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Consider Israel - If You Don't, You May Have to!




Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson



Published by

World Wide Web Witness Inc.

January 2009


ISBN 978-0-9806138-1-0





In 1997-2003, published on the Web was a volume: Israel Blows the Trumpet, but Yet it does not Hear. Its point was that although Israel has been used by God for millenia (as in Romans 9), and it came to be in our contemporary world at a startling place in divinely foretold history, so that many were taking stock of the Lord's doing in its return and its wars, yet the nation itself seemed blind to its own significance, if not altogether, then at least to a gross degree.

It had indeed been used to deliver the infallible scriptures, which struck them as much as most other nations, and here in Israel was a testable exemplar, so that the ways of God might be savoured, realised and perceived. Moreover, this nation had been used as a format base for the definitive incarnation of God Himself, Jesus Christ (Isaiah 48:16 shows the happening in summary form, for the Trinity). Moreover, Israel had then become the base, initially in  thousands of Jews,  and soon possibly tens of thousands in the early formation of the Christian Church, starting in Jerusalem, as Christ had instructed them before He left (Luke 24:47).

This land once more became a national item, focussing Israel, at times used as an international blackboard to instruct the nations.

It had been employed in this way some 35 centuries before our time, though scarcely then operative as a nation, when slaves in Egypt, to demonstrate the futility of making up gods that yet are no gods but mere emblems of the sacred,  moulded in the imagination of man (Dig Deeper Ch. 3, *2A). These cannot deliver, as Jeremiah 10:11 points out: "The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens."

Egypt was the mighty imperial, culturally sophisticated but religiously confused site for this action of the Lord. Mighty, it held the Hebrews captives, repaying earlier kindness to them at the gift of God through Joseph, with this atrocious unfaithfulness and abuse. God told Pharaoh through Moses, LET THEM GO.

They tried to compete, they tried to renege, but they would not let them go. Plagues became a divine indication of His thoughts towards this equivocation and resistance to His more than legitimate request.

As the plagues made apparent, both in their divine institution as pressure mounted, step by step, on Egypt to let their Hebrew slaves go free, and in their series of removals when Pharaoh cried for mercy, and Moses relayed this to the Lord, God was at work. Who would resist it ? Pharaoh was not yet quite clear on this point! In fact, since he was set on evil, God hardened his heart so that his folly would be written on stone! (Romans 9:15-22).

It became a saga, an instruction, an epic. As Pharaoh in trouble yielded, so his imperial majesty in wrath re-asserted his power and plague gone, so was his bending. Ye yielded, he amended; he failed to see what all this portended.

Plagues gone, courage leapt; but with the plagues'  renewal with variation,  when Pharaoh broke the peace by seeking to keep the slaves on hand, it became apparent that gods of goofiness and fiascos of imagination do not help in imperial issues! Pharaoh with all his armies, lost to Israel with none. It had only the Lord; but then, infinity is always sufficient. God is gracious, wise and longsuffering, but fool with Him, and folly is your inheritance.

In these things, the Hebrew people were like a glove on the hand of God as He led them, the Israel of old, not only out of the site of the imperial Egyptian power, humiliating it by using the very natural forces they made into gods, to afflict them, but on into their own promised land. This land of Canaan was one which had for 400 years been on the very brink of disaster for its gross (and now in Ras Shamra, archeologically confirmed) immoralties (Genesis 15:13-17).

That is the way with natural things, used for divine ascriptions. The failure to see the difference between Maker and made, Creator and creature, original and derivative is so inexcusable logically (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!), and yet so inveterate as a befouling stirring of irrelevant mud in the pure waters needful for man, made in the image of God and FOR HIM, that it is a major phase of human degradation. This is shown in its step by step diagnostic and prognostic follies in Romans 1:17ff., leading to a state very like the present one, at its end! Indeed the end of Romans 1 is like a trip to the mortuary, when the corpses still move. Sin's end is gross, just as it start is insidious.

This folly of nature worship in its various forms, has become the main string whether in the ruin of Egypt in that dim but dynamic distance (cf. Gracious Goodness Ch. 9), or of Hitler with his racial eugenics and hopes, or of any other of the subjects of naturalism, such as Communism, which used an fantasising ideational basis for materialism (Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable Ch.  2), merged with ideas drawn from Hegel, which was a contradiction in terms from the start; for it had a notional dynamic addressing what was ostensibly a form of materialism, and a potential based on nothing realising itself as something stylised as matter, and then moving without causative ground,  into something which was in due course to be operated as it moved by invisible and intellectually imaginable laws!

