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News 214,

ABC News Radio, May 3, 2002

Fate and Fiascos: It is not so Coded!



'Fate' is such a goad word, a code word, a repository for various concepts of what is to be, will happen, that for the ignorant, the dissident and the disaster-stricken, it quickly becomes an ouster, unreasoned but desired, for God!

The unwary can blame it; the smitten can cite it, the wronged can hate it, the fearful cringe from it, the sick acquiesce in it, as if the Maker of our equipment had no plan for trouble, or indeed part in it. It simply invented itself, invested itself snugly or disruptively in the affairs of men, and so got on with its business, whatever that might be.

What however is this work ? Who precisely does it ?

As shown repeatedly in our treatments of freedom, there IS no simple necessity, hounding man as a machine eats the arm of a worker who falls upon it, tripping. This is merely one part of our universe.



NOT by 'fate' but by the Father of spirits, who alone knows how to make them, or even to begin to do so ...



all these things are too well-known to need any real explanation here (cf. Predestination and Freewill however, and *1 below).

It is the way men in fact act; and to blame something else is not experimentally true, experientially apt or logically possible. IF we WERE like that, we COULD not know it; for truth would not be relevant or indeed even in existence, only practicalities, pragmatic possibilities; and error itself would have no meaning.

It DOES however have so much meaning, that men live smitten with its fruits, with its contemplation, with its very just guilt and its very sure results. Error is a contradiction in terms with necessity, just as truth is not obtainable from the ground plan of the determinist, in order to be able consistently even to assert the theory*1. Further, the ignoring of the spiritual component of man in its interstices*2, outworking, evaluations and cognitions is as wise as would be the ignoring of jet engines, when seeking to understand how on earth these things ... these airplane objects - ever manage to fly. Flying in the face of evidence is not a wise preliminary to any science. It is to account for what is, not to squeeze it complaining and screeching, like Palestinian militants demanding to know why Israel dares to 'assassinate' wanton murderers of civilians, into some artificial box. It is wiser to consider the whole gamut of things.

Militants of any description can be more military than logical, and more oblivious of the obvious, than dreams. It is only when you START with all there is, and SEEK with all your heart to find its answer, that your freedom is vindicated, your answers flow freely and all is explained. That is because the answer IS there, and there is only one which meets all the criteria*3.


Fate, for its part,  is a mere construction ignoring the evidence and filled with monistic irrationality (cf. *1, and News 68, Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 13). Its hiatus in life is a callow and evanescent excuse for brutality, as for weakness in 'solving' problems by cruelty, or allowing for ruthless survival, as if it were in some weird way written into the morals of an immoral universe, thus allowing its usage at any cost.

In fact, the bypasses of man, for the moral forces he must meet, are far less successful than heart bypasses, and he uniformly, whether at Nuremberg, or now in Israel, thunders his unmuted roarings at people, even if they dare defend themselves, forgetful of Coventry, of Essen and World War II, as if the past were a fiddle and both morals and truth could be invented at will. And that ? What is it but the lie, as II Thessalonians 2 has it!

The truth is that man is NOT caught in the entrails of some all embracive 'fate', giving him moral liberties as if its unfeeling and imaginary heart were a sort of source and sanction for base conduct and foolhardy oblivion. Intellectual drugs, no less than those of the body, are potent and disorientative! They solve nothing, and add not chaos, but chosen levers of destruction to the sinning heart of man. When the sin is past, the guilt remains, and its grounds, and the human will to punish, expose, indict, resent or gain revenge, in countless cases.

In fact, the elemental surge in man for justice is the result of an equal elemental fact of his creation, that the Creator IS just, and would not have made things to contradict His own will, in so doing, in order to thwart their nature, obscure their purpose or disorder their programs; for He has no constraints, and nothing to gain from what is wholly derivative from His own being. Indeed, as to that, His is an illimitable eternity, the sole, self-sufficient necessity for all liberty and program alike, and in time the miserable fiction that He could gain from man is almost as foolish as the concept that man can administer 'justice' in His absence: not as if He can be removed in fact, but His wisdom may be removed far from man's own counsels.

