no basis, operate on their survival regimes, where death is the removal of the undesired, and the remainder MUST be good, and must progress. It is so written in the books of unreason.

Why ? Does a funeral ennoble the rest, does a removal invent wonder ? Is the failure of some the upgrade of the rest ? is the doom of folly to invent glory ? is devilish anti-creation, the errant assault on God of the desecrator (Romans 1:17ff., Matthew 4:8-10, I Peter 5:7-10, Acts 26:18, Mark 8:33),  to snare much of mankind, is it to become a womb of wonder or the source of splendour ? Is death the birth of life ?  Are the young to be educated in illusion, recipients of ideological pogroms, irrationalist dreams and anti-empirical delusion ? There is an education not merely worthless but more lethal than radioactivity, for it may slowly kill, but this provides for life, a mode of death.

Naturally enough there are times when even the deluded, that is the spiritually confused and alienated, begin to wake up. Such a case was that of Schützenberger, noted in SMR pp. 128ff.,  et al.), the renegade Paris University Professor of Mathematics. It was a just joy to read of his dilemmas, well voiced, when he found no way to go on the basis of erroneous premisses, and insisted on an answer. It was of course a self-inflicted wound, one common in our culture, one resulting from an alogical basis, such is most common in scientistic thought, currently enjoying a reign in much of the earth. In this, it comes in replacement as subversive and odious, like that of Communist infiltrators into governments which they seek to subvert in the interests of subjugation and rule by force.

Such is the force of much in the current scientistic establishment, as it seeks to take over the establishment of science, though alien to it in thought, in method and in result.

But what of this schema of self-creation without anything back of it ? It is magic. It is anti-logical thought stalking in the void: it is this, whether impossibly and self-contradictorily, it starts with nothing, or directly repudiates aetiology, and starts with what is unexplained, but happens to be around, ignoring the need for any ground to found its delimitation, formation and kind.

Thus we have moved about, like a bird in a tree, flitting to this branch, to that, comparing the view, gathering the perspective, examining the grounds, measuring the relationships, considering the garden of life, and the grounds of the universe.

In sum, what do we then find ?

Logically, such modalities cannot work, cannot happen into history; empirically, such things are not observed to happen, nor are they EVER verified, but rather anti-verified (cf. SMR pp. 140ff., Ch. 2, Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming  Chs. 4, 5, 6, The gods of naturalism have no go!). Indeed, they cannot even be made to happen, with intelligent assistance from man! (cf. the case of Miller, A Spiritual Potpourri 5; A Spiritual Potpourri Ch.  9, *2).

Whether the institution of a delimited, directed whole, or its parts, the whole directed realm of the visible, or the innovation of the spiritual, it all has but one result: the dead domain of the merely natural has nothing to contribute. For the result, the already instituted has no power to act, neither when stirred, nor when observed! Like a dummy in the mouth of a child, it cannot talk, however many ludicrous experiments are being made in inordinate efforts to achieve the desultory dreams of unreason.




What then of man's desire, in vast masses, for deicide, or its products ?
what of his dreams of anthropological  theophany, man himself as God or god: 
fraudulent follies to dispense with creation, his princely fantasy ?


Jeremiah specialised in dreams for dramas without God, in Ch. 23, and he advises us that this endless misuse of the very name or power of God, for the provision of mere dreams, fraudulent, impudent and divisive, whereby religious people, run without being sent, have visions of their own, without their being the truth, is something which "in the latter days" will be perfected. If it was rife in his tumultuous and finally fatal day for Israel, then more so will it be seen in the end of this Age, the Messianic Age which Jeremiah with many predicted (indeed, he did so in this very Ch. 23).

"In latter days," he declared of this spiritual pathology, "you will see it perfectly." So it is*8.

If in the earlier days, Israel abused privilege and rebelled in circuitous and involved defiances and deviousnesses, in delinquencies and perversions of truth, justice and body alike (cf. Amos 5:11ff., Jeremiah 5:26-31, II Kings 23:7, Isaiah 1), to the point of the loss of the Northern kingdom altogether and the eventual sacking of the Southern (Judah), and ruin of the temple, with exile in Babylon and a horror in the process (Lamentations), which makes pity pregnant and sorrow stricken: then what is in store for the perfecting of the pollution, now coming and to come for the Gentile world! Revelation 6-9 gives some idea!

Man in myriads seems now busy trying to invent another world with another king and another way, with an irrational bent, a mind bent to vagaries and a sodden spirit (in 2005, even Turkey had EU pressure on her to CEASE DISALLOWING HOMOSEXUALITY, a step the European body earlier took with Britain relative to her army! *9).

As man defiles man, he also exalts him, making virtual hymns to himself, as a pinnacle in which he participates, the chosen child of non-creation, which is to have presented him with his creative power, his mind, his body and his spirit, all from nowhere, with no power, all based on the unbased, like cities in mid-air, awaiting their fall. Thus the lust arises like a bushfire, a wildfire, a conflagration of the atomic bomb; and its subject is not only body. It is mind also, it is spirit, it is the universe, it is power to control and to invest in himself the divine attributes, a useless procedure, since he began; but truth has no more warrant, nor does wisdom receive acclaim.

So he imagines. Yet is is mere fraud.

Where is the upward thrust for man's future, as he promiscuously pursues his own glory ? He will assuredly in this come into acute collision with the Almighty, who in the day of resolution, of the finale for the Age, "will alone be exalted in that day" - Isaiah 2:17. Such upthrust for man is not to be found in 'nature'. Never does it so perform.

Logically, it cannot happen; empirically, it is not observed to happen; for verification (even then, of an irrelevant sort) it cannot even be MADE to happen in the whole field of life, BY intelligence at man's command. Whether it be the institution of a delimited, directed whole, or the provision of its parts, the procurement from the relevant void of information and command, or its form: the whole realm of the visible has nothing to the point to contribute. It neither makes haste, nor in the whole field of time, finds the sub-moronic an adequate basis for an ultra-man brilliance that blasts its products into being like a rocket released into the atmosphere, into the heights.

In astronomy, Bangs require precedent force and constraints, and explosions are no course for the creation of law, the delimitation of greater designs than man can make, by any credible definition of the term, or for one single vital language to 'arise' directing the embodiments of life with a canny wit and effervescent brilliance of controlling concept, resulting in a visionary splendour of magnitudes outward and inner worlds of substructures and functionalities inward, that astound the revelling soul with its thrust, drive and delicacy of construction.

Uncanny ? let us review that.