For all this, the potential to become actual and the modes to make it legislated, were assumed. It is easy to build a car if you assume the factory. Of course you do not GET the car, but it is easier to think of doing so, if this is what you want, rather than a car. Such is Communism.

It ignored causation in the case of matter,  and invented a progressive causation of its own, an ideological entity moving things, contrary to its materialistic model. Accordingly, results countered its predictions. What else could they do! (cf. SMR pp. 925ff., News 37, 97, 98, esp. *2,and 'Communism' in Index-Mini).

Similarly its morals countered its forecasts in that realm, the ideological haven or heaven becoming such that many seemed to be asking if, so far from this resembling heaven, could hell  much worse! (cf. SMR pp. 971-972). Whether intellectually or practically, this is the way with naturalistic fictions and factions.

Even though China has become in many ways a de facto capitalist country (not free enterprise, for  the State interferes grossly, not to ensure freedom, but to assign its arcane will), once power is assumed by the oligarchy, many of its people are oppressed in labour to the point that imperial dominations of the past seem all but kind by comparison.

Ludicrous as all materialism is shown to be, yet this ideology, dressed in a different gown, and with labels from art-form irrelevant sources (like the Chinese honey, exported under another name as reported in The Australian Jan. 1, 2009), has its counterpart in many more enlightened and progressive countries. This delusion, essentially or operatively,  has now infected much of Western society, which drools over dead Darwinism (Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 4), and can find no solution to its many woes (cf.  Wake Up World!  Chs. 4-6).

It is such defunct ideological leadership which has debased many countries, and is now being applied through academic oppression, cultural slide and political connivance, to the point that much that equity blushes and truth lies fallen in the street. What once had more character and reason on its side, some even seeking for a time to honour the Lord, becomes a residue of ingratitude and a heap of convenience. The trend is now near to fatal proportions, and the people, increasingly, seem as is normal in such declension, to love to have it so (cf. Jeremiah 5:31). Jeremiah, one recalls, is followed by the highly relevant book of Lamentations...

However, while modern man comes in so many ways to resemble the forsaken nations and empires (Assyria, Babylon, Egypt cf. Ezekiel 29ff. (cf. The Pitter-Patter ... Ch. 4) of the past, in his rambling rumblings and tedious tumblings in philosophical madness*1  and religious inanity, priding himself while millions perish in the idiotic notion that man's power makes history what it is, he sees his power soar to the skies in theory, and bury itself in the earth in practice. Man as the one who makes greatness and is to be the centre of things, striving recklessly to survive, as if survival had invented him, as if a car-wash made automobiles, imagining that his naturalistic savvy helps him survival, connives with disaster to slay millions and despoil the environment of this limited earth. Folly is its name and ruin is its result (cf. Matthew 24:35).

With such grandiose objectives, reckless force or renegade unreason bashes many millions from China, Russia via the USSR, and in Europe, as they seek glory, flinging them to the rocks of reality. Whether the mode be physical, subtle, sly, violation of academic liberty, removal of reward, use of fine or prison, distortion or false charges, the result moves in one major direction.

It is all as it has to be, and God has been at pains to make it so conspicuously obvious from the case of Egypt, as from many others (Gracious Goodness Ch. 9), that it is one of the marvels of spiritual anaesthesia, so modern, so ancient, so effective, that though man is equipped with eyes, his eye disease is this, a disinclination to see, Thus it is found most experimentally, that when you shut your eyes, you cannot see (cf. Matthew 13:15).

Meanwhile, the Church reaches ripeness, stripped of some of the struts from society and finance, and left to become more and more atomised, or molecularised, as its secular power supports in Empire or nation erode or disappear entirely, and it is persecuted to the uttermost in China and Sudan, in the Middle East. Indeed, more deviously, it is not so very different in much of  the Western world in its naturalistic hypnosis and the adjoining educational follies (cf. Lead Us Not into Educational Temptation). Its day is near for final division and exemption.

In what way division ? it is in this, that more and more the formalists and abusers of Christ, using His name for their own desires, festering in fallen churches, will leave all connection with biblical reality, and become mere norms of forms, available for hire (cf. II Peter 2, which shows this trend prophetically). Many will leave that immoral mess which is the residue of once great denominations, and the relinquish all connection with the doctrinal dither which attests the absence of faith. Instead of all this, they will renew in the place, however humble, where faith is found.

As this separation occurs, from what has divided itself from the Lord and His word (Romans 16:17), what then is the relevance of  'exemption' ? It is this.