The main reason for the political contrivances, the pitiable pretensions and excuses, the pompous findings and declamations of sinners against their ilk in the international arena is simple: man without God IS callow, corrupt and a contradiction in terms. His interminable mouthings on high, and doings way below, are worse than grim: they are a gaunt and skeletal reminder of his presumption, like a 'teen-ager, killing both parents with a gun, and then trying to run the business affairs at 13; except that it is infinitely worse. To seek to bypass the Eternal source of the temporal, without which it has neither base nor rational ground, is to insult Him as well as to congratulate oneself on what one neither could make, nor did, a fiction as deplorable as unworkable (cf. SMR pp. 99-101, The Other News 19).

Fictions, however, when thrust into life, tend to act like inefficient monstrosties of aircraft, wind tunnel defectives, smashing into the ground. The ground is heaving in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the presumptuous forcings in Palestine that was, but is now in Jordan and in various hands, as if neither God nor man in his decisions, was of the slightest account (cf. Regal Rays from Revelation Ch. 1).

'Fate' then is a mere fiction. God may indeed allow unruly man to taste of the fruit of his own doings (cf. Proverbs 1), in order to find that the exquisite programmatics with which he is equipped, that extensive rational verbal facility, tuned to this world and able within it, the spirit and the will, the purposes and the imagination, are not the explosive expression of nothing, but the deliberately programmed, verbally coded, chemically enabled, spiritually dynamised product of the Almighty.

Ignore that, and HE Himself may choose to ignore you to the point that your pride and the folly can appear as clearly as worn clothes, and shoes with holes in their soles. You CAN go on; but it is not convenient. You may proceed, but it is rough; and you may call on the powers that be, to help you; and they may; or they may not. Where they will not because they cannot, is to solve the relationship to reality, for without God, it is irrational, arbitrary, painful and absurd. Barrenness before God is often left, for the nation, for the individual, so that it may find out its own nakedness. And what do they follow, illicit like whiskey stills in prohibitionist USA in its day ? For some, it is the lusts of the mind; for some, those of the body; and for all of them,  the denudation of the spirit, left demeaned and meaningless, despite the attention to smutty jokes, or alcoholic beverages, varied escape hatches, and natural affinities,  before the waters rise to engulf, but not to wash, the polluted product with their stagnant fluids.

FOR ALL THESE THINGS, says Ecclesiastes, GOD will bring you to account. You see it in Eccles. 11 and 12, in Proverbs 1 and in itemised details in Jeremiah and in Isaiah! The Jews have found it out nationally, and now the Gentiles get so irritated because Jerusalem, the site of Christ's death, is not just conforming to its much touted, monumental wisdom, and the Jews, that delightfully able scape-goat for the sins of Europe, over the centuries, will not simply allow oil and quietness considerations to dispossess them finally of the small amount of Palestine they now have, without a word.


The Madrid quartet as they are called, from the place of their meeting with a high UN official from Spain, what are these ? They are Russia with USA and the UN, alongside the European Union. Is it not interesting how many of these are UNIONS ? Even the case of Russia still is one of effectual union of much of what was once the USSR. These unions, in concord, it is proposed, are to meet and consider as forefront nations, what to do with Israel, and the Palestinians (as if these were their toys or pawns ?). How much it therefore already is once again beginning to mirror what has been the case for many years, that of Zechariah 12 where those who seek to involve themselves in the determination of Jerusalem, to dispose of it, will find it a heavy stone (Zech. 12:3). We have not however done full justice to the prophecy concerning the time just before (how long ? only 'near' - Answers to Questions Ch. 5) the return of Christ.

Why is this ?

It is just because 12:3 says that Jerusalem will be as a VERY heavy stone to the contrivers who seek to dispose of it! Has it not already been so! It has been so in deadly earnest in 1948, in 1967, in 1973, and it has been so especially since 1991 when the various failed 'peace processes' including Oslo and Madrid, have occurred, flaring like rescue rockets, and disappearing also like them; but there is no rescue.

When man speaks and when God speaks, there is only one issue. God's word stands. Man's falls, fading into the obscurity it so rightly deserves. Such it he delicacy of history, that for a time man may seem as superb as an airline pilot; but then, a little CAT, and the craft shivers and falls. So proud he stands; so ludicrous he falls.