What at first sight astounds in this, would be so, were it not for its continual sophistication, which makes us seem as children before an adult, vastly beyond us in understanding and in executive skill. Even intelligence with centuries does not manage, but merely seeks to find out what is there in the majestic scope of innovative ideas, executions and classifications in kind, apt to the application of hierarchical thought. It is this which brings it to its due and ready construction, the means of mirroring the thrust of creation, in our receptors and rationality. The mastery of making minds able significantly to master in turn the concepts and conditions provided, wit embracing wit,  is prodigious.

bullet No apparent puddles of this or that imaginary form of matter or energy, dark or otherwise;
bullet no stimuli to already vastly ingenious living cells, able to act
because they lack nothing of the multiply simultaneous extant ingredients of complex design,
and overarching meaning in the point of each whole;
bullet no primordial cells adorn the tarmac of time, as Denton notes,
nor do the discards of fumbling witlessness display themselves in the requisite droves,
for any imaginary process by which opposites create,
as if a zero IQ is to be distinguished by a CHARACTERISABLE 10,000 in its results!

Dumbness as a ground for ultra-genius is no sane choice, but a mere butt for passion and an intemperance for dizzy thought. Extinction of one member of a family is no ground for having genius in the rest. You need the CAUSE of origin, not the DECEASE of what does not fit, to induce due results. Magic is otherwise, but in machining, it has no value.

The pre-emptive Designer is not otherwise, since without Him, NOTHING of law and form and existence has any ground, nor does the binding into kinds, whether of atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, physical law or living cells. Nature requires this source for matter and life. It is consistent in logic, verifiable in result, coherent in contemplation, the written DNA with its counterpart in words written in the Bible. Here is the double wisdom provided in the case of mankind, and this Biblical writing is in turn testable, and verifiable, so that there is no excuse.

Let us review it. BEG as many questions as you unscientifically will, and you still go back to every phase of matter and life, and require the background for each, the dynamic, the address, the constructive and fabricative fashion and impetus, right back to nothing. Nothing for its part never works ON, even when you place by alogical tics, this or that assumption into being, for it has precisely nothing to contribute at any time, as a gratuitous platform for advance.

None of the parts ever has the power to be the source of ingenuity, a cause of law, a sculptor of form, a forward mover of mastery - an institutor of realms wholly diverse from matter for life.

Nor has any the address

bullet to formulate and program for instinct,
bullet to institute thought,
bullet to occasion the deployment of conscious formal logic in man and
bullet to provide capacity for willing good or wilful evil, enabling the will in the field of analysis,
bullet to make procedures into persons or equations into equity, indeed, or
bullet to program into place the basis for the choice of lustful perversity
to breach law, in mind, spirit or body (cf. SMR pp. 307ff.).

As for biblical creationists, with us is the Lord of glory whose glorious works are the natural fruit of the supernatural, dependent only on His will; and since there is nothing to gain for One who has all power and on whom all depends, the marvel is that He gives, and His glory is not only in intelligence and wit -

(as in Proverbs 8:12, we read of wisdom that acts
to "find out knowledge by witty inventions"
or that "knowledge of right counsels is available to me",
as also seen in detail in Psalm 139:14-16)

but in liberality, generosity and grace.

It is this Prince of Life (Acts 3:15), the King to be crucified by gracious plans for our redemption at the time chosen and specified (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4), who has instituted and delimited with law and feature, the visible, with its pockets and packets and energy and contrivance, its formulae and forms, together with the minds to manipulate it effectively as also secured in scope, allied with a nearer approach enabling the capacity to understand HIM (cf. Jeremiah 9:23-24*10), and the spirits both to perceive meaning when it is found, and to appreciate and respond, creatively or desecratively.  Here lies, in this third dimension of creation, the power to beget ambition, even against God if the will so fires like a runaway motor, the driver unconscious or drunk.

As to this provided field of ambition, it may be either deadly in self-centredness, then, or sublime in spiritual aspiration to find and even know the Creator.

Every utter diversity, within the framework first envisaged, deposed, deposited

bullet      like so many books to an author

            concerti for a musician,

             styles of building for an architect;

bullet      every phase, feature and facet of space,

            every mathematical uniformity of phase, formula or perspective,

            and every particularity within it, in whatever application,

            every arrangement ... as we arrange pictures on a wall, first finding the genius
            who paints them,

bullet     every splendour in that assemblage,
    gratuitous and superabundant, except as a result of  the love of creation
    and the artistic ebullience of knowledgeable delight
    (cf. Proverbs 8:31, Job 38:7),
    imprinted in plant, scene or flower, past mere existence:
bullet     this, one and all, is His creation,
    just as we create our own houses, rooms, pianos and melodies.


Essential ? Not exactly, but it is expressive of our internal impressions, or our spiritual domains and our creative flair, so granted as we are indeed in the image of the LOGOS, whose expression of the God of all, is perfect and eternal. This image has been formed in us, in time and space, under test. Freedom has its multiple and sometimes myriad functions, and with this we are all familiar, a familiarity readily a ground for contempt, and thoughtless ingratitude. Yet it is there and has its ground, as reason requires and the Lord has commanded into existence. His word, not only in DNA, but in all domains, has its results which are flighted into being, like constructive atomic bombs, not of cursing but of blessing. The misuse is a function of the glory of the due use, in truth and in exploration, intimate and co-ordinated.

Before we proceed, so great is man's current tendency to triumphalism and despondency in bipolar flurries, we need to remind ourselves that the CURSE which has come for the abuse and misuse of liberty has neither obliterated the wonder of creation, nor left it without a witness to its own superb and finished work. In this demanding field, because of the sin ingredient, man without the salvation of God, which He also has commanded (cf. Isaiah 48:16, II Corinthians 4:4) is indeed in a perilous combination of wonder and woe.

From this,  he needs to extricate himself, calling on the name of the God of creation and redemption, by the free grace of God (Acts 2, Psalm 145:17ff., cf. Romans 10:9), importunate for pardon through the cross of the Prince of Life and the covenant of grace which He has given (Matthew 26:28). Sin enslaves man and erodes even his thought, an alcohol for the mind, a drug for the spirit, and because it, the many are bound without irons, but as effectually; and they need release as so beautifully declaimed in Isaiah 61, and 55, of the work of the Messiah.

What nothing in its emptiness and all subordinate things with their vested spheres CANNOT perform, even the best of them being of  the more ultimate things deprived and not themselves princes of glory at all, but placed persons: the Maker of each phase CAN do. As far as creation is concerned, He does not now do this, being more occupied in the field of re-creation, new creation of the misused old creation, in this and that man or woman or child, in transformation and restoration to the image first given (cf. II Cor. 4:6, John 3, Titus 3:5-7, Colossians 3:10).

We, our race, for our own part, are  proceeding as one of the extant products of a stopped procedure called 'creation' and instead are now surrounded by a dynamic process called rebirth, effected like medical operations, on each person, one at a time. It has, like the first creation, but one source, and there is as one Creator, so one Saviour, for both functions are of the Maker, who surveys, superintends and knows His creation. For thousands of years, the word of God, in glorious unity, the Book of the Lord, this now our Bible has itemised what we need to know, and with relentless irony, asks us

bullet to do what it does if we are able,
bullet to know what its Author  knows, and show it,
bullet to have a test and perform in prediction or retrodiction what it does,
bullet  to be as gods if we can, but rather
bullet to face up to our inanities, before they become the nails of our judgment,
bullet to seek mercy and not a mandate for spiritual paranoia!