The time will come when as with Sodom and Gomorrah, when at long last the issues drawn, the dynamic acts. The people of the Lord are due for removal when the hallowed holy day comes (cf. Matthew 24, I Thessalonians 1). This is far from being wish fulfilment. As Paul puts it, there are contrary wishes: one COULD wish to go, for it is great to leave this world and to be with Christ, which is far better (Philippians 1:20-23). One MUST wish to stay until one's task is done, for the love that impelled Christ to COME here is that which constrains Christians to STAY here, in order to bring many to find the God of creation and redemption while there is still time. They wish no release until the Head of the Church calls. THEN, it is rest indeed!

This however will not come before the first onset of the finale of bestiality (as in Revelation 13, where many do not yield, and have to be there NOT to do so cf. II Thessalonians 2). As things move towards life-extinction totally for those who believe God,  as oppressive evil powers mount their power and fire it into society, then for the elect's sake, those days WILL be shortened, as the Lord said; and He WILL intervene and rapture to His side, all His saints (as in Matthew 24, Revelation 11) before coming with them (Revelation 19:8ff.) for the millenial rule.

It is in this also that He will vindicate His name and glorify it, in a blessed earth (Isaiah 11, 65 cf.  Regal Rays of Revelation Ch 8),  before its final removal and the new heavens and the new earth are created, in which righteousness dwells (II Peter 3)..

As to Israel in the midst of these things:


faithfully returned and restored to nationhood
as foretold in Micah 7, Deuteronomy 32, Romans 11, Ezekiel 36
cf. Appendix A, implied in Luke 21:24 and seen in 1948-1967;


with its triumphant series of wars, 1948-1991, by it and near it,
 likewise foretold before the final revelation of the Christ
whom they crucified at an earlier stage of their (now resumed)
national history  as in Zechariah 12-13:1,
and faced with the 'Assyrian' (Iran) as foretold in Micah 6
(after Micah 5 dwelt on the incarnation) and in Isaiah 31):

it is in trials innumerable.

Whether with a false theory or a misplaced worship, such magnitudes of trouble are to be expected. With Israel, rightly approaching God but then killing their own Messiah, they are on the one hand supported by divine faithfulness that thus it should be, their return and defence, and on the other, driven by divine conviction of sin, so that they must return to their crucified Messiah, wan event hich will come with many,  in a little (cf. Zechariah 12:10ff., Romans 11:25ff.).

This Israel, thus supported, although still itself to repent: it is still a heavy burden as foretold for this period,  as shown in Zechariah 12:1ff.. It is such to the nations which presume to play with it as in the case of the misled Madrid Quartet, who though seeming to favour it a little, in fact are instruments of stripping. It is never more for it; only less.

It is now a good time to supplement volume I of Israel (in Israel Blows that Trumpet that Yet it does not Hear) with volume 2, in this case entitled: Israel - Its Day from a Long Way Away.

Israel now is most obviously a major contributor to the testimony of God, and so naturally there are many who want to dismember it, since God guaranteed its return, and His direct handling of the case by a divine dynamic (cf. Ezekiel 38ff., Micah 7, Deuteronomy 32, Romans 11) both spiritual (as in Zechariah 12:10ff.) and martial (as in Micah 7 and Deuteronomy with Ezekiel) is impending.

The clamour of Ahmadinejad, Iran's President fits to perfection into the predicted scene, and whether or not he is one of the  instruments, his radioactive-sabre rattling for Israel's extinction has a combination in it, of false prophet's dream and final national disasters.

When Israel at LONG LAST returns (as in Hosea 1) to the Lord, then the dynamics will be so fast that some may scarcely be able to contain their thoughts or adapt, adjust their minds. It is better now to consider the matters from a divine (that is a biblically compiled) perspective, where the light of the Lord shines through the trees of revelation.

It should be noted now that the former volume (1997-2003 in scope, composed of News-related items, some extensive) is being supplemented by this second member of the pair on Israel. The 2007 supplement to that volume is being transferred to this one, comprising its Chapters 1 and 2. In some Chapters, Volume 2 moves on to later times, the last,  Chapter 21,  to 2009.  However, some earlier Chapters are added in Volume 2, because they are not in the first volume, and because of their scope and overall perspective.




See SMR Chs.   3 and 10, with SMR pp. 422Eff., 422Qff., 360ff., 374ff..







While much has been written concerning Israel since this volume has published, it seems good to add not only the following two chapters from Bay of Retractable Islands, Mission for the Mainland,  namely 18 and19, but a broad coverage from many more.