But what has God said here ? We read this there also in Zechariah: "all who would heave it (Jerusalem) away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it."

To the point, in this scenario, Jerusalem in the divine strategy to warn and testify to man, has become a huge stone, a hefty heave will not budge here, and the shiftless stupours of flesh will not prevail. Flesh will tend to be shredded before Jerusalem is bedded. That is the clear teaching here!

How many Middle East nations have licked their wounds, both of pride and power, because of it in the last 60 years! How even America has suffered as it lessened its equitable aid to Israel, and began as we saw in August of 2001, to desert Israel! This we esteemed likely as the provocation occurred (cf. Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 4). Who can tell if this is what caused September 11, 2001 ? We do not know; but who can reasonably deny that this may well have been, in the entire state of USA, a prominent cause... None can deny the possibility, just as it was foreseen as an event all too probable, before it happened, and so noted on this site...

Meanwhile, the Madrid Quartet are considering what they might ... manage in Israel. One does not think of having another Quartet of nations wondering what they will do in China, re Tibet, or in Tunisia, re slave-taking; or in the USA re crime, or in the USSR re near bankruptcy. That is, SUGGESTIONS may be made, HELP may be given, advice may be offered; but taking casually a nation to its heart, and embracing it with the tenderness of the IMPOSED solution, this is something especially kept for Israel. While the hand grasps hand, the other hand is holding a revolver: DO IT!

Why this here ?

Is it because of the Palestinian mass murderers ? that they must be placated ? Or is it because Jordan got only most of Palestine, not all ? Is it because injustice is already so rank, promises are already so broken for Israel as a Jewish homeland in the full extent of Palestine, that while they are at it, it seems good to take more of the same until the Islamic parties, such as in the main, the Palestinians, are like spoilt children, more satisfied than before, but of course, not REALLY satisfied. ALLAH must have all. Israel is a catastrophe.

The fearful danger continues that this Quartet of Madrid will act as a broker, to sell the land of Israel in whole or in part, for the sake of reward for a viciousness of its own orb, peculiar to the jihadic consciousness and ruthlessness. In the case of the USA, Bush is very conscious, it seems, that terrorism MUST NOT be rewarded; the US Senate and House alike, declare the case for Israel, as for the USA, a dealing with terrorism. Will then the reward be offered by an administration which administers what both Houses declare an approach to TERRORISM, so that reward indeed is handsome for those murderously managing their deluded affairs ? Such is this world and its political philosophies.

Has Israel sought to gain the land given and removed with a wily wand ? Yes, but she is not seeking to remove from Islam, its own lands and capitals, whether in Jordan as granted from Palestine, or elsewhere. Her land, however, it is the object of lust, the quest that is to justify mass murder, and to become the sport of arbiters ? Is this moral ? Is it right ? Is it wise ? Do fed hounds lose or gain their strength from the food that is torn by their avid jaws ? ...


Yet the nations would perhaps dare to do this, in their folly and the manipulation by Islam and Arabs, if so be, which some allege to be the case with the UN. The case against it is certainly strong, as has been touched on, in this site previously (cf. News 36, 39. Red Alert Ch. 10, Acme, Alpha and Omega Ch. 3, Little Things Ch. 4). Tony Blair, as may be seen in the above references, also has added his voice on occasion, to the detriment of Israel.

What then is coming ? or where is it all tending ? Actually, these two questions have very different results, because of the reality of God and His word; for where it is tending and where it is going will shortly be found to be decisively different!

This Madrid Quartet, or any other body seeking to cover the case with their handling of Jews for their detractors, murderers and pillagers, those who sought their entire destruction: they would perhaps do this; they might imperiously  be moved to intrude in the further dismemberment of residual Israel, or dare to try. Indeed they might well do so,  despite the payment of Germany for her trifling with those of Israel in World War II; despite indeed the payments by Europe and of Russia also after 1917, for their gross persecutions and their pogroms against the Jewish people over the centuries and their atrocities beyond all measure, as likewise in the iniquitous Inquisition of Rome, turned not only against Christians, but against Jews.

