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TRUST GOD, Mate! FORGET about 'Fate' ...

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson

Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

May-June 2002

ISBN 0-9580787-5-0



After all, if you do not trust, you imply that the other party is
1) a liar
2) a fool or
3) both;


4) that person does not claim to be trustworthy or
5) is not capable of knowing the score, the fact.

As we have demonstrated that God is, that He is omnicompetent, and that He is and must be righteous, then the failure to trust Him means either

a) that one is incompetent, and is unable to trust, a settled cynic whom no facts can touch, or a septic sceptic, whom no reality will find, or else
b) that one has aspirations against the trustworthy person, to replace, alter, war on, deceive or otherwise displace that being. (Cf. SMR Ch. 3.)

If now that Being is righteous, and one does not trust Him, then how is one righteous oneself ?
If however one does not trust,  being unrighteous, because that is what one is oneself, then this is breach of righteousness, deserving judgment by what is righteous.

If one wants to displace or make war on that Righteous Being, on Him who is righteous, is it that one has some alternative form or righteousness in tow, so that one can set up a sort of alternative life-style, a domain of spirit which is still righteous, but diverse, divergent, other ?

Righteousness at this level however is not choice, it is not program, nor is it impersonal; it is personal, since God is demonstrated to be this (at least), and for life,  it is a case of being in accord with all the facts about what is, how things go, how they are designed, their moral stations, stanchions and constitution. It is what it is; it is not something different. To INVENT something different is therefore to be diverse from this; and hence unrighteous.

Again, we find that such a person is simply unrighteous, and deserves judgment according to truth; which scripturally is precisely what is coming (Romans 2:1ff.)!

Since it is then so important to TRUST GOD, this crucial feature must not inadvertently be omitted. It is not only trust IN Him, in the sense that one has a settled relationship so that one is willing to follow Him, accept His statements and seek to realise His desires, but it is this also, to actively trust Him for their performance. To be sure, you could regard this as part of believing in Him, and in the case of Christ this is statedly part of it, as always in the revelation of the Bible, which deals with the omnipotent God and His decisive covenants and undertakings; but it is important to see this facet, for which purpose it is being analysed out separately.

It is not a question of something ELSE being able to do something or for that matter anything, which would force God to do something; or of God not being willing or able to prevent contingencies which would break His character or commitment. NOTHING is what can break His reliability, power and purposes. It does not exist. Will HE work and something restrain it ? He dismisses the eccentric thought (Isaiah 43:13). Who is he in the creation, what is that system in the created universe, what is that thought, that deviation of line, that diverse person created, that assemblage of persons, who presumes to act against Him,  who cannot be blown away like dandelion seeds, in the wind! (See Isaiah 40!). Even nations are like the small dust in the balance.

HE can dismiss their systems, kill their lives, disorder their thoughts (as He did with Nebuchadnezzar), inflate their fallen egos so that they attempt quite mad things and so are exhibited in the grandeur of their folly, the maggoty weakness of their corruption (inspect Isaiah 14 for this!); and He does all these things as He will, in His written word, the Bible, giving good notice of His intentions so that sometimes we can await their fulfilment over hundreds, or in the case of Israel for example, thousands of years.

On this last point, see Deuteronomy 32! its flesh is still being filled in, remorselessly in the Middle East, as Jew-pounders round themselves up, ready for the final act of God, who having already returned Israel as specified in Ezekiel 36-39, implied in Luke 21:24, and declared in Jeremiah, is preparing the final exhibition of the musty follies of man in the presence of the brightness of truth.
(Cf. SMR Appendix A, The Biblical Workman Chs. 1 and 3.)

These tempests of flesh, these vanities of machination, these marvels of man's presumption: they  arrive to depart, the madly inflated systems of this world; their freedom is SO beautiful, and freedom is a lovely thing, but not without God. Then it is merely insensitive licence to be eccentric, producing in the end, impact that is devastating and reward that is dire.

The systems of man ? How they vary! but not in verity, do they progress. Take one, take another. The discipline is wonderful, but their brutality is gross; or their leisurely talk is remarkable, but their lives are discord. It is one or another, and the world goes on, and the systems go off, rather like steak left out of the refrigerator too long. Out of God, it is all rotten, obviously so, when inspected closely; but in the end, it defies inspection, for the stink is too great for proximity.