In that 2007 work, in fact, attention is paid to the drifting of islands from the mainland of what might be called nuclear or central  biblical exegesis: that is, explanation of passages in their own terms, without addition or subtraction from tradition, fancy, preference, holding only in the constraints of the context, both immediate and in the whole scope of scripture.

 It is then found that many intractable and competitive extremes become once more part of the non-extremist mainland: indeed no exceptions are found, requiring division. The only extreme desirable, is extreme attention in fidelity to what is written. Applied to Israel, as in Chs. 18-19 of that volume,this produces valuable results.

Other themes and sub-themes emerge concerning Israel and the world, ancient and modern, and the Ancient of Days, who has told us all His will in the matter that concerns us as the Age ends (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 8), has made no secret of His will both in general and in the little matter of little Israel (cf. Chs. 9 and 10 below).

NOT doing this is just like not doing any other commandment, and rejecting any other part of the divine light. It is darkness and leads to it! Currently, this dark leading is acting  at a great rate, and world powers stress themselves (as PRECISELY foretold concerning its 'heavy burden'  in the context of Zechariah 12:1-13:1), ignoring the fact that when you fight God, you do not win; and trouble is your second name IN THE END.

Ask Pharaoh: he could tell you; ask Sennacherib, he could give advice. Ask Hitler, he could even speak a modern language for you: he could tell you, and soon it will be: Ask those northern powers which invade Israel, but when that happens, events become rather summary (cf.  Highway of Holiness Ch. 6, Bewilderment, Dedazzlement, Bedevilment and the Beauty of Holiness Ch. 9). There will be little leisure for questionnaires.

Let every reader ask now. Later, it becomes readily too late. Israel is a snare to secularism, sedition and schism. Truth rules, whether it is to teach that nation or any other. Mock God if you will; it echoes back with increased volume: it at last tears at the ears..

I   Ch.   4 Let God be God! 

(2004 ...Review - its meaning, purpose and historical significance),

Ch. 18 Bay of Retractable Islands

(2007 ... series on ultimate harmony in major positions taken to extremes, so causing division)

3  Ch. 19  Bay of Retractable Islands (2007)

Ch. 10   Red Alert

(2001 ...some characterisation of Israel, its history, the inweaving of many features, the foci varying, profound as the Lord reveals His mind by His word),

5   Ch  7     It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls

(2000...Middle East in verse)

6  Ch 7-2   It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls

Ch. 2   Bon Voyage
(2006 ... here Israel is set in the midst of other expungings that Gentile minds address - much on naturalism: all in historical setting, seeing its imponderable plunge with other blindness as to Israel)

         8   Ch. 10     The Divine Drama  

  (September 2003 ... not geography but history, wrong war:
  it  should be on sin  not on Israel and one another

9   Ch. 11  Outrageous Outages ...

(2004... WHO Israel is in prophecy, tracing data prophetically Identity of Israel)


10 Ch. 4  Galloping Events 

(2001... more on who it is, and who it is not)

11 Appendix A  SMR

(1992 ... on what is to be, getting systematic)

12  Ch. 4   Gracious Goodness ...

(2002 ... unifying religions merely taunts truth and vaunts error uni-religion efforts to 'solve' Israel),

        13 Ch. 10 It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls

               (2000 ...the everlasting pity of it,
            Temple Messages, Zionism, Racism and Inverted Racism


        14 Ch. 11  It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls

 (2000 ...the enormity of the thing : the Un and the blagueurs
 Current methods are like trying to fix a car by turning it first
 into a bicycle: it is not just that it is wrong, it is daft
 in biblical  terms; and what is biblically daft becomes aft in the end.

            15 Epilogue, Gracious Goodness ...

(2002 ...history of Israel in perspective, from creation, in verse)

       16  Ch. 6Journey to God or Fantasy's Flight to the Infernal
             (2005 ...angelic  overview,  Israel, land of 23 wars

             17 Ch. 12  Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy (

(2002 ...Palestine and Europe)

       18 Ch.   4 Great Execrations ...

(2003 ... History, are you there ?
  Shades of Clinton)

            19 Ch.  3 Lord of Life

            (2001 ...Islam, USA and others: he goose that is propaganda,
           multi-national munificence in disorientation

        20  Ch.  8 Divine Agenda -

           (2001 ...Looking Back on the Little Matter of
            Israel and Islam -God's plans and man's -
            emphasis on Balfour Declaration
            and the Divine  Declaration.)

        21 The Issue:
          Not Israelite and Arab, but Man and God.




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