They may yet have the audacity to intervene to despoil Israel of her small territory, in whole or in part, or even to slice her capital city, Jerusalem, despite all these things, and the European toll in two World Wars (which in the depths of divine wisdom may indeed, as others of the cases just mentioned,  have had many other causes, but not less than this, since it is citable as a cause of divine disfavour in the very word of God - cf. Jeremiah 30:16ff., Deuteronomy 32, Genesis 12 cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4).

Such are the prizes of men. It is often better not to 'earn' them!

America would be most unwise to leave Israel to its 'fate', because God is on record that it is HE who will act as we have repeatedly seen (Micah 7;15, Ezekiel 36-39, Deuteronomy 32, Romans 11, Isaiah 51, 59, 63, 66 cf. Cascade of Truth Ch. 4 esp. *1 and Regal Rays ...Ch. 1).

It lacks what it takes; and takes only a verbal adulation, since it is not there to receive it.

It has no more strength than 'Baal' of old, in confrontation with Elijah,; and its Islamic submission zone, even if this be deemed an extension, it is no more competent. God will do what He pleases, and in this affair has said it so often and so simply, so clearly and so direly, that it is amazing that any should dare to contest it with Him.

That however, this contesting of His word, is precisely what EVE did ('has God said' was the derogatory sneer, the derisory temptation from Satan to which she yielded); and it is just what all the imports of philosophy to seduce Christianity have done for 150 years of pillage. It has not been repaid by any good thing: all it got what was belonged not to God, but to the nether world. It has received its rebuke, its come-uppance, its exposure and its due oblivion, now festering in ever-new and as well ever-old philosophies, amounting to nothing and coming to the same place.

It is to rise like a surge of spray at the end, to smash against the rock, this splashy hatred; but it will return as the waves do, dashed and tamed, sinking back from the fortress. The divine action to thwart, abort and rebuke the coming international endeavours, to rise to yet more grandiose heights, is repeatedly exposed as in Isaiah 59 and 66 (cf. More Marvels Chs.  8 and   9), which make this very clear; and if possible, Micah 7:15ff. makes it yet clearer, and Ezekiel 36-39 even more impactive! (cf. He Calls, It Bubbles, It Howls Ch. 10). The tornadoes will howl, and the inventive disparagement of God's actual speech will continue, in the full knowledge of His word: but the higher the waves, the greater the fall. For a little (I Thess. 5), there will appear a little peace, but it is that the greater devastation coming the more can be contrasted.


Meanwhile, what does this human racism do ? It dares to call God's decision to give the promised land to the Jews, to remove them in discipline and return them in grace, racism ? An Arab voice in the last day or two has had the temerity to call racism, the desire of a nation to have its land! What then is racism in this, that other nations do not want it ot have it, want to denude it, to fray it, to erode, or explode it ? Is that not rather racism ? that the Jew CANNOT, MUST NOT and yes WILL NOT have Israel, but only a fragment, and MUST not have Jerusalem! But God has other things in mind.

Thus two forms of racism are competing against the Jew : HUMAN RACISM, that most inhumane parody of man, is trying to make the race God and make this god obey its wishes, redrafting the scenario and satisfying the idol of Allay and the other of oil, at once; and perhaps do despite to the Lord, in some cases, consciously as well.

That is one.

The other ? It is an anti-Jewish coalition of political, religious and commercial forces which seek to tame it, remove or destroy it, according to the case - and the cases of international interference are vast and complex. The result however in the many cases is remarkably similar.

To add to the miserable verbal malfeasance, the Jew is accused of racism because, beside or near to a swarm of more or less Islamic nations - near, allowing for the intervening territories of some of the list, such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Georgia, all substantially Moslem:  it would like if you please, to be allowed to inhabit a small portion of what was assigned to it by the international agreement after World War I. It would like this, if you please,  without being systematically murdered by people who love killing kids and all that, if need be, in the interests of grabbing land. If this is not a racist (cum religious) thrust, what is or even COULD be!