It seeks for us salvation, restoration and relief, from the needless burdens presumptuously borne, and not the less heavy for that! (Isaiah 48, Isaiah 55, 44:6-8, 41:21-24). Let us hear from Isaiah 41:

" 'Present your case,' says the Lord.

'Bring forth your strong reasons,' says the King of Jacob.


'Let them bring forth and show us what will happen;

Let them show the former things, what they were,

That we may consider them,

And know the latter end of them;

Or declare to us things to come.

Show the things that are to come hereafter,

That we may know that you are gods;

Yes, do good or do evil,

That we may be dismayed and see it together.

Indeed you are nothing,

And your work is nothing;

       He who chooses you is an abomination.' "

It is hard at first for many to realise that in the presence of such unerring denunciation and scorning irony, there can be love; but does not reflection teach us clearly that it is PRECISELY those who have loved us who can strip the paint from our presumptuous surfaces and when we wake up, bring us from dream to reality, with the best of intentions, and superb results ? Thus even in this very chapter, His concern to bring us where as His we may receive the bounties for which we are made, we read this:

" ...You shall rejoice in the Lord,

And glory in the Holy One of Israel.


"The poor and needy seek water, but there is none,

Their tongues fail for thirst.

I, the Lord, will hear them;

I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.


"I will open rivers in desolate heights,

And fountains in the midst of the valleys;

I will make the wilderness a pool of water,

And the dry land springs of water.

"I will plant in the wilderness the cedar and the acacia tree,

The myrtle and the oil tree;

I will set in the desert the cypress tree and the pine

And the box tree together,

That they may see and know,

And consider and understand together,

That the hand of the Lord has done this,

      And the Holy One of Israel has created it."

Even more is the expression to be found in Hosea 14, and when the wounded Word Himself, before His crucifixion spoke, what is more solicitous and sublime than John 17, in the domain of love, a love which spoke by nails, not impressed into victims, but into Himself that He might give us with pardon, the very victory over death (Romans 1:1-4, 10:9).

Meanwhile, in our delimited place and site, we are equipped with power to create worlds of our own, but not on the scale and primary magnificence of His, of which we form but an intelligent and spiritual part, clad in flesh, surrounded by wonder, vulnerable and needing grace in time of need, redemption from the outset, and realisation of His presence as a result.

Man is the more and more blighted by the inane conception that, being so gifted, we received no gift; or that having much, we have all the extremes of ability and power, tantrums replacing truth; or that being able to construct, we arrived without ground, like fancies from the imagination of someone not there, space craft crafted ultimately by nothing.

This is the anti-scientific surmise, ignoring the manifest parallel of our own creativeness, the equally manifest refusal of the creation to make itself however strenuously it may be prompted, as that likewise of nothing to make anything,  and it includes insistence on two formal follies.

These are:

bullet 1) What happens outside the confines of man's own current creative ideas,
cocooned in their serendipitous enclave, 
is irrelevant
and what is never found empirically in life or the laboratory is mandatory as the way
in which what is found comes to be.
bullet 2) What happens in the normative operation of our own creative thought, which exactly, but with far less magnificence, parallels in products and productivity, the thrust of creation of which we are a part,
we ourselves even being equipped with an allied capacity for instituting thought by action:
this too is deemed irrelevant.

Neither our thoughts nor our imaginations are of any importance whatsoever when it comes to the simple, onerous, watchful, perceptive consideration of VERIFICATION, by reaching cognate areas of action, as is normal in science: and considering their performance. That is the nature of the forfeiture of reason and revelation, truth and scientific method on which the revolt against God, in part or in whole, rests.

With contra-science like that, you do not need any degree. It puts imagination above observation, desire above logic and indulges in endless skirmishes of thought, incapable of such things a priori, just as they are unevidenced in success a postiori, while decrying the requirement of imagination to make our imagination.

Simultaneously it exalts personality and imagination above all things, and excludes it from all significance in either its own production, or any of the rest of creation. Thus self-contradictory, too high and too low, sleek in slither, mankind is being led into the pit of confusion. This scientistic fallacy proceeds meanwhile, nature-bashing in missionary zeal.


Formally deprived of truth (cf. SMR Ch. 3, Barbs ... 6), invalid, it acts to invalidate its own basis. Ignoring the logic it meanwhile uses, and dismissing its own ultimate personal resources, while it affirms this same logic in the realm of truth: it rushes in thought into the entire production which, now still and finished, it seeks to have come into being from a magnificent incapacity in kind. Denying truth, while invoking in its own case, a splendour of thought which is to rule all things, ignoring all observations, all aetiology and, spreading its own wings, it seeks to fly through oblivion into intelligibility by a romantic trance that chews up funds because it is creating another word and way, contrary to this world in its ways.

This simply cannot logically, does not empirically or scientifically in observation, as in outcome, fit.

This is precisely to be scientistic instead of scientific, is bumble, refusing to be humble, is ambition gone wild, and riches of ability refusing chaste awareness and methodical application of facts, building on dream and ignoring the clatter of broken wings as, century after century, they are ruined by reality.

In this way, such philosophers in white coats and politicians in red ones,  lead with dead visions of irrational romance, bringing millions to their earthly end as the passions of flesh, deriding their God, drive survival into originative power, and pride into passion for primacy. So comes inveterate vice and war engulfing more and more for its insatiable maw.

Ghastly is the cause,  with its resultant disruption and restless imprudent dynamic in God-forsaking man, resting on spiritual rebellion and intellectual fallacy and fantasy, tormenting the next generation while it is still in school, so that when it is grown, the many seized by this dream, the crop is ready for reaping.

Ghastly no less is the judgment already apparent in this disease-ridden, famine-stricken, peace-blighting world.

Justice in truth, alone is then left, when mercy is disdained and the merit available in Christ for the individual person's redemption, like man's  invitation to the open door, are given cavalier consignment to the bin. Man has already brought due judgment on himself, as when an adolescent, with drink and drug alike inflamed, smashes in his impetuosity, his car into a post or a tree. Man's tree in naturalism and his careering car in the vortices of an irrationality, often laced with the bemused nightmares or mere dreams, is neither oriental nor occidental in make. Its nature is as wide as the human race, and its victims are freely drawn from all quarters.

Mercifully, individuals may still use the divine means of salvation, when the cavalier becomes the contrite, the heart comes to the Prince of Life, Jesus Christ, and reason returning with spiritual sight, revelation is at last accepted. Thus may repentance come like a storm, to pass in splendid calm, into the peace of pardon.


Now Isaiah1:18 puts the matter with God's direct authority:

" 'Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean;

Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes.

Cease to do evil,

Learn to do good;

Seek justice,

Rebuke the oppressor;

Defend the fatherless,

Plead for the widow.


" 'Come now, and let us reason together,'

Says the Lord,

'Though your sins are like scarlet,

They shall be as white as snow;

Though they are red like crimson,

                           They shall be as wool.' "


Isaiah 53 puts the divine mode of enablement for this program of peace

for the individual, and for all who come in faith to Him:


"Who has believed our report?