So the rulers, the rules of flesh come and go; but it is best to TRUST GOD. He knows what He is doing, for He made it to do what it does.

One of the things He made to do what it does, is mankind. Freedom was bestowed on it, made in the very image of God, capable of originality, but still not a god itself, but a creation. What then ? It is given liberty to "imagine a vain thing" (Psalm 2 cf. I Corinthians 1 cf. SMR p. 999, Biblical Blessings Appendix IV), if it wants it that way; and it does it freely, right up to the point of crucifying the Lamb of God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and seeking now in the last phases of the pathology of our ageing Age, to dismiss Him from all serious discussion, under the name of tolerance, or negotiation, or respect or some other God-defying, truth denying fiasco.

Tolerance is good, when it is of people's weaknesses, by self-control of one's own; but to tolerate the denial of God, as a PRE-CONDITION of all your international affairs is to ensure that they will go as they go - amiss, run amok, file for inclusion in the muck of history. It comes. The greater the brilliance of misconception and cunning contrivance, when you are not trusting God :and how in the world are you trusting Him whom you DO NOT MENTION the true God!

As to Him,  whose salvation has ever come only in one way, through one sacrifice, so that there is NO OTHER AT ALL (cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms 17, That Magnificent Rock Ch. 3, SMR Ch. 1, Ch. 10), what would you expect when for expediency to 'get on', you  act as in a vacuum of morals and truth, righteousness and power ? Thus, the more certain the flagrant dishonour appointed to the actual God,  the more certain that its demise will be unlovely, and in the end, as with all pride, will come destruction.

The world is fast approaching this end; but in the meantime, TRUST IN GOD, mate, for this is where trust belongs. It is not just that this saves you destruction;  but that it is a life for which you are meant. Now if FOR ANY REASON, you do not actually trust Him - for example, do not KNOW whether He will save you when He expressly promises to do so if you receive Him, and enter by His Messiah, Himself crucified as the exact fulfilment of the destiny of sin, and yours with it if you will give it to Him - then what are you expecting ? According to your faith, He would say quite often, BE IT DONE TO YOU. Do you WANT to provoke Him ? Or will you just trust in Him, according to His word, in Him who is faithful!

Trust Him then for your wakening, for your enlightenment on issues that vex your spirit, for your wisdom in following Him in purity without mixed motives, for the fulfilment of your duties and responsibilities on this earth, for your calling into whatever is His will for you, for the overcoming of all opposition from man or devil, system or contrivance, and especially from 'fate' for your task in Christ, until it is done.

Trust God, not 'fate', that mischief of philosophy, but at times, something which is nearer than might at first appear: for if you fight against the Lord, and withhold your simple trust in Him according to His word, which alone is attested, verified and enshrined in the events of history which it authorises and then causes to come, then what do you expect ? You become like the chaff which the wind blows away, unfounded, ungrounded, ready to be confounded, scattery and scattered (Psalm 1 tells you so). In that case, you may IMAGINE that it is 'fate', but it is really just that having FAILED TO TRUST GOD, you are depersonalising your program, so that He may elect to throw you about like chaff in the wind.

That, it is not 'fate', but can be fatal, for you are then BY YOUR OWN PURPOSE, destitute of what makes your goings precious in the sight of the Lord, and your depersonalising of HIM in your life, becomes a depersonalising of YOU in His life, so that what is not suitable, becomes your place. Systems can then roll over you, and pride can defile you, until your abortion leaves you misaligned, contrary to design, and that, it is a denudation like erosion.

Trust in God, mate! Forget about 'fate', but while and when you are doing it, rejoice that neither height nor depth, things past nor present, future nor principalities, powers or nations, that NOTHING can separate you from the love of Christ (Romans 8:31ff., 37ff.). As King David put it, When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.

That is what you are for. Therefore, trust Him.

You want love ? There is nothing like the infinite God becoming in format, finite man so that He might deliver you from the follies of sin in your  finitude, and bring you back to friendship with Himself, as sole PAYOR, purveyor and redeemer (Galatians 1, 3, 5). You WANT to hate Him ? then you hate love. In that case, the price of the pride of folly is high. Its most stunning blow ? you deserve all you get, and insist on getting it. Fate ? not in the least, it is folly on legs, ingratitude and gall, a foolish flirtation with death (cf. Proverbs 8:32-36). It is not good to make love in that area, for it is not lovely.

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