Meanwhile,  what is the general  thrust of the Press and the interferers, those who want to colour in the TERRORIST page in Israel's smitten history, with the crayons of INHUMANITY, as if this were the issue, rather than the case, which is the removal of the exterminators in their inhuman wave of attacks on Israel ? It appears frequently that these would make it seem almost virtuous to divide and despatch more and more of Israel, as if their own land were just in the same case, and very readily international sanctions should be imposed on them also, in Australia, in England, in Italy, in France, for this and that way of handling the assaults of tyrants and the endeavours of invaders. How did England DARE to bomb Germany  - yes and cities too! - just because Hitler wanted England for his very own! Were they out of their minds ? Should they not have agreed! What in the world did they expect  if they resisted the mass murderer (in those days, Hitler).

At the very least, then, a little perspective here would assuredly help. The servile substitute of 'agreed' positions in which anything 'different' is out, and therefore God is out, becomes such an appeal to the deluded, that the very thought of of condemning resistance to anything, except of course sin, becomes almost impossible for many to resist. What goes must go on, except the will, word and ways of God. The world of course will pay for this in a little while, when acute moral cowardice mingled with chronic spiritual rebellion against the Lord, will have its reward. When mercy is despised, justice is inevitable.

Meanwhile, whatever excesses any may have committed in this war and in that, and this is no cover for anything: it is wise to consider the fact that at times a people ask for what they get. However unfortunate some errors in response to assault may be, this is one of the consequences to be expected. It is not a game; the rules are broken at the outset; it is in fact an EXERCISE IN RULE BREAKING.

If then, the resistance might have been done better, very well, then it is time to reflect that when you are trying to take over somebody, or something, to kill, to enslave, the other party might fail a little to keep the kid gloves on, because they get too sweaty. Certainly restraint and kindness is needful even to enemies, and this is vastly true; but at times, an enemy becomes so impassioned that his hand on your throat calls for some action of an inventive kind. This may indeed miscarry; but then the lesson is not to surrender your throat, but to remove the impassioned thug. It might even help to ... rebuke him ? to make it clear that the law is other than this ? or is this not so when the victim is Jewish ? The question needs asking.

The protection of children, for example, may call for the overthrow of a whole regime, as with Hitler, and stubbornness against this overthrow, and continuance of the murderous lusts against some other country or countries, may indeed result in devastation, or even invasion, as in fact occurred in the European case, in order to remove the war potential; and in this mistakes may occur, and suffering may accrue. It would be far from surprising if this occurred both in Europe, and the more recent Jewish action in what is, after all, their own territory. For all that, some regard it as invasion, as if to bring some removal of violence from Piccadilly were invasion.

Be this as it may, it is one of the things you ask for when in the first instance, you or your country should invade, murder and lunge at a country, to enslave, obliterate or ruin it. It is one of the things anti-God ideologies, armed to the teeth and with no mercy, seeking to enslave others with their unclean ideas and futile thoughts, may have to expect, and have again and again received, whether they expected it or not. Anyone who wants a more efficient obliteration of the plague, must consider the plague's obliteration, nevertheless, and not the obliteration of the victim!

What UN action, therefore,  might have been taken, then in World War II! How noble might the UN  homilies have been to Britain in the Battle of Britain; and later, in the invasion of Europe, and in its bombing. But it was not doing much at that time, not being there to do it... Fight them on the beaches ? why my dear fellow, provide a shark watch for them... and serve their philosophies, it will all work out. The triumph of evil violence, and intimidatory regimes of suppression and oppression did not then appeal, however, and such words were not then in vogue.

It is not in this sort of moral anaesthetic that truth is found, or justice is done. Self-interested, vested interests, these will solve no 'problem' in the Middle East or elsewhere, but only distance the perils or escape the immediate explosion. Not for ever does the hatred of the human heart manage in this way; the disease it has had several thousand years to develop. Neither placation nor insinuation, neither big brother breeziness nor squalling sleaziness will solve the evils and the errors in the Middle East, that convenience has created, and fiction has furthered.


In fact, the mercy of God, so far from being some phrase, is a potency without which man would have been gone long ago (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 2), and the slaying of Christ is the human answer, first from Israel, and then increasingly as in the United Nations - and some of the nations individually to a large extent, of the Gentile world. We WILL not have this man to rule over us. Which man ? Why Jesus Christ! - that is the cry! So be it. He still will rule, however, and His word still does so. It never stops. The 20th century has been one of the most empirically staggering periods in history, being filled with the fulfilments from 2000 or 3000 or more years ago. (Cf. SMR Chs. 8-9.)