And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant,

And as a root out of dry ground.

He has no form or comeliness;

And when we see Him,

There is no beauty that we should desire Him.


"He is despised and rejected by men,

A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him;

He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.


"Surely He has borne our griefs

And carried our sorrows;

Yet we esteemed Him stricken,

Smitten by God, and afflicted.

But He was wounded for our transgressions,

He was bruised for our iniquities;

The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,

And by His stripes we are healed.


"All we like sheep have gone astray;

We have turned, every one, to his own way;

And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.


"He was oppressed and He was afflicted,

Yet He opened not His mouth;

He was led as a lamb to the slaughter,

And as a sheep before its shearers is silent,

So He opened not His mouth.


"He was taken from prison and from judgment,

And who will declare His generation?

For He was cut off from the land of the living;

For the transgressions of My people He was stricken.

And they made His grave with the wicked—

But with the rich at His death,

Because He had done no violence,

Nor was any deceit in His mouth.


"Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him;

He has put Him to grief.

When You make His soul an offering for sin,

He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days,

And the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.


"He shall see the labor of His soul, and be satisfied.

By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many,

For He shall bear their iniquities.


"Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great,

And He shall divide the spoil with the strong,

Because He poured out His soul unto death,

And He was numbered with the transgressors,

And He bore the sin of many,

                          And made intercession for the transgressors."



Ephesians 2:1-10 shows the background in grace and the foreground in work-free favour, leading to results credible for a birth into the very family of God. Like birth in general, it is not an achievement of the babe, but a gift of life to it.


"And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air,
the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience,
among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh,
fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others.

"But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us,
even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ
(by grace you have been saved),
and raised us up together, and made us sit together
in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,
that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace
in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith,
and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God,
not of works, lest anyone should boast.

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."





See Denton in SMR Index, for example. On Tiktaalik, see this link also:





On Creation

It must be realised that creation is something of its own kind, an action per se. Whatever thought, whatever consideration, whatever preparation of kind may be found in any given case, when you come to the creation itself, be it immediate as very often, or in flushes and phases, it is of the nature of what was not there, but now it is.

It was not; but it is. Take the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon series. It is a creation of its kind, yet before it arrived, it might seem an oddity of the imagination. Ask now the Ph.D. (one who has not seen this type of thing, or any parallel), and question him: Would it be a good and convenient, a workable idea indeed to take a kid's toy tiger, and some scrap of a wilful child, and to make from this a serious and considerable social critique ?

The scholar might laugh. Yet many laugh not derivisely but appreciately at some of the cartoons. Such is the sort of situation with much in the realm of creation, beyond expectation entirely. This is an illustration to ponder.

Unlikely ? Yes. Much of this sort and in the vaster regions of creation is thus, for its genesis is hidden from the eye of discovery, until the internal eye seeing it, has shown what it sees. It is not to be expected.

When however the thing happens, there is intuition, there is the play of imagination, the sparkling delight or awe, as in the driving surge of the waterfall on the rock beneath it, there is the flash and flush of water which flows with the sun upon it, there is the rush of ideation, the concoction of spirit, the sensing of the wonder of it; and behold, as in the birth of a child, it is there.

It is completely indifferent whether it theoretically would seem impossible, or not, easy or laborious. It is there, it comes, it flashes on the screen of the heart, wallows in the wilds of the imagination, smiles in the curves of the mountains of truth (if this is the realm in view, as it often is for many). It seizes the mind, it invades the citadels of thought, it declares itself, it insinuates its fair complexion, it cannot be resisted, it must see the light. Then, behold, it is born.

It may happen in ONE SECOND, or one hour, or one day. It is not the time as such which is crucial, though in one's own case, it is rarely long in coming: it is the nature of the function. It is one where the thing in view is not there, not at all: then it is there. It surges, resurges, flashes, arises as in one no more weary; it vitalises its air, its imbues its surroundings, it pushes up like the grass moving concrete from below, and it finds the outer air. It slides in glorious liberty like an avalanche, or comes into being with inspiring delight like a painting, the concerted work of hand and mind, imagination and thought, gripping the artist perhaps for some days: but as a work of a kind, it is creation. Its nature is this, that it is done.

That is its very nature. It is vain to try to make it something else. It is not found in nature's programmatic devices and material resources; for this is not the manner of the thing. The innovative splendour of the Creator's work is the exact nature of what we, mankind, have been given within ourselves, being made in His image. The profusion and (sometimes) the profundity, dependent on the case, it is as far as human things go, almost illimitable; it has its own dynamic and proceeds from the activity of our spirits and minds, embroiled in a labour like that of child-birth, not some speciously imagined 'child-building' where one would plod and have brain aches as the sheer complexities of the thing bewildered or left one bemused! It is envisaged, it is enacted, it is done.


This is noted in the excellent presentation at the site of Answers in Genesis. It observes that at first the lobed fins of the Coelacanth were thought to be for crawling, but later it was deemed that they were for navigation. There is doubtless such an advantage in having them around.



See the translation of Psalm 139 at this point, in Bible Translation Ch. 2, at 10.



     See The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy.




See The Desire of the Nations, Ch. 2 Epilogue, especially the Epilogue as marked.




See also *7B.

See Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9 and SMR pp.  135ff..

The foot always fits the slipper. Thus the ideas of a drawing teleology, or an inviting, enticing one, upgrading from afar off in front, to bring things along, an embracive uplift, often discussed and rebutted on this site

(Scaling the Heights... Ch. 5,  
News  57
Sparkling Spirituality
Ch.  8  - and Denton,
Journey to God ...
Ch.    5;
The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God
Ch.     7  - and its illogical futility),

are as inept and unavailable to logic and science, as any other myth. The results, the means and the concept itself lack all that is needed for logical coherence and scientific credibility.

In Wake Up World!... Ch. 6, the following is noted:

Indeed, Gould draws attention to Darwin's belief that you cannot logically expect PROGRESS from the changes in view by any inherent propulsion, citing a letter  to Apheus Hyatt, Dec. 4, 1872: "After long reflection, I cannot avoid the conviction that no innate tendency to progressive development exists." That of course led to Schützenburger's impasse (SMR pp. 128 ff., 157ff.). We shall soon see in the CREDO of Gould, more saltations of thought, as in Nilsson and Davies.

As for taxonomy, Denton (op.cit. Ch.6) deals with this in grand manner, with considerable depth of analysis, noting :

"It is only over the past two decades, with the adoption of new methodologies which have subsequently revitalized and popularized the science of classification, that the conflict between hierarchy and evolution has re-emerged and come to the attention of significant numbers of biologists. The reemergence of the conflict is evidenced today not only in the increasing scepticism being expressed by some of the more radical cladists over many aspects of evolution theory, but also in the increasing resemblance that is developing between the modern cladistic framework and the non-evolutionary perception of pre-Darwinian biology."

Again, on this topic, The gods of naturalism have no go! No. 17, we have this expansion of the matter:


MOREOVER, language itself by its very nature is in the same design-didactic continuum, as we noted in Trappings for Potpourri, at 9, in an excursion. It is indeed but one of the constraining presences of reality which evolutionism specialises in ignoring, to its own super-simplistic, multi-abandoned removal from scientific method (cf. Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation). and indeed from the very itemisable realities with which we deal (Repent or Perish Ch. 7).

To abort fact once is a foul; but to do it systematically is the acme of the scientistic, superbly indifferent to reality, seeking to realise dreams without even the wings to transport itself into those fairy realms.

# A n E x c u r s i o n

It may be that some will wish an excursion into more detail in this area, and when pp. 316G ff. and 348 ff. have been studied, then what follows may be considered most readily.

In fact, the affair of language is even more ludicrous than this, when it is considered as the recipient of bombardment. Just as the letters of language are no mere objects, but symbols that operate in a world of syntax, unit meaning and formal constraints of their own, so these in turn relate to other worlds of their own. They operate indeed in a universe of meanings which in turn relate to ideas, ideology, ideational syntheses and refinements of inter-relationships, purposes, sectional program, logical developmental structure, inter-active phases and phrases, figures, features, feeling, finesse, aesthetics, formal and operational functions, integrative hierarchy of control, thrust and focus, with cumulative consistency-constraints and sensitivity at all levels to contamination.

This sensitivity item applies at the level of each system and sub-system, and then retro-actively to the ultimate functionality of the whole, which in this way comes to be faced with sectional change of tone, or feeling, or analytical co-ordination or consistency and so on. The destructive efficiency of a medical virus at the control level, is merely one illustration of processive barbarism in the midst of multiply disciplined thought, semantics, signification and significance at all levels.

We have taken the occasion to consider language more generally, but to do so in order the more to conceive the type of situation which it evokes. We do however have before us the result of constructive action - that is, we are operational human beings. We consider simply the function; and with it, the finesse and sensitive webbing of inter-relations behind this. Of this we are avid, astounded learners. Nor should we be so astounded: for as functioning persons, we ourselves are constantly aware of the high wonder of our performance characteristics in thought, feeling, ideas, perspectives, aesthetics, morals, spirituality, mentality and intelligent understanding.

The synthetic, finally unitary, directable, yet prepared concourse of correlated components is like a dream of marvels, that would leave the U.S. national highway system, complete with earth-works and signals, signs and bridges, a silly little joke by comparison. This is provided for one person: but we ? the race... we communicate and may co-operate, each in various groups, so that multiple communication-highway systems have intermittent, intelligible arrangements with each other, formalisable by contract, but equally susceptible to nuance and nicety.

If of all such a relatively simple national highway system, we expose the structure, the form, the features, the functions, the pathways, the signs, their time-tabling and the bridges: all this, to random bombardment - do we still expect it to function after trillions of such uncouth alterations ? Any bureaucrat would be likely wisely to regard a Director who expected success from such operations either as possessed of a rare form of madness, or as an enemy agent - though possibly on drugs, drunk, or seeking stress leave by deceit.

Operationally, this is the principle of the cytological situation. Logic, symbolism, signification, semantics, rules, channels, consistency, direction, control, co-ordination, performance on this basis, integration of performance components, timing and sequence, myriadfold specialties compounded to progressively eminent and functionally exalted conclusions are in place, just as in our example. It is admittedly a poor one. The case surpasses such simplicity as the highway system and all the cars in their goings, to an extreme degree. That however only serves to increase the impact of the facts. (Cf. pp. 332F ff..) The principles in all such cases have been considered therefore; and they apply causatively as has been and is in detail shown (esp. Chs.   3,    5 infra), pervasively.


At the language area, then, the question arises: How is there to be preserved this myriad-formed concourse of symbolic, syntactical, analysable, semantic, synthetic signals and operational performance... in something creatively effective... ? We need not be concerned in this, at the merely physical level. It is a problem which has been solved for us in the wonder of DNA, and its associates, its editorial controls and the symbolic magnificence that performs such wonders in a kind-preserving work... and indeed, language in its various formulations, installations and evocations, is part of the preservation, in genes as in Genesis, of Kinds.

If however we do not beg this delicious question: How can any language (possessed of the facilities and functions the possessor shows) be fostered, or even preserved, by bombardment ? - the answer is simple. It cannot. Cascades of changes successively fail to conform to, but rather attack, through lack of both understanding and intelligence, the massive constraints operative and required. Invasion is like that: it may serve this or that, here or there; but its nature is unakin to the system it assaults, on which it makes its incursions, to which it comes with small or no regard for the requirements of order, efficiency and operability.

It is indeed a case comparable to that of bulls joining football teams, neither knowing focal constraints, nor caring for the rules or for that matter, the performance - grossly or in finesse - of the game. The game could not go on. The program would be ruined.

In general, and of necessity, massive non-conformity is no answer to the logical requirement of continual, sensitive characterisable, synthetic, symbolic and operational conformity. You can of course attribute an opposite as the cause of what it denies, and indeed of what it attacks - but not with reason; and that after all, is currently our field... The EXTENT of the simplistic substitution of wish for workable reality becomes apparent more fully in Repent or Perish Ch. 7; for it is as if a one half-day excursion to a railway museum were the equivalent of a master's degree in mechanical engineering! Language is merely one illustration: but let us pursue it.

If a language and all the operational features it entails (whether in the conscious arena or not) cannot continue with random incursions into all or any of its system, again let us emphasise, how much less could it thus be built!

What then of man ? The individual is equipped with spirit (q.v. esp. pp. 348 ff. infra), and this has a conscious, cognitive language of its own - with personal powers of creative thought. That is one wonder. That we should also have our pre-prepared, readily utilisable material equipment with its operating system and language, beneath our vital, personal activity, allowing ready and inter-active movement with our physical and vital environment; that our inbuilt cell-language is preserved from unsystematic dissolution (for a fascinating time of function), both by the unit or cell and by inter-connected billions of units in synthesis, and this through magnificent defence and management procedures, written into our physical coding at the cell level: this is simply one characteristic, but here brilliant phase of what creation is always all about.

Adequate power beyond the system, produces in the system, what is beyond the certifiable power of the system to produce. It happens in hats, short-stories, buildings and surgery: what is needed is able to be received as necessary input; but the recipient system is not able to produce it. (Cf. pp. 316G ff..)




See    *8, in Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm: and Renewal of Life ... Ch. 1.





Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamics Ch.    3 (shrieking for their idols, but in vain),    7  ;
The Bright Light and the Uncomprehending Darkness Ch.   5, (myths and 'nature', and religion when in retreat to naturalistic fantasy),

Earth Spasm ... Ch.     7.


See Wake Up World! ... Ch. 6.



On the whorls within the computer topic, and their unwinding, see:

Earth Spasm... Ch.   1,
Sparkling Life ... Ch  8,
Overflight in Christ
Ch.   4,
SMR pp. 132ff.,  15ff..




See Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9 and SMR pp.  135ff..

On the Definition of Design and its application, see The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God Chs.   2   and   7 , where the matter is given intensive consideration. Short quotations from each in order, follow. These chapters also provide further references on matters closely related to this topic, and background where needed in the collation of concepts concerned.


Designations of Design

 See first, with respect to definition, SMR pp.  211ff., Repent or Perish Ch. 7, throughout but esp. in two locations and their hinterlands, Ch. 2 above, and indexes.

On design definition, the case is clear. You need what has integrity, or better integrality, oneness in multiplicity, so that many things minister to one result. You need the power to imagine it, since commands do not imagine themselves; the capacity to codify it if you want to use, as in DNA, programmatic devices, the comprehension to make code articulate with command, and command with the raw material for its implementation; you need a series and sequence so that the correct data come with the correct  matériel and the correct provision of it at the correct time, and the correct concept with which to edit any errors and rectify any oddments. So is it with the embryo, and indeed in much of the following growth, outside the womb.

This of course is precisely what is found in design, to make it so; and nowhere on earth is that of man surpassed in any visible realm. How is this so ? It is a question of complexity for the unity, differential divisions of mind, spirit and matter for the components, inextricably interwoven for normal function, operational sufficiency and efficiency for the command centre or operational agent to secure the results which are to be gained from comprehensive USE of all the equipment and connections and phases of life involved. Nothing comes near such versatility, power and combination, synthesis of dynamic diversity in KIND, as this. Fulfilling the specifications for the definition of design, it yet surpasses all other visible examples.  To remove this example, this exemplar indeed, man,  from  design, would have to remove the concept; but the concept is based on billions of examples, systematically found and implemented by the designed unit himself, man. It is just that his observable case surpasses all in the various elements that constitute what is defined to be design.



Now from Ch. 7, op. cit., we have this:



The overall plan is what is IN FACT realised, and that, it is your personally mobile EQUIPMENT which you use in order to travel, think, walk, talk and grow (including grow old, but this is not fatal to the enterprise even physically, since many more may be built FROM your building, before your unit expires, so that the city of life grows in SIZE, though NOT in KIND! - and that is another marvel! Its levers are  levelling, though at the same time permissive of variety in the kind).

WHAT is it which has many commands, all interconnected to the point of being a visibly joint operation, with many materials, aggregated and congregated, then dispersed into forms which interact and comprise a multiple function whole, of integral KIND and determinable PURPOSES ? It is what is called a DESIGN. Is there ONE LEVER which controls it all ? Of course not. There is no ONE LEVER in a CAR, but there are many such, all inter-related and in the ultimate, inter-connected in ... what ? in THOUGHT in the mind of the designer (provided only it is a GOOD design, with proper discipline of thought and planning, and proper KNOWLEDGE of the properties of what is being designed, and the PURPOSE for which the design exists).

In LIFE, the interconnections are profound, as are the interactive possibilities, for example,  in nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, nerve cells, neurons, synapses, storages of information, brain centres, their interaction and to a degree, adaptability of function sometimes in cases of injury, like a team ready for being re-disposed by the coach (only in this case, the coaching also relates to program not a little, made thousands of years ago)!


This then is a LIFE DESIGN. That is the meaning of the word "design". That is the raw material which is exhibited in such a consideration as the human body. HAVE this and its exhibits the function known as design. We have earlier on this site discussed the follies of trying to distance the reality from the definition, and the absurdity of reserving for exclusion from the concept of DESIGN what is beyond all argument the greatest example of its FOCUS AND FEATURES as definable, which EXISTS ON THE EARTH!

That ? It is rather like saying this: Marjorie Smithy runs ten times faster than any other lady, has better limbs, greater proportionality, deeper savvy, is more sophisticated in preparation and in facility by far, is incomparably the greatest runner alive, or which ever has been known, but we do not call her an ATHLETE! Why ? Because she too well meets the criteria ? Is it envy, madness, then or both, which prevents the STAR EXHIBIT from the notation which corresponds!


Certainly, it is perverse, and the follies of KANT who as a philosopher helped this spiritual inanity, have been dealt with in detail as well as in overview before, exposed and justly dismissed as, in this area, mere confusion (see SMR Ch.5, and Predestination and Freewill Appendix on Kant, MA thesis for the University of Melbourne). Basically, you CANNOT with logical consistency EXCLUDE causation from consideration, and adequate causation at that, in any enterprise, because to do so you must reason with logic, which exists in its integrity and compulsive power, ONLY by rationality. If you despise rationality, then your OWN arguments by which you make your contempt known, are BASED necessarily on the very thing you dismiss. Hence you dismiss your own validity in seeking to present your adverse view of causality, and hence become systematically invalid in WHATEVER you present.



As to design and its nature and presence, this area is considered also in Scaling the Heights, Scanning the Depths, Spanning the Breadth: Jesus Christ has the Answer Ch. 5,

In SMR p. 211 the correlative concept of intelligence and its definition is considered. Objective design is noted on p. 115, Deliberative Design on pp. 252Lff., where in each case, the abortion of the definition which makes each term meaningful, is the penalty for ignoring what is found, in the interests of worshipping what is not, or giving it a place so invasive of scientific method, as to be a fairy substitute for this - an ultimate regress from reason to irrationality for the sake of a dream. 

Just as figs do not grow on thistles, areas of operation do not 'arise' for fun or for magic, but on structural, systematic, aetiologically significant grounds; so where you get figs, it is useless to imagine that there was no basis, no adequate basis, nothing fig-productive in nature. Manna did indeed drop from the skies, but this is not to say that a natural ground is ignored. It may well have been used. Nor is this to deny miracles which abound; but to say that when you have no ground to consider miracle (which of course requires the One potent for that performance in investing 'nature' from beyond itself with what made it what it is, a simple task in principle), then you naturally need to consider the adequate and relevant operational basis for what you get.

Vague words about chance ignore the issue, for chance of WHAT! It must have the adequacies for whatever realm, and far more subtly and systematically integrated realms, in view; and putting mice as ground for  a skyscraper, or matter as a ground for thought, or cells as a ground for spirit, or constraint as a basis for liberty from such constraint, even for deliberate baulking of it: this is mere hiking in bonanza land, pantomime for the playful. Dire necessity of logic may be waived, but then you but wave a greeting to irrationality. Definitions determine for meaning, what we have in mind. To ignore the quality of the producer for each domain, intelligence, design or imagination and liberty, as an explanation, is servility to unreason, abortion of scientific method, by a virtually playful contrariety, and altogether such an hilarious harrumph to all method, as to produce a sense of wonderment.

That however need not long persist, since the Bible, confirming experience, shows that man is so alienated from God, that a certain ignorance of life becomes an inheritance of the pathology. Deliverance from disease is a worthy ambition, and one love can embrace.

It is the same in divorce cases very often: even the obvious is unacceptable, since it is undesired ... with passion! It would be amusing, like a Molière play, where some woeful compulsion pushes the characters to ludicrous extremes. It would be, perhaps, were it not so tragic as to bring tears to the eyes of Christ in the case of Israel (Luke 19:42ff),  one of many obstructions in our sad history as a race. Whether it be political, national, academic, it is all one: it is a spiritual phenomenon of man, and it has results in every domain. The entire race is affected.

That there is a solution, resolution, is the greatest joy to any informed heart, and the reason why it is worth while continuing to seek what is lost (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 2).

Meanwhile, Scaling the Heights ... Ch. 5, has this to the point:

Thus in the March-May 2006 edition of CREATION, we find on the back page a reference to the thought of a Nobel laureate, Szent-Gyõrgi. On the topic of cleaner shrimp entering the mouths of carnivorous fish, such as the Oriental sweetlip and the coral rock cod, and proceeding unharmed to clean around tongue, gill chamber and teeth, he admits himself "unable to approach this problem" (that is, evidently, on naturalistic, reductionist grounds) "without supposing an innate drive in matter to perfect itself." That the need of the gorger, for the forager to help, could co-exist in a way which allows simultaneity of desire, design and consequence is beyond him. It is a kind of situational-irreducible complexity, indissoluble integrality and imaginative collation of designable components easy for design, abhorrent for technical contrivance and its allegedly slow devolvement into being.

It would form that process of illusion by which something is seen ‘easily’ to happen, perhaps by depiction of slow motion film of imagined action, but which lacks the causative components to make it to do.




A Spiritual Potpourri Ch.  5; Ch.  9, *2.



The point is given further attention in The Wisdom and the Wit of the Word of God, Ch. 7 (cf.  Ch. 2  op. cit.). There we move from Design to the exclusion of teleology in one sequence, and hence it is presented below.

On this area of a vague imagination having the powers parallel to those of the Creator, installed by a vain ambit to avoid God, but merely increasing the necessity logically for Him, see references in *3A above. From The Wisdom and the Wit of the Word of God, then, the following is taken, and may there be followed as desire may flame or wisdom lead.

Walking amid the wild flowers, in their profusion, on the mounting path that led to wonders of inspiration as the cloud forms and extending vistas of the city yielded to the contours of vastness over the ocean, one could not fail to be impressed with two features.

The flowers were abundant, sprinkled over the not too luscious path, with the heat of Summer to be borne, with a careless indifference to difficulty which was little less than inspiring. No gardener did they need, nor any fertiliser, no one to soften the ground, far less to water them in days of 105º F. They simply declared their message and continued, delicate and durable, spread out over the path like hundreds and thousands on a child's bread and butter sandwich.

It was however their geometry and colour co-ordination which was both fascinating and evocative. Ornate and ornamental, lavish in display, sharply dark purples, quieter varieties, delicate purplish kinds and then those just tinged with a mere show of the colour, all were there; or there might be an opting for bluish hue of a delicate lightness, or subtle tints dappled with tips of white, or red or variable bases spotted or disposed this way or that, at this level or that, moving to mirroring tips tinted with white touches, while pink stood ready, and plain white, ready for a dab of yellow discretely, each base with frills of geometrical perfection adorning its head, to the number of perhaps 8, arranged in order, metrically aligned, symmetrically co-ordinated, the picture of the prim while at the same time the profusion of art.

It speaks to the aesthete, tolls for the engineer, communes with the architect, resounds for the artist.

How often does this lordly air of superabundant geometrical art, aesthetic plenitude, profusion of the seemingly delicate, delight to the eye and joy to the mind arise in the world of botany, to be supplemented by clouds in their intensity of glow, originality of design, beautiful in proportion, light and colour in an immense canvas that is not made of materials but mere vapours and gases, lit by the sun, moulded into forms and formats, rushing in splendour, bulking in gravity, with tendrils in grace, so that the art work that is presented makes little of some of the greatest of our artists by comparison.

Mix this with the floral superabundance that evokes the most intense aesthetic response because of its numerical felicity, its order-constraining programs, its subtlety of design, and variety, and the sheer wonder of the trees, vast in strength, or with the lemon-scented eucalypts, slender with proportion like a dancer, delicate pinks in their new bark like a painting and variety within this, like a dress designer's flair, and what do you discover ? It is this: that you have a joy to the most intellectual of minds, a delight to the most artistic, a wonder to the most avidly researching and a result which none can surpass.

In all of this there is that combination of elements with a unique individuality of totality, and a face which presents the integral reality of what is there. It is enough to elicit or indeed solicit the response of mind to its uttermost recesses, and has no bearing on anything less, since it has the very zenith of superabundance. For all mean purpose, it seems like overplay and otiose; but for the mind of man, it satiates with its very liberality, depicting not merely the cover of need, but the mind of the Maker, like an architect who, however lowly his task, has his hand revealed in each building, from the sheer spirit and esprit of the thing.

In the end, the reason for design, depends on the purpose of the Designer. It is quite useless and a simple waste of time to seek to argue that 'nature' is some unseen person with unseen motives or pseudo-motives, or teleological desires, which beckon like spectres from the future, or propel with brilliant inventiveness of sub-moronic mental powers, the works which ONLY MAN can fully appreciate. Man was not choosing between flowers, selecting on beauty, and so enabling them to come to be, at some time before his own advent! Rather does what is now there preveniently meet the mind of man to come, from the hand of the architect of the floral and the engineer of man.

In fact,  the magnificence and magnitude of design is NOT something which we FIND 'nature' enabled to produce. All that we find able to produce it, from the elements available for design, is the Designer Himself. His designs are not auto-evocative, autonomous creators, except where logic and imagination enable thought, capacity to deploy power enables its visitation into matter, to make whatever product man may have the felicity to construct. Man the last, is not at all responsible for the first or any part of the way to him! Other than he, the mere conceptual capacity, the inventive spirit, the imaginative mind, it is  not there. Even with him, it is not adequate for all we are. 'Nature' is dead to its production claims, alive to the products which it constitutes. Naturalism is febrile myth, tedious toying with what disappears like the smile on the Cheshire cat in Wonderland, as you inspect it. Cars do not make cars, books to not write books, and life merely keeps to its kinds; it is man who makes what is within his parameters, and God who makes the parameters by which man is guided.

Naturalism is as dead as spontaneous generation, autonomous information generation and decreasing designs over time: it has no go. It is mere contra-factual invention, contrary to the discovery of the methods used, the results obtainable and the nature of the case. 'Nature' or if you want to become scientific instead of flirting with fantasy, non-living objects do not show ANY power to INVENT forms of law. They show merely the power to FOLLOW them.

LIVING objects show no power to invent information; they only show the power to conserve it, and gradually lose it, but in any case, not engender it. Information being coded, comprehensible, communicable report, it HAS to be suitable for mind by being MADE so. The power to engender conceptually coded and comprehensible report is not part of matter. The power to CONTINUE such information is indeed in the DNA, by reproductive devices, with room for variations which NEVER show any power to invent new kinds, because new information has no source, and hence no result.

The MEANS of variation within kind are numerous, including such features and foci as diet, transfer of information, damage to genes or to the pleiotropic parcel covering control units, and so forth. Knowledge grows, but things do not change their kinds, while we learn more of the editing which controls, the leverage systems and the parameters of programs.

For that matter, and to be complete, we might add that imaginary 'spectres' as with Hoyle, himself far more realistic in facing facts and implications than most! or organisational powers with teleological foundation, as with Denton, when unhappily he leaves the facts at which he showed such promise, to fall into the ditch of philosophy and imaginary, non-causally, non-empirically attested fantasy: these do not attest themselves.

Any CHILD can imagine anything. Knowledge however requires that it attest itself. It may do so directly or indirectly, but IMAGINATION is NOT the bridge. It is not thinking about what might be if things only were what they attest themselves not to be; it is the use of imagination to procure the principles for thought and institute the logic for mind which is relevant.

It is reason based on evidence, and requiring validation as to its own premisses (as noted in It Bubbles Ch. 9, *1A, and exhibited in some depth in such sites s TMR Ch. 5) that is required for orderly thought and valid operations.  Matter is not imaginative. He who has the necessary prime priorities in the case is God.

What has any CURRENTLY OPERATIVE, imagined 'spectre' calling the present to the glorious future, in some sort of idealistic depiction to do with reality which does not GO currently in any such direction, and does not SHOW any such attestation! Rather in the second law of thermodynamics we find an OBSERVATIONAL reality that such things do NOT happen now, and in the degeneration aspect of information, a second attestation in the same direction, while in terms of necessary causation, precisely this had to be so without adequate systematic and trans-systematic powers at work. It is useless to imagine what accounts for facts that are not there. The CURRENT is the nature of the hypothesis and the current excludes, by data available, and the aetiological constraints,  the need for such an otiose theory.








You see the exclusiveness of salvation well illustrated in the following verses of Matthew 9, including the statement that the Messiah, the Lord did not come to earth in order to save righteous people, but SINNERS. Those too good to be saved, are good enough to be lost.

"And He entered into a ship, and passed over, and came into His own city.

"And, behold, they brought to him a paralytic, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic: Son, be of good cheer; your sins be forgiven thee.
And, at once certain of the scribes said within themselves, This man blasphemes.

"And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Why do you think evil in your hearts?
For which is easier, to say, Your sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk?

But so that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins -
then He said to the paralytic
,  Arise, take up thy bed, and go to your house.

And he arose, and departed to his house. But when the multitudes saw it,
they marvelled, and glorified God, who had given such power unto men.


There you see the distinctive determinations of deity, sovereign, gracious, kindly, decisive, knowledgeable, testable, responding in depth and power, in word and practical action. Next we come to the rebuke to self-satisfied pretension, by which sinners are regarded as OTHER PEOPLE, below their exalted selves, while such critics may indeed furiously fume at the work of grace!

"As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and He said to him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him.

"Now it happened, as Jesus sat at the table in the house, that behold, many tax-gatherers and sinners came and sat down with Him and his disciples. And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why does your Master eat with publicans and sinners?

"But when Jesus heard that, He said to them,
They who are whole do not need a physician, but they that are sick.

But go and learn what that means, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice:
for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Next, His own role is firmly but simply established, and the poignancy of it all is not lost; for He neither loses sight of His impending redemption on the Cross, nor of the real human texture of feeling and companionship on the way.

"Then there came to him the disciples of John, saying, Why do we and the Pharisees fast oft, but thy disciples fast not? And Jesus said to them,

Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them?
but the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them,
and then shall they fast.

"No man puts a piece of new cloth onto an old garment, for what is put in to fill it up takes from the garment, and the rent is made worse.
Neither do men put new wine into old bottles:
otherwise the bottles break, and the wine runs out, and the bottles perish:
but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.


Next, in this flow of fluency of the Creator dealing with the sins of His creation, we find His multi-task serenity, and knowledgeability, even of small things on the way. Tested always, as in compassion He "finds out knowledge by witty inventions" (Proverbs 8), He raises the dead, heals the chronically ill, accomplishes many things in sequence amid the pressing urgings and urgencies, without being in any way fazed, or confused, but with a sovereign touch which has jointly mastery and delicacy.

"While He spoke these things to them, behold, there came a certain ruler,
and worshipped him, saying, My daughter is even now dead:
but come and lay Your hand on her, and she shall live.
And Jesus arose, and followed him, and so did His disciples.
And, behold, a woman, who was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years,
came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:
For she said within herself,
If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole

"But Jesus turned around, and when He saw her, He said,
Daughter, be of good comfort; your faith hath made you whole.

And the woman was made whole from that hour.
And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the minstrels and the people making a noise, He said to them,

Make room
: for the maid is not dead, but is sleeping.
And they laughed Him to scorn. But when the people were put out, He went in,
and took her by the hand, and the maid arose.
And the fame of this went abroad into all that land."


While such dimensions of deity are shown in dynamic dealings with sinners and the sick - and all are sinners as He has made so conspicuously clear so simply in His rebuke - Christ's insistence on faith, and its reality and depth, continues.

"And when Jesus departed from there, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying,
You Son of David, have mercy on us. And when He had come into the house,
the blind men came to Him: and Jesus said to them,

Do you believe
that I am able to do this?
They said to him, Yes, Lord. Then He touched  their eyes, saying,

According to your faith, let it be to you.

And their eyes were opened; and Jesus sternly charged them, saying,

See that no man knows it."

Just as the creation would have failed, had the Creator not been incisive and decisive, as well as splendid in artistry and magnificent in beauty, so would redemption have foundered if He had not been both willing and able to interweave as in a vast tartan pattern, the personal dimension of faith in those to be healed, the scope and strength of that faith, that it is real and not merely formal, the supernatural action in healing the exquisitely delicate and complex work of the eyes, and instructing about the testimony of these things.



Romans 1:17ff. gives the sequence (cf. Ch. 6 below) of decline in events from a spiritual source in rebellion, and I Timothy 4 specifies the yearning for something new, which is quite as foolish, before the eternal God who has known His mind from the first, and executes it to the last, time His invention in our schema. I Timothy 4 also gives the point that as the end of the Age comes near, there will not only be an inveterate yearning for novelty in spiritual things, including of course what is ostensibly Christian, but a turning to MYTHS. This has been superabundantly fulfilled, and its dynamic delusion grows by ceaseless propaganda, foundering and fluttering, like a half-killed rooster. Disgusting ? but of course, it is life being strangled by the dreams of irrational philosophy.

See Secular Myths and Sacred Truth, with The New Vikings, for example, for illustrations, in company with TMR Chs.   1 and   8, and SMR pp. 377-385.



View: News 121, 122, with SMR Ch. 8 and Ch. 10.



Consult Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming Ch. 3.




The text for Jeremiah 9:23-24, is as follows:

"Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,

Let not the mighty man glory in his might,

Nor let the rich man glory in his riches;

But let him who glories glory in this,

That he understands and knows Me,

That I am the Lord,
exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness
in the earth.

                For in these I delight," says the Lord.