Psalm 2 tells something of the action to be taken, when the liberties of love and the licences of freedom begin to fade before the sobering light of very due judgment. In this case, it is spelt 'due', not 'Jew'. Israel is not a scape-goat for ever!

There is NO necessity for man, except to find God or live in oblivion, if not at first because of the excellency of his construction, then assuredly at last when the members weaken, the mind wanders, the will wavers, and the whole illusion which has suffused his way, now personal, now national, now international fades into the feebleness of its actual folly (cf. Ecclesiastes 11-12). When the world, like a musical instrument banged by the children too long, begins to weaken and show its seams, yes and its judgments which are prepared for it (cf. Regal Rays from Revelation), then the nature of its construction will in its groanings, become the more obvious. The glamour is past, the reality obtrudes.

Justice! Let the race consider before it continues its fiasco in the Middle East, that there IS a JUDGE whom none can hoodwink. It is precisely in the Middle East that fate the more manifestly  turns into flummery, and God will be seen in action as in the days of Exodus (Micah 7:15 is very explicit on this, and the array of parallels is to be seen above).

Is it not enough, then that He has brought them back, Israel,  as He said He would do, and has given them the trees in large millions, to fulfil His word, that He has given them the victory in their puniness, repeatedly, to make an international sensation and a phenomenon, so that the wolves lick their lips in vain! If  Allah's advocates seek his glory, without the grace of God or the power, since Allah has not the privilege of existence beyond the thoughts of man, or the inventions of the adversary (cf. More Marvels Ch. 4), then the nullity does not act, and the word of God does act. The result is precisely in all things as it has said.

So it is that Christ is to be ignored, as He indicted would be the case increasingly at the last (Matthew 24);  that His prediction that Jerusalem would revert to the Jews, as the prophets likewise foretold, is bypassed by man's mind, but not by history's realities. It has happened because it was so written (cf. Matthew 24:6-7, 9-12); and to Israel have they been restored for the same reason (Luke 21:24, Zech. 12); and these things, this restoration in particular, was to be and so is a signal that the end is near, the time of Christ's OWN  return (cf. Luke 21:24, Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 8).

As to Israel, IT (as in Romans 11) had to return to its LAND; and as to Christ, HE had to return to His WORLD! There is an end; and these, they are ingredients in it, of vast scope and sombre significance for those who put their words where God's are, and do as they please, whatever may be the nature of their ...pleasure.

Very well! There is an old adage, Don't care was made to care!

It is not fate which is destroying the world,
for it like Allah, has not the privilege of existence (cf. *1).
It is folly which has that privilege.

As to fate, it cannot even work out its own situation, to exist, far less provide for others. An extrapolation of the programmatics of matter, made by the spirit of man, it is an enterprise neither possible nor any excuse for the rank follies of the human heart, answerable not each to the other, as if dreams analysed dreams, but to the God who gave to it its own powers, responsibilities and realities. Nothing can be dismissed by the routine reductionisms which lust for freedom from anything that is necessary: in order to do what is unnecessary, morally corrupt and proud to the distraction of the race. Such distraction, it is but the ante-room to destruction. What is, is, and nothing of mere words, verbal effusions can annul it.

But God, the author of spirit and mind, as of matter, of the very liberty to enable chatter, the smatterings of irrationality, the presentations of 'truth' by those who first dismiss it, it is He who will judge: not matter, not human mind in its pretentious imaginings and solemn courts of vanity as so often they are, interpreting desire, not reality. He came on the date assigned (SMR pp. 886ff.). He is coming. He comes and goes as He pleases, by His Spirit, into flesh, into heaven. It is He who made it, and it is His to visit at will.

The first time, He was 'weak' (cf. I Cor. 1), in suffering to open the door to mercy, and meet justice on the behalf of man, whom He has love. And this, it is not because merely He made Him, but because He who loves, IS love and all things depend on this, on His own nature (I John 4:7ff.).  It is well that it is so, that the most potent Being is the most merciful in the universe; but to play on that mercy is not to escape the judgment. It must be RECEIVED, for be sure of it, the God who gave mind to man, HE is not deceived! Ulterior motives are externalia, mere trivia. The facts are fine; HE KNOWS THEM. His judgment is according to truth, relentless, remorseless.

It is just as remorseless as was His own procedure in facing the cross (as He caused it to be written, of this, "pity is hidden from My eyes" (Hosea 13:14). Indeed, "I hid not My face from shame and spitting ... I set My face like a flint" - Isaiah 50). The Lord is intensely interested, delighted in mercy; but will not forego the justice in which in truth He has shaped the world: that justice which is called simple judgment when mercy is not operative. But why is not operative ? It is not the lapse of God, for He has lamented the folly of mischievous man who WILL not repent (Matthew 23:37, Jeremiah 9, 51:9, Hosea 7:1, Isaiah 16:11). It is the misused licence of MAN! (cf. Liberty for Licence, Repent or Perish).

Will man then try God to the uttermost, that he in turn might be tried to the ultimate ? Will his folly push with diabolical presumption, as if the devil, the adversary were kind and paternal, until the whole world is in one dynamic conflagration ? Not entirely. Christ is pledged to return before that, but catastrophe beyond human life would be the conditions,  He has assured us,  UNLESS He did so. When He returns however, it is for selective removal of His people, before the last Act, at Armageddon, and this present Age comes to its fruition (cf. Matthew 24, I Thessalonians 4). He does not do things by halves; but in seeking out His own, He is wholly occupied in removing what is His, like a mother before the fire.

Thus when Christ comes, the second time for His people, He is as remorseless as in His own cross, and as sure. He comes to clear the decks before the action (I Thess. 4).

It is a strange child, is it not, that prefers to face the flames, to the Father who would rescue; and stranger yet, to talk of 'Fate' when the only fate is a fatality, because the personal God is refused by the promiscuous portentousness of this erring race. Alas, but for joy: the end is not yet, and there is yet time to repent and to come to the only Saviour there is, to the only God who ever has been, is or will be, in terms of  the only Gospel there is, for the only restoration there is: one at a time. Shortly, it will be so in Israel (Zech. 12:10), as the prophet foretold 500 years before Christ so much as came the first time; and now it is time to be so with the Gentiles. They too must come one at a time.

Their Age is about up! Jerusalem ? It is one of the divine searchlights, focussed as a city to remind man (Luke 21:24). WHEN Israel has it again, THEN the Gentile age is over. It has it.

When this Age, ageing, and in anguish, comes to its end,  it is best to find the new beginning; it is not in THIS world to supply it. It is found only in the One whom alone in history, God has announced, and who alone has done what no other man could do, leaving a trail as broad as the Milky Way to remind man, and declaring to the world what it would do.

This Jesus Christ is not kindly for kicks; it is for a generous privilege for man, to give it; but if it be rejected, there is nothing but judgment, unalloyed, or as it is written of those forsaking the mercy of God, in Revelation 14:9-10, they "shall drink of the wine of the wrath of GOd, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation." Purity is a scourge to what insists on being impure; but it is a delight to those who, unable to attain it in its perfection, find it donated in dynamism, covered in grace and present in their hearts in the Spirit of Christ within them.

The world moves as it is written. God wrote it, and It is doing it. The point, good reader, are you doing what the divine Father desires! There is no fate, but there IS judgment. Is it unwise to consider it ? Is a doctor foolish to point out the character of cancer to those who suffer from it ? Is the pride of man too vast to consider his pathology ? If so, so be it.

However there are many who will seek the health of holiness, and the help of the Almighty where alone it is to be found, in Christ crucified, not in wafer, not in heart, but on the Cross; Christ risen, not in your thoughts, but in His body; Christ returning, not in some imagination construction of the theologies of man, in disbelief, but in fact, to rescue His people and to judge the world (Acts 17:31, 4:11-12, Hebrews 9-10, SMR pp. 1032-1088H).

There are TWO notable fatalities in this: FATE, the imagination of deadness, which ignores life, and THOSE who follow it. In this, there is no deliverance, except to delusion